and the warner sister dot

Okay Animaniacs is like one of the most non serious, goofy, happy cartoons, but honestly the concept of the Warners is really sad.
Three siblings, no parents, basically imprisoned in a water tower for six decades, every one either hates them (and/or just tolerates them)for being too zany, or fangirls over them because they are cartoon stars, no in between. And they clearly want parents who love them. How many times have they excitedly jumped on someone cuz they thought that person wanted to be part of their family? For crying out loud they once were completely thrilled because they thought death himself wanted to adopt them. And yet they’re still some of the happiest, most playful kids ever.
These kids just deserve better than this

A reminder that the Animaniacs actual origin story is

that their creator was under pressure to make a bad cartoon funny and pulled an all-nighter alone

and that he in fact lost his actual sanity creating them…

and what he created was just them smashing the protagonist with wooden mallets.

Dot Warner, age 1: 

Yakko: awe! You’re so cute sister sibling!! You’ve gotta be the cutest thing to ever live! Certainly the cutest Warner ever! 
Dot: (giggles) 

Dot Warner, age 10:

Dot: I’m so cute! I’m the cutest thing in the world! Aren’t I cute everybody? I love being cute!!
Yakko: I’ve created a monster

Bendy meets the Warner Brothers (and their sister, Dot).
I actually haven’t heard much about Bendy and the Ink Machine except whatever @squigglydigglydoo posts. I absolutely love her comics feat. Oswald :3 …
I woke up early with the idea to draw them and ended up with what could be their first encounter.

[Description: A super easy and way amusing family cosplay. This mom and her son, and daughter dress as Yakko, Wacko, and Dot from The Animainiacs. It’s simple with black pants and stockings, mixed with basic tees, facepaint, and clown noses.  Absolutely perfect (and I hope Mom treated her kids to the amazingness that was that show during the costuming process!)]