and the way she holds his arm

&. @thewhippedsalvatxre || the plotted thing

“You turned it off.” She wasn’t surprised. Not by a long shot. They’d known this was a possibility and for the past few days she knew that Stefan had been doing everything in his power to prevent that possibility from becoming a reality. But now Stefan was gone, trying to find a way to save Elena and she was in dire need of a distraction. Her mom was dying, her best friend was in some kind of witch-induced coma until her other best friend died and she was…she was holding on by a thread. Not that she’d tell anyone that. Caroline’s arms folded over her chest as she regarded Damon. “Figured you’d be half way to Paris by now. Leaving a trail of bodies in your wake.” She flopped onto the couch in the Salvatore’s living room, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. “Stefan’s going to try to find a solution to the Elena problem. So I’m your new babysitter.” She raised her eyebrow, folding her hands neatly in her lap.


He said it so quietly she almost didn’t hear him. His back is to her, shoulders stiff as he looked down at who used to be his teammate. The Reverse Flash had a chunk of ice where his heart used to be. The prick had been about ready to kill her, made the comment about pulling out her heart. She hadn’t begged for her life but her eyes had met HIS and suddenly he’d pointed the gun at the unsuspecting man and fired. He’d made it out of the way at first, but the ice had been unexpected and weighed him down enough to not be able to evade the killing blow. 

“Come with me,” she whispered, making him look over his shoulder at her. She had a blood-stained face from the multitudes of hits she’d been dealt and was holding her arm close. More than likely it was broken. She was strong and she looked at him like a man who was… A man who wasn’t him. 

“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” she asked, a challenge in her eyes. 

“What do you want from me, Sara?” he asked, sounding tired. “You said I was this hero. This… Legend. But that isn’t me.”

“It was. I mean. It can be. All you have to do is walk away with me. Leonard…” His eyes closed at the use of his real name. It’d been so long since someone had called him that. Not since… Not since Lisa. “Please. I can’t get out alone.”

It was then that the alarms started to sound. He brought up his  cold gun, resting it against his shoulder before closing his eyes. He weighed the pros and cons. Best case scenario? He could get them both out and then vanish. Worst? He’d die trying. Not that he really had anything to live for. 

When he opened his eyes he almost startled. She’d gotten closer. He could see how blue her eyes were. The smattering of freckles on her light skin. For some reason a flash of SOMETHING popped in his head. Kissing her… While surrounded by blue light. 

“Let’s go,” he said. She looked almost surprised and he smirked. “What? Didn’t think I’d play nice? I killed a member of the group. The others won’t be happy. They frown upon that sort of thing.”

“So you helping me out…”

“Self preservation,” he said, explaining away any flickering of feeling he had for this woman. This… White Canary. 


“Fine,” she said. He saw the disappointment. The sadness. But he ignored it. He had a job to do. And that was to get her out safely so that she could tell her little friends what these assholes had planned. SURE he was a bad guy, but he also wasn’t one for destroying the world. “Let’s go.”

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Dyou have literally any headcanons, no matter how small or weird or anything, about dating Alex summers? My brain needs these😭I love your account so much you don't even know😘😍

thank you, sweetheart! i wanna tag @kurtwxgners in this because idk i love her blog and she’s had a recent thing for alex sooo

dating alex summers headcanons

  • you think he’s kind of an ass when you first meet him because of the front he puts up to protect himself
    • but you’re able to break down his walls with him hardly even noticing
  • he loves just being near you
    • when you move away from him in your sleep during the night, he moves with you
    • he’s always touching you in some way
      • if you’re walking, he’s got an arm around your waist or he’s holding your hand
      • if you’re sitting, he’s got his arm slung over your shoulders or a hand on your thigh
    • he finds that just being near you helps to clear his mind
  • so many kisses - on your forehead, nose, lips, jaw, neck, chest, thighs, everywhere
  • he loves you so much
    • he tells you that all the time with every chance he gets and he never lets you doubt it
  • grumbling about how he told you to bring a jacket but still giving you his jacket
  • he absolutely loves the sight of you wearing his shirts because of how they just barely cover your ass
  • comforting him after he wakes up in a panic because of a nightmare
    • you don’t make him talk about the war, but he’d tell you anything if you did
    • you just hold him and let him cry into your chest while you thread your fingers into his hair
      • “shh, baby, you’re okay. you’re home.”
  • he’s so so protective of you
    • one time, he threatened Sean because he caught him flirting with you
  • he always wakes up first and leaves you a cup of coffee on the nightstand
    • you either find him shirtless and eating cereal in front of the tv or sweaty and coming back from a run
  • he’s constantly bringing you presents ranging from flowers to something you randomly mentioned liking
    • “because you deserve it, baby.”
  • he loves when you play with his hair
    • he swears he doesn’t like it when you braid it but he loves it just because it’s relaxing
  • you’re the only one who can calm him down when something triggers his ptsd
  • giving you his dog tags while he’s away
    • it’s his way of promising that he’ll always come back to you
Snippet from a Klance thing I'm writing

What would happen if Lance actually scores an alien girlfriend that happens to be super affectionate with him? Keith’s blood boils, to say the least.

I’m working as much as I can on finishing this, so let me know what you think so far!!

“Oh, he’s just so kissable!!” She screams, and Keith’s throat dries up as he watches them share what had to have been their millionth liplock this week.
Keith notes the way Lance holds onto her hips and the way he leans into every movement and how he bites her lip gently at the end. The red paladin finds himself licking his own lips unconsciously, and later that evening in his dorm, he will be imagining himself in place of that loud alien girl. In Lance’s arms, he imagines, it’s warm and welcoming and exciting, and just the thought alone is enough to make Keith’s heart literally skip a beat. He finds himself waking up from these really, really good dreams covered in sweat, chest heaving, a horrified look on his face. Sure, he’s accepted the fact that he has feelings for lance, but he is blatantly aware that he has no right nor any business interfering with a perfectly happy relationship, and that makes him even more miserable.

Between Us

It’s the way he pulls her into him, the way his hand is reluctant and careful, the way he holds his breath, asking permission to touch her, the way he lets his hand capture her’s when she gives him a silent okay, the way he slowly tugs her to come closer, whispers come here for only her to hear, the way his nose crinkles a little as a smile draws on his face, the way he lets both hands grip her waist, the way he pulls her body into his, the way he never breaks her eye contact, the way his body relaxes when he feels her hands grip onto his arms for support.

It’s the way she takes him in, the way she eases into his touch, the way she feels when inside the warmth of his embrace, the way she lets her hands trail up until they find their way to his neck, the way she links them together, the way the tips of her finger come to play with the longest strands of his hair, the way she steadies her breathing, waiting for him to say something, the way the world fades, the way everything disappears except him, the way she feels her lips curl upwards  with the way he’s looking at her, the way her heart beats knowing her love is holding her.

It’s the way he bends down to match her height, the way he slightly lifts her up because he’s still too tall, the way his lips graze her forehead before coming to a firm rest, tender and soft on her skin, the way his eyes close when he hears her exhale…

It’s the way she stands on her toes to reach him, the way she gently tugs him down because she’s still too short, the way her lips connect with his forehead, lingering for a few seconds too long, the way her eyes close when she takes in his scent…

It’s the way they have the ability to make each other feel safe and warm without a single word. It’s the way they can ease away all the tensions, let the weight of their problems disappear with a single kiss, with a kiss that whispers I love you, with a kiss that whispers I’m proud of you, with a kiss that whispers you’re safe in my arms, with a kiss that whispers we’ll figure it out together, with a kiss that whispers this is you, this is me, this is home.

Late Night

Harry Styles One Shot

Her teeny tiny body in his arms is the best feeling ever. No, don’t ever compare it with the sex they both had. Well, yes, they’re the kind of couple who always made up a good fucks but this is somehow way better than those moaning and begging.

 Everything about snuggles and cuddles are calming, very relaxing. Chills running through his body and he is sure she feel it too. That’s why they both like it. 

 He’s just simply holding her in his arms while she is reading. Her back pressed tight againts his chest. He could feel her relaxed breath, her shoulders moving up and down slowly–perfect.

 They set up their room too. His girl and her obsession over candles. Today’s scent is honey. He still remember her adorable face when she confused choosing between honey and evergreen. Both are their favourites. Her favourite, actually, she forced Harry to make those his favourite too. 

Harry and his stupid adoration over the sound of burning woods in the fire place. So he set the TV into digital fireplace and turn the volume up. 

 Everything about this is perfect as hell and he feel like he is willing to spend the rest of his life like this. With her favourite person in his arms and their favourite things.

 “’M sleepy” she mumbles, putting her book aside, making his grip one her loosen up a bit.

 “But I don’t want to sleep yet,” she continues while yawning. Her glasses hanging adorably in the tip of her nose. He took it off.

 “Sleep, babe.” She’s now straddling him. Both’s favorite position. Her hands are on his chest, his on her hips. This count as intimate position but her sleepy face tell him otherwise.

“Don’t want to,” she shakes her head and smile.


 “Still want you to hold me.” she yawns again. He shower her with kisses because how did she can be this cute?

 The top of her head, both of her temples, her forehead, her eyes, the skin between them, her nose, her cheeks, a little peck on her mouth, soft kiss on her jaw.

 “You’re getting skinnier,” he furrows his eyebrows, noticing that her jaw bone is more noticeable. Harry tries to think positive. She always eat with him. They shower together almost every time. She’s not doing it again. 

 “What? Really?” she sounds confused. Harry didn’t know if she’s lying or not.

 “You didn’t …” Harry look at her in the eyes.

 “What? No. Hell, no Harry, I’m not. I love foods now. Maybe just stress.” She says, Harry know she’s not lying, he just know

 Harry sighs in relief. She’s fine. His baby girl is fine. She’s eating, she’s healthy, just stressed, maybe I need to talk to her professor, his stupid thoughts told him.

 “Okay.” Harry simply say, then holds her closer, giving a gentle rub to her back. She leans closer, resting her head to Harry’s shoulder. 

 “You’re getting more fit.” she says. Harry smiles, continue rubbing her back. 

 His hand stop rubbing her when she start licking his neck, right in that spot. Slowly, too slowly. Her nails dig into his bare chest when she start sucking. Gently at first, but she start to sucked harder when he let out a little moan. 

 “So damn fit and fine and gorgeous until everyone can’t keep their eyes off you. It’s irritating because they think they can have you, flirting their ass off. Truth is, babe, you’re all mine.” she says quietly when she’s done giving him a big mark. Her head is still resting on his shoulder.

 This made him hard as fuck. Her dirty mouth is an absolute magic.

 Her sentence is like a gasoline and his body is the fire. He moves one of his hand to his hip, holding tight. His other hand is rubbing his thigh slowly and sensually, hoping she gets turned on as well by his touch. 

 “Shh, Harry, ‘M tired. Go to sleep.” she mumbles. 

 “Are you kidding me, babe? I’m bloody rock hard and you told me to go to sleep?” he ask desperately, shaking his head, whining like a little kid.

 She snores.


Notes :  English isn’t my first language so i’m sure this had shit loads of mistakes, so feel free to correct it (message me or whatever)

hugs and kisses, dian💙💚


my other one shot : Christmas Night

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Could you do a headcannon on how Eisuke and Soryu show affection?


It’s not really in Eisuke’s nature to be ‘affectionate’ as such  - he’s more prone to touching suggestively - but in those rare moments when he does feel a little softer, his tenderness will come through clearly. He would give gentle kisses to the forehead and hugs that are so encompassing, that his partner would never want to leave his arms. A gentle brush of his fingers against hers would remind her that he’s always there for her, and the reverent way with which he holds her hand would remind her that to stand by his side means that she is nothing less than a queen.

In the times when he feels affectionate, Eisuke tries to communicate that his partner should be just as proud of herself as he is of her….along with his love of course.


Soryu’s affection is always shown behind closed doors, or at the very least, in a place that shields him and his partner away from the eyes of others.  He’s gentle towards his partner, so he has no qualms about giving close, warm hugs, or several kisses to the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose and lips. He likes to stroke her cheeks, the side of her neck, or the top of her hand, the look in his eyes almost too gentle to belong to a mobster’s. His affection will also come through during sex with soft caresses and kisses.

When Soryu is being affectionate - he tries to communicate trust and safety along with his love.


I just want more dad Bucky pls I love your writing - anon

Sort of sequel to Positive but can be read alone

Originally posted by sebastianstahp

Squeals of excitement echoed through the house as your three year old daughter hurtled her way towards Bucky and crashed into his legs, “Daddy!” she yelled, holding her arms up in the air.

Bucky scooped her up in his arms, “Hey, Bella,” he smiled and gave her a tight hug. “Thanks for taking care of her,” he said to Steve who was watching from the doorway.

Annabelle had stayed the weekend at her Uncle Steve’s to give you and Bucky a well deserved rest. The past three years had flown by, you and Bucky had both decided to leave the avengers when you had gotten near your due date, you didn’t want to be raising a child whilst being called away on missions and putting them in danger. Civilian life suited you well and you found that you didn’t even miss the action, you still got to see your friends (though not as often) and life as a parent proved to be just as challenging as missions some days.

When Annabelle had been born the entire avengers crew had waited in the hospital for her birth. Once Bucky held her in his arms he refused to pass her to anyone else, stating that she was ‘too fragile and tiny’ for anyone else other than you and him to hold her.

Now Bella was in nursery and the fridge was covered in the drawings she had done of anything and everything at school. Bucky insisted that every work was a masterpiece and deserved a place on the fridge, when the space on the fridge quickly filled up Annabelle had been devastated but Bucky started to pin them up around your house.

Your room was now covered in your little girls drawings and an entire wall in the living room couldn’t be seen beneath them.

You walked into the room to see them all, “Hi, Steve. Thanks for keeping her,” you smiled gratefully at him, walking over to give Bucky a quick peck on the lips and kiss Bella on the cheek. “What did you do with Uncle Steve?” you asked your toddler.

Bella lit up at the question and began to ramble and shift in Bucky’s arms as she talked but he kept a firm grip on her so she didn’t fall. “We baked brownies and Uncle Stevie let me eat some before dinner,” her eyes went wide and she slapped a hand over her mouth, “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that,” her voice sounded through, muffled by her hand.

Bucky chuckled, “It’s okay sweetie,” he gave her a reassuring smile, flashing a small glare at Steve who suddenly became very interested with the wall. “What else did you get up to?” he prompted.

Annabelle took a deep gulp of air and continued talking, “Then we had dinner and we had pasta and Uncle Steve let me stir the pot once. Then we watched movies until bedtime and I made Uncle Stevie sing along because I know he actually loves the Little Mermaid because it’s the best movie ever. Then in the morning we ate Lucky Charms then we went to the park, there were some mean boys there who were very rude,” Bucky frowned at that point, “So I punched them in the face,” she continued as if nothing was wrong.

You snorted and stifled a laugh, Annabelle certainly did take after her parent. “Then Uncle Stevie pushed me on the swings and the roundabout and then we got ice cream then it started raining so we had to go home but that was fun because we ate the rest of the brownies..” Bella kept talking about her day.

Bucky listened to her story intently with a fond smile on his face, he had been worried that your daughter would have been scared of him because of his metal arm but it turned out to be the opposite. Like you had predicted. One day she had wrapped her entire arm in tin foil just so she could be like her dad, you had never seen him look so happy (after her literal birth, of course).

Soon Steve had to go and Annabelle squirmed in Bucky’s arms till he put her down so she could go hug Steve. You all said goodbye to Steve and waved from the door as he got in his car and left, Bucky turned to look down at Annabelle. “You want some hot chocolate sweetie?” he asked and Bella nodded eagerly and ran through to the kitchen. Bucky followed after her with a bright careless grin on his face, you stood in the hall for a moment watching your little family with a fond smile on your face.

You watched as Bucky lifted Annabelle to sit on the side of the counter and watched him laugh and talk with her whilst he heated up the milk for the hot chocolate. When you had first met him he had always been sad and quiet, it was like looking at a diffrent person. You wouldn’t trade your family for anything in the entire world.


A/N- Did you enjoy it? Let me know what you though. Requests are open <3


“She’s perfect” your husband says holding your newborn baby girl in his arms. You smile at the beautiful scene in front of you. “Yeah, she’s just like you.” Sebastian chuckles. “I think it’s the other way around.” He says running the pad of his thumb over her cheek gently. A moment of silence passes before he speaks again. “You know, we never actually decided on a name for her.” You look at him and smile yet again. “ I uh, I actually had an idea, but if you don’t like it we can pick something else…” Sebastian nods, signaling for you to continue. “I was thinking about a Romanian name, or a name that means star, or has something to do with space, because I know how much you love space, and Romania.” Sebastian’s face lights up with joy. “What did you have in mind?” “Well,” you say, “I was thinking something like Aurelia Gabi, or Rosalind Elena?” Seb thinks about the two names for a minute, pursing his lips in deep thought. “I like Rosalind Elena.” You can feel your cheeks ache from smiling so big. “Rosalind Elena it is.”

End notes: I chose Aurelia because it’s a Romanian name, and Rosalind is one of the moons of Uranus. I hope you guys like this! I know it’s not the best, but I would love some feedback!

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*chinhands* Now I'm curious! What are your shippy CR Modern!AU headcanons? :D :D

Oh boy.  You done opened Pandora’s Box.  Here’s a handful of my feels.  Most of them are Perc’ahlia.

  • Percy sometimes goes a little beyond upgrading parts of Vex’s motorbike.  Sometimes he makes her other things.  Like toys for her dog.  Or a new chair that has a cushion.  He likes using his talents to make her happy.
  • Percy has done a lot to keep the police away from the twins, but only Vex knows and she keeps it that way, because she’s aware that Percy wouldn’t know how to handle everyone’s gratitude.
  • Vex loves when Percy rides with her on her motorbike.  She likes the feeling of him holding her in his arms, his chest pressed against her back.
  • Vex makes a point of sitting with Percy on the plane whenever the gang flies to Whitestone, which he rather likes, because it’s a silent recognition that Whitestone is full of bad memories for him and a show of support because of it.
  • The first time Vex saw Percy shirtless was the first summer after they met and he was fixing the car she and Vax had before their motorbikes.  He was out in the alley behind the house, under the midday sun, fiddling with something under the bonnet of the old junker, and she just smiled and watched, sipping a lemonade and enjoying the view.
  • Percy enjoys listening to Vex talk about her latest small business ideas.  He doesn’t often say it, but there’s something incredibly endearing to him about watching her face light up as a new idea occurs to her.
  • When Percy visited Vex in the hospital after she almost died, he left her a single purple hyacinth that Keyleth had let him pick from her garden.  Vex later asked Keyleth if the flower had a special meaning and she told her that it was a symbol of deep apology and sorrow.  Vex kept it until it withered, but she still has a picture of it on her phone.
  • Percy finds Vex’s excessive use of ;) endearing.  He doesn’t even realize that he’s the one who receives them the most until Keyleth looks over his shoulder while he’s texting Vex and says “she never makes that many winky faces when she texts me”.
  • Sometimes Vax bribes neighbourhood kids to bring Keyleth little gifts while she’s at work and he’s too busy to go himself, because he knows working in any kind of store can be a thankless job sometimes and he wants to keep her spirits up.
  • Vax happily sits and listens to Keyleth practice presentations for her classes and gives her feedback, even though he has no idea what they’re about.  He mostly just likes watching her and listening to her be smart and amazing.

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Spacedogs 32? I feel like that's a very Adam thing to say

32. Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. 


Adam turned, had someone called his name?


Suddenly there was a young woman in front of him, grabbing his arm, flame colored hair sweeping in front of her eyes, “You’re Adam, aren’t you?”

Adam blinked, tightening his hold on his backpack and nodding jerkily.

“No fucking way…” she murmured, “Nigel told me… oh my fucking god, I can’t believe it.”

“Nigel?” Adam blurted before he could stop himself, scrabbling for context.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I’m Gabi! Nigel told you I was in town, didn’t he?” the woman looked up at him anxiously.

Adam exhaled, Nigel did tell him his ex-wife, Gabi, was in town to pick up some stuff before moving back home to Romania permanently. But he didn’t exactly expect to be attacked by her in the street.

“Y-Yes, but I d-didn’t… I didn’t…” he tried to breathe.

“I’m so sorry for jumping on you like this, it’s just I saw you come out of your building and I just… I knew it was you, I knew it. Come, let’s sit down, I’ll explain.” Gabi took his hand and dragged him across the street to a stone bench under some shade.

“Sit, sit,” she encouraged, sitting next to him and relaxing, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one, “Do you have time to talk with me?”

Adam tried to collect himself. This was Gabi, Nigel’s ex-wife. She was young and pretty and smoked, like him, and swore, like him. And she wanted to talk with him on his way to work. Adam bit his lip, willing himself not to become overwhelmed and start crying, “I was… work… bus.”

Gabi’s face creased with worry, “I’m so fucking sorry, do you need to catch a bus?”

The bus pulled out of the station and began to roll away. Adam’s heart sank, “I… I’ll just catch the next one,” he mumbled, mostly to himself.

Gabi frowned, looking down, “I didn’t mean to interrupt your schedule, Nigel told me you’re…”

“Autistic,” Adam snapped, “I’m autistic, it’s not a dirty word. I have Asberger’s.”

Gabi winced and nodded apologetically, “Please forgive me, Adam, I’m still learning.”

Adam nodded, not looking at her. “Why did you want to talk to me?”

Gabi broke into a smile, “Because I wanted to see for myself who was making Nigel so happy.”

Adam blinked and turned to her.

“I talked with him yesterday, while you were at work. He told me all about you,” she shook her head fondly, puffing again on the cigarette, “He said you were an astronomer, than you liked animals, and that you were the kindest-hearted person he’d ever met. Which is not something Nigel often gives a fuck about.” She rolled her eyes.

“But… the way he talked about you… I’ve never heard him like that. It’s like you’ve… shown him that vulnerability can be powerful and happiness is not weakness. I’m grateful to you for that, Adam,” she smiled up at him, full of sunlight.

Adam shifted, swinging his legs a little, “You… wanted to tell me I make Nigel happy?”

Gabi hesitated and bit her lip, “Yes,” she looked down, “and no. I wanted to… mmm… this part is… difficult.” She stamped out her cigarette and edged closer to him, “I wanted to ask you… what you know about him. About his past.”

Adam’s eyebrows wrinkled, “His past?”

Gabi’s shoulders crumbled, “I fucking knew it. He didn’t even tell you. Probably afraid you’d run away. But you fucking deserve to know, you’re a good man and I don’t want you to…” Gabi stopped herself and looked up at him, frowning hard, “Adam, has he told you anything?”

Adam felt his stomach turning over. He squeezed at the shoulder strap of his backpack, “I’ve met Darko,” he said stiffly.

Gabi snorted with derision. “That fucker,” she growled, “yes, he’s part of it. So, good, at least you know he deals with dicks and bosses of all manner on the black market.”

Adam nodded rapidly, “Yes, so if that’s all you have to-”

“There is more,” Gabi sighed, “there is more and it is worse and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, Nigel should have told you himself but… he didn’t tell me either.”

Adam stopped trying to escape, but the feeling in his stomach was getting worse, making it hard to listen.

Gabi took his hand, Adam was surprised to realize his was cold and clammy. “Nigel… was… has been… a mercenary,” she murmured, “he’s told me he’s stopped all that, hasn’t killed anyone since he escaped to the US. That he only takes jobs selling arms and bricks,” she laughed, “not that that’s much fucking better, is it?”

She swallowed and nodded to herself, “He killed people. And got paid for it. I don’t know how many and I don’t want to know. But I… know there were some. And you have to know that too,” she looked up at Adam, “You have to know what kind of man he is.”

Adam couldn’t see; everything was too bright, the saturation of the world turned up so high it was a blinding white expanse of nowhere. Nothing existed. Nothing was real.

Gabi’s voice, faltering, shaky, drifted through his nothingness, “I think… I know he’s stopped. And he won’t go back to it. Because of you, because of what you mean to him.” She shook his hand, “Because that is how Nigel is, he would kill himself for the people he loves. He loves you. I am sure of that. If you go and ask him about this, he’ll tell you the truth. He won’t be mad, at least… not at you. Me probably. But everything he does… everything he is…” she swallowed, “he may be a fucking bastard and he makes more trouble than he’s worth, but  he’ll make you his whole fucking world.”

“How do you know?” Adam heard himself mumble. The world was slowly coming back, faint outlines of grey. Gabi’s mouth twitched, “Because I was his world, once. And he did everything he could think to do for me. It just… didn’t work out.”

Adam shook his head, “And you expect me to accept a man like that?”

“No! No. I just… wanted you to know. I didn’t want you to wake up one morning and find the police taking him away, or see bloodstains on his shirt, or smell grave dirt on…” she gulped, “I… think you should know he’s not like that anymore. But you have a right to know where he’s been and what he’s done. And not have that sprung on you like a fucking nightmare.”

“And this isn’t?” Adam mouthed.

Gabi squeezed him suddenly, putting her arms around him and hugging him tight, “Before you decide anything, talk to him. If he’s angry, get as far away from him as he can. But I think he’ll listen to you. I think he loves you that much.”


Adam could barely focus on his work, even after arriving late and with less than half his usual workload to do. He kept making errors in his calculations. Not even the stars made sense to him right now.

“How’s that Nigel?” Harlan said to him at lunch, “You know I don’t like those people at his place. There’s something not right about it. You alright, Adam? You haven’t eaten anything.”

He came home numb, desperate to see Nigel and terrified at the same time.

“Hey, you! Adam!”

Darko was absolutely the last person Adam wanted to see right now, why was he in the hallway, their hallway, where they were supposed to be speaking right now-

“A little birdie tells me you saw Gabi today,” Darko held out a dum-dum to him as he spoke. Darko had taken a liking to the little stick candies as an alternative to cigarettes in public places. Adam didn’t take the offer.

“Listen, the bitch is crazy, don’t believe anything she says. Alright? She has it out for Nigel, so you can’t trust anything she says… okay?” Darko looked at him carefully.

Adam swallowed, “Darko?”


“You’ve known Nigel a long time, right?”

Darko smirked, “Practically since diapers. Motherfucker can’t get away from me, no matter how hard he tries.”

Adam looked up at him, hard, “Would you say he’s a good man?”

Darko blinked, taken aback by the question, “Sure thing, Adam. Nigel’s one of the most upstanding guys I know. You’re perfect together, don’t worry about it.”

Adam nodded vacantly and proceeded down the hall with Darko’s back slap ringing in his head. 

“Darling!” Nigel looked up and rose from the table as soon as he saw Adam walk through the door. He walked up to him, pulled him into his arms, and leaned down to kiss him, but Adam ducked his head.

Nigel’s mouth turned down, stroking Adam’s arms soothingly, “What is it, baby?”

“I talked to Gabi,” Adam mumbled, still looking away, but not pulling out of Nigel’s reach.

Something inside Nigel shut down. He looked towards the two underlings still pouring over a map of something. “Boys, out,” Nigel jerked his head, the command clear, but not as waspish as usual. The two men rolled up their papers, downed their whisky, and headed for the door with as little fuss as possible.

Adam set down his bag and swallowed, walking out into the room.

Nigel didn’t follow, but watched, “What’d she say?” He tried to ask lightly, but failed miserably, his voice heavy and dull with dread.

Adam chewed his lip, hugging himself, “She told me I made you happy. She told me you loved me. She did tell me that.”

“You do, baby,” Nigel jumped in, “I do. God help me, I fucking do.”

Adam couldn’t even smile, “I know that… what you and Darko do isn’t legal. And that it’s sometimes violent. You know I know that,” he turned back to Nigel with a dry look.

Nigel nodded cautiously, shifting his wait from one foot to the other, an unheard of sign of anxiety from him.

Adam swallowed hard,”She told me you killed people,” his voice fell to a hush, “That you were paid to… kill people.” Adam looked away, not wanting to see Nigel’s face, “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy. …are you?”

He finally looked up at Nigel, eyes wide, wanting to hear anything, anything honest. That was all he cared about.

Nigel looked shattered, as if he’d just been punched in the gut. He reached out, bracing himself on the closest surface. He grabbed a drink off the coffee table, uncaring whose it was, and downed it. Nigel wiped his mouth, a tremble betraying him before he could speak.

“Adam-” his voice cracked. He cleared his throat, “Adam,” he tried again, taking a small step forward, “…I haven’t been… a good man.” He grimaced, taking another step, “I’ve been… the worst of men.” He nodded, unable to deny it, “Yes,” he whispered, “what Gabi fucking told you…” he broke off controlling his anger, “is true. It’s all fucking true.”

Adam blinked slowly, his eyes feeling wet. He sank onto the couch.

“But I’m… I’m trying… I’m fucking…” Nigel broke down, throwing himself at Adam’s feet, “I’m fucking up, and I’m always going to be fucking up, but I’d rather fuck up for you than be who I was. I promise you, Adam, I’m not going to kill anyone anymore. Not even if they have a fucking gun pointed at my head. I won’t fucking hurt anyone. Because I… I know what that life is. And it didn’t have you in it.”

Nigel bit his lip, swallowing, “I’m not… a good man. I’ve never been good. Maybe I… can never be good,” he bowed his head, snorting wetly, “to the law, I’ll never be good. But I’m not… I can’t be who I was anymore. I don’t want to fucking be that man. I want to be your man, that’s all I want. I’m fucking done, Adam, I’m done.” He looked up hopelessly.

Adam sniffled, “You haven’t hurt anyone since you…?”

Nigel shook his head, “Not a single fucking hair. Before I needed, I had…” Nigel sighed and carefully sat himself on the couch next to Adam, “It’s a different world in Romania, Adam. It’s dark, and harsh, and you have to… spill a little blood just to survive. There’s nothing like you there. Not even the stars are friendly.” Nigel smiled weakly, “And I did things… that no one should ever do.” He sniffed, “If I could go back… I’d find another way.”

Adam pressed up against him and squeezed, “You’re not like that anymore?”

Nigel took his hand, squeezing it to his chest, “Have I ever scared you, baby? Do I seem like I”m that kind of person?”

Adam frowned and bit his lip.

Nigel bent his head, murmuring, “I can get angry. And I can get mean. But I don’t hurt people anymore. I swear to you. You’d see guys leaving with chipped teeth and getting stitches in their eyebrows if I was. Look…” He held up his hand, his broad fist, his sharp knuckles, “You know I could… but I don’t.” He cupped Adam’s cheek, “Because I don’t fucking want to.”

Adam chewed his lip, but could feel himself sinking into the warm security of the Nigel he knew, the Nigel who kept him, the Nigel who held him. His Nigel. The other Nigel was just a monster in a far away place called Romania that he’d never seen. Someone else, somewhere else.

“Nigel?” Adam squeaked, curling into Nigel’s lap.

“Yes, darling?” Nigel hugged him close, stroking his hair slowly.

“I love you,” Adam whispered.

“I love you too, Adam, so fucking much,” Nigel sighed, “so fucking much.”

spit fire - chapter three

if finding somebody real is your fucking problem

“It’ll be fun tonight, I promise.”

“Oh, well then of course!” Noa snorts. “Your promises have always meant so much to me before.” She can’t even hold in her laughter by the end of the sentence, finding comedy in the lie.

Shawn doesn’t let that scowl of his falter, letting his body go rigid as he crosses his arms. “What’s your deal lately? You never complained so much about the way things were before?”

 chapter three on 1dff - read below - story page

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anonymous asked:

Iruka, Gaara, Might guy and Sasuke when their s/o returns from a very long mission and attack hugs them very tightly because she missed them


Iruka would be so overjoyed to see you, he would hug you and just giggle because he’s missed you so much, and he’s so happy to have you back in his arms after all this time.


Because Gaara didn’t even get a smidge of physical affection while growing up, it still catches him off-guard when he receives a hug from you out of the blue. Not necessarily in a bad way, it just shocks him. He would stutter out your name, before holding onto you tightly like a lost child.


Guy would grab you in a hug so tight it almost choked you. Tears would be streaming down his face, while he shouts something about reunions being the most youthful time of all.


If you were in public, Sasuke would hold you lightly, and release you before too long. But if you were in private, he’d grip onto you tightly and inhale your scent, because after an extended period of time, he missed you just as much as you missed him – he just doesn’t like to show it in front of others.

-Admin Will

amazingmrcinema007  asked:

Companions react to Sole building a robot that gets a glitch in their system and becomes enamored with them (the companions, I mean).

I had to look up enamored and now I get what you mean.  

Ada: “So he’s experiencing feelings? Should we power him down?” Ada says as the robot clings onto her arm. She holds still while Sole says “daaawww but Ada isn’t amused in the slightest.  

Cait: “He’s around me leg all the damn time!”She tries to shoo away the robot but he hisses and his eyes turn deadly red so she just legs him hold her leg. Sole isn’t sure what to do and every time they get close to knocking his head with a hammer, the robot threatens to self-destruct.

Casey: “There is no way…Sole do something!” She fans at the bot as she climbs in top of the roof. Sole and Preston are trying their best to hold back the struggling bot as it screams “I LOVE YOU DARLING!!!”  

Codsworth: “Oh….Well…” He doesn’t know what to say but tells Sole to not reprogram them

Curie: “I am sorry but we cannot be together.” Curie says plainly and walks away from the bot. Little does she know the robot goes crazy because of “heart break” and starts to attack Sole, thinking they are stealing Curie away. Curie is listening to music on the radio and doesn’t notice them.

Danse: “Get it away from me!” He begs Sole and hides behind them as the robot tries to hug him (again). Sole is unsure of what to do at the moment and just locks the robot away in a room, hoping it won’t go crazy.

Deacon:No matter what, Deacon tries to change his look to get away from the robot, it just knows it’s him and it’s driving him mad. He’s running scared and clings onto Sole for the time being.

Hancock: “I am sorry but you’re not my type friend.” He made the biggest mistake in his life when he mentions the word friend. The robot goes berserk and begins to attack Hancock, forcing Sole to put it down. 

MacCready: “No…Please…Leave me alone…”MacCready whines as he hides under the bed as the robot tries to reach for him. Sole attempts to get close to the robot and unscrew a few bolts but the robot of course threatens to use force. Sole then tackles the bot and bangs their hammer on it’s head. 
Nick: “Umm…No sorry.” He tries to reject the robot calmly but it then begins to “cry” and howl in agony. He and Sole try to leave but the robot starts to attack them, making Nick shoot it’s head off. Poor thing. 

Old Longfellow: “I…..”He doesn’t want anything to do with that thing. He curses at Sole and hides behind them as the bot tries to “win his love” from the filthy beast (which is sole.)

Piper: “Whoa nononononono!!!!” She screams and runs around in circles from the romantic singing of the robot. She’s been running around for almost an hour and Sole still can’t get a single shot because she’s in the way. 

Preston: “Is this a joke?” He asks and shyly backs away from the robot that is making a grab at him. It keeps saying that they’ll make wonderful children and get married but Preston is screaming at Sole to turn it off. 

Tori: She squeals and reaches for a screw driver. “Go away before I take your head off!” When she says this however, the robot says their heart is broken and how they’ll explode. Sole picks up Tori and rushes outside. 

X6: “I rather you not. Sole. Do something.” The robot is all over him and hugging his sides rather a bit too much. Sole approaches the bot’s side and tries to dismantle it but it screams and threatens to kill Sole. X6 is forced to do it himself.

Strong: “STRONG DON’T LIKE METAL MAN!” He shouts and tries to crush the robot. Sole watches them fight and does nothing.

Dogmeat: He loves attention, but this is too much attention! He whines and hides inside of his doghouse until Sole does something with that damn bot. 

Bonus!Courier: They lie on Sole’s bed and watches the robot confess their love for them. The Courier blinks, takes off their sunglasses, and then kisses the bot’s head but whispers “I have a lover but his name is Fisto.” The bot storms away to try to find this “Fisto” as Sole glares at the Courier. 


“So, are you growing that out? Or did you just not feel like shaving?”

“I’m thinking about it. What do you think?”

“I always liked your beard.”

“It was more of a goatee.”

She stops, standing in front of him, her arms resting on his shoulders. “I like the way you look right now,” she says. 

He says nothing, just holding onto her. Her dress slides silky beneath his touch. Waves crashing on the shore compete with roar of traffic along PCH. She wears a perfume that smells like the lilacs in his abuela’s garden. He commits all these little details to memory, to remind him always of this perfect night.

“Hey, if you don’t kiss me now, I’m going to feel kind of weird,” she teases.

Her kiss tastes like the pineapple drink she had with dinner, impossibly sweet, with just the slightest bite of bitter.


Monsta X Reaction to Your Boxer(Dog) Passing Away

Request from anon: Could you please do a Monsta X reaction to their girlfriend crying because her thirteen year old boxer passed away when she wasn’t home 😭 😞  thank you


He’d hold you in his arms, muttering soft reassuring words to you. He thought the soft way would be the best to go, and let you pour out all your feelings. Although he might not be able to relate, he’d give you his utmost sympathy, and mourn along with you. 

Originally posted by wonkyuns


As soon as he saw you in tears, he’d rush to your side questioning you about what happened and if you were okay. He might be a little freaked out over the situation, but would handle it calmly for your sake. He’d be there every step of the way, and be sure to support you in this time of need.

Originally posted by kihqun


He’d never leave your side once he knew what happened. I bet this cheesy guy would even go to the extent of planning an entire ceremony for your dog, making sure it’d feel respected. He could take it a little far, but he knew his limits, and make sure not to cross them. 

Originally posted by dhjung


Being the perfect boyfriend material, he’d cook you your favorite meals, comfort you, and provide all the necessities. His beautiful voice would help lift your spirits, and even though he was there for you, he knew when to give you space. There would be an ideal balance of support and independence whilst you deal with the loss. 

Originally posted by kihyonie


He’d try to distract you from the bad thoughts. He could plan out a nice and fun day to take your mind off the sadness, wanting to see you smile again. After you’ve recovered, he might surprise you another puppy in reminisce of the old one. No matter what, your happiness is his priority.

Originally posted by maleidolnet


He’d silently support you, as he knew you needed time alone during this. He might be kind of awkward, not knowing what to say, or how to comfort you. Although you’d spend some time apart, he would always be there for you to come to in the end. 

Originally posted by wonkyuns


There would be lots of skinship involved, and in the state you were in, he wouldn’t let you go from his arms. Since he is eloquent with his words, he’d provide considerate thoughts, and try to make you feel better. He’d act like a pillow almost, giving you a shoulder to cry on.

Originally posted by fy-hyungwonho

This request was so heartbreaking to make! To all the readers out there who have lost a pet, I provide my sympathy for you. I myself had a cat who passed away, and it was sad to say the least. Monsta X is personally my bias group, so I greatly enjoyed creating this! - Kiwi 

Requests are open!! (I have no life so send them in to keep me busy)

‘Still’ Chapter 8

Next chapter is up! Swimming lesson! Cinnabon asks Hot Topic to teach her how to swim. What could possibly happen with two half-naked people in a lake? And how can Hot Topic mess it up?


He’s still holding her hand and he pulls her deeper into the water. Now the lake comes up to just below his chest and to her shoulders. He bends down slightly and lifts her, holding her right at the surface. Her arms wrap around his neck and he completely loses the point of the exercise. All he can feel is that he’s holding her the way he had on Takodana, how he had when he’d rushed her to the med bay, except now her eyes are bright and open and she’s clinging to him. Their bare flesh is pressed together and he’s trembling. He’s certain she can feel how the tremors move beneath his skin.

12. "Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.“ JAX

Jax called me while I was at work, frantic and pissed off.

Gemma had taken the boys and on the way to her house, she crashed. Come to find out, she was stoned off her ass.

I ran down the corridor to the children’s ward, nearly running into Jax, who was pacing.

"Oopfff!” Damn that leather cut didn’t cushion the impact.

Jax’s arms shot out, catching me before I fell.

“Sorry Darlin’.” He apologized.

“It’s okay.” I said, catching my breath.

Holding my arm, he pulled me to Abel and Thomas’ room. The boys were laying together, napping.

Abel had a bandage aroud his head, while both had some bruising.

“Oh my god… A-are they okay?” I asked Jax, spinning around to face him.

His arms were crossed over his chest. He nodded, clenching his jaw. “Yeah… Some scrapes and some bruises… Abel had to go under and have his heart rythum fixed.”

He leaned back against the sink, pinching the bridge of his nose.

I went to him, placing my hands on his cheeks. Running my thumbs over his beard, I leaned in, kissing him.

He pulled me into his arms, sighing into the kiss. I pulled back after a couple of pecks. “You got this baby. I know you do.”

He shook his head, “We got this.”

I smiled, kissing him once more.

“Well isn’t this cozy?” Gemma asked, with attitude.

My shoulders fell as I backed away from Jax. He kept me near him though, holding my hand.

“Are the boys alright?” She asked Jax, hands on her hips.


“Come on Jax, it was an accident.”

He got so mad, that his face turned red.

“Because of you, my boys got hurt. Now get… OUT!” He yelled, startling Thomas.

I went and picked him, cuddling and rocking him.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby. I got you.”

“Oh please. Stop acting like you’re his mother.”

I held Thomas’ head to my shoulder as he hiccuped. “And neither are you.”

She came closer to me, but Jax stepped in her eay.

“You know what? You’re a grandparent and grandparents don’t have rights. It’s sad that someone who’s not even kin to these kids gives a shit more than their own blood.”

“Get out.” Jax said again.

Gemma turned on her heel, leaving us alone. Thomas had fallen back asleep, so I laid him back down with Abel.

Jax shook his head, looking more exhausted. “I’m sorry. You shou-.”

I kissed him, interupting his sentence. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

He smiled, wrapping his arm around my shoulder in a tight hug.

fezthepalindrome  asked:

Ned/Catelyn, #52 for the meme, please?

things you said with my lips on your neck

“i’ll come back to you, my lady.  i promise.”

his arms are still around her, and catelyn clings to the front of his tunic, holding him close to her.  why must he go away now?  now that we are…now that i may…

“you had better,” she whispers into his neck, and his arms tighten around her.  i don’t want to be in winterfell without you, she thinks.  for all he is building her a sept, it doesn’t feel like home, not truly.  not the way his arms do.

“i’m a man of my word,” ned tells her seriously.  except about jon. but no.  no not now.  not while he is leaving, and riding off to war again.  "i will come back to you, my lady.“

“throw balon greyjoy into the sea,” she says.  she can’t quite bring herself to pull away from him.  not yet.  not just yet.

“another thing i promise,” he says, running his fingers through her hair.  "just because you wish it.“

she smiles, and closes her eyes, and wants to remember this moment until the day she dies.