and the way his hair is a mess along with his suit

200 Ways to Annoy William

I now have 200 followers for my little blog. Thanks so much to everyone who is following. I truly appreciate all of you. To celebrate, I’ve created a list along with into–the–abyss, thedarkestcrow, and other lovely people on forum of 200 ways to annoy William T. Spears. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own. (Please note: Rosalind is the name of one of his pigeons in some of the fanfiction.)

1. Use the wrong type of typewriter ink.
2. Call his pigeons dirty.
3. Use the wrong complaint form.
4. Mention that he looks good in the Circus suit. (Better run when you say that.)
5. Paint anything of his red.
6. Mess up all the papers on his desk.
7. Wrap his typewriter in tin foil.
8. Mess up his hair, then run. (The one thing on this list I would actually do to him.)
9. Ask if his tie is a clip on.
10. Put salt in the sugar bowl when he takes his coffee. (I bet Ronald did this.)
11. Steal his favorite pen.
12. Bring a cat to the office. Name it Sebastian.
13. Put his stapler in Jello.
14. Prank call his house and ask if he has Prince Albert in a can. (Hey, if he’s from the 1950’s, the jokes have to be that old.)
15. Prank call his house and ask him if his refrigerator is still running.
16. Just keep continually prank calling his house. (Ronald….)
17. Pluck the feathers out of Rosalind. D:
18. Use his mug at the office.
19. Intentionally mixup decaf and regular in the office breakroom. I’m not sure which he drinks, but it’s got to be one or the other.
20. Spike the punch at the office party. Take pictures of him.
21. Glue his pen to his desk. Snicker as you watch from around the corner. (Ronald….)
22. Invade his personal space and give him a big hug.
23. Sneak in at night and move everything in his office so it’s on the other side of the room.
24. Keep calling him “Forehead” all day.
25. Tell there’s a meeting at a restaurant when it’s really a blind date.

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