and the universe was like lol nope


So I got a mysterious little thing in the mail today and when I flipped it over, it said this:

So I was like OMG REALLY!? VOLTRON FIT IN THE TINY PACKAGE? I was super excited because I wanted my own defender of the universe…And a Shiro. Because lets face it, Shiro is a babe. Anyway, I cracked that shit open so fast.


What’s this?? :O!!

Oooh, right. It’s that awesomely awesome charity Voltron zine I bought. Okay, I guess that’s just as good. Though I was looking forward to having my very own Black Paladin. Lesigh. Anyway, the book is super gorgeous and was money well spent :D


Nope, still no Shiro. ;__; lol


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Rules: Answer the questions & add 20 blogs you wanna know better!

Nickname: Cami or Impy, you choose! Cami is short for Camryn. :)

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'3… I think

Favourite music artist: Man I feel like I answered all of these already lol. I love The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kimya Dawson, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, Noah and the Whale, Violent Femmes, Sublime

Last TV show you watched: Either Ed Edd n Eddy or Steven Universe lol

What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly Ed Edd n Eddy shitpostings and my fanart for the show, since it’s pretty much all I want to draw right now. I also post a lot of shipping art of Edd/Eddy so be warned

Do you have any other blogs: Nope, it’s hard to keep up on this one lol

Why did you choose your URL: IT’S MY MEERKAT SONA. THERE. I SAID IT. (It’s a TLK/furry fandom thing lmao)

Hogwarts House: I always gets sorted into Hufflepuff and I think that’s pretty accurate. However, I come in REALLY close to being a Ravenclaw. I’m pretty much 0% Slytherin lol


Favourite colour: Pink, Purple, Teal… but I like wearing cranberry red, olive green, and black

How many blankets do you sleep with: One comforter and a sheet

Following: I follow 158 people

Followers: I am followed by 260 people, I think

I’m too lazy to look for 20 blogs to tag.. I’m sorry lol

anonymous asked:

All ending in 2

2. is your room messy or clean?

clean atm

12.what size bed do you have?

twin you go to the gym?


32.favorite girl names.

juniper, juno, genesis, beatrice, and like uh Lindsey lol

42. do you take any medications daily?

no I hate swallowing pills

52. what is your dream car?

um bugs are cute but they’re shitty you still watch cartoons?

I watch LazyTown sometimes and steven universe but not a lot

72. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?


82. favorite ice cream flavor?

um mint chocolate chip and vanilla cause anything goes with it

92. have you ever been drunk?


ok so these 2 episodes of su were really intense and I have posts to make later but let me just point this detail out for a sec

I love how they went like ‘look we’re like every cartoon giving non specifically gendered beings these outfits so your binary view can identify traditional gender roles easily’ and then they go ‘lol nope we’re totally gonna take that view and shatter it into pieces bye’ in just a fraction of a scene

Hey guys! This is Whitney, or @falling4westallen!  We are coming up on a 3 WEEK long hiatus and that’s just not okay!! No westallen??? For ¾ of a month?? Nope. Can’t handle it. So to cure our hiatus woes I thought let’s have a hiatus week (actually two weeks but hey whose really counting lol)! And now with the genius of an anon, we have our theme for this event. Parallel Universes!!!

Basically every day there will be a theme that coincides with a different earth. You can participate in this however you would like whether it be fanfics, photo edits, gif edits, art work, headcanons, etc. However you want to express yourself creatively!

The only rules for this Please tag all of your work with #westallenhiatusweek and this blog will reblog it! Plus everyone can track the tag to see all cool things we will make! :)  And please stay positive, and supportive of each other’s work!

Now without further ado… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… THEMES!!!

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