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Why I think Castiel will sacrifice his grace for Dean and die in season finale

The fandom has been going nuts and speculating vigorously about the season finale, especially after spoilers and extended promo.

Here are my thoughts as to why I think that Cas will give up his grace and meet his sorrowful ending:

1. The season title. It’s angel grace banishing the demon smoke/darkness/evil. I believe the show gave us a big hint/foreshadowing there. And I know only one angel who would  willingly give it up to have Dean cured.

2. Castiel’s grace was hidden in a book called The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, written by Miguel De Cervantes (if you have not read the book I strongly recommend you do it!). In the book the main hero Don Qixote travels together with his friend Sancho Panza to fight against the imaginary evil, getting in lot of troubles. While it’s funny, it’s more tragicomedy, especially in the end. I think the writers made a perfect choice there, because this book fits Castiel perfectly.  And I have a feeling that it was a foreshadowing once again, probably telling us how sad Castiel’s ending will be. 

3. Robbie Thompson’s tweet. “Pizza party or last supper?” Well, Guess what? One of the people sitting at that table is already dead. Maybe it will be Cas’ turn soon?

4. Misha’s words

5. Jensen’s words:

Also: Jensen said that Sam would be the one doing all the crying in the finale. I can’t find the source right now, so if you have it, drop me a PM and I will add it. Now, let’s think about it: Dean cannot die as the mark will not let him (unless he gets rid of it and THEN dies) but he died in last season so I don’t think it’s him dying AGAIN. Then, I am pretty sure Sam will not cry over Crowley as he promised Rowena to kill him. I don’t think they would make it so big if it was Crowley. I mean, yeah he is a great character but all the fandom knows that sooner or later he would die and kind of got used to this thought. So, who do we have left? Of course Cas! Now, Cas’ death would hurt like hell and that’s probably why they described the finale as emotionally traumatizing.

6. According to Misha, the finale will not only “deliver,” but it will leave viewers with a serious case of whiplash. “There’s going to be a moment when everyone breathes a collective and triumphant sigh of relief,” he says, before ominously adding, “followed by a horrific ‘oh shit’ moment.” Translation: The finale will probably make you cry. all (source)

This is all I can think of at the moment. If I remember anything more, I will add it.

Also, I hope that I am wrong. I do not want Cas to die (though probably he will be brought back).

A Phoney Number

This was a fic written for bubblebuttbarakat as part of the phanficexchange!! I was a pinch hitter as the original writer dropped out but honestly i was so stoked to write this fic omg

Summary: 17 year old Dan finally works up the courage to ask his crush for his number, except his crush is an asshole and the number reaches a sympathetic stranger instead.

Word count: 5120

A/N: just about the lamest title i’ve ever come up with. fyi, the fic becomes something losely based on 2009!phan + it requires a lot of pictures that will hopefully show up on all devices (otherwise it won’t make much sense oops)

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Happy birthday, Paul & Valérie!

The first pictures I have of the Lanoix toddlers are from November 2009… and finally, in May 2015, they turned to teens! Who said I was a slow player? :p

”Paul et Valérie” was the title of the book with which I learnt reading when I was a kid. It shows how very uninspired I was when I created that family! I hadn’t planned to play with them; they were one of these “background families” I had created just to populate the town. But I ended up by playing with all the families, and Valérie turned up into one of my favorite Sims. :)

(I might update my non-stories site “soon” (i.e before Christmas) with a season album, instead of monthly chronicles… we’ll see when I find time for this!)


A/N: Hello lovelies! It’s finally fluff week and I couldn’t resist..enjoy!

Title: Star-kissed 

Prompt: Starlight

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Summary: She worried that the stars wouldn’t show themselves, but he assured her that they weren’t gone, that she was just searching in the wrong place.
“Luce? What are we doing up here?”

“I told you, just stay patient!”

Natsu Dragneel? Patient? Yeah right.

Natsu frowned as he watched Lucy’s ponytail swing animatedly back and forth behind her head, the scent of her strawberry shampoo dominating his senses. So much so, that he couldn’t smell where they were headed, or maybe that had been her plan all along. 

Thick trees lined the mysterious path that she had dragged him on, blocking out the moonlight that would usually have been their source of light, but for now, the glowing flame that Natsu cradled in his palm would be enough. 

Lucy hadn’t told him anything about where they were headed, and to his dismay, she refused to talk. 

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Kazzy, how do I make a master list?

You just have to be pure of heart and believe.


Just kidding.

Ok, you’re going to go into “Customize” first. Over on the left hand side, you’ll see a little option to add a page. It should look like this:

Yours won’t have LoveStories or TheVioletHour, though. That would be weird. I was just giving you the big picture. Anyway. Click on that. That will take you to the page layout that will look like this:

You’ll probably add something like ‘masterlist’ to the end of the URL. Title it Master List. And in the body, you’ll list all your stories and link them. Finally, you’ll want to take a look at that thing up at the top right that says ‘Show a link to this page’. You want to make sure you click that and that it’s blue, like so:

That will ensure that your master list link shows up on your main page for your followers to see! Voila!

Team Sirgic || September ‘79

[Miriam had been debating this visit for the last couple days, but in the end two tins of cookies and two t-shirts later here she was. She realized she might have over done her not showing up empty handed rule. However, it was Sirius so she wasn’t the last bit worried about too much silliness. Shaking her shoulders, she tried to shake off the last of her anxiousness. She took a deep breath and finally raised her hand knocking, rocking back and forth unable to stand still as she waited. Grinning brightly when the door finally opened.] Guess you brought you presents!

Song Title Tag

I was tagged by torpedoed-again

Using only song names from one artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 5 people. Try not to repeat a song title; it’s a lot harder than you think!

Pick your artist/band: The Cold War Kids

Are you a male or female: God, Make Up Your Mind
Describe yourself: Sensitive Kid
How do you feel: Louder Than Ever
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Hotel Anywhere
Your favorite form of transportation: Flying Upside Down
Your best friend is: Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
You and your best friends are: Mexican Dogs
Favorite time of day: Finally Begin
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: Bitter Poem
What is life to you: Loner Phase
Your relationship: Mine is Yours
Your fear: Dreams Old Men Dream

I tag floralphilia, dany-plz, mylifeistheprogressbar, taintedlyrium, travelingqueer

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Pokeshipping: “We should go out on a date. An official one.”

You’ve been seeing a lot of each other recently.

Oh, it’s a lot easier to do so now that Ash has finally come home from his trainer journey. After receiving his Master’s title, he’s decided to take a well-deserved rest so that he can spend time with his mom and the Pokemon he’s kept housed at Professor Oak’s preserve.

Only, he hasn’t been spending time with just his mom and his other Pokemon, has he?

No, he’s also been going quite far out of the way to spend time with you; which is nice and all, but also slightly disconcerting since he shows up in Cerulean City whenever he damn well pleases, and then he brings you coffee during his seven a.m. visits (the few times that he makes them and arrives just in time to see you coming downstairs to open up the gym for the day), and then there are the times he says that you haven’t talked in awhile and you should both go catch up over lunch and that Pikachu can help babysit the Pokemon and one of your sisters can take care of challenging trainers for the next hour or two, can’t they?

Honestly, after the sporadic emails and phone-calls that you’ve endured for the past few years, this is all a nice change of pace… but it does leave you curious as to his intentions (and even more-so when your sisters find out how much time you two have spent together and they start giggling and jumping up and down in excitement and claiming that baby sister Misty finally has a boyfriend).

So you start to wonder about that. Surely not, right?

Ash has never been romantic in any way, and has never led you to believe that his house calls and lunch invites were more than friendly except… maybe

“So May was asking me to fly out to Sinnoh sometime within the next few weeks to watch her compete in the Coordinating Festival championships there,” Ash tells you absently, dunking a few fries in the glob of ketchup beside them and shoving them all in his mouth at once.

“Oh, you too? Yeah, she sent me a text a few days ago asking the same thing. She says she’s aiming for the top this time and needs all the back-up she can get to support her,” you respond almost automatically, watching your best friend for any telltale signs that might show he has a specific purpose hidden underneath all of his recent endeavors.

“Really? That’s great; then we should go together.”

And there it is… sort of.

There’s no lingering gaze, no inching out to take your hand in his, nothing to lead you to believe that there’s a beneath the beneath to his phrasing. Nothing at all.

So, you think, perhaps you’re just reading too much into things.

“Um, I guess we can plan for that,” you begin, taking a drink of your sweetened iced tea, “Anyway, how’s your mom? I hope you’ve been spending enough time with her. She never got to see much of you while you were traveling before.”

“No, I know that, I’ve been making time. I’ve been helping her in the garden and letting her use my Pokemon to help too. Heracross lifts the bags of soil and pulls weeds, Totodile and Oshawott help with watering the seeds. It’s been making things a lot easier for her, and more efficient.

“Oh, before I forget, she also said I should invite you over for dinner sometime soon. Maybe we could do that before flying to Sinnoh to see May? It would be on the way if we just registered for a trip leaving from Pallet Town.”

Dinner with the family, an overnight cross-country trip, multiple lunch dates and impromptu visits, no third party guests or interruptions (even including Pikachu).

Honestly, if this wasn’t Ash, you’d be completely certain that all the signs are there.

“Mm, maybe so,” you murmur, clearing your throat and taking a bite of your grilled salmon. Then you decide to punch through the wall of ice between you both without a second thought.

“So, you’ve kind of missed me a lot, huh, Mr. Pokemon Master?” you ask him in soothing confidence, ignoring the small smirk that plasters itself on his face at the thought that your nickname for him is actually factually accurate now and not just a prod to his massive ego.

He quirks a brow, puckers his lower lip (seemingly in confusion), and then responds without even an ounce of doubt

“Of course I did. We’re supposed to be friends, right? I haven’t seen much of you in the longest time. Besides, life’s kinda boring without you around, though I guess I should have told you that years ago.”

Years ago, huh…? Your grin grows ever wider at the mention of all that time wasted.

“Then maybe you should ask me out.”

Ash blinks, apparently still befuddled, and tilts his head an inch or so to the left, “I should… what?”

“We should go out on a date. An official one. It makes sense if your life is so boring without me playing an active, major role in it, right?” you ask, ready for all of the ageless denial, kicking, screaming, and fussing Ash would have used in order to distract you both from moving forward in the past.

Surprisingly, he does none of this.

Surprisingly, he agrees.

Surprisingly, he stays overnight in Cerulean City and shows up at your door the next day with (albiet, slightly wilted-looking) flowers before you both walk the six blocks to your hometown’s best seaside restaurant.

Surprisingly together.

Sorry this took so long, anon! I hope you liked it!

Also, just a note to everyone else, I’m still working on those other requests you sent me! ^^ I think I have three or four left but I’ll have to check! (Thanks for showing up late as ever to the game, hollylu-pokeship-art, and handing me your request yesterday. XD)


The Consulting Analyst – The Love That Blossomed in Wintertime
-Vrai Kaiser

The intro is here.

Just in case you forgot, episode 1’s cartoon jerkface is the one who figures out the show’s thesis.

Episode Specifics: On the eve of the final duel, Akio instructs Touga to pick a gift and deliver it Utena, saying it was from the chairman. To Touga’s shock, Utena accepts it shyly – and Akio spends the rest of the episode showing up the playboy prince (and seeming to prove Utena to be an “ordinary” princess after all). Trying to work out his feelings Touga goes to Saionji, and the two discuss the web of manipulations and miracles that brought them here.

The title of this episode might be the most weighted in terms of imagery and symbolic ties. Obviously forefront is that image of the flowering cactus: Touga realizing that he’s developed real feelings for Utena (the blossom on top being the “head” bursting into clarity and also a point of vulnerability popping out from all those prickly, self-sufficient needles). Phrasing it as a “blooming” love knits it to the recurring poppy motif throughout the episode (most prominently the rebirth/change aspect, I’d say). And the wintertime refers to the timeline of the series, of the development of Touga’s plans and worldview to now, and his age (he is the oldest of the adolescent characters, despite being perhaps the least prepared to graduate). And of course, a blossom is almost certainly doomed to die in winter. Especially if the object of your affections has already fallen for someone who’s been by their side since the beginning.

Creator Commentary: Touga’s character changes personalities between the beginning (episodes 1-13) and the end (episodes 25-39). What changed him?

Read the rest over at the blog!

150520: Jungyeon’s Fancafe Post

150520: Hello to our fans!

This is A6P’s leader Jungyeon~

Today, finally, everyone and us has been waiting for our music to be released online.
My heart is overfilled with joy because up until now, today, we’ve zealously worked to show these results.
Everyone believe this!

Please give our title track “Face Off” a lot of love.
In the future we’ll work harder for the second song, for the third song and even longer – we’ll become a group that doesn’t disappoint!
I believe we can do this with you ~♥

Thank you very, very much! So, next time I’ll see you on the broadcast stage! Don’t skip dinner and have a good day!

Trans cr; Kaytie @ a6pboys
© take out with full credits!


So I just watched the Flash season finale and my mind so blown I needed to gather my thoughts somewhere, and I figured tumblr is the home of jumbled fandom thoughts and excitations

Fair warning to the three people that are kind enough to read this MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

So The Flash, other than being one of the greatest TV shows right now, might be the greatest superhero TV show of all time. It proved itself worthy of such a title with the fan-fricking-tastic finale. I don’t know how to break up all the thoughts I had during the finale, so I’m just going to list them:

1. Barry’s decision to travel back in time - he struggled with it for so long, and I swear to god only Cisco had his head screwed on straight this time (granted the resolution of the time travel was brilliant, but more on that later) , but seriously, first there was the GUARANTEE of losing this timeline, his own dads (yes dads) said no but still he was for it, then the second sign: the risk of ripping a black hole that cold suck up the earth, HOW DID THAT NOT STOP YOU BARRY? ARE YOU CRAZY!!?

2. Barry and Joe’s relationship - throughout this whole episode Barry and Joe’s conversations made me constantly teary, at the end when he says ‘good bye dad’, I wept like a baby, cause think about it, that was the last time Barry would see Joe in this way. Who knows what their relationship would be like in the new timeline. 

3. The New Timeline - though by the end of the finale, it actually doesn’t come true, I couldn’t help but think what the hell it would be like. Barry would have both parents. Joe and Iris would just live next door. Maybe no Cisco. Possibly different powered superheroes. Would it affect arrow? There was so much that was possible now that I think about it, there was no way the show could’ve gone there

3. Eddie Thawne

Eddie oh Eddie, you were pegged to die or become evil from the very start but I still loved you. Eddie’s arc sort of came to an end in the finale when he shot himself in the chest to save Barry. Yes Eddie died taking Eobard with him. Eddie’s conversation Martin Stein (btw absolutely love Stein and Victor Garber) about coincidences sort of gave Eddie a new purpose and him dying a hero just made his time on the show special. Though with him being sucked into the black hole, I really do think he’ll be back. Possibly the new reverse flash me thinks. Though Eddie is not the type to be evil, unless it was in the small window where eobard told him the future and he lost all self-respect. 

4. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Tom Cavanaugh 

I don’t know when or if Tom will ever be back but oh my god I give him all the awards for what he did with Harrison’s character. I have never loved a villain this much. I honestly don’t hate him because as awful as he can be, he has this way of showing love and admiration to people that hate him that make you want to give him a hug. 

5. The wedding

Ahhhh it was so simple and cute and the timing was perfect for Barry to make realizations, even though he still decides to time travel. I wish Caitlin had gotten more of a stronger arc this season but by the looks of the ‘future’ things are going to get a little frosty ;)

6. The tears

I teared up way too many time this episode:

-        When Barry’s dad tells him not to go and how proud he is of Barry and how his mum would’ve never wanted him to do this

-        The conversation between Joe and Barry on Barry not wanting to ever lose Joe

-        When Eddie dies, like why Eddie!? Why!?

-        The entire scene when Barry travels back in time. The absolute despair he’s in when he realizes he can’t save his mum and when he finally gets closure for her death because he knows she passed happy. I cried so much when he was telling her everything and how happy she was to hear it.

7. Iris and Barry

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Iris but she has started picking up after she found out Barry was the flash, hopefully the next season brings her a stronger less annoying arc.

8. The references

Oh my god so many references this episode. Some to the future of this show, some to the Legends of Tomorrow. All got me so pumped for the future of all DC TV series.

-        The time sphere, Rip Hunter and hawkgirl were all mentioned or seen in this episode and I can’t wait for the new show. I’m assuming the black hole might have something to do with the new show too. Also Harrison must be younger than Rip Hunter if Rip hunter built the first time sphere.

-        KILLER FROST was shown for a fraction of a second. Because it was when Barry was seeing periods of time in the current timeline that means killer frost is coming soon!! And she looks good!!

-        Vibe, Ciscos predisposition to become Vibe was hinted at when Harrison goes on about his ability to read the VIBRATIONS of time and how he’d have a glorious future ahead of him.

-        Jay Garrick’s helmet!! Omg in the teaser for legends of tomorrow, there was a small second of what was possibly the helmet next to the time sphere, but in this episode they made it pretty damn obvious. There’s been rumours milling about new speedsters joining the show, particularly kid flash, but now we know for sure Jay Garrick is close by. Don’t know how or when but he’s coming…

9.  The black hole incident.

Not sure how or why this happened but HOW CAN YOU FINISH A SEASON LIKE THAT!!? HOW!? WHY!? HOW DO WE DESERVE THIS!?

That is all.

10. AAARGH so many feelings and thoughts and I don’t know how I’m going to wait for the new season. All in all this was a phenomenal episode for a phenomenal show and if you know someone that’s not watching it, fix that. 

An update for all my followers. This is a very small sneak peek of the comic I’ve lingered on about since 2 semesters ago. Formally titled"Show me no mercy".
The process is moving slower paced then normal, due to schooling and business, but I’m finally cracking down with this semester being done and with deadlines coming up, and am almost finished. I’ll give a few more sneaked inked pages before I release the full thing for sale. Thanks!

YOU TITLE IT // Keenan & Lux

The blonde waited eagerly by the back exit, itching to be outside, and with Keenan. Lux couldn’t have been more ecstatic when Keenan had showed up at Serenity. They had gone so long without each other, and though she knew her tumour needed immediate attention, it was still hard to be away from the only person she considered her family or friend. She had done okay making friends inside of Serenity, but she still missed him. Now, however, they were reunited and could finally spend time together, and with Keenan being a staff, it pretty much gave them the entire out door area to do whatever they wanted. For him, that probably meant light something -or many things- on fire. She was never a very judgmental person, but if that’s what he found fun and what he wanted to do, then so be it. At the sound of footsteps, the girl turned around quickly. Instantly she recognized him, and a smile grew on her face.


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They've built Emison up into a beautiful thing and their not even going to give them a chance??? I'm actually really pissed about this info.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a punch in the face, but don’t give up though! The actors only know as far ahead as what they’ve filmed. We have no idea what could happen in 6b. Ali is finally going to be a main player in the show, without the negative titles attached to her. Emison still has a chance. Emily and Ali have to get to know each other as friends again before anything else can happen. Besides, all of our favorite scenes were the sexual tension “friendship scenes”. I wouldn’t mind some more of those ;)

Either way this goes, a ship is a ship whether or not it’s canon. Emison only ends when we want it to. :)

From 10/5/2014 to 10/5/2015

It’s confusing how things can change in one year. Today, on 10/5/2015, I find myself going back with my mind to 10/5/2014. 2014 … The best year of my life I’d like to say. I thought I finally found true friends who decided to stand by my side till the end, my best friend, at that time, Rawan made me a surprise party, it wasn’t really a party, but I was in town for few hours and going back home, but even though I know she was busy, she showed up and got me a small slice of cake and sang to me in front of everyone at the mall and bought me a book of my favorite author Ahmed Mourad, it was if the title “1919″ it was so rare to find this book back then as it was newly published, but she struggled and got it for me. We didn’t do much we just walked around the town and talked about a lot of things and somehow she managed to make it one of the best days of my life. And now it’s 10/5/2015 I had to wait for her impatiently to wish me a happy birthday, I was literally begging for it from god, I know if she didn’t talk to me today it would break my heart, but then she did wish me a happy birthday, and it better late than never, but she said it so coldly, it’s like she said it because she had to. God after she said it, I put my phone away and prayed to Allah and cried, remembering last year’s birthday with her, she was one of the very few people who knew how to make me happy, in the middle of the sobs she’d know how to make me laugh. Today just felt incomplete, in fact, it’s an awful day, grey, cold, humid, I’m breathing in but the oxygen just doesn’t seem to fill my lungs, God I love her so much, I miss her, but I also can’t forget how bad she hurt me, the thing is she got hurt thinking that I hurt her, and the same thing with me! so explaining things now won’t make a big change, the damage has already occurred, and no matter what, things won’t get back to normal and we won’t trust each other again ever. Everyday I recall our memories together, I cry about it, shower and then go to bed with tears staining my cheeks. That’s the difference between me and you, I love you that much that I cry over you, but you never cried over me.

Thanks god she doesn’t have Tumblr.

bimulder asked:


ijustwantedyoutoneedme​ also asked :D thanks my darlings! xx

  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown: daryl i mean he’s a puppy
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown: rosita
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face: FATHER GABRIEL
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car: mAGGE AND TARA
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips: dARYL OH MY GOD TOTALLY DARYL
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine: rick the idiot
  • character who shows up late for everything: abraham, and he walks in with a stupid arrogant cute smile
  • character who is the worst kisser: eugene (but he gets better with practice)
  • character who takes 45 minutes showers: hopefully daryl or rick and together
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif: gareth the stupid cannibal hipster

Records coming my way:

-Say Anything’s “…Is A Real Boy” box set
-Knuckle Puck’s “While I Stay Secluded” and “The Weight You Buried.”
-Pet Symmetry’s “Pets Hounds” and “Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles.”
-Joyce Manor’s self-titled and “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired.”


On the brightside, Brand New’s “Deja Entendu” finally showed up yesterday!