and the third jack

This is the full list of prompts for OMGCPUMPKINS, as sent in by a wide array of anons and less-mysterious contributors. A big thanks to everyone who sent in something creepy - we’re sure they’ll be greatly appreciated by prospective content creators!

To participate in the fest, you do not have to use one of these prompts. If you do want to, however, send us a message (no anons for this, please) with which one you’ve chosen, and we’ll strike it through to let everyone know it’s been taken. This even holds if you’re just using a prompt as a starting point - we’d like to avoid too many similar works as the fest goes.

The fest will start posting entries on October 13th (which, yes, is a Friday), but will continue posting up to October 31st (obviously, Halloween). You’ll have until then to make what you want and shoot it through to us. For more details on submission, make sure to check the guidelines. If you still have questions, you can send us an ask (feel free to use anon for this one, though).

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me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



bringing this back too bc everyone needs their daily dose of mike faist (feat. adam kaplan)


fanfic appreciation: the confessions of sins by erinya @

every moment of my life with jack was like that. all sharp ecstasy and bright desperation, freedom like wine, desire like fate. we were greedy for one another, and we both knew it could not last forever.

not all treasure is silver and gold, you know. or do you? you, my jailor, my confessor, my pardoner, upon whose forbearance my life and another’s hang in the balance? have you had a love like that? 

listen, i love jack ‘it’s only minus ten out i can wear shorts out’ zimmermann as much as everyone else but as anyone who lives in a cold place can tell you, we get VERY worried about people from warm places who clearly Do Not Understand How To Winter. 

and while bitty is very good at bundling up he clearly doesn’t know what to wear out (he wouldn’t have to wear so many layers if he had good winter clothes after all) and it is Very Upsetting to jack. so every single time bitty visits jack starting from october, jack has another piece of high quality winter clothing waiting for him, whether it be double layered mittens, wool-lined boots, or a coat that feels like duvet. 

so even though bitty still complains bitterly about the winter and (more amusedly) about jack’s wintery mother hen tendencies (”jack it’s the third of october, i don’t need woolen socks”) he’s at least warm which makes jack’s heart as toasty as bitty’s toes.