and the way he's carrying tiny little shoes


Author’s Note: For some reason I was thinking about Soryu, and this happened.  (Things happen when I let my brain go wandering around lol)

It had been a long flight back to Dubai from Japan. He wished he could have taken her with him - he was certain Eisuke would have had no issue arranging for her to take time off her maid work, but he was still reluctant to involve her heavily in the politics of the Ice Dragons, so he had left her behind on this trip.

Rubbing at his eyes with thumb and forefinger, he stood out the front of the airport, the scent of exhaust fumes tickling his nose as cars idled nearby, waiting for their passengers.

“Boss!” came the energetic voice he had been awaiting, and Inui appeared before him, huffing slightly. “We’re parked over this way, Boss! Welcome home!”

The look of joy on Inui’s face was much like a puppy. It had been said before, but Soryu couldn’t help but acknowledge it again now that it was right in front of him. With a nod, he flicked his jacket over his shoulder and followed Inui to the car with tinted windows, seating himself in the back and giving a nod to Samejima, who was at the wheel.

“Boss.” Samejima said, a slight smile on his lips. Clearly he had been missed.

They talked shop briefly, but both Inui and Samejima could tell their boss’s mind was elsewhere, so the car eventually fell silent - and he was left to his thoughts of her smile, the way she carried herself, the fastidious manner in which she did her job. He had missed her terribly.

It was nearing midnight when he finally arrived home, and Inui and Samejima took off in the car after dropping him off, stating that they were ‘giving Boss and Princess time alone!’

They could be surprisingly considerate sometimes, he admitted.

He could see lights on inside as he shuffled in through the front door, slipping his feet out of his shoes and into his comfortable house slippers. The scuffing of little feet told him she was on her way to him.


There she was, her tiny frame launching toward him and her arms squeezing him as tightly as she could. He returned her embrace, letting his fingers comb through the ends of her hair.

“I’m home…” he murmured, and they shared a gentle kiss, their lips lingering afterward, as if to say they missed one another.

“Welcome home!” she chirped, looking altogether bright eyed despite the lateness of the hour. “I made you food, please come and eat…”

Soryu’s nose already knew what to expect, he had smelled it the moment he entered the house. He had a weakness for her omelettes, and she knew it - he could almost taste the fluffy eggs as he followed her into the dining room, and he couldn’t help but smile at seeing everything set up on the table…along with two extra place settings.

“Inui and Samejima won’t be joining us tonight,” he told her, and she looked half-relieved, half upset. “I’m sure I can eat their share, though.”

That brightened her expression, and she quickly re-plated the food. It was, as always…perfection. He could eat her omelettes forever, especially when she looked so happy to see him enjoy her cooking.

After dinner, they curled up together on the couch to watch a detective movie she had rented just for him. Soryu found himself getting dragged into the plot, and - clenching his fists during the action scene - he gazed at her to see if she was doing the same…but saw she had closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. A wry smile appeared on his lips.

He wasn’t surprised, if he was being honest. Just looking around the room he could tell she had been cleaning furiously in preperation for his arrival and waiting up for him. And she likely hadn’t slept the night before due to excitement, or worry.  That was simply the kind of woman she was, and he loved her for it.

Her head on his shoulder was a comfortable, soothing weight. Shifting slowly to be able to hold her properly and rest his cheek against the top of her head, he inhaled the gentle fragrance of her shampoo, the movie forgotten.

In her warmth, surrounded by her little gestures of love. Love he hadn’t known until he met her.

This was home.

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nestled // newt scamander

request(s): Hi. I loved your story “snatchers”; you are such a great writer. I was wondering if you could please write something about Newt teaching the reader about his creatures. Thank you! (by @tigerinravenclawsclothing


Newt showed his lady friend (for Who he has feelings for) around the habbits of the creaturs. The creaturs will think that she is his mate. Later newt and the girl fall a sleep. And the creaturs wanna help him out so they build a nest a round them. (by @ship-it-girl)

a/n: lololol kieRA wrote this but i (roxanna the evil piece of shit) snuck into her draft so hemhem anyways a big THANKYOU to the account that said i was a good writer because i felt super freaking fly afterwards ;-) ANYWAYS ENJOY KIERA’S AMAZING HARD WORK YALL

kiera: … oh well


nestled // newt scamander

Newt’s case was officially the most exciting place you’ve ever been in.

It was a whole new place, a whole new world, you’ve never even heard of! It was totally devoid of any humans, yet filled with the most interesting beings on the planet. Your eyes were wide with disbelief as Newt walked through the lands purposefully in front of you, the buckets of food in his arms, like all these creatures were a sight he already grew used to. You supposed he would have, after all these years, but what you didn’t know was that Newt wasn’t as confident as he looked–on the contrary, he was terribly on the edge, wondering if you would be impressed by what you saw.

Newt had loved you ever since you defended his creatures back in Hogwarts.

You were the only person who truly related to his love of these beings, often wanting to learn as much as you could from him and his extraordinary ‘pets’. Later on, you moved to America before you could graduate from Hogwarts, completing your education in Ilvermorny. It wasn’t until lately that Newt sent you an owl, informing you that he was visiting in New York, and wondered if you would care to meet.

You never thought that a catch-up session would turn into a trip into his magical suitcase. Stunned by the majestic creatures, you reluctantly shuffled forward as Newt moved on, determined not to make eye-contact with you if he could help it.

Newt had thought that what he had on you was merely a crush. But seeing you again after all these years, it had obviously grown into something much more.

And Newt had no idea how to deal with it.

“Scamander! Can we please slow down so I can look at them?” you begged, refusing to tear your eyes away from a large creature the size of a horse, spikes running down from its head to its long, strong-looking tail. It had something like tentacles sprouting from its mouth, and would have looked quite aggressive if it wasn’t tending to a younger one.

Newt’s heart skipped a beat when he realised, as beautiful as you may have grown to, you were hardly any different on the inside. Smiling when he heard you call him “Scamander,” which was something you loved to do, he spun around, clutching the metal bucket tightly as he walked back to you.

“This,” he attempted to sound professional, “is called a Graphorn. They are often found in Europe mountains, and the mountain trolls just love to ride them. They hate it, though.” Newt placed the bucket on the floor, casually tossing the mystery meat out of it.

The Graphorn lunged after it, tackling the meat and tearing it apart savagely. You looked in wonder as it paid you no attention, only looking up to nuzzle Newt in thanks.

“And this, is a Nundu,” the two of you stopped beneath a large rock, where a large, lion shaped creature with tiny sharp pikes on its body lay, resting. “This was incredibly hard for me to capture by my own. When it roars, it inflates itself like a pufferfish would, scaring off and eliminating any competition.”

Newt lifted his shirt to show a large, jagged scar that ran from his bellybutton to the side of his stomach. You blushed when he did, his muscles not going unnoticed as you stared intently at it. (a/n: go search up eddie redmayne shirtless because it might be the best fucking decision you make :-D )

“I got this scar when the Nundu attacked me. I was very lucky though. It’s spikes didn’t go deep, just scrapped the surface of my flesh. It could have been fatal.”

You ran a finger tentatively across it, and Newt repressed a shudder from your warm fingers.

You smiled softly at him, looking up into his pale blue eyes. “This place is wonderful,” you breathed sincerely. “I could live here forever.”

Unknown to you, Newt’s heart melted.

The two of you carried on, Newt continuing his commentary and you looking at everything in awe. You learnt that a Diricrawl was know as a Dodo bird to Muggles, and because of their teleporting abilities, they thought that they were long extinct. You gasped when the Mooncalves appeared from their burrows, earnestly crowding around Newt as he tossed them food. You laughed when you watched Newt attempt to place his Bowtruckle, Pickette, back onto the tree where the others were playing. Pickette held onto his hand for dear life, and Newt gave up after a while, grumbling that it was too attached to him for its own good.

By the time you arrived back where Frank the Thunderbird was perched at, you were exhausted. You collapsed onto the ground dramatically, spreading your limbs as you sighed out loud. “This place is amazing!” you yelled to Newt.

Frank flapped his wings in agreement, creating such a wind that Newt laughed as you quickly got up to avoid Frank’s claws, Repositioning yourself below his perch, you rested your head against your arms.

Newt came to join you, lying by your side as your eyelids fluttered open and close. The two of you lay on the straw, comfortable silence taking over.

He looked over at you when you shifted to lie closer to his chest. His heart jumped in his throat.

“(Y/n)?” he asked softly.

You were out like a light in less than a minute. You sighed against his clothed chest, unconsciously muttering his name. “Newt…”

Newt lay back, content. Everything was perfect in this moment.

Then he too, let sleep overtake him.

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