and the two in the third row

Sherlock (TV series) - Is John’s green jacket a present from Sherlock?

At the end of A Scandal In Belgravia John is first seen wearing a new green jacket.

John already had two jackets before this point (the black one and the brown one) and I’m not sure he would have or buy a third one for himself, as he doesn’t seem like the kind of person which owns a lot of things. Hence I thought of a present.

Since Sherlock seems to like clothes and coats, being especially fond of his, he might have given the green coat to John as a Christmas gift, as Christmas happens in the middle of A Scandal In Belgravia.

There is a precedence for this in the Granada Adaptation, where Holmes gives Watson a green coat for Christmas.

We also know from The Abominable Bride that Sherlock likes to imagine Watson in a green coat.

Maybe this liking is a result of Sherlock’s military kink, being green a common colour for military uniforms.

This jacket makes another appearance in The Hounds of Baskerville, after John and Sherlock have had a row, so I was thinking that maybe wearing a present could be a way for John to subtly remind their friendship to Sherlock.

correcting my theory composition

me: hey you know this is going pretty well good job
me: what is that
me: you can’t even change the soprano bc you need to resolve the leading tone
me: just cry its fine

Anyone Want Part 29 of Where It All Began Tonight?

Here’s a super tiny sneak peak (its a super long part) under the cut so I don’t spoil it for those who haven’t quite caught up.

So you up for it?

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Dilemmas, Desires and Dreams

Almost two years ago I wrote a ‘what if’ story called “Strange Days” and that I thought was that….

I wasn’t going to write this but some images crept into my head and wouldn’t let go.  This is only on here for the moment as it contains SERIES 6 SPOILERS.

I had originally thought this was going to be in two parts but being laid low with flu and wanting it posted before Sunday means this is on the long side!

Put the kettle on and I hope you like this.  Any comments, will I am sure assist in my recovery :)

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Not Just a Muggle to Me (Draco x Reader)

Requested by @janet-paris: Could you maybe write something where the reader was found by Hagrid and Dumbledore as a baby (she’s a muggle) and is raised at Hogwarts so when Harry and everyone else showed up, they were quick to get to know her, only on their third year, Draco grows feelings for her? (Sorry if this is a bit much I just really like your work ^^)
Two Harry Potter Universe works in a row yay! Don’t worry it not too much it perfect

You weren’t sure how you came to be alone in a basket all those years ago but you were glad you were otherwise you would have no clue about the wizarding world; you would be a normal muggle stuck studying about a boring world. Thanks to the ministry you were allowed to stay as long as you stayed on Hogwarts property or had proper supervision. You knew more about magic than most of the students since you spent most of your life either in the library reading everything you could or with Hagrid hearing about his creatures. Funny enough nobody questioned why there was a girl with no uniform that was always in the library ready to help tutor or give recommendations for any topic they might be interested in. In exchange they told you about stories happening in the world and other things you can’t learn from books. The Weasley twins took special interest in you since all the professors saw you as innocent; you helped the twins execute their pranks showing them the secret passage ways through the school.  They became the closest thing you had to real friends so when their little brother started school they introduced you to him and his friends on their first day.
“So this is the amazing Harry Potter I’ve heard about” you smiled as you shook his hand.
You spent that year helping Hermione study, Ron get back at any tricks his brother played, and Harry and you bonded over the shared experience of being raised by somebody other than ones birth parents. You began sitting with the Gryffindors during meals and Draco Malfoy noticed. He began to ask around trying to find out who you where, when he found out you were a muggle he was beside himself.  You intrigued him but he wouldn’t admit it to anyone. Suddenly he found himself going to you for tutoring or recommendations for books he knew he would never read. You didn’t fear him or his father’s power yet you were nice to him even when he said something mean, you were a friend.
It was his third year that he realized that he despised the fact that you spent more time with Harry and the others than you did him, when you told him about the letters you and the twins had been sending back and forth he got angry. He stormed away from you cursing the entire Weasley family under his breath. How come they got to talk to you when school was out and why did you like them more than him. The during potions, Snape droned on and on about love potions all Draco could think about was how much he would like to give you a love potion long enough to take you away from anyone else’s eyes. A spark lit in his head, he loved you, the way you treated him like anyone else but it was his own image keeping you two apart. This would be the one thing his father didn’t hear about he couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing you ever again and his father would surely have you taken away.
A few weeks and a trip to Diagon alley later Draco had Crabbe and Goyle make sure the library was empty so that incase his plan didn’t work there would be no witnesses.
“Draco?” You looked around confused “Where is everyone?”    
“Don’t say anything just listen, my family is nothing but pure bloods so we have a high standard to uphold, something a muggle like you wouldn’t understand, but I simply cannot just ignore these feelings” He held out a small wooden box to you, when opened (Your Favorite Magical Creature) danced around to a familiar song, “Hagrid told me that he would play this song for you when you would get upset.”
“I love it but why are you giving me this?”
“Well it seems Y/N that you have caught my eye and if you are willing I was hoping that we could engage in a romantic relation of sorts of course we would have to keep it a secret. I will give you time to think it over.” With that he walked past you.
“Draco wait”, you ran up to him,” I … I want to be with you even if it means staying quiet.


Dear Scarlet,
After three consecutive years of asking for a pet snake for Christmas, Santa finally delivered. First you got a toy snake for the third year in a row, but then you saw your elf on a shelf with an arrow pointing to our room. You were so shocked. You said, “Santa trolled me!” You immediately began testing his intelligence on your iPad with a memory game. Apparently he’s “REALLY SMART MOM!” His name is Frankincense, Frances for short. He’s a pastel ball python. You already love him dearly. Also you handpicked that necklace out for me in the photo of the two of us. You did a good job, baby. I love it. Tough girls run the world.
The Best-Selling Singles of 2016
Here are the 15 best-selling songs of 2016, according to Nielsen Music.

11. twenty one pilots, “Heathens”

The song has sold 1,636,000 copies since its release in June. The duo’s Tyler Joseph wrote it for the movie ‘Suicide Squad.’ This is the third year in a row that two or more of the year’s top 15 hits were written for movies.

6. twenty one pilots, “Stressed Out”

The song has sold 1,839,000 copies in 2016 (on top of 652K that it sold in 2015, when it ranked No. 107 for the year). “Stressed Out” was nominated for a Grammy for Record of the Year.

stilesbitch55  asked:

Hi! I LOVE your writing so much omg! I write some but it's not as good as yours! If you're taking suggestions can you write Will and Nico fighting and upsetting Carter! I love to feel sad! 😂

Thank you!

It was a small thing, really. Nico had skipped out on date night for the third week in a row, and it shouldn’t have been a big deal, but it was the third week in a row that Will got a smile and a rain check? I’m not really feeling up to going out tonight. Will understood because he loved Nico, but he had called a rain check three times now and they don’t live in Seattle. Will had nodded the first two times, crawling in bed next to Nico and offering his services if Nico wasn’t feeling well, but Nico had shrugged him off and Will was getting really tired of ordering a pizza for himself.

“I said I don’t feel well, Will,” Nico rolled over on the bed, turning his back to Will. “I’ll be fine next week, we can just go out then.” Will loved Nico, he really did, but he was getting pretty damn tired of hearing next week, I promise.

“You’ve said that for the past three weeks.” Will didn’t mean for it to sound as emotionless as it did, but he had said it that way. It conveyed how he felt better then the smiles and the nods. Nico turned back around to face Will, sitting up.

“I’m sorry I haven’t felt well for the past three weeks.” Nico’s words had a bit to them and they only gave fuel to the anger and hurt feelings that were swirling inside of Will. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Oh, come on, Nico, just tell me you don’t want to go out with me. We’ve been married for almost ten years, you don’t have to pretend you want to go.” Nico looked taken back, fixing Will with an accusatory look.

“This has nothing to do with you!” Nico shouted. Both Nico and Will were too preoccupied with each other to notice the sound of little feet paddling their way into the same room as them, too caught up in shouting.

“Really?” Will led the sarcasm coat his words like honey. “It has nothing to do with me? It has everything to do with me, Nico! You don’t want to go out with me, just say it!” It was Nico’s turn to roll his eyes as the small feet made their way to the bed unnoticed. “Stop acting like you pity me. You married me!”

“Yeah, well, some husband you are!” Nico stood up, almost causing Carter to fall over, who had been standing next to the bed. Nico stormed out of the room, and Will heard the sound of the guest bedroom slamming down the hallway. If Nico wanted to act like a child, that was fine by Will, but he could do it somewhere else. That was the last time Will set up dates to try and make Nico feel better. If all Nico was going to do was make Will feel awful for trying, then Will would stop trying. Let him see how it feels to try and work with a moody adult that didn’t like to compromise.

Will hadn’t noticed the little body that had made its way up onto the bed until it was standing in front of him.

“Daddy?” Will sucked in a hard breath.

The Voltron trailer killed me


4/6 Dance Teams competing at US Championships 2017

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue

Blues/Hip Hop SD: Feeling Good/Hip Hop Medley

FD: I Wanna Dance with Somebody/Can’t Help Falling in Love/Earned It

ISU PB: 179.59/72.47/108.37

After coming in third two seasons in a row at Nationals, Madi and Zach are looking to move up. Though their eclectic short dance is a vulnerability for them, their FD is well received by the judges and audiences alike. Known for their long deep edges, deep knee bend, and electric chemistry, Madi and Zach may have a chance to move up in the very crowded US dance field after defeating Chock/Bates internationally for the first time at the Grand Prix Final. Still, they will have to be at their absolute best with Hawayek/Baker also in the hunt for advancement. 


Long time, no see.
I stumbled upon a sound track of Matt’s psycho screams, and it hit me. Oh how I love Saints Row, Matt and my Boss (Ion).
And as it’s inktober and halloween soon - here’s two dorks in kigurumi. Cuz why not?

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“this is all a fucking disaster.”

[triple c universe…again lol.]

“Don’t understand why we gotta trek our asses all the way back here every fuckin’ year. Our place is plenty big enough,” Mickey complained, bringing his cigarette to his chapped lips, the burning stick securely nestled between two of his gloved fingers.

They were on their way back to Ian’s old house on North Wallace for Thanksgiving, their third year in a row joining Ian’s family (plus Kev, Vee and the girls) for dinner. It was easily becoming a tradition and one that Ian got increasingly more excited about as the years went on. Mickey was the first boyfriend he ever brought home for the holidays, confident in the knowledge that Mickey wouldn’t be going anywhere. He was it for Ian.

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Alone, then Not So Alone

Summary: It was one of their few nights in a hotel during TATINOF and Phil was alone and feeling a bit homesick. Eventually he gives in and makes a visit next door to Dan’s room, despite it being the middle of the night. Dan comforts his worries and invites him to stay with him for the night. A confession from Phil leads to a change in their relationship…

Genre: Fluff, friends to lovers

Warnings: feeling of homesickness, lonliness

Word count: 1.9k

A/N: I know I posted a fic like two days ago and I really should keep this so I have some sort of schedule but posting it was too tempting. Also, for some reason I wrote it in third person, which is unusual for me, so I hope I’ve done an alright job with that. Enjoy!

Phil was alone. They’d just spent a number of nights in a row on their tourbus and now they were in a hotel. It was pleasant to spend the odd night here and there, not wearing earplugs and not feeling the engine of the bus underneath him. Phil had taken a shower and had now climbed into the large hotel bed. Those were two things which he felt were under-rated: comfortable beds and showers.

For a while, being alone was relaxing. Phil was able to have a bit of alone time, have a relaxing shower and get changed in his own space. He didn’t have several others in the same room as him, all attempting to co-exist in a tiny area. That had been his life for the last couple of weeks. With the tour bus came a lack of privacy, the most they could shut themselves off being the curtains at the sides of the bunks.

Constantly being in the company of others quickly became tiring for both Dan and Phil. The pair of them were quite introverted, preferring their own company to that of others. They had both been looking forward to this night in a hotel for most of the last week, time to be alone and recharge their batteries.

Now that Phil had the time to think, all he could think about was how much he just wanted to go home. Yes, he was loving the tour, but all the travelling was getting the better of him, all the driving was driving him crazy. In his head, he could picture his blue and green duvet, all alone in the dark, just like him. Phil shut his eyes and pulled the plain white duvet closer, trying to imagine he was at home, hoping that would help. It didn’t. All he could think about was how his houseplants were well overdue a water, how his belongings would be gathering dust. Had they left anything in the fridge? Would the place smell when they got home? Had he remembered to blow out the last scented candle he burned?

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If You Leave Me


Daryl Dixon Imagine

I lied. I can’t wait until tomorrow. So here’s part one of the request. Part two is hopefully coming tomorrow though. :D I hope it’s as good as I think it is..xD’‘‘

Imagine you and Daryl have been married for a few years, your son Hunter was born before the outbreak. You’re on the road now, not knowing where to go or where to live when you make a shocking discovery.

word count: 1398

It was the third morning in a row I felt sick. I was sure it was due to the lack of food and water after our cars broke down a while ago. We left the church thinking we would go to Washington, but our hopes were crushed once again. There was nothing in Washington. It was just another castle in the air, beautiful while it lasted but just the more painful when it broke down. 

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in the Quarto, First Second, and Third Folio, as well as Nicholas Rowe’s edition, Hero has a mother named Innogen. She only has two entrances and zero lines, but happily married women don’t talk in Shakespeare’s comedies, and anyway this play is so textually inconsistent that not all the characters are given entrances or the correct lines anyway.

Except in 1733 a douche canoe named Lewis Theobald wrote her out of the play because “she was OBVIOUSLY a mistake”.

Anyway I can talk about it more in depth when I’m not running late for work but DON’T FORGET INNOGEN!!!!!! LET MY YEAR OF RESEARCH MEAN SOMETHING

Graygender + smoke/gray-ish things moodboard for anon!

[Image description: 9 pictures in a 3 by 3 grid. Row 1 - first picture shows a plume of light gray smoke; second picture shows a light gray cable knit sweater on a brown hanger; third picture shows another plume of light gray smoke. Row 2 - first picture shows a gray wave at a beach; second picture is the graygender flag, which consists of 5 horizontal stripes, in the following order from the top: a wide light gray stripe, a thin white stripe, a wide dark blue stripe, a thin white stripe, and a wide dark gray stripe; third picture shows two white neon lights in the shape of clouds on a gray wall. Row 3 - first picture shows a plume of dark gray smoke; second picture shows a person’s hair, which is curly, and is dark gray at the top and fades into silver; third picture shows another plume of dark gray smoke. End image description.]

casually feeling like shit

i cant get any commissions

requests are rare

nobody interacts with me

the best i get on a drawing that took hours to make is 20 notes

neither of my parents validate me. im still living as a girl, no matter my gender. ive been banned from even looking at mens clothes. im still living with the wrong name and the wrong pronouns

my mum has threatened me with forcing me to get a job

i need to get a job. all of my class have jobs but me. i cant get a job. i cant even maintain college

im failing. im doing better than i could be, but im still only getting merits. i should be getting distinctions.  i could ten years ago.

i cant maintain friendships properly. in the end i fuck up and get avoided. nobody even noticed i wasnt with the rest of the group the other day. two days off and nobody even noticed

i cant even eat properly. this is the third night in a row where i dont want to eat. i dont eat breakfast. lunch is small, if had. dinner is small

im burning through my parents money. fifty pounds a week, at very least.

im a fucking failure and im no good to anyone. hell before i know it im gunna end up single again. i just dont do anything right


heres betting all this post will do is upset one person and make everyone else roll their eyes, if they even notice

cant even be miserable properly

nobody is gunna read this so why hide it in the tags or under a read more

AC Milan 1-2 Napoli: Insigne & Callejon give visitors thrilling win

Two goals in the first nine minutes ensured a 2-1 win for Napoli in an enthralling Serie A clash on Saturday.

A sublime Lorenzo Insigne strike and a clever finish from Jose Callejon were enough to give Maurizio Sarri’s side all three points, despite Juraj Kucka’s finish just before half-time.

Napoli went into the game with only one defeat in 11 league matches against Milan and struck twice before the 10-minute mark thanks to two brilliant moves, with Dries Mertens at the heart of both.

Mertens wasted a good chance for a third before Kucka pounced on some slack defending to get a goal back, giving Milan hopes of coming back from 2-0 down for the second Serie A match in a row.

Chances came and went for both teams in a breathless end-to-end encounter, with Mario Pasalic hitting the crossbar for Vincenzo Montella’s side while Mertens twice made a mess of one-on-one opportunities.

Milan continued to press for a leveller in a vibrant San Siro - in which banners could be seen showing solidarity with the victims of the hotel disaster in the mountains of Abruzzo - but Napoli held out for a win that moves them to within a point of leaders Juventus, having played two games more.

For Milan, who have won only one of their last five in the top flight, the seven-point gap to the top three is looking difficult to bridge.

Napoli needed only six minutes to break the deadlock with a spectacular piece of counter-attacking play. 

Jorginho won possession and found Mertens, who switched the play first time to Insigne, and the Italy international blasted a left-footed shot into Gianluigi Donnarumma’s top-left corner from 20 yards out despite the goalkeeper getting a touch on the ball.

Three minutes later and Napoli doubled their lead, Mertens this time sliding the ball through to Callejon down the right, and the Spaniard steadied himself before slotting beneath Donnarumma at the near post.

Napoli’s incisive one-touch passing was causing problems for Milan’s high line and Mertens wasted a glorious chance for 3-0 when he beat the offside trap to reach Allan’s cross only to scuff his half-volley into Donnarumma’s grasp.

Milan should have halved the deficit 10 minutes before the break but Gustavo Gomez steered his header wide when he met Giacomo Bonaventura’s cross from the left unmarked near the penalty spot.

But moments later, Kucka kept his composure far better to prod the ball beyond Pepe Reina and into the bottom-right corner after their high press forced Lorenzo Tonelli into conceding possession.

Pasalic headed against the crossbar and Jose Sosa brought a low save from Reina inside the first three minutes of the second half as Montella’s side pressed for an equaliser.

Carlos Bacca came inches from turning Ignazio Abate’s cut-back over the line before Insigne almost produced one of the goals of the season, twisting his way into space just inside the Milan half before sending a 45-yard chip onto the roof of the net.

Reina denied Bacca following a good run from Bonaventura before Mertens failed to make the points safe for Napoli, as Donnarumma - making his 50th Serie A appearance - saved low to his left to deny the Belgium winger after he broke through the Milan defence.

Callejon became the eighth player to be booked as the game became scrappy in the closing stages, with both teams visibly tiring, but Napoli held out for a result that will give them renewed belief in their title chances.


Transformation of rooms - part 1 💖

I found an old post on Miiverse of when I visited my two previous dream suites.

First row: Favorite music box collection/K.K. Slider appreciation room (left side. In the 3rd photo, it is also where my mayor likes to play on her 3DS, and applies her makeup)
Second row: Party room ➡ bedroom ➡ flower shop café (right side)
Third row: the upstairs playroom/bedroom.