and the way he smiled and said don't worry

BTS Reaction- s/o assuming they cant carry them

Anon asked: I am in love with your reactions so much. Can you pretty please write one for me? Situation is their s/o is a bit heavy or thinks they are so they assume the members aren’t strong enough to carry them? Thank you in advance ❤️

A/N: Heya anon. Sure thing! Also guys I have tons of reaction requests and I am sort of not going by order. I am doing ones I find inspiration for first! Just saying. Anyway enjoy reading :))))



Jin would be shocked to hear you say that because to him something like that wouldnt even matter but he also would be shocked because it would undermine his strength

Jin was shocked when he heard that you didnt think he could carry you or pick you up. “You saying that is seriously undermining my strength babe” he looked a you in disbelief. “I need to prove you wrong now” he bent down with his back to you. “Hop on” he said. As you did so he couldnt help but laugh and shake his head. “Arent you a silly one. I don’t know what made you think you are heavy because I can carry you like this for a good hour or so without getting tired” he tightened his hold under your knees. 


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anonymous asked:

I like jackbum but I find jaebum kind of uninterested? He mostly ignores jackson

hello anon ~ 

let’s think about the fact that leader hyung, Im jaebum, jb, the man who held his mic with two hands so that jinyoung couldn’t grab his hand puckered his lips back when jackson blew him a kiss…let that sink in..

mr. skinship makes me uncomfortable let jackson rub his hand across his chest, smiled like he’d never been more content when jackson SNIFFED HIS NECK.

this boy gets caught staring at jackson, gets caught staring at Jackson’s ASS, literally drools over Jackson’s arms, he said he wishes he could take all of jackson’s worries away, said he wants to travel the world with jackson TWICE. 

hugged jackson when he was shirtless, skipped across the room w jackson, lives for serenading jackson w his voice, smiles his soft!bum smile for jackson, throws his head back laughing over everything jackson does, rubs Jacksons back, calls jackson princess 


Hannigram meet cute AU

A short piece of librarian!Will fluff I dashed off.  Because Will would be the best grumpy librarian.  (Also, Franklyn is not Hannibal’s patient in this, he’s just that annoying customer.)


Will had been stuck on the front desk all morning.  Minor catastrophes like car trouble or the flu had taken out half of the circulation clerks, and as a result, Jack had dragged him down from the reference department on the second floor to the main lobby.  There were entirely too many people and it was entirely too loud with the comings and goings of families.  Will longed for the quiet corner of special collections and the adjoining reference desk.

Reference work just didn’t come with the chit chat that plagued the main desk, like patrons who wouldn’t take a hint and just leave with their books.  Case in point, Franklyn Froideveaux.  He already had his cookbooks checked out, but he lingered, chattering on to Will about the recipes he was looking forward to trying.  There were no other patrons to help, and unfortunately, Will couldn’t actually tell Franklyn to scram, no matter how much he wanted to.

So he was stuck, praying for the phone to ring or for the ground to simply swallow him.  Him or Franklyn, either one.

“…and Baltimore is such a great town for markets,” Franklyn continued.  “There are so many different places to shop, you can find every ingredient you can imagine.”

“Right.”  Will nodded vaguely, hoping they were nearing an end.

“Farmers’ markets are good for local organics,” Franklyn said, going right on, “but I do most of my shopping at independent merchants.  They have so much more selection, and they always have the finest cheeses.”


“Jose’s has the best selection of artisanal cheeses—”

A new voice spoke.  “I hate to interrupt, but could you tell me where psychology books are, please?”

Will hadn’t even seen the man approach.  He stood just to the side of the desk, in a brown and blue suit, a look of inquiry on his face.

“Go to the back, then to left, then look next to the far wall,” Will said automatically.  Then he recognized the out for what it was.  He stood.  “It’s a little confusing.  Let me show you.”

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Teasing (Peter x reader)

prompt:  reader finally meets the avengers and she keeps teasing her boyfriend Peter that he is the youngest of the group.

A/N: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is adorable he is a baby! Feel free to send some feedback and hope you like this ;) love ya <3

Originally posted by louise-belcher

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When Another Man Hits On You (Be My Princess 2)
  • Hayden: Fake. He's practically sparkling with the fake smile he only has when he's so upset that he doesn't want anyone to notice. The minute you see it, you immediately know something is wrong. "Nothing's wrong darling, but prepare yourself, I'm not letting you sleep tonight."
  • Kuon: Mad. He's practically seething in rage as he stomps over to the man keeping you from him. A strong hand rests on the frazzled mans shoulder, as his eyes glow red. "I think, you should get away from my girl."
  • Oliver: Pouting. It's not like he can do anything when a king from a neighboring nation is flirting with you. Especially when Altaria needs a positive relation with them. Of course the straw is broken when he actually touches your arm. "I'm sorry, but my princess and I have a prior appointment to reach."
  • Sieg: Over Protective. Afterwords, he won't let you out of his sight. He can't believe he let some creep actually touch your arm, it don't matter that the bar was crowded or that you were on your way back from the ladies room. He should have protected you. "Wait I'll come with you!"
  • Ivan: Silent. He's completely silent as the diplomat continues to make lewd comments about your body. Even though he knows that the diplomat is only speaking freely because he doesn't know he's listening, his knuckles can't help but itch. When he finally catches the diplomat, he flashes him a smile and says: "I don't think you should worry about my princesses, as you said, 'perky ass' because her taste is far too exquisite for someone of your caliber."
  • Aslan: Calm. He minds a little, but as you approach him, cheeks bright red carrying a scrap of blue paper, he can't help but smile. He can't even begin to imagine how beautiful you must feel right now. He doesn't like the idea of another man making you feel that way. But seeing how flattered you are, makes him happy. "You look so beautiful, my princess."
  • A/N: sorry if this kind of sucks, most of these are set in a bar.
  • -SKY
Stranger’s Kiss (Taron Fic)

The sun was streaming down onto the ocean, reflecting the bright light right onto the beach. It was a rather busy Saturday since spring break had just started. People were crowding around the ice cream shop to try and cool down from all the heat. You had just finished all your mid-term exams and enjoyed the freedom, letting the sun soak into your skin. It felt good to not worry about anything for once. 

You walked along the beach, watching as groups of teenagers ran around the sand playing volleyball while others splashed water at each other. You had just passed one of the more crowded places when suddenly someone carefully tapped your shoulder. You turned around and saw a handsome young man awkwardly standing there, his face strangely familiar. His gaze draped over you for a second before he met your eyes and started to speak with an attractive Welsh accent. 

“Hey, so this is really strange but could you please kiss me before those girls come to attack me?” He asked a little out of breath, his eyes hopeful. 

You craned your neck to glance over his shoulder and saw a crowd of girls running along the sidewalk in the distance, screaming his name. You nodded and looked back at him.

“Do I get anything out of it?” You asked with a grin. You had never kissed a stranger before, but he seemed to be a sweet guy and also unfairly gorgeous. 

“A really good kiss?” He tried as he knitted his eyebrows together. That did it.

“I’ll take it.” you said hurriedly before grabbing the sides of his shirt, pulling him against you and setting him down on a low wall of a garden on the sidewalk so you could block him with your body, your legs between his. He looked up at you and gave you a small smile, his eyes dropping to your lips before looking back up. You could get lost in those eyes.  

“You don’t have to—“ He started, but you cut him off by leaning down and pressing your lips to his. His eyes widened in shock and he hesitated a little before slowly closing his eyes and leaning into the contact, threading his hands through your hair. You deepened the kiss by pulling him closer, if that was even possible. The sounds around you faded away as you placed both your hands at the back of his neck before tangling your fingers in his hair, smiling at the softness of them. Almost as soft as his lips. The kiss was slow and sweet. You smiled against his lips before pulling back slightly. He was looking at you, mouth slightly agape. 

You looked over your shoulder. “I think your fans have passed.” you giggled and looked back at him.   

It took him a while before he answered. “I don’t know how to thank you.” He laughed. It’s the best thing you’ve heard all day. 

“I think that kiss was good enough.” You said, giving him a wide smile.

“I’m Taron, by the way. But something tells me you already knew that.” He says nervously. 

You threw your head back and laughed at the panic that flashed across his face. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to jump you again.” You giggled in reassurance. 

“Maybe I want you to.” He let the words slip before he could stop himself. 

It’s okay. Don’t worry. I can remember it.

The Doctor, Hell Bent scripts written by Steven Moffat.

In the aired version of Hell Bent, I heard Peter’s Doctor said ”Don’t you worry. I’ll remember it.” I think this one on the script was sadder while emphasizing how the Doctor always kept Clara’s smiles in his mind. And it seemed to be more like a close-ended closure. On the other hand, the final version remained more ambiguous, open-ended, while emphasizing how the Doctor was willing to give her a promise-like confession. He might know he couldn’t really keep that promise, but he said that anyway, like a love confession. I love both of these versions, in different ways.

The Easy Thing

Just a little fic based on the third sneak peek for 3.20 “Kansas”. Belle reacts to what happened in the barn. Spoilers.

The Easy Thing

Belle was holding Snow’s hand when David came in with their son in his arms and a triumphant smile on his face.

‘David!’ Snow cried.

'Told you we’d get him back,’ David said, placing the baby in his mother’s arms.

'Oh,’ Snow breathed, stroking her son’s downy head: 'hey there.’

'What about Zelena?’ Belle asked softly.

'Defeated,’ David said, smiling: 'Regina stopped her.’

Belle’s heart thumped. Did that mean that Rumple was free? She stood and moved towards the door; then Emma appeared, followed by Hook, and Henry, and Robin, and Regina, and…

'Rumple,’ Belle whimpered. She was reaching for him, but then she saw the flash of metal in Regina’s hand: Rumple’s dagger.

'Why do you have that?’ she asked sharply, sharply enough to draw all eyes to her.

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The One That Got Away

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine by lovezaynlikealovesong

‘Okay, Fine’ you said after throwing harry’s black shirt back into the closet, 'don’t wear it, its just that…it suits you more and I wanted you to look good tonight’ 'what do you mean, I don’t look good always?’ he asked in an annoyed voice. 'I didn’t say that, Harry… I meant to say tha-’ 'I know what you mean (Y/N)!’ he said picking up his belt and giving you one last look before leaving for the party 'you coming or not?’ he asked raising his voice. You hated when he was this way, well no one likes it but, it was extremely upsetting, and that too on christmas eve as well as Lou’s birthday party was making it even more worse. 'Of course I am baby’ you replied trying to calm him down a bit, but it didn’t help…not a bit.You shrugged it off and gave a last look in the mirror to yourself.'like you mean the 'baby” he murmered, thinking you didn’t hear it,but actually you did. He opened the door for you, as he always did, giving you the hint that he still cares about you. But you were too involved in the argument to notice that, it was way too difficult for you to take your mind off the mini fight you both had been having in installments for a pretty long time, and you knew that these were just warm ups, teh real thing was yet to come, but tonight? no, it can’t be,  you thought to yourself, you were pretty sure. 'Thank you’ you said, but not with feelings, it was now sort of a routine for you, Harry opens the door, you say thank you. 'What happened?’ you asked confused, he was just sitting there, on the driver’s seat, not moving an inch, 'Look, love I’m sorry’ a sudden smile plastered your face but you tried to hide it,'Harry…you know what? lets just act like nothing ever happened, hm?’ you said letting the smile now show. He nodded in reply with his cheeky smile. He turned to you saying 'I love you, (Y/N)’ you smiled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, 'please don’t ever leave me’ he said just a second after you pulled from the kiss, 'huh?’ you asked faintly, assuming he didn’t hear it you made your way back to your seat. He never said before, not even when you both had the worst of fights, not even when you nearly 'left’ him once, this statement of his was just getting you to worry, a lot. Half way through the ride, you got a text, and your mobile was kept on the dashboard, in front of Harry,'could you please see that for me?’ 'Babe, I’m driving’ he said passing you your phone 'Here’ he said, weirdly, reading the sender’s name, his smile immediately disappeared  he frowned, yet again. He gave him a confused look and took the phone from his hands at the same time. ‘James’ you read, you couldn’t quite get why he did that after reading ‘James’. Something in that text made you chuckle, you replied,he replied, you replied, he replied, and it kept on like this. The car stopped with thrift making your phone slip from your hands and fall on the car floor, you thought he’ll make the move, but he didn’t, instead he stepped out the car  not giving a damn about you and your phone and making his way into the party.You were now sure, He. was. pissed.and the strange part was you were not even sure what the reason was. ‘Hey (Y/N)’ Eleanor greeted you with the cutest smile ever, you both had become bestest of friends she had helped you with harry most of the time when the ‘Larry’ rumour took swift. ‘What’s up with harry’ she asked wrinkling her eye brows, ‘I’m asking myself the same question, El’ you replied ‘hmm… okay anyways, this is Angela’ she said pulling you towards some her friends and introduced you to them, you could sometimes see from the corner of your eyes, a guy the same guy everytime, stalking you. It was a bit weird at times but you didn’t bother much really.


'Aahh!’ you screetched softly as the vodka trickled down your throat burning your passage and making way to you stomach. 'You’re really funny, Will’ you said chuckling a little.'Well, I like you too’ he said you gave him a sudden stare and your face turned serious. What an asshole, Harry thought, he loved you way too much to let go but seeing you with another guy was just unbearable for him, it was just the party and he people who were keeping him away from pulling you in for a 'forever’ kiss. 'Hey, do you mind a dance?’ the guy asked you, 'umm…I don’t think so, I’m dating someone and we just… things are not great between us and-’ 'Yes, of course that Harry guy you’re dating, well if he’s mad at you…’ he slowly moved towards your ear and whispered 'why not make him jealous?'you looked at harry and smiled. 'I cant bare this anymore!’ said Harry,banging his glass on the table.He was completely drunk and had lost his senses, but when a person’s drunk that’s the time he does what he wants and he wanted you, to feel you and make you feel loved and kick that 'asshole’ out of the way, just you and him. He was with the boys on the balcony and could see the bar from the view clearly and there you go, holding his hand as he pulled you from your seat to the dance floor, you recognised something familiar, smiling you said over the loud music, 'this is my fav-’ It’s her favourite song harry thought, and a sudden telepathy made you both exchange glances and there he was, furious, brisking his walks towards you. 'What is this?’ he said getting a hold of your wrist and pushing the man back and coming in his place. 'Harry, please, listen to me, I-’ 'No YOU listen to ME! you’re coming home with me now!’ you couldn’t understand what he meant, what about louis? it’s his birthday, how would he feel? right now Harry and you were more important than louis’ birthday bash, you came greeted stayed but just didn’t say a goodbye. It’s okay he won’t mind. 'Who do you think yourself to be?’ shouted Harry in his perfect voice, pushing you against the car door. 'Harry I-’ 'What’s happening there?’ you heard a heavy old man’s voice, you figured it was the police and decided to leave. 'Was that the Jason guy?’ he asked in a voice full of hurt.'Harry ple-’ ’(Y/N)! was he or was he not?’ he asked pressing the accelerator harder. 'No, no he wasn’t, I had just met him’ you replied 'and you’re off dancing with him, a stranger whom you had just met and you can’t dance or even talk to your boyfriend once, whom you’ve known for 8 months?’ 'Babe, I’m sorry I dont know- I-I just don’t know whats gotten into you nowadays!’ you continued 'you’re just so-so… hard to be with, you talk to me rudely,you don’t talk to me the way you used to and everytime I look in your eyes all I see it hate nothing else’ you stopped and realized what you just had blurted out of your mouth. 'I can’t believe you just said that’ harry said hitting the brakes and the car stopped right in front of the house you both lived in for 5 months now.You both moved in, you threw your purse on the couch, you saw harry taking his belt off and coming towards you and lifting you bridal style, but not the usual soft and fragile way but the harsh yet passionate way. He swiftly threw you on the bed not caring if t hurt you or not, he was hurt and wanted you to make up to him, and this was his way.'Harry, what is your prob-’ and he cut you off with a passionate kiss gradually slipping himself onto you, so that he can face you and ou can face him. His hands were snaking on your waist and his eyes were just staring at your beautiful face studying all your expressions. He slowly moved his hands to your busts, he knew it was turning you on and he was right. 'Harry, I don’t wanna do this…’ you said pulling away from the kiss. ’(Y/N), you can’t decide everything we do in our relationship’ he said breathlessly,'you hurt me (Y/N), more than you know, you’ve been really bad, and I’m going to punish you, you deserve it bitch.’ you were lying, w-h-i-t-e l-i-e. You wantd him so bad, you didn’t even know that yourself,  and him getting harsh on you was even more of a turn on.'Harry I-’ 'Shut up! will you?’ he said in his harsh voicehe literally tore your shirt apart, and pulled your jeans down and threw it somewhere. All you were left in was your undergarments.He pulled you closer to his now bare chest, 'No other guy can touch you’ he said with soo much lust and passion in his eyes that you couldn’t resist a kiss but he pulled away, and didn’t let you kiss him. He got up attacked straight at your chest, gosh! he was making you feel so good. You held him so tight, it felt like if you let go of him you’ll collapse. He slowly moved to your your busts and instead of unclipping your bra, his anxiousness just tore it from the back and he threw it aways not letting go of your skin’s taste. You were going crazy, so uncontrollable 'Don’t enjoy it you whore, it’s your punishment’ he knew you were enjoying it and that it was no more a punishment but a pleasure. He had to make it worse for you, to give you the lesson. he left your skin and pushed you hard on the bed, even the push gave you the feels. He slowly kissed you on your cheek and moved towards your ear, 'Don’t move even a bit now, if you break the rules I’ll make it even worse’ he left off with an evil grin and slowly started to leave love bites on your soft point. Unacceptable, you had to move, you couldn’t contain what he was doing to you, it so overwhelming. Both his hands were stretching onto your and held your palms in place squeezing them so tightly, you went crazy his arms were sliding on your armpits and it felt so good, you couldn’t help but arch you back a bit. You felt something, on your right wrist you couldn’t quite tell what it was, and you were way too overwhelmed to even figure it out. 'I told you not to move bitch.'He was now tying your hands, it was way too much now. 'Harry, ple- SHIT!’ you screamed as pushed in one of his fingers into you, it felt so good, you moaned loudly as he added one more to it. He was now thrusting, staring at you not blinking a bit, 'you’re so beautiful’ he said, your body was responding way too well for him to lessen the punishment. ’(Y/N), I told you not to move’ he said with celnched teeth as he pushed another finger into you, he was doing you so hard and it felt so good you just wanted to hold him, tight and never let go. 'Harry, please let my hands be free’ you said looking into his eyes, he was still moving you, you know how hard it was you to keep your eyes open. 'Tell me you love me’ he said pulling his fingers out it felt so bad, you didn’t want him to stop. 'Of course I love you Harry’ you said 'I know you dont mean that’ he said pulling your hands harshly out of the now loose cloth from which he had tied your wrists. You immediatly pulled him for a kiss, it was long and passionate, his hands were all over you, snaking slowly on your waist, to your busts, and finally to your clit, he moved slowly from your lips to your neck to your busts and started to taste them, he left bites all around your nipple and you arched your back giving him even more access. You pulled his hair which made him groan, he slowly and gradually moved to your stomach and left wet kisses all over your tummy, and finally now he was eating you up, he licked all around your clit your body could not at all control itself, he was making patterns with his tongue so softly that it was tickling, it was so overwhelming, you punched your fingers into his back and that. that was the thing that turned him on so much that he couldn’t contain it and bit your clit'Harrryyy!’ you screamed as you cumed and arched your back lifting your face almost to his and you both went down back to the bed together with a kiss, your lips were moving in perfect sync, and he was into you in no time, 'I’m sorry’ he said as the pain made you scream, 'I deserve it'you said breathlessly,'hmm… you do’ he said clenching his teeth and pushing himself completely into you 'Aahh! Harry?!’ you screamed 'how did that feel?’ he was hitting your G-spot so hard without even coming out, just pushing himself in more and more 'Harry, t-that hurts’ you said, it hurt really bad, but at the same time it felt so good.'That had hurt me hundred times more than this, (Y/N)’ he said pulling himself out, you heaved out really hard. Harry harshly kissed you, your eyes were closed you felt every inch of what he was doing to you, he was really making you fall more for himself, and he was succeeding. Slowly he started to push, in and out, all that time he was just kissing, biting and licking you shoulder line, one of your hand was in his hair and the other was busy clenching your nails into his back, everytime he was just pushing in pure passion. 'Ha-r-ry, I c-can’t t-take it anymore’ you said in parts, heaving out. 'Cum, NOW!’ he ordered, this order was not hard to follow. You were so close but didn’t say anything before just thinking it would piss him even more. You juices mixed together and he didn’t leave you at all, he wanted more of you, you too wanted to feel him even more. wow! he thought to himself looking at you, your hair were all around your face spread out on the bed and your mouth opened begging for his lips’ flavour. He kissed you softly on your lips, and whispered ’ I love you’ in your ear and kissed again under your ear and pulled his hair. You both just lay on the bed for like one minute. As he slowly picked you up, not leaving your body you both got up together, never losing the eye contact, and now your back was resting on the wall behind the bed, he pushed himself closer to you and without pulling out he was again doing the same thing. 'You’re-mine’ he said pushing in again with clenched teeth, it hurt but he was so close to you his heavy breaths were just enough for the hurt to turn into pleasure. Again, you both had your second round now this time, all the time his tounge was exploring your breasts, you were so overwhelmed, you pulled his head towards yours and kissed him hard, hard enough for all the feeling to be shared, he growned biting your lip, he had reached his high, 'not now Harry, pl-please’ you said catching your breath, he bit your nipple, really hard, trying to control himself you moaned extremely loud and let your juices mix again. He left his hot breaths on your chest and reaching your lips and licked them and finally kissing them, you were too weak now to kiss him back but didn’t pull away you were just pushing in for more. ’(Y/N), I love you baby, please don’t do that again to me’ 'I won’t I p-promise’ you said with utter difficulty. 'I love you’ you said hugging him tightly.


Not In That Way Part 3 - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by jxx-n iinternetgirl8522 tessawinterx if you haven't yet read the ones before then you should do that now haha Part 1 and Part 2, ENJOY!!!!


‘Hello?’ I answer the phone without checking the ID, it’s three in the morning so it has to be important, but there is no reply only shuffling, I move the phone for my ear and squint in the dark to read the name on screen.

’(Y/N)?’ I asks, my heart race picking up a little, she had gone out tonight with some friends, maybe she’s in trouble or needs a ride; I sit up in my bed. ’(Y/N) you there?’ I ask again.

'Lukey why you calling me?’ She asks making me frown a little trying not to laugh at her clear drunken state. 'I didn’t you called me’ I remind her. 'Yeah, yeah of course, I knew that’ she slurs.

'But…but I have to tell you something, it’s a big secret, the biggest’ she hushes her voice a little and I try not to laugh again. 'Olay tell me’ I whisper down the phone, playing along and she laugh.

'Lucas don’t be silly, I can’t tell you the biggest secret ever down the phone, I have to see you, I’m coming your house’ she explain and I nod, swinging my legs over the side of the bed and grabbing my jeans pulling them on.

'Where are you, I’ll come pick you up and you can tell me all about the secret’ I offer.

'It’s not just a secret Lu, it’s the biggest secret’ she gushes and this time I let out a soft chuckle. 'Okay sorry’ I apologise. 'Where are you then?’ I ask jogging down the stairs.

'Well that’s why I called duuuu, I’m lost’ she exclaimed down the phone to the point I have to pull the phone from my ear a little. 'How are you lost? What can you see around you?’ I ask, locking the front door and heading for my car, I climb in waiting for her response as I look behind for any cars, then I spot something moving down the street, more like someone.

'I dunno, it’s dark, okay come find me, I’m somewhere dark’ she tells me before laughing at herself a little. I climb out the car and jog down the street until I’m able to see (Y/N) fills stumbling down the street, I laugh down the phone 'Found you’ I tell her and she cheers throwing her arms in the air and I reach her in time to catch her. I get her back home and make her some coffee as we sit at the table.



You wake up your head pounding, it feels like your mouth is full of spikes and someone is hammering in your head as you groan rolling over, you squint as you open your eyes to see you’re in Luke’s room. You groan closing your eyes again as you try and remember how you got her but recall nothing. Eyes still closed you throw the cover off yourself and sit up, Sliding your legs over the side of the bed, you feel the cold rush on your bare legs and open your eyes to see your wearing one of Luke’s shirts and your under wear. You get up and look in the mirror to see last night’s make up over your face, you’re hair a mess and eyes slightly blood shot but you just groan leaving the room, it’s only Luke, no effort needs to be made so you head down stairs. You filled the noise if the TV into the living room where Luke is sitting staring blankly at the TV. You lean your shoulder against the door frame and smile a little.

'Morning’ your throat hurts a little as you speak and you try to clear your groggy throat. Luke’s eyes are immediately on you and he stands.

'Hey, hey erm morning’ he rambles almost nervousness and you frown a little shaking your head and turning to go to the kitchen, you can hear Luke following but he doesn’t speak, you hit the switch for the kettle and lean against the counter as it boils.

'How you feeling this morning?’ He asks and you groan in response rubbing your head. And Luke chuckles a little earning him a glare from you. 'Want some pain killers?’ He asks and you nod a little closing your eyes, you hear the cupboard door open and shuffling. 'I’ll tale the whole pack’ you half joke and he chuckles, you hear the tap come in and open your was in time for Luke to hand you the water, he holds up the tablets and you open your mouth he pops them in and you smile before swallowing with a mouthful of water.

'Please make the coffee’ you ask with a moan and he chuckles pulling out a chair for you, you happily fall into it and place your head on the table eyes closed. After a couple of minutes silence you open your eyes to see Luke staring right at you, like he is observing everything about you, you smile a little at him and he does back before looking away.

'So other than this morning how was last night?’ He asks, as he takes the milk from the fridge.

'Good from what I remember, which honestly isn’t a lot, the last time I saw the time was eleven because some women piled on Jessie’s shoes’ I tell him pulling a face at the stain memory. 'So you don’t remember coming here? Calling me?’ He asks turning and handing you the mug, which you take with a small smile of appreciation.

'No, sorry it must have been late; did I turn up here late?’ You worry a little hoping you hadn’t been a nuisance.

'You called and said you were lost, told me to come find you, that you were somewhere dark, I got to my car an saw you half way down the street and that was it really’ he explain and you laugh as much as your head will allow until pouting towards Luke.

'Sorry Luke’ you apologise but he shakes his head 'don’t be, you know I will always answer, I’m always gonna take care if you’ he tells you and you can’t help the smile that grows across your lips.

'You’re the best Luke’ you tell him 'don’t suppose I could sleep off the hangover here?’ You smile sweetly up at him and he chuckles. 'Of course my lady, my bed is all yours’ he tells you offering you a hand, you take it and grab your mug with the other, you peck Luke’s cheek and give him a quick smile before heading back for his bed.


'Thanks for letting me crash Luke, I don’t mean to rush off without spending any time with you but I gotta go’ you call through the rooms as you hop off the last step and shove your feet into your shoes, you see Luke come out if the kitchen and stand in front of the door, you cock your eyebrow and he laughs a little.

'Just give me two minutes, I want to show you something’ he explain, you nod following him into the living room where he picks up his guitar, you lean against the door frame go watch him.

'Last night you told me your secret and I thought it’s only fair I tell you mine’ he explain before beginning to strum looking down at his fingers but as the first words leave his mouth his blue eyes lock on yours.

'When I hear you stop and laugh out loud

When you’re fallin’ fast asleep

When you’re in the middle of a crowd

When you’re lyin’ close to me

When I hear you softly say my name

When you’re high and when you’re low

When you don’t need me to explain

'Cause you already know

When you smile that way

I know, every night and day

That’s when I love you, when I need you

When I care about you

That’s when I know without a doubt

That I can’t live without you

Everyday I find another reason

Every season we go through

And every little thing you do

That’s when I love you’

Your breath is hitched in your throat; you wouldn’t have told him that, would you? How drunk were you? What did you say? What does that sing mean? He puts down his guitar, his eye which have been on your since the first words have water building and you know yours are the same. He comes over and takes your hands in his, your frozen.

'For years I have had this feeling, all through my body but it’s only ever when I’m with you, a couple of years ago I thought maybe it was love but then I told myself I was being stupid, I couldn’t love you, your my best friend, so that’s what I put it down to, I put it down to you being one of the closest, most important person in my life. But then last night you told me, you told me you loved me and its like those words, those words made the years, the feeling it made sense. I couldn’t sleep last night; I couldn’t stop thinking about how stupid I was to have missed it all this time, for not having you in my arms all these years. Because I love you (Y/N)’ as he finishes a tear slides down your cheek and you take in a huge breath.

'I love you too’ the words leaving your mouth are so foreign in this context but so right. And you feel a hundred times lighter as a huge weight leaves your body. Luke smiles a little before softly brushing your cheek with his thumb, wiping away the tear before hold you in his hand, his lips moving to yours and gently brushing them, the kiss becomes more, more needy, more awaited, and you feel like your body is on fire from his touch. That’s it; you always told yourself he didn’t love you, not in that way. But he does and you love him.

From Chelsea

Jack Gilinsky fanfic Part 1 "I want to get off!"
  • I was on the boardwalk with my friends down the shore going on what looked like the most scary roller coaster I have ever seen. And let me tell you I do NOT like roller coasters, but my friend had forced me to go on and said I would love it after I got off. We weren't able to sit next to each other because of this annoying group of girls who were making this huge fuss and this made me even more scared. I was screaming back to y/f/n and saying I wanted to get off acting like a five year old this is how scared of roller coasters. She scream back, "Y/N, you'll love it, plus I don't think you can get off now." And with that the ride started moving. This was horrible and you had to go up this huge hill before the ride even started. I started crying I wanted to get off I was scared out of my mind. That was until the person next to me who I hadn't noticed grabbed my hand and said,"Don't worry you'll be fine." I didn't really make eye contact because I had my eyes shut the the whole time but he was muscular I will tell you that. The roller coaster was was so scary but kinda fun Y/F/N was right, but I feel horrible because I probably just cut off the circulation in the boys next to me hand. As I got off the ride I looked and turned to see the boy who was sitting next to me was gorgeous, a Greek god, he was Jack Gilinsky.
  • I can't believe this I just went on a roller coaster with jack gilinsky the boy who I obsessed over for about a year now. He was even the lock screen on my phone. I had to say something I had just traumatized him, so I spat out,"Sorry about that. I was a LITTLE scared. Can I repay you in any way I feel horrible!" He responds while smiling that amazing smile I have only seen in pictures and said,"Don't worry about it I thought it was cute. But there is one thing you can do..."I blushed hoping he wouldn't see."What would that be?" I said feeling a little more confident now. "Just let me buy you an ice cream cutie." JACK GILINSKY JUST CALLED ME A CUTIE WHAT IS HAPPENING. I had to keep my cool though."id like that." And with that he held his hand out for me to take and I did intertwining out fingers together we walked to the nearest ice cream shop on the boardwalk. I ordered your favorite ice cream and jack took out his wallet and paid. We started walking and talking. "So how long are you here for?" I said nervously. "The whole summer me and my buddies rented a house down here. How about you?" "The whole summer too!" I replied as happy as I could be being that the boy I had only dreamed about was staying on the same island as me for the whole summer. " I have been coming here since I was born my great aunt owns a house on 24th street." I said feeling more comfortable now. "No way! My house is on 26th street!" I can't believe this was happening right now. I smiled in reply. "What is your name I never got it?" Said jack "Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N." You said as he replied,"well Y/N you have ice cream on your face." he said smiling at me. "Oh my gosh!" I said blushing out of embarrassment. "Don't worry I got it." He said as he put his thumb right by my lip as we stared into each other's eyes he started leaning in and so did I until you hear,"Watch the tram car please." And we stepped to the side.
  • The tram car I hated that thing it always chanted watch the tram car please where ever it went it was the little car that charged u 3.00$ to drive you in the boardwalk, and now I hated even more because it just stopped me and JACK GILINSKY FROM KISSING!!! "So what do you want to do now?" Jack asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Umm why don't we walk further down the pier." I said and jack agreed. We played lots of games and I had lost all of them. Then we passed the big thing that you had to hit with the mallet and if you hit it hard enough it would ring the bell at the top. Jack started walking towards it and I giggled because somehow all boys felt that to prove their manliness they have to ring the bell on this thing. He handed the man the cash and said to me"think I can do it Y/N/N?" "I don't know you have to be really strong to do this" I said taunting him. He took the mallet and smacked it down and it hit the top and jack got a stuffed bear and a plastic trophy. He gave me the bear and kept the trophy for gloating reasons. We walked towards the second piers rides and got on the Ferris wheel. While waiting in line jack pointed to another crazy roller coaster and said," I know Y/N wants to go on that next." "Shutup!" I said and smacked his arm making him laugh. We got on the Ferris wheel and jack was staring at me. "Do I have more ice cream on my face?"I said wondering why he was staring. "No. You just look really cute right now." He said smiling then started leaning in so did I, and then are lips were pressed up against each other and it was amazing he's lips were so soft they just kept me craving more. I pulled away and jack scoched closer to me putting his arm around my waist. I rested my head on his chest. This night couldn't get any more perfect.
  • "Hey can I get your number Y/N so we can hang out again I had so much fun tonight?" "So did I." I said taking his phone and putting my number in it and sending a message to myself so I had his number. "Thanks so much. Do you have a twitter?" He said nervously. "Yeah here I will search for you so it's easier." I said taking his phone and finding my name I clicked follow and gave him back his phone. He started looking at my profile and the follows you sign popped up already. "Ahhh your a fan aren't you?" He said smiling. I blushed and nodded my head in response. "I better get going." I said "Let me walk you home it's really late." Jack said taking my hand and we started walking off the pier. He walked me to my house and once we got there we both looked at each other until he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said "I had so much fun can't wait to see you again." "So did I thanks for the ice cream and bear sorry about your arm by the way."
  • "Oh I didn't even feel it." He said and walked away.
  • I went inside and got ready for bed not being able to stop thinking about tonight. I laid in bed and my phone buzzed it was a message from jack. Oh my gosh he probably hates me I thought and unlocked my phone so I could read the message it read: Goodnight gorgeous I had so much fun tonight 😘. I locked my phone and went to bed smiling because I had just had the best night of my entire life.
  • Part 2??? Give me input was it horrible? Too long?? Too short?
Cant't - Requested (Ashton)

Hello, this was requested by anon (hi can you do one where your kid is in a play/musical and is the lead and they think they can’t do it but ash talks to them and idk it’s happened to me and I thought it be cute) Love the idea, there is something similar to this in Number Seven Part 4 which is Michael based, anyways ENJOY!!!!

‘Mr and Mrs Irwin could you follow me for a second please’ you look up to see Mrs Skylar, the music teacher. You nod, and glacé a t Ashton as he stand, he steps out of the row, waiting for you to follow, you do walking to the double doors after Mrs Skylar, she exits and waits for you to catch up off to the side, you smile as you stand in front of her and glacé at Ashton again as he reaches your side, his hand resting on the small of your back.

'Is everything okay?’ He asks, 'I don’t want you to worry, we have everyone possible looking but Isaac is missing, I think it’s the nerves, he is probably hiding somewhere’ she explains, you sigh, not a bit of panic hitting you as you look at Ashton, you nod upwards and he smiles a little rolling his eyes.

'Do you have access to the roof?’ Ashton asks which causes her to frown. 'I’m sorry; did you hear what I said?’ She asks looking confused. 'Yeah we heard, don’t worry about it, we know where he will be’ you reassure her.

'Erm, we do, we have access but the children can’t get to it, they wouldn’t know where it is’ she explains and you laugh a little. 'Trust me if there is a way to the roof, Isaac has found it’ you inform her.

'I’m sorry Mrs Irwin it’s just not possible for him to get up there’ she tries again and you try not to sigh. 'Please just tell us how to get up there’ Ashton asks, she takes a second to think about it before nodding and walking away you and Ashton glance at each other for a second a small smirk playing his lips as you follow the teacher, she goes through a good and then point to another, 'Up there’ she tells you, you nod and open the door jogging up the stairs. 'We have it from here’ Ashton tells her as he follows you, when you reach the top of the stairs you see the fire door is open slightly and look down to see Isaac’s shoe wedged between the door and frame to keep it open, you push the door open and nod down to the shoe so Ashton doesn’t knock it. You look around to the left but down see him until Ashton taps your side, you look over to him and he is facing the right where you see Isaac siting on the floor with his back against the wall, his knees bend up to his chin, his arms rested on them as he plays with something small in his hand.

You take no time sitting next to him on the gravely roof and Ashton sits in his other side. 'Hey buddy’ Ashton cuts through the silence, Isaac looks up to Ashton as you wrap your arm around his shoulders, he cuddles into your side. 'I can’t do it dad, I’m sorry’ he sighs.

'That’s fine, so what’s the plan? Are we hiding out up here all night?’ Ashton asks and you bite your lip trying not to laugh when you see Isaac glare at his dad a little.

'Dad I’m not kidding, I’m scared, people will laugh if I mess up’ Isaac moans.

'How do you know you will mess you?’ You ask, he starts to shake his head. 'Because I will, and then everyone will laugh, not just at school but everyone’ he tells you.

'You know the first time me and your uncles did a show, I was so scared of messing up that I dropped my drum sticks’ Ashton explains.

'It’s true, I watched the video. And you know the first show where I had a main role, I forgot half the words in a song and stood humming’ you laugh at the memory.

'but not anymore, my mum and dad sing and dance and act on stage, in front of thousands of people, I don’t want to let you down’ Isaac explains and you sigh, 'Isaac you will never let us down, we love you no matter what’ you tell him.

'I’d even live you if you looked like Michael’ Ashton jokes and you notice Isaac smile a little. But he stays silent for a moment. 'What do you have there?’ You ask him and he opens his hand to show you the lucky charm from your bracelet.

'I thought it would help me, because it brings you luck’ he tells you, Ashton’s eyes meet yours over your sons head and he winks. 'And I took a set of your drum sticks dad, because I wanted them to give me luck too but….I’m so sorry dad, please don’t be mad it was an accident’ he is nearly crying and you pull him closer to comfort him as he reaches behind his back and pulls out three pieces of wood which you realise used to be Ashton’s lucky pair. You bite your lip hoping Ashton won’t be to upset, you see him close his eyes but when he opens them he is smiling. 'Come here’ his voice is soft and Isaac shuffles away from you and into Ashton’s legs, Ashton holds his arm up to gesture for you to come closer which you do and Ashton instead if holding you in his side wraps his fingers with yours.

'Can I tell you a secret?’ He asks Isaac who nods 'Well ever since I met your mum I have felt like the luckiest man in the world’ Ashton begins to explain.

'Because you love her’ Isaac adds and Ashton nods 'And then we had you and I felt even more lucky, and so although I say those are my lucky sticks in fact you and mummy are all the luck I need, that’s why my best shows are the ones you are at and that’s why I Skype you two before ever show’ Ashton explain 'because I love you and if I mess up in stage I think, who cares because I know I will come home and laugh about it with you and mum and that makes me happy’ Ashton explain.

'So you and mum are my lucky charms?’ Isaac asks and Ashton shrugs 'If you want us to be then we can be, until you fall in love’ Ashton explain. Isaac takes a moment to think it through before standing up and nodding he turns to you and Ashton and offers you his hand, you take it pulling yourself up and Ashton stands as well. 'Well then, I better see if you guys work’ he tells you.

'Good, okay great then let’s get down there’ Ashton cheers and you laugh a little as Isaac grabs your hand. 'Wait’ you call a little louder than needed. 'Bum check’ you tell them, Isaac let’s go of your hand and Ashton stands behind you as they both pat your bum, you then check Isaac’s before you both check Ashton’s all of you laughing. You and Ashton walk Isaac to the back stage area and turn to leave after wishing him luck, your hand is wrapped in Ashton’s as you walk away.

'MUM, DAD’ you both turn hearing Isaac call you 'I’m gonna rock it’ he tells you, Ashton shapes his hand in his signature rock sign and Isaac does it too before blowing you and kiss and rushing back stage.

From Chelsea