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That moment before a ship kisses, heeeeeeeelp the feels. I thought it would look better asdfgkjghjl

Full artwork of Ladybug x Cat Noir in aerial silk au!

a club but the dj just plays the stranger things opening theme on repeat 


Mainly I just wanted to give Sassyatta a chance to be smug. As though that never happens. Anyway, I was actually mulling over whether or not I thought they’d get a long since Moira is pretty quick on the comebacks too. It was her Ult line that did it (Surrender to my will!) – then it was easy to think that nah, Sassy Zenyatta would absolutely piss her off on purpose. To get semi philosophical on a stupid OW comic: It’s the difference between Symmetra and Moira. Symmetra is all up on her high horse because she is confident in her inherent awesomeness. Moira is all up on her high horse because she is confident in your inherent inferiority. Or at least that’s a suuuuper basic reading of the character so far. XD That’s the 30 second logic for now I guess.

More Overwatch Things


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