and the text is crap

to all aros and aces feeling bad tonight,

you’re not a burden. you’re not a freak. you’re not horrible. you’re not gross. you’re not boring. you’re not incomplete. you’re not a nuisance. you’re not ugly. you’re not a monster. you’re not a weirdo. you’re not annoying. you’re not bad.

you deserve all the support and care in the world. please believe this.

Hey, that girl you made fun of for dressing like an emo, her dad dresses up like a pharmacist, makes useless machines and gets beat up by a platypus in a fedora. Yeah, it’s not always how it seems, so think before you act.

Things Boys Have Said To Me In Online Games:

  • you shouldn’t be here, you’re a ‘chick’
  • girls can’t / don’t play computer games
  • I bet you’re rubbish, girls can’t game
  • ‘do u hav a web cam’
  • I’ll go easy on you
  • you must be ugly to be a girl who games
  • fat bitch always online
  • if I let you win will you skype me
  • I don’t want the girl on my team

and of course finally:

  • don’t tell me what I can and can’t say stupid feminist princess don’t come online if you don’t want to be treated this way (legit)

Now I am always one of the first to believe ‘not all men do this, not all men do that’, but the amount of harassment I have received in the world of online gaming is just unreal. Girls should be able to game without being patronized. Girls should be able to game without sex coming into the conversation. Girls should be able to game and not be insulted. Girls should be able to play what they want and do what they want online and not have sexist, objectifying, rude comments hurled at them. It’s not hard to be respectful. Live and let live.

gansey’s alive at the end of it all, magically, impossibly, amazingly, and it should feel like a victory - it does feel like a victory.
but it also feels like a loss, hollowing and sobering.
because now gansey is left Purposeless; his quest is over and his sacrifice spat him back out,
not to mention having died again and lived again, but this time with no questions to answer, no meaning, Just This, just life,
and he’s lost and kind of numb and sort of angry, which feels weird and Other in him, because it’s not so neatly controllable and disguisable as his usual emotions, because there’s no one and nothing to really be angry at,
and it’s, like, a smoldering version of gansey on fire when he starts taking down his glendower maps in the middle of the night, 
initially removing them by the pins and then just pulling them off so the corners still stick.

ronan wasn’t sleeping either, not a chance, 
and he knows the sounds of insomniac destruction anywhere,
so he comes out of his room and stands in his doorway until gansey says
‘help me.’

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interviewer: how annoying is ryan reynolds on set?

jake gyllenhaal: i would say he’s really not annoying at all… he’s like… he’s actually the best… he’s the best personality on set and he makes everybody feel pretty great and his energy, which i deeply believe in, it’s like… it infects the whole… in like a… in like a… like a sort of… hu-… in like a very… in like a… think about… think about it like an epidemic. uhm… like of… of mass proportions. that’s what his personality’s like… but positive.

No, the blog isn’t dead!

This is a long-time coming buuutttt I guess I should finally say something. So first off- no, the blog isn’t dead forever! I’ve just been taking a very long, very unplanned hiatus due to personal reasons that I’ll touch on a bit.

Putting it under a readmore because it’s a lot but TLDR version:

EQP is not dead! It’s just on impromptu hiatus until I figure some real life things out.

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