and the tears come streaming

Please take a few minutes of your time to read this. I’m not asking for anything. I just think that this is something that isn’t said enough.

My mom is extremely homophobic and recently, she found out that I’m gay. I didn’t tell her. My brother was talking to my mom and let it slip. And if I was not ready to tell her, I was definitely not ready for the backlash of her knowing.
I was taking a nap when my mom found out. The moment my brother let it slip, he tried to take it back but it was too late. They started arguing and it woke me up. I couldn’t really hear what they were saying and looking back at it now, I’m glad I couldn’t. I later found out that my brother was trying to explain to my mom that nothing was wrong with me for liking girls. That my happiness was all that mattered. But my mom wouldn’t listen to a word he said. So my brother begged her not to say anything to me. Not until I told her myself. And she didn’t.

I could feel the tension during dinner but I didn’t bring it up until later that night. While I was getting ready to go to bed, my mom started asking me questions about boys. What kind of boys I like and stuff like that. Instead of answering the question, I changed the subject and asked about the argument. Her expression immediately changed from lighthearted to somber. In that instant, I knew I would regret asking. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I liked girls. The moment I registered what she was asking, I froze. I just stood there, staring at her. Tears began streaming down my face because I knew what was coming. And I wasn’t ready for it.

I never answered her question but my reaction was all she needed for confirmation. She became hysterical. She began saying things that I mostly blocked out because they hurt too much. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t a choice, that I didn’t choose to be gay and she told me that I needed to change my thought process because my father was going to be ashamed of me. My father died of brain cancer when I was four and I always feared what he would think of me if he was still alive today. Hearing my mom say that hurt like hell. I broke down and my brother tried to comfort me but I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next day, my mom acted like she didn’t just tear my heart out. She pretended like it didn’t happen and avoided making eye contact with me for a week. Now, we’re sort of back to normal but our relationship is strained. She’s in denial, always making passing remarks about homosexuals, and it will never go back to being the same after that.

Thank you for reading this. When I told my friends what happened, they told me that it was bound to happen eventually and that it was better my mom found out now. But they didn’t understand the feeling of having your mom tell you that she would rather die than have a gay child. Let me tell you, it was the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my 17 years of life.

If you know anyone who identifies on the lgbt+ spectrum, please don’t out them. Even if they stole your crayon when you were in Kindergarten and you haven’t liked them since, don’t out them. I had it better than most people. I know children who have been kicked out of their homes for being different. So don’t out anyone. Don’t bash anyone for being in the closet. You don’t know their situation. When they’re ready, they will work things out on their own.

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Consider: At Yuuri and Viktor's wedding, the first dance between the newlyweds is Fix You by Coldplay. The music reaches its climax, and Victor directs Yuuri's attention to a written message displayed on a screen that tells him how grateful he is to have met him and how much he loves him. Yuuri begins sobbing out of happiness (which is fitting because when the lyrics come back they say "tears stream down your face) the couple holds each other while singing the lyrics softly until the song ends

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Langst where he comes out of a pod and discovers he's deaf or blind you can write two separate scenarios or pick just one but imagine the extra langst from him blind and not being able to be the sharpshooter anymore, which is one of the few things allowing him to hold onto his identity vs the extra langst with when he and the team realize he cant hear and how much more difficult communication will be (especially when in the lions) making lance feel like he's more trouble than he's worth

Ohhh I’ll do both!


They both will start the same way just fyi 

Lance stumbled out of the pod, falling into something soft, yet firm. The next thing that he knew was that he was being hugged. 

“Lance!” Hunk cried! 

Knew it, Hunks hugs are the best. Lance reached up to return the hug. 

Lance pulled back a little and started to rub his eyes. That’s weird, I usually can see when I come out. 

Lance listened to his team tell him about what happened, something with an explosion and Lance was standing a bit too close to.  

Lance nodded his head when Shiro gave him the “You Have To Be More Careful™” Speech. Lance was too tired to pay attention. 

Lance kept rubbing his eyes, why am I still seeing black? Wait!  He only faded back into the conversation when Coran mentioned him getting food. 

Everyone agreed and started heading out of the room, only stopping when they realized Lance wasn’t following them.

“Lance, buddy? You coming?” Hunk questioned as he turned around and noticed tears streaming down Lance’s face. “Hey what’s wrong?” Hunk rushed over to his best friend. 

Lance wiped his eyes again just to make sure. “I can’t see.” 


After running a few test on Lance, Coran concluded that Lance had gone blind due to being close to the explosion. 

Lance was devastated, he lost something that he never thought he would. 

The team tried to help him and make him feel better, but they did nothing against Lance’s thoughts. 

Lance couldn’t do anything, he found himself with Blue a lot more since he could see out of her eyes. Blue helped a little but not a lot. What did Lance expect, she was a giant metal lion, she wasn’t perfect at everything.


Shiro walked into Blue’s hanger, he needed to get Lance for dinner. Shiro approached Blue and thanked her when she let him inside. Shiro walked up the ramp and found Lance sitting in the pilot chair shaking slightly. 

Shiro swallowed. “Lance? You alright? It’s time for dinner.” 

Lance nodded his head but didn’t make an intention of moving. 

Shiro walked over to him and wrapped his arm (awkwardly) around the boy, trying to make sure the chair didn’t dig into him.

“Lance, you can tell me what’s wrong.” Shiro whispered. 

Lance took a huge intake of breath and covered his eyes with his hands. “I can’t do it.” 

“What do you mean?” Shiro inquired.

“I can’t contribute to the team anymore. I can only fly Blue, that’s all. I can’t help you save prisoners, I can’t protect you all outside of your lions. I can’t even shoot my gun. I was the team sharp shooter, I can’t even do that.”  Lance started to shake even more. 

Shiro hugged Lance even tighter. “Lance, you don’t bring the team down. We just have to work around this. You will still be able to help people.” 

Lance leaned into Shiro a bit more. “I’ll never be able to see my family again. I won’t be able to see how my siblings grow. I won’t be able to see my mom. I won’t be able to see the ocean. I won’t be able to see Earth.” Lance started to sob.

Shiro didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t tell Lance that it would get better because it wouldn’t. Shiro fought back his own tears and hugged Lance tighter and held him as he cried. 



Lance stumbled out of the pod, falling into something soft, yet firm. The next thing that he knew was that he was being hugged.

“Lance!” Hunk cried!

This must be Hunk, I would recognize these hugs anywhere. Lance reached up to return the hug.

Lance pulled back and looked at Hunk, he quickly noticed that Hunk was moving his lips but no sounds was coming out. Lance started to clean his ears with his pinky. That’s weird. 

Lance looked around the room and his eyes fell on Shiro who was talking to him, Lance still didn’t hear what he said. 

“What?” Lance said. He must of said to loud because everyone jumped and looked at him confused. 

Lance watched Shiro take a breath and start to move his lips again. After a few moment Shiro’s lips stopped. 

“Can you repeat that?” Lance asked again. Or he think he asked. He couldn’t hear his own voice. Man it’s like I’m deaf or something. Wait. 

Lance nearly pealed out of his skin when Coran slapped his back. Lance stared at the man, who was obviously talking to him. 

Lance was about to cry. This can’t be happening. Lance pushed past Coran and walk over to a counter on the other side of the room. He grabbed Coran’s tablet and pulled up the messaging part. Lance quickly drew on the table 3 words, that tore his heart out. He flipped the tablet around and showed his team. I can’t hear. 


The team quickly realized that Lance losing his hearing would affect them in many ways. 

Training in the castle was alright except trying to form a plan. It wasn’t Lance’s fault he learned the plan and went with it, he didn’t know when the team switched it up on him. 

Flying in the lions was almost unbearable. The team couldn’t talk to Lance, he never knew what they wanted. The lions would try to help him but it wasn’t perfect 100%. 

The team wasn’t the only one struggling. Lance was fighting every urge to just scream. He never liked the quiet before. He didn’t like it growing up and he didn’t like it now. He grew up in a huge family, so noise made him feel at home. 

Now Lance was stuck with a tablet and watching people talk but never hearing. Even when Lance sat in Blue, he couldn’t hear anything. Lance just wanted to hear one word. He wanted to hear anything. Lance curled up into a ball in front of Blue. He wanted to hear anything. Lance started to shake, and then cry. He wasn’t sure how loud he was being but he didn’t care. What would they do, yell at him? 

My poor son! 

Thank you for these! 

I hope you like them!! <3333 

Props to you if you found the Hamilton reference. 

Listen to this track and imagine this…

Imagine Aelin and her court returning to Terrasen, battle-weary but victorious, Erawan and Maeve both destroyed.

Imagine them all entering Orynth on horseback, Aelin in the lead with Rowan and Aedion flanking her on either side while the rest trail behind them.

Imagine that as they ride through the city streets, the citizens turn to see who is approaching and stop dead in their tracks.

Imagine Aelin watching them all as she passes, not knowing whether they fear her for her power or hate her for abandoning them for all those years while she killed and reveled in their enemy’s kingdom.

Imagine her fear and dread turning to awe as one by one the citizens of Orynth form a crowd behind her court, following their horses as they approach the palace.

Imagine Aelin and her court reaching the palace gates. She dismounts her mare and slowly, so slowly, moves to step before the crowd, Rowan and Aedion still at her sides, Lysandra, Elide, Lorcan, Gavriel, and Fenrys behind them.

Imagine that she stands before her people in a city she’s seeing for the first time in ten years. A city no longer ravaged, but rebuilding. There is a pause as Aelin looks out among her people and her people stare back at their long-lost queen. Imagine Aelin holding her breath, waiting for them shout and jeer, condemn her as a traitor, surge for her and beat her until she is nothing but dust under their feet.

And imagine those citizens standing in the front of the crowd nearest to her sinking into low bows. And then the crowd ripples like a wave as they all move to kneel before her.

Imagine voices raising, calling out her name and chanting, “Long live the queen!” Narrok’s vision come true at last.

And imagine that as tears stream down Aelin’s face, Rowan takes his mate’s hand and squeezes gently, and never in her life has she ever been as happy as she is in this moment.

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Can you please write a scenario about gabe defending his timid and kinda small gf from overwatch agents that made her cry? Thank you

“No, Gabe, please-”

Your boyfriend currently had his hand around an agent’s neck, fingers digging into his flesh. Your hand reached out to try and grab Gabriel’s black hoody, only to have toned arms wrap around your waist from behind, stilling you instantly.

“Better let him do it, sweetpea.”

You struggled against the southerner, your hand coming up to brush away droplets from your tear stained, bruised cheek. Blood stained your fingers, wiping them on your skirt. To say you were annoyed at how you weren’t as tall or strong as the other agents was an understatement. It was nice to be embraced and protected by Gabe, but when it came to standing up for yourself it was kind of pathetic.

“Jesse, get off me.”
“(Y/N), you’ll get hurt if go over there ‘nd then Reyes’ll have my behind too.”

A solid thud cut your conversation short as the agent who had been abusing you was now splayed out on the floor, your boyfriend hovering menacingly over him. A group of other, younger agents had grouped around, trying to verbally defend the one on the floor.

“Anyone else?”


“Good. Get this shit outta my sight, and if I so much as hear a breath in (Y/N)’s direction, you’ll all be in the depths of hell before you know it.”

Jesse rest his head on top of yours, a deep sigh coming from his chest.

“C'mon, he’s gonna be in a foul mood.”
“I don’t care.”

You managed to wriggle your way out from your best friend’s grasp, limping slightly over to your boyfriend. Your hand gingerly touched his arm, making him spin around.

“Get her to Ziegler.”

His eyes didn’t meet yours, instead directing themselves over to McCree’s.

“I still need to teach these ingrates a lesson.”

A firm hand grasped around yours, dragging you away from the crowd. You stuttered, trying to say something to Gabe before you went through the doors to Angela’s office.

You were laid down on top of the pristine white sheets, arms crossed over your chest. No matter how many times you had said you were fine, Angela and Jesse would not leave your side until the Blackwatch Commander permmitted them to. The air hung thick with tense awkwardness. Angela was scribbling on her clipboard and Jesse seemed very interested with cleaning his hat. Your eyes were on the door, purple and blue slowly forming in your peripheral vision.

To be fair, you had taken quite a beating from the bastard. He kept on going on about how you got special treatment because you were ‘sleeping with the Blackwatch Commander’, to put it nicely. Your personality meant you’d tried to fight back, only to be given a black eye, cut cheek and lip and a sprained ankle. If Gabriel and Jesse hadn’t come along when they did.. You don’t know. Tears still streamed down your cheeks, no matter how hard you tried to stop them. You felt useless. Being in Overwatch and not even able to defend yourself.

You perked up when the doors opened and in walked Gabriel. Both Angela and Jesse stood up sporting strained smiles.

“How is she?”
“Fine. Bruising along the cheekbone, a few cuts here and there and a swollen ankle. Nothing some rest won’t heal.”

Gabriel nodded. The pair took that as their cue to leave, reassuring looks passed in your direcrion.

You uncrossed your arms and fiddled with your fingers, eyes now downcast from his intense gaze. The bed dipped slightly from his weight where he perched, his large hand covering both of yours.

“I’m sorry, Gabe.”
“Why are you sorry? You did nothing.”
“Exactly. I did nothing. I work at Overwatch and I can’t even fight back.”
“That’s because you’re not an agent. You’re my assistant.”
“Still, getting my ass kicked in front of everyone isn’t-”
“(Y/N). What he did was cowardly. It was an easy win for him until I came along.”

You sighed, head drooping down further.

“Let me train you.”

Your head perked up, him now reaching up to caress away a tear.

“If you’re worried, let me train you. I’m not always going to be here to protect you.”

Your eyes looked into his chocolate pools. He wasn’t joking. You nodded hesitantly. He squeezed your hands in reassurance.

“I hate seeing you hurt.”
“I hate being hurt.”

 A gentle kiss was placed on your forehead. He loved you, and you loved him.

When you try your best
But you don’t succeed
When you get what you want
But not what you need
When you feel so tired
But you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
—  Fix You, Coldplay.
The Signs as Their Breakup Songs

Aires: Gravity - EDEN
“But if you keep second guessing then there’s only gonna be one end

But you can leave if you really want to
And you can run if you feel you have to
And I’ll be fine if you ever ask me
I know its hard, but no one said its easy
Falling’s easy”

Taurus: Santa Monica Dream - Angus and Julia Stone
“I’m singing songs about the future
Wondering where you are
I could call you on the telephone
But do I really want to know?
You’re making love now to the lady down the road
No I don’t, I don’t want to know

I’m somewhere, you’re somewhere
I’m nowhere, you’re nowhere
You’re somewhere, you’re somewhere
I could go there but I don’t

Goodbye to my Santa Monica dream”

Gemini: Ghost - Halsey
“You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway

My ghost
Where’d you go?
I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me
My ghost
Where’d you go?
What happened to the soul that you used to be?”

Cancer: Two Years Ago - Ellie Goulding
”It’s now just sparks
Now the fireworks are fading
Is it over?
Lost you in the summer two years ago

You, you, you
I’m still thinking ‘bout you, you, you
Two years ago
You, you, you
I’m still thinking 'bout you, you, you
Two years ago

If there’s no storm, why’re we a shipwreck?
Thought our love is insurmountable
He knows my heart is still aching
Never thought it would be caused by you”

Leo: Fix You - Coldplay
“When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you”

Virgo: The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band
“You cannot quit me so quickly
There’s no hope in you for me
No corner you could squeeze me
But I got all the time for you, love

The Space Between
The tears we cry
Is the laughter keeps us coming back for more
The Space Between
The wicked lies we tell
And hope to keep safe from the pain

But will I hold you again?
These fickle, fuddled words confuse me
Like 'Will it rain today?’
Waste the hours with talking, talking
These twisted games we’re playing”

Libra: Oh My Word - Flip Grater
“Oh my word I’ve been waiting
For you to walk on by
Oh my word I’ve been staying
Inside safe and dry

Will you live underground
And crawl out when it’s light
Do you fail to stand up
And stand in when it’s right

Oh my word I’m just saying
Would you aim this high
Oh my word I’m just waiting
For you at my side”

Scorpio: Can’t Forget You - My Darkest Days
“Whoever said this pain, would ever go away
Didn’t know what it meant to, be here without you
Is everything you see, reminding you of me?
Does it hurt when you breathe too?
'Cause it does when I do, cause it does when I do

When anybody says your name I wanna run away,
I keep remembering I can’t forget you
It doesn’t matter when I try it happens anyway,
It’s been forever and I can’t forget you
With every single day, it won’t go away
The way I feel about you
And when it’s said and done, you’re the only one
And I can’t regret you, so I can’t forget you”

Sagittarius: Doomed - Bring Me The Horizon
“You can have my heart

So come rain on my parade
'Cause I wanna feel it
Come shove me over the edge
'Cause my head is in overdrive
I’m sorry, but it’s too late
And it’s not worth saving
So come rain on my parade
I think we’re doomed
I think we’re doomed
And now there is no way back”

Capricorn: Please Don’t Go - Barcelona
”All those arrows you threw, you threw them away
You kept falling in love, then one day
When you fell, you fell towards me
When you crashed in the clouds, you found me

Oh, please don’t go
I want you so
I can’t let go
For I lose control”

Aquarius: Oceans - Seafret
“It feels like there’s oceans
Between me and you once again
We hide our emotions
Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend
But it feels like there’s oceans
Between you and me

I want you
And I always will
I wish I was worth
But I know what you deserve
You know I’d rather drown
Than to go on without you
But you’re pulling me down”

Pisces: Running Up That Hill - Placebo
“You don’t want to hurt me,
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware that I’m tearing you asunder.
There is thunder in our hearts, baby.
So much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don’t we?

You, be running up that hill
You and me, be running up that hill
You and me won’t be unhappy.”

One More Chance

<< Part one (heartbreaker)

Group: BTS

Pairing: V X READER

Requested: @morganschiebel and @madelinehatter982

Excerpt: ‘ “if he treated you like this do you think he deserves you?”

Genre: angst

Length: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so happy you enjoyed the first part enough to request more! I was actually going to leave it on a cliff hanger but I’m very happy how this turned out and hope you enjoy it as well!

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The rain had turned into a storm that night, as you left the building standing with your bag, your hand clutching the jumper of your shirt as you tried to suppress the silent sobs that made your shoulders shake. The rain lessened as a cab drove past and you quickly hailed it, running to clamber into it as you recited the address for a friend’s apartment.

You clenched and unclenched your hands in a desperate bid to forget the vivid image that had been ingrained on your retina, Taehyung’s topless figure, his breath laboured as that girl’s mouth was on him. This time you couldn’t prevent the sob that escaped and the driver glanced into the mirror, before turning the music louder to make you feel less embarrassed.

The ride had always been a short one between apartments and you suddenly realised that all your friends were close to Taehyung, you had been friends together, long before you met Taehyung and then Jimin introduced him to the group and next thing you knew, this bubbly smiley boy had fit in perfectly. Then you had begun dating. Yoongi was usually awake at this time and you knew that if Jimin or Jeongguk had talked to him already this night was about to get rougher.

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Bellamy Blake x Reader

Prompt: “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

Warnings: Angst; Swearing

You had been walking around Arkadia, talking amongst the people of the camp. Your newly given guard jacket felt heavy on your shoulders considering it was a size too big. They chose to make you guard after Bellamy had upped and left out of nowhere. At first Kane was skeptical, you had been pretty tore up after the older Blake sibling left but you kept on a strong facade.

“How are you feeling?” you turned around at the sound of Kane’s familiar voice. He stood behind you with a soft smile as he looked you over in the guard uniform.

You sighed softly and averted your gaze to your boots before looking back up at Marcus. He asked this every day even though it had been nearly three weeks since Bellamy was gone. “I’m fine. Tired, but fine,” you answered and shrugged a bit.

Kane opened his mouth to speak again but he was interrupted by the sound of the alarm going off at the gate, signaling someone was outside or between the wall and the tree line.

You and Marcus ran side by side to the gate, an assault rifle being thrusted into your hands. “What do we got?” you called out as you checked the gun to make sure it was loaded and ready.

“We saw something along the tree line, it’s started moving into the pasture. Possibly a Grounder,” Miller answered you and stepped forward with his own gun ready.

You nodded and positioned the gun on your shoulder before ordering the other guards to open the gate. Everyone was under your command, no one allowed to fire unless you said so. The gate opened slowly and you stepped forward, peering into the scope on your large gun that magnified your view.

You turned slowly, examining the large open expanse before the trees started. You stopped when you saw movement just over the small hill and you walked forward until you could see clearly. You stopped dead in your tracks and stared into the scope in shock.

“(Y/N)?” you could hear Miller ask but your heart was beating so fast you could barley hear your breath.

“Hold your fire!” you yelled out and dropped your own gun to your side, turning your head and meeting Kane’s eyes. “It’s Bellamy. Someone get Abby Griffin!”

In a rush, guards and people from medical ran past you and out to meet Bellamy who was limping and badly beaten. You walked back to the gates, thrusting your gun into Monty’s arms who looked at you in worry. You kept walking past him, Bryan and Harper and kept your eyes forward.

“Send him to the interrogation room as soon as possible,” you called to them as you continued to walk to the Ark. Monty called your name in protest but you turned your head sharply and shouted, “That’s an order!”

Once you were in the safe confines of the Ark’s walls, you felt like you couldn’t breath. You were sucking in deep breaths and stumbling against the wall as tears burned in your eyes. You let out a scream and slammed your fist into the wall, hearing your bones crunch against the thick metal.

You walked quickly to the interrogation room and slammed the large door behind you. You pulled your jacket off quickly and threw it against the wall. You leaned over the table and put your head in your hands, tugging at your hair as tears fell down your cheeks.

Bellamy left you, without saying a word, without a goodbye. He just left. Now he was back, limping in beat up like nothing happened. He waltzed right out the doors without looking back and broke your heart. You spent all this time trying to mend it and it was being shattered all over again.

You paced the room for what felt like forever, chewing on your bottom lip as you waited for someone to bring Bellamy in. After another few minutes, there was a knock at the door. It opened and Kane stuck his head in, meeting your puffy eyes. “Are you sure about this?” he questioned.

With not of your head, the door was opened the rest of the way and Bellamy stepped into the room. Your heart was pounding against your rib cage as his eyes locked with yours and he swallowed thickly. The door was shut behind him, leaving the two of you alone in the eerily silent room.

“(Y/N)-” Bellamy started but you raised your hand to silence him and shook your head.

“Don’t, you don’t get to speak right now,” your voice was hard as you glared at the dark haired male in front of you who pressed his lips together. “Where were you Bellamy? You just leave without telling anyone? You couldn’t even say goodbye? You didn’t tell anyone where you went, for three weeks a search party looked for you. For three weeks I was heartbroken and worried sick. For three weeks I was ALONE. You left me Bellamy!” your voice broke when you finally said his name and you looked away.

Bellamy stood before you, guilt ridden on his face as he stared at the floor where your feet were. He didn’t know what to say without making everything worse. He never meant to hurt you, he thought you didn’t care that he left.

“If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve,” Bellamy spoke softly, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

You turned and looked at Bellamy in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me? I never should have had to ask! I loved you, you idiot!” you screamed at him, all of your pent up anger and emotion coming out. You now had tears streaming down your face but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. “I was in love with you and you left,” your bottom lip quivered as you spoke.

Bellamy finally stepped forward, his larger frame towering over yours as his hands reached up and cupped your cheeks. Bellamy forced you to look him in the eyes as his own looked glossy with unshed tears. He sniffled slightly as his thumbs traced your jawline slowly.

“You were in love with me?” Bellamy asked softly, his voice barely above a whisper. “Or you are?”

You stared up into the chocolate brown eyes that belonged to the love of your life and you held onto his forearms as he caresses your face. You but your lip and sighed softly as your thoughts ran a mile a minute. “I am in love with you, you idiot,” you finally answered, causing you both to smile.

Bellamy leant down and pressed his lips to yours softly, his hands holding you close to you couldn’t get away. You stood in the quiet room as you kissed the man of your dreams. The two of you still had a lot to talk about but in that moment you didn’t care. All you focus on was that moment felt as your lips moved perfectly in sync with Bellamy Blake’s.

hatred | j.j

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h a t r e d

ship / female!reader x jughead

warnings / bad grammar

plot / y/n cannot escape the torture of constantly being reminded of how she liked her archenemy, jughead jones, in the fourth grade. but little did everyone else know, she still likes him, despite pretending to hate him. all goes swell and unnoticed, until a game of seven minutes in heaven, hosted by the infamous, cheryl blossom. 

a/n / this is my first imagine so be easy dudes. btw, y/b/i means your biggest insecurities. and don’t forget, requests! are! open!

y/n hated parties. especially when it’s the ones hosted by cheryl blossom.

it wasn’t her first choice to be here, in fact it wasn’t her choice at all. her mom thought a party would be a great way to make new friends, instead of staying in her room for copious amounts of hours at a time. veronica, of course, was the one who mentioned a party at thornhill. followed up by kevin, who encouraged the idea of y/n going.

which brings us to now, her trying to find an isolated corner of some sort to avoid confrontation from any other person there.

she walked into a beautiful fireplace which casted a warm tinted glow over the rest of the room. her eyes averted to an empty wall space, so she can just latch on there.

deep in thought, she was thinking of possible excuses to use in order to leave. kevin, veronica, betty, and archie left her in the dust. and quite frankly, y/n didn’t have a reason to stay in a creepy mansion filled with even creepier people. 

“well well well, if it isn’t for little miss vampira showing up at a party way out of her league. took me by surprise.” the familiar voice of her be-hated rival, jughead jones, ringing behind her.

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y/n gave him a sarcastic smile before snapping back, “i could say the same, i wouldn’t expect a weirdo, as so yourself, at a party in general.” y/n was not very witty, so it was hard to pull off a mean comeback. 

jughead chuckled before stepping closer, “my god that was almost as awful as your black lipstick. however that shade kind of resembles your whole death eater aesthetic. i wonder what your parents think of a goth case gone wrong like you.” his words stung.

y/n would be lying if she said that it didn’t bother her. in fact she wanted to cry right then and there. she retorted without thinking, “yeah well at least i can rest at night knowing my dad isn’t apart of some gang that is fully capable of killing!” she raised her voice higher, but luckily no one seemed to notice.

y/n was one of the very few that know about jughead’s dad’s relations with the southside serpents. she knew only because he let it slip in an argument. she knows she shouldn’t had used his dad against him, but she couldn’t help it.

jughead stepped even closer to her, towering over her small frame. he whispered, “are you implying my father had something to do with jason blossom’s death?” she shook her head confidently.

“at least my mom’s not some-” y/n interrupted, “at least my mom wants me!” she shouted loud enough for everyone to direct their attention towards the pair.

jughead’s eyes were glassy and his face was a bright red. his breathing was loud and he dared to step closer to y/n.

“at least i don’t have to deal with y/b/i!” jughead screamed. she was taken back and embarrassed. then again shed let it slip once in an argument about y/b/i. but she didn’t think he would just tell everyone.

she clenched her jaw before connecting her fist with his face. y/n has had enough. jughead didn’t move, nor did the punch affect him in any way.

he grabbed her fist in his hands before being faced with reggie.

“woah there bonnie and clyde, chill.” reggie laughed excitedly. “i think they’d be perfect for starting our seven minutes in heaven game, don’t you think?” cheryl chimed with that smirk of hers.

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“there is no way i’d spend seven, let alone a second, with this pshyco in a closet.” jughead said in defense.

“agreed.” y/n said, for the first time in forever.

“well i mean, archie and i could replace the two of you.” cheryl grinned mischievously.

y/n knew betty liked archie, and she didn’t want to let that happen to her. she would just have to get over her stupid hatred for jughead for just seven minutes.

betty looked over at y/n with pleading eyes. she knew that she had to oblige.

“yes plea-” she interrupted jughead once again, “no, we’ll do it.” 

jughead shot y/n a death glare. he began to open his mouth, but then y/n shoved her hands over his lips so all that came out was a muffled noise. she continued to rush in the closet pushing jughead with her. she then saw betty whisper a thank you to her, and that was worth it.

the door was shut and it was just the two of them. alone.

“before you start your whining i did it for betty. she likes archie and i can’t just let cheryl ruin that.” she said not making eye contact with him.

jughead stared at her blankly. y/n couldn’t tell if he was mad or what. “so you’re going to stare at me for the remanding minutes now? and on a random note, your aura gives me vibes of a reincarnated edward jones- queen victoria’s panty sniffer.” jughead couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

“i hate you.” jughead mumbled not making eye contact either. y/n replied “the feeling is mutual.”

jughead then again stepped closer to y/n. he looked into her eyes as if he were searching for something. “on a random note, your eyes remind me of the scenery of minqin county in china. voted #8 of one of the bleakest and ugliest places in the world on buzzfeed”. y/n snorted, “i thought you were getting mushy on me, then your revolting ego stepped in the way.”

“well you did insult my family and me out there, so to make it a little special, my revolting ego is only for you, my dearest.” his voice fluttered in the most ironic way possible.

“i don’t feel bad, you exposed my y/b/i. i would say we are even, but i must really hate myself or something if i were trying to reason with you.” y/n tried to blow it off, but a sense of hurt was very evident in her voice.

jughead furrowed his brows, his eyes twinkling with some sort of remorse. y/n let out a soft stream of tears. she looked away once again getting prepared for jughead to make a big deal out of her crying.

instead, jughead reached out to y/n’s face, and his cold fingers gently stroked her cheek in a reassuring manor. “but your tears, they remind me of the angel falls in venezuela. crystal like water falling from a mountain, which the sun illuminates over. creating the almost-perfect reference to your face right now. the most beautiful stream of tears i’ve ever seen coming from the prettiest face with the brightest glow ever. and peep that it’s almost-perfect because i just noticed a large pimple on your forehead you tried to cover with foundation.” y/n was a bit hurt at that last part, but was too distracted at the fact words like that could come out of his mouth.

y/n playfully slapped jughead on the arm, before pulling him in to the biggest, and most sloppiest kiss she’s ever had yet.

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hello lovelies💞💞so this is technically my first post, let alone imagine ! i don’t think jughead is as gushy as i made him out to be in this one oops. i will happily take requests atm, so basically just submit what ship and plot you want to see next. i do write smut! too! maybe in another post i’ll write out a whole request form and whatnot. but anyway i hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to submit ! -lilyxx


Requested by @eurusholmmes. Also, this is my 1,000th post! Yay! I don’t really think this fic is ready, but it needed to be posted, so here it is.

You were so close.

You leaned against the smooth edge of the console, relief still humming in your veins after one of those adventures. You know. One of the we-almost-died-but-it-turned-out-fine-so-we-won’t-talk-about-the-extreme-emotional-tension-we-just-had adventures that left you feeling both buzzed and drained and wondering why the Doctor hadn’t done or said something differently in those moments of hey we might be dying.

The Doctor relaxed beside you, hunched just enough for you to be shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to hip. He was still just slightly out of breath from the run you had taken to get back to the TARDIS without getting caught and killed (because, y'know, that would be bad). You would give him a few more minutes before you asked him if he was alright (he would say that, yes, he was fine, but you would know by that point that, no, he was not fine, and then you would have to drag him down to sickbay like a fussy child).

“Well,” you said, bouncing one knee in an attempt to work off whatever was left of the adrenaline in your system, “that was, uh, fun.”

“Yes,” the Doctor agreed, voice slightly breathy. “Let’s never do it again.”

“You’ll hear no argument from me.”

The conversation refused to carry and you found yourself noticing it again. How close you were. All either of you had to do was turn just a little bit and- and- had he done this on purpose? He had been getting more and more comfortable with the touching. The hugging was still a bit iffy, but he was the one who had put himself so close to you.

He leaned even closer to you.

“It’s okay now,” you said, hoping that was what he needed to hear. Sometimes that was enough.

But not this time, apparently, because instead of relaxing, the Doctor wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him.

He was hugging you, you realized, shock turning you stiff in his embrace before you relaxed and leaned back into him.

“I almost lost you today,” he whispered harshly. his hands balling into fists against your back.

It’s wasn’t that bad, you wanted you say, but you didn’t say that, because you knew exactly how bad it was. He had almost lost you, and you had almost lost him. And the worst part was that you hadn’t said anything. You had stayed silent when you thought you were going to die. Neither of you said a word. You held his hand, like you always would, but you didn’t say what you should have.

Well. You were going to say something now.

“Kiss me.”

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She Likes (Bittersweet Love)

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Sebastian Stan

Summary: Bucky is scared that another man was better at making you happy. 

A/N: A continuation of Double Take. This is the last part of the drabble series (though let’s be real, this one is not a drabble)!! Thank you guys for being the most awesome readers a writer could ever wish for, thank you for following me and reading my stuff, you have no idea how happy you guys have made me.


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Assassin: Chapter 6

A/N: Guys, I did not edit this but only so I could get this up tonight ! I will edit it in the morning, so I really hope this makes sense until then. Thank you to all the people that helped me with this fic, I’m far too tired to tag them but they know who they are. Sorry for the late post. Goodnight ❤️❤️

Warnings: I honestly dont know ran. Could be triggering, and there’s smut

Word Count: 5455

The Whole Series : [here]

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lovelifelyrics2  asked:

Hey I've read both of your Jughead leaving when Betty was pregnant fics and I don't know if you were planning on writing more but I would love it if you did. I think they're awesome and would love to read more!!

Sure! ThNks so much! Part 2: !

Betty stared at her reflection in the mirror, tugging on the soft white, strapless dress and playing with her silky blonde curls. Pregnancy had been good to Betty, her skin was smoother than ever and her hair was down to her back. She thanked god for the fact that she was able to lose the baby weight so fast, she was lucky, she knew that and she had her amazing son to thank for it. Another one of the amazing things he brought into her life.

“You look amazing. Stop messing with your hair. he’s gonna regret the day he walked out of that door.” Veronica came to stand behind Betty, placing her hands on her shoulders and resting her chin close to her face. Relaxing into her best friends embrace she sighed, her fingers smoothing down the dress.

“I feel like I’m back in highschool all over again, like I’m going to meet him for our Friday night dates at Pops.” Betty sighed miserably. “I don’t even know why I’m putting any effort into this, he left once, he’s just gonna leave again.”

Veronica shook her head
“Not this time B, I swear to god if he leaves you and Hunter I will personally have daddy track down the son of a ….” she trailed off at the sound of little feet scampering into the bedroom and crawling onto the bed. Hunter crossed his legs and sat comfortably, holding his stuffed white sheepdog and looking in awe at his mother.

“Look pretty mama.” He reached a chubby little hand out, still clutching the dog. Betty walked towards him and kissed his open palm before kissing the dingy white toy.

“What does hotdog think? Am I the cats meow?” Betty wiggled her eyebrows and spun around, putting on a show for her little man.

Hunter clapped his hands and barked, giggling and grinning.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Nerves forgotten for the time being as she took comfort in her favorite boys laughter.

“I hate to break up the fashion show, but it’s quarter to six. You might wanna get going.” Veronica shrugged carelessly “or you can skip it, forget he ever came here and order takeout.” She grinned wickedly.

Alice Cooper walked through the door at that exact moment and instantly began cooing at the two year old clutched in Betty’s arms

“Go on Elizabeth, destiny waits.” She plucked Hunter from Betty and headed for the kitchen.

Rolling her eyes, Betty grabbed her purse and walked through the front door, waving at Verona and driving off in her mini van (it was much cooler than a mom van and she used it to deliver flowers, Thankyou very much)

She arrived at Pops in no time at all, instantly heading for the door, if she stopped to think she would turn right back around.

It was almost too much to handle, there he was tucked in his regular booth, sleeves of his denim jacket rolled up and a familiar slump to his posture, his eyes lit up when she walked in and she remembered a familiar sight three years ago on prom night.

Shaking her shoulders she slid into the booth across from him
“Hello.” She tried to come off as uninterested but the way he was staring at her made her breathing slow and her heart race.

“Hey bets.” His voice was cautious and shaky as he slid the vanilla milkshake towards her.

Betty looked down at the drink and sighed, here goes nothing.

Finally getting to look at her fully, She looked like the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, her bright green eyes were something he had never forgotten, but to see them again in person was almost surreal, his eyes lingered on her honey blonde hair, it was longer now and he physically had to grip the table to keep from running his fingers through it. Finally his eyes dipped lower, taking in all of her new curves, he remembered a time where he knew her body like the back of his hand but now.. now there were new dips and lines and deliciously soft skin, the familiar scent of vanilla and peaches invaded his senses and his eyes nearly rolled back. She was everything he remembered and so much more.

“You wanted to talk?” The sugar sweet voice broke him out of his thoughts and he drew his eyes back up to hers.

He nodded, taking a shallow breath before he began

“We had plans, you and I, we were going to go New York, become a journalistic duo, move in together, be a family.” He glanced up, his eyes catching the watery ones of Betty’s

“You don’t have to remind me Jughead, I know exactly what our plans were.” Her voice was small and she cursed herself for letting him get to her.

“Just listen, please. We had these plans and they were everything I could have wanted, hell you could have told me you wanted to join a cult in Utah and I would have gone along, because you would have been there. All I wanted was you.” He cleared his throat, willing the emotion to stay back until after he was done.

“But you left me. I was all you wanted and you left me.” There was a bitterness to her voice now and Jughead shook his head

“I didn’t want to leave, I did everything I could but it was too late. He found out, he found out about our plans, about us. and he made me go.i never would have left you and then.. you were pregnant.. you were all alone and I was gone..” he mumbled the last part.. the guilt was pushing down on his chest and he found it hard to breathe, his teeth ground into themselves and his knuckles turned white when suddenly he felt a warm hand cover his own.

“Who made you leave? Who found out?” Betty’s soft voice tore him from his internal fight and he finally caught her eyes

“Your dad Betty. Hal found out.”

Betty ripped her hand from his, putting it to her own heart
“My dad? What.. what do you mean?”

Jughead reached for her again, before dropping in on the table and continuing

“He found out that we were leaving together, he threatened my fathers job, he threatened to frame me for robbery, he was going to get me locked up, but still I didn’t care, I was going to fight it but then.. he told he would send you away, send you to the place they sent Polly, I didn’t know what he meant, I didn’t know what he was talking about but now I do.. he must have found out you were pregnant, he was going to send you to the sisters.. even though I didn’t know, I believed him, I thought if I left it would be better for everyone. I left the night he came to talk to me and I didn’t look back, god I wanted too, but if I looked back… I would have come running right back to you.”

Tears were streaming down both of their faces now and Betty gasped slightly, taking a shuddery breath and whispering

“You could have come to me, we could have fought this together, you know I would have been by your side. I would never leave you, no matter what. I know you think you were doing what was best for me but I was alone. I had no one. Until Hunter, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and.. I feel bad for you… I feel bad that you missed him growing up, you would have been a great father.” She looked away, her arms coming to protect herself as she hid inside herself

“I’m here now. I know it’s not the same and I know it’s nowhere near enough but I’m here.” Jughead begged desperately, tears falling in heavy drops onto the metal diner table “I can be his father, I can be there for him, I can be there for you. Betty… I love you, I never stopped and I never will.” He gripped her hands, pulling her eyes towards his.

Feeling her resolve weakening she whimpered

“I meant what I said about us not needing you.” She said lamely

Jughead nodded
“I know that, but.. I need you. I need you and I need my son. Please Betty.. let me be here.”

Looking deep into the stormy blue eyes she had grown so familiar with throughout her childhood, she opened her mouth to speak.

Archie, Veronica and Kevin arrived at their booth at that exact moment, and the bubble they had been in popped, Betty pulling her hands free as Kevin slid in beside her.

Jughead was still staring intently at her, waiting an answer. Giving him a quick glance she let him know, this wasn’t over.

It would never be over.