and the thing with his mom

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How would Shawn propose

  • He’d be so nervous
  • Of course he would call your dad to ask for permission first
  • And he’d also make sure to talk to your mom and older brother too
  • They all gave their blessing
  • He would ask Aaliyah for help and advice
  • So she would definitely help him brainstorm
  • He’d also have Josiah there to take pictures and videos of everything
  • And he’d consult Geoff on the best way to go about everything
  • He’d take Aaliyah and your sister with him to help pick out the ring
  • To make sure they feel included in it all
  • The one thing he wouldn’t let anyone help with would be his speech
  • Because he wanted that to be completely from him
  • He worked on it for weeks because he wanted it to be perfect
  • He had spoken in front of so many people before
  • But he had never been as nervous as he was for the proposal speech
  • He invites all your closest friends and family
  • But makes sure they all stay hidden 
  • They all watch from afar until after you say yes
  • There are tears of happiness and surprise streaming down your face
  • He puts the ring on your finger, kisses you, and then shouts
  • “She said yes!”
  • And your friends and family all come out and run towards you
  • Offering congratulations
  • You had no idea they were there
  • And you hadn’t even noticed Josiah taking pictures
  • The ring is absolutely gorgeous
  • You feel like the luckiest girl in the world 
  • Because he’s the boy of your dreams
  • And you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life loving Shawn

Title: Teenage Rebellion
Fandom: Stranger Things
Characters: Jonathan Byers x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,355
Warnings: Some swearing, mentions of bullying
Notes: Based on a request from an anon for “Could you do a Jonathan Byers fic with the prompt ‘I always hide in this one stairwell whenever I’m having a mental breakdown / existential crisis / etc but today when I came here you were already there’ Thank you!”

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Jonathan Byers had grown very accustomed to people whispering about him, often pointing and giggling amongst themselves as they did so. Because of this, it didn’t bother him when a few of his peers began gossiping about him – until he heard his mother’s and brother’s names come up.

“I still don’t think that Will Byers ever really went missing. That freak show of a family probably just wanted to land some paid interviews or something.”

I think the mom is a bit of a schizo. She probably just had a psychotic break and made the whole thing up.”

Jonathan could hear the teacher yelling after him as he left the room. He knew that if he had to sit there and listen to those idiots for another second, he’d have ended up getting suspended. The teachers would undoubtedly be looking for him, so he went to the one place he knew they’d never check.

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With the help of my mom and dad, I escaped my abusive now-ex-husband almost two years ago. I know the date by heart, but I won’t state it for anonymity’s sake. I remember clearly the last thing I said to him. I was sitting on the front porch, waiting for my dad (he was afraid of dad, and telling him he was on his way over to get me stopped him from being able to retaliate.) and ex said, “How are you not upset? How are you not crying?” while I sat there struggling to keep a straight, neutral face, not looking at him. And then I looked him right in the eye and said “Because I spent the last two days sobbing constantly over this.” I remember the surprise in his face. He never noticed. Not once. He never did. I’d cried over him countless times, through all the pain and hurt he put me through. And he went back inside.

But the thing that I remember the most, is that the last thing I did before leaving, was steal from him one of his hugs. The thing is, most people don’t realize, abusive people are not abusive 100% of the time. There’s honeymoon periods between the abuse, where they make you think it’s okay and it won’t happen again. And then it does. But his hugs.. they were the best hugs. Warm, big, make you feel safe. Made you feel loved. The hug was a lie, just like his love for me was a lie. And I knew it. But I stole one last hug, because it would be the part of him that I would miss the most.

It’s been one year and 10 months since I left. I have ptsd because of the things he did to me. And I’m thankful to say I don’t miss him at all anymore. All this time away from him, time I’ve been able to reflect on everything, I see now what it all was. The patterns, the selfishness, the violence. My life with him was crap. It was everything for him and almost nothing for me. And I just assumed that was normal. Because how would I know anything different? This was my normal. I want to thank the RAINN website and network. It was stumbling upon their page and reading the information there that made me realize what I was in the thick of, and thank you to my friends who coached me online into taking the plunge of running. And thank you to my boss and my parents. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go on so much. But I felt that this extra information was important, so others can understand abuse better. I hope it’s still okay to submit. Thanks for reading. <3

as much as i love ot7, sometimes jin is still ignored or the “oh wow, he’s part of bts?” member. either (strickly) labeled as MOM or namjoon’s wife. christ, is that the only thing he has to offer?

his grad was like what? *cricket noises*

vocals? slays everytime but 0 lines and new fans wouldn’t even notice that if they don’t squint their eyes.

visual? extremely amazing but the only time he really bloomed for some armys is when he dyed his hair blonde.

dance? he practiced real hard and long to perfect his steps but somehow some armys consider him as a blackhole in dancing.

acting? ohhhh boy, house of army was great but really tho, he was a fucking banana and clock.

jesus christ. maybe just maybe he’ll be appreciated if he leaves the group and gets a solo career.

some Things about Zack Taylor the Black Power Ranger

  • his mom’s been sick his entire life
  • but it didn’t really take a turn for the worst until he was about 12
  • back than he was worried in the way a kid was but not really because his dad was in charge of it
  • than his father started spending more and more time at work
  • than started spending more and more time just Out The House
  • until he didn’t come home at all when Zack turned 14
  • he waited about 6 months for his father to come back before he realized he wouldn’t
  • he made a fake ID (he was an early bloomer and looked 17 by the time he was 13) to get a job since the welfare checks wouldn’t cover everything
  • he got really good at forging his dad’s signature and lying in order to make it seem like everything was Fine at Home
  • he doesn’t really blame his dad for leaving Zack
  • he just resents him for not taking his mom with him
  • before the Rangers his entire life basically revolved around taking care of his mother and everything else came 5 or 6th place to that

Lucifans, before you go hating on Candy Morningstar, watch the full 2x14 sneak peek from Fox. Lucifer is using Candy to figure out his mom’s plans. I actually really love the look on Charlotte’s face when Candy squees, “Wait, that makes you my mom too!” and gives Charlotte a big hug. Oh the sneer on her face. This will be gold.

And you know Lucifer is going to eventually figure out how badly he messed things up with Chloe. But it’s going to take his emotionally stunted self a while to a) figure out that Chloe is trying to hide that she’s mad, b) come to grips with the fact that he hurt her badly, and c) try to make it up to her. This might be a multi-episode arc to get him there, just hang in there Deckerstar shippers!

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"Hi, Dad! I was hoping you could help me with an issue I have regarding an instance in which I may or may not have seduced a paissa. You see, I work in the sea of clouds, and I never much liked killing small furry things. Thus, I'd been studying more humane ways of deterring them from the work place when a coworker of mine suggested something interesting. So I presented a Paissa with a lone slipper it's been stalking me with a weird look in its eye ever since. Please help me." -D.M.

“…What kind of slipper?”

Hoseok’s Story

*17 years earlier*

“Don’t worry guys, I will be watching him like he’s my son.” said the unknown man and smiled at the parents, resting his hand on the boy’s shoulder. The boy gulped and watched his parents in horror. Why were them leaving him behind? With that man? His parents smiled at him.

“We will come back for you, Hobi, don’t worry.” said his dad and winked at him, both him and his mom leaving. The man waved at them and after they left, his smile disappeared from his face.

“Let’s go.” he said in a stern voice and the boy was scared one again, following him.

What had the future prepared for him?

*11 years earlier*

Hoseok was cleaning one of doctor’s knives from his lab. A lab full of knives and pointy things. Things that can hurt people easily. His staying at that place, now called “home” was rough. Being beaten up and then the doctor saving him. But not in a good way saving.

“The poor kids.” whispered the black-haired boy, letting the knife on the desk and looking around the room. “I’m given to a monster and I became one as well. This is hell.” he murmured and got up from the chair, walking to  a different room, where the doctor was cooking. He felt the smell and his stomach hurted. He is sick of himself, but he can’t stop himself.

“You’re done, Hobi?” smiled the man and ruffled his hair.

“Yes, father.” whispered the boy, looking everywhere but not at him or the meat. He sits on a chair from the dinner table, hearing just a lilttle how the kids were screaming for the up level, probably playing some games. He would cry for them, but then he would just get scolded by his “father”. The memories hits him once again


“Hoseok, people this day are monsters. These kids? They will be too. Yes, we are worse but one day I can tell you that huminaty in them will disappear. It’s better to just throw it from now and win the war now and not learning at that time.” said the doctor, spacing out.

“What do you mean by war, father?” he asked, curiosity killing the cat.

“You’ll understand later. When you will talk to him.”

“Who’s him?”

“Just wait, kiddo.” sighed the man and got up, walking to the rest of kids.


“Father.” he started. “You told me about a him.” he spoke in a whisper. The man looked at him with the guard off. He then stopped the fire from the stove.

“We talked about this Hobi, you’ll see later.” the doctor said and then gave him his plate.

“But why I can’t know now? I want to know what will happen to me!” Hoseok said in a slightly angry tone and looked at him, ready for an answer.

“Hobi, shut up and eat, or else…”

“Okay, I’m sorry father.” said the boy now scared.

*6 years earlier*

“I’m sorry, father.” the black-haired boy said and entered the kitchen for “dinner”. He walked with tiny steps to his back and looked down. The man spinned around and found the boy.

“Hobi, what’s wrong?”

The boy didn’t answer, but he started crying. The man looked worried at him and pulled him for a hug. Big mistake. That was the moment when the knife pierced his heart and he fell on the floor, looking at the black-haired boy in shock. The blood was scattering around already. He stopped breathing. The atmosphere in the room was morbid. Hoseok wiped his tears away and grabbed the man’s legs, starting to drag him to the other entrance, a path of blood left behind. He looked around the forest, sure nobody was watching him and he starts again walking to the cemetery. The grave was already made. He put his strength and throwed him in that pit. Then he started to cover it with earth.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered once again and ran away from that hell.

*3 years earlier*

He came here. Once again. Everything was gone. The place was now ruins. He took the path to the cemetery and looked for the place where he burried the man 3 years ago. He didn’t feel guilt or something. He was there just because that man took care of him, at least.

A boy with brown hair was looking at him, from a tree. The time has come and he can’t wait no more. The time can’t wait no more. He knows what that brat did and he does. But he doesn’t care. He is one and all of them are crazy, so what’s the point? The boy jumped from the tree on the ground and approached Hoseok.

“You know, it’s not nice to kill your father.” said the brown-haired male.

“How… how did you know…” Hoseok asked and started to go slowly to the boy. “Who are you? And what do you want from me?!” he screamed, trying to attack him.

The brown-haired male stopped him and now his shoe was on Hoseok’s head, pressing.

“I will tell you if you stop fucking bitching around, or I will smash your skull, you brat.” said the brown-haired male, and then let Hoseok to get up. “Seokjin.”

“You already know my name, you weirdo.”

“Shut up you brat.” he murmured. “Long short story, I’m that him and from now on, you will live with me and if you try to escape, babe, that will be no fun for you.” added Seokjin and started walking to the exist of the cemetery. Hoseok looked at him like the boy was crazy, but dear, you are too. He gulped and ran after him, walking side by side with him.

“Are you going to give me an explanation?”

“Maybe. Not now, but maybe. Don’t try your luck kid, though.” spoke after a silence of five minutes. “It’s complicated.”

“Everything it’s complicated, huh?”

“The most is the reason why your parents left you.” said Seokjin in a cold tone and looked into Hoseok’s soul, and then he strated walking again like nothing happened.

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I don't know how anyone sees a similarity between Louis and that baby lmao, looking at that comparison pics they just look like two unrelated blonde babies. THAT SAID I don't know why people act like resemblance is the end all be all lmao. Me and a friend looked like twins as kids and aren't close to related!

That’s cause it’s all they got. If the kid isn’t looking like Louis nor B, Louis isn’t seeing the kid, the kid looks just like Austin…. yk gets hard to deny something’s off 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:That comparison you posted…. the square chin bro…. THE SQUARE CHIN

lol I know! I never noticed before but his chin is getting the same shape as Brett’s (one more to add in the list of things they share) 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Freddie obviously has his moms features that counteract all the things you said don’t look like Louis. And I mean, babies aren’t going to be the father’s mini clone. He does look like Louis though, you can’t deny that. Or you can, everyone has their opinions.

1- I’m not the one saying he’s a copy of Louis, so yeah. And literally look at him, he doesn’t :) 

2- He doesn’t look like her (his eyes are smaller cause he’s smiling, cause when he’s not he’s eyes are big and round). His chin is square, her’s is more round shaped, just like her face. He doesn’t look like his parents, but keep trying 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Freddie obviously has his moms features that counteract all the things you said don’t look like Louis. And I mean, babies aren’t going to be the father’s mini clone. He does look like Louis though, you can’t deny that. Or you can, everyone has their opinions.

lol yeah 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis Eyes nose mouth and head shape aint nothing like this kid. Jays kids may have different fathers but she had very strong genes. Wed see it in this kid. But we dont. Not at all. He doesnt have the long head shape and under eye bags abd longnose Fizzy Daisy Phobe Lottie Louis Doris&Ernst has. Put the kid up against its supposed grandmother aunts and uncle and its glaringly obvious.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:the thing about louis nose is that it’s like a little ball that is lifted because his nose is really Profiled but it just isn’t there in f

His nose it’s just like Ruth’s lol Poor grandma, can’t even see him and he’s out there sharing her genes 

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I love Sana, she is the queen of skam but what I didn't understand was when Sana is telling her mom about her crush, the first question Sana's mom asks is, "is he muslim?" and I just don't understand why that would be the first question, or why that would even be relevant...? would her mom be upset if yousef wasn't a muslim?

hi! first and foremost, i agree! sana is amazing! now to your question. let’s just say that it’d really complicate things, she could get easily judged, especially by people who are not so knowing of the story, you know? i’m trying to explain it with a simple example (that might lack a little because a lot of people know a lot of things about Christianity). let’s imagine that you are of faith, and that your religion is Christianity and you’d practice the religion very truthfully to the Bible. according to the Bible, you’re not allowed to have sex before and outside of marriage. Let’s say you fall in love with someone who is not of faith, who’s atheist and simply doesn’t believe in God. that would complicate things, because he might not understand your views on certain things, simply because your belief systems are not the same.

that would be the same if sana, who is of Islamic faith, a religion that isn’t very known (in a way that makes you understand it more easily) in the western world, would fall for someone who is of a different faith, let’s say Christianity or even of no faith- their belief systems simply aren’t the same, the boy might simply not understand her.

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Oh my god okay so last night I had a dream where I was friends w C Evans and Seb and Chris had to have some surgery but he made his friends and fam have like a funeral type gathering for him while he was in surgery (he was being super extra??? I think he thought he was gonna die???) and Seb and I tried to talk him out of it but he was dead set on it. So flash forward to this weird ass funeral thing, we're all in this huge church type building just kind of having a Chris themed party (1/2)

(2/3 I lied I’m sorry) and I’m talking to his mom when I hear the door open but I don’t look over in time I just hear all the gasps and catch a glimpse of someone running away before the door closes again so I’m like wtf just happened and his mom is like oh Seb nearly walked in naked you missed it. So I’m somewhere between shook bc naked Seb and disappointed bc he’s supposed to be dressed and at his friends funeral. So Chris’s mom is like maybe you should go get him and I’m like yeah I’ll deal w

(3/3) it. So I leave to go find Seb and I have to like run around the city trying to find him. I eventually find him fully clothed eating pasta in an Italian restaurant and I sit down across from him and I’m like listen pal what the hell was that you’re supposed to be dressed and at your friends funeral it’s what Chris would have wanted and he was like CHRIS ISNT EVEN DEAD and we talked about it for a bit and that’s literally all I remember it was wild. -stardust

I can’t even, I have no words stardust. None. Besides this is amazing. - Gen


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while my real psychiatrist is great, he works for a hospital (shands in fl) and they get in the way of so much shit. like, he was an hour late for one of my appointments because of his boss who 'needed things right then' (not really) and, in general, the boss is kinda a dick who was totally insensitive when i was inpatient. and my mom's friend, who works as a secretary, told us that they talk more abt the patient's bills and money rather than their actual situations. fuck that

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some things about Jason's vlog 1) idk why but I thought it was so cute when david said I love you to his mom and she was like haha I don't and the face he made after was SO CUTE 2) Jason is such a dad aw 3) it's so cute that david is like so scared and everything and idk how to explain this without sounding weird but I feel like this is the first time we've seen david as a REAL person like not just a vlogger idk how to explain it really

David’s mom was all of us 😂like boy we love you but you’re dumb af sometimes. Jason was so sweet, David was lucky he was there bc having an actual adult probably made him feel so much safer. It was nice to see David actually have emotions, he’s a real boy after all lol

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Reyes was totes a dramatic kid. Like making up scenarios where he a smooth action hero that gets the boy at the end of the day, with gratuitous explosions. He gets to live that dream in Andromeda, granted his mom would probably disapprove of the whole crime thing but ehh he could have done worse.

Oh my god yes that would explain SO MUCH. He’s like “fuckin score” when he lands Scott Ryder. The Dream’s complete. He’s LIVING. “Said I couldn’t do it, mom. But now I’m the leader of a bunch of space pirates and my boyfriend is a trained killer how fucking- oh god sorry mom I know language- awesome is that.”

Has him actually flinching too because a statement like that would have gotten him a six inch heel in the FACE. And he’d be grounded for LIFE. Who knew his action movie daydreams as a seven year old would be realized twenty years later lmao. What a loser. What an attractive loser.

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Big dogs are the best dogs. 1830s fashion is actually amazing. Combeferre is not the mom friend.

Big dogs are the best dogs. Strongly disagree. All dogs are the best dogs.

1830s fashion is actually amazing. Strongly agree. I love it–the patterns are lovely, and I think the extreme silhouettes look pretty cool. I ADORE frock coats, cravats, and stocks with all my heart. AND THE HATS. I even love the gigot sleeves, though I would probably knock a lot of things off shelves accidentally if I wore them myself.

Combeferre is not the mom friend. Strongly agree. Unless your definition of a responsible parent is staying up for days on end fiddling with geodes or feverishly correcting the dictionary or translating hieroglyphics or debating with Courfeyrac about charters or making long-winded duck puns. Combeferre probably needs one of HIS friends to tell him to eat something and go to sleep, already, gosh!

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I also want to know what Dio's kids' mothers were like. We already know how shitty Gio's mom is, but what about the others? And I wish Dio had a daughter. I would love to see a Dio-daughter relationship.

They are ~mysteries~. I have to admit I’m not as curious on that end, as keeping things shadowy about Dio’s sexual pursuits actually makes it more appealing to me. I wonder if things would differ much if Dio had a daughter? I’m guessing not really, he seems like he’d push his agenda on his kid regardless.