and the thing with his mom

reasons the Voltron trailer has me shook:

  • Blue is so attached to Lance that she didn’t even immediately open up to Allura? Like it took her time (we dk how long exactly but enough for Allura to start walking away) before accepting Allura as her paladin 
  • All the new Galra females?? Aka we get to see Keith’s mom probably!!
  • How skillful the paladins are with their lions. Like their moves are way more suave and badass somehow
  • As we saw Lance will pilot Red, and I hope this is metaphorical to show us Lance’s more angsty side (compared to Blue which was a really friendly and happy lion that mirrored Lance in the team)
  • Shiro opening his eyes––what if he wakes up and finds himself on Earth again, found by the Garrison?????
  • Keith leading Voltron––which, okay, Keith piloting Black and Allura piloting Blue wasn’t my thing™ but I’m starting to like the idea to see the parallels. Like the original pilot for Black was Zarkon who was Galra, and now Keith is piloting it and he’s Galra too
  • Lotor not being a major part of the trailer and I’m hoping that he’s not the same as original Lotor and that he switches to fight alongside the paladins in this series

OK, wow. Sangwoo is saying a COMPLETELY different thing than his mother here. It was probably a mistake to translate the two bits of dialogue so similarly. 

Sangwoo’s mom is saying, “Why do you make so much trouble for mom?!!” It sounds like a very normal thing for a mom to say when she’s mad at a child. Angry, but kind of cute.

What Sangwoo is saying is more like “I’m begging you, don’t make it hard for me…” The word in that first bubble, “jebal,” is translated as “please,” but it implies way more desperation than just “please.” In normal situations you would use “jom” to say please, not “jebal.” I think Bum has only used “jebal” when begging for his life or not to be locked in the basement. 

Imagine eleven trying different foods for the first time. Like she’s thirteen and sitting at the wheelers’ table and karen makes like asparagus or something like that. she cautiously brings it to her mouth and as soon as she takes a bite, she spits it right back on the plate and frowns. mike has to physically clench his jaw to keep from laughing at this

But if she tries something she really likes, her face lights up like the sun itself. One day, mike convinces his mom to give him some extra cash so he can take el to get some ice cream. she chooses mint chocolate chip and she digs in as soon as she gets the cone. her face is a sticky mess and there’s drops of green staining her clothes but she has the biggest grin on her face and she was actually shocked when mike pointed out that she could eat the cone.

A lesson

I liked a guy for over a year. He had a girlfriend for 90% of the time that I liked him. I didn’t do anything to split them up, and I never said how I felt to him. For this, we’ll call him Bob. You see, Bob is my best friend. He’s kind, smart, hilarious and gets me in a way nobody else ever has. My parents also love Bob, and let him come over to my house and hang out whenever.

When Bob and his girlfriend broke up after his mom died from breast cancer over the summer, saying he’d “changed”, Bob was heartbroken. We texted every day and talked to each other about everything. He told me that I was the only one he trusted with this information. He told me things that he’d never told anyone else; not even his family.

Then, last October, he finally got me to admit my feelings, and he told me that he felt the same. I was overjoyed, and so excited to have him to myself after all that time.

Then the stomach aches started. They began whenever I was around him. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I just assumed it was because of mine and Bob’s relationship changing from friends to lovers. Then it started coming when I was home. I’d be in my room and randomly break down in tears and not know what was wrong. I’d wanted to be with my parents all the time because I just felt so shitty for no reason, and I just didn’t understand what was wrong because I wanted that so much. After a few more days, I decided that I couldn’t handle it and talked to him. Instead of telling him what was really going on, I just told him that dating was weird because we were best friends, and broke it off.

Instead of telling him that I had anxiety and a spell of depression, I told the boy I was in love with for more than a year that it was because we were best friends.

That winter was the worst of my life, because of the anxiety and depression. I couldn’t be happy, no matter what I did. My friends, especially Bob, (who has a new girlfriend who I introduced him to while we were dating) noticed that I wasn’t myself and tried to cheer me up, and it working for a bit.

After winter and the beginning of spring, I returned to my normal self. I was happy again, but of course I had lost something that I couldn’t get back.

Now Bob was happy with his new girlfriend, who’s one of my best friends. I lost the love of my life because of my stupid anxiety.

Now, after trying to move on and push my feeling for Bob away, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I still have feelings for him.

And now it’s even worse because of course I’ve moved three states south of him. We text every day and I still haven’t told him that I’m still in love with him, all these months later, because I’m scare that he’ll cut me out of his life.

God Connor, I’m sorry for making your life so difficult with me, and I miss you so much. I regret ever breaking up with you, but mostly not telling you what was really happening.

Yes, there is a lesson in all of this.


Yes, it sucks, but do not make the mistake I did. Tell your significant other what’s going on, and tell them that you need time to sort out your own problems. Tell them you need a break, but you still love them. If they really love you back or care for you back, they’ll understand.

nobodyhxre  asked:

What was sangwoo doing in chapter 8 after he said "stop it you little shit" " good dammit" ? 😅 idk I'm confused

You mean when he jacks off on Bum’s feet? That gets you into the fascinating phenomenon of Sangwoo getting an instant (and apparently unwanted) boner when Bum calls him Sangwoo-ya. Which may or may not be related to his mom calling him Sangwoo-ya. I haven’t decided yet.

Later I think I’m going to do a post about the things Bum has called Sangwoo at various parts of the story, whether “Sangwoo-ya,” “Sangwoo-ssi,” or just “Sangwoo.” It’s stuff I’ve mentioned before, but it’ll be good to gather it all in one place.

Lezhin REALLY should have included the honorifics. I’m not sure why they didnt. They usually do for other comics, don’t they?

Sex With Post-Death Kyle [HCs]

Request: “Could you do sex with Kyle HCs, but this time with post death Kyle ;)” - Anon

Count: 19

A/N: I fixed the wifi yesterday but I was honestly just too lazy to post. Don’t be mad, please. Violet Harmon smut is hard to write.

  • Kyle is a huge sweetheart, before and after death
  • Well, after Fiona fixes him, at least
  • (Who am I kidding? He was sweet before. Just not the part with he anger issues.)
  • Before that, it was pretty uncommon for him to be gentle
  • The first time the two of you have sex, he’d be absolutely terrified of freaking out and hurting you because of what his mom did to him
  • So every little thing would be incredibly slow-paced
  • Well, until he realizes that both of you are completely fine
  • He’d gradually go rougher when you give him encouragement
  • And after the two of you fall into the groove of things, he’d still be cautious
  • The first few times are just like that, the whole process of getting him to open up and take a look around
  • It’s actually really sweet 
  • But then, it’s a breeze
  • When he’s comfortable, he’d even initiate it
  • He’s definitely a top after his revival
  • He’d have to be in a hell of a mood for him to let you take over
  • Despite that, it’s not totally uncommon
  • Kyle loves it when you call him daddy
  • You being his princess or his baby girl, of course
  • Overall, Kyle Spencer is a kinky cinnamon roll and needs to be protected

i already know im gonna be annoyed with keith in season 3 but hes by far the most relatable character atm

“keith we have to–” “find shiro!?” “–…make dinner”

“keith have you found–” “SHIRO???” “…your gloves…”

“keith are you ok?” “shiros gone, missing, i cant believe this. he used to put newspapers in his shoes, his moms name was sarah. even what i had nothing i had shiro.” “i…meant your injury but uh…”

one track minded af and i can 100% relate. bet u $5 keith walks into allura’s new voltron alliance govt meaning and talks about shiro for 5 minutes straight and honestly id walk into the us senate right this second and do the same thing

AU where, instead of Jughead saying “I love you” to Betty in episode 13, Betty says it first, and Jughead doesn’t know how to take it because he doesn’t “know” love. He hasn’t ever felt it for anyone other than Jellybean and his mom (and sometimes his dad) and not in the same way, so he pushes her away. Betty, being heartbroken, leaves the trailer a mess. Lots of angst occurs before Jughead goes to talk to FP in jail, and he tells him not to let a good thing slip him by because FP was a shitty dad and that Jughead deserves to be loved and to love (in the most FP way possible). Finally, Jughead hesitantly shows up at Betty’s house and professes his love for her in front of Alice because he couldn’t help but say it as soon as he saw the love of his life, Betty Cooper. 

@camelotskingz lol either you need to write this or I do. Please choose.

David head cannons

I keep seeing head cannons and I felt the need to put my two cents for what I’ve come up with while at work and trying to keep my mind on (semi) happy thoughts and things that don’t make me want to kill my customers. Let’s start from the beginning:

- David’s last name is like Forester or Foster or something English/Irish. I think my boy is mostly Irish with English roots or something too

- he has four older brothers and two younger sisters with one younger brother

- being the middle child, he always felt invisible while also having to assume the responsibilities of taking care of his older siblings.

- his dad cheated on his mom and left. He was always working anyways and never spent much time with David.

- David thought his dad was going on some great adventure and wanted to go with him. He always resented his dad for leaving him.

- his mom was kind but extremely busy. He modeled his happiness after hers and learned forgiveness from her.

- David and Jasper weren’t close friends except for the few weeks leading up to Jasper’s death. He watched his friend die and swore to Campbell that he’d never talk about it. Campbell got a lawsuit which he won. David feels torn about wanting to pay damages to Jasper’s family but also his loyalty to Campbell.

- David is Pan! Love doesn’t discriminate for this boy and if he loves you then he really truly loves you. It doesn’t matter your orientation. However, it takes ALOT for him to be sexually romantic with someone. Basically he’s the “soulmates for life” kinda person but it doesn’t matter who that person is. (That’s why I don’t really ship him hard core with anyone because I feel he’s the friends first type person.)

- David takes meds for depression and anxiety. I think he has social anxiety but puts him self out there to over come it. I don’t want to dwell TOO much on his mental health because I pretty much agree with everyone else and their own lengthy posts.

- he has a slight fear of heights.

I know I have more but I can’t think of them. I’ll add on more when I think of them

yourcouragetothestickingplace  asked:

for the osmosis game: yuuri on ice? idk has that reached your dash yet?

Here’s the thing about that: 
YOI hasn’t just reached my dash, it has reached my mom.  My actual mother  is all giddy fangirl about the Nice Boys in the show who are apparently gonna settle down and raise dogs and maybe baby skaters. I am going to be replaced by animated Olympic-tier skaters on the Christmas list. 

So what I mostly know is that Yuuri is a Very Nice Boy and hopefully things will turn out all right for him and his Very Nice Boyfriend and I really can’t take knowing any more than that


Hao: uncle that only visits from time to time, always borrowing money, goes to thanksgiving n christmas dinners only for the food
Han: auntie that knows everything, cross him and he’ll spill everything abt u, including that $2 u stole from ur mom when u were 10
Hoshi: u kno the emo phase kids go through? His was country music,, country phase. Steals candy from kids
Seungkwan: give him back his candy
Cheol: i dont even know… the only thing i can think of is that 40 years old mcr fan
Jun: is he still alive?…like is he breathing??

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately. I feel like I can’t ever do enough to help my family and it makes me feel like a useless waste of space. I’ve been having to deal with watching my mom essentially fall apart at times because she’s always worried about my brother along with finances and whatever X problem we have at the time. For the past decade, it’s kinda felt like we can’t get ahead before the next bad thing happens. First it was my dads stroke, then we had our college funds embezzled and then the start of my brother’s addiction and then his relapses thereafter, among other (smaller) things. Then there was that whole thing with my entire family and barn family getting harassed all winter… Most recently, it’s all been the addiction hitting it’s peak and it’s been hard to even be home because my mom won’t even sleep through the night because she’s worried about him dying in his sleep. It’s been really really hard. I haven’t been good at helping people who’ve been reaching out to me on here and I’ve been awful at responding to people in general.

Social media has kind of been my solace. A place to vent or just to focus on other things and forget about what’s going on.

I just wanted to thank those of you who’ve been so kind and supportive of me and also apologize to those who’ve been ignored or the receiver of my snippy attitude when I’m really stressed out. Sometimes it takes all of my energy just to get off the couch, so getting the energy to respond properly or at all can be difficult. Especially when I feel people are being presumptuous or negative towards me because I’ve already been dealing with enough negativity in my day to day life.

So, thank you and sorry. If you have it in you to be nice even if you do not like me, now would be a really good time to cut me a break. Things are starting to look up (finally) but I don’t want to get my hopes up. So thank you for bearing with me.

A Missing Piece

“Don’t hate me.” Simon says through the tears that run down his face.

“Mi amor, I could never hate you.” Raphael says sincerely as he walks closer, kneeling down in front of him.

His hand gently cups Simon’s cheek, wiping the tears away as best as he can.

“I went and saw my mom. And Becca.” Simon says bluntly. “I can’t just forget about them, Raph. They’re my family. I love them, I miss them so much. And I- I want them to know that I’m happy. That I found someone.” His hand comes up, placed on top of Raphael’s. “That I found you.”

“I’m not your keeper.” Raphael says, his voice hard. “I only want what’s best for you. That you don’t have to go through anymore unnecessary pain.”

“I love you.” Simon says, more tears falling. “And no matter what pain I- I feel when they- when they are gone and I’m not, the moments and time I spend with them now will be worth it. Maybe- Maybe it wasn’t for you and maybe I’m wrong, but I have to try. I…”

“You don’t have to explain, mi sol. I am sorry I pushed you so hard on this.”

“No.” Simon shakes his head. “You were just trying to protect me.”

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Supernatural A.I.

Originally posted by loserxhemmo96

Ghost // Vampire M.C // Siren L.H // Demon C.H

Summary: A boy who dies in his home hundreds of years ago, and a girl who moves into this old house. A boy who wants to be alone, and a girl who know that’s not true.

Word Count: 3.6k +

Warnings: Murder, Profanity, Abuse, Whipping



“This house is fucking creepy as all hell.” I sighed as my parents helped me move my things into my new house. My mom sighed, “Well, it’s the cheapest thing that wasn’t extremely far from your college, now quit complaining. It’s just a little bit old, don’t worry your pretty little head off.” She said and patted my head like a dog.

I smiled and rolled my eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Alright then. Thanks for helping me get my boxes in Mom, I appreciate it, but you can head back home, I can unpack by myself easily.” She was about to complain, but I just shook my head.

“Don’t think I forgot, but I know you have a doctor’s appointment, you aren’t fooling me, now get to it.” My mom hated the doctor’s so I new she would try and do anything to put it off for another day. She sighed and laughed, “You’re right, I’ll head home now, and I’ll visit whenever you want me to come.” I smiled and gave her a hug goodbye.

When she closed the door, I sighed and looked around the old house. The house was already pre-furnished and I looked around at all of the colors. It was a tan colored living room, and the kitchen was stone tiles. I walked up the stair with my clothes and pick the room furthest in the back. There was two more rooms, so they could just be guest rooms for if my parents or someone came over.

I set my box down on the room I picked, the biggest room that is, and went back to grab my other boxes. I brought knickknacks, clothes, and pictures to place on the dresser in here. I set everything up and walked back downstairs to put everything away in the kitchen.

I jumped, and dropped the pot I was carrying when I heard something fall upstairs. There was only one room up there that I actually put things in, so I ran up there quickly into my new bedroom. When I got in there, I saw my picture of me and my younger sister on the floor, shattered.

“Dammit, that’s going to be messy to clean up.” I said as I looked around my room cautiously. I checked everywhere, and then I heard a low noise coming from the closet. Timidly, I walked closer to the closet, and touched the door. I fucking touched the door like a dumbass.

I chuckled to myself and walked a little bit closer to the closet door, it had nothing in it, I hadn’t put my clothes away yet, but it was still intimidating me. I took a deep breath, and opened the door. As I suspected, there was nothing there.

I turned around, and was met face to face with a guy. I screamed and jumped back in fear. “Fucking hell man! How did you get into my house?” I asked as he stared at me. “This is my house. And you need to leave.” I scoffed, “I’m not fucking leaving, I paid for this house, pretty boy.”

He grumbled and turned away, when he turned back he went invisible. My mouth hung open, and I searched the room for him. My eyes were wide, and I felt something on the back of my neck. I spun around very quickly, and saw the mystery boy sitting on my bed.

I stared at him, and he disappeared again. I looked around my room, and slowly started to walk out of it. The door slammed shut in my face and I yelped with a jump in surprise. I looked around quickly with my eyes wide open.

“What are you doing? Why are you doing this ghost boy?” I assumed he was a ghost, because there is no way in hell a normal person could do all of these things. He appeared again and smirked at me.

“Like I said, human girl,” he mocked, “I want you out of my house, and I want you out now.” His voice got deeper towards the end, and I growled, “I’m not fucking leaving! My parents paid for this house and I can’t leave it. I don’t care who you are, or whatever you are! But I cant leave this house!” I demanded and he sighed.

“Fine, have it your way.” He disappeared, and I continued on with my cleaning, “You know you could always clean up the mess you made!” I shouted into the air. I grumbled when I didn’t get a response, and walked out to get a broom.

When I walked back into the room, I noticed the picture all back together and a little note on the dresser. I’m sorry about your picture, I lost control, and I apologize. Just stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours. -Ashton

I shook my head and smiled. “Thanks for picking this up Ashton!” I screamed into the air and finished unpacking my belongings.

When I finally finished unpacking, I laid down on my bed, and sighed. I was super curious about Ashton and about why he was a ghost and how he got that way. I was mostly curious about why he was haunting this house. I sat up and looked around my room for any trace of him, “Ashton! Can you come out? I’m bored.” I groaned and looked around the room.

It didn’t seem like he was there, but in reality, he was. He hid in the corner of the room, invisible, just laughing at Y/n’s stupid ways.

“Ashton! Hello?” I called out again and I heard chuckling, which made me groan, “God dammit Ashton just come out, I want to ask you some things.” I sighed and noticed his figure starting to appear in the corner of the room. Soon enough, he came out from hiding and floated towards me with a scowl. “What?” He barked out harshly.

“I thought I told you to leave me alone, remember? ’Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours’. I told you I didn’t want to talk to you. I want to be left alone.” He said with a roll of his eyes.

I smirked, “Well, if you really wanted to be alone you wouldn’t have come out when I called for you.” I chuckled and he growled. My eyes widened in shock as snapped his fingers and the room got darker.

When he snapped them again, it was bright in the room, but Ashton was gone. I groaned, “I didn’t mean leave!” I protested, “I was just messing with you buddy old pal.” I joked and sighed when he didn’t come out again.

“God, if we’re both going to be living here, you might as well be civil towards me, because I’m not leaving. So if you don’t want to deal with me, you could always go somewhere else.” I said in a smartass type of way. I heard another growl and Ashton appeared again.

Instantly, I smiled a large grin, “Ashton! You’re back! Hi!” I said over-enthusiastically. “How’ve you been buddy? I haven’t seen you in forever, I’ve missed you. It was so boring in here without you!” I said with an overdramatic sigh, as if I really meant what I was saying. Well, I half meant it, it was boring without someone to talk to.

He chuckled, “I didn’t realize you missed me, how nice of you. I am quite fabulous aren’t I?” I grinned, “Only the most fabulous!” I giggled. “Ok, but honestly, it’s so boring, why wont you talk to me?” I asked with a pout. He sighed.

“Sometimes, I cant handle how I act. It’s like a natural thing for ghosts, they can’t usually control their emotions. We’re normally supposed to be rude, and angry at the world all of the time, but I try my best to control that urge, and I try my best to be nice, but it’s kind of hard when your body is telling you to be something that your mind and heart don’t want.” He sighed and bowed his head down.

I stared at him with wide eyes, “Wow, I just thought you were a douche.” I joked, trying to lighten the mood a little bit. He chuckled half heartedly, “Yeah, sorry about that, but bare with me ok? I’m trying really, and like you, I’d like to be friends fi we’re going to be living here together.” He smiled and I giggled.

“I actually said to be civil with one another, but if you really want to be friends, than I’d like that as well.” I teased. He smiled and shook his head, “Yeah, I’d like to be friends with you. So, hi, I’m Ashton.” He said and held his hand out.

“Hi I’m Y/n,” I said and looked wearily at his hand. I tried to poke it first, and noticed my finger went right through it. “Hey!” I complained, “You were trying to trick me!” I pouted and he just laughed. He floated over to me and ruffled my hair. I looked up in confusion and amazement.

“What the?” I asked and he laughed again. “I guess you didn’t know I could control when I want to be touched or not?” I shook my head at his ridiculousness, “Of course I didn’t know, I know nothing about ghosts.” I chuckled.

After a few months, Ashton and I had become really close friends, he obviously sometimes get moody like he did when we first met, but he’s been controlling it a little bit better. I still really want to know about what happened to him, but every time I ask, he avoids the question, or he gets mad and loses control like before.

I’ve learned to not ask him, but my curiosity ended up getting the better of me this time. “Um, Ash? Do you think, maybe you could- just putting it out there you don’t have to- but I’ve really been wonder if- well actually-” His laugh cut me off and he ruffled my hair like he always does.

I pouted when he started talking, “Just get to the point Y/n, spit it out,” He urged and I sighed but nodded. “How did you die?” I asked timidly, he opened his mouth but I cut him off this time, “And don’t give me no bullshit answer or say something like ‘I don’t have to tell you’ or like, 'It’s for the best you don’t know.’ Because I’m sick of it Ash! I’m your friend, and I want to know what happened.” I continued my rant.

“I care for you, and it hurts to know that this things, the reason you died, eats you alive inside, and I want to talk with you. I want you to know I’m here for you, and I want you to know that you have nothing to be worried about if you tell me.” I said with a gasp after I rant was over.

I looked over at him and noticed his eyes were darker than they normally were. “Listen Y/n” He spit my name out, “I don’t have to tell you shit.” He said and vanished. Nothing good ever came out of that, but at least he wasn’t as violent and destructive as he normally would be.

“I’m sorry Ash, I’m just really curious, and have you heard my speech? It sounded rehearsed, but I swear it wasn’t.” I joked and heard his chuckled from across the room. He reappeared, he always came back after I said or did something dumb, but he never came back this quickly.

He sighed and looked at the ground while floating in the air with his legs crossed, “I’m sorry for snapping again. But I think I’m ready to tell you what happened to me.” He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. “It started back in 1986.”

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin, get your ass in here this instant.”

“My 'Father’ was always a bit of a prick, he never liked me so I guess that’s why all of this happened.”

“Get the fuck in here and clean the house. You don’t want another beating now do you?” Zack, my mother’s husband of four years rhetorically asked me. I sighed and walked around the house cleaning anything that could possibly be dirty in his eyes. “Hey! Don’t forget to clean up the blood on the floor from last time.” He grinned maliciously.

“By, last time, he always meant the previous beatings I would get, my siblings never got them, which I was thankful for, but he would surely kill them if anyone tried to get help.”

I grumbled and scrubbed the floor in the kitchen. Zack sat in the living room watching a show that I paid no mind to. I kept scrubbing until I could see my reflection and decided I was finished.

“I’m going out, you better have the whole house cleaned and polished before I get back, or I swear, you’ll be beaten so bad, you’ll fucking wish you were dead.” Zack said with a wicked smile and walked out with his keys.

I kept cleaning, but noticed something, I saw that he left his cell phone on the couch and took this as my opportunity to call the police.

“My family was always too afraid of Zack to leave their rooms, they often cried at night and there was nothing I could do for them. If Zack found any of us out of our rooms, without permission, we’d be beaten ten feet under the ground.” Ashton cringed at the memory and continued on with his story.

I dialed 911 (or 999 wherever you live) and tried to tell them what was going on. “Please, please help my family and I, my step dad beats me and my family isn’t allowed to leave their rooms, I need help, and come soon, he’ll be home soo-” I was cut off by a slap to the face.

“You disrespectful little bitch!” Zack screamed and smashed his foot down on his phone. “You tried calling the fucking police! I could get arrested for this you son of a bitch.” He screamed and lifted me by my collar. I tried to get away from him, but he brought me down into the basement.

“Let go of me! Mom! Please! Someone help me!” I shouted.

“They never came, and when people finally got there, I was already dead.” I had tears running down my face and tried to get Ashton to stop telling me. “You don’t have to say anymore Ash.” I said as I wiped my tears, but they wouldn’t stop.

“You, asked, and, and I need to tell someone. Finally tell someone exactly what happened. You deserve to know.” I sighed and nodded.

He slapped me across the face and my head flew to the side. “Now listen up, by the time the police arrive, I’ll have you dead, and you’ll regret ever calling them.” He said menacingly.

He tied me to a support pole that held up the basement with my back against it, and my arms around it and tied up. I cried, and pleaded for him to stop, for someone to save me, because I knew, this time I wouldn’t be getting out alive.

He beat me, he cut my shirt open and off the proceeded to whip me with a thick and heavy rope. I cried out as he whipped me all across my face, and on my stomach I was whipped. When my body was scattered in bright red slashes from the rope, he continuously punched me. He punched me in the face, in the gut, and even kicked me.

I could feel myself slowly falling out of consciousness, but he refused to allow that. “Wake the fuck up, I’m not finished with you yet.”

By now, Ashton and I both had tears rolling down our faces and I was heartbroken. “Ashton stop! I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want you to have to relive that Ashton, don’t put yourself through this.” I said in exasperation. He sighed and sat down next to me, with me cradled in his arms.

He kissed my forehead and sighed, “I need to tell you everything, and then I need to ask a favor, but for now, just let me speak.” I nodded my head and leaned into Ashton’s warm embrace.

Zack pulled out a knife, and with my blurry vision, I could barely see what he was holding. I could only determine what it was when I felt it go right through my stomach. “Ah! Stop it!” I screamed as he twisted his knife inside of my stomach.

“You don’t like this? Well I didn’t like when you called the cops on me!” He shouted in my face, and sliced the knife across my arms, and with one final thing I could muster up before he slammed the knife into my chest, I stared up at him and said, “See you in Hell.”

“After that, I became a ghost, I could see everything that went on, I saw his evil grin when he realized I was dead. When he realized the police were near, he hid my body in a compartment in the walls. He shoved me in and closed the door. Before he could get any further, the police came and shot him, automatically killing him.”

My lip trembled and I buried my head into Ashton’s chest. I could feel the tears falling onto my head from him and I sniffled really loudly. “I’m so sorry Ashton. If I had known I wouldn’t have asked, but, if he was killed in the house, shouldn’t he be here too?” I asked timidly and looked up at him.

Ashton sighed. “So, maybe I didn’t tell you everything about being a ghost. You know, if you get murdered, you turn into a ghost, but actually, it’s also if you have some unfinished business, you could say.” He said nervously as he looked at me.

“So what’s your unfinished business?” I asked wearily and he looked at me with innocent eyes, “I need you to get my body out of that compartment and I need you to set me free.” His lip trembled as he tried to hold in the tears. Me on the other hand, just let them flow freely down my face.

“I mean, if I have to, but I don’t want to see your beaten body Ashton.” I cried and he gave me a hug and ran his fingers through my hair. “It’ll be fine, and I’ll miss you so much Y/n, but this is what needs to be done, I need to be set free.” I nodded.

“Of course I’ll do it, I want you to be happy.” My words were chocked up, “And I’ll miss you to Ash, so fucking much.” I cried and closed my eyes shut tight. He lifted my chin, “Open your eyes beautiful, I want to see you before I have to go.” He said and I complied. He smiled at me and I smiled a small, watery smile back.

He looked down at my lips and back to my eyes, “Can I, can I kiss you?” He asked in a small voice. I nodded, and he looked down at my lips, “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I laid eyes on you.” He said right before he slowly, and gently placed his lips on top of mine.

I kissed back, and could taste the tears mixed in with it. It was a slow kiss, neither of us wanted to take it a step further, we just left it as an innocent kiss that laid all of our emotions on the table. I pulled back and rested my forehead against his, he sighed and smiled, “Now I’m really going to miss you, but, I can’t stay, this world isn’t where I belong anymore.” I sighed and nodded.

I got up from my room, and walked down into the basement with Ashton following behind me. He pointed to the left wall and sighed, “That’s the wall and if you look closely, there are a few tiles that are pushed out from not being closed properly.” I nodded, and felt my way to open the door.

“Why did you never open it yourself and leave?” I asked confusedly and pried the door open. “I’m not allowed as a ghost to touch my body.” I gasped as I saw Ashton’s body curled up and all limp. I started to cry and turned to look at him, “I’ll get you out of here.”

I turned back and reached out for the limp body. I cried harder as I saw the gashes and the whiplash marks all over him. I cried even more as the smell of dried old blood filled my nose.

“Just place my body in the middle of the room and I should be able to escape, and my body will disappear into nothing.” I complied and sniffled. I placed his body in the middle of the room, and as soon as I did, his body started fading away. I looked over at Ashton and he was already staring at me.

 "I love you.“ He said as he waved goodbye to me as he started disappearing just like his body had done. I broke down into sobs, but still managed to choke out a rough sounding "I love you too” to Ashton.

 I saw him smile, really widely, and even with some tears running down both of our faces, and my heart wrenching sobs echoing in the basement,  I could faintly hear him say, “I’ll see you again, and until then, I’ll wait for you. Until then, my beloved.”

I’m so happy how this came out and the ending was so sad and cute and I want to cry. Hopefully you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it, thank you for everything.

Blood Ain’t Always Thick - GotG AU

For as long as Peter can remember, the closes thing to a father figure - the only other male figure in his life that hasn’t been an uncle or his grandfather - had been Yondu Udonta (yeah He hates his name too). And you’d think having a nomadic biker of the infamous Ravager biker gang as a father figure would’ve been cool, right?

Well no. Yondu was an asshole and he was always making his mom sad whenever he left. Even when she had cancer - which she kicked its ass, because his mom is tough - Yondu didn’t stay around all the time…

So no. Having a nomadic, mo-hawk sporting, biker for a male figure in his life wasn’t cool… Except it also kind of was. And damn it if Peter still didn’t love the asshole… Maybe he’d tell him one day. Maybe then he’ll stay and they can try to be like a normal family?


I’m a sucker for human!Yondu AU, alright?! Human Yondu being the father figure in Peter’s life but also being to terrified to take on the roll and not very good with his emotions because his father was an emotion beating jackass and his adopted father and him haven’t had a good conversation in years… I’m a sucker for this shit, alright!

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LMAO TEX,, elly getting a phone im cryin 

maybe?? but like @deva-707 (hi child, cat mom loves you and hopes you dont mind being tagged) said, the messenger app is for rfa only~ so like,,, what does it mean??? im lowkey betting on it being v, saeran, vandy, and rika but it could be anything!

New Fish Owner?

Hi fishblr! I’ve been begging and begging my mom for years to buy a fish and she finally caved. I’ve never owned one before and would like some pointers as to what are the absolute essentials for a betta fish. Things like minimum tank size, recommended food and decor, etc. Any advice would be a HUGE help, thank you in advance!