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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Suga: We finally got our revenge! …I just wish we could’ve won with my toss is all.
Asahi: -spits water everywhere-
Daichi: I’m glad you haven’t given up and still plan on playing.

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April 24, 2017
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"hoooooooly shit I'm so gay" said by logan for logicality or logince??? >:3cc (you rly don't have to tho) -☆rykid

I’m So Gay

NSFW comments (like three of them)

“No Morality I told you it-“ he saw Roman come in the room, wearing only a towel, obviously coming out of the shower, “holy sh-crap I’m so gay.” Logan corrected his language when Morality glared at him (seriously how did he know when they were going to swear?!)

“Hey Logan.” Prince said, winking. Logan was about to blush but he managed to keep his cool.

“Hey.” Logan said, trying to control his feelings. This was very confusing, it felt great but he also felt like slamming his lips against Romans. He didn’t understand this feeling, but Morality told him it sounded like sexual and romantic attraction (“but I don’t experience it so I’m not sure.” Morality would say.)

“Hi Prince!” Morality said, he turned to Logan, “Keep calm and remember, You Got This.” Morality sang the last part. Logan blushed as Prince looked over confused.

“What was that about?” Prince asked.

“Nothing!” Logan blurted.

“Okay. Oh and Logan I have a question.” He turned and leaned on the counter. Logan was secretly hoping the towel would fall down. Logan snapped out of his thoughts and looked up;

“Hm? Oh, yeah go ahead.”

“Is your name Google?” Logan looked at Roman confused, “Because you have everything I’m searching for.” Logan blushed. Roman smirked and moved away from the counter before using another pick up line.

“You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!” Roman said, stepping closer to Logan. Logan thought of a pickup line.

“Did you just combust? Cause you’re hot!” Logan said, not sure if this was appropriate or not.

“I wish I could select all of your clothes and press delete.” Prince blurted. Logan looked at him surprised to see him blush.

“How about a kiss? After all, I’m the only sugar you’ll need.” Logan suddenly regretted it, they literally just started flirting; how would Roman be comfortable enough to kiss him already??

To his surprise, Roman grabbed Logan’s face and moved his head towards Logan’s face. However, the moment was ruined when Prince accidentally bump into Logan’s glasses. They both blushed, before they laughed.

“I’m sorry, that was terrible.’ Roman laughed.

“Well so was our attempt at flirting.” Logan pointed out.

“At least you’re gay.” Roman said winking. Logan blushed.

“That I am Roman; now shut up and let’s try kissing again.”

My sister and I grew up without extended family nearby, but we had these two bachelor cats who kind of took on that role for us.  We like to say that they were our gay uncles.  I finally drew them as the humans they were to us …