and the video is so good and they are doing so much good

Let’s appreciate how almost all of You’s screen time in Episode 8 was devoted to her saying “Chika-chan…” and giving Chika worried looks.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent sentence starters

“Some things mustn’t be forgotten.”
“Will this ever end?”
“Something is wrong, oh so wrong!”
“There is nothing left. Everything is gone.”
“Who are you to question me?!”
“There’s no denying the things I’ve done.”
“You are carrying the shadow with you!”
“Is this guilt I’m witnessing, [name]? If so, blame yourself.”
“I’m sorry, my friend.”
“How do you justify your violence?”
“It is curiosity in league with your selfishness that is killing us both.“
“I will grant you another chance to redeem yourself.”
“We are so very much the same, you and I.”
“You never did finish what you set out to do.”
“Good and evil: such comforting concepts. But hardly applicable.”
“Are you so blind that you see no good in me?”
“Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.”
“I’m just like you, [name]. A prisoner of circumstance.”
“You killed us! You killed us both!”
“Please help him, I know you can.”
“We can’t argue now - you need to act.”
“You have everything. What are you waiting for?”
“I thought I had lost you!”
“I realize you doubt my intentions.”
“Why would I take such extreme measures to save your life? Maybe, I’m saving mine too.”
“As you gain your freedom, will you deny me mine?”
“It was my greatest triumph, and I never looked back.”


Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine

I know that a lot of people aspire to have a body similar to Lily’s but we don’t actually know what she does apart from run (and that her genes have are a major factor to her body) so I’ve put together a bunch of workout videos that I think could help you to get a body similar to Lily’s. (oh and most of these videos will probably be blogilates because her workouts are amazing in my opinion)


This is the best for burning fat off because it gets your heart racing. Cardio can be really hard but there’s soo many benefits like reduced stress, reduced risk of getting heart disease and some types of cancer and stronger heart and lungs (there’s way more but it would take ages to list them all and I know you guys don’t actually care that much) Some good cardio workouts are(don’t let the names put you off):

Heart on Fire (I do this one a lot and it hurts but you feel so good after!!)

Summer Sweatfest

Fat Destroyer (Best Cardio Workout)

Fun Indoor Cardio Workout

8 Min at Home Cardio - Swimsuit Slimdown

OR you can go running and keep increasing how long you run for by about 5 minutes as time goes on.


Lily’s stomach is sooo nice and toned so here’s some workouts for toning your stomach and slimming your waist:

Ab Workout For a Slim Waistline

Flat Abs in 3 Minutes

10 Minute Ab Workout (I used to do this one a lot and it aches but its so effective)

6 Minutes to a Sexy Little Waist

Lower Belly Flattener

Abs in a Flash


Lily has lean arms so i’ve tried to find some good workouts to get nice, lean arms:

Long and Lean Arms Workout

Lean Arms Workout

5 Minutes to Toned Arms

Sleek Tank Top Arms


Lily has quite thin, lean legs so here’s some workouts to help you achieve that:

Lean Legs Workout

Bikini Body Pilates – Lean Legs Workout

Lean Legs and Butt Shaper Workout

5 Minutes to Long Lean Legs

5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises

Whole Body

Total body sculpt workout 

Slim and Sculpt Whole Body

Whole Body Workout

Ultimate Hot Body Workout

Detox Water Recipes

Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water

3 Detox Water Recipes for Fat Flushing, Anti-Aging and Beauty

Please keep in mind that toning up and losing weight takes time, PLEASE do not resort to unhealthy methods to lose weight because this will only harm your body in the process and your body is precious so just please don’t!! I hope that this helped those of you and met your expectations:)

Guys. Guys. The Holmes siblings.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the sibling interaction we got? Could the fandom stop being toxic for two seconds and enjoy the good things we got? Forget Johnlock and Sherlolly and let’s focus on these adorable babies.

First of all, can you believe how good of a brother Mycroft is? Can you believe he did so much for his younger siblings? He took everything upon himself to protect Sherlock and Eurus. He might not have always taken the right course of action, but he tried. He lied to be kind. Did you see the fondness in his eyes when the home videos came up during his movie at the beginning? He sent those presents to Eurus. He obviously still cared. And how he tried to make it easier for Sherlock to shoot him… That was the sweetest thing. It shows how he would do anything for his little brother. Most people would try to give reasons why they should be the one to live, but Mycroft straight up offered himself. Owned that if someone had to die it had to be him. He is a wonderful big brother.

Sherlock, there at the end? How he cared for Eurus? Did you hear the empathy in his voice? Did you see him desperately try to reach out to his little sister? Even after all she put him through, after all she did, she’s still his sister, and he still cares for her. He couldn’t shoot Mycroft. He was more willing to kill himself than his brother or best friend. You can see through the whole episode how he cared about them so much. “Look after him. He’s not nearly as strong as he thinks he is.” Sherlock Holmes is not a machine.

And Eurus. There isn’t a lot you can say for her. She did some pretty messed up things. But…She wanted love. That was her goal. She definitely had a psychopathic way of trying to get it, but that’s what she wanted. She wanted attention. Everything she did was a hurt child crying for someone to notice her. She might not be sibling of the year, but there definitely is more to her than meets the eye, and I can’t wait to know more about her.

In the end, this episode was great, as far as character interaction and the way the actors portrayed it. You can say what you want about the plot or nitpick at little details, but I think that this episode was wonderful, because it showed so much of who these people actually are.

💖 So Evra still calls Cristiano ‘Christian Dior’ 💖

Let me bring back this golden treasure from the past!
Cristiano & Patrice interviewing each other. Watch it!
(my translation)

  • Evra greets Cristiano with his nickname “Christian Dior"!
  • Patrice tells the story when they first met as opponents in their national teams and there wasn’t so much of affection.
    Cristiano makes a gesture of ‘clash’ with his fingers and laughs
  • Then he praises Cristiano as a nice normal guy and perfect professional
  • He says Cristiano speaks a bit of French, Cristiano gestures ‘so-so’
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) in return loves Evra’s happy personality.
    “He’s always laughing, always happy, a person with a good heart.”
  • Patrice (in French) says that he uses to greet Cristiano with ‘‘Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you doing, Christian Dior?”
    He uses to call Cristiano like that because of his fashion sense ☺
  • Evra says they always mix up English, French, Portuguese
  • Cristiano (in French): “First, I saw him playing in the France NT”
  • Evra (in French): “Many people judge him, but they don’t know him. They judge him for his way of dressing, his behaviour on the pitch. But for me, he is a normal lad. What surprised me most is his professionalism, he’s always the last one to leave training. He knows his talent, but he always keeps on working to be on top. I learnt a lot from that attitude.”
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) tells how great the team spirit is at Man United
  • Cristiano (in French): “What do you do after a match?”
    Evra (in English) “I go to sleep because I’m very tired.”
    (both laugh)
  • Evra (in Portuguese): “Why do you always win all the trophies ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Playboy Star’ …  Why?”
    Cristiano laughs like only he can ♥
    Answer (in French): “Because they award me. It’s because of the team work”.
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) “This club is like a family. We spend more time with our teammates than with our families.” … “I love football, so I love playing in all competitions.”
  • Evra (in French): “Christian Dior, would you like to win the Ballon D’Or again?”
    Cristiano (in English): “Yes! I want to win it again because the feeling to win it is unbelievable. I’ve had the opportunity to win it one time, but I would like to have the opportunity to win one or two more. I work for that.”
  • Cristiano (in English): “What is your dream for your individual awards?”
    Evra (in English): “Win the Golden Ball! My dream is to win the Golden Ball, my friend! But I know with a player like you, it’s impossible. That’s why you need to give sometimes some space to me.”

Did you know that Cristiano can speak French?


such a beautiful v i e w

anonymous asked:

Bokuken hc bcz they need more luv and im dying of the lack of fanart.

  • Bokuto is like a big heater and is Perfect for Winter time cuddles.
  • In Summer, not so much.
  • Speaking of cuddles, they both love cuddling when they sleep.
  • They’re v v clingy in general.
  • Kenma likes sitting in Bokuto’s lap when he plays games, n Bokuto likes to watch him.
  • Bokuto often asks to do Kenma’s hair but it’s just an excuse to play with his hair.
  • Hair!! Dye!! Buddies!!
  • One time they gave each other their hairstyles (so Kenma with his hair spiked n Bokuts with his hair down) and it made Kuroo so uncomfortable he couldn’t look at them.
  • Kenma tries to teach Bokuto how to play video games but the only one’s he’s good at are farming games and cooking games.
  • Bokuto is Great at helping with Kenma’s anxiety when they’re out n about. He easily draws any attention away from his boyfriend.
  • Along with that, Kenma is good at helping Bokuto out of his moods. He often just silently holds him and strokes his hair, unless Bokuto wants some comforting words.
You Look Happier (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “your imagines are so good omgomgomg!!! is it possible if you could do a grayson imagine based off the song happier by ed sheeran? and could it be grayson’s pov? thx!!:)”
Word Count: 2,049
Warnings: Alcohol abuse, heartbreak. I cry.
A/N: I love this song, it’s saaad. Like who hurt Ed Sheeran so badly? :( Anyway, hope you like this dear anon. Thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers. Also, this is my 100th post, yay! Listen to the song for the full effect.


“Walking down 29th and park, I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier”

We had walked around town, Ethan and I, searching for a good location to film our newest video in. I hadn’t expected it at all, I hadn’t seen it coming. But there she was, in another man’s arms. She was standing outside a clothing store, bright smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. It was like something had pierced my heart at the sight, because that smile was once only reserved for me. I stopped in my tracks, feeling like the breath had been knocked out of me and the tip of my fingers became numb. She looked so happy, way happier than she had looked when she was with me at the final stage of our relationship. Sure, it had been a month and she deserved to be happy because I had hurt her pretty bad, stuff that wasn’t supposed to be said, was said, and now she had moved on.

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This weekend was a bust. I did not do anything very fun and didn’t get to relax much, but I got a lot done so I guess that’s a good thing!

I killed a workout today before my night job and it felt so damn good. Easy 15 minute video, followed by Dirty 30 from 21 Day Fix. It was 45 minutes straight of kicking butt and my arms are w e a k for sure. And to make it even better, my eating has been on point! During my break I am going to bake that egg dish I posted about yesterday and shower. Then all I will have to do after work is make sure my meals and gym bag are packed for tomorrow. 

Planning ahead is definitely going to be my best friend this week. Hopefully I will have enough energy after work tomorrow to just stay late and get anything and everything I can done. CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME. 

Also, if you are feeling unmotivated right now, just go do it. Get it done and I promise that you will feel better!

OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I don’t know what the hell I did to deserve this, but let me know so I can do it more lmao. I feel like I should do something special for this, but I can’t think of anything ?! (for a writer I am horrifically uncreative when it comes to real life orz) and I know how impersonal these things are, because making a sweeping statement of “I love all of you” is just eh but oh my goodness I hope you each know how grateful I am for every single follow. I’m so glad so many people enjoy the content I post, whether you’re here for the headcanons, videos, fics, reblogs, shitposts, memes or otherwise. thank you!!

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Recipes for a Southern Sunday 

After re-watching Forks Over Knives recently, I was reminded of how good I had been eating the past five years and how poorly I’ve been eating the past few months. You can even see it in my last few articles. Never would I have promoted so much sugar, oil, and processed food when I first started Cheap Vegan back in 2012.

I’m purposefully documenting it on here because I want people to see that even someone who has been vegan for 12 years and eating a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet for 5 years, is still very capable of slipping into the convenience of processed food, sugar, and caffeine. They taste good and are literally addictive, but even though it takes more work, in the long run it feels even better to make the right choices for our bodies.

So this Sunday I did what I always advise others to do: I went to the farmers market when it was closing down, bought $1 produce from someone trying to get rid of their excess, and I made a delicious meal out of my findings, big enough that I would have left overs for at least part of the week.

4-5 servings only cost me about

<$1 – Rice (from a giant bag)
$1 – Bunch of Collard Greens from Farmers Market
$.75 – onion
<$1 – garlic cloves
<$1 – Veggie Bouillon
<$.50 – 2 Celery Stalks
$1 – Green Pepper
$2 – 2 cans of beans
~$1.75 – 8 Sweet Potatoes (Trader Joes)

TOTALLING OUT TO APPROX: $10!!! That’s only about $2 a meal! And here’s how you make your own Southern Sunday:

-1.5 cups of brown rice

Put 1 part rice to 2 parts water in rice cooker and turn on.
(You may want to add a little extra water because brown rice is a little more dense)

-½ onion
-3 cloves garlic
-1 Vegetable Bouillon cube or Vegetable Broth (adjust to taste)
- about 12 leaves of Collard Greens

1. Dice the onions very fine and chop the garlic very thick.
2. Wash and remove stems of collard greens, then cut into 1″x1″ squares.
3. Sautee the onions and garlic at a low heat until clear.
4. Add a little less than an inch of water with the cube of bouillon or just broth.
5. Once this is simmering, add collards to your rich oniony broth. Make sure you like this flavor because this is how your collards will taste. Adjust accordingly.
6. Mix collards in with broth for about 1 minute then remove from heat. You don’t want to over-cook the greens and you definitely don’t want to boil them.

-½ onion
-2 stalks celery
-¼ bouillon cube (to taste)
-½ cup of green pepper (I actually used green poblano pepper for this one)
-2 cans of red or pinto beans

1. Dice the onions, celery, and peppers very fine and sautee at a low heat until onions are clear. 
2. Add beans and bouillon cube until everything is evenly mixed together.
3. (optional) Transfer to oven for a more robust flavor and smooth texture. Add small amount of water and cover if beans become too dry for your liking. 

-Sweet Potatoes

1. Wash and cut sweet potatoes into 1″ thick pieces.
2. Oil pan to prevent sticking and place in the oven at 350degrees.
3. Add small amount of water and cover with foil if sweet potatoes become too dry.

Viola! You have a soulful meal ready to eat and re-heat for the rest of the work week! Best part is, all of these dishes can be mixed and matched to eat in different ways throughout the week. Rice can be used for a stir fry. Beans can be used for Mexican. Sweet Potatoes can be mashed. Or Collards can be eaten with whole wheat pasta!

If you wanna see how I did it, check out my snap story below!

mooseman13579 replied to your video “I went to see Metropolis at the Arclight yesterday. I’m a fan of Fritz…”

Speaking of running fast; all of the characters. To the point that when I got to see it, people started joking that the protagonists are clearly the ancestors of the Flash.

There was a LOT of running in that movie. Wow, so much running. Also, so many crowd scenes. I do feel like he could’ve gotten that 2:30 down to about an hour fifty if he’d cut out some of the running, and like, a good half of the “struggling with doors”. (I know there are some heavily cut versions, but those are mostly censorship which means they cut out the good parts. :D)

alpacamyhedgehog replied to your video “I went to see Metropolis at the Arclight yesterday. I’m a fan of Fritz…”

I haven’t seen Metropolis yet, but in my volunteer job at an archive, I processed some letters from a British AP journalist who worked in France and Germany through the early 1930s, and he mentioned watching it in the cinema. He was really excited about it and told his wife that she’d like it too. It was a great window into early sci-fi and what viewers thought about it at the time. Glad to hear it still translates well to the big screen. :)

Aw neat! It was definitely a great example of early cinematic scifi to nerd out over. 

kestrel337 replied to your video “I went to see Metropolis at the Arclight yesterday. I’m a fan of Fritz…”

I loved it even on the small screen; it must be amazing on the big one!

Yeah, I feel like there must be a lot you miss seeing it on a small screen. (For one, Josephat’s hilarious sweatdrop when he’s fired.) 


“I’m going to be completely honest here. When I first heard that [tyler] was going to be writing a book, because I was very biased about youtuber books at the time, I thought, great. It’s going to be some self-indulgent crap, because that was sort of the perception I had of youtubers in their 20’s writing books about their life, I’m like, you haven’t even lived your life. This book changed my opinion on youtubers writing books, honestly, and to be able to do that, you know it must be a good book.”


Hello The Internet! It’s Ngaio here. Please start a drum roll with your hands now because I have amazing news. It’s here! My good and free show that you have all been hoping for! It’s called “Trying My Best” and I made it myself and it’s really good and free and you’ll really admire it because it’s really incredible! You can go to YouTube and binge drink all my show at once! And please tell all the other people in the world okay? They will love my show as much as you do! Their eye will go all round and huge and they will spit and laugh so so much okay?!?! Now please stop wasting time like an idiot and watch my fascinating and prodigious show now okay!!


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Hey Moana! It's my birthday tomorrow (or maybe today, considering where you live, anyways it's on the 11th) and you've inspired me to do a 1second a day video for the entire year, from birthday to birthday. I'm starting tomorrow and I hope year 26 is a good one, or at least makes a good video! Thanks for sharing yours, I love them!

this is so cute and this message made me so happy? tears 😢  firstly it’s your birthday here today so happy birthday i hope you have a good 1

secondly? i love this message so much - doing that app is sooo so like therapeutic for me i love it so much and i really love looking back on everything and watching because i’m so sentimental and i hope you love doing it as much as i do. if a year from now or even a month from now u are comfortable i would really love to watch yours, it’s hard to remember to do it at first and it took me a few months to like effortlessly remember to do it but now it’s like one of the things i look forward to doing the most in my day

thank u for the msg :”( really makes me cry

love you!

graveswastaken  asked:

Hey there, I'm an old subscriber. I found you back in 7th or 8th grade and now I am a Junior. I recently (like half and hour ago) remembered the videos that you made. It looks like you had a bad thing happen but I am glad that you're trying to heal. I hope you have a good year. You inspired me to keep cosplaying when I thought I wasn't good enough to do any kind of cosplay. I'll probably start watching videos again, it's like seeing an old pal. Sorry this message is kind of a mess!

Thank you so much! You are always good enough to cosplay, so long as you are having fun with it!


make me choose anonymous asked: tmr cast or tst cast

                                anonymous asked: maze runner cast or scorch trials cast

You guys are a really fun cast. What’s something fun that’s happened while filming?

Dylan: I don’t know, we do a lot. It’s just being with each other every day and our chemistry is so effortless. We’re literally just a big group of buddies, good, good buddies, like lifelong friendships and it’s really cool. It’s like we’re family. […] Mario Kart’s been a huge thing this year. We all do the Wii Mario Kart and it’s actually really funny because we play it so concerningly much that we’re all so good now that among our group, it’s like we’re all in this elite level of Mario Kart-ing and then it gets divided from there and it’s always mixed up like who’s at the top of the standings. I feel like now when we go back to our lives, if any one of us plays Mario Kart in a group of people we’re just gonna be like amazing at it. People are just like, ‘What?!’ We notice it anytime we have someone come in, like a boyfriend or girlfriend comes in and they play with us and they have no idea what we’re doing and we’re just experts at it. It’s really funny.

let’s chat 4

I finally watched Alfie and Marcus and Joe on Release the Hounds and I am SWEATING it had me on the edge of my seat and I was yelling at my laptop and it’s literally because I care about them so much ahhh when you’re too invested haha

Also what a day for this fandom video wise! So much good content. I cannot handle Jack and Josh with kids. I can’t do it. I was swooning.

ALSO MARCUS’ VIDEO WITH THE YOUTUBE BOYBAND BROUGHT ME BACK wow like the first YouTube boyband video was like around the time I was FIRST getting into YouTube so that was life for me and then when they brought Caspar and then the single it was all *heart eye emoji* and the skit he did with all of them had me very happy.

What a good day. I am happy. Also I am going to bed because I have to be up TOO EARLY tomorrow for school, but hopefully I will post tomorrow x