and the video is shitty quality

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


All the lightsaber work was some of my, you know, favorite parts of playing this character and being a part of the star wars world. It was just a childhood dream come true. But I will share with you one of my challenges.


Happy 43rd Birthday Isaiah

“I’m okay with being the Old Spice Guy because before I was the Old Spice Guy I was the guy looking for work on his couch.”

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Wait what? How do we know he wore the rainbow button during rehearsals? ❤️

here’s a cropped photo from today (sorry for the shitty quality, i’m not good at this kinda thing)

here’s a screenshot of that video they posted last night leading up to snl going live.  sure, it could be a different flag pin, so i am making assumptions that he doesn’t have multiple flag pins hanging around, but it sure does look to be the right size and shape, doesn’t it?