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Suspects Part 1 (Jughead)

Part one: Intimidation tactic

Summary: A two part story based off this imagine by @morefandomimagines

Jughead thinks Y/n might have some info on Jason Blossom turns out they might be hiding something else.

Word count: 584

Requested? No

Prompts: None

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Your eyes scanned over the dark parking lot through the window of Pop’s, a twenty-four hour diner were she spent a great majority of her time. Currently, you were sitting comfortably in the furthest booth to the back on the right row, leaning against the window with your legs stretched out making sure your shoes hung over the edge out of common curtesy.

You didn’t mind the lack of company, instead you sipped on your salted caramel milkshake while looking over your notes from class, trying to make sense of the questions on radiation. It was common for you to refuse the teacher your attention as your mind was always filled with locations and possible photo opportunities. ‘Maybe I should make flash cards?’ you thought. Your mind was so preoccupied you hadn’t noticed the person stalking over to your booth, or at least you didn’t until they sat down directly across from you. You recognized them from school. Jughead Jones, the third.

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Headcanon Game - Lucifer

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Temperature Play: He watches you as you go from shivering to heated red cheeks and back again with just one touch of his hand, the feeling of power being what he craves.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He doesn’t show his feelings easily, though sometimes he would slip up and let out something that he’d normally never admit.

His fingers could often be found in the locks of your hair or sometimes locked with yours.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He can be rather harsh and demending but if he feels like you can’t take it or had a bad day he can be unlikely gentle.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

He’s very serious, especially since it took a lot of time for him to wrap his head around the fact that he felt anything else than hatred towards a human.

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For the two part Drabble, 7 (first lost) and 3 (second list) With LaSalle?

7 - in the hospital
3 - “Look me in the eye; are you sure you’re alright?” 

“Now Y/N, I need ya to listen to me-”

“He could have been killed, King!” You lashed out to your boss, boldly meeting his eyes. How could Pride be so calm at a time like this? His best friend was nearly killed, and you were the only one almost panicking.

Just as you were about to say something else, a nurse had walked into the waiting room. Instantly, the entire team turned their heads her way, looking hopeful. And your knees nearly gave out when she smiled. “Mr. LaSalle wants to talk to someone named Y/N?”

Instantly, you walked away from Pride, following the nurse into Christopher’s room. And you waited until she left before marching up to his bed. Chris already seemed to know what was about to happen. “How could you be so reckless? What if you died, Christopher?”

He met your eyes and gave a small smile. “But I didn’t. Ah’m okay.”

You gave a small sigh, softly glaring at him before looking up and down his body to assess his injuries. He seemed okay, so you met Chris’ gaze once again. “Look me in the eye; are you sure you’re alright?” 

He nodded, his smile growing a little softer. “Perfectly alright, aside from the gunshot.”

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correct me if i'm wrong but didn't jeremy say that "i'm just a boy from cuba" was originally supposed to be said in spanish but they turned it back to english because jeremy still needs to work on pronunciation? with that in mind, it could be something lance says in a flashback while he's with his family (maybe when he gets into the garrison or they're taking him there?) or it was lance talking to himself in spanish (assuming no one else in voltron speaks it)! but yeah, lots of ways it could go!

mm actually no in the interview i watched he just says he read that line on the script but doesn’t mention it being in spanish maybe it’s another interview i haven’t seen? honestly i’ve always depicted him saying that line in a sad context but i guess it could also be like in a everyday lance situation lol

adfkgjFDGJ i just watched ep 19 and i am fULL OF INSPIRATION for musik-based curses

so tchaiko’s swan lake musik turns the entire house into a cursed love mansion–a game, essentially, and by pairing off you win the game. but what was special about the swan lake musik that caused?

the answer: It was music written for a story.

so now i have the corresponding headcanon that if a piece was written for 1) lyrics/a libretto, 2) a performance with a narrative or 3) something else extramusical, the musik can take the form of a CURSE. the nature of the curse, of course, depends on the content that the musical narrative takes. if the musical narrative has a happy ending, the curse becomes a BLESSING.

as seen in this episode, musik curses are extremely powerful. swan lake transformed hasshie into rothbart, could summon a presumably infinite amount of other giant hasshies, created a fucking suspension bridge in the middle of the mansion and trapped everyone + forced them to pair off. going off my previous hc that musik takes people to an alternate dimension, the curse was powerful enough to alter space-time selectively (instead of exclusively altering this dimension OR the musical dimension) and trap people in elaborate narratives that non-curse musik is unable to construct. it would be reasonable to assume that they cannot be undone by anyone/thing besides the original creator or a musik countercurse stronger than the original curse.

also, going off my previous hc that the classicaloids are at “stage two” of their musik usage–getting caught in a stage two musik wielder’s curse is the worst accident that can happen because even if they wanted to remove the curse, they might not be able to, and curses don’t just go away when the song ends. i say this because swan lake wasn’t playing throughout the entire episode, so we can assume the song ended but the effect stayed. as such, curses are the only thing a stage two musik wielder can use to make any sort of permanent change in their surroundings, which makes the implications of the above statement even worse. if one is caught in a stage two’s curse, accidental or deliberate and they decide they want to make it permanent, you’re not getting out until you complete the curse’s narrative or until another musik wielder frees you. other than that your only chance at this point is hoping that the stage two wielder might free you on a whim, since curses are only “permanent” in the sense that they last as long as their casters want them to instead of going away like ordinary musik. stage three curses are always permanent until the caster DELIBERATELY chooses to end them, but for a stage two, them merely thinking “oh maybe i shouldn’t have cursed that guy” might be enough to free you.

now, here are the musik types that can activate similar curse effects to tchaiko’s swan lake curse:

  • opera. these are the most powerful curses of all, seeing as of the musik types that create curses, they tell the longest narratives and have the most musical and lyrical material at their disposal. the lyrics are what truly make them powerful, because it allows the caster to better target specific people with the most specific effects. however, the lyrics in an opera curse often prove to be their undoing, because if someone finds a way out in the way the lyrics are worded, the curse dissipates immediately.
  • ballet. these are just as powerful as operatic curses, but in a different way. their effects are essentially the same as those of opera, but they cannot be targeted as specifically. however, they are harder to break because there are no lyrics in the structure of the music that can be used against them.
  • opera paraphrase & variation. these are watered-down versions of the full curses caused by opera and ballet musik. example–if one of the composers had a paraphrase on swan lake, then the mansion would be cursed but the chances of falling in love would be less than 70%, and hasshie and his minions would not be quite so intimidating.
  • program music. this encompasses any music based on an extramusical source, especially history and literature (the basic mode of storytelling) but also encompassing paintings, statues, etc. that attempt to shape a narrative. they work like ballet- and opera-based curses, but although they may not have as much raw power, they have an advantage over those genres because they are often not recognized as curses for a long time after the curse begins.
  • any music with lyrics. you guessed it, schubert’s lieder could qualify as curses! i mean, turning people into babies and fish rank right up there with typical fantasy curses like turning people into frogs–why wouldn’t they be? now this sort of contradicts what i said in my first musik post that schubert would only be able to permanently turn people into fish once he reaches stage three of his abilities, but i’m adapting this hc to new canon material. and even though the lieder didn’t selectively alter space-time or trap people in elaborate narratives, they still fall under the curse category because despite the fact schubert is a stage two, the changes he makes with his lieder do not wear off when the songs end. (as for why everyone turned back into humans after schubert turned them into fish even though i said curses can be permanent, schubert probably undid the curse by a sheer stroke of luck. as i said before, stage two control over musik is unpredictable, and if he did not presumably get it in him to end their time as fish, they may well have been stuck as fish forever.)

in summation, a curse (or blessing) is defined as musik that does the following.

  • traps people in an elaborate narrative (may or may not involve altering space-time selectively, though since curses are SCARY POWERFUL that is certainly a sign of one) AND/OR
  • in the case of stage two musik users, does not wear off when the song ends. also high key headcanons that when you cast narrativeless curses as a stage two, it’s a sign you are close to moving up to stage three because what if we made it so that schubert is almost a god.

bonus hc: apart from casting another curse whose effects oppose the effects of the current curse, absolute music from the romantic period is the best countercurse. this is because during the historical war of the romantics, absolute music was upheld by the conservative side as the true expression of music–in contrast to the artistic radicals who valued program music. theoretically, however, any other musik can be used to “attack” the musik that causes the effects.

now to decide what to do with liszt’s dante sonata.

reread update!!! I have finished the shadow rising and am staring down the fires of heaven trying to decide if I should try to read something else before I move forward. probably I will not read something else because I’m really fuckin excited for lords of chaos.


  • so I like Perrin a lot more this reread it turns out, also him and Faile are a pairing I like a lot more this time around
  • maybe I got a little emotional when he sent Faile away, maybe, don’t tell anyone
  • hey there Asmodean, you loser, I love you
  • (I’m so excited for awkward and bitchy Asmodean in the next book though)
  • I don’t know how much more I actually have to say except that I really liked this book even if a lot of it felt like set up for later things
  • but also Aviendha. Aviendha is a delight.
  • everyone is a delight. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR

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Oh great. The title of episode 518 is "Disbanded". Sounds like even more angst. I'm just so tired of angst already.

Then may I respectfully suggest Arrow isn’t the show for you, Nonnie. It’s entire premise is drama and angst. That will always be going on. Expecting Arrow to turn into something you want, when it has been very consistently something else for nearly 5 years is down to you, not Arrow. Arrow isn’t a romantic show. No one gets to be happy for long, and if they are, it’s off screen, ala Dyla. 

You need to just accept that is Arrow and stop waiting for it to be different. It’s not going to be. There will always be some drama, some lot of angst going on. That’s the show. No one has to say you have to enjoy all the different types of angst, but insisting the angst has to go away is a highly unrealistic expectation and guaranteed to make you feel bitter and cheated. You’re standing at a gumball dispenser, putting in your quarter and expecting to get a panda. It’s not a panda dispenser, it’s a gum ball dispenser. You have to have realistic expectations about these things, Nonnie, or you’ll just keep making yourself unhappy. 

Now, if you excuse me, I have to google if there really is such a thing as a panda dispenser, because suddenly I need it more than life…

Close enough!!! :D

Bathroom War

After a long day assisting many aristocrats in the Demon World. Laura found herself deserving a good long bath. Before she even managed to take of her dirty clothing something else caught her attention.

Long strands of silver hair.

“Oh you’ve got to be joking!” Testing if her hunch is correct Laura turns on the water valve only to see it remain in the tub even without the plug in the drain. “Ok, that’s it, where is that Old Loaf?”

“Karl!” Laura quickly leaves the bathroom in search of the Vampire King she has been assisting ever since her youngest brother became the heir of the clan. Well they might as well be an old married couple with the amount of times the two of them have been quarreling about the silliest things.

Yet at the end of the day, Laura remains loyal to her King and her King shows in his own ways his appreciation to have her at his side.

“Karl!” Laura shouts again. “For the love of, where is he hiding the Old Loaf”

When her ears are incapable of finding the vampire, she relies on her nose, leading her through the castle halls in Eden, finally coming to a stop in front of his study. 

“Of course he would be in the room which is even messier than the bathroom tub. I do pity the boys when they have to clean this junk up.” Not knocking nor waiting for an answer, Laura enters the room without notice. “Karl, here you are.”

“Unlike you to barge in without notice my Lady, what has caused your anger this time?” Karl doesn’t look too fazed when Laura enters the room. 

“Oh don’t play with me. Your hair it clogged up the drain again” Laura emphasizes the last word. It isn’t even the first time it happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. “I told you time and time and time again to clean up after yourself. How manieth time does that make it? Don’t give me the excuse of you can get a new tub or have someone else clean up the mess. You need to get your own lazy bum moving sometimes.”

“As far as I am concerned, your long crimson strands have clogged the drain just as much yet, here I am not complaining about the consequences.” Karl replies calmly, yet his expression is far from calm.

“How old are you 10, this entire month I had to clean up the drain at least 5 times, how do you even shed so much, you may be an Old Loaf, but you’re not THAT old.”

Karl merely sighs not taking more insults today as just like the female, he too, had a long day behind him. However, there is a way he might be able to end this quarrel rather quickly

Turning to his Reinhart form, the long silver strands are exchanged for shorter rose blonde locks. “Now the one who will be shedding more is you My Lady”

Laura’s eye open up wide, how can she forget, her king is a master of disguises. “No fair!”

“Now who is the 10 year old dear?~”

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Same anon but yo you're not alone on the th's and f's. My speech impediment affets my R's and W's and my Th's and F's and it sucks so much. I have one "friend" who keeps making fun of me for it too?? Even though I asked her to stop? And I just really don't like her but everybody else does so I gotta be nice to them. Like now I usually don't mix them up but occasionally when I get excited I slip up and then she instantly points it out and I just sorta shut up for the rest of the day...

like honestly having someone point something out like that fucking sucks, it hurts, and it turns my anxiety up to like 2000

It’s obscenely warm today given that it’s February 18 in Michigan

so my friends and I played catch (proper catch, at long distances, with baseball gloves), which is something I haven’t done since I was maybe 8. They’re all homegrown Red White and Blue Americans though, so even though all three of them are also Jewish social scientists they’ve all been to baseball camp and on little league teams and in parks playing catch since they were kids.

And, I have to say, catching a baseball thrown overhand from a hundred feet away turns out to be incredibly difficult. I barely managed to catch anything for the first half hour or so, and a few hours in I was catching maybe ½ of their (fairly gentle) throws.

And, honestly, being wretched at something that everyone else found so easy was really refreshing! In the pompous and privileged society of (especially white, treated-as-male-in-the-workplace) PhD students there are plenty of disagreements and there are immense intellectual challenges and everyone has weak and strong areas, but there is basically no time when you very blatantly and publicly just suck at something. I make plenty of mistakes, and there’s all sorts of stuff I can’t do as well as I should, but my life contains basically no situations where a whole bunch of people can all see that I’m just completely shit at the thing I’m trying hard to do.

That feeling was incredibly freeing. There’s no room for pretense, there’s no room for argument, I just was very bad at something and needed to ask for help with basic things. They say that getting outside and exercising are key weapons in the fight against depression, but the most healing thing about today was experiencing this feeling of being terrible at something and having so much to learn. It probably made me more compassionate, and I’m going to seek it out whenever I can.

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The reader telling Kara to come closer to her, undoing her ponytail and slowly taking her glasses off while staring into her eyes and whispering: "I'd know you anywhere, Kara Danvers"

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“You know, I saw Supergirl today.”

Kara suddenly stopped what she was doing before turning to you. “Uh, really?That-that’s cool.”

“Yeah, it was! She wasn’t stopping a big alien or anything, just a mugger, but man was it cool!”

Kara smiled, before becoming more neutral, knowing she couldn’t give you any hints. “Yeah, she’s pretty awesome isn’t she?” She said as she turned away from you and back to her work.

“She is. And can I tell you something else?”

“Uh, sure.”

“She’s kinda hot.”

You smirked as you heard her breath hitch and a pencil snap. “Uh, uh, really? I-I mean, she’s ok I guess. I haven’t really thought about her th-that way before.”

“Yeah, of course you haven’t.” You said before deciding to drop the act. “Kara?”

“Uh huh?”

“Can you come here for a sec?”

“Sure.” She got up from the couch and put down the story she was working on. “What’s up?” She asked when she was about arm’s length from you.

You moved in closer until your faces were almost touching. You can Kara was getting nervous, but you weren’t sure if it was because she knew what you were about to do or just the close proximity.


“Trust me.” You whispered as you reached behind her head and slowly pulled her hair out of her ponytail. Surprised that she wasn’t stopping you, you then went to take her glasses off.

You stared at her for a minute before smiling and moving in even closer, lips almost touching.

“I’d know you anywhere, Kara Danvers.” You whispered before she finally pulled you closer and put your lips against hers.

I think the most important thing that baking has taught me is theres no such thing as go backs but you can always take your mistakes and turn it into something else

And its not always gonna be as good but its… at least something

prepare for something you’ve NEVER seen before! a sibling who you all thought was someone else at first! wait, we did that already with mycroft in the very first episode…. oh a sibling who is somehow involved with MORIARTY! wait, we also did that with mycroft before, this is awkward…. i got it now, a WOMAN killing a lot of people but she’s just really really misunderstood - oh yes shit, that was mary, wait…. a DOG who then turned out to be a DUDE! what do you mean that was the plot of a whole episode in s2? oh! AN EXPLOSION IN 221B BAKER—- you know what nevermind…… 

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]


If you are interested in stories with happy endings, then you would be better off somewhere else. In this story, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning, and very few happy things in the middle. My name is Lemony Snicket. It is my solemn duty to bring to light the sorry history of the Baudelaire children as it happened so many years ago. But you in the audience have no such obligation, and I would advise all our viewers to turn away immediately and watch something more pleasant instead. This story will be dreadful, melancholy and calamitous, a word which here means “dreadful and melancholy.” That is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the Baudelaires. Violet, Klaus and Sunny were intelligent children. Charming and resourceful, they had pleasant facial features, but they were extremely unlucky. Most everything that happened to them was rife with misfortune, misery and despair. I’m sorry to tell you this… but that’s how the story goes.