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anon request:  can you do a Kian lawley imagine where you guys are dating and your a youtuber and you do the yoga challenge with someone like Trevor or some other youtuber and Kian, JC, and Ricky are watching you guys and you guys get really close and Kian gets jealous but then you tell him that he’s the only one that gets to kiss you and it’s really fluffy THANK YOU !!!

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“Owowowow,” you strained as Trevor adjusted your leg on his shoulder.

“I CAN’T SEE PAST YOUR BOOBS,” Trevor yelled from above you.

“We can do it,” you assured him, turning to check your position in the viewfinder.

Ricky snorted from the couch, and pulled out his phone. “(Y/N), stretch your arm out further,” he said, recording you.

You did as Ricky said, pleased to see that you were successful in recreating the yoga pose, but not for long. You began to shake violently under Trevor’s weight.

“I swear, if you even think of dropping me-” Trevor began.

You shook beneath him, your leg slipping, causing you to roll sideways, with Trevor collapsing on top of you. His hands flew out, grasping your hips as you toppled downwards in a fit of laughter.

“Ha ha,” Kian said sarcastically, “You can let go of her now.”

“Okay man,” Trevor laughed, offering you a hand back up.

You hopped back in place, “Okay, last one,” you panted in exhaustion.

JC stared at the computer screen, a smirk spreading across his smug face, “This one.”

“JC!” you groaned, looking at the extremely complicated position he’d chosen out.

“We got this!” Trevor laughed, bouncing up happily on his heels.

Kian glared at the screen, his arms folded over his chest, “I can find you a better one,” he offered grimly.

You sighed and shook your head with a laugh, “We got this,” you said, giving Trevor a big high five.

The pose required one person to lie on their back with their legs in the air as someone else climbed up over their legs, suspended in the air as they would rest their head on the first person’t feet, and their legs held up by them, too.

“Bottom,” called Trevor.

“Thanks for giving me the complicated part,” you grumbled under your breath.

Trevor slid into place, raising his feet up, “Get on me,” he smirked.

You snorted and slapped his foot, “Shut up.”

You hoisted yourself onto Trevor’s feet, and his hands came to your sides as he helped you up. He squeezed your sides causing you to writhe in frustration, “I’m ticklish!” you snapped.

“I know,” he smiled and slid his hands down to help push you up.

Kian glared daggers at Trevor, “Hey pal, wanna get your hands off my girlfriend’s ass?”

“His hands aren’t-” you started. “Never mind,” you corrected yourself.

JC tilted his head to get a better angle, “We should do this challenge together, (Y/N),” he grinned.

Kian gave JC a shove with a roll of his eyes.

“Sorry,” Trevor yawned lazily, fixing you into the right spot over him.

“Bit more,” you said.

You arched your back, Trevor taking your feet in his hands, his eyes blinking up at you.

“Have we done it!?” you exclaimed.

“Wooo,” Ricky hollered, “You bet!”

“Really? I think we should stay like this a second longer to make sure we’re doing it right,” Trevor teased.

“Let me down now,” you giggled.

“Oookay,” Trevor said, letting you fall from the air suddenly.

You yelped out, crumpling onto Trevor’s chest in a heap.

His hands shot up, catching you at the last second and holding you to his front.

“Jerk” you laughed and nudged him with your foot.

Trevor rolled across the floor so that he had you pinned beneath him.

“Please like this video,” you gasped for air, “And subscribe if you want Trevor to GET OFF ME!” you writhed.

“Okay, video over, good job,” Kian said, shutting off the camera.

“Buzzkill,” Trevor raised his eyebrow’s at Kian.

“How bout’ you let me go?” you panted.

“But tickling you is more fun,” Trevor complained, his hands pinching your sides.

You burst out into uncontrollable giggles, your head turning this way and that as you begged Trevor to let you go.

Without warning the pressure on your belly was gone, and you sat bolt upright in confusion. Trevor lay sprawled on the floor, and Kian stood above you, his hand extended.

“My hero,” you smiled and accepted his hand.

Kian smiled weakly, pulling you up from the ground and into his chest. You knocked his front, your head sliding over his shoulder, his own two arms slinking around your waist.

“Mm,” you cooed into his chest, startled by the affection.

JC whispered something at Ricky, who laughed and nodded.

“What?” Kian snapped at them.

“Is someone a bit of a jealous boyfriend?” JC challenged him.

Kian grimaced, releasing you and spinning towards JC, his nostrils flared.

“Come at me,” JC laughed, standing.

Kian made a move to shove JC, but you grabbed his wrist before he could.

“Kian, calm down,” you hissed.

Kian brought his brown eyes back down to yours, his body relaxing a bit. He sighed and shook his head sadly, before simply walking right out the room.

You pouted at a pleased looking JC, “Thanks alot.”

You followed Kian into his bedroom, where he sat perched on the edge of his bed.

“Hey,” you tried.

Kian ran his long fingers through his dark hair, his smile forced, “Hey.”

You sighed and gently shut the door behind you, sinking onto the floor on your knees before Kian.

He kept his eyes glued to his lap, so you bent forward and pecked his rosy lips gingerly to get his attention.

“Talk to me,” you whispered softly, placing a hand in his lap.

Kian’s lips twitched as he entwined his fingers in yours, his gaze holding yours.

“Don’t think badly of me,” he spoke nervously.

“Never would think of it,” you smiled and squeezed Kian’s hand lightly.

“I’m..I don’t know,” he paused, “I don’t like seeing you so close to other guys.”

You raised an eyebrow with a small laugh, “Really?”

Kian blushed furiously, “I don’t want to be the jealous boyfriend.”

“Are you?” you asked.

Kian coughed nervously, shrugging, “Yeah, I am.”

“Kian,” you giggled, pulling him close to your face, “Look at me.”

His eyes sad, he opened his mouth, but you cut him off.

“Babe,” you smiled, “it’s okay to be jealous. But you have to know that I will never think of anyone the way I think of you. You, Kian Lawley, are mine, and only mine.”

Kian’s cheeks warmed under your cold fingertips.

“These lips,” you said, tracing your fingers gently around his mouth, “Mine.”

“Those eyes,” you smiled warmly, “Mine.”

“Every little thing about you, the good, and the bad, are mine,” you breathed.

Kian’s familiar smile crept up on his lips, “I’m the luckiest guy in the whole wide world, so I guess I’m just scared someone else will see what I see in you.”

You shook your head with a laugh, “Doesn’t matter, that won’t change the fact that I only want to be with you.”

Kian chuckled, swinging his head down and back up, his eyes glowing again.

“Wanna show me I’m yours?” he smirked cheekily.

“There’s my boyfriend,” you grinned, bending into his lips. You lifted yourself from your crouched position, Kian’s arms coming around your waist and pulling you up gently into his lap. You wrapped your legs around Kian’s waist, perched in his lap as your lips collided. You slid your arm’s around his neck, smiling into the feeling of his lips on yours, your fingers weaving through Kian’s hair. Kian pressed himself into you, his lips curving happily as they brushed against yours.

You pulled back, your eyes closed, but smiling wide.

Before you could open your eyes, Kian’s hands came to the small of your back, forcing you to bend back into him. He dropped a kiss on your lips, nose, forehead, and any skin he could reach. Your skin grew bright from the warmth of his lips all over your face. You opened your eyes, meeting Kian’s round and unblinking one’s. 

“I liked that,” you said, your eyes flickering across Kian’s face.

Kian did his adorable little lip bite that melted your heart into a puddle. 

“Then why stop?” he murmured.

Title: I Trust You

@harleysandbats requested: Hey, I’m so shy about doing this off anon but I have a request. :D Could you write a Negan story where the reader is new to the Sanctuary after being rescued by Simon and a few other Saviors from a dangerous group. She is shy and quiet around everyone at first except Negan, & they quickly develop a close relationship where he looks out for her. When he asks her to be a wife, she tells him that she is scared bc she’s never had sex. Fluffy smut pls, & could you use my name? It’s Mary. :3 Thanks!!

Character(s): Negan and Mary (original female character)
Summary: Negan asks Mary an important question that will change her entire life.
Word Count: 5,836
Warning: Fluff, smut!!!
Author’s Note: This idea is great, so thank you @harleysandbats for requesting it! I had such a fun time writing it and I love the idea that the OFC is only comfortable around Negan, which is great and completely different! I hope you enjoy this! ;-) I also hope this makes you feel better, dude!!! Fingers crossed that things start looking up for you!

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123 || @multireality || @ashzombie13 || @constellationsolo || @isayweallgetdrunk || @fyeahashley88 || @sweetsweetpeach || @heartfulloffandoms || @myheart4ever47 || @asshatry || @laymetorest77 || @jenniegs || @hawtdiggitynegan || @magikat409

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 861
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai are friends with benefits.
*not my gif
note : this one is a little different than ones i’ve written before , i may also have gotten carried away a little. 😅
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Y/N had just gotten back from classes at her college, dropped off her bag downstairs and heard noise from her bedroom. Quickly and quietly she walked up the stairs to see what who was the intruder , though she already had a pretty good guess. She took a few steps taking a peek into her bedroom , exhaling in relief.
“What do you think you are doing ?” asked Y/N , her hands crossed on her chest leaning on the door frame. No matter how hard she tried , there was no way to hide the playful spark in her voice. Kai was going through her underwear drawer , pulling out bras and panties , checking them out and tossing some of them onto her bed. He turned towards her with a smug smirk on his face holding on a pair of  red panties in front of her.
“I like those. Why haven’t you ever worn them ?”
Y/N sighed taking the panties from his hand , gathering all the stuff from her bed and returning them back in the drawer. Kai was like that - he liked touching things , mostly her and she was not complaining.
“You look fantastic by the way. Love those ripped short shorts …and that tight almost see through white top…” he took a step towards her. “And that black and white plaid shirt tied on your waist. Nice.”
“It’s hot outside.” she said smiling innocently. “And you are avoiding my question…”
“Because your outfit is distracting.” said Kai snaking his hands around her waist. “You are distracting.”
Y/N pushed his hands off her trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach when his fingers touched her bare skin. Their arrangement had been sex only , no feelings except there was a problem now. She had feelings for him and if he found out , what they had was going to end. It had been Kai’s only condition - no feelings or they are done.
“Waiting for you , of course.” said Kai taking a step towards her , as she took one back away from him biting her lower lip. Kai’s smirk never left his face until her back hit the wall. “You weren’t answering your phone. Were you trying to avoid me ?”
“Me ? Avoiding you and your hot hybrid sex ? Never.” she said , her hand palming him through his jeans. Kai snaked his hands around her waist , picking out her phone from her back pocket while pushing her body closer towards his. Y/N’s hands snaked around his neck , her eyes locked on his. “Battery died.”
Kai glanced at her phone , finding out her battery really had died. He couldn’t explain to himself why the thought of her ignoring him angered him almost as much as the thought of Y/N being with someone else besides him. Kai tossed her phone onto the comfy chair a few meters away and gave her a devilish smirk before scooping her up and smashing her body against the wall while his lips were hungrily attacking hers. He tugged on her lower lip for a second before pushing up his crotch at hers.
“MMm Kai.. someone’s eager today.” she said smiling. “Door ?”
He snapped his fingers closing and locking the door with magic before his lips touched hers again. Something about the kiss was different. It was way more demanding than usual and she liked that. His crotch grinded against hers as his lips kissed her jawline driving her crazy. Everywhere he touched her it felt like flames licking up her skin.
“I want you.” said Kai in a low seductive voice , his forehead resting against hers for a short moment before their lips collided again. “You are never going out of town for more than a day again. Not without me.”
Kai’s hands roamed her body before he tossed her on to the bed in vampire speed. Tearing off her shirt before leaning in to kiss her again. His hands pinned hers over her head. Y/N had missed him , his lips , his touch , his voice - everything.  It had been a short unplanned trip and they hadn’t had the chance to do anything before she left and now Kai’s touch felt even more magnified now.
“A week. A whole week without you.” whispered Kai to her. “That was the biggest torture I’ve had to endure.”

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Title: Hard and Wet

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Taking my hand and smearing it across the mirror, I wiped away the condensation that the shower had caused.

It was a long, slow shower… but hot as well. Hot water; I never realized how much I missed taking hot showers to soothe my sore body until I arrived at this place called The Sanctuary.

I was holed up in an abandoned hospital, searching for some much need medication. I had found what I needed for my ailments, but I was captured and my medication was claimed by the Saviors.

Most of them were pricks, but one stood out, making sure that I was comfortable until we needed to move; his name was Simon.

A few days later, the leader, named Negan, approached me, asking all sorts of questions. I was then given a choice; work for points, or become his wife.

I knew from the very start that I would never make enough points to get my medication, food and clothing all together, so I chose to be his wife.

Negan was a very handsome man and that most certainly didn’t hurt one bit.

He treated me well, almost like porcelain. I got my medication, clothes, room and board and he was very gentle with me. We hadn’t slept together though.

I often wondered if it was because he would be afraid to hurt me or if I wasn’t appealing in some way.

I ran my hands through my freshly colored and cut hair; the pampering making me feel just a little bit normal.

“Now if that isn’t a sight to fuckin’ behold!” Negan said, leaning against the bathroom jam.

I jumped, my eyes widening when I saw that his face was clean shaven.

“What did you do?!” I asked, covering my mouth.

He ran a hand over his smooth cheek, “It was time to shave that shit, Sweetheart,”

I loved the clean shaven look and if I were to be honest, I wondered what it’d feel like between my legs.

“Now, is that any way to greet your husband, Dear Wife?”

I could feel my face heat up, as my arousal skyrocketed. Holding my towel to me, I padded over to Negan, tilting my neck back to look up at him.

Jesus, he was tall!

His eyes were heavy lidded as he grinned, smirking down at me.

I ran my hands up his chest, the soft cotton of his white t shirt straining slightly across his pecs.

He bent down, his lips coming into contact with mine.

At the first touch of his bare lips, I moaned, the sound reverberating through me.

My fingers thread through the curls that were at the nape of his neck; my newly manicured nails scratching his scalp lightly.

I could feel Negan’s hands on my waist, gently squeezing my hips.

I dipped my tongue between his lips, curling the tip to taste his lips before pulling back.

“I won’t break,” I panted.

Negan licked his lips, staring into my eyes. He hooked his fingers into my towel, unwrapping me like I was a present.

Thankfully I had enough mind to shave and exfoliate every bit of my body, making me feel clean and untouched.

He whistled, biting his bottom lip as his eyes ran down my body, “If I knew this was hiding underneath all those clothes, I’d been here sooner, Sweetheart!”

I blushed, my own eyes ending up staring at the bulge in his jeans.

I squeezed my legs together in anticipation.

“Help your husband undress, Darlin’?” he asked, his voice husky.

Walking backwards towards the bed, Negan sat down, making it to where I wouldn’t have to reach so high.

I helped him remove his shirt, while he toed off his shoes.

The smattering of hair on his chest got darker the lower it went, his happy trail peeking out from his pants.

Negan patted his lap, taking my hand and pulling me closer to him.

As I straddled him, he eyed my breasts hungrily, licking his lips while I situated myself.

My core was opened to him and I desperately needed some friction.

He seemed hesitant, but I reassured him.

“I’m good… I swear.”

Negan winked, running his hands up my back slowly, then dragging his hands downwards, letting his fingertips gently tickling my skin.

I closed my eyes, putting my head back at the soothing massage.

He repeated the motion again, pulling my torso closer to him as he ran his nose over my hardened nipple.

My eyes shot open, my hand cradling his head as he did it again, all while staring up at me.

I gulped, my breaths becoming quicker.

One hand rested on the small of my back, while the other moved slowly over my hip to my front.

“Let’s see just how fuckin’ wet you are, huh?” he said, lowly.

I bit my lip, whimpering as I felt his fingertips move over my lower lips.

“Goddamn, baby,” Negan cursed, my juices coating his fingers easily.

Closing his eyes as he continued to run his fingers over my clit,all while taking my nipple between his lips and sucking gently.

“Holy shit,” I moaned.

I rolled my hips on his hand, his middle finger dipping knuckle deep into my entrance.

I gasped loudly, rolling my hips again.

I could feel Negan grunt against my breast, then he released my nipple, just to flick his tongue over it.

Dragging his middle finger from my core, he applied a tiny bit of pressure to my clit, making me cry out.

I gripped his shoulders as my body spasmed from the electric jolts of his nimble fingers.

“Please Negan,” I whined.

He smirked up at me, holding my waist and laying me out on the mattress.

Bending my knees, I placed my feet on the bed, opening myself up wide to him.

He watched, undoing his pants, as I ran my hand down to my mound. My middle finger slipped between my lower lips, the tip playing with my entrance.

I moaned, staring at him. I palmed a breast, gently squeezing it and pinching my nipple.

“Fuckin, Christ Darlin’!” Negan panted, stroking himself with tight twists of his wrist.

Him pleasuring himself was such a damn turn on.

He stepped closer, holding his length while he removed my hand from me. Negan brought my finger up to his mouth, sucking the digit and rolling his tongue around it.

I could’ve came right then and there when I felt the head of his hardness slip into my folds.

Once the helmet was at my entrance, he gently rocked his hips, teasing me with the tip.

I groaned in frustration.

Negan laughed, my finger falling from his mouth with a sharp suck, “So fuckin’ impatient, Sweetheart,”

I breathed and glared, “It’s not nice to tease.”

Rolling his lips, he planted his hand firmly next to my hips and slowly slid all the way into me.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head at the full feeling of him.

Just as slow, he pulled his hips back and sank back in.

Sweat broke out on his brow, pure concentration of trying not to come etched on his handsome face.

Propping my torso up on my hands, I watched as his hardness disappeared into me.

“Harder,” I begged.

“Don’t want to fuckin’ hurt you,”

I honestly didn’t mind slow love making, but I wanted to be owned by this gorgeous man.

“I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t walk a straight line for days,” I growled.

Something changed in his eyes. He seemed to snap out of what ever trance he was in.

Taking my thighs in his hands, he squeezed them roughly, yanking my bottom closer to the edge on the bed.

His length slipped from me, nestling between my lower lips as he became more dominant.

“I’ll fuck you good and hard, Darlin’. You just hang on for the ride,”

I smiled, giddy at the fact that I was about to be owned.

Negan rocked his hips, the underside of his cock rubbing my clit. Slowly he cupped my cheek, running his hand down to my neck where he gripped me firmly.

I moaned, closing my eyes.

“Open those eyes, Darlin’.” he said, gruffly.

With him back at my entrance, he pinned me down to the bed, keeping his hold on my throat.

I cried out at the first hard stroke of him, “Harder,”

Negan pulled his hips back, slamming back into me so hard that my breasts bounced.

I squeezed my inner muscles, feeling every inch and every vein in his throbbing member.

“That’s it Baby. You keep doing that while I own this pussy,” Negan panted.

Over and over again, Negan slammed into me, rolling his hips against mine as soon as he was balls deep.

“Faster Negan, please,”

“So fuckin’ demanding,” he was close to coming, “but I can’t deny my beautiful as hell wife,”

Negan’s hips went wild, his heavy sac slapping against my bottom with every thrust.

“Yes, yes!” I could feel myself begin to uncoil.

Taking both my wrists, he pinned them to the bed, his breathing out of control while his thrusts became sloppy.

“Come on baby, let me feel that pussy come all over me,”

I screamed, my body going taut at the extreme orgasm.

Holding my hips, Negan rode out my orgasm, rubbing my sensitive clit to get me to come again.

“One more, baby. I know you got another in there,” he was concentrating so hard to last one more go.

Lifting a leg, he turned my hips onto my side, pinning my legs to the bed.

What made me come ever harder, is when Negan spanked the hell out of my ass.

“That’s it, Sweetheart, just like that,” he groaned, feeling my inner muscles contract at my final orgasm.

“Fuck!” I cried out, gripping the sheet.

Negan buried himself balls deep one last time, grunting loudly as he came deep inside of me.

He bent at the waist, resting his sweaty head on the side of my breast.

We both breathed heavily, our bodies hot, damp, and sated.

“You are somethin’ else Sweetheart,” Negan smiled.

“You have no idea,” I told him, my hand resting on his shoulder.

Rising up, we both hissed as he pulled from my tender core.

Negan took my hands, helping me stand as he brought me closer to his body, his hands resting on my ass.

He kissed me slowly, taking his time exploring my mouth.

“Sore?” he asked, against my lips.

“Deliciously so,”

Negan chuckled, helping me get into bed.

I was surprised when he got in with me.

“Don’t be so shocked, Sweetheart. You think I’m done with you?”

I could feel my core begin to ache all over again, “I certainly hope not,”

“Fuckin’ wild cat is what you are,” he growled, kissing me hard, “Now get some rest. You’re goin’ to need it.”

Let’s just say that by the time Negan and I were through, I was rode hard and put away wet.


I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 12

Summary: 😘

Warning: More fucking cursing! And genitals! 💘


“The man was rude, crude, and inappropriate. I was taken with him the moment I walked in the door, and I knew the first moment I saw him that it was going to be raw, it was going to be ugly, and that I was going to enjoy every damn minute of it.” - C.M. Stunich


Negan ran his hand to the back of your head, gripping your hair tightly, while your hands wandered up to his chest.
You could feel his muscles underneath his plain T-shirt.
It suddenly started to get hot in the room and you could feel your blood rushing through your body.
Negan kissed you harder and bit at your lips - your body was sore and aching - but at this point you did care.
It had been too long since your last encounter with Negan and you were starved for more and you needed to feel him inside your more than ever.

You pulled away, looking up at him and you could see the hunger in his eyes.
“God.. Fuck this. Fuck the stitches. I wanna do this.” You growled sexily.

He smirked back at you, “Goddamn that’s what I like to fuckin’ hear, babydoll.”

He yanked you back to him, his hand still gripping your hair. He crashed into your lips with his once more and pushed you back onto the bed, biting at your lips and running his mouth along your jawline until he got to your neck, your winced as his teeth grazed over the already bruised flesh, but it also felt good because he was doing it.

“I don’t want you to go easy on me.” You whispered to him as he licked and bit at the flesh of your neck.

He leaned up with his eyes level to yours and gave you a coy smile, “Darlin’ ‘easy’ isn’t in my fuckin’ nature.”

He got up off the bed and stood in front of you, unbuckling his belt, “Besides darlin’, you’ve been so fuckin’ bad lately and I think it’s time you received another punishment.”

A wave of fear and excitement rushed through you.
You didn’t understand how this man could scare you so badly when he talked about punishment, but excite when he did.
You knew what he was going to do and you bit your lip trying to hold back a smile. You still loved pushing his buttons whenever you could, to see him become so dominant and demanding.

“Now, why don’t you get the fuck up - bend over - and stick that pretty ass up for me, darlin’.” He growled.

You didn’t move though, you wanted to see him get frustrated.
Negan knew that he’d never be able to break you.
He liked the fact that you were relentless in your disobedience, if anyone else had went against him as much as you did, they’d get Lucille through the skull faster than they could kneel.
But not you, maybe it was partly because you were a wife, but it was mainly because Negan was secretly proud to have a wife that was just as brutal as he was, that didn’t take any shit. But of course, he’d still punish you with his belt if he felt like you needed a lesson.
And It turned him on to no end.

You could see the outline of his erection through his pants, and you bit your lip again absent-mindedly as you stared at it.

“Goddamn, you never know how to fuckin’ listen to me, do you?” He said in an intimidating tone and grabbed you by the arm, pulling you up off the bed and pushing you down onto your face in the pillows.

You smirked and adjusted yourself onto your hands and knees so that your backside was sticking up into the air into a position that you knew would tease him.

You could hear him grunt in a sexy tone, “Goddamn darlin’ I could look at that fuckin’ ass all night.” He walked up behind you and gave you a hard slap on your ass with his hand.

You giggled and grabbed onto the red sheets of the bed, getting ready for whatever he was going to do next.
“Alright darlin’, let’s try to make this quick before I rip those fuckin’ jeans off and fuck you right here.”

He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you head up, making your back curve.
He brought the belt back and brought it down as it landed with the SMACK sound. You grunted and bit your lip as the familiar pain came back to you.

“One.” You began counting.

“Good fuckin’ girl, you remembered to count.” He praised you, but didn’t loosen his grip on your hair as he smacked you again.

You let out a yelp, “Two.”

Negan let out a very sexy “Mmmm” sound as you writhed beneath his grip and he smacked your backside with the belt again and harder this time.
You let out a moan, sticking your ass out even further to him, you were already soaked.

“Goddamn babydoll, you must want daddy’s dick pretty fuckin’ bad.” He grunted, smacking you again.
You weren’t even counting anymore and he didn’t care.
He was getting to much pleasure out of watching you get off to his dominance.

He leaned down and his beard brushed against your ear as he whispered, “Probably as bad as I want that pussy, huh, darlin’? ”

You moaned again at the sound of his voice, you couldn’t take it anymore.
“Please, Negan.” You begged.

“Please what, babydoll?” He chuckled, smacking your ass with the belt again.

You bit down on your lip extra hard this time, “Please.”

“Please fuckin’ what?” He ordered, giving you yet another smack.

“Please, fuck me!” You called out, digging your nails into the bed.

Negan stood back, biting his lip and threw the belt to the floor and ripped his T-shirt off.
He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you off the bed, pushing you against the wall, making the picture frames on the wall vibrate.

“And fuck you, I fuckin’ will, darlin’.” He growled and grabbed both sides of your face and kissed you hard, his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth and he pulled back, “But first, you’re gonna fuckin’ do something for me.”

He then pushed you down onto his knees and you could see the bulge in his pants up close, he was incredibly hard.

“I’m gonna slide my fuckin’ dick down your throat, babydoll. And you’re gonna fuckin’ thank me for it.” He gave you a seductive smile and unbuttoned his pants and let his hard cock spring out.

He grabbed ahold of your hair and guided your mouth towards his throbbing member and you took it eagerly into your mouth.
Negan let out a small groan as you wrapped your lips around him and he pushed your mouth down even further onto his cock, until it hit the back if your throat.
He began to move himself in and out; fucking your mouth.
And all you could could do was was let out soft groans at each stroke he made.
You looked up to him, with his eyes burning into yours.

“Keep fuckin’ staring up at me like that, darlin’ and you’re gonna really be fuckin’ in for it.” He grunted with each thrust, but you eyes remained glued to his.
He thrust slowly into your mouth once more.

“Shit.” He growled, pulling himself out.

He pulled you up off of the ground, and pushed you back against the wall.
He ripped into your shirt, exposing your breasts to him.
He bit into his lip before grabbing onto them firmly and taking his turn running his tongue along your nipples.
You moaned and wrapped a leg around his waist as he continued to suck and bite at your breasts.
He ran his hands down your body, until he got to your pants.
He unbuttoned them and ran his tongue down your body as he got down in front of you, helping you step out of your jeans.
He gripped onto your hips tightly as he bit down hard on one of your thighs, you let out a whimper.
It was becoming unbearable at how much you wanted him, you ran a hand through his soft black hair.
He ran a hand over your thighs, making you part your legs for him and he teased your entrance with a finger.

“Fuck, you’re always so damn soaking wet for me, darlin’.” He growled up at you and he licked his middle finger before slowly sticking it inside you.
You arched your back against the wall as you felt his finger slip in, deep into your core.
You could feel how much wetter you were getting just by him teasing you with his fingers.

“Yeah, fuckin’ moan for me, darlin’.” He chuckled and and worked his finger in and out of you adding a second finger to make your body jump at his touch.
He slowly pressed his tongue into your clit, flicking it slowly and you gripped his hair.
He pulled one of your legs onto his shoulder to get a better grip on your ass as he began running his tongue in circles over your clit, you moaned louder, arching your back even more against the wall.

He gave a hard slap to your ass and you bit your lip.
You could feel him biting at your folds now and whimpered as he did.
He looked up to you licking the wetness off of his lips and smiled seductively.

“You still taste as good as fuckin’ ever, babydoll.” He praised in his deep voice.

He put your leg down and stood up grabbing you by the waist, pulling your legs on his hips, until you were suspended between him and the wall.
He reached down, grabbing his throbbing cock and began to slowly tease your entrance, you bit your lips hard, stifling back a loud moan.

“You fuckin’ want it, darlin’?” He chuckled.

You nodded your head, still biting your down on your lip.
He smirked back at you as he watched you trying to control yourself.

“Then fuckin’ tell me.” He growled sexily into your ear.

“I want it.” You cried out, wrapping your legs tighter around him.

He shot a dangerous look to you and shoved himself into you quickly, you let out a gasp just like last time.
He size was still something you weren’t used to to.

He whispered heavily into your ear, “Goddamn, you’re still so fuckin’ tight for me, baby.” While thrusting into you slowly as he bit down on his lip.

You grabbed ahold of his strong shoulders as he continued to hold you up effortlessly.
He thrust into you harder, making you throw your head back against the wall. Negan ran his tongue up to your neck, biting at the soft skin.
You moaned even louder, digging your nails into his flesh.
He began to theist faster and harder, pushing you up further against the wall each time he did.
You could feel the cool stones against your bare back and ass as he continued, keeping a steady rhythm as he rammed inside of you.
All you could do was moan and dig your nails deeper and deeper into his skin, you were beginning to leave red scratches on his shoulders now.
He grunted heavily again, and grabbed you by the throat, squeezing firmly.

“Say my fuckin’ name.” He growled back to you, still thrusting into you.

You could feel your wetness leaking down his cock at each stroke he took.
It was unreal how fucking good he felt.

“Negan.” You choked out in a moan as he kept a firm grip on your throat.

“You’re such a good fuckin’ little girl when you fuckin’ wanna be, babydoll’.” He whispered into your ear, followed by a groan of pleasure.

He backed up suddenly with you still in his arms as made his way to the bed.
He sat down with you straddling him, his cock still deep inside you - you were both breathing heavily - he placed a hard kiss on your lips once again, scratching you with his beard.

“I want you to fuckin’ ride me.” He said grabbing onto your hips and leaning back onto the bed.

He was looking up at you with a fire in his eyes and you smirked.
You placed your hand onto his chest easing your self up so his cock slide out of you, then lowered yourself back down onto it.

“Fuck.” Negan groaned tightening his grip on your hips.

You let out another moan at how good it felt, then began to buck your hips back and forth slowly as you could feel him deep inside of you.
Negan was gritting his teeth at how good you felt and you took notice and began to pick up your pace and arched your back. He took his hands from your hips and reached up to grab your breasts with his hands, squeezing as you continued to ride him.
Just like last time it was a series of moans and groans from the both of you as you enjoyed every minute of it.

“Negan.. fuck.” You moaned out, digging your nails into his chest.

“Fuck yeah, say my goddamn name.” He moaned, “Fuckin’ scream for daddy.”

You road him even harder, going down onto his cock as deep as you could and you began to let out a loud scream as you could feel your climax getting closer.
Your vision got blurry at the amount of pleasure you were feeling, the sweat was beading onto your brow.

Negan pulled you down to look at him,
“Look at me in the fuckin’ eyes, (Y/N). I wanna fuckin’ see that pretty goddamn cum face.” He growled at you, his teeth still gritted as you kept up your pace.

His words made you begin to lose it, you could feel your orgasm well up from deep inside of you and your furrowed your brows, still looking deep into his eyes.

“Goddamnit,” You cried out as you could feel yourself getting close to the edge, “I’m gonna-” but you couldnt finish your sentence.

“Fuck.” Negan grunted as he began to thrust himself back into you at the same time, keeping your rhythms in sync.
You both moaned out loudly in a tangled mess of arms and legs as you both came at the same time.
You could feel yourself get even wetter as his cock slide in and out of you effortlessly and you could feel the warmth as he emptied himself into you.

He thrusts into you a couple more times as you both rode out your orgasm and finally slowed to a stop.
You laid there on top of him, both of you panting and sweaty.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ,” he said out of breathe, “I believe you’re the fuckin’ best I’ve ever fuckin’ had.”

You smiled back at him, resting your head on his chest.
You could hear his heart beating rapidly and it was like music to your ears.
He moved some hair out of your face and you leaned up pulling yourself up off of him and rolled to the side of the bed.

“Same goes to you.” You said with a smile.

He smirked back proudly, “Fuck yeah, I am.”

He leaned up to the edge of the bed. You were both sweaty and hot.
He stood up and took a long stretch as you admired his toned body in awe.

He turned around to see you staring, “Stare all of you fuckin’, darlin’.” He said with a wink.

“Trust me, I fucking do.” You smiled standing up.

He chuckled and licked his lips looking you up and down, “Yeah, I fuckin’ stare too darlin’, all the goddamn time. That’s why I walk around here hard majority of the damn time.”

You giggled and picked your clothes up off the floor.
He walked over to the bathroom doorway and turned back around to you, “You coming?”

You looked over to him standing there, “Yeah, I am. Do you want me to leave after?”

He rolled his eyes, “Well, I asked you to stay the fuckin’ night. So, what does that tell you, sweetheart?”

You shrugged, “Well, I didn’t know how serious you were.”

“I am a man of my fuckin’ word, darlin’.”

You nodded and headed into the bathroom with him.
You both got into the luke warm water of the shower.
It was weird to be in the shower with him and staying the night.
It was weird, but so comforting at the same time and what you had been waiting for.
You were the happiest you had been since the whole world went to shit.

After you got out of the shower you both laid down in bed.

“You ready for tomorrow?” Negan asked putting his arms behind his head.

“Ready for what?” You asked curiously.

“We’re taking a trip to Alexandria tomorrow to visit your old pal Rick.” He smiled, cutting his eyes over to you.

“Why do you want me to go?”

“Because you know how to fuckin’ handle yourself and to show that you are still alive.” He said, nodding his head.

“Yeah, I will go.” You said with a nervous tone in your voice.

You hadn’t seen any of them since the night of the line up and you didn’t know how they would react to you, especially since you were doing so well and actually happy; while they were all still reeling from the death of Glenn and Abraham, and Daryl being held at the sanctuary.
But no matter what, you were ready.

You both laid there n silence for a while, until you both drifted off to sleep.

Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you.

A/N: This is Part 4A. (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B) A huge shoutout to Ava, my best friend, who is beyond amazing. Thank you for letting me write you, I am truly honored you trusted me to. @chrisevans-imagines I’ve got nothing but love for you, girly ❤️ I had a lot of free time on my hand today sitting in a dentistry.

Chris stood outside your apartment door with his letter for you and a bouquet of your favorite flowers- red roses- in his hand. His clammy fist hovered over the door, unable to knock as he was too nervous. May was coming; he was about to leave to film Infinity War and he was going to be gone for nine months. Nine months. That was a long time for him to not see you, considering how you’d spent time together every day of the last sixty-five days. For two people who claimed they weren’t dating, the two of you did a lot of things couples did. You’d meet for meals and have movie nights, and if it was held at your apartment- your best friend and roommate, Ava, would spend the whole night teasing the both of you. He’d keep you company while you worked at your university’s library, and you’d keep him company while he worked out at his gym. He’d hang out in the restaurant you were working at when you had to do late night shifts or close, so you wouldn’t be alone and he could drive you home. Some days, you’d just call to meet for coffee or ice-cream so you could simply ask the other about their day.

Other than not having the romantic benefits of an actual couple, the two of you were a couple. Those around you didn’t understand why the two of you wouldn’t just have the talk and become an actual couple; Ava, especially. The conversation you had with her last week was still seared in your mind, she’d made some pretty solid points that you consistently tried and failed to argue with.

“As adorable as the both of you are, you are insufferable.” She’d said to you and you’d sighed because you knew she was right. “Honestly, Y/N. He likes you and you like him, so why are you making it more complicated than it has to be? Just grab the man and kiss him already.”

“It’s not that simple, Ava.”

“How is it not that simple?” She pressed with a frown. “Do you not see the way he looks at you? He likes you and he wants to be with you. Trust me and go pursue that relationship, you’re going to be dating Chris Evans! That’s like a dream come true for us fan girls, for you.”

“Exactly,” you argued and she frowned, confused by your comment. “I’m just a fan,” you elaborated before she could ask you to. “What if I’m not with him for the right reasons? What if I’m not good enough for him? I’m just a fan, Ava,” you repeated. “I’m nobody compared to him.”

“Lovely,” she chuckled as she took your hands in hers. “I’ve known you for a while now, and we’ve always said that we know each other better than anyone else knows us so- you need to hear me when I say this.” You sighed because you knew what she was going to say. “You are not just a fan, you are an amazing human being that Chris would be lucky to date. He’s just a guy, okay? And if you’re just a fan of his, then what is he to you? He’s a fan of your work too, but that’s not making him feel less about himself. You are in-love with him, and if you think you’re only in-love with him because he’s Chris Evans- you’re not as smart as I thought.” You sighed again and you heard her sigh too, “he’s still here, isn’t he? He wouldn’t be if he didn’t care for you.”

“Yeah, or maybe he’s here because of my stories.” You countered. “Maybe he’s here to see if I’m like the girl in the story he loves so much.” Her face prompted a point from your irrational thoughts. “So what if I’m not the girl he thought me to be? I can’t lose him, Ava. I’d rather have him in my life as a friend than not have him in my life at all.”

“You’re right,” she nodded and released your hands. “You’re nothing like the girl in the story.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you said nothing. “You’re a thousand times better.” She said and you smiled. “But- if you don’t want to take that risk and be with him then- don’t. It’s your choice and you know I’ll always respect your choices.” You smiled and gave her elbow a grateful squeeze. “Even if it’s dumb,” you heard her murmur under the breath as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“Yeah, I heard that!” You called, biting back your smile.

“Yeah, I meant for you to,” she called back.

A week later, after Ava had a similar but slightly more subtle conversation with Chris while you were in the shower, here he was at your door. Because Ava was right, as always; the two of you liked each other and it was for all the right reasons. It was completely understandable that what brought you together birthed some doubts and insecurities, but surely all of the time you’d spent together had cleared your minds of it.

Chris liked you- loved you even, and he was done being just friends. You were an amazing girl and if he left for nine months without telling you he loved you, and you got swept off your feet by another man- he would be devastated. Just like you were after reading the latest tabloids about him and Scarlett Johansson being a thing. Which was why-

“Chris,” you gasped when you opened the door. He took a step back, as stunned as you; he hadn’t expect you to open the door, nor did you expect him to be standing outside. “What are you doing here?” You asked, slinging the strap of your little purse over your shoulder as you glanced at your phone which had just buzzed in your hand.

“Oh um- I just…” He trailed off, swallowing, unable to say what he wanted to. He was nervous, and he was distracted because you were dressed up like you were going on a date. And you were- with Sam, a boy in your class- but you didn’t mention anything to Chris, which was why he was confused. “Where are you going?”

You didn’t want to tell him you were going on a date because a small part of you still held onto the hope that you had a chance with him. You were afraid- terrified even, that if you told him about Sam, that door would close forever. You thought about lying, until you remembered you read that he was allegedly dating his oldest friend and brilliantly talented co-star, Scarlett Johansson- a woman you could never, ever surpass. So why couldn’t you tell him? After all, what was the harm in telling him, your friend?

“I’m going on a date.” The words felt so heavy coming out of your mouth; the excitement you had when you agreed to coffee with Sam faded the second you saw Chris. “His name is Sam, he’s in my class.” The more you explained, the more Chris’ heart ached. He subtly slipped the letter into his back pocket and lowered the bouquet to his side; he was too late. “Are those…for me?” You quizzed with a raised brow.

“Uh- no,” he shook his head with a forced smile; he had to pretend he was okay because he didn’t want to ruin your date. “These are for Ava, she um- she mentioned the other day that her mom wasn’t doing too well, I think um- I don’t know, so…” He trailed off in a weary tone; he couldn’t even find it in himself to lie properly.

“What?” Your eyes narrowed with deep concern as you mentally questioned why your best friend didn’t mention anything to you. “That’s crazy. She didn’t-” Ava had heard the commotion and walked out from her room; she poked her head over your shoulder and you turned to her, frowning. “Your mom’s sick?” You asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because she’s not,” she answered, frowning.

“Didn’t you say she was um- she hurt her back or something?” Chris quickly spoke up; his eyes begged her to go along with his lie when you looked away from him. “I remember you feeling really down, which is why I brought you these.” He held out the bouquet and Ava took it, even though she knew the flowers were for you. “Anyway, I should go. Um-” he scratched the back of his neck, “I’ve got errands to run.”

“Stay, please,” Ava stopped Chris before he could run away. “I’d like to talk to you about something before you run off. Surely your errands can wait,” she said with a look in her eyes that only she and Chris understood.

Your phone buzzed in your hand again and you knew Sam had arrived and was waiting for you in his car downstairs. “You kids have fun, I gotta go. We’ll call your mom later and send my regards,” you suggested and Ava nodded. “Are you sure about this outfit?” You asked her, one final time before you left.

“Yes,” she smiled at you then looked over your shoulder at Chris, trying not to sigh at his heavy expression. She knew exactly how he felt, she’d had her fair share of seeing someone she loved with someone else. Oddly, she didn’t feel bad about seeing her best friend with her celebrity crush; that was just the kind of selfless person she was and you loved her for it. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, love.” You smiled then patted Chris’ arm as you brushed past him. He opened his mouth to stop you, but stopped himself before he could. He was too late, you looked happy and he couldn’t ruin that for you. “I’ll see the two of you later!”

The second you faded from view, Ava beckoned Chris inside; he walked in with slumped shoulders and heavy steps. She held the bouquet for him to take back then closed the door behind him. He stood in your living room, shuffling his feet as he tried not to kick himself at his bad timing.

“She’s only going on a date because she thinks you’re dating Scarlett Johansson,” Ava told him and his head shot up, a deep frown on his face. “Did you not see the tabloids? It’s everywhere, she was pretty bummed.”

“Why would I date Scarlett?” He frowned. “She’s one of my oldest friends, she’s like a sister to me. We don’t have that kind of a relationship.” Ava nodded in agreement because she’d told you the same thing. “I mean- we tried, but we realized we didn’t feel that way about each other. Wait- so she’s going on a date to spite me?”

“What? No! What is wrong with you?” Ava scolded then chuckled softly at his sheepish look. “She’s going on a date to distract herself from you. She likes you, Chris. If you can’t tell from the way she writes about you, then boy are you dumb. She’s just worried she’s not good enough for you, which is absolutely-”

“Ridiculous,” he finished for her. “Not good enough for me? What the fuck does that even mean? She’s amazing.” A smile formed on his lips as he began talking about you. “She’s so kind and sweet and beautiful and strong and funny and talented and-” he cut himself off, sighing. “And I’m in-love with her.”

“Yes you are,” Ava nodded. “And she’s in-love with you too.” She chuckled when she heard him sigh again, “relax. It’s not too late, she’s not even that interested in Sam. She’s just going because she’s too nice to tell him, ‘sorry, but I’m in-love with someone else.’ Just leave that letter you have in your pocket here and I’ll pass it on to her.”

Chris felt his eyes narrow as he reached into his back pocket, “how do you know that this is for her?” He asked as he pulled out the letter he’d spent days writing and refining; he didn’t know how you got stories out without hours. “Here,” he passed it to Ava, who took it with a light laugh.

“Because I’m a writer, and so far- this entire thing has been like a very adorable and very complicated little mini series.” She commented and he managed a smile. “But luckily for you, Chris, we’re over the hump. Things should be smooth sailing from here on out, as long as the two of you talk. God, if the two of you had just talked like I’d advised- this could’ve all been avoided. That poor boy, Sam wouldn’t lose the most wonderful girl to the perfect guy without explanation.”

“Thanks, Ava,” Chris smiled. “I can see why Y/N loves you so much, you are a good friend to her.”

“I’m her best friend,” Ava corrected with great emphasis and Chris nodded in acknowledgment with pursed lips; the tone Ava used said one thing and one thing only, “don’t fuck with my best friend or I’ll kill you”. Then she repeated it in words so Chris got the point, “which means I will kill you if you hurt her in any way, do you understand?”

“Believe me,” he assured her, “I’d kill me too if I hurt her.”

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Part 4B



Hi, i love your imagines and i was wondering if you have time for a request. Could you write an imagine about Kai falling in love with someone and he is confused with his feelings for her and he gets angry at first but the girl can calm him down and he confesses his love for her? Hope it made a little sense, thank you! :) 

 gif cred - christopherwooddaily 


She could hear him throwing pebbles up against her glass window, but this was the norm by now. The sky had settled into a dusty orange-pink color, free of clouds, a cool breeze rustling the bright green ferns outside. The girl hopped up from her chair, wearing a golden yellow sundress and messy bun atop her head. She skipped over, pulling her blinds open and sticking her head out to see Malachai Parker, nervous smile on his lips as he signals at her with a tilt of his head. He wore a black coat with his usual muddy converse, and the light sent pretty flares across his sculpted facial features.

“Why do you bother knocking, or, throwing pebbles?” she laughs.

“Because I am a gentleman,” his voice comes from behind her as he melts into the air in her room.

She yelps and stumbles back, hitting the wall, hands flying to cover her face, “Kai!!”

“Ah, that gets you every time,” he chortles, lacing his fingers through hers to pull her hands from her face so he can look at her.

She gave a usual pout, “you need to stop that.”

“Only when it stops being funny,” he beams, dimples rising on his cheeks.

She sighs and pulls her window closed, turning to face him, “what?”

“What?” he mimics.

“What’s that look you’re giving me?” she elaborates.

“There is no look,” he lies with a smirk.

“When Kai Parker is up to something, I know it.”

He folds his arms on his chest, “okay, maybe there is something.”

“Tell me,” she commands.

And then his smile fades a little, and he pulls her gently by her wrists, “can we talk first?”

“Oh yeah, of course,” she nods, sinking onto her mattress which is draped in a flowery quilt and overstuffed pillows. She sits beside the heretic, who’s fingers are lightly shaking. Kai has an aroma of dark spice that makes her dizzy, in a good way, but makes it hard to focus on his words.

“Everything okay?” she takes his fingertips in her palms, and his eyes stare at her hands for a good ten seconds before he answers.

“Yes. Sort of. I don’t know?” he stumbles, brows knitting.

She never sees him nervous, so this was something new.

He runs a hand through his brown locks, giving a nervous laugh, “it’s complicated.”

A smile tickles her lips, “oh my god. It’s a girl, isn’t it?”

His big blue eyes go wide, and his cheeks burn red, the signs being enough of an answer, so she doesn’t listen when he tries to deny it.

“Well, I know all about being a romantic, Kai Parker,” she says sarcastically.

“You do?” he responds with worry, not picking up on her joke.

“Yeah, of course! Here, you can ask my boyfriend, he’s right…” she looks around the empty room as if in search of something, “oh wait that’s right, he doesn’t exist!”

Kai lets out a quiet snort, unable to stop his lips from splitting as he laughs.

She smiles at him, bringing her hand to rest on his tattered grey jeans, “so, tell me about her.”

“Uhh,” he toys with the silver rings decorating his slender fingers, averting her eyes all at once.

“Oh come on, wuss,” she teases with a gentle shove. 

“Okay,” he says seriously, eyes flickering up to hers. “She’s sweet, and empathetic, the kindest person ever. And she makes me laugh like nobody else can.” He pauses, chewing at his bottom lip, gaze boring into her, “and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

She sits there, contemplating him, taking in deep and slow breaths.

“But?” she asks at last.

“But I’m scared I’m only going to hurt her.”

“No you won’t, Kai,” she answers.

“I won’t mean to,” his voice drops, “but it’s what I do.”

“Don’t say that,” she warns.

“Why?” he snaps suddenly, eyes going misty like he does when he gets mad.

“Because I can tell you care about her, and you would never hurt someone you love,” she says, placing a hand on his arm to try and calm him.

His jaw pulsates, “and if she doesn’t love me back?”


“You heard me,” he whispers, an edge in his voice, like his every action is determined by her next words.

“If she doesn’t, she would probably want you to know she cares about you, and that it’s not anything you’ve done.”

“So that’s how it is then,” he says, sounding final.


But before she can speak, a blue vase across the room shatters, glass fragments soaring through the air and scattering across the carpet. Kai doesn’t flinch, his eyes closed ad he unintentionally channels his magic.

“I’m sorry,” he tries to compose himself, blue eyes sad as her lamp goes flying off the dresser and crashing to the floor as well.

“It’s okay,” she soothes, “calm down, it’s okay.”

“I can’t,” he shakes his head, a candle on her desk igniting in a huge red flare before extinguishing all at once. A puff of smoke seeps into the air where the embers had been a second ago.

“Shh, look at me.” A hand comes up to cup either side of his face, her fingers spreading across his sculpted cheekbones and soft stubble. “It’s okay, deep breaths.” And so she sits, bent into the heretic, forehead pressed to his as they both take deep waves of oxygen in until his breath steadies, one together. When her eyes blink open, he’s staring at her like she’s the only thing he sees in the world, and he pulls away abruptly.

“Better?” she asks quietly, rubbing her thumb gently against his skin.

He nods faintly, “thanks.” He didn’t tell her of the control she held over him like that, how she was the only one who didn’t flinch away, the only one who could calm him down when he felt the darkness settling in.


“See,” Kai murmurs, “I can’t lose control with her.”

She doesn’t know what answer to give Kai, so she just stares blankly at him, the silence enveloping the two, broken only when Kai shuffles around a bit in his pockets.

“I got her this necklace,” he says, withdrawing a tiny silver hourglass on a chain. It’s filled with little grains of sparkling sand that tumble as he turns it in his palms.

Something registers as she raises a brow, “hourglass?”

“It’s symbolic,” he answers, icy blue eyes flickering across her face, awaiting her reaction.

Her heart hammers loud in her ears as the realization dawns upon her.

Kai whispers to her, never breaking her gaze, “I got it for her the day I realized I was in love with her. I remember because she told me-”

“Every minute of her life with you in it was one worth living,” she finished quietly.

“Yeah,” Kai whispered, his hands visibly trembling.

“Kai,” she begins, but is cut off.

“Just let me say it,” he begs quietly. “Because I haven’t before, and it’s been tearing me up from the inside out for too long I don’t know if it’ll ruin what we have, but all I know is I can’t live another second without you knowing how I feel. You drive me crazy, (Y/N), to the point where I can’t see someone without seeing your face, smell something without breathing in your perfume, hear something without listening to your laugh,” he rambles. “When other people ran from me, you stayed, and hell, you should’ve run as far from me as you could, yet here you are. I’ve felt dead, asleep, gone, for as long as I can remember, but you…you’ve made every minute worth living,” he said. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes boring into her, “and I love you.”

She sat in awe, her lips slightly parted. “Do you remember where we were, when I told you that?” she asked.

Kai brushed his fingertips against hers with a nod, and suddenly they were in the middle of an empty park together, the cozy bed and scent of her dissipating into something new. In reality, they were back in her room, but everything around them, the scent of the pines, the green grass under their feet, felt real. And then it started to rain, rolling black clouds sending buckets of water upon them, soaking their skin and sending a misty haze over the park. Water droplets clung to the heretic’s skin, plastering brown locks to his forehead, sending goosebumps to his flesh, but the girl burned as bright as her yellow dress under that rain, each splash of water sending a jolt through her bloodstream. Kai closed his eyes, reciting his words like from the first time.

“I can make us cover,” he offered, a silver cloud appearing over their heads like a magical umbrella.

“No!” she insisted, reciting her own words. “I love it!”

“Why?” he laughed aloud, a happy rumble emitting from his throat as he wiped at his eyes.

“It’s weird,” she shrugs with a tilt of a head, “or you’d think it is.”

“Try me,” he beams, lighting up the shrouded darkness with that smile.

“The rain and darkness can seem scary, daunting, even. It’s not like sunshine, bright and inviting, something that warms your flesh and makes you smile as you take it in. People love sunshine, not like rain, they hide from rain, when really it poses no threat. I think when it rains, all that water flushes away everything bad from all the days before, and you’re left with a clean slate, a new start again,” she babbles, remembering each word perfectly, droplets catching in her eyelashes.

Kai inhales the dewy smell with a smirk, “you know what, you’re right.”

“I am?” she poses it like a question, just like she had the first time.

“Yeah,” he pulls a piece of her wet hair affectionately back behind her ear, trailing his thumb down her cheekbone.

“And why’s that?” he heart flutters.

“Because I know it isn’t fear or sadness I feel, never with you,” he shrugs. “So it can rain all it wants, but when the time passes and the sun comes up again, you’ll still be there, and that makes it worth living through.”

He takes in a shallow breath, and she smiles, the next words falling easily off her lips, “Well every minute of my life with you in it is worth living, Malachai Parker.”

A silence fell, only filled with pattering raindrops around them, the scene was over. The trees around them swayed with the wind that rolled over with the rain, the ground sparkling from the droplets that shone like tiny diamonds.

“That’s when I knew,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she says quietly.

Kai’s heart does flips in his chest, like he heard wrong, “w-what?”

“I love you, Kai,” she says, a weight lifting off of her, “so much.”

He gives a breathy laugh, lips splitting, blue eyes crinkling like he doesn’t believe her own words.

“There’s just one thing I regret from that day,” she says over the falling rain.

“What did you do?” he asks nervously.

“It’s what I didn’t do.”

And just like that, her lips go crashing against his own, and his arms are around her waist, hers around his neck, fingers in his soft hair, and nothing between them. A swirling downpour splashes over the two, but they are oblivious to the darkness around them as they are lost in each other’s lips, a newfound hunger rising in both of them. Kai nudges softly into her, and she nudges back harder, their mouths at war as all those unspoken words and lost moments go flooding back into that one kiss. The grey sky and cold rain that enveloped them gave no sign on warmth or brightness, but entangled in each other and feeling only the dance of their lips against the other, all their happiness would be enough to light the world and more.

A/N I really hope this was okay! I’d also love to do a part 2, so if this get’s good feedback I’ll probably do that. I love Klaus sooo much.

Y/D/N: Your doppleganger’s name

Y/L/N: Your last name

Summary: Reader gets pulled onto the stage to sing at the Mikaelson ball, and Klaus is surprised to see that she is the doppleganger of his first love.

Warnings: none

Klaus mikaelson

Part 2

You walked into the large home that belonged to the Mikaelson’s, a hesitant look on your face. You had gotten an invitation by someone unknown, yet you had decided to go as all of your friend were too. Also, Elena had begged you and Caroline to go because ‘she can’t handle the Salvatore drama’.

You knew about the supernatural world, but thankfully you had been out of town and had yet to meet the Mikaelson’s. Little did you know, that Elijah had seen you earlier in the week, and immediately recognized you as the doppelgänger of Klaus’s first and only love. He was the one who had sent you the invitation, and had also sent you a beautiful gown to wear.

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Please? Part Ten

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

(A/N; this was originally going to be the end of this story, but a lot of you seem to really like it. Shall I continue into season 3 or keep a season 2 thing?)

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1800 words
  • Warnings: Language

Nights were freezing. Multiple times, you thought you may lose somebody to the cold. Daryl and Rick, they tried to keep everyone safe and warm, tried to find houses you could all sleep in, nice and comfy. Sometimes that just wasn’t possible and you were left sleeping in a car or in the middle of the trees with someone always keeping watch.

Daryl was getting worried about you, everyone was worried about Lori. Week by week, she got bigger and noticeably more pregnant. Rick stepped up his game, making sure Lori came before anyone else, which pissed a few people off, including Daryl and Hershel. Daryl wanted no one before you, but he wasn’t in charge.

Daryl taught you how to use a gun during hunts, though he refused to let you use it unless absolutely necessary.

You were asked to stay behind, take care of Beth, Lori, Hershel, and Carol. Not that you minded, but the few minutes you were always without Daryl were the hardest.


“Can’t stay here.” Daryl murmurs as he looks out the window. Walkers are lining up outside, seemingly knowing there is fresh flesh inside the house. It was the only decent one Rick and T-Dog found.

“Just to rest for a little while.” You walk over to him and run your fingers down his arm. None of you have had a decent shower in a long time, the dirt was starting to become a part of you. “We’re tired. And we have a pregnant woman.”

“Ain’t safe.” Daryl turns around and looks down at you. His hair is sticking up in different places and his face is covered in so much dirt, he hardly looks like himself. “S’pecially with her.”

You rub your forehead and stare out the window, watching each walker carefully. It’s still unclear how much sense they have, but nobody wants to find out. “Babe, we can’t just leave.”

Daryl hesitates at the nickname, it being the first time you have called him anything but his real name. He looks down at you, his cheeks turning a slight shade of red in the spots that were dirt free. “We can too.” With his hands on his hips, he walks around you and goes downstairs, where everyone is sitting down in the living room, huddled together by a small fire Glenn started.

You soon follow, not wanting to be alone. To say things are better is a lie. Daryl may finally have given in to his feelings, but things with the rest of them were not so great. It’s stressful packing up and leaving every time a single walker comes around, stressful to haul around an unborn baby and keep check that everyone was close by. You would be lying to yourself if you say you haven’t thought about leaving with Daryl, leaving the others to care for each other.


“We found a place.” Rick and Daryl pop through the trees. They went hunting an hour ago and left everyone sitting in the middle of the road. “We found a place just down those train tracks. We can gather there for a little while.”

Daryl walks by Rick and stands in front of you. You took your place by his bike, sitting on the ground to guard it. He looks down at you, shielding the sun from his eyes. “Got us a place.” He nods.

“So I hear.” You return his gaze, watching the sweat rolling down his forehead and nose. “Are you sure this isn’t another bust?”

“Hope not.” He thrusts out his hand and motions for you to take it. “We need a break.”

Agreeing, you slip your hand through his and he basically pulls you up without any help from you. He was strong like that, though he was very careful with you. There are times where he can’t control his own strength around you, but he always makes up for it.

Rick and Daryl lead the way, through the trees and walking down the tracks. Soon, a large fence is in your view, with a building just behind it. A prison. With thick fences separating it and the rest of the world, a safe place from walkers.

“Here?” You ask Daryl, picking up your pace to keep beside him. He nods. “Why?”

“Big. Safe. Guarded.” He shrugs his shoulders and runs to keep up with Rick.

It didn’t take long to take over the prison. You ran down with Beth, Maggie, and Glenn to distract the walkers while Rick ran to close the gate, and the others went above on the towers to help Rick out. Working as a team wasn’t so hard anymore, you all know your roles, for the most part.

All these months together, you have learned a thing or two. Who is a good shot, who should never hold a gun, and who was fastest. Your role, however, has still not been determined. It’s like they can’t decide if you ought to hold a gun or a weapon at all.


Night grows quickly. T-Dog starts a fire to keep you warm on the chilly night. Days were warming up, but the nights were still brutal. Daryl takes the first watch, though Rick insisted he would. Daryl thought he needed time with his family.

You stay back, sitting around the campfire with Beth and reminiscing on the good ole times of camping by the lake, in the middle of the woods, on a very crisp autumn evening. Those were the days to live for.

With the little food the group has, you all take turns eating. Rationing is probably the hardest part. Stomachs go hungry, growling for days until it was your turn to eat just a little more than the rest of the group.

“Daryl!” You call, waving him over. He pauses from his patrol and glances over at you, his face straight and his grip tight on his crossbow. “Come eat.”

“Naw.” He shakes his head and goes back to his pacing in front of the fence.

You get to your feet, leaving Beth to talk with Lori. You make your way over to the truck Daryl has perched himself on and wave a hand. “You need to eat some time.”

He looks down at you, his poncho swallowing him whole. He loves that thing, refuses to give it up no matter how long you plead him to. He thinks it’s a game now, having you whine over and over about that stupid thing. You humor him, mostly. Telling him it makes him look childish.

Daryl rolls his shoulders and swings his crossbow over his shoulder, securing it around himself. He holds out his hand and pulls you up beside him, no problem. You ty to help him by hoisting yourself up with your foot on a pipe, but Daryl has you on top of the truck in two quick movements.

“Take a bite, for me?” You hold out the plate made out of leaves. On top of it sits a couple of pieces from the animal they killed earlier that day and a few crackers left over from the last house. It isn’t much, but you’ve learned not to care by now. “Daryl, when’s the last time you’ve had something?”

“The owl.” He squats down to your level, staring at you as he spoke.

“Okay. You had a little nibble of the owl.” You shove the plate in Daryl’s hands and tuck your legs under you, looking over at the flames the fire was now giving off.

He shoves some of the meat in his mouth, smacking his lips as he chews it down. You watch him, how hungry he must be. How hungry you all are. You start to think about all those times you didn’t eat that little bit extra on your plate or let the leftovers spoil before you could eat them.

The thought leaves your mind when you hear an angelic voice in the distance. You look towards the fire again, recognizing Beth’s singing voice. You can barely make out the words, but it sounds nice.

Daryl taps your shoulder and sucks the extra juice off each of his fingers. “I’ll walk ya back.” He jumps off the truck and lands perfectly on his feet, just like a cat. You giggle to yourself, imagining Daryl as a feline. Some of his traits fit.

He grabs your legs and drags you off the truck, setting you down on the ground easily. He slips his arm around you as you two walk over, listening to Beth’s beautiful voice. She hasn’t sung since the farm.

Maggie joins in the closer you get. Glenn wraps his arm around her, running his fingers down her back. You smile at them, how cute they are together.

You and Daryl stop just behind everyone. You rest your head against his shoulder, listening to the tune Beth and Maggie carry, giving you goosebumps along your spine and arms.

This is the right place to stay.


“You’re telling me I have to sleep in a cage?” Beth looks at the cells. Each one needs to be cleaned out, straightened up, each one is entirely too close to each other.

Rick nods his head, looking over his shoulder at the cages. It’s a small area, but you know between all of you, it’ll work out. “Yeah.”

Daryl’s up above, looking down on all of you. He huffs. “I ain’t sleepin’ in no cage.” He hits the railing and walks over to the perch, setting his stuff down. You wonder what that’s about. You suppose the whole sleeping together thing is out the window now.

“Take your pick.” Hershel walks over to one of the cells and sets his things down on the bed, hoping everyone else will follow.

You look up at Daryl again, watching him grab a pillow and throw it on the ground. He’s already fixed up a little pallet for himself.

“Do you want everyone to see you?” You ask, looking around as you reach the second floor. He’s a little in the way for anyone who wants to walk up here.

Daryl’s eyes are closed and his arms crossed over his chest. “Mm-hm.” He grunts.

“Am I sleeping alone now?” You ask gently, watching as Carol and Lori walk into their own cell.

“Figured you’d want yer own.” He mumbles.

“We made a promise. I’m not going to break that now.” You watch his chest slowly rise and fall.

Daryl opens one eye and looks up at you. “We sharin’ a pillow then?”

You giggle. “We share everything else.” You drop to your knees at his side. “I don’t think a pillow will hurt us.”

“Dunno.” Daryl shifts and puts his hands behind his head. “I hog ‘em.”

“That’s nothing new.” You smile and lay down with your head on his chest. You allow yourself to relax for once. This is what you miss, relaxing, not having a care, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Rick calls for the men and Maggie to meet him after a short rest to go over the plan.

Daryl groans and hugs you to him, kissing the top of your head gently. He tells you he’ll be back soon, that he’ll make sure Rick doesn’t keep him all day.

You make a silent promise that you will find a cell the two of you will be living in. You didn’t like the thought of sitting here, on the second floor, where everyone could see you perfectly. He will just have to get over that.

Netflix & Chill

Josh Dun/Reader *SMUT*


My finger was hovering over the “select” button on my remote. Should I really play the next episode? I’d watched half a season of this show just today. I had almost made up my mind, when suddenly my phone went off. Shining up at me was a picture of the world’s most perfect boyfriend. Joshua Dun. He was on tour, and the simple chance to hear his voice was all I needed. “Hello?” I asked, slightly confused. While it was only about eleven here, it was like four in the morning where they were supposed to be touring.
“Hey! I sent you a surprise, and according to my phone it arrived today. Did you ever get it?”
“Not really. I’ve barely been out of the apartment today. I’ll check in the morning though, I’m kinda tired.”
“It’s an awesome surprise for my three months of being gone. Also, what if someone steals it while it’s sitting in the mail room?” he argues.
“Fine,” I said with an over-exaggerated sigh. I unwrapped myself from my cocoon of covers and went to the front door. I flung open the door and found… Josh holding a pizza box. Pizza was better than any flowers.
I didn’t even say anything as I launched myself into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist. One of his hands went to my butt, gripping it gently while the other hand held the pizza. I placed a rough kiss to his lips before showering the rest of his face.
“I thought you weren’t going to be home for another two weeks!” I grinned up at him. Then, I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his scent. His scent was perhaps one of the best ever.
“Something came up. We came back early. Can I come in?”
“Wait. Tyler came back too?” I had no problem with Tyler, but I figured he might have an issue with us. Tyler was my brother, and back in high school, I had been going out with one of his close friends. Needless to say, Tyler found out and it didn’t end well.
“He was tired and decided to head straight home. I’ll ask again, can I come in?”
“Of course,” I told him, trying to get down so I could let him in, but Josh only held me tighter.
“Nope,” Josh smiled, gripping my butt even tighter as he walked inside. He scanned the studio apartment, before heading to my bed. He set the pizza on the coffee table then gently sat down, leaving me wrapped around his waist. “So, Netflix, huh?” he asked me. “What’ve you been watching?”
“Just a show. Wanna watch with me?” I asked him, a grin slipping across my face.
“Sure,” he said, smiling back as he scooted over so I could sit next to him so we’d both see the television. He made up my mind about my previous dilemma, selecting the next episode.
Not even three minutes in, I felt Josh’s hand on my thigh, slowly moving in as he rubbed soft circles, getting closer and closer to the inside of my thighs. Thank god for booty pajama shorts.
“You’re supposed to be watching the show,” I teased him, giving him a very serious look.
“But I see something better,” he smirks at me. With a quick shift of his weight, suddenly, he is leaning over me, leaving me trapped under his arms.
“You did not just say that,” I laugh at his comment.
“It’s been three months since I’ve seen you. Cut me a little slack.”
“Done,” I smile, reaching up to kiss him. Once I had him focused on my lips, I used that moment to roll back over, pinning his hips with my thighs. I smirked down at him, leaning down to meet my lips with his. I felt his tongue play with my lips, begging for entrance while his fingers started to make their way up the edge of my shirt. I granted him entrance to my mouth, and he entered, fighting for dominance. Eventually, I relented.
He easily lifted my tank top over my head flinging it across the room.
“That’s not fair,” I joked, trying to tug off his shirt. Josh helped me, yanking it off and tossing it to join mine. He reached behind me, undoing my bra with ease. “I see you haven’t lost your touch,” I joke. Josh never seemed to have trouble undoing the clasps on my back. He begins to massage and suck my breasts, giving them each the attention they deserve.
This time, he rolls me back onto my back before meeting our lips together in a rough dance. He yanked down my shorts and panties in one swift movement, leaving my to undo his belt and jeans. After a few seconds of fumbling, we’re both left in our underwear, but even that doesn’t last long. I moved my hand towards Josh’s member, but he pushed my hands back up. “No,” he said simply. Josh moves his hand to my core, moving his thumb in circles over my clit as he moves a finger inside of me.
“Fuck,” I moaned. The tension was building inside me, bringing me closer. Josh continued to insert more fingers, building to the climax. He was hitting me in just the right spot, over and over, and I began to reach my climax.
“Fuck. Josh,” I screamed, not caring if any of my neighbors heard us. And then I came undone. This was the best I’d ever felt, I swear to God. Josh slowly pulled away as I finished. “That was amazing,” I told him, a large smile spread across his face. “Now it’s your turn,” a devilish grin spread across my face. I grabbed his arms, rolling and twisting so my thighs were straddled across his hips. I position myself over his solid member, slowly moving. Josh’s hands reached up, harshly grabbing my breasts. I moved myself over his cock.
“Oh, shit,” Josh moaned.
“I know. Josh, I think I’m gonna-” but I was cut off as I felt myself become undone, Josh following shortly after. Once we had both come down from our highs, I rolled off Josh and he pulled me over into his side.
“Damn,” Josh sighed.
“I know,” I laughed, curling closer into him.
“I missed you,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss my lips.
“I missed you too. Do you still have that pizza?” I asked, nodding to the box he had set down earlier.
He leaned forward, grabbing the box. “Sex then pizza. God, I love you.”
“Not as much as I love you,” I smiled, kissing his lips as he handed me the pizza box.


“WHAT THE HECK?!” I heard someone scream. I quickly sat up, pulling myself from the warm embrace of Josh’s arms and pulling the blankets with me. I looked at the foot of the bed to see… Tyler.
I felt Josh stir beside me, then I heard a mumbling voice say, “Shit.”
“What is going on? I tried calling you, (Y/N), but you’re too busy screwing my best friend. And you!” Tyler pointed an accusing finger at Josh, saying, “I trusted you with my little sister, and you can’t control your dick for five minutes to realize that I’m going to kill you!”
I handed Josh my duvet before jumping off the bed, pulling my flat sheet around me and tucking in the corners so it hopefully wouldn’t fall. “Tyler, it’s not like that,” I pleaded with my brother before I tossed Josh his boxers that were lying on the ground.
“Then what is it like?” Tyler yelled at me.
“We’ve been dating for a while,” Josh started from behind me. He stood behind me, gently pulling me into his side.
“How long?” Tyler demanded. He looked perhaps the angriest I’d ever seen him.
“Like over a year,” I whispered, leaning back into Josh.
“You lied to me for over a year?” Tyler was astounded as he began to pace the floor.
“Withholding isn’t lying,” I tried.
“Yeah, well it isn’t being honest either,” he turned to me.
“I’m sorry,” Josh started, “It just happened one night, and when she told me about that one guy in high school I-I didn’t want to lose you as a friend, and then I realized how much I cared about her, and I knew I loved her too much to lose her.” I smiled up at Josh, hugging him closely to him.
“I. I didn’t know you felt like that,” Tyler stopped pacing and stared at us
“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me,” Josh told Tyler, all while staring into my eyes. I carefully raised onto my tiptoes, leaning in to give Josh a gentle kiss.
“Well, um,” Tyler seemed to have just realized we were standing in front of him mostly naked as he began to advert his eyes, “I came to check in on my sister when she didn’t answer her phone. I wanted to take her to breakfast.”
“Oh! I forgot to put it on the charger after you called!” I told Josh.
“Well, I’ll be waiting outside if you guys wanna go to breakfast with me,” Tyler made a hasty exit for the front door of my apartment. Once he had left, it was like a floodgate had released as me and Josh burst out in laughter. Josh gripped me closely, kissing my forehead.
“Let’s get ready for breakfast.”

Please? Part Eleven

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2313 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everything was going great, at least as great as things go nowadays. You are helping Carol settle everyone else in, making sure everyone has a room and sorting out whatever rations you could find. There isn’t much, but you all have hope that there is a kitchen and it’s stocked with food.

You hand a bowl of oranges over to Beth and tell her to eat them. She needs her strength. You’re proud of her. She’s gone several months without trying to end her life again. She talks to you every once in a while, says she wants to be strong for her dad. This life isn’t a life for a little girl her age, but she was trying.

“Eat.” You point a finger at her before walking out of her cell, a little smile on your face. This may be your new home.

There are shouts coming from the other side of the jail. Lori and Carol run to the door to see what’s happening as you try to hold Carl back, who isn’t having it. He runs through your arms and over to the door, unlocking it with his keys just as Rick and Glenn show up, pushing Hershel in the doors.

For a moment, you don’t realize what’s happening at all. Maggie is beside herself, running over and hugging her little sister close to her. Beth is starting to cry as well, panic crossing her face when she sees her father on that bottom bunk.

“He’s bleeding out! Get me some rags!” Carol calls, tending to the man’s legs. You look inside the cell, looking through the mass of people already inside.

Hershel’s leg is missing.

You see nothing but blood and bone. Blood gushing out with most of his leg gone. It looks painful, like somebody took his leg and ripped it from his body, leaving nothing but this nasty stump with bits of flesh dangling off.

Turning your head, you realize Daryl did not run in with everyone else. You hurry over to the bars, looking through them to see him perched on the table, his crossbow aimed right at the opposite door.

“Daryl?” You ask gently, your mind still swarming with the gruesome image.

“Stay back.” Daryl mumbles, his eyes never leaving the doorway.

“What is it?” You slide your arm through the bar to rest it on the cool metal. You tilt your head, watching how concentrated he is. “Walkers?”

“Go git in our bed.” He commands.

He tenses and you glance over at the door to see a rather large man appear. His eyes are wide and his stance is strong, glancing around the room. You get the feeling he doesn’t know too much about the outside world, about the Earth coming to an end.

Another man pops out, then another, and another. They all stop, staring Daryl down, most of them looking scared, all but the first guy. He looks pissed, like somebody just stole his bar of soap.

“That’s far enough, fella’s.” Daryl says loudly, his leg propped up on the stool. “Don’t wanna get shot, do ya?”

The first man snickers and his eyes shift to yours, looking you up and down like a piece of meat. “We don’t want no trouble.” He says, not looking away from you. You feel your stomach tighten.

“Ya got trouble if ya don’t stop lookin’ at her.” Daryl lets his leg down and holds his crossbow higher, aiming it at the first guy’s head.

A few of them laugh and the first guy points to you, his gaze shifting to Daryl, finally. “This your old lady?”

Daryl’s cheeks glow a slight shade of red, as they always do when somebody mentions you being Daryl’s anything. “Be best if you leave the prison.”

“Maybe there’s nothing to go back to.” One of the others spoke up. “Why would you people be in here otherwise?”

“Man, I don’t know about you, but I need to check in with my lady.” Another one sighs.

“Fuck this.” The first guy pulls a gun out of his waistband.

T-Dog rushes around the corner, his gun raised. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

A hand rests on your shoulder. You look up to see Rick standing there, looking through the bars. “Go help them.” He pulls you back a little.

You watch Rick disappear into the next room, voices getting louder as they try to tell the prisoners what was going on.

Not wanting to leave Daryl alone with strangers that were previously locked up in jail, you turn around and walk back over to your group, where Hershel is still bleeding out, but Carol seems to have it under control.

You can’t stand watching this, watching a man you have grown to love suffer. You shake your head, covering your ears, and walk up the steps to the pallet Daryl created for you both. It’s about as far away from them as you can get.


When you see Rick and T-Dog again, they’re bringing in boxes and bags of food. You would be happy, but you see no Daryl and no prisoners. It makes you uncomfortable to think that he may be with them, that they may have taken him to the rest of you can have a little bit of food.

You hear from Lori after Rick leaves that he, Daryl, and T-Dog are going to clean out an extra block for the prisoners. It sounds like a bad idea to you, but you don’t say anything. You want to go with them, mostly to be some help and get out of this place for a minute, even if it is fighting off walkers for several strange men.

You grab one of the guns Daryl keeps in his bag for you and you take one of the bandanas to tie around your head, keeping your hair out of your face.

“Carl, open the door for me.” You walk over, looking down at Carl who is playing with some toy men he found in a house a while back.

“I’m not supposed to.” He looks up, watching you closely.

You shrug a shoulder. “I don’t care. Open it or I’ll shoot it open.” You remember seeing it in movies, though that probably wasn’t possible. This was a prison and they were surely well guarded.

He jumps to his feet and unlocks the door for you, letting you through before he closes it and locks it back. Carl watches as you walk around the corner and follow the voices of the men.

You walk into the room, seeing all of them standing around a table with a few weapons. The prisoners on one side, Daryl, Rick and T-Dog on the other. Daryl is watching them closely, his eyes trained on them like a watchdog.

You must have kicked a pebble because there’s a small thump after you take your next step, almost as if a rock hit the wall. Everyone turns to you and you see the hungry look back on the man’s face. He takes you in, enjoying the view. You feel disgusting.

“Daryl.” Rick nods toward you and walks around the table, trying to push the prisoners away. “Alright, let’s head out.” He tries.

Daryl stands in front of you, blocking their view of you. His jaw locks in his place and his crossbow is slung around his shoulder now, impatiently waiting for a few kills. “The hell?” He growls, taking his hand and placing it on your shoulder. He grips a little hard and walks you backward until your back hits the wall. “I told ya to stay back!”

“And sit around doing nothing?” You narrow your eyes. “Let you walk around out here and get hurt? Daryl, let me help!”

“No!” Daryl snaps, his beady eyes looking down at you in anger. You can’t remember the last time he gave you that look. “You go back, help the others.”

“I’m tired of sitting on my ass!”

“Then don’t! Make yourself useful! Sort the food.”

You close your mouth and watch as his face softens, just a little, as he realizes exactly how that sounded. They all still saw you as a fragile little doll that couldn’t do anything but sit back and watch the action. Maggie went with them to clear out the walkers, but you have to stay behind, tend to the food with Carol and Lori.

You pull away from Daryl, causing him to step back a few feet and look down at you. “Fine. I’ll go count each grain of rice, sort it between all of us. How about I shine your shoes for you with my hair?” You turn your back toward him.


“I’m done being treated like I’m four.” You snap, turning on your heel to watch him. “It never fails. You rarely let me hold a gun, yet Maggie and Carol run around with them all the time.”

Daryl shifts his weight from one foot to the other and bows his head. “I’m scared.” He mutters.

“So am I, Daryl. But that’s exactly why I want to be out there, fighting these things and helping rather than sitting on my ass like some trophy wife.”

He looks up, meeting your gaze. There’s something different about him now, something much softer appearing on his face. “I can’t lose…you.”

“You’re not going to lose me.” You look him in the eyes and place your hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes and accepts it, rubbing his cheek further into your hand. “And if I can’t protect myself, how am I going to stay safe?”

Daryl’s eyes open and he looks down at you. The wheels in his head are turning as you run your thumb across his stubble. It seems to relax him, though his shoulders are still a little tense. “Fine.” He mumbles.


“You’re comin’, but ya do as I say, when I say it. ‘Kay?”

You smile and kiss his cheek. “I knew we could work through this.” You slip by him and walk on, following the voices again.


Daryl keeps an eye on you the whole way, unfortunately so does the mouthy prisoner. It makes your skin crawl to know he watches you as you walk. You try to stay behind him, but Daryl wants you at his side so he can teach you. He shows you how to move quickly and silently.

The prisoners can’t work together as well as your group. They’re messy and hardly remember to hit the brains, not the hearts or the stomach. The mouthy one likes to show off, beat one down by himself every now and then.

They keep you in the middle, with T-Dog keeping an eye on you, too. Daryl asked him just before the trip through the prison, especially if things got bad. T-Dog is always such a sweet man, willing to help keep everyone safe.

“Keep together!” Rick yells a few times.

Daryl will pull you behind him when too many show up, moaning and hissing in the next room, slowly making their way toward the group. You try to think of them as monsters and not as prisoners and officers, though it’s hard when they look at you sometimes.

“You okay?” Daryl whispers, wrapping his arm around you after the last herd. He glances over to see Tiny, the largest one, freaking out. He’s been scratches, or bitten, you aren’t sure. You just know that he can’t live much longer.

You nod and look up at him, kissing his jaw quickly before anyone else saw. “I’m okay…” You answer just as the mouthy prisoner lifts his weapon and slams Tiny in the back of the head with it, causing him to fall to his death, landing with a splat on the floor.

You jump and Daryl wraps his other arm around you, pulling you close so you can’t see the man repeatedly hitting Tiny over the head with his weapon. You hear the metal clashing with the flesh and brains, even a few bones cracking like eggs.

“Hey!” Rick calls, but they keep on moving, shoving the prisoners first.

Daryl sticks even closer to you now, keeping in the back so that he can make sure none of them touch you or look at you again. It’s nice that he’s protective like this, that he’s a wee bit jealous of these men, but you also feel bad. He’s not confident enough to know you will stay with him.

Walkers became easier as the day goes on. You successfully kill one in seconds, running up to them and plunging a knife between their eyes. You’re proud of yourself, conquering a big step in this new life of yours where killing things that used to be human is now a sport, though not exactly a fun one.

“Don’t open those doors just yet.” Rick says loudly.

You’ve entered a laundry room, at least that’s what it seems like. There are a few baskets sitting around with extra jumpsuits and shoes. Nothing that anybody can use, really. You aren’t sure why Rick wants to wait, but he pulls T-Dog and Daryl to the side to talk in hushed voices, leaving you in one corner of the room.

There’s a flashlight lying in the floor. You bend over to pick it up, testing it as you stand back up to see if it works, which it does. You smile and slip it in the waistband of your jeans.

“Wait!” Rick yells, causing everyone’s heads to turn and see the prisoner pulling the doors open.

A thousand walkers come rushing out, all of them hissing and growling and most of them still intact, handcuffs and all.

You pull your axe up, ready to fight, when you see one of the prisoners try to slash Rick’s throat.

Oh Kitten

gif is not mine

Title: Oh Kitten

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 951

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy some good ole Crowley fluff! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3 <3

You finally got a night off from saving people and hunting things!  This night was going to be a night for you to unwind and relax.  When you went to the bar, you didn’t expect to have as many drinks as you did.  You were definitely feeling the effects of the liquor you had ingested.

Sometimes when you got drunk you mirrored your brother Dean.  There were times where you just had a good time and acted as if no one was watching.  The other times you got a little too rowdy.  Tonight, you were thrown out of the bar unexpectedly.

“Do you even know who I am,” you shouted as they threw you out of the bar.  Your words were clearly being slurred, but like Dean, you could still make sense when you talked.  

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Imagine Eric taking your…..

Here is part one and two.

You could not sleep as the encounter with Eric earlier had you worked up. Frustrated you got up from your cot and went to the training room to take out your frustration on one of the punching bags. You imagine Eric’s smug face as you pounded the bag. You hated that your every thought was consume with him.

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“You have me”

(Eric x Reader) 

Requested by: anon. 

‘’Can I request an Eric from Divergent one shot? Where you’ve been together for a while, and even though he’s softened up a bit, he doesn’t show any emotion around you. Until the day you see him cry for the first time. You comfort him, and he lets out all those built up emotions. Thank you so so much! xx’’ 


You walked by, in between all black dressed bodies, who were waiting impatiently for their families. But you couldn’t care less. You were a Dauntless born, and today it was the day when initiate’s families could visit them. You focused on finding Eric, your boyfriend.

Probably no one in all the Dauntless faction would have expected you to be Eric’s girlfriend. What am I saying, no one would have expected Eric to get a girlfriend. He just wasn’t the type of guy who spread love wherever he walked by. He was more into hardcore fighting, weapons and his own interests. Yet, you could see how, he actually wasn’t the monster everyone pictured him. And, even if it seemed incredible, he actually asked you to be his girlfriend. But, of course, it had it’s perks. Not that people in your own faction hated you, they just didn’t like Eric. So you’d be given dirty looks whenever you both’d hold hands. Or actually, show any kind of human affection. And you started to get confused, even worried, when his affection towards you in public got colder.

But all of that was far away from your mind now, inspecting every face of the crowded people around you. You couldn’t seem to find him. Minutes later, you decided to check on his apartment. Maybe we wasn’t out that day, there wasn’t any training.

Once you were in front of the door, you stopped yourself from knocking. Maybe he wanted to be alone for a day. He was probably tired of training teenagers every day, and needed some time to himself. But, at least, you needed to check if he was okay.

You waited for some time after knocking on the door, looking at the floor and balancing on your feet for some minutes. You thought that he might not heard the call, and raised your right hand to knock again. Then, you heard footsteps at the other side. You kept your hand up, breathing slowly, not wanting to miss any more noises. But then, the apartment door opened, revealing a really bad looking Eric.

He looked straight into your eyes, and you took a deep breath to speak. But he just turned and walked away from the door, leaving the entrance, and letting it open in case you wanted to stay. He couldn’t let himself break down in front of you, less at his apartent door.

You walked silently, towards him, and sat at the edge of his bed, next to him. You looked around, and it seemed like he hadn’t even bothered to get dressed when he woke up this morning. You slowly placed you hand on his shoulder, and noticed he was really tense. He was hiding his head on his hands, his arms resting on his knees.

“You know, we don’t have to talk about it.” you started, and continued when he just kept silence. “But, if there’s something that bothers you, I’d like to… help you, some how. You have me.”

He looked at you for a couple of seconds, before a tear escaped his eye. You quickly kneeled in front of him, taking his face in your hands. But he was now closing his eyes, refusing to meet yours. He loved your eyes, and the way thet they warmed his heart in a cold day. He could smile everytime your eyes would connect with his. He could feel like he was looking through an opened window that you left for him to escape this world. And, if he looked at you right now, he’d start let everything out.

“Eric talk to me. Please.” you begged him. Normally, hearing your voice would calm him. It was that lovely melody that calmed him in the most stressful day. But, your voice now desesperate, was now painful to hear. You both stayed for some minutes in silence, his face on your hands, your thumb caressing his cheek, and deleting every tear that dared to fall.

“It hurts.” you whispered “To see you cry.”

Eric finally opened his eyes, scanning your face. He didn’t know what to say. He just pressed his lips against yours, giving you that kind of kiss that you missed. That kind of kiss that tasted like love.

“Can we leave it for tomorrow? We’ll talk about it then.” he spoke for the first time, with a raspy voice. You just nodded and kissed his cheek.

“We’ll talk about it whenever you feel like it. But, at least, let me take you out. Just a couple of hours, to have dinner and clear your mind, okay?” you asked him. He nodded, and gave you another kiss before getting on his feet and putting his black jacket on. Then, he took your hand firmly, and left the apartment together.

You’ll never know - Harry Styles Au imagine

Warnings: Present Day Harry ignore the gif above that’s for the idea,SMUT,unprotected (wrap it up fellas) and oral (m+f)

A/N: I came up with this idea from watching Once Bitten with Jim Carrey and a vine I saw of vampire Harry I recommend listening to the devil within by digital daggers that also helps for the all in out theme. Enjoy x

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t asleep yet, it was currently 3:45 in the morning and I was wide awake unable to shake the feeling that someone was watching me.

I received a text message from my best friend y/b/f/n

Bestie: hey boo wake up we’re going clubbing!

You: are you crazy it’s fucking 3 in the morning?!

Bestie: honey I know but it’s a vampire themed club and it’s new!!

You: alright I wasn’t asleep anyway

Bestie: pick you up in 10!

I know I’m totally insane getting dressed to go clubbing this early in the morning but I didn’t have another choice I mean I couldn’t sleep so I might as well go.

I decided to wear a body hugging black mini dress with silver high heels and my hair in a half ponytail. Y/B/F/N was on time honking for me to acknowledge her I hurried before the neighbours could complain.

“Hey babe” she smiled as I got in “Hey” I said breathless “so exactly what possessed you to want to come out at 3 and want to go clubbing?” I questioned curious “honesty I have no idea I just felt like we had to go” she answered and started the car.

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Playing games
Genre: smut/angst

Kibum had a bad feeling as soon as he walked in the dorm. Jonghyun was sat on the couch with his arms crossed and an exasperated look on his face. Minho peeked his head around the corner at Kibum, “Are you ready for our re-match? I might let you win this time.” he said with a daring but playful tone.

“Yeah I’ll be in there in a minute.” Kibum said without breaking eye contact with Jonghyun. Minho nodded and went back to his room to set up the game.

“You’ll be in there in a minute huh?” Jonghyun said.

“Oh come on Jongy… we’ve been having a gaming battle.” Kibum said with uncertainty in his voice. The way Jonghyun didn’t break his hostile gaze made him uneasy.

“Is it better than hanging out with me? Because it seems that every night I’ve been home from my schedules you’ve been in that damn room with him giggling like a teenage girl.” Jonghyun had never sounded so mad before. Kibum wasn’t sure if the exhaustion Jonghyun was feeling was part of it or if playing games with Minho had actually upset him this much.

“What’s really wrong? Hanging out with Minho wouldn’t make you like this. What is it, Jonghyun?” Kibum sat on the other end of the couch facing Jonghyun.

“You never spend time with me anymore and I feel like we’re drifting apart now. If you didn’t spend so much time with Minho maybe this wouldn’t be happening.”

“So you’re blaming Minho for us being distant? He actually pays attention to me. He texts me and makes time for me. Minho is actually being there for me unlike you have been. You’ve been the one who’s distant. Look at your phone and tell me how many times I tried to call you and how many times you actually called me back! You’re the one who isn’t trying to be close. Minho is!” Kibum raised his voice. He couldn’t help it, it wasn’t Minho’s fault. Minho was just being a good friend.

“Why don’t you just go with Minho then!?” Jonghyun yelled. He got to his feet and so did Kibum.

“Maybe I fucking will! And maybe if you were around more often I wouldn’t have to fuck around with Minho instead anyway!” Kibum screamed at Jonghyun. The anger in him boiled over and he snapped. Jonghyun looked taken aback.

Minho stepped in the living room, “What the hell is going on?” He said.

“Fucking around with Minho now are you?” Jonghyun glared daggers at Minho and Kibum before walking out of the dorm and slamming the door shut far too loudly than necessary.

Kibum sat back on the couch and put his face in his hands, “I said too many things I shouldn’t have said.”

“Yeah that might be true but neither of you were right or wrong. You were both right and wrong in your own ways I guess. He should be there for you more often but when he actually is you need to be there too. I’m not your boyfriend, Jonghyun is. Finishing a game isn’t more important than spending time together.” Minho sat next to Kibum and rubbed his back for a few minutes before going out to find where Jonghyun went off to. Eventually he spotted his car at their favorite bar. He parked next to him and went in to find him and try to sort things out. He spotted him staring into his glass of something dark and strong. Minho sat down next to Jonghyun and looked at him. He saw one glass and three shots on the counter.

“We need to talk while you’re still sober.” Minho said putting his hand over the glass Jonghyun was about to lift to his lips.

“Why? I think I understand what’s going on.” He said, glancing at Minho.

“No you don’t Jonghyun. I’m not fucking him, never kissed him either. I’m kind of hurt you think I’d do that to you. You know that’s below me. I’d never do that to you.” Minho grabbed Jonghyun’s hand.

Jonghyun looked at Minho’s hand holding his own, “I know you wouldn’t. I’m sorry for thinking you actually would. I know I’m not thinking right. I know Kibum and I both said some things we shouldn’t have but I’m still mad at him.”

“Well he’s still mad at you too, Jonghyun. Go show him you love him.” Minho said.

“No. I’m gonna show him he loves me.” Jonghyun got up, grabbed his keys and left the bar to back to the dorm.

Minho watched him leave and took one of the shots still on the counter, “I’m gonna need this if I go home while they’re still at it.” He mumbled to himself before drinking it.

When Jonghyun got back to the dorm Kibum was no longer in the living room. He guessed he was in their room. Jonghyun walked in and didn’t see him anywhere. That was when he noticed the sound of water running.

“So he’s in the shower…” Jonghyun mumbled. That gave him time to change into a pair of Kibum’s sweatpants. They hung loosely on his hips and dragged a little bit on the floor. He sat on the edge of the bed and waited for Kibum. When the water turned off he felt a little bit nervous. It was a few more minutes before the door opened. Kibum saw him and started walking towards the bedroom door, “Kim Kibum.” Jonghyun said firmly.

Kibum stopped with his hand on the doorknob. He closed his eyes for a moment before turning around to face Jonghyun, “What, Kim Jonghyun?” Kibum tried not to look into Jonghyun’s eyes but that wasn’t easy when he got up to stand in front of him.

Jonghyun pulled Kibum against him and started kissing him. Kibum pushed Jonghyun away and looked at him up and down for a moment before their eyes met. Suddenly Kibum wrapped his arms around Jonghyun’s neck and kissing him back roughly. The kiss turned deep and sloppy as they grasped at each other, releasing their frustrations. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and necks. Jonghyun nipped and sucked at a spot just above Kibum’s collar bone. He moaned out when Jonghyun’s teeth grazed and nipped his sensitive skin. Jonghyun tangled his hand in Kibum’s still wet hair and pulled his head back roughly, giving him more access to ravish Kibum’s neck. To Jonghyun nothing was so blissful in that moment than hearing Kibum moan, nails digging into his shoulders and feeling Kibum’s cock growing hard against him. It all felt so good. Kibum shoved Jonghyun backwards making him fall on the bed. Jonghyun watched Kibum strip his clothes off and start touching himself while looking into his eyes.

“Get your ass over here.” Jonghyun demanded. Kibum obeyed and walked to the edge of the bed. Jonghyun pulled him down and laid Kibum down on his stomach. He ran his fingers up and down Kibum’s back and through his hair. He couldn’t help just staring at his body, “You know what to do. Don’t make me tell you.” Jonghyun said. Kibum knew what Jonghyun wanted and got on all fours. Jonghyun was busy taking his pants off. When he got back on the bed he bent over Kibum so he could whisper to him, “Good boy, Kibum.” He left kisses down his spink while his fingers traced his thighs and ass. He reached into the drawer in the nightstand and grabbed a condom and lube. He coated his fingers in lube and one by one inserted them into Kibum preparing him for his dick. Kibum’s arms were shaking with the pleasure of everything and dropped down to his elbows.

“Please fuck me.” Kibum choked out through his moans and whimpers. Jonghyun slid his fingers out and tore open the condom packet. He rolled it over his dick and rubbed some lube on Kibum’s hole. Jonghyun lined himself up and slowly entered him. Kibum cried out in pain and pleasure, digging his fingers into the bedsheets. Jonghyun gave him time to adjust and started moving in and out slowly at first until Kibum moaned for more.

“Faster… fuck Jonghyun please.” He begged. Jonghyun thrust in and out faster and faster. Kibum’s cries turned into moans of pleasure and begs for Jonghyun to go harder, faster. Their moans filled the room. Jonghyun pulled out and flipped Kibum over. He grabbed his belt that was laying on the floor and used it to bind Kibum’s hands to the headboard. Jonghyun kissed Kibum’s stomach and lifted up his hips and thrusted back into him again. Jonghyun kissed him sloppily and wrapped his hand around Kibum’s dick and stroked him softly. Jonghyun quickened his pace and left small kisses on Kibum’s throat and chest. Kibum felt his orgasm building quickly. He couldn’t hold it off anymore.

“Jonghyun! I’m gonna- fuck!” Kibum cried out when Jonghyun moved his hand up and down his cock to increase his pleasure and bring him over the edge. Kibum came on their chests and moaned Jonghyun’s name loudly. Jonghyun thrust into him hard and fast a few more times before his own orgasm washed over him. He rested his forehead on Kibum’s chest and pulled out of him. He tied the condom and threw it away before he undid the belt holding Kibum’s hands against the headboard. Jonghyun dropped down and laid next to Kibum. They laid together for what seemed like an hour before Jonghyun spoke up.

“We need to talk.” Jonghyun said quietly in Kibum’s ear.

“I know. I’m sorry I said I was fucking around with Minho… and I’m sorry for being angry at you for your schedule when you don’t control it.”

“I forgive you and I’m sorry too. I’m sorry for being angry at you for spending time with Minho when all you wanted was just company. I’m also sorry for even considering that you actually were fucking him. I love you.”

Kibum turned to look at Jonghyun, “I love you too.” he whispered and kissed Jonghyun’s lips softly. Jonghyun picked Kibum up and carried him to the shower.

“I know you just showered but at least I’ll be here this time.” Jonghyun kissed Kibum and massaged his shoulders. After their shower they snuggled under their warm blankets together.

A little while later Minho got home and had Jinki and Taemin with him. Minho walked down the hall to Jonghyun and Kibum’s room and cracked open the door to check on them since he heard no sound. He saw the two snuggled up together fast asleep with clothes strewn across the floor. He chuckled quietly and turned off their bedroom light and shut the door.

Hope you all enjoyed :) message me if you have a request.

Fools  Part 1

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Warning: Abuse (from father, even if you have the nicest father in the world just pretend you have a terrible one. And for those who are going through actual abuse. I am dearly sorry fro using it in this story. I hope you find a way out of your hell.) Strong language, Sad, love, possibly some smut (in the future)

How to read the story:

(Y/n) = your name.

(btw I would recommend listening to Namjoon and Jungkook’s version of Fools before reading. On my watt pad page ill post the media and I’ll try and do the same for my Tumblr blog? Yeah, anyway this will be a multi part. Love you guys!)

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Only Mine

Word count: 895

Saving Kai from being killed (6x22)

Hearts. Flowers. Sharp pain in your leg. You looked down and saw a piece of glass, stuck in your thigh. You grabbed it with both hands carefully and took it out as gently as you could. It hurt so much you thought you were gonna pass out. You pressed on the wound, trying to keep it from bleeding too much, but it didn’t really help. You looked around and saw many people dead and covered in blood.

‘Dammit, Kai!’ You said to yourself. You knew Kai was planning something, but what you didn’t know he was planning to kill Jo on her wedding day in the middle of the ceremony. He did. You looked around and saw Alaric with Jo in his arms, her wedding dress covered in blood. You tried to stand up but fell down immediately, the pain in your leg and the blood you were losing making you weak. You cried out in pain as you saw Kai suddenly appearing in front of you.

‘Shit! I’m so sorry!’ Kai said, putting his hands on top of your hands, making a pressure on your wound.

'I'm…fine.’ You said, but you weren’t fine. You had a feeling like you were gonna pass out right in front of Kai.

'I’ll be right back.’ He stood up as he walked towards Alaric. You managed to stand up and sit on one of the chairs that were near you. Suddenly you saw a bunch of gemini coven witches gathering around, chanting. One thing led to another and then you saw something that made your heart burst into million pieces. Kai showed a piece of glass into his neck, collapsing on the floor.

'No!’ You yelled and walked as fast as you could towards Kai’s body laying on the floor. You kneeled down as you shaked his body a few times, hoping he would react, but nothing. You tried his pulse, no heartbeat.

'Dammit! You can’t do this to me, Kai! C'mon!’ You started giving him CPR, your hands covered in blood. You didn’t care about your wound, every particle od your body was focused on Kai. Tears started rolling down your cheeks. 'No, no!’ You kept repeating your actions, hoping he would open his eyes but he didn’t. Suddenly, someone grabbed your hand, making you turn around.

'Stefan, please we have to help him! Please’ you begged, trying to find a way to bring him back.

'I’m sorry.’ That was all he said. He picked you up and made you sit down on one of the chairs, reaching out his wrist to drink his blood. You took it, your thigh healing in a few seconds.

'Thanks, Stefan’ you whispered, your voice cracking, your eyes red and puffy from crying. Everyone left. You were the only that stayed there. You slowly walked over to Kai, kneeling down beside him. You leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on his lips as you started crying even more.

'I love you.’ You whispered and closed your eyes for a second before opening them again. You sat down beside him, thinking of how many different ways this could’ve gone. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. You and Kai were supposed to leave Mystic Falls, leave everything behind you and start over. You wiped away your tears and took a deep breath.  You stood up and walked away from all of this. You were walking around alone, unsure what you should do. You felt helpless, unable to get the sight of Kai killing himself out of your head. After an hour or so, for some reason, you went back. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Kai looking around and Bonnie laying on the floor. Just when you wanted to come closer, you caught a glimpse od Damon.

'No!’ You yelled, making Kai turn around, dodging Damon’s attempt in killing him.

'Stop!’ You said, standing between Kai and Damon. Damon shot a glance towards Kai and then walked towards Bonnie. He gave her some of his blood to heal her and then picking her up as they left you and Kai alone.

'What the hell?’ You said, turning around as you looked at him. How-? I was-? Why did you-?’ You couldn’t even finish your sentence. You were seriously pissed at Kai. 'You scared the crap out of me!’ You hit his shoulder, making him step back a little.

'I thought you were dead! I thought you were… omg!’ You said as tears started rolling down your cheeks again. He hugged you tightly, one arm wrapped around your body, while the other was gently caressing your hair.

'I’m completely fine. I had to do this.’ Kai whispered.

'I hate you Kai!’ You said into his chest, your voice muffled.

'No, you don’t. You know I would never leave you like that.’ He said, cupping your face and looking straight into your eyes.

'Don’t you dare do that again because then I will be the one to kill you.’ You were dead serious, but he just laughed and hugged you again.

'It’s cute when you’re mad.’ He trailed off.

'Don’t mess with me, Parker. I can be a badass too. It’s not just you who can do that, you know.’ You punched him playfully, making him laugh. He kissed you as you slowly walked away from this awful place, hand in hand.

Feed Desire

Summary: Peter has been avoiding Y/N while preparing for the upcoming battle with Thanos. Y/N thinks it’s because he just doesn’t like her, however his reasons run much deeper than she’d ever imagine. A simple miscommunication on Drax’s part now puts Peter in a very awkward position, live with the fear of becoming his father or act on desire.

Warnings: Cursing and mild fluff.

A/N::The first chapter was horrible and I apologize. I haven’t written in a while so I’m a bit rusty. Also I’m still doing this on my phone so I’m sorry if there are mistakes.

Word count::2473

*Part 2*

It had been hours since Drax bluntly put the idea into Y/N’s head that Peter found her repulsive. A few hours of Peter trying to explain himself to Natasha, explaining how his father hopped from planet to planet wooing women and disappearing never to come back. He explained how he watched his mother pine away daily after his father just for him to find out years later that his father was in fact the, as Peter put it, “king of all dick-heads”. He explained in great detail that he had never been with a Terran woman before and how Y/N took his breath away the moment he saw her. How that if the events with his father hadn’t just occurred he’d be chasing her and have no guilt about wooing her and leaving Earth the moment this war was over. Peter had broken hundreds of hearts across the galaxy and never once thought about how it must’ve felt when he’d just up a leave. Yet when he saw Y/N, he knew he wanted her. He wanted her so badly but he swore that his man-whoring days were over so to him the easiest way to not be tempted was to avoid Y/N and not let himself get too close.

Natasha was stunned. She had put it all together that Y/N was haboring unknown feelings for the handsome space outlaw but she honestly never thought that Peter’s distant act was him just trying to protect her friend’s feelings from himself. It was a stupid notion on his part to just avoid her but a part of her wanted to make ‘aw’ sounds and tease the two endlessly about their secret crushes on each other.

“Peter, that’d be really sweet if it wasn’t so stupid.” Nat gave Peter a huge toothy grin after he had rambled on while sitting on the edge of her bed with his head in his hands. “You went about this horribly.” The redhead added unable to stop the chuckle from escaping her lips.

Groaning, Peter knotted his fingers into his redish-brown hair. “I know, trust me I know. It’s been driving me crazy 'cause she’s so damn /nice/.”

“Yeah she is.” Natasha nodded scooting up so she was perched next to Peter on the edge of the bed. “She’s nice, too nice.” Natasha’s smile fell as she let Peter’s words sink into her mind, the longer she thought about the more she understood his reasoning. “Listen, Peter,” she started while placing a gentle hand on the man’s shoulder, “you don’t have to 'woo her’ or chase her. Just, I dunno, be her friend. Y/N is a very passionate person, she is one-hundred percent devoted to her friends. Once you develop any type of friendship or relationship with her, you’re stuck with her for life.” Natasha knew her friend. She knew how Y/N was, how if she let Peter into her heart, that it would crush her the day he told her he would be leaving. Y/N loved so deeply that it worried Natasha anytime a man got close to her, even Steve or Bucky. To Natasha, Y/N was precious and she wanted desperately to protect her. In her mind, Natasha was the mother hen and Y/N and Wanda were her chicks.

Peter glanced up at the redhead who seemed far away in thought. It didn’t take him long to register that these 'Avengers’ were a family, much like he and his fellow 'Guardians’. Apparently they were a close family and Peter knew he had to fix the mess he started and that Drax escalated with his drama. This was a family he definitely didn’t get on the bad side of. Especially with two huge super soldiers lurking about, and not forgetting the God.

“I should go talk to her.” He whispered more to himself, to try and give himself a slight boost of confidence. Mentally he was telling himself that explaining this would be a piece of cake. Hell, he had talked his way out of situations that would’ve gotten him murdered, he could smooth over Drax’s mistake.

“Yeah.” Natasha give him a light shove as he stood up before giving two thumbs up. “Good luck, Star-Prince.”

He cringed at the popular used mock name he had been given. “Star-*Lord*.” He corrected for about the millionth time.

“You’ll graduate to Lord when you patch things up with my friend.” The redhead chuckled before kicking back on her bed.


It took Peter forever but he finally found Y/N in the recreation room, her eyes glued to the gaming screen in front of her. Peter stopped in the doorway and just watched her for a long moment as she played and was clearly very focused on the Pac-Man game in front of her.

Peter had to hand it Stark, he spared no expense when it came to fun factor of his compound. He had been sure he’d never see another classic Pac-Man arcade machine ever again yet here, Stark had not only Pac-Man but Galaga, Super Mario Brothers and many others that Peter always loved playing in his younger days. Their first day on earth, Peter spent the whole night in this room. Listening to music and playing all these wonderful games. He only left because Gamora had to pretty much drag him out by his ear.

He leaned up against the door frame and folded his arms across his chest, a small smile daring to grace his features as he watched Y/N play the game. He took in how her eyes narrowed every time one of the ghosts got close. How her tongue was poking out just a bit in concentration. He even watched as her shoulders tensed each time she moved the joystick or pushed a button on the console.

He was gawking, he knew he was but something about a woman who was so into her arcade games got him hot and bothered. Maybe it was because anytime he spoke of these games other women would look at him crazy. Yet here Y/N was, oblivious to the world around her while being completely sucked into this game that was his absolute favorite.

“Shit.” She cursed under her breath as the ghosts cornered Pac-Man, leaving her no where else to go.

Peter chuckled once the familiar music of Pac-Man losing filled the room. “I hate those damn ghosts.” Peter finally announced his presence causing Y/N to jump and quickly whip her head around towards Peter.

With wide eyes, Y/N shifted nervously and quickly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I didn’t know anyone was here.” She finally spoke up. “I figured everyone would be in bed by now.”

Peter pushed himself off the door frame and deeper into the room. “Most are, I just couldn’t sleep.” He lied. “So you like Pac-Man?” This was a nice ice breaker, or so he thought. Something to strike up a conversation before blurting out his apology on Drax’s behalf.

Y/N’s brow shot up as Peter got closer. He never once tried to speak to her yet now here he was, alone with her trying to get her to talk about video games? “Uh, yeah. I pretty much begged Tony for these.” She answered with a sharp nod of her head before turning back towards the game. “I saw someone beat my high score so I was trying to get my name back up there.”

This caused Peter to give a cocky smirk as he leaned up against the machine beside her, his eyes looking fondly on the high scores list. Number one, P.J.Q. “Yeah, sorry 'bout that. I didn’t know that was your high score.” He spoke with a chuckle.

“You? You’re P.J.Q?” Y/N snapped her eyes over to him in slight disbelief. “I thought Tony reset the scores just to mess with me.” She admitted with a blush.

“Peter Jason Quill, it wouldn’t let me put Star-Lord in so…” Peter felt his body relax when the small smile threatened to appear on her lips. Her eyes still focused on the game.

“You should talk to Tony 'bout that. I’m sure he could find a way to allow Star-Lord in there.”

“Shit, every game in here would have my name on it. It’d be awesome.” A chuckle escaped his lips as he also turned his gaze on the gaming screen, watching with admiration as she skillfully played the game. “Listen, I was actually looking for you,” he started with a soft voice, “about earlier…what Drax said–”

“It’s fine.” She cut him off, her small smile disappearing and her body tensing slightly.

“No it’s not.” Peter shook his head, he obviously threw her off her game because he watched as the blue ghost caught up with Pac-Man, thus ending the game a second time. “Drax is, well, he’s blunt and very outspoken. Especially when he thinks he’s right.”

Y/N sighed, pulling herself away from the game and quickly wandered over towards the couch where Groot laid asleep on a comfy blue throw pillow. “It doesn’t matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

Peter watched with a frown as she carefully scooped up Groot and cradled him carefully in the crook of her arm being very careful not to wake him. “But he was wrong.” Peter stubbornly walked after her as she made for the exit. “I never said I found you repulsive. I don’t know where in the hell he got that from.”

Y/N still felt her stomach twisting up into knots as she tried to scurry away from Peter. She had spent the whole afternoon looking in the mirror and crying. Her self esteem had taken a massive blow and her mind had convinced her that she was in fact repulsive as Drax had said, even though Groot stayed by her side all afternoon speaking his only know words in hopes of trying to cheer her up. “It doesn’t matter. We can just drop it.” She whispered over her shoulder as she made her way towards her room, Peter still hot on her heels. All she wanted to do was hide away and forget today ever happened. Silently she cursed herself for even bringing the subject up. Had she kept her mouth shut everything would’ve been normal and fine. Peter would still be avoiding her, not chasing her down the halls and she’d go back to suffering in silence.

“It matters!” Peter snapped in a hushed tone as not to wake Groot. He reached out and grabbed Y/N by the shoulders and spun her around so she would be facing him. Also in an attempt to keep her from wiggling away he pressed her back against the door to her room, his fingers pressing lightly into her bare shoulders, the thin straps of her tank top rubbing lightly against his palms. “It matters to me because he was wrong. He couldn’t have been more wrong.” Peter’s voice softened and his eyes were pleading. “Just, please let me explain.”

Y/N grunted when she felt the hard, cold wood of the door press into her back. Her breathing even seemed to hitch as Peter’s eyes bore down into hers. Their current position made Y/N realize just how tall Peter actually was and how he easily towered of her. She couldn’t blink or even form words right now but she could hear the sincerity in his voice. This apparently really was him wanting to explain, not Gamora or Nat forcing him to apologize or suffer bodily harm. Taking a deep breath, Y/N finally gave in, nodding her head before glancing down at the still deep sleeping toddler tree in her arms.

“Okay.” She nodded as Peter finally released her arms and took a step back. “Just, come in. I’m gonna go put Groot down on my bed and then we’ll talk.” Turning her back to Peter, Y/N opened her door and stepped inside, flicking on the lights.

Peter stepped in after her, quietly closing the door behind him. Once inside he took a good look around the room, his jaw dropping slightly in awe as he glanced around. On her walls were old movie posters from the 80s. Ghostbusters, Aliens, Breakfast Club, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones and of course, one of his favorites, Star Wars. But not just any Star Wars, Empire. “Holy shit.” He muttered as she stepped out of the living area into a room that was off to the left, clear that was the bedroom.

While he was alone, Peter took this opportunity to snoop. Of course he headed right for the movie collection that took up an entire bookcase next to the flat screen TV. He smiled to himself seeing the movies were arranged genre. He noticed that Y/N held a great fascination for Science Fiction and space themed movies. He also noted there weren’t very many “chick flicks” on this bookcase.

He was about to pull away and go sit himself on her couch when a case on the TV stand caught his attention. “No fucking way.” He breathed out quick grabbed up the case and his green eyes sparkled in excitement.

“What?” Y/N asked as she walked back in the room to see Peter clutching the DVD case. “You like ThunderCats?”

“The real question is, who /*doesn’t*/ like ThunderCats?” Peter asked in excitement. “Shit, I used to watch this show every damn day when I was a kid. I can’t believe you have a box set. Is this, holy hell it is!” Peter beamed flipping the case over to read the back. “This is every episode! Can we watch this?” He asked in a child like manner, his eyes quickly darting over to Y/N who was watching him with an amused grin on her face. Both her hands resting lazily on her hips.

“Everyone here makes fun of me for watching this show.” She chuckled walking over towards Peter and the TV. “It’d be nice to actually watch the show with someone who likes it as much as I do.” She nodded picking up the DVD remote and taking the box set from Peter. Carefully she loaded the first disk into the player before heading over to the couch.

Peter pumped his fist happily and raced for the couch. He ripped off his jacket and laid it over the arm of the couch before flopping himself down. For a moment he felt like a kid again and completely forgot why he was in her room to begin with. He was there to explain, not watch cartoons. Oh well, he thought, this would hopefully make things a little less awkward when he did explain because hopefully they’d be more relaxed around each other and maybe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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The Race Against Time Part 2

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Title: The Race Against Time Part 2

Characters: Pride x Reader, Patton, Sebastian, Percy, LaSalle, Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Mitch

Word Count: 1,923

Warnings: angst, fluff, death of a douche

A/N: This is Part 2 to @flufy07‘s request! I hope you all enjoy! Part 1 in case you need that link! I love you all so much!  <3

Pride stared at the picture of you on his phone.  He found himself missing your smile and your laugh even more.  How did this happen?  Who let this happen?  More importantly, why was this happening?  He couldn’t just sit at his desk waiting for an update, he needed answers.  Gibbs would be here soon and they were no closer to finding a single thing that would help them.

As soon as Pride walked into the forensic scientist’s lab, Sebastian pulled up his results.  He didn’t want to waste any time, knowing you didn’t have much time, if any.  “Okay so the blood from the glass, was in fact [Y/N]’s,” Sebastian informed Pride.  “But the blood spatter on the wall, wasn’t.  I didn’t have much to work with, but I can tell you for a fact, that it is not [Y/N]’s.”

“Well who does it belong to,” Pride asked.

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