and the way he just goes completely still

I just really love the idea of NHL Jack (AU where he never went to Samwell) taking a check into the glass way too hard during a game and the glass shatters and he goes completely through and is suddenly in the lap of our wonderful Southern Bell Eric Bittle
And Eric of course is just like “???????? are you ok????”
And Jack is just looking at him like “holy shit who are you and why have we never met”

But alternatively, I love Eric being like “!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!” (Because when that shit happens in real hockey holy shit it gets fucking hype like 0 to 100 real fast) and just smiling and laughing and screaming
And Jack is still just in awe

it’s headcanon time bitches, buckle up:

fortunately, Neil Josten doesn’t get sick often. but it still happens, from time to time, and when he does it’s absolutely frightening. he doesn’t pretend everything’s fine, not really, not the way everyone expects him to. he doesn’t even barricate himself up in his room and “waits for death to take him”, like Nicky. he doesn’t get bitchy like Kevin, or irritating like Aaron, or disappears like Andrew. He just shuts down, completely. He’s still up, he still practices. But he’s not present. He just goes through the motions, sometimes he doesn’t talk for days. He just boards himself up in his own mind, too focused on being fine to do much at all, not even focusing on the outside world. When he does get sick, it’s always bad, like some sort of retribution for always escaping seasonal colds and the occasional flu. When he does, sometimes his thoughts get tangled up, and he forgets. He forgets his mother is not there to beat him up if he’s anything other than fine. He forgets he doesn’t have to be vigilant 24/7, because his father could find him. He forgets he’s not alone, and has to do everything on his own. He forgets, he forgets, and sometimes not even Andrew knows what to do.

Even More Important Things

(Because there still isn’t enough appreciation for this beautiful brooding sweetheart of an elf.)
• The way Fenris is so emboldened by having people to help and support him that he doesn’t show the fear he must be feeling when he first goes to Danarius’s mansion
• His magnificent jawline
• His nose. That nose needs smooches from Hawke.
• Submitted by @xiz0r: “The way he looks his cute little feetsies when he’s idle <3” and I quite agree; it’s very adorable
• The way he stutters if you bring him along to speak to Idunna
• The sassy little comment he makes in the warehouse district
• The way he comes to comfort Hawke after Leandra dies. Even though he doesn’t really know how or what to say, he stills tries his hardest to be there for the one he loves
• His voice. Just his amazing voice. Thank you, Gideon Emery. Thank you a million times.
• The little touches about him around Hawke’s house, like noting his opinion on the statues, that his reading lessons are going well, that he’s borrowing Hawke’s books, that he’s commented on Hawke’s wine. Just all these small details on how Fenris is such a big part of Hawke’s life even through the three year break up.
• The way Fenris has the strength to walk away for that three year break up. He recognizes that he’s not emotionally ready for a relationship, and he has the strength to wait until he is.
• The way he wears Hawke’s favor and family heraldry every single day, a silent sign of his continued love for and loyalty to Hawke.
• The way he has the strength to return to Hawke. He’s won his freedom, which means he can make choices for himself not just based on survival, and he chooses to be with Hawke.
• The way he clearly worries about Hawke’s safety all the time by mentioning that Hawke should have guards outside the estate
• That protective anger of his at the beginning of Legacy too
• The way he smashes that bottle of wine against a wall and all the little acts of defiance
• The way he slowly opens up to Hawke and learns to trust him
• The heartbreaking way he’s on the verge of tears when telling Hawke about why he killed the Fog Warriors and why he never tried to escape before that
• The way he rips hearts out of chests. Let’s face it: when he first ripped that slaver’s heart out and stated, “I am not a slave,” he stole my heart as well. And my Hawke’s.

Okay, I need to talk about Mary Winchester. It might be a rant, because I’m a mom.

Anyway. So, in 12x12 we see Mary Winchester fuck over her sons in a big way. She steals the Colt with the intention of giving it to complete strangers just because they’ve been able to help with a couple dozen hunts. And when she won’t admit to the theft, Castiel almost dies. Both of her sons almost die, and she still goes to the BMOL and gives them what they want and gives them a second chance, even though she knows Ketch is full of shit, and isn’t sorry. He’s a sociopath. That’s why he’s good at his job. He literally has no feelings.

Now, lots of people are already saying it’s not a shock. After all, back in the day we learned that Mary makes a deal with Azazel to save John. She’s already sacrificing her theoretical family to save her boyfriend, so why are we shocked now?! Well, I’ll tell you what. We’re shocked now because Mary was a hunter back then, too. I’m almost positive she thought she’d be able to stop that demon. Plus, what Azazel asks for is access to her home in ten years. It’s only later that the implications come out. And the fact that as a hunter, she probably thought she could find a way to end him before he did whatever he was planning to do, none of which she was aware of making the deal. He played her nicely to get to Sam. She’s a good hunter with ten years to consider how to fight the deal. It’s reasonable to assume she thought she could.

So, that’s why I am kind of shocked that she seems to have left a good deal of her love for her family back in Heaven. Yes, she’s still mourning the loss of her baby boys, and her husband. She can’t quite parse the grown men she’s got with the children she remembers. And it might also be a problem with writing her and all the retcon they did to get Mary to where she is now. 

But retcon or not, in canon Mary has said, more than once that she wanted her boys to have a normal life. She wanted out of hunting. She tells Dean that when he goes back in time. She wants to marry John and get out of the life. Have a normal family.

That indicates to me that being a mother and loving and protecting her kids, as mothers do, would have been a top priority. 

And it’s a fucking flimsy excuse in S12 to say, “yeah, well the BMOL have killed off dozens of monsters in 2 weeks.” Or “I’m mourning the loss of my family that I had in Heaven.” Or “I don’t feel like I fit here.” to excuse her throwing her sons to the wolves and just hoping they’re good enough to stop their own deaths because of her. She didn’t have faith that her sons would find a way to stop a being who could kill angels, and cut down humans like wet paper. She was terrified, saw the writing on the wall, and still sided with the people no one trusts, her boys have warned her about, and have done the barest minimum to help out. That’s fucking crazy! She said she’d burn the BMOL down if they ever tried to kill her kids again! Like, great, you get one pass at murdering my children, but not two, young man! 

Dude. Either the writers don’t really get how mothers work, or Mary’s been lying to everyone since before her sons were born about how much she would, and did, love them. It’s one or the other. The first is plausible, because it appears that the writers are making an effort to give Mary reasons for being how she is, but they’re not enough. Not if she loves her boys as much as she’s said she does. 33 years apart or not, those are her kids and that doesn’t change for a parent. If that’s not the case, then option two. Either way, Mary is as bad a parent as John became for a whole host of other reasons.


His fingers move in a blur over the strings, strong and yet delicate at the same time. He pulls notes from those strings that sing and fill the air, surrounding you in warmth and beauty. Even if the music is raucous, his concentration never wavers and he immerses himself completely into the experience. He relaxes more as the song goes on. The faster his fingers fly over the frets, he more comfortable he seems, barely even paying attention as he plays without a single mistake. He’s the same way in bed. The passion is obvious, but still just as natural and casual. He doesn’t appear have to try at all in order to move perfectly, hitting all the right spots that have your back arching and voice straining with screams. He plays your body like an instrument he’s known forever.

- Admin J

Imagine Neil getting a nose ring.
He’s talking about how he wants to experiment with his look so Allison says that he would look really good with a nose ring. Neil just laughs it off because that was a much more drastic change than he had in mind but when Dan, Matt and Renee all agree enthusiastically Neil starts considering it. He also discusses it with Nicky who is super excited and gives Neil ideas on what kind of ring he should get and where he should go.

When Neil is completely convinced he talks about it with Andrew who just looks at him with disinterest which Neil decides is good enough. The next day Neil along with the girls, Matt and Nicky, goes to Body Jewlz. When he sits in the chair he still can’t believe that he is doing something like this. But when he looks at himself in the mirror with the piercing he starts smiling because he likes the way he looks. For once he doesn’t feel uncomfortable looking in the mirror. Everyone is telling him how good it looks and Matt being the concerned dad he is, reminds Neil about the cleaning technique and buys an extra bottle of sea salt in case Neil loses his.

When Neil gets back to the apartment he’s very hesitant to show Andrew because what if Andrew doesn’t like it or finds it unattractive so Neil kind of just paces in front of their apartment for a couple minutes before he hesitantly going in. Andrew is on the couch and glances up when he sees Neil and goes completely still. Neil stays at the door just letting Andrew look him over, carefully watching his expression. Andrew gets up from the couch and walks over to Neil, still with no expression on his face and places his hands on either side of Neil’s head.

He takes a deep breath and says “Oh, Neil” before kissing him. Neil smiles against Andrew’s lips before Andrew says 134%.


While Cartman is still a fire-weilding demon…

He’s not really that intimidating. His powers have a limited use, and even with that he is still young. The first limitations though are classified as The Rules of Heaven and Hell, and they restrict all angels and demons from having too extreme abilities that can make them akin to God and Satan. Cartman’s abilities as a (low-class) demon, at this time, typically ranges from the usual fire manipulation, to the teleportation and levitation of items. He can still posses people, but not for long durations of time seeing as how his power usage is not endless. This causes Cartman to have to be careful with how much he uses his power, so that way it can at least last throughout the day. But knowing Cartman, he still goes overboard with this, and by the time it’s night he can no longer use his abilities. 

Of course, there are some exceptions to this, like how his powers just don’t completely go away when his energy is low. He can still hold a small flame if he wants to or needs it, but he just can’t do the more extreme things like a fireball, possession, or levitation (which is still kind of a new ability, despite being a really basic one). So far, Cartman can’t really do much intimidation or duration wise, but he does know how to leave you in the hospital if you get on his bad side.

Now Tweek on the other hand….

I just want Haikyuu to go ALL THE WAY.

I want to see the first-years become third-years.

Yamaguchi, the pinch server, their ultimate secret weapon.

Tsukishima, the leading blocker who is basically unstoppable and can block any ball.

Hinata, still the ultimate decoy, but more. He is truly the second little giant, with many attacks up his sleeve that he can perform WITHOUT Kageyama.

And Kageyama, the captain and setter, no longer the ‘king of the court’, but their greatest strength. He supports everyone. He has strong, controlled serves, just like Oikawa.

Karasuno will be so strong. They will be strong competitors in every volleyball tournament they attend. They will have regular matches with their rivals, Nekoma, who they gloriously defeated in front of the entire country on tv.

And you can bet Sugawara, Sawamura and Asahi were watching and cheering.

I just WANT to see Karasuno at their full potential. I NEED to see Hinata strong on his own. I MUST SEE MY VOLLEYBALL LOSERS DEVELOP THAT FAR!

Let’s Talk Clace 1x13

So season one is finally complete and it was awesome but my Clace heart is totally broken. Jace thinks that something is wrong with him and he’s a killer. Clary tries desperately to convince him otherwise eventually deciding the only way to do that it to wake up Jocelyn. 

When Jace is going after Valentine the tables get turned on him and Valentine goes after everyone Jace loves. He tells Jace they make him weak(You know to love is to destroy). Jace immediately starts to call Clary and warn her. I love that despite all this inner turmoil he’s going through he’s still trying to protect her. He just wants her to be okay.

In the end Jace makes the choice to leave with Valentine to save his friends. Its totally completely heart shattering. I love how Jace looks back twice at Clary. Like he wants to remember her face. She will probably be the last good thing he sees for a long time. Look at that boys face. This isn’t want he wants. He doesn’t want to leave her. He’s so sad. I think part of him thinks he deserves this but Clary doesn’t.

Clary runs after Jace as he disappears into the portal be he’s gone. Alec tells her she can’t follow because she doesn’t know where they are going and will be left in limbo. Dom and Kat were both so on point in this final clace scene. This is the first season this season where I legitimately had tears in my eyes. Clary was absolutely devastated by Jace’s choice as she collapsed in Alec’s arms. But still after all that Clary still doesn’t believe Jace’s bad. She can see his struggle and her faith in him is steadfast. She knows him and she knows he’s good and no one will tell her different.

time for a little reminder

i’ve seen a lot of people being disappointed about Alec “pushing” Magnus away in the trailer and Malec moving on too slow in general; 

I think it’s important to remember that the entire 1st season happened in a span of 19 days, meaning there was less than a day in between the episodes. Alec and Magnus properly met in 1x04, meaning that they have literally known each other for less than 2 weeks at this point. Alec being the cautious and seemingly unapproachable guy that he is, could not possibly be ready to let his guard down after such a short time into knowing Magnus, who is not just some guy but basically a completely different being, making it extra hard for Alec to fully commit. Also he just came out about 3 days ago at this point, so he’s still dealing with the new situation. Same goes for Magnus. He might have more experience in dating but he has also closed himself off for a century, so finding his way back into having genuine feelings for someone is not easy for him, either. 

So in conclusion, we can’t expect either of them to just jump into full commitment as soon as season 2 starts. They’re not skipping a beat between 1x13 and 2x01 so literally nothing happened in between. They’re still figuring things out.

It’s just gonna take much longer for them to properly fall in love and the writers are being very sensitive with the development of their story, so we can definitely trust them with what they do. They love them just as much as we do.

End of little reminder. Feel free to add comments. 💜  

You choose the ending: Sehun & Taehyung

BEFORE YOU READ! This is an unfinished story that I will continue. However, i thought it would be pretty cute to let you guys choose the ending. At the end of this there will be 3 very brief and simple choices that will dictate how the next portion goes, after maybe a day to 3 days, I will tally up which option has the most votes and write it that way! So PLEASE make sure to shoot me a choice over anon or whatever so I can get to writing :-) Thanks in advance, and if this gets attention, I’ll do more. 

Currently, you sat in a corner, your eyebrow twitching in anger as your boyfriend sat next to your still body, completely, and 100% ignoring you. 

‘Come hang out with us baby, it’ll be fun.’ He had said, 

'We can all just talk together.’ And he had given you a sickly sweet smile that reeled you in, as you said yes, and followed him out, trailing behind him like a puppy all the way to the door, smiling in excitement as you buckled yourself into his car, anxious to meet some of his other friends, Sehun’s hands ghosting around your thighs and underwear as he drove, his hand gripping yours tightly as he slipped into the restaurants booth with you, seemingly content.  

But now, you wanted to go home. Now, you were alone, despite being surrounded by Sehun and his friends, twirling your straw in your drink, your face hot with your exclusion and slight embarrassment for tagging along.
No one was talking to you, and Sehun’s attention was diverged elsewhere, his eyes focused on a girl with long black hair and blue eyeliner that had such a large presence you didn’t even try to join in, you didn’t even try to pay attention, only letting the background chatter fill your ears as you struggled to let your cheeks cool, your fingers slipping along the condensation on the side of your glass, grimacing as you heard Sehun’s loud laugh echo next to you, causing your eyes to look up as you felt him suddenly shift in the booth.

“I’ll be right back.” He mumbled into your ear, his tongue hitting your neck lightly as he kissed down it, the small scrapes from his teeth causing you to tense up, his breath hitting you in hot streams as his hand gripped your thigh rather roughly, you found your eyes widening as he pulled away, scooting out with 2 of his friends, including the girl with long black hair, her eyes rolling past you with a odd glint in them as she followed Sehun along, the neon lights from the outside window warming your confused face as Sehun fixed his jacket over his shoulders and turned to your table halfway.

“You’re not coming, Tae?” He questioned the boy in a rough voice, pulling out a lighter from his jacket as your thighs shifted uncomfortably against the smooth surface of the booth, trying to find your voice to ask him where he was going, before the other boy answered.

“No, I think I’ll just wait for you guys here.” He grumbled, his hat still on inside and his fingers crumbling a straw between them as Sehun flicked his gaze between him and your confused stare, before shrugging, shooting you a wink and turning around easily, not sensing your eyes burning into his back as he walked off and the girl with long black hair gravitated much to close to him for your liking.

They reached the door, slinking through it as a group as your neck strained to see where they were going, before giving up and sighing, fingers still clenched around your lemonade.

“Does he ignore you like that a lot?”

Your head snapped back up, feet crossing as your hair flew wildly around your face as your eyes met with the boy who had been sat across from you, his presence forgotten until he finally spoke. Your eyebrows furrowed, sudden anger bubbling up, but you weren’t sure if it was from him asking, or the sudden realization that everyone noticed it.

“Excuse me?” You countered, examining his face. He cocked his head, a thin and long smile cutting its way onto his face as his hair fell to the side, ears poking out from under his hat, your face softening at how good looking he was.

“Sorry, just a question.” He smiled at you again, pulling his head back up as you felt your cheeks heat up again, bending your head down as you checked your watch, you weren’t sure what to do.

“I’m Taehyung.” A sudden flash of movement made your eyes flow towards him again as you saw him extend a hand and long fingers towards you across the table, your hand coming up tentatively to grab his quickly before you let it go, looking still out the window as you mumbled a response back.


“Y/n, I know.” He interrupted you, eyes still upturned in a mischievously unreadable look as you switched your gaze back to him again, he sensed your confusion, and tumbled over his words again.

“Well, I know from what Sehun has told me.” His shoulders came up in a shrug as you nodded at him again, mouth opening.

“Speaking of Sehun,-” you tried, his eyes widening at your sudden volume.

“Where the hell did he go?” You asked, irritated the more you thought about it. His mouth quirked up again as he saw your face change, a small laugh leaving his mouth as he bent back in his chair.

“Hell if I know.” He shrugged again, your face falling as you sat back too, thighs swishing together underneath the table.

“Why didn’t you go with them?” You asked him, still glancing outside the window as you saw the boy, Taehyung, shift in his seat again.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He said, quieting down a little like he was afraid someone might hear, his fingers running around the rim of his hat as you stared at him.


He didn’t bother to answer immediately, only looking at your eyes as he leaned forward, closer to you as you continued to watch him, unsure what to do. You could see him better now, you felt your breath hitch inside your throat, and you suddenly swallowed thickly, your thighs squeezing your hands as you clasped them between your skin.

“You look like fun.” He finally said, lopsided smile playing at the corners of his lips as he watched your face switch emotions.
You wanted to open your mouth and ask him what he was doing, as his hand suddenly came up to touch at your cheek, and you felt a familiar burn start to pick up inside of you, your eyes widening from the small jolt of pleasure his fingers caused when they smoothed down your skin, he smiled, letting his fingers fall down to your shoulders as you sat, not moving.

“What are you doing?“ You whispered, eyes switching between him and his hand as you felt his fingers grip around you, his eyes maintaining a look of innocence.

"Wanna get out of here?” He asked you, your heartbeat picking up for reasons besides his touch.

“W-what? What about Sehun?” You trailed off, eyes wide as he pulled back to scoot out the booth and arrive at your side, hand extending to you as you looked at it with wide eyes.

“We’ll worry about that later, for now, let’s go have some fun.” One eye winked at you smoothly, his tongue shining as it smoothed over his bottom lip.

His face looked concentrated, and his palms looked a little sweaty, and you couldn’t tell if it was a facade, but you tentatively reached out, eyes melding with his as you…

A.) Take his hand and take him up on his offer. (Taehyung ending)

B.) Smack his hand away, and wait for Sehun to return. (Jealous!Sehun ending)

C.) Shake your head and politely decline, instead making your way out the restaurant. (Leads to both Taehyung and Sehun)

OPTIONAL: would you prefer the ending you chose end with smut, fluff, or angst? (can be a mixture)

Happy voting! 

Coldatom LoT Headcanon

I want a mission where Ray gets drugged or maybe just knocked silly, and everyone’s making sure he’s not gonna hurt himself and maybe giggling at the ridiculous shit he’s saying.

Then out of nowhere he hugs Captain Cold. Like full body, no escape, bearhug. The room goes dead silent and Leonard is completely still, wide-eyed and blank-faced. Everyone thinks he’s about to murder Ray. 

Except Mick, who proceeds to laugh his arse off. Sara gently tries to pry Ray off, but he’s not budging.

 “No, Lenny needs hugs.” Is the only coherent words they can get out of him. Eventually, Leonard awkwardly pats his back and convinces him to let go by saying they can have more hugs later.

Later, when he’s himself again, Ray blushes and stammers his way through an apology. Leonard just smirks at him and tells him not to worry about. It seems like it’s the end of it, until a later mission where Ray almost gets killed and afterward Leonard pulls Ray into a hug without warning.

Ray is like ‘what the hell?’ and Leonard just smirks and says 

“Didn’t want you to die without paying that debt.”

theory: chara hates sans

(undertale spoilers)

based on this reasoning, it seems that chara’s ultimate goal was the eradication of humanity. chara went to lengths that most people could never handle in order to achieve that. their plan failed with asriel. when the player pushes frisks down the genocide route, chara is suddenly faced with another opportunity to destroy humanity.

there’s only one real obstacle in chara’s way: sans.

at this point in the genocide route, chara is talking clearly through frisk and seems to be the presence in control for the most part (along with the player). if it’s the first genocide playthrough, chara knows they still need soul to be able to overpower frisk without the player’s help. the one thing most likely to stop the player from completing the route is sans.

we know sans isn’t just tough for the player – he gave flowey a hard time as well, he admits, if the neutral route is completed for a fifth time:

flowey goes as far as warning chara (in frisk’s body) not to provoke sans. a hint, maybe, that sans’ hindrance would bother chara.

if the player decides to reset because they can’t beat sans, chara loses their chance of getting a soul. chara waited SO long for the opportunity finally see their plan through, having it slip away would surely be irritating. from the moment chara journeyed to mt. ebott, their entire existence revolved around finding a way to end humanity. the fact that chara rushed their plan enough that they died while still a child suggests that chara was in no mood to wait longer than necessary. 

but there are other things in the game that suggest that chara is growing impatient from waiting. for example, if the player completes a genocide run for a second time, chara berates the player and then tries to get them to do something else. this warning is intended to make the player complete a true pacifist run as soon as possible so that chara can finally achieve their goal.

but back to sans, before any genocide run is done with.

the sans battle is designed in such a way that the player will likely fail multiple times before winning. sans taunts the player and frisk/chara with each death. what could be more aggravating than failing, over and over? and being mocked for it? especially for someone who’d do anything to succeed, like chara? 

sans has probably forced a lot of players to restart their games and quit their genocide runs. sans prevents chara from attaining their goal over and over, wasting so much time. why wouldn’t chara hate him (or at the very least, dislike him a lot) for that?


“stop eating random shit you find on the ground”

“*gently soothes her and selflessly gives her things they actually need for themselves*”

“u g h you’re such a brat *lowkey would carry her to the end of the earth*”

“*holds her hand and comforts her even when they’re scared too*”


like idk if she’s more of a toddler or a dog but either way orphan girl/opal is literally their weird goat daughter and you just know they’ve already got a plan worked out for when adam goes to college and they’re both completely in love and committed and in it for the long haul and i love how their relationship managed to be subtle while still completely obliterating any reader ideas that adam may want to leave entirely or isn’t every bit as invested in ronan and the barns and his future there as he is in college and success and this is getting off topic the point is RONAN AND ADAM: ACCIDENTAL MAGIC TEEN DADS

the first plane scene is real

  1. it makes sense that he’d be waking up and going higher as opposed to deeper in this moment, when moriarty is scaring and taunting him with his insecurities
  2. the plane lands and everybody gets on it? and in the final scene the plane has landed and everybody is on it… like
  3. considering the situation it makes sense for john to react the way he initially does (but nowhere near as aggressive as sherlock’s dream johns) and then sherlock passes back out and john stands there hovering over him watching him sleep and just… everything goes soft
  4. i just don’t think it’s that complicated especially bc in the one modern scene that IS  a dream he wakes up in this completely different place and then goes out of his way to establish “oh… i’m still dreaming” like very unambiguously
Wren is Big A/Charles:Spencer is Adopted:Cece is Uber A (Spoilers:Read at Your Own Risk)

Since the Season 6 premier is only one day away I thought I would post my master theory. After seeing some spoilers and reading lots of wondering theories on Tumblr this is my theory on all this Pretty Little Liar craziness. It is by no means complete. There is still tons of unanswered questions. This just hits on a couple of the big theories.  If I tried to answer all of them I would be typing for months!! I am also not going to post the proof or explain it all because it would take too long. So here goes. I credit anyone whose ideas I may have got along the way. We all need to work together to figure out this insane show that we all love!  Wren is Charles (Big A).  He is the adopted son of Scott Montgomery (Byron’s mentally unstable brother who I believe is dead) and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ sister. Wren is also the brother of Bethany Young.  I think that when Scott died his wife remarried someone with the last name Young and then gave birth to Bethany.  This would make Wren cousins with Mike and Aria and Bethany cousins with Ali and Jason. So Aria and Ali are technically kinda related.  I believe Aria knows about Wren but not about Bethany.  Ali and Jason know about Bethany but not about Wren.  One spoiler said that Aria is the liar that we can’t trust and that Big A is only one person but his partner in crime is one of our favorites. Everyone probably automatically assumes Ezra and Aria but I think that is way too easy. I think it is Wren who is Big A and Aria is helping him because he is her cousin/family and she feels sorry for him because he is mentally ill.  Aria definitely has many clues pointing to her that she is suspicious so I am sure she is the liar and is the partner in crime and helping out a family member is a pretty good motive.  She is trying to protect her family’s secret by protecting Wren.  Aria might also have some mental illness because their move to Iceland was very abrupt after Ali’s disappearance. I saw many theories that Aria may have moved there to get therapy from a mental breakdown.  Mental illness sure does run in her family.  Another spoiler to confirm that Wren is Charles said that Wren is NOT a doctor.  Many people have speculated this since he could not spell the word diagnosis and could not speak Latin.  Since we have never seen a scene with Aria and Wren together this further supports the theory that they are working together. That’s the way they do it on TV and in the movies.  There is also a deleted scene I saw on YouTube where Byron asks Aria how she got home from the library and she says “Wren drove me ”. Now why would they delete this? Plus why would Wren drive her home when we have never seen them interact at all? Unless because they are cousins? And wouldn’t Bryon question who Wren is? Anyway, I don’t believe Ali knows anything about Wren being Charles and related to Aria but she does know about Bethany and her being her cousin.  Ali planned on luring Bethany out of Radley the night of the sleepover to confuse “A” with the help of her friend Noel Kahn. Ali’s intention was to trap A once and for all to figure out who A was. She told Noel that she was going to pull a prank on her cousin or just some girl because remember Noel loved to play pranks.  She has Bethany wear the yellow top to look just like her.  Noel is the one who attacked Bethany but it was an accident. He never meant to hurt her. He was just trying to scare her (this is Noel’s secret that Ali has over him).  I don’t know how the plan got all messed up. I don’t know if the real A actually was the one who hit Alison over the head or if it was Bethany or Wren or what. That is still confusing for me. I think it may have been Bethany. I don’t know if Bethany is really dead or not. I don’t think the “A” that was tormenting Ali was Mona or Wren at the time.  I think it is Uber A.  I think it is Uber A who will be revealed at the end of season 6. She is working against Charles/Wren.  Wren stole the game from Mona when she was in Radley because Mona revealed that Ali and Noel hit Bethany, his sister, and buried her. Wren is out for revenge.  Mona knows who Charles Is. She knows Charles is Wren but is terrified he will kill her and is aware of what he is capable of.  Wren is NOT a doctor!! Lesli was also a patient at Radley when Mona was there and when Bethany was there. She was friends with both of them.  Lesli was pretending to be Bethany on the tapes that Spencer found when her and Mona broke into Radley because Mona planted them there to incriminate Ali.  Lesli knew that Mona was going to fake her own death just like Mike did.  Now here are some questions I have. Could Spencer have a twin? And could the twin just be a fraternal twin? If so, could that twin be Bethany? I saw a spoiler that said that Spencer is adopted and that she spent time in Radley as a child.  Spencer has two beauty marks on her face just like the twin in Ali’s story.  We haven’t seen the twin with the other beauty mark, only the ghost of the one in the Halloween episode in Ashley’s house.  What if the writers just used blondes to throw us off track or as the kids grow up sometimes their hair gets darker.  Here’s what I think. Kenneth DiLaurentis’ sister and Mr. Young have an older daughter named Cece. (This is after the sister has been widowed from Scott Montgomery and has adopted Wren).  Then they have a set of twins, Bethany and Spencer.  Cece is a jealous and lying older sister.  She gets into a fight over the twins’ dolls and stabs but doesn’t kill Bethany but blames Spencer.  Spencer is then sent to Radley and later put up for adoption. She adopted by the Hasting family.  She may have been too young to remember or I believe too traumatized and blocked it all out.  Later on Bethany begans to show signs of mental illness too and was sent off to Radley. Or Cece makes her parents think that Bethany is ill and gets her sent away just like she did Spencer. Cece grows up and changes her name to Drake.  Cece being related by blood to Ali would explain why she looks so similar to her and why Jessica would protect and buy her clothes and such because she is her aunt.  I believe Cece is Uber A.  She has always been secretly jealous of Ali. Ali has had everything that Cece has always wanted. The friends, the attention, the family life. Cece is also mentally unstable.  Another spoiler I saw said that Cece is two faced and cannot be trusted and that Uber A will die before season 7.  I don’t know if these theories will end up being true or not but it will be fun watching to find out! 

For a movie that is just completely off the wall in every way imaginable, Miller still has moments when he brilliantly understates things. At one point when Max goes off by himself to ambush their pursuers, the camera stays with the group, not him. All you hear is an explosion in the distance and Max calmly walks back into camp covered in blood. When one of the brides asks if he’s okay since he’s bleeding everywhere, Furiosa quietly informs her that the blood isn’t his. You don’t have to see Max mow down people to know he’s an utter bad ass. You have no clue what he actually did, but you know it was bad and you can only imagine and that somehow makes it worse. 


Honestly, I don’t want them as a love interests. It just seems way too early for a NEWLY turned werewolf who still HASN’T learned control to be getting a love interest. It seems absolutely dangerous and completely ridiculous. At least let the boy learn restraint and control before he goes trying shove his tongue down people’s throats.

But that’s not even my biggest concern. My biggest concern is this whole “vengeance” thing. Are we really only going to have ¾ episodes with her and him going at it, or is there going to be more? What if she takes this whole vengeance thing too far and uses Liam’s “affection” against him and INTENTIONALLY hurts him? How is he going to recover from that? Also, what going to happen if their “love story” turns just how Scallison’s did. With Hayden dying in his arms, and him being completely broken? What if she comes between him and Mason?

I just don’t want my baby wolfie to be heartbroken

Getting into an argument with tattoo artist!luke / punk!luke over who knows what and it ends with you both pissed off at two different parties with two different friends and even though Luke was still majorly pissed at you his world fell apart at one phone call. Your friend had been driving you two when someone ran a red light and crashed into you, your side being the one impacted. And while he was on the phone with your crying friend he could only make out the words ‘accident’ and 'hospital’ so he just pulls the phone away and screams for everyone around him to shut the hell up and the party goes completely silent as he brings the phone back to his ear and his hand finds its way up to his mouth, biting around his thumb nail, a habit you’d always tease him about as he heard your friend explain the situation, which happened to be a hit and run and now you were in surgery and she didn’t know what was happening other than you weren’t doing well and he couldn’t even bear to listen anymore and when he hung up he’d notice everyone was staring at him and suddenly the room started spinning so he rushed out of the house pushing anyone in his way because he needed the air and friend michael would have seen it all so he followed behind him and the minute luke saw his friend he lost it. Ripping off his leather jacket because if you werent there to wear it, letting the gigantic material envelope your body he didn’t want it and after throwing the jacket in some garbage can he sped towards his car because he had to be there, correction- he needed to be there and he needed you to be alright but michael would have stopped him not knowing what happened but knowing that luke couldn’t drive in this state and while blocking the car door luke would growl out at his friend, anger overtaking his tone. “Michael get the fuck out of my way, and once he said no luke couldn’t help but grab his friend "I swear michael if you don’t move out of my fucking way we won’t be friends after im done with you,” but he knew better and pushed luke off. “What the hell man.” And then luke would just stop. He would stop pacing he would stop huffing and go seemingly blank before mumbling. “She’s in the hospital.” And Michael’s feature would soften up as he tried to coax a name out of his shell shocked friend and Michael’s own feelings went into shock once he her the whisper of your name before asking if you were okay. “I don’t fucking know michael. All I know is that she’s in the hospital because some idiot chose to ran a red light and not even stop for the wreck and all I know is that the last things we said to each other were in anger and that I didn’t take her out that one time that I was lazy and that I didn’t kiss her a last time and that I didn’t even have the fucking balls to ask her to be my girlfriend. And that she might not make it.” And he just kind i stands there with a defeated look while Michael’s gets him into the car and rushes him to see you and when he gets there you’re alright and their were some complications but doctors were positive you were going to be okay and they’d let him see you for a minute and he’d just kind of kiss your forehead and grab your hand and is just thankful that pure going to be okay but still upset that he can’t hear your voice or see your beautiful eyes until you’ve decided that you’re going to wake up but then he has to leave but without a doubt comes back the next day to see that you’re still sleep but he’s seen those stupid cliche movies you made him watch and decided to try the talking to you method in hopes of getting you to open your eyes. “Hey pretty girl. It’s been about 20 hours since I’ve heard your voice. And I miss it. You know…. When you wake up I’m going to ask you to be my girlfriend. I don’t normally do the whole girlfriend thing but I want to with you and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to ask you,” he’d mumble picking up your hand to caress it. “When you wake up and we get you out of here I promise I’m never going to complain about you wanting to wear my jacket although I secretly loved it. When I heard I threw it out. Couldn’t stand the look of it if you weren’t here. Cmon Y/N please wake up” he’d sigh and all he could do was wait.

WH - if you don’t love him

It crushes me that choosing one route means that all the other ones remain alone.  

If you don’t love him….

Elias remains full of self-doubt and insecurity, believing that no one will ever like him just the way he is

Luca continues to be guarded, bitter and cynical, unable to verify the truth of his origin. With no family, he is completely alone

Yukiya never overcomes his self-loathing. He’s still stricken by pain whenever he uses magic, and still suffers alone, every full moon, for the rest of his life.  He never goes back to his family, despite missing them every day

Klaus excels on paper but without a sense of purpose. Never dropping his guard, he doesn’t let others get close to him, and is deeply lonely

Randy still wanders the world in solitude, haunted by guilt for an accident six years old, without the hope of any redemption

Wish you could save more than one at a time….