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Alternate Title: Somepony that I Used to Know

Well this episode was a lot of fun. It was great that they called on prior events from the show, even though they were miniscule by any standard, rather than create a new memory to play off of. The unresolved tale of Moondancer’s party has finally been answered! And it was quite an answer, at that. Well written, well executed, great moments of drama and humor, it was just good. It’s the quality of episode that I get up in the morning for.

I’m going to go ahead and nip the Twilight Sparkle parallel conversation here. Yes, using Twilight’s design, recolored, is serviceable if not particularly creative. It gives the opportunity to explore a different path, visually, that Twilight might have wandered down. Yes, her color palette is similar to Sunset Shimmer, another Twilight parallel. I think this is more of a coincidence of the colors working well in contrast to Twilight’s. Yellow and purple, baby, you can’t go wrong. I think, as a stand alone design, Moondancer’s is excellent, and does a good job of matching her posture, her character, and her voice. But maybe I just have a thing for thick necked sweaters and shirts.

6 Reasons ‘Fallout 4′ is Bethesda’s Most Ambitious Game Ever

“More RPG Elements than Previous Fallout Titles

While the game still contains your starting attributes, it looks like skills have gone completely. Instead, your starting stats will influence skills such as speech, lock picking and weapons, with further customization done via perks.”

i hope each and every one of you is fucking proud of yourselves for allowing this article to be drafted, proofread, final drafted, and published to the real world to show up on my fucking phone as a recommendation
Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairings in this chapter: Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu (main), Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi

Word Count: 6351 (chapter 5 of 8)

It’s a good thing Asahi and Noya are prepared to be there for each other, because they’re both going to need to do just that.

Chapter 5 of my transvolleys fic is finally up!

(Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4)

Fans want a spin-off show starring Sherlock and Irene Adler - but what should it be called?

Two-thirds of more than 4,000 people who voted in our poll said they’d like to see Benedict Cumberbatch and Lara Pulver in their own series - but what would they get up to and what should the title be?

Fans want a spin-off show starring Sherlock and Irene Adler - but what should it be called?

The last time Sherlock fans saw Irene Adler she was being saved from certain death by Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective, who dispatched a band of terrorists in the final scene of A Scandal in Belgravia.

Ever since then, viewers have been wondering what happened next between Sherlock and Lara Pulver’s whip-smart dominatrix, who was the closest he’d come to a love interest following the sexy battle of wits that unfolded in the series two adventure.

So after writer and co-creator Steven Moffat revealed that the pair meet up for their version of “a night of passion” every six months, fans’ imaginations went into overdrive and when we asked whether they’d like to see a spin-off series following the adventures of Sherlock and Irene, the answer was a resounding yes.

Over two-thirds (68%) of the 4,235 people who voted said the pair should get their own show. The question is, what exactly would it involve? Would Sherlock and Irene’s Nights of Passion (and if you don’t like that for a title, post your own ideas below) see her turning over a new leaf and becoming Sherlock’s crime-solving bit on the side (sorry, John). Or would she instead lead the detective down the other path?

After all, it was Sherlock Holmes himself who once said “I don’t mind confessing to you that I have always had an idea that I would have made a highly efficient criminal…”


I Only Wish I Had the Strength to Let it Show

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa & Connie/Sasha (if you please ;3), Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern AU; High school

Rating: T (Language and Sexual Implications)

Words: 2555

Notes: Totally inspired by a comment left by artbybanky who thought Sasha would go about different ways to get Eren and Mikasa together and finally just get fed up and have to do something a bit more drastic because damn they take too long. The title is from “Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” by REO Speedwagon.


Sasha loved Mikasa, she did. Mikasa was Sasha’s best friend for years now; they spent so many sleepovers together, so many secrets, so many poor received make overs, so many nights laughing till their stomachs hurt but Sasha told it like it was. Sasha loved Mikasa, but Mikasa needed to man up and grow some for once. In all those years, Sasha flittered around which boys were cute, who she’d kiss who she’d never go near but Mikasa never changed, there was always only one boy on her mind.

Granted, Sasha couldn’t blame her; Mikasa had a gorgeous neighbor. Eren might’ve been a little scrawny thing when he was growing up, though Mikasa never seemed to mind, by the time they hit their upperclassman years puberty had done him well. He grew into that body of his, turquoise eyes bright against his naturally tanned skin and messy brown hair. He might not have been Sasha’s type but she could appreciate. Mikasa was the one who was smitten and hard but refused to actually make a move.

Okay, so they were childhood friends, Sasha got that but it was getting ridiculous. Mikasa was too afraid that telling Eren would ruin their friendship, that he only ever saw her as his friend next door. She didn’t seem to notice the way he turned down plenty of prospective dates to hang out with her instead.

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EMMYS: Stars Overdue for a Nomination

WHY SHE’S OVERDUE: Emmy voters have always seemed a bit frightened of FX’s brutal “Hamlet on Harleys,” which has only ever been nominated for its music (the main title theme in its first year, and the original song “Day is Gone” last year). Despite Sagal winning a Golden Globe in 2011, her portrayal of Gemma, TV’s most fierce and manipulative mother, has been ignored by the Academy (which, by the way, never nominated her for “Married… With Children” either).

WHY IT’S TIME: Yes, Gemma took a carving fork to the head of her son’s wife in the Season 6 finale and her cover-up birthed a street war and massive body count in the show’s final ride. But it’s the quiet, dialogue-driven scenes that we remember: Gemma asking a teary Nero (an equally Emmy-worthy JIMMY SMITS) if they really deserve something better, Gemma saying goodbye to her Alzheimer’s-stricken father (HAL HOLBROOK), and most of all, Gemma calmly coaxing Jax (CHARLIE HUNNAM) to remain true to who she always wanted him to be in her final moments. — (Yahoo! TV)

New Guy Weekly wrapped up this weekend! I made every part of all 40 episodes (lone exception: the finale’s special effects, created by the wonderful ibrews​) for cracked​. 

I am blogging thoughts and feelings about the show every day this week. Come back to this blog or tag search “New Guy Weekly Blog” for more posts.

Post #1: every episode had a secret title (example above, from the finale) that was on screen for fewer and fewer frames every week. All the YouTube pages and titles had the necessary info, so I made the in-video titles into easter eggs. 

Why do that? Short version of a long answer: jokes are free, time is expensive, and giving fans something that’s just for them is the best thing you can do with a recurring format. If you’re not doing that, why are you making a series?

That last easter egg title asked if somebody could list all the egg-titles for me, and danged if New Guy fan CN Williamson didn’t do it. List is below, along with episode links.

EP1: Chillin’ Like A Nashvillain
EP2: Youtube 4 Youguys
EP3: Pier Thoughts
EP4: Night Moves
EP5: Cliffsnoteskaze
EP6: Crisiskaze
EP7: It’s Pronounced Target
EP8: Rebel Without A Commute Alternative
EP9: As You Like It HA HA You Read This Tiny Print To See A Shakespeare Reference
EP10: The Clip Show
EP11: Old Comedians Are Fucking Hacks
EP12: [no easter egg title]
EP13 (EP14): Nick Mundy Is A Goddamn Prince
EP14: I Misnumbered The Prev. Episode
EP15: He’s The D.O.B. As You Can See
EP16: In Which Our Hero Acquires All The Cursed Tikis He Can
EP17: A remake of ‘Christine’ By Stephen King
EP18: Started From The iPhone Now We Here
EP19: Puppies All The Way Down
EP20: As Live As Iggy Azalea Is Real
EP21: I Love You, HoneyBren
EP22: Hashtag Hail To The Chief
EP23: Mr. Bananagrabber Was An Illusion
EP24: Q: Are you not men? A: You are Dalek!
EP25: There Are Almost More Of These Than I Am Years Old
EP26: Who’s The Bossypants?
EP27: The Story Of New Guy’s Life
EP28: That’s Right, Another One!
EP29: Valar Doh! My Iris
EP30: This Week Was All His Idea And It’s Brilliant
EP31: A Face In The Crowd and also an iPhone
EP32: There Are No Spoilers On Me
EP33: Come Fly With Whomever I Might Be
EP34: Rain Rain Forget What I Said Please Come Back You’re All I’ve Ever Wanted
EP35: Basically The Opposite Of Snow White
EP36: Danger’s My Pal’s First Name
EP37: Can I Get A New New California Republic Pls
EP38: It Took Me Till After Making This To Realize There’s No DinoCam
EP39: Jack Benny’s Age, Forever
EP40: Somebody Make A List Of These And Send It To Me

Child Molester? (Kai Parker x Reader)

Don’t let the title fool you lol.
Background Info: you are a 17yr old witch in Mystic Falls. You help out the gang as much as possible but since you’re one of the youngest, they try to keep you out of everything to keep you safe. You found something of worth to Damon and Stefan and decided to show them. You meet Kai instead.
You drove up to the Salvatore house a little excited of your discovery. You had been reading every grimoire that you could get your hands on and finally stumbled upon something worth the read. You found a spell on how you can get Bonnie back safely, without having to use the help of that psychopath. You had forgotten his name already, but you were told to keep a far distance from him.

After knocking on the door you were surprised by an unfamiliar face. He looked you up and down with no shame and smirked.

“And who do I owe the pleasure to?” He asked with a smile and an outstretched hand.

“I’m Y/N…” You said awkwardly, as you took his hand, expecting a simple handshake. Instead, he took your hand and kissed it, catching you completely off guard. He finally decided that now was a good time to let you in as he opened the door and moved aside, all the while, checking you out. You had to admit that he was hot, but you were really uncomfortable from this unwanted attention.

As you awkwardly stood in the hallway, leaned against the wall with the grimoire in your hand, you tried to avoid the penetrating gaze of the stranger in front of you. This dude was seriously “eye-fucking” you and didn’t seem to care that you have noticed. Clearing your throat to snap him out of whatever he was thinking about, you finally spoke.

“So um….who are you?” You asked shyly, trying not to look him in the eyes.

“My name is Malachi Parker. Friends just call me Kai. If I had friends.” He answered sweetly, slowly making his way closer to you.

Kai. That name sounded so familiar to you but you just couldn’t put your finger on it. As you were pondering on the familiarity of his name, you failed to realize that he was still slowly moving closer to you. It then hit you. Damon had been complaining about somebody named, Kai, and how he had been drinking up his bourbon. Damon described the situation as, “If I come home one more time, to that little psychopath drinking all my bourbon, I’ll rip his throat out.”

Once you realized that this man standing in front of you was Kai Parker, the sociopath, the one that everyone told you to stay away from, you r eyes widened with fear. You jumped to see that he was now by you, leaning on the wall, smirking at you.

“Where are Damon and Stefan?” You asked in a confident voice while slowly distancing yourself from him.

“Damon went out for a snack. He’ll be back in a few.” He said, inching himself towards you.

At that moment, to your delight, Damon and Stefan opened the door and came in.

“Hey guys!” You said all too quickly as you rushed over there to greet them.

“Y/N what are you doing here? Why is your heart beating so fast? Are you scared?” Damon asked with a concerned look on his face. He finally looked up at Kai and realized why you were so anxious to see them.

You were in the middle of hugging Stefan when you heard a huge thud. You turned to see Damon choking Kai on the wall. Kai was actually laughing.

“If you touched her, I swear to God, I’ll-”

“Rip my throat out? Yeah that ones getting old Damon. You better get some new lines. Besides I didn’t touch her. We were bonding until we were so rudely interrupted” Kai interrupted Damon with a confident smirk on his face. As soon as he said this Damon let him and down and looked over to you for confirmation. You looked back at him and Kai, confused but just nodded your head.

“So what did you find for us this time, little witch?” Stefan asked while playfully tugging your hair. You rolled your eyes at his playfulness as you all made your way to the living room.

As you were explaining to Stefan what you found, you could still feel Kai’s eyes on you. You tried your best to ignore it but was interrupted by Damon’s voice.

“Why are you looking at her like that?” Damon said to Kai with the biggest stank face you could possibly imagine.

“Like what?” Kai asked innocently.

“Like a creep. Don’t even think about it, Psycho. She doesn’t have an interest in 40-yr old men, child molester.” Damon said with disgust.

“Says the 100 and something year old vampire that fell in love with a 17 year old girl.” Kai said with that same smirk.

“Damon. Don’t even bother. Just let Y/N finish telling us what she found.” Stefan said calmly, while placing his hand on your back.

“Well I can’t focus on the story with this psycho perv, eye-fucking her.” Damon protested.

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, you shifted in your seat and cleared your throat. Stefan glared at Kai and Damon while patting your back. The obvious tension between Kai and Damon was almost becoming unbearable, until Kai broke the silence.

“You know, you don’t need to do all that work Y/N.” He said with a devious smile.

“What do you mean?” You glared at him with annoyance.

“Well I am the leader of the Gemini coven and that does make me, megapowerful.” He said with a smile.

“Oh spit it out Kai!” Damon yelled, having enough of his games.

“Hey I’m just saying that I could get us to Bonnie without having to do a complicated spell like that.”

“Then let’s do it. We can’t waste anymore time.” You said quickly.

“Slow down, little chipmunk. There is one condition.” He said with a smirk. “You, my dear Y/N, have to kiss me.” As he finished his statement with his arms stretched out, you couldn’t do anything but stare at him in shock. This time it was Stefan who had enough.

“I’ll rip your lips off! What the hell is wrong with you?! You just met her, you creep.” Stefan said while standing up.

“Take it or leave it.” Kai said while looking straight at you.

You had to think about Bonnie. You wanted your friend to safely find her way back to you guys and you missed her. She would have probably done the same for any of us, even Damon. You had to do it. Just one kiss wouldn’t hurt. One kiss in exchange for Bonnie’s life wasn’t such a bad deal. You sighed and stood up causing a commotion from both Salvatore brothers.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to Y/N.” Damon said, shooting glares at Kai.

“One simple kiss in exchange for Bonnie? I’ll take it. It’s fine. It’s just a kiss right?” You said assuringly.

“And trust me Damon, she’s gonna want to, many times after this.” Kai said with his signature smirk.

“I will end you.” Damon spat at Kai while patting you on the shoulder with an apologetic look.

You stood in front of a smiling Kai and sighed. “Ready for the time of your life?” He asked confidently. You rolled your eyes in response and took a deep breath. Before he was ready you have him a peck on the cheek and smiled.

“What was that?!” He asked in disbelief.

“You said a kiss. You weren’t specific on where or what kind. By the way, a deals a deal.” You said with a smirk as you heard the laughter of Stefan and Damon behind you.

This resulted in a glare from Kai as his cheeks turned a bright red, causing an even louder eruption of laughter from the Salvatores.

“Is the little psycho blushing?! Are you embarrassed?” Damon pointed at him while laughing uncontrollably.

With this, Kai stomped out of the house, earning you a high five from each of the Salvatores.

Sorry this is poorly written but it was kind of in the heat of the moment. There shall be a part 2!!


My video for today finally finished processing!
(Kill me for the title, trust me I know)
I’ve bought a lot of random items lately and i’ve really been wanting to show them off, so here we are! If you watch and like, then please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for more~

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Hoshi no sumika

This is the one illustration I’ve been waiting to do ever since I first watched Tiger&Bunny and I’m extremely happy that I’ve finally been able to just haul up in my room and focus on it. Based on the first ending title song of the show-… - that somehow stuck with me emotionally in a way that I couldn’t get the melody or the (gorgeous) bike scene out of my head
I forgot all the things Kotetsu keeps on his wrists rip

The End: A playlist of some of my favorite final songs from some of my favorite musicals

One (Reprise) / Finale - A Chorus Line // Finale B - Rent // Falling Slowly (Reprise) - Once // Finale - In The Heights // Light - Next to Normal // Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You - The Last Five Years // When I Grow Up / Naughty (Reprise) - Matilda the Musical // Finale - Wicked // For Now - Avenue Q // Finale - Pippin // Find My Way / Finale - Legally Blonde the Musical // Finale - Thoroughly Modern Millie // The Song of Purple Summer - Spring Awakening // Finale - (title of show) 


Just started my final piece of coursework for my media course and no questions about it, i’m talking about Beth Greene and Sansa Stark and there ‘coming of age’ representations. 

Anyone got anything to say about one of the characters (or both) with there TV representations of growing up, the male presents in there journey and physical/mental pain or anything which will be a good area to talk about. 

This is the title -  ‘An investigation into the representation of young woman ‘coming of age’, focusing on the character from TV shows, including Beth Greene (The Walking Dead) and Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)’

No One’s Here To Sleep [police au]

Title:No One’s Here To Sleep” | read on livejournal
Pairing: none (hinted jikook?)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, comedy, action
Word count: 1552
Warnings: nothing particularly strong, a little blood, a little violence, firearms
Note: disclaimer: i have no flipping idea what i’m talking about. (also the pictures don’t seem to show up and i dont know why? im sorry..)

“We finally have a new lead on the Jung case, do you have the report, Mr Park?” The young researcher fumbles with the manila folder but holds it up.

“Ah-h, yes sir, here you g–”

“No time for that, Park, come with us,” Captain Min’s word is law at the station. 

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“Do you hear it, Ash? The crowd! They are itching to witness out rematch! Yes, I can feel it from all the way over here! The tension you are feeling in the anticipation of battling me once again! But fear not, my friend, for I, Dome Ace Tucker, will bathe you in a brilliant glow! Right here! Right now! My dear fans, let the final match between the Superstar Tucker and the Rising Star Ash commence!!”

The exuberant looking man reached his arms high into the sky as the roof of the Battle Dome began to part. The night sky was revealed and the inner lights began to dim. With Pokemon on hand and a cheering crowd to back him up, he gave his Pokéballs a firm grasp before holding them high into the air. His face was washed with the soft glow from the celestial bodies from above, causing his attire to give off a dazzling glow.

“My title is not just for show, Ash! There are millions of people watching you and I right now, so try not to embarrass yourself! Ahahaha!! I sorely underestimated you during our first match, but I can promise you that I won’t make the same mistake this time!!”

((The final ooc post! Title tentative won out (both in private comments) and in the poll itself. Downpour’s elements can be shown throughout other stuff I plan to do for this blog though. So no biggie.

The first things first however is the stupid short dating sim! But while I’m working on that I’ll announce the first subject of the VN: It will deal mainly with conflict stemming between Demacia and Bilgewater. (I plan on dealing with citystate relationships beyond just the normal noxus/demacia Zaun/piltover battles) Tentative characters to show up are as follows:.

Jarvan- Galio- Quinn - Xin Zhao- Garen- Lux- Sona - Poppy- Shyvanna =l= Graves - Fizz-  Nami - Twisted Fate - Miss Fortune- Gangplank - Nautilus

And minor characters have yet to be determined.

If you want a say in or wish to lend a hand with this first part  of this worldbuilding please contact me! You’ll also get a pick in deciding what minor characters might show up. There’s no obligation to do so whatsoever- but I’m believing you guys too when you say you wanna see something big.

 This isn’t something I can manage alone. But with help I want to make something for the community to enjoy. If it doesn’t work out- I’m okay with that too. No hard feelings. Now thank you for helping me gather some info on the sort of stuff you guys would like to see- and now back to regular askbloggin/roleplay content. Ciao! -Lin))

Title: We Walk
Rating: Teen
Characters: Dean/Castiel, Benny
AO3 Link
Notes: Finally got around to writing purgatory after forever. Have some soul fondling~

It feels like a noir movie, Dean muses to himself, stepping over a branch, an Angel and a Vampire at his back—like he should be wearing a suit and a fedora toting around a pistol in his pocket and chain-smoking his lungs away.

 But that’s not where he is—no, he’s stuck in a forest with no way out, trees and bugs flanking him for miles. That, and the owl that keeps showing up on the lowest of tree branches, beady black eyes watching him at every turn.

How Game of Thrones the TV show works:

  1. Amazing theme and title sequence.
  2. First season, which is utter perfection.
  3. Second season, plus battle scenes I add in my head because HBO is like the most popular network on Earth, but still apparently has no money for horses.
  4. Third season is…um, okay. Yeah. The books were better.
  5. Fourth season. I guess they made one? I’m not sure. The book was literally 900 pages of side characters walking around the map. I can’t even remember what happened. The show made up a bunch of new people and had them argue. I didn’t watch it.
  6. Fifth season. Daenerys finally becomes Pokemon master. Tyrion realizes the power to defeat Thulsa Doom was inside him the whole time. Sansa got raped, but her vagina has fangs because of that deal her dad made with Sheogorath so she bit the dude’s penis off. Jon Snow becomes Santa Claus and brings joy to the children of Westeros. If you can’t tell, I didn’t read the fifth book yet, or watch the show. I am making all of this up.
  7. Sixth season. Two words: IN SPACE.
  8. Seventh season. The Dothraki form an alliance with the Romulans and go to war with the Cardassians. Sisko tries to use the Force to stop them but Geordi’s visor falls off and his laser eyes shoot Zombie Kal Drogo in the face, and it ruins everything. A billion people die in the resulting Spice Jihad.
  9. Season Eight. It turns out George R. R. Martin was the Cylon the entire time. He admits that humans truly are the superior race, and returns to the Mother Borg Cube. So he can finally teach them how to love.
  10. Season Nine: Game of Thrones to finally be decided by jump ball match between the Giants and Tigers. Rico tries a Flip Six Three Hole to win the pickup point, but then he gets dialed out of the Matrix because the Super Mutants are attacking Vault 101.
  11. Season Ten: I am declared the winner of the Game of Thrones. I am rewarded with a coupon for one free four-way with Emilia Clarke, Gina Torres, and that woman from college who said she was a lesbian, but was still TOTALLY into me, I could fucking tell, like seriously, I’m not wrong. They all refuse to even say hi to me, and Gina Torres kicks me in the nuts. I try to shrug it off by eating some pigeon pie. I choke on it and die.
  12. Season Eleven: When I get to the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife, Osiris tells me that it wasn’t actually the pie-choking that killed me, but poisoned wine. When I ask him who poisoned it, he laughs and says “I don’t know, it was over 9000!” I tell him that not only is that meme out of date and unfunny, he didn’t even do it right. He punishes me by having Ammit eat my heart, condemning me to wander the Night Lands as a deformed, demented soul for all eternity.
  13. Season Twelve: Winter finally comes. It’s about two degrees colder than average, with 6-10 inches of snow. It lasts two weeks.

chaoticallyawkward asked:

Hey! c:

Opening Credits: Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
Waking Up: Five Nights at Freddy’s - The Living Tombstone
First Day At School: Diana - One Direction (don’t judge me)
Falling In Love: Rather Be - Clean Bandit
Fight Song: Starlight - Muse
Breaking Up: Let It Go - Idina Menzel (holy fuck??)
Life’s OK: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Getting Back Together: Winter Song - Ronan Keating
Wedding:  The Little Mermaid Main Title Theme - Alan Menken
Birth of Child: Once Upon a December - Anastasia Soundtrack
Final Battle: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Death Scene: Mirror Gem (Music Box Cover) - Steven Universe Soundtrack
Funeral Song: The Show Must Go On - MandoPony (fuckign hell)
End Credits: When You’re Evil - Volitaire

Stitchers S1 Spoilers

According to KSiteTV, “Finally” is the title for the July 7 installment, and in it, the Stitchers team investigates a mysterious car accident that resulted in the death of a traumatic brain injury researcher. Meanwhile, Kirsten asks Linus for help deciphering a clue left by Ed Clark as she continues to question Maggie for more information on the origin of the Stitchers program.

July 14 brings us “The Root of All Evil.” In that episode, Kirsten (Emma Ishta) surprises the Stitchers team when they discover that she has a boyfriend, Liam, who shows up suddenly, prompting Maggie to covertly gather information on him. Meanwhile, a young woman’s extravagant social life may be the clue to her death.

Here’s the link which also includes a gallery with 46 stills from said upcoming episodes