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That ‘EW’ Article.

“You Bastard”. Perfect words from Molly Hooper to describe the senseless, stupid comment Steven Moffatt has made in his most recent interview.

So, the interviewer asked Steven if he considered a resolution scene with Molly and Sherlock after the traumatic ILY scene. Here’s his response: 

“[Molly] gets over it! Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, “I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.” And she says, “Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.” And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do. I can’t see why you’d have to play that out. She forgives him, of course, and our newly grown-up Sherlock is more careful with her feelings in the future. In the end of that scene, she’s a bit wounded by it all, but he’s absolutely devastated. He smashes up the coffin, he’s in pieces, he’s more upset than she is, and that’s a huge step in Sherlock’s development. The question is: Did Molly survive that scene? She probably had a drink and went and shagged someone, I dunno. Molly was fine.

I have so many problems with this response. I can’t deal. My first problem is Moffatt’s total disregard that a resolution scene was necessary. It was completely necessary. The two scenes do not match, the ILY scene is intense, emotional and heartbreaking and then in complete, unexplained contrast Molly skips into 221B like everything is normal again. This makes me believe that the ILY was mainly and primarily for dramatic and emotional effect from the fans, and the fact that it is never resolved only furthers my point. Molly pours her heart out. Telling Sherlock she loved him was so painful and real for her, she felt the whole time he was playing with her emotions and hurting her and she still felt that way when the conversation ended. 

The whole conversation was open ended. It needed some kind of a conclusion, some kind of resolution. Sherlock begged her to open her heart and she did and I truly believe she deserved some (on screen) time with Sherlock at the end of the episode to give fans more closure. Steven says “they go back to normal”, HOW? No, seriously, how? This was a huge moment in their relationship. Even if they don’t end up in a relationship (sherlolly) they cannot ‘go back to normal’ now, at least one heart has been opened, at least one ‘darkest secret’ has been exposed. You cannot unsay the words. I find it extremely irritating that Moffat could write dialogue in one episode about opening your heart and never being able to ‘unsay’ things and then completely reputing it in the next. “They go back to normal”?!

Moffatt then goes on to say that Molly is ‘a bit wounded by it all’ and that ‘[Sherlock] is more upset than she is”. I hate this because it’s untrue. Molly is not ‘a bit wounded’, HE CO-WROTE THE SCRIPT, I cannot believe he could say that she is only ‘a bit wounded’ by the experience. She was heartbroken. Just because she didn’t go knocking down everything in her (amazing) kitchen and throwing lemons all over the place that doesn’t mean she isn’t hurting or that she is less upset than Sherlock. I cannot believe Moffat would compare them like that. Plus, in a way, it makes sense that Sherlock would have a different and more angry reaction, he knew something Molly did not - that she was in grave danger. So on top of his emotional stress and despair, he was also freaking terrified that Molly would die! Yes, it is a huge step for Sherlock’s development but that does not mean that Molly is any less significant. 

Final point and my final problem (get it) with this response was the last line “She had a drink and shagged someone…Molly is fine”. Gatiss and Moffatt used Molly in this episode, they used her to show Sherlock’s development with no thought at all about her own characterisation. Yes Molly enjoys a drink and has been in relationships where she’s ‘shagged’ men but this line is so demeaning, it rolls back her characterisation and leaves her as an empty shell. So let’s say the time between the phone call and the re-building of 221B was maybe a month or so? Is Moffatt really saying that she would be over Sherlock and off to drink and have sex so quickly after admitting her unfaltering love for him? Molly is an emotional being, just like Sherlock. Her feelings matter. Her love is strong and constant, it has lasted for years already and will last for many years more.

All I have to say to you Moffat and Gatiss is MOLLY DESERVES BETTER than you. Molly hardly got enough screen time this season and although I loved the ILY scene, I am livid that it was purely there for 1) emotional response from the audience 2) to show Sherlock’s character development while expelling Molly’s.  

x <- link to the horrendous article. Thanks for reading my rant!

sherlock running after an armed criminal blindly and even though john catches up to them and catches the guy, sherlock barely missed getting clipped by a bullet and afterwards back at baker street john is pacing and angry and says “do you EVER stop to think before you do stupid stuff like that, sherlock?? christ” and theres a heavy moment and then sherlock says very softly “do you… really think im stupid” and johns whispering “oh god no sherlock i just get so worried im so scared of losing you im so sorry” and suddenly hes got sherlock in his arms and theyre sinking to the floor and johns peppering kisses onto sherlocks curls with whispered apologies and sherlock feels so very loved

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do it 4 my third molar and bleeding gums

only because you’re such a smooth talker

  • krypto is so protective. not just lena- even though he’s so protective of her, krypto i’m fine, it was a butterfly, get off- but for everyone???
    • of course, lena probably needs him the most. i mean, she’s got a list of people after her?? lex, her mom, everyone who hates luthors in general
      • humans, aliens, whatever. they don’t stand a chance against krypto
        • he stays at l-corp a lot. dozing by lena’s feet and lena thinks he almost looks annoyed anytime someone tries something Stupid™ and he has to get up
      • lex luthor is confused as to why all his plans are failing and those who come back are shaking and saying something about a dog
    • he helps the deo track down aliens
      • kara keeps him away from most of the fights. but when they’re both up there flying and trying to find some criminal? the wind’s in her ears and krypto’s just darting about. it’s nice
    • when kara blows out her powers, he won’t leave her side
      • which is good, because she’s so clumsy?? he’ll nip at her hand right before she’s going to touch something hot.
      • he’ll curl up with her on the couch to make sure she stays there, because really, kara doesn’t have the heart to move him when he falls asleep
        • all part of the master plan to get her to stay still and safe. totally the plan
    • he’ll hound alex (ha, get it) at the deo when she forgets to eat
      • he either keeps biting at her heels or will purposely run into her legs. and listen, badass deo agent alex danvers does not need all her fellow agents seeing her fall flat out on the floor because a dog bumped into her 
      • sometimes he brings her food
        • “thanks for getting krypto to bring me food”
        • “um alex, i didn’t?”
      • no one knows where he gets it from
        • that’s a lie. maggie saw him swindle restaurant owners with those eyes of his
        • now she just gives him food to deliver to alex
        • he likes hanging out with maggie. he gets this little swagger going when he gets to be around the k9 unit. it’s so cute. maggie sends everyone pictures
  • he’s such a good dog. he’s even got a job
    • m’gann has a hard time managing to keep everyone in line when they’ve had a few too many
    • one day, a fight breaks out and someone literally gets thrown into their table
      • of course, kara pulls lena away and gives them a Look™ 
        • lena thinks it’s supposed to be a glare?? kara’s not really good at it though
        • really kara’s just worried about making sure lena’s okay
          • and pulling her away, because lena is small and human and okay, she’s a little drunk and kara’s seen her start swinging before
    • krypto sorta leaves kara to it and next thing they know the fight’s over and krypto is just sitting happily between the two who started it
    • m’gann hires him on the spot
    • he keeps everyone in line and everyone loves him??
      • even people krypto has to “calm down”
      • they’ll give him food and just- about the other night krypto, i’m sorry. it got out of hand, won’t happen again
      • actually everyone gives him food. they just look down and there’s two wide eyes staring up at them pitifully
        • which they’ve seen him take down huge aliens at the bar?? so he shouldn’t be able to be this cute?? but he is, he is
  • they go on trips a lot
    • the car rides are ridiculous 
      • krypto and kara eat everything within thirty minutes, so lena hides a stash just in case they get on one of those long stretches of road without any stops
      • eventually they catch on that lena always has a stash somewhere and gang up on her
      • kara will crawl over the console, fingers wiggling into lena’s sides. “where’s the goods ms. luthor?”
        • lena doesn’t even flinch anymore whenever she hears her last name. especially not when kara says it
          • kara says it like she says i miss you and lena and i love you
      • krypto jumps in too despite lena saying through breaths of laughter that the seat is made for one person and stop, please, okay okay, it’s underneath your seat
      • sometimes lena manages to not tell them but krypto is such a smart dog
        • “what’s krypto eating back there?”
        • “. . that would be the chips”
        • “you hid food from me again?”
        • “i’m sorry but you- kara, kara, the wheel
    • lena drives for awhile after that but usually kara drives
      • jeremiah and alex made sure kara can drive literally anything
      • but she doesn’t really like cars?? or any space like that
        • they try taking an airplane once but kara fidgets the entire time and krypto won’t look at them for two whole hours because he hates being in a cage
      • but whenever anyone else drives, kara shifts and rolls up and down the window, it’s just so distracting, and then she’ll mess with the door handle, so after replacing it for the fifth time, lena practically shoved kara into the driver’s seat
        • she’s also the world’s worst backseat (passenger?) driver, because she’ll yell out for lena to stop or switch lanes and lena’s just??
          • “not everyone has fast reflexes like you, kara. it’s fine. humans drive all the time”
          • “you barely stopped in time”
          • “there was half a mile between us”
          • “see? barely”
    • good thing is, whoever drives chooses the music
      • “if you play call me maybe one more time”
      • but kara smiles and lena ends up turning it on herself because kara has a pretty voice and even krypto howls along and roadtrips were never this fun when she was younger
        • it was always so quiet. there was no sight seeing, just point a to point b.
        • but now with them, it’s bright and warm, and oh, lena loves it
    • they go to the beach the most
      • mostly because kara and krypto belong in the sunshine
        • lena will hide under an umbrella and just watch them run after seagulls
        • kara loves it because that means lena with wind tousled hair and aviators and kara is swooning
          • lena always notices that she gets red and offers her water, because she is Concerned and that just makes kara redder
      • kara is determined to get lena to do everything she never did as a kid
        • they swim and build sandcastles
          • krypto plows through their buildings and they can’t even get mad because he looks so happy
  • kara loves when they’re driving home
    • lena will be curled up in the passenger seat. she always says she’s not going to go to sleep, but kara bets twenty minutes in, she’ll be out
    • but for now, lena’s just looking a little sleepy and the lights are flashing behind her, and oh, kara’s heart hurts in the best of ways with how much love is there
    • she’ll reach over, and lena will take her hand, brushing a kiss over her knuckles 
      • lena will quietly remind her to pay attention to the road
    • krypto will stealthily-there is nothing stealthy about a huge white dog but he tries- crawl to the front and into lena’s lap
    • it takes about two minutes for both of them to be out after that. lena’s arms barely able to wrap all the way around krypto and kara has trouble finding her amidst all the fur
    • and sure, kara’s driving home, but looking at the two beside her? she never really left it

I have this stupid idea/plot bunny/what-have-you  for Dorothy and Lucas stuck in my head and were it not for lack of time and skill in writing it, I’m just gonna share it lol 

Imagine if Dorothy got really badly injured and Lucas had no clue how to help nor could anyone in Oz help, her best chance is back in her world and it just so happened they just as they found a way for only one person to be brought back to our world (idk the logistics lol) And Dorothy isn’t conscious so Lucas can’t tell her anything. So, he grabs her iPhone and just as she taught him how, he turned on the camera, then video, and turned the camera to face himself and records something like: 

“Dorothy, I am so sorry, you don’t have a lot of time we have to send you back, it’s your only chance. Know that I will find a way back to you, I love you–”

And just as he says the last bit the phone dies and he’s heart broken he doesn’t know if she’ll see it, but he tucks into her pocket, places a kiss on her forehead, with a stray tear falling from his cheek. 

Dorothy wakes up in the hospital a few days later, pounding headache and heartbroken. Was everything that had happened just her imagination?

The next day, after being released, she charges her phone, on a whim after thinking that maybe it didn’t actually happen, she checks her phone to see if the selfies she took with Lucas were there. And not only does she find them but a video she has no memory of. She watches it and cries. She’s happy to be home and knowing that everything she went through was indeed real, but now she knows for certain that Lucas is too and he’s not here after becoming such a constant in her life so quickly. 

About a week later (after she had reconnected with her mother and spoke of Oz and a way back) she hears a knock or two at the door. Dorothy asks who it is. 

“Someone who’s still uncertain at how this is a joke.”


TOM: well it’s basically a code make up of three rules.

TOM: the first one is pretty standard. No cock blocking.

TOM: second one is you gotta be the wingman when the opportunity presents itself-

EDD: tom. i can’t believe you still go by that stupid code.

EDD: we were like 16 when when we made that dumb thing up


TOM: you CAN’T tell people our most embarrassing stories or things that were strictly sealed with a pinky promise.

EDD: tom. you are the only one out of all of us who still uses that.

EDD: see the people want to know!

TOM: oh great! now they’re curious…

TOM: look what you’ve done edd.

EDD: HEY! YOU technically broke the code first!

TOM: that’s because it didn’t exist back then

EDD: so! you still kinda broke it.

EDD: I’m going to tell them. 

TOM: no 

EDD: come on tom.

EDD: please?


EDD: ok.

EDD: can i at least give them some hits?

TOM: no…

EDD: pleassseeeee?? *flutters eyelashes*

TOM: im not falling for that this time edd.

EDD: pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?????? :33333 

TOM: ok……fine

EDD: yay! Another win for the people!!

TOM: BUT! you can only give out 3 hits!

TOM: that’s it! no more than that!

EDD: alright…

EDD: *moves closer to camera*

EDD: ok guys. get ready for some juicy details ;)


EDD: tom stop being such a baby. but OK i won’t be weird.

EDD: so here’s the hits.

EDD: it involves a teenage tom’s intolerance to alcohol

EDD: a bottle of vodka 

EDD: and no pants. It was wild i’ll tell you that.

TOM: *reliving the whole experience*

EDD: alright guys.

EDD: i think we tortured tom enough.

EDD: let’s let him be…for now.

EDD: please sent questions that don’t involve the highschool party incident…i think he’s been through enough. 

TOM: Yeah. please don’t


Masquerade 4: The Siren’s Song

Links to previous chapters here. Commissioned art by @kantonliu​ here

Siren’s Song - the enticing appeal or utterance of something alluring but potentially dangerous.

If you told Katsuki Yuuri 5 and a half years ago that one day he would fight on the same side as Victor Nikiforov, pair up with him and turn the underworld on its head in a bloody escape for survival; then he might have actually laughed in your face and shot you there on the spot, because if you were that stupid then you weren’t worth the air you needed to breathe.

Who would have thought meeting Victor all those years ago in Detroit would lead to this perfect state of chaos.

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Boink! Life is Better With You Pt. 21



Doc just kept rubbing his back. Frowning a little at the expression.

“…you alright…?”

Clearly he wasn’t. But maybe he needed to be asked?

Gaster turned and looked at his friend, his head still bent over his own lap. Then he looked away again, his voice barely a whisper as he tried as hard as he could to keep his stutter in check.

“Sh-… shouldn’t… be t-taking… care of m-me.”

Doc frowned a little.

“…we’ve only been back a day. It’s okay to be taken care of.”

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What did the end of the show tonight mean when they said 'Only one episode until the winter finale'? Isn't there supposed to be 22 episodes this season? Sorry if this is s a stupid question.

yes, there is 22 episode this season and after episode 13, the show went on hiatus and back on screen on may 1

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Congrats on your 2K! You deserve them, your writing is amazing! ✨💕 Now, for the Drabble... Could you do the first with Damian, please?

Thanks sweetie! Now for the first drabble of the night!

“Why would you pull a stupid stunt like that, Damian? You could have gotten yourself killed!” You cried.

“I was just kind of hoping that you’d, y’know…fall in love with me.” He admitted, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“I already love you dummy! You didn’t have to go try and get yourself killed to prove it!” You exclaimed. Damian’s face lit up brightly at your confession.

“Really?” He asked

“Yeah at least I would if you stop risking your life every five minutes!”

Request a drabble from this list for any character (DC, Voltron, YOI)

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Hey Saeran! I'm glad to know that you are okay, I was.. really worried about all of you, tbh. But I'm happy to see that you are back, and with a hell of a comeback. Anyway, I wanted to ask... Do you like horror movies? Which is kind of a stupid question because I suppose you do, lol. But, have you seen the grudge?

It wasn’t as bad as the reviews said it was going to be.

@cr-international-official watched it with me.