and the thing with his mom

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imagine poolboy Richie checking out the cute boy in tight red swim trunks that comes every summer to Derry w his mom. cue summer romance


-Eddie never goes into the deep end bc his mother never lets him and says it’s very dangerous
-Eddie managed to convince her he didn’t need the damn floaties which richie laughed so hard at which led to Eddie glaring at him
-Richie does so many things to get Eddie to notice him while he’s working bc he’s technically not supposed to be messing around while on duty
-Eddie bent down when he dropped his suntan lotion and Richie shouted “NICE SHORTS” which Eddie gave him the finger right after
-just a bunch of shared glares and grins between the two over the summers
-then Richie sees Eddie stand near the deep end side and Richie jumps in to entertain. He gets a smile from Eddie but his mom comes over shouting at richie to leave her precious son alone and stop influencing him
-eddie is rubbing lotion on his back and Richie offers to help with the biggest fucking grin and Eddie shoves him
-Eddie gets pushed into the deep end one day and Richie jumps in to save him bc he’s never seen Eddie swim in deep water so he’s mildly worried. He pulls Eddie out and lies him down and gives him CPR until Eddie is laughing cause those boys who pushed him in are his friends. Eddie really wanted Richie to get on with it, so it was a prank. Richie is impressed and laughing and he asks Eddie out right then

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could you do some hc’s where richie climbs up to eddie’s bedroom window to see him but instead he finds him crying?

i’m crying why do you do this to me 

-richie has always been a master at climbing shit. ever since he was little he would climb up trees and poles and especially houses

-richie’s favorite place to climb was up the side of eddie’s house. eddie had a little tree right outside his window and it was honestly not suitable for fifteen year old boys to be climbing it but nevertheless, on any given day you could walk by the kaspbrak’s and see the same especially poorly dressed, scab-kneed teenager shimmying himself up the poor thing

-eddie always pretends he hates it, rolls his eyes and scolds the trashmouth for not using the front door. but he never hesitates to push open that window.

-richie pops by almost every day. there are days where he’s swamped with homework that he can’t put off doing or days where his mom is sick and he has to stay inside and help her. but he always manages to find a way to see his eddie spaghetti

-there was one lackluster tuesday night when richie was just chilling and knocking out some math homework when he got a sick feeling in his gut. he couldn’t pinpoint the exact sensation, couldn’t put words to the awfulness. but eddie’s name kept flashing in his mind

-he disregarded his work and then proceeded to put on a raincoat because of all the nights his intuition could’ve kicked in, it had to be the night of one of the worst thunderstorms in derry history

-eddie didn’t answer when richie knocked at his window and it pissed him off for a second because it was pouring and he’s in a freaking tree. he tried to peek through the curtains to see if maybe he was just not in there but all he could see were eddie’s fairy lights. 

-that weird feeling grew more intense as time passed. there was still no answer so richie had to pry the window open from the outside

-meanwhile, eddie’s curled up in the corner of his bed, audibly sobbing like he’s in serious physical pain even though nothing hurts but his heart. he hears richie calling for him and trying to open the window but he ignores it, hoping he’ll give up. but richie is nothing if not persistent. eddie eventually had to get up and let the trashmouth in because he was making quite the racket

-”you’re gonna wake up my mom, whore”

-”what the fuck eddie, you’re crying”

-eddie crawled back into his spot on his bed and waited for richie to join him. he took eddie onto his lap and tried to ask him what was wrong, but only got a head shake in response. so richie let eddie cry for a bit, he played with his hair, left kisses all over his face and neck, rocked them back and forth while humming Sweet Child O Mine. when eddie finally calmed down he was tired as hell

-”i don’t know what happened, rich. i guess it’s just school stuff and my mom is driving me crazy and i had a really shitty dream where stan punched me in the face and i guess the storm just made it all worse…i don’t know. i just felt like i couldn’t breathe like everything just suddenly became too much”

-and richie kisses his head and is like “aw babe i think you just had an anxiety attack”

-and eddie’s like “shit man idk, by the way why are you here? it’s pouring rain and 11:30 at night”

-”i got this really weird feeling in my stomach and i don’t really know what it was but it lead me here. and i’m glad because i don’t want you to be upset.”

-”i love you so much”

-”love you too spaghetti boy”


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Do you think you think you can write something about Steve and reader are having a study date at his house and she just gets up and starts pacing around, frustratingly pulling at her hair and muttering to herself because she’s so stressed that there’s a possibility that she won’t graduate and her mom has been on her ass about it and she’s remembering a fight they had earlier that morning? maybe ending in a steamy little make-out session to help calm reader down? I desperately need this in my lif —ANON

Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this! I’m sorry if this took waaaaay too long. I really wanted to make this good. I sort of did a lot of research on how to write a really good make-out scene. (I even stared at some GIFs of people making-out, haha) I hope you’ll feel better after reading this. Or if you’re already better, I hope this one makes you feel great. I love you my little anon.  If you want to talk more, just message me.

Summary: When all the world’s crashing down, who do you run to?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Inspiration: King by Lauren Aquilina | I cannot emphasize how great this song is. It gives you this good melody to just bawl your eyes out to and at the same time, it helps make you stronger. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO IT.


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Bad news, I’m getting worse and worse with my sickness. My throat literally burns when I cough, and I have very little strength when it comes to going back and forth to things. Mom is going to take me with JJ for his own follow up appointment on his bronchitis, to get me checked out too. I am the definition of “in pain” right now. So due to that, expect inactivity, no art, and me not being as bubbly interactive as I usually am. Lets hope nothing serious is wrong with me; this is the most sick I have been in almost a full year if even that. I will try and keep updates on my situation. For now, I have to get a long night’s rest.. if I can even FALL ASLEEP in the pain i’m in.

Post drinks, we absolutely had to raid the s’mores box. It was a tradition of ours. Boris, as per tradition rules, howled and moaned, begging for just a single, teeny-tiny scrap. Poor buddy never got one, though. Not even a graham cracker crumb, not on my watch.

The fire warmed us, as the temperature dropped steadily as it descended further into night. I watched the flickering flames as I turned my marshmallow in slow circles, roasting it just perfectly.

Meanwhile, Levi stuck his directly in the fire, burnt it to a crisp, and proceeded to pop the entire thing in his mouth- no chocolate, no cracker, just ruined marshmallow. I shook my head at him in disappointment. He had been ruining s’mores since our days as kids, when we’d make them in the backyard at mom’s house. It didn’t impress me then, and it didn’t impress me now. 

For whatever reason, he just love marshmallows; I don’t think he could help himself if he wanted. Me and the girls laughed at him as he made a face at the surprising heat. Every time we went to that place, he’d do the same damn thing, though. Men, right?

Once we finished our fire-side endeavors, it was time to head back home. The night was winding down, we were all yawning and tired from the beer and food in our bellies, and we started walking back towards town. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my last evening in Brindleton Bay that semester.

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So, in this romance between Delia and Jessie, would Jessie still be a part of Team Rocket? Can you imagine the shenanigans? "Oh no, it's Team Rocket!" "Oh no, it's my mom!" Jessie trying to threaten Ash into giving up his Pikachu or he'll be grounded. Silly things. :U

I don’t know why this idea never occurred to me oh my god I love it

it’s late as hell and i should be asleep but aaaah i wanna draw this at some point

another weekenders post I’m sorry i just love this show and i want to convince everyone to watch it, here’s the best things about it:

the main character Tino: a n x i e t y  omg this boy has anxiety. they address it all the time, and his friends are SUPER patient about it. they make fun of him when he’s being irrational, but they also accommodate his obsessions and defend him, fighting anyone who says he’s crazy just because he’s having a paranoia episode, and he jokes it off a lot, too, very realistically. he’s a child of divorce, and very very close with his super cool mom, joking back and forth with her (they both have the same sense of humor, and it’s different from everyone else in the show!) he and his mom used to celebrate christmas, but they’re both athiests, and so when the parents got divorced, his mom decided they needed a change and so now they celebrate winter solstice. 

 Lor: the jock character–but a girl! she’s easily the strongest and most athletic, and the male characters are not at all intimidated by that (but some boys are, and that’s addressed!). she’s a little ditzy, but sweet, and the other characters let her handle anything she wants to by herself even though she’s definitely the “dumb one” stereotype, but a refreshing change from the “stupid plastics” archetype. Her family is Irish and religious (Catholic? Christian?), and she’s got 14-16 brothers, and she’s the only girl. 

Carver: he’s obsessed with fashion–particularly shoes. SUPER extra about his shoes. has one sister, and they fight but love each other. his parents are happily married, both black, and his mom is darker than his dad–which is just a random detail that I don’t see often??? he’s a bit selfish, but called out for it and always apologizes and makes up for it. his family celebrates kwanzaa in the holiday episode.

Tish: the smart, dorky one. a bleeding heart, and very cultured. super sweet, would die for you. her family is from some other country that “no one can pronounce,” and her parents have a lot of issues with language barriers, so she has to translate a lot. her parents moved to give her a better life, and she tries to make the most of that, and appreciates their sacrifice, dedicating herself to studying and the arts, but also loves to cut loose with a game of pool or a day at an amusement park. her family is Jewish and celebrates hanukkah in the holiday episode. 

tino’s mom: a health food NUT. always cooking crazy things with tofu and seaweed and algae. everyone comes to her for advice–both tino and all his friends. she and tino’s dad got divorced when he was young, and his dad moved very far away. she does not like his dad, but she makes sure tino gets to see him as often as possible because tino loves him, and she doesn’t speak badly of him to tino. she begins dating during the show for the first time since the divorce, and she checks with tino every step of the way. she’s sarcastic and hilarious, but also wise and always right. she’s the best mom. she cares for tino and his friends more than anything, but still has her own life and hobbies–she has a craft group with other women, and she dates, and she goes out with friends! v well rounded and not just “the nagging mom character”

pls watch this show

If you don’t know, that’s Jack Grazer’s mom who liked this post. There’s been a bunch of people accusing jack of harassing and bullying a kid by licking his food etc when they’re just friends and it was a joke. But of course, people have been commenting nasty things on his social media accounts and spreading rumors.

It’s unfortunate to see Jack Grazer’s mother liking a post about how people shouldn’t keep spreading hate and rumors towards her son. Can people leave child actors and their personal lives alone?

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I'm non binary but struggling with whether or not I might be trans. My brother, who is trans, picked up my distress. My mom struggles with our pronouns (having grown so used to having two daughters, she's not sure whether to call us her sons or not.) my brother made a proposition. He put his hands on my shoulders and said "Your gender is peach. You are a peach." And then patted my head, gave me a hug, and sent me out of the kitchen with a juice box. I love him.

oh my gosh that’s the best thing ever ♥️ I’m so so glad you have him

Secret Boyfriend (2/?)

Pairings: Reddie, Side Stenbrough, Side Benverley

Warnings: Implied Homophobia, Kissing

Sorry that this part is so short, also sorry that it took me so long to write it. I think I wrote it at least 4 times before I finally got this. I’m also really close to 100 followers so thank you for that. I hope you enjoy this.

Part 1

Eddie entered his room, twisting the lock after shutting the door. The last thing he would want was his homophobic mother bursting into his room and witnessing Eddie and Richie kissing. Eddie turned to see Richie. The curly-headed boy sat on the edge of Eddie’s bed. His head in his hands, his fingers twitching every couple of seconds. Eddie approached him, placing a comforting hand on Richie’s shoulder. 

“You okay, Rich?” He spoke quietly, as he sat down next to Richie. 

“Your mom is a bitch.” Richie said with a light chuckle. Eddie smiled. There he was, the Richie Eddie knew. 

“I know.” He said, placing a chaste kiss to Richie’s temple. He stood up, walking to his dresser and grabbing some clothes, that were much to big for him, from his bottom drawer. “Here you go, babe.” Eddie said, placing the clothes in Richie’s hand. 

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all the favourites for our fav mr ollie!

song: it’s hard to narrow it down but right now his favorite is ‘even the darkness has arms
band: his go to band is ‘the head and the heart’
outfit: he loves just chillin in his sweatpants
place: he has fallen in love with cavalier cove!
memory: he has a lot of fond memories but his favorite would have to be all the bake sales he volunteered at with his family growing up!
person: poppy his mom of course! ;-)
movie: the empire strikes back, hands down
show: stranger things 1 & 2!

ask me more babes! :)


Wolfsong Couples - Margo:

She didn’t know that I’d seen him once with another guy when I was six or so, holding his elbow lightly as they walked into the movies. Gordo had been laughing deeply and had stars in his eyes. I didn’t think he’d be interested in my mom. I never saw the man with Gordo ever again. And I never saw Gordo with anyone else. I wanted to ask him, but there was a tightness around his eyes that didn’t used to be there before and so I never did. People don’t like to be reminded of sad things.

Just Arena Stage Deh Things:

“Like beautiful seashells on your head”

This’ll Be The Year is just great

“When my son stops calling me a bitch” “Such a bitch”

The school shooter chic line is about Connors coat instead of his hair.

Connor and Evan don’t meet in the computer lab

I assume they bump into each other cause you hear FUCKkghdsjdjsdaosp

Evan actually says “I wasn’t laughing at you”

Connor asks if Evans letter is “like a diary thing”

Connor says “good luck” instead of “fuck you” before he runs away

The waving through a window reprise is sung by Alana and Jared

“Wait, how did you even get my email address?” “I asked my mom to ask your mom…”

“You can listen to legal wisdom from your idiot self or you can listen to me, the freaking ambassador to Hudsonburg (? I don’t know what he is saying)

“Did you mention to Zoe that you’ve been creepily obsessed with her since the 6th grade”

“I get it its very heterosexual”

Jared has a running joke about having sex with Heidi???

“People are saying it was an overdose”

I don’t think I have to talk about a little bit of light

“I think 6th grade is when everything changed, we started getting phone calls from his teachers about being bullied, skipping classes, going to school smelling like cigarettes”

“So he did like yoga” “Well he told me he did”

Zoe reacts to how weird the context of If I Could Tell Her is

“He thought you we’re beautiful”

“He thought I was beautiful. My brother?”

“WELL not in a weird way!“

The school hired a new counselor to deal with people being upset about Connor

“Papas gotta get his too” “Did you just refer to yourself as papa” “Papa J, a lot of people call me that” “Like who?” “Like your mom when I’m having sex with her, for money”

Connor is actually a ghost instead of a personification of Evans anxiety, he passive aggressively calls him “buddy”

Connor gets the “natural disaster” line instead of Jared

“People wanna feel like their apart of something terrible because atleast that way they can feel their apart of something and the more terrible it is the better. Because if its terrible than that must mean its real. Right now I’m that terrible something.”

“Part of Me” is really just YWBF with different wording.

Most of Act 2 is the same as it currently is

The For Forever reprise is a lot less heartbreaking, its after a scene with Alana

“I need to talk to you” “Uh-oh” “No, look, I think maybe its time for things to just, to be over” “Can we still be friends?”

I love ghost Connor, hes great

“We’re stuck together, buddy. Whether you like that or not”

The rest continues like it is currently.

Feel free to add on if I missed anything!

Mileven Things

•watching movies in the cabin and El has her head on his shoulder and he’s just absent mindedly playing with her curls because you can bet your ass he made a habit of playing with her curls

•noses. whenever things get really really PG fluffy they just start tip tapping and softly rubbing their noses together and they could literally stay there for hours

•Mike casually saying 3 1 5 around the house because that’s how he tells time when he’s at the cabin and his mom gives him a really weird look and for a whole minute he doesn’t even know what he said wrong

• Mike sitting in the blanket fort sometimes even after El comes back and even sleeping there occasionally because it just makes him feel closer to her because lord knows he never wants to be without her again

•El asking him to show her how to ride a bike and he’s super excited to so he’s hardcore protective and over the top with safety precautions but then when she finally gets the hang of it, he’s a little sad because he misses the way she would hold on to him when she rode with him

•Mike going to the library and checking out like four dictionaries/thesauruses in order to find every variation of Petty/Beautiful so that he never runs out of new ways to make her feel good about herself

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Hi cool mom! Can I request a headcannon for Billy and seeing his girlfriend in lingerie for the first time? Thank you, I love you!

i literally looked at my roommate and said “SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET CALLED ME A COOL MOM”

  • firstly i would like to draw direct attention to that hot rod babe poster billy has in his room so i can make my first argument: billy loves the female form - but especially yours!!!
    • so when he sees the way you look in this pretty bra/panty set it’s honestly probably an accident because you were changing in his room or something and he just popped in for a hot second before realizing you were barely dressed
      • you don’t bother covering up because he’s seen you wearing less before, but you suddenly feel warm under his eyes because he’s absolutely drinking in the sight of you and the way the material looks on your skin
      • and you even laugh a little and playfully beckon him into his room but he’s so not playing because he’s coming back in and closing the door behind you so he can run his hands up along your sides and touch you
        • and he’s just in wonder and wants to throw that fucking poster out because nothing compares to you right now


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When I was five, I had a friend named Joshua, and one weekend my mom left me at his house while she and my older sister went on a trip (my dad was working all day, and obv they weren’t going to leave a five year old home alone). The thing is, I had never had a haircut before, my parents were still holding off on it for whatever reason, and my friend's mom apparently got tired of looking at my kind of scraggly hair, and she cut it without asking my parent's permission. My mom was *apocalyptic*.


I would also be livid and quite honestly I probably wouldn’t let you hang out with Joshua anymore

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I had a dream about the loser club in high school and the only really thing that really fucks me up about that dream is Bill had like a pastel aesthetic to him??? Like from head to toe and like instead of dying his hair a pastel color he just threw a bunch of glitter into his hair Idk what this means but I've been dying to tell somebody this

But but but imagine this: bill pouring a tube full of glitter onto his hair and Georgie gets all jealous so bill adds some to his hair too and they go to school like that. They get home and their mom is LIVID and little Georgie just goes


Dating Spencer Reid would Include

Him reading to you

him being really shy at first and stuttering

going to the library

loving all his hairstyles

Him wanting to protect you from everything


Meeting his mom and her loving you

Loving him unconditionally (BC Bish YOU BETTER LOVE THIS BOII)

Him buying you coffee in the morning

him writing you cute lil notes :)

Him telling you all kinds of smart things

He would teach you how to play chess

you would teach him how to use chopsticks

being away from him sometimes :(

watching doctor who and going to comicon with him

playing with his hair

nicknames like Babe,Baby,Etc.

Cutest fucking bf ever!!!

Holding hands

Loving his dimples

soft,giggly first time with him ;)

neck kisses

he would show you a bunch of magic tricks to cheer you up if you where sad

“I love you” “I love you more” “statistics say thats not humanly possible”