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Isn’t She Lovely?

Pairings: Slight Stony, ScarletVision, Avengers x Songs older than Pietro, Peter x Confusion.

Tony has created a chatroom: isn’t she lovely

Tony has added Steve, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Vision, Peter, Clint.

Tony: Isn’t she lovely?

Peter: Who, Mr. Stark?

Clint: It’s definitely not Tasha.

Tony: Isn’t she wonderful?

Natasha: It better not be me.

Tony: Isn’t she pretty?

Steve: Is it Thor?

Thor: Oh… my…

Tony has added You.

You: ummm what


Thor: I agree wholeheartedly with Stark’s questioning statement!

You: thanks, t-bby and thot

You: damn

You: Thor**** this typo happens every time. sorry Thor.

Peter: omg

Loki has joined the chat.


Loki has been disconnected.

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Just one thing: after meeting with UT’s BDs twice already, you’d think that if Real!Ciel was yet just another bizarre doll, Seb wouldn’t say “I have never encountered someone like yourself” (especially when he caught on almost immediately about Agares being dead during Weston). 

It could be that Seb feels like this because the way the twin and the other lords were brought back wasn’t through UT’s old technique of editing the cinematic records. Yep, possible.

However, it could also be that the one behind this revival isn’t UT at all, since him changing his old method and turning to blood transfusions after achieving good results with Agares wouldn’t make much sense, especially when he once said… 

And that’d be why Seb says that he has never encountered someone like the twin before, because the twin is only based on UT’s bizarre dolls, but he isn’t exactly one since he has a different creator.

EDIT: full discussion. Also please check out this post

Game Of Thrones Characters Season 7 My Edit


I love the Lannister’s they be are some of the most problematic siblings on GOT but they are incredibly engaging to watch and I love their storylines and can’t wait to see where it leads.


The Starks are a very easy family to root for and not many people don’t enjoy them as they are all so incredibly different, there is usually something for everyone. Like Sansa once a naive little girl now becoming a strong politician who knows she needs to protect herself and cherish the home she once wanted to leave, Arya a trained assassin with empathy for innocent people who seeks revenge for her family, Bran once a cripple and now full of magic and incredible feats but also a incredible burden.


The Targaryen’s are also a incredibly problematic family but it’s easy to see why these two are so vastly popular. Both incredibly different from the rest, big protagonist’s on a different yet greatly paralleled journey that’s going to converge with each other very soon. One thinks she’s the last of her family in the world who feels incredibly alone and fights to make the world a little brighter and for people to have their own free will, as she had to fight and struggle for her own independence her entire life, the other always been a outsider in his own family not knowing his actually a Targaryen and always trying to be just and honourable like the man who raised him and fit in somewhere even though people are constantly bringing him down. They need each other which is why I can’t wait for Jonerys to meet.


The triangle I never knew I wanted, Brienne and Jamie had a rough start but have become one of the most moving relationships on the show, their feelings for each other are pretty obvious but he needs to leave his toxic relationship with his twin sister if there is any hope for him not just for Brienne but to be a decent human being. Tormund respects strong independent women unlike the lords of Westeros who would laugh at Brienne, so his another good option for her as he wouldn’t try and make her something she isn’t but his flirting needs some work and a bit of toning down if he wants her not to be so freaked out by him lol.


All these women were abused by selfish men but now they are confident powerful women all in their own rights.

Like Missandei stolen as a child to be turned into a slave for years getting abused her entire life and having her free will and dreams stripped away, Dany having a abusive brother who only admitted he loved her once and thinking he owns her to sell her away to a man for his own agenda, then before adjusting to the Dothraki culture being raped every night before she had the courage and strength to get her husband to respect her by learning Dothraki and showing a more dominant side, Sansa having her hopes and dreams crushed when her Prince Charming turned into a monster who tormented her with her dead family and had his knights beat her, then marrying another monster who raped her every night and made her a prisoner in her own home.

From what all these women have been through, it truly is a inspiration to see how much they have risen up from the ashes of their despair. 

imsfire2  asked:

If you're still doing rebelcaptain prompts, something involving ice-cream, please? Fluff and happiness, grief-eating, cravings, movie-night AU, whatever you like!

This was combined with bedsharing, which was another prompt from @yavemiel; thank you, lovey!

This one…kinda went long. Whoops.

Modern AU!

Her leg itches.

“Stop scratching it,” says Cassian, and pulls her hand away from the cast. Jyn makes a face at him, and goes right back to it. “You’re just going to make it worse.”

“Shut up,” says Jyn, and leans sideways to snag a pencil off of the bedside table. “And fuck off.”

“Nice.” He drops down onto the bed next to her, and passes over one of the cartons of Chinese food. Jyn’s still not entirely sure why he’s decided to be a mother hen, lately—it’s not as though her broken leg is his fault; she’d been the one to run out and drag a kid out of the crosswalk, Cassian hadn’t even been there—but she can at least enjoy the mostly-free food he keeps turning up with. “You’ll lose the pencil.”

“I won’t.” She wedges it under the edge of the cast, and scrapes as best she can, trying to get at the mosquito bite. “Don’t you have work tonight?”

“Traded with Han.” Cassian leans over, and steals the pencil out of her hand. “He’s taking my shift.”

“But you need that money.”

He pretends he doesn’t hear. “What are you watching?”

“Give me my pencil back.”

Cassian drops it off the side of the bed.

“Fuck you,” says Jyn.

“Sure.” He steals the computer, this time, settling it on his lap. “Haven’t you seen this movie before?”

“I like ghost movies.” He’s warm, where he’s bumping up against her side, where their shoulders knock together, and their hips. She can’t feel him through the cast, but everywhere else is insanely warm, especially considering he just came in from snow. “Stop judging me.”

The corners of his mouth twitch. “I’m not judging you.”

“Fuck you,” she says again, and looks down into her sweet and sour chicken. “Is there ice cream?”

“Eat your chicken.”

“You’re not my mother.”

“Thankfully.” Cassian considers the screen for a second, the movie paused on Daniel Radcliffe’s face, and then shifts her computer aside just enough that he can lean over to get a permanent marker. “It’s in the freezer.”

Jyn looks at him for a moment, and wonders why her throat hurts.

“What?” says Cassian. He doesn’t look up from the screen. “You’re staring.”

“No, I’m not.” Jyn sighs a little when he uncaps the marker. “Seriously?”

“It’s right there,” says Cassian, and folds his legs up under him, leaving the computer on the bed so he can shuffle around and bend over her cast. “Eat the chicken.”

“Start the movie, at least.”

He needs a haircut, she thinks. When he whacks the spacebar on her computer, his hair falls out from behind his ears, and he keeps fussing with it as he sketches out some little doodle on the hard cast, just over her knee. Cassian’s rested one palm against the top of the cast, his pinkie finger brushing over the bare skin between her shorts and the top of the hard shell, and his hair is shading his face almost like a fine curtain. She wants, for a second, to reach out and put it back behind his ear, so she can see his face, and the expression, try to work out what he’s thinking. On the computer, a rocking chair moves back and forth on its own.

“Don’t draw a dick,” says Jyn. “That’s all I ask.”

“Thank you for your faith in me.” He shifts his hand against her leg, and hooks the tips of his fingers into the top of her cast. “Did you sleep at all?”

She weighs the pros and cons of saying none of your business, mom, and then sighs. “No.”


Jyn grunts.

“You’re not eating,” says Cassian, in his I’m going to be disappointed voice, and Jyn jams her chopsticks into her takeout box before he can scowl. He sketches out a broad arc on her knee, and then says, “How many days since you slept?”

She hates that he can read that. “Three.”

“Not at all?”

Jyn shoves half again as much chicken as she should into her mouth, and nearly chokes on it.

He drops it after that, thankfully. Well, it’s Cassian, she knows he won’t drop it, but at least he’s not asking any more questions, that’s all she cares about. He finishes his little sketch—a pig face, cartoonish, with a few little scraps of Spanish circled around it like a cage—and then grabs a blanket, tosses it over his legs and settles the computer back where it was, half on his leg, half on her cast. Jyn lets out a breath, and rests her head to his shoulder for a moment, and then another, and then when the movie ends she realizes she hasn’t scooted away from him in over an hour, and the only reason she has to move is that he’s going to scrounge the ice cream out of the freezer. They’ve switched over from horror movies to some kind of fluffy telenovela thing that Cassian picks, one that washes over her like white noise and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense even if she does manage to bring herself to pay attention to the subtitles.

“Why is she crying?” she says, finally, and Cassian takes the spoon out of his mouth, swallowing.

“He broke up with her.”


“He thought he was dating her twin sister.” Cassian shifts, jams the pillow up against the small of his back, and leans into the headboard again, curling his fingers through the hair at the back of her neck. Jyn gose very still for a second, and then relaxes into it, resettling so their shoulders are pressed together. “And he has cancer, too, but mostly it’s the twin sister thing.”

“And this show has been running for—”

“Six years.”

“Good Lord,” says Jyn.

“Don’t mock my telenovelas.”

“I’m mocking you.”

“Whatever.” Cassian scritches her hair for a second. “Go to sleep, Jyn.”

“I haven’t slept in three days, I’m not gonna fall asleep just because you tell me to.”

He takes the ice cream away. “Rest, then.”

“That’s not how it works,” she says, but she burrows into his side anyway. There’s an odd thudding under her ear, and it takes…possibly more time than she wants to admit to realize it’s his heartbeat. “Why would you not make sure you weren’t dating the twin?”

“To be fair,” says Cassian, “she was a secret evil twin. They were separated at birth by the head of a group of narcos. The secret evil twin is a drug cartel princess now.“

“I’m judging you.”

Cassian takes her pint of coffee ice cream away. “That’s fine.”

“You don’t have to keep showing up,” says Jyn. There’s a kind of cedar smell to his clothes that’s making her a little dizzy. “Takeout is expensive. And I’m okay.”

He’s quiet, for a moment. Then, carefully, he rests his chin to her hair. “Go to sleep, Jyn.”

She drifts.

Bucket List

A/N: Guess who wrote another longass fanfic! Yes, me! It’s a weird concept, I am sorry. Also. Please do leave some feedback, I am unable to see the good thing in this one atm, so I’d be cool to hear your thoughts about this one!

Summary: One day, Fred, George and you decide to do the things on a Bucket list that you had found. But you didn’t know that this actually would influence your life.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 9429. It’s long, kids.

Warnings: mentions of death ( Fred), but overall it’s hella fluffy and I tried to be funny, I am sorry.

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boueibus as fake facts

based off this

yumoto: 5% of all pet owners are actual furries

wombat: the average human is roughly 70%

aki and haru: in may 2017 our moon will go into “Dark Orbit” and won’t be visible for a month

atsushi: you’ll die if you take a “one a day” vitamin twice in a day

kinshiro: the sun is a sun, not a star

arima: all mushrooms come from brazil

akoya: did you know shakespere invented the letter Q

en: if every human had access to water, we’d drown.

io: 80% of all christmas gifts are returned

ryuu: your pubic hairs can’t burn

Jorah Imagine...

Imagine being the twin sister to Brandon and older sister to Eddard, Lyanna, and Benjen and marrying Jorah Mormont.

((I had Jorah feels and was writing a Jorah request and this happened instead of the request. Sorry lol. It’s only my…second? time writing Jorah sooo be nice! haha))

Word Count: 2,298

Warning: None. Feels if you love Jorah as I suddenly do?

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Ticking Time Bomb 15

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya Lyubov’ (My Love)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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A/N: I hope you like this trash. As always it’s rather long and I am picking up the jealousy theme. Shoutout to @occamy-shadow who has inspired me with her Dean Thomas fanfic. I kinda stole the last scene from her. 

Summary: Fred ad George assign you with the task of designing the outside of their Joke Shop and you start spending a lot of time with Dean Thomas; much to George’s disapproval.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader 

Word Count: 3758

Warnings: none. fluff!

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So I need the fanfic writers to get started writing the fic where Benvolio ends up becoming Lord Montague because his uncle goes to prison for killing his father and he and Rosaline get married and have twins (boy and girl). I want all the goodness of him coaching her through labor, buying her a push gift, them relaxing in bed with the boy asleep in between them and the daughter asleep on Benvolio’s chest because that’s the only way she’ll sleep and not cry. Ben and Ros sneaking off as the babies sleep to have a picnic. Ben going overboard for the twins first birthday and asking Ros “Why shouldn’t they have diamond encrusted sippy cups, are they not the children of Lord and Lady Montague”. I need this now!

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anonymous asked:

I don't like the 2Ct either, but if it was true. I really have the feeling that Lizzie wouldn't stop loving OurCiel. I would maybe even say she'd favour OCiel over the PastCiel, mainly because OCiel has been incredibly supportive of her, and never did anything hurt her. Besides the almost slap bc of the ring, and he openly apologised. I don't know other's views, but I don't get the feeling that Lizzie would just abandon OCiel, if PCiel came back, and maybe, if given the choice she'd chose OCiel.

Hey Anon :) Oh Gosh, I hope I won’t ramble too much but… well, lmao I might as well go all the way out since you launched the subject. Forgive me if that sounds rant-ish somehow. xD

Okay so, I spend probably a lot of time speaking about the 2CT more privately than publicly because it can be a little hard to vouch for my peculiar point of view about the 2CT to people who really like this theory (not that I blame them, I can be really annoying, @dorkshadows​ can confirm), because it’s not just about whether I like it or not.

First of all, do I like the 2CT? Like you, still not really for different reasons, but do I think it’s likely to happen? At this point yes, I do. 

However one thing that really tends to make me dislike this theory more than I usually would (since I generally shrug at theories I don’t like) is people making shortcuts about what the 2CT becoming canon would mean.

Basically, the 2CT is a private matter having importance for… 3 people out of the entire cast: 

  1. Ciel himself + it’s linked to his trauma and what happened with the cult
  2. Lizzie of course
  3. Tanaka maybe because he’s an important part of Ciel’s childhood (and maybe the rest of the Midfords)

So, in case it turns out to be confirmed in canon, people gotta stop thinking that there is going to be a giant sign glued to Ciel’s forehead saying “btw I stole my bro’s identity DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON I AM?
And no, the whole London won’t throw rocks at Ciel, because it might be that the only two characters who will discover about what happened will be Lizzie and maybe Tanaka.

Heck, there is even a chance that we will never know Ciel’s “real name” in case the 2CT is canon, because as Ciel said it himself “if you believe in a lie for a long time it starts becoming the truth”, which is why “Ciel” is now his name as much as it was his brother’s until the twin died. 

Anyway, back to your question after this huge digression, another shortcut I really hate is people saying that (if I had to summarize roughly) “Lizzie loves the true Ciel and doesn’t give a damn about our!Ciel” because:

  1. No
  2. read the damn manga
  3. Still nope
  4. reread the Campania arc

First of all, “love” at ten and “love” at fourteen/fifteen aren’t the same thing + don’t you ever try and tell me that Lizzie didn’t love her other cousin (our!Ciel) even if she was engaged to real!Ciel.
She always was a kind and loving girl, so after the tragedy that happened 4 years ago she would have been happy at the idea of getting anyone of her family back, especially after believing they were all dead. 

But okay, the 2CT is a thing and our!Ciel made her believe he was his twin (her original fiancé) and it’s a big lie from his part… however 4 years passed since then, and even though it’s a lie that’s definitely going to hurt her, she’s not stupid and shallow to the point of forgetting about the 4 years she spent next to our!Ciel, trying to make him happy, supporting him and revealing to him what she really was about. 

In fact, I’d just like to remind anyone thinking that Lizzie would just discard our!Ciel for his twin at the first opportunity she has that her life before and after the tragedy 4 years ago also changed, because…

  • when Vincent and Rachel were still alive, she was a normal little girl, she went to the manor to play with her fiancé/her cousins, she didn’t have to worry about anything besides showing her strength
  • now whenever she visits it’s because she’s worried about Ciel feeling lonely or unhappy (ch14 is a good proof of that) and she wants to be by his side to support and protect him. 

So I know she didn’t suffer from Vincent’s and Rachel’s murders as much as Ciel did of course, but one thing people seem not to understand is that she also had to grow up because after Ciel came back she realized that to support him…

…She would also have to change (and she was 11 at the time). 

And finally about the campania arc, if the 2CT is true that means that…

…Real!Ciel is the one who triggered many years of self-loathing when our!Ciel…

…put an end to that by completely accepting her true self. 

TL;DR in the 2CT, Lizzie’s relationship to Real!Ciel (aka when she was a kid, before the tragedy of 4 years ago) doesn’t have much in common with the current relationship between Lizzie and our!Ciel because :

  • she’s older and she’s now one of the only sources of support that Ciel can get
  • she also had to change after the tragedy of 4 years ago in order to be by our!Ciel’s side, to support and protect him 
  • what happened on the Campania between them is extremely important to both their characterization 
  • what’s happening in the current arc will also probably turn out to be important for a few aspects of their relationship.

Obviously, were she to find out about all this, I’m not saying that Lizzie would immediately forgive our!Ciel for his lie, but her choosing Real!Ciel “because the one she always loved was her true fiancé” is beyond nonsense when Lizzie’s life (and feelings) now is different from her childhood. 

So to anyone dismissing all that happened between our!Ciel and Lizzie over the last 4 years under the pretense that she loves the real Ciel, well, way to make an annoying and useless shortcut because, if just when it comes to love, the human heart tends to go a little deeper than just names. 

Once again, I know it’s not something every 2CT supporter believe in (thank God), but still, it’s because of shortcuts like this that I find it quite tiring to discuss the 2CT and I just wish some people would consider the canon characterizations when they talk about the 2CT instead of inventing fanon characters and spreading confusing ideas like “Lizzie only loves the real Ciel anyway”. :/

Also, maybe now is a good time to say that personally I don’t think the real twin will come back, because as I was saying it’s a private matter that’s mostly important to Ciel and Lizzie only + because he died and his body most likely burnt…

..which is why (since Vincent also can’t be brought back apparently because his body also was burnt) I don’t think he’s Lord Sirius (+ UT having such a perfect timing when those kids were locked there for a month would kill the whole plot twist).

Sorry for all the rambling Anon, I hope it made sense somehow. ^^ Also as always that’s just my opinion and I’m not asking for anyone to agree with me. 

Have a nice weekend. :) 

Pure Jealousy- Pietro Maximoff Imagine

Tony Stark had been your best friend for years. Oddly enough, even though the man was quite a bit older that you, the two of you had formed a quite special relationship. Tony loved Pepper, and you loved Pietro, but often when you would accompany Tony to different parties and events, the press would take a snapshot of Tony with his arm around you or the two of you laughing together and spread it as an affair. The star crossed lovers within the Avengers Initiative. Tony and yourself would look back and laugh at the presses stories of ‘secret’ vacations. Pepper knew all about the situation, the two of you were actually rather close and spent considerable amounts of time together. Pietro however, was not as understanding as the mishaps and lies people would feed viewers to get more reviews and revenue, profit. He would often disregard the papers or change the channel when the gossip would take over the screens and papers, but seeing the two of you in person was worse. Tony and yourself seemed to gravitate towards each other, every time you felt uncomfortable in the large crowd, Tony would come to your rescue. Every time Tony got a bit too comfortable at the bar, or caught the eye of some young gold digger when he was too wasted to think straight, you would come in and help him sober up, saving him from the people who would take advantage of him in his slightly vulnerable state. Pietro would watch from his normal place beside his sister, his eyes burning with jealousy as he watched Tony calm you down or make you laugh.

“If you glare any harder, Tony might notice and you wouldn’t want Y/N to ding out about your hate for her best friend,” Wanda teased, poking Pietro in hopes of distracting him from the scene occurring across the room. Currently Tony was taking your hand, sarcastically asking for a dance. You did a over dramatic curtsy before allowing him to guide you onto the dance floor.

“I don’t like how he’s touching her,” Pietro growled, keeping his voice low as he watch Tony grasp your hand as well as your waist, pulling you close against him. Pietro watched as you leaned over, resting your elbow on Tony’s shoulder, whispering something into his ear that made the man throw his head back laughing.

  “Calm down Pietro,” Wanda warned as she noticed Pietro beginning to shake. “You know she means nothing by it Pietro. She loves you, more than anything,” she attempted to cool off her twin. She placed her hand on his shoulder, only to be shaken off by his vibrations. Wanda acted quickly, not wanting to cause too much of a scene as she dragged her twin out of the large room. Entering the hallway into the venue she scanned the area for a spot she could leave him to get Y/N, deciding the broom closet would work. She opened the door and shoved in her twin, who was shaking violently, eyes gone dark in a fit of rage. “Stay here, I’ll get Y/N,” Wanda said before closing the door and rushing back to the room.

You had noticed your boyfriend’s disappearance just after Wanda dragged him out of the room. Excusing yourself from Tony, who just grabbed Pepper and continued dancing, you walked towards the door, just in time to run into Pietro’s twin, Wanda.

“Oh thank goodness, it would have been bad if I had to track you down. So Pietro is kind of having a breakdown slash fit of violent range in the broom closet right outside if you don’t mind addressing that problem. Good luck,” Wanda said, the words almost coming out all scrambled together before she turned on her heel and headed towards the bar along the side wall of the room. You shot her an odd look, wondering how on Earth those two twins were ever thought of as normal before exiting the banquet hall.

“Why in the world would he be in a broom closet?” You mumbled to yourself as you walked down the hallway. You had almost passed the closet before a hand shot out quicker that light, opened the door, pulled you inside the closet, and closed the door again.

“Good Lord! Give a girl some warning next time would ya?!” you exclaimed as you came face to face with your very very attractive boyfriend. He looked pissed off, dark eyes narrowed, barley containing the shaking of his body and in that suit, damn. It’s like he wanted to sexually frustrate you to the point that you would jump him.

“What the fuck was that?” he growled, his voice deep as he spoke through gritted teeth. You could tell he was holding back from yelling at you in his native tongue, after You had gotten onto him about it enough, the both of you saved that purely for the bedroom.

“What? Me dancing with Tony? Babe we do that at like every party we go to. It’s no big deal, you know we are just friends,” You tried to explain, only resulting in Pietro’s hands roughly grabbing your waist and pushing you against the door of the closet, letting go of you for a second to lock the door, the distinct click of the lock assured you that he would not be taking lightly any actions that had occurred tonight.

“Hold on tight printessa. I’m gonna make you forget that bastard’s name.“

Hello! So I have been told that this needs smut, so if you want a part two featuring smut, please just send in a request and I will get right on it. Also, we LOVE The Avengers so if you want anything for those guys, feel free to let us know!


BoKuroTeru Drabble (Script Format)

Here’s the scene: Oikawa, Suga, Iwa, Daichi, Mattsun, Makki, Yams, Tsukki, Teru (maybe a couple others but for sure this group) are in Oikawa’s living room gossiping. They get on the subject of love lives.

Teru: Guys, my gaydar is on point.

Makki: Lies.

Mattsun: Prove it.

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Things I need in Lord of Shadows (TDA)
  •  Is Kit afraid of ducks???
  • Whats Kits chosen weapon??????
  • Kitty
  • Livvy giving Ty advice on Kit like the good twin sis she is
  • One more time: IS KIT AFRAID OF DUCKS??????
  • Mark and Christina being best friends
  • Julian and Emma fights (idk why I’m  just weird)
  • Kit and Ty being awkward with each other
  • K I T T Y
  • Perfect Diego and Christina as a thing
  • Mark and Kieran happiness
  • K I T T Y
  • Seriously just give me a large book of Kitty fanfics and I’ll be good
Contents of questions we all ask ourselves about Makai Ouji

And which can’t be resolved into about twenty chapter. (or it would be a complete shambles) :

  • Who was Dantalion in his human life? -> He wasn’t human at the beginning. He was a God of whom the title was ripped off and had the statut of a “human” only of name, he fell immediately after stopping being a god.
  • Why Solomon ordered to Dantalion to kill him? And what was their relation exactly? -> He was probably tired of everything and wanted to start from the beginning again.
  • What plot Mathers and Westcott? ->?? like?? no clue?? they probably just wish the human race to win against Angels and Demons and fight the horsemen.
  • What plots Samael and who/where is his candidate? –> Aahahahah. No like seriously since it doesn’t seem Lucifer and Samael are the “main plotter” I don’t know what he was planning and his candidate is still unknown.
  • Metatron, what are you doing here? -> Brought back Sitri to Heaven
  • Why Sitri fell in Hell in the first place? Good question, still unknown
  • Who is “Lord Wilcor” (-> Pillar 10, page 4) ? -> You can add him to the forgotten plot ship
  • Where the fuck is Uncle Barton? -> This asshole came back and not to spread good.
  • Face of Lucifer? -> I can feel we don’t have much left time to wait (but Lucifer is supposed to be the twin of Michael so I’m expecting to see the same face as him)
  • What the hell is this skeleton horse ? -> Symbol of one of the four Horseman (aka Arthur Christian)


  • Why is there a demon summoning circle in William’s mansion ? -> Barton probably put it but why is it related to Dantalion, it’s still unknown.
  • Solomon’s true goal ? -> Stop the curse of the ring and live a happy life through a vessel’s body and by not having to make any kind of choices.
  • What will happen with Kevin? -> Well he kept protecting William and remained by his side.
  • Why has Gilles a crush into dantalion? (xD) -> Maybe their similarities of Nephilim and past?
  • Why the hell did Camio talked with John about adding Isaac to his household? -> Meh, still unknown
  • What happened when william was a child and his parents died (was he rescued? and who did???) -> THE SHIT I’D LIKE TO KNOW, THERE’S 90% CHANCES THAT’S BARTON’S DOING
  • Yo what business do you have with Raguel and Uriel, Meta? -> Wanted to make Uriel fight for his side but it didn’t work (since he saved Michael). Thinking about it it’s been a while since we last saw Raguel. I wonder what is he doing.

Don’t hesitate to add others questions!

Romantically Involved

Prompt: (from otpprompts) Person A thinks they’re demisexual and both members of your OTP go into the relationship expecting it to become sexual at some point. After quite a while, Person A talks to Person B and says that it probably never will and Person B is fine with that and they go out for donuts or something.



“Hey, Tucker?” Wash asked nervously as he walked into the living room. Tucker was laying lazily on his gray couch, resting his head on one of the many throw pillows that made a home there. Tucker responded with a noncommittal, “Hm?”, without taking his eyes off of the television or even moving at all.

“We, um,” Wash continued hesitantly. He took a deep breath through his nose, held it for a moment as he let his eyes close, told himself to stop fidgeting, and released the air slowly, opening his eyes as he did. At this point, Tucker could feel the anxiety in the room and had sat up, eyes locked on Washington. The man continued, “We need to talk.”

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Larry Moments that were far too painful for me
SO we all know that Larry is a painful thing to watch, but here are all of the most painful Larry moments that I’ve ever seen… yayy

This is literally the reason I don’t sleep at night.

Yes PLAtonic FrieNdS do this all the time god god why

????????? WHY. WhY.

Can’t forget about this onee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay yes. I am aware that some guys make jokes about being gay. yes. I know. But why do harry’s eyes light up like a thousand suns when she says “I thought so.”


Blood is coming out of my eyes






My Thoughts On "Did You Miss Me?"

Honestly Mona was just as messed up to the girls as Charlotte was and they never killed her…so if one of them killed Charlotte I’ll get it but I won’t be happy about it.

How could Tanner pull Aria in for a line up when her and Mona not only have different color hair but very different lengths. Does that mean the witness is purposely setting Aria up?

On the phone Mona could’ve told Charlotte to meet her at the church and then killed her. Just bc they didn’t meet at the diner doesn’t automatically clear Mona for murder. So basically we still know nothing.

Does Aria get to sue Lucas? lol #hesgotthemoney

Jordan is as good as gone…

This new A is so scary, they threw Ali down a flight of stairs! Oh wait no, she just tripped. Unless Rollins is A which would be amazing! Oh wait no that would totally suck.

Now Ali can sue the inn..I present to you Pretty Little Suer’s.

Am I the only one bored to death by this book story line?

Why does Ali’s house finally feel like hers for the first time? Bc she doesn’t have to worry about sharing it with Charlotte?

If Sara is as obsessed w the girls as they think she is, how could her friend NOT know who they are?!?

How do these girls notice every taunt left by A? I never would’ve noticed that card. A would hate me bc I wouldn’t even notice half the crap they carefully planned to torment me with.

I know this scene is supposed to make me feel really bad for Ezra but again I’m so bored by this story line that I wasn’t even paying attention to half the dialogue. Aria ALWAYS being off with Ezra while the girls are off together playing detective has gotten SO old 6 seasons in.

How is Sara driving with her hands? I swear to the good Lord above if she has the twin I will lose the little bit of my shit that I have left after the 6a finale.

Yea, Hanna WHY Caleb??? Besides the overly obvious fact that you want HIM to be the one you’re currently engaged to.

Side note: when was Caleb unkicked out of the barn?

Hanna could totally be giving us a true confession now. Idk what kind of candlestick is sharp enough to stab someone with or how she could’ve carried dead weight to the top of the church to throw Charlotte off…but If Hanna did that would be kinda great. And what better way to confess and get away with it then to make everyone believe you made up this story to protect them from A? #thebolderthemovethelessanyonequestionsit

What’s the game plan here? A wants revenge on Charlottes killer so they target Hanna bc she confessed? This plan sucks, even for these guys.

Oh what a tangled love triangle web we’re weaving Hanna. #thatwasnotcool

And there’s our cue that Liam is on his way out.

Is Hanna wearing clogs?

#SugarDaddyLucas lmao really Freeform???? 😂

As teens these girls could’ve lived off their parents but as adults how is Emily seemingly the only broke one when none of them work? Ever.

Ugh she speaks.

Why doesn’t Ali just go with him to Chicago?

Now we have to look at numbers transmitting texts as filler in a filler episode. Marlene always manages to outdo herself. She’s lucky I’m entangled into this show like a bowl of linguine and escape is too hard at this point.

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