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Fanfic Recommendations! ^_^

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Hey everyone! *waves*

So, I decided to make a list of some fics I’ve read that I recommend that you guys read! (Duh @ me, hence the title of this, why are you so dumb sometimes? cx)

I spend a bit too much time reading fanfics sometimes, when I should really be either doing homework/writing my own stuff buuut… cx 

But yeah, these are going to be pretty much all BTS fics, because I’m trash that belongs in a bin somewhere buuut cx Please do check them out, I think these authors deserve recognition!

I will also update this list as I find more cx

These are also in no particular order!!

Last updated: 22/01/17

1. Wanderer by @roseok

Reader x Park Jimin - soulmate!AU (ongoing)

So, I really liked the concept of this and how beautifully written it is c: The storyline is rather quite unique (although I haven’t read a whole lot of soulmate!AUs, it does still come off as unique!)

2. The Joker by @astro-child

Suicide Squad!AU - BTS (ongoing)

So, I’m still not over how well this goes, with Jungkook as the Joker, and Jimin as Harley Quinn?? I’ve kinda been bugging Shanel over how much I liked it, but I needed her to know that I really liked it! cx

3. Catalyst : Unbroken by @zephyoongist (collaboration/one shot)

Hunter!Yoongi x Angel!Reader (One shot)

This was honestly beautifully written, the details are really well done c: And the ending, ah the feels cx

4. Tenacious by @jin-oppa

Reader x Yoongi - Mafia/gang!AU (Ongoing)

Because I’m a sucker for mafia!Yoongi cx I really liked how this was written, and it was interesting to see how each member was portrayed as a gang member c:

5. Masquerade by @happy-meo

Reader x Jimin x Hoseok - Office!AU x Hosts!AU (Completed - 4 parts with a sequel which I also recommend)

Ah, this one had me binge reading for ages cx It also had me conflicted between Jimin and Hoseok, I couldn’t choose who I wanted (Y/N) to be with cx But it was honestly written really well, I enjoyed it ^.^ (warning: This one does have slight smut in it cx)

6. Red Skies by @jungk0oksthighs

Werewolf!AU - BTS (Completed - 10 parts)

This had me curious to find out more, and it was interesting that Jungkook is the alpha here, rather than one of the older guys like Jin or Yoongi cx

7. Strings by @minsuxga

Soulmate!AU - BTS (Completed - 2 parts)

The feels with this one was too much, ah my heart T_T But it was so so well written, the details and everything, and the ending, ah my poor heart T_T

8. Out of the Egg by @happy-meo 

Jungkook x Reader - War/Rebellion!AU (Completed - 6 parts)

So, I just read the first part of this, but I’m already hooked, the concept and storyline are so good, and it’s written so well ^_^ Ah, it’s so good!

9. Wishful Wings by @writeiolite

Jimin x Reader - Royals!AU (One shot I believe cx)

This was so cute, had me swooning over Jimin (but then again, when am I not swooning over him and the rest of BTS? cx) And I really liked the detailing of the story c:

10. Heartless by @bangtan-spells

Namjoon x Reader - Fantasy!AU (One shot I think c:)

This was unique, I haven’t read any fics with this concept/storyline before c: And as with many on this list, really well-written, props to the writer! ^.^

11. sinners to saints by @seoulscapes

Jimin x Reader - Spy!AU (Ongoing)

So, there’s actually one only part of this out so far, but that first part had me intrigued and genuinely wanting to read more ^_^ I really like the concept, and it’s written really well, even the action ^_^

12. the heir by @taegonia

Jimin x Reader (I am literal trash for this boy as you can see cx) - Mafia!AU (I’m not sure of the status of this one)

Looks like I found myself a new fanfic to binge read cx I really like how it’s written, I’ve only started reading this, but I’m already really liking it so I thought I should add it to this Fic Rec list ^_^

I will definitely be adding to this in the near future, but for now, please do check these out and support the writers! I know as a writer myself how gratifying it feels when someone leaves feedback on a story, so please do go read these, I assure you they’re good! ^_^

Now that's what I call domestic Victuri 4

Victor and Yuri are no strangers to sharing space. Especially since they had to grow used to the bathroom adjoining their bedroom. They could just make getting ready easier on both of them if one decided to use the second bathroom but neither were willing to move. Even though they argue about hogging the sink or the mirror, sometimes that closeness has Yuri pressed against Victor’s back when he’s fixing his hair. And if he kisses the back of his neck, Victor doesn’t mention it but isn’t afraid to roll his hips back into Yuri’s as retaliation. At least they have the decency to blush when Yakov is yelling at them for being late to practice.

Nights are hard sometimes. Especially the summers when the air is hot and sticky and the fans do little to abate the heat. Though, determined, Victor always sticks himself against Yuri like glue. Almost literally with the way their skin feels. It never fails, Yuri will complain and swat Victor off him meaning they playfully argue about whether or not Victor can hold him. And even though Yuri usually wins the argument, he’ll feel the warmth against his side in his dreams.

Just like their first meeting, Victor is no stranger to initiating contact with Yuri. Yuri expects it in some form or another when they’re within a ten foot radius. He has the curtesy to never comment on Victor’s clinginess and often vibrates with excitement when he knows it’s coming. Victor knows this, Yuri isn’t as good at hiding his appreciation as he thinks he is, and never expects or demands Yuri to do the same. Considering the Japanese rarely show displays of affection as outwardly as he does. But once in a blue moon, Victor will find Yuri’s arms around his waist when he least expects it, even daring to lift his shirt. And Victor is absolutely floored when Yuri’s the one who’s backed him into a wall with a kiss, with a knee that’s pressed between his own.


Andrew Ragone Appreciation Video

An appreciation video for Andrew Ragone, who played a fantastic Raoul in the Las Vegas production. With Anthony Crivello as the Phantom and Kristi Holden as Christine.


Here I go with another dumb French title.  Anyway, Yuuri’s feet were bugging me, because properly fitted skates shouldn’t fuck your feet up.  Also: I looked up the skates that Yuzuru Hanyu wears, Edea, and the only official dealer in Japan is in Yokohama? Who knew? There’s probably other places that sell skates, but I rolled with this idea, anyway.


“Yuuri…” Victor knelt in front of him, and Yuuri hissed in pain when Victor pulled one battered foot into his lap. “How long have you been a skater, hm?” It was chiding, but Victor’s hands were gentle as he inspected tender blisters and welts. “How are you supposed to skate your best when your feet are in such a poor state?”

Yuuri shifted uncomfortably. “It’s nothing…”

Victor’s hands stilled around Yuuri’s ankle and his face grew serious. “Yuuri. If you’re to win the Grand Prix Final, you’ll need to be at your best.” He gave Yuuri’s ankle a light squeeze. “That includes this.”

“Sorry,” Yuuri mumbled.

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what i understood from the trailer was that steve/tony are gonna fight over whose bff is cooler. civil war: “my james beats your james” 

That moment we were all Deadpool

Between The Shelves

Ship: Philip Hamilton x Reader*


Triggers: like one swear

W/C: 1295

*I havent written Philip in literally months hell yes hell yes 

You groaned as more books fell from your arms. It was the third time that had happened during this walk, and you decided to give up and put the books on the nearest table. Helping in the library was something you always loved to do, but only when your friends had come to help. Your best friend Theodosia was out “sick” today, and your boyfriend Philip had hid himself in the aisles of the library to study.

“Sure, guys, I can reorganize an entire bookshelf all by myself that’s no biggie” you muttered under your breath. If the books were people they would’ve laughed at you. However students in the library were actually laughing at you, while pretending to do work and not be high. You heard a chuckle behind you, and sighed.

“Did the scoundrels leave you to do the work yourself?”

You turned around.

It was George Eacker, the tall dark and handsome future valedictorian of your class. Philip was constantly saying how much he despised the man but you had never had a bad encounter with him. You began taking a couple books to the emptied bookshelf, “I wouldn’t call them scoundrels but they definitely don’t feel like my best friends today” you admitted. George followed your lead and handed you books from the table, saving you time. You thanked him.

“Aren’t you in Philip’s french class too? He told me there’s a huge test coming up” you commented as you took a book from him.

George scoffed, “I’ve been well prepared for that test for weeks.”

You raised an eyebrow, “And you still don’t have other homework to do? I have to admit I’m jealous” you joked.

He beamed, “I’m a bit jealous of myself too. I never thought I’d get the honor to spend a minute with the lovely Y/N L/N.”

“You’re too sweet, and honestly I can do this myself” you assured.

“I could never let a beautiful lady like yourself do work alone” he winked. Wow he sure is  being direct, you thought to yourself. Getting attention from someone rather than Philip was something you weren’t used to anymore now that the two of you had been together for so long. It was like seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time in years. You took another book from him before stammering out a response.

“I’m sure Philip would help me if he didn’t have work to do” You told him.

“Shouldn’t you be the first priority?” George challenged.

You shrugged, “He needed to study and I want him to do his best”

He nodded, “That’s understandable but does he do the same for you?” the boy challenged, “I mean I’m sure you have subjects to study as well”

You held your breath, freezing in place. Maybe he had a point you reasoned to yourself. Philip had been studying french since he was a child so was it really that hard to finish his homework at a different time? You shook those thoughts out of your head. No, it’s Philip. Any minute he could spare he would spend with you … right?

You robotically took the books from George and put them on the shelf, only sometimes checking to see if they were still in order. While extending your hand to get another book from George,he grabbed your wrist. He stepped towards you until he was inches away, your heart started racing, “What are you-?”

George rubbed his thumb over your cheek before giving you a small grin, “Your eyelash fell” he whispered. Blood rushed to your face and you quickly stepped away. He cleared his throat, apologizing. You couldn’t stumble out a response, and leaned against the bookshelf. Just be casual Y/N, nothing’s even happened, you told yourself. The both of you awkwardly laughed it off and he smiled, “I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable.”

You shrugged while taking books from his hands, “We can pretend it didn’t happen”

“What if I don’t want to?” he smiled.

“Then I’ll make sure you do” you heard from behind him. Your heart skipped a beat and the books in your hands fumbled to the floor. George locked his jaw and turned around, standing next to you while facing your boyfriend. Philip’s eyes were filled with fire, his shoulders tense and hands shaking. You gave him pleading eyes.

His sworn enemy kept his chin up, saying “Nice to see you finally appreciating what you have, Hamilton” He swiftly stepped aside and past Philip, butting shoulders as he did. The freckled faced boy muttered something under his breath. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that” George stated before walking out of sight.

You took a quick breath, ready to explain what happened.

“Don’t.” he snapped.

“Philip I know it -” He shook his head, his curls dancing on his shoulders. He began giving you books the same way George had been doing, but with more aggression than charm. You sighed, accepting the books with an equal amount of anger. It was always melodrama with Philip Hamilton. You used to blame it on his poetic manner, but now you think it was just his upbringing. It was half a shock that he wasn’t burning the books George had touched.

You pushed the book he was handing you away, reexamining the bookshelf for mistakes. Philip scoffed, “Oh what, am I not doing it as well as Eacker did?” You rolled your eyes and yanked the book out of his hand, shoving it onto the bookshelf. I’m not going to let him play victim, you promised yourself. Giving him a piercing stare, you pulled him between the shelves.

“Will you keep your voice down?” You whispered angrily.

He raised his eyebrows, “Will I keep my voice down?? You didn’t ask your new boyfriend to do that, so why should I have to?” he chuckled “No no no, you wanted the entire library to hear him butter you up”

“That’s enough Philip” you warned.

He didn’t listen, “If a girl had done that with me I doubt you would’ve let it slide and I was not about to” he challenged, stepping closer to you. You slamming your palms against his chest, putting distance between you. Philip looked back at you awestruck.

“IF a girl did that with you?!” you snarled, “Girls do that with you every waking moment you have, Philip Hamilton! And I’m constantly standing in the background as girls adore you and beg for seven minutes in heaven with the curly haired Casanova of King’s College” you snapped.  He ducked his head, staring down at his shoes.

You closed your eyes and leaned against the bookshelf. Making him upset was awful, but seeing him hurt was so much worse. His pride had just been bruised and you were only making it worse. You sighed, “I love you but you’re being a fucking hypocrite” you told him in a whisper. Philip’s heart began to race. He gently lifted your chin with one hand. You gave him a slightly raised brow.


“I am a complete hypocrite” he began, “But it’s because the reaction on girl’s faces when I tell them that you’re mine is absolutely priceless” he admitted. You blushed a bit. He took both your hands in his and kissed the top of your head, his curls tickling your face. You wrapped your arms around him as your anger washed away.

Philip leaned down to whisper in your ear, “And don’t think I didn’t notice what you said, darling” You smiled, looking up at him with adoring eyes. He gave you a small kiss.

“I love you too”

bookstore date / wonwoo

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title; bookstore date

genre; fluff

summary; you and wonwoo’s first date at a bookstore!

word count; 753

req; Hi I stumbled upon your blog and I love it a lot 😍 can I request a wonwoo fluff scenario where you two are on a first date at a bookstore and it ends with a first kiss? Thank you so much! 💞💞

yesss i love this concept!! thank you for the compliment my dear, here you go <3

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