and the way he only pays attention to me when he wants something

Y/H/T = Your Home Town.

“No Luke! I’m so done with your shit! You never pay attention to me anymore! You spend your free time with the boys who you see every fucking day of your life rather than spending it with your girlfriend who you don’t see for months on end!”

I said as I walked out of the apartment slamming the door behind me and catching a one way ticket back to Y/H/T. I cant believe it, he has had a 2 weeks break and has given me every excuse in the book to hang out with the boys rather than his own girlfriend!

He has only spent 3 days with you, out of the whole 2 weeks…how pathetic! And when I confront him about it, he has the nerve to say that he doesn’t want to let the guys down and let them party without him, could you believe that? What about letting me down!? Does he not care about me or something…?

————————————2 months later ————————————-

I was sitting down watching Netflix catching up on the last season of the series that I was watching preparing myself for the new season to come out when my phone started vibrating in my sweatpants pocket, I pulled it out and saw Ashy Boy xx on the screen, woah…thats unexpected I haven’t heard from him in ages. I answered the phone and Ashtons voice came through phone with a subtle sobbing noise in the background.

“Hi Y/n…” he said to me through the phone,

“Hey Ash, Whats up?” I asked him confused as to why he was calling me,

“Alot is up Y/n…Luke is an absolute mess, he walked off stage during Amnesia tonight because the song reminded him of you and after the concert finished he hasn’t been able to stop crying…Y/n please talk to him?” You felt a pang of sadness and guilt run through your body as Ashton spoke every word,

“Yeah, sure…okay I’ll talk to him…” I said to Ashton, I heard the phone shuffling around on the other line and a quiet “really..?” coming from Lukes mouth I presume.

“Y/n…?” I heard a sad raspy voice on the other end of the phone,

“Hey Luke…are you okay?” I asked him, obviously knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from his mouth.

“No, I’m not okay, I’m a total wreck Y/n…I don’t go a day without thinking about you and the only reason I hung out with the boys so much when I was on that break is because I saw a photo on twitter of you and this other guy, I didn’t find out that it was photo shopped until a couple weeks ago when Calum pointed it out to me…I’m so sorry…”

“Lukey it’s okay, those things can trick with your mind sometimes I would of just appreciated it if you would of talked to me about it rather than avoiding it, you know?” I replied calmly hearing his sobs die down through the phone,

“I love you so much Y/n….will you please be my girlfriend again?” Luke said quietly with a little chuckle at the end,

“Ofcourse babe, I miss and love you so much..” I said into the phone, wishing I could just jump straight through it and give him the biggest hug of my life.

“oh thank god! I love and miss you so so so much too Y/n..!” he said as he sighed of relief,

“I’m getting you the earliest flight to England and you’re coming to spend time with me for along as you want okay?” he said excitedly into the phone,

“you don’t have to do that babe, but if thats what makes us both happy then of course I will come and spend time with you in little ol’ England” I said making both of us chuckle.

“Gosh I missed this..” Luke said. We spent the rest of the night talking and talking and talking and just discussing on what our plans were going to be once I get to England.

Imagine Natsu breaks into Gray’s house because he isn’t answering his texts messages and he wants to see his boyfriend only to find him taking a nap. Natsu just shrugs and climbs into bed to cuddle with him until he wakes up.

Now Gray has always had a very untraditional way of telling Natsu he loves him:

“Don’t do that, you’re gonna get hurt.”

“You almost got yourself killed, are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack”

“I’m coming on that mission with you. Because it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t go alone. I KNOW YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BUT I’M COMING WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

“You’re such an idiot, Ashes”

So Natsu’s laying next to Gray when his Snowflake starts mumbling in his sleep. The fire mage doesn’t pay him much attention until he hears something he’s never heard put so simply come out of his mouth.

“I love you, Natsu.”

He starts internally freaking out and nuzzling his face against Gray’s neck and squeezes him so hard he has trouble breathing for a second and Gray wakes up all cranky and ready to punch him but Natsu looks so cute and happy he can’t bring himself to do it.

Natsu won’t tell him why he’s in such a good mood. He wants to hear Gray say it like that again on his own time when he’s awake, but he does decide to spend more nights at Gray’s house in hopes of hearing it again anyway.

New in Town

lucienrhyspendergast | Continued from here 

  The boy on the bench barely acknowledged the other’s presence, circling a lit cigarette between his fingers as he stared off into the distance. It was only after he spoke again that he glanced his way. Not bad on the eyes.

  “I don’t own the bench,” he said, accent distinctly southern, but not anything from New Orleans, though there were hints of French undertones.

  “How…can’t ya go back the way ya came?”

Salem swayed on his feet at the kid’s response then slowly sat down beside him. His nose wrinkled when he caught a whiff of the cigarette smoke but said nothing to him, since the last thing he wanted to do was to tick him off. 

“I wish it was that easy but I’ve been all over town getting things for my apartment. I’m just trying to find my place.” His cheeks were red because how easily lost he got if he wasn’t paying attention. 

Salem glanced around at his surroundings then back at the kid. “Do you know the street name?”