and the stuff he say and how he's always calm

Young Remus Lupin Imagine - A Confrontational Boyfriend

Can I please have a young Remus one in which some Slytherins start body-shaming Y/N or the reader or whatever and Remus becomes really angry and dark for like the first time since they knew each other and he beats the shit out of the Slytherins and gets detention and stuff but he says that it was worth it and he’ll protect you. Also, Y/N and Remus are already together and this scene kinda scares Y/N but Remus calms her down.  Thank youu :)) - requested by anon

I’ve been wanting to do a Remus Lupin one for a while!  Hope you like it! :)

     I could hear Severus Snape and the Carrows’ comments from across the room.  They were talking about me, again.  I had been bullied by them for years, and they always said the same things.

     “Look how fat she is,” I heard Alecto say.  “Why would she wear that?  It only makes her look worse.”

     You might think the same remarks would eventually stop hurting me, but no, their comments still stung as much as they had when I first heard them.

     “Anything y/n wears makes her look bad.”

     They cackled to each other, and I tried to ignore them by turning my attention back to the game of wizarding chess I was playing with Remus Lupin, my boyfriend.  I was still waiting for him to make a move, but it appeared as though he had been distracted by their comments as well.  He was looking sort of pale, and he was clenching and un-clenching his fist on the table.

     I took his hand in mine.  “Remus, it’s okay.  Words can’t hurt me.”

     He attempted to give me a small smile, and ordered his knight to take my bishop.  But it was clear he was still distracted; he had left his king defenseless.

     “How much do you think she weighs?  Got to be over 90 kilos.”

     “That’s it,” Remus told me, standing up and walking over to them.  I tried to call him back, but he wouldn’t listen.

     I watched him walk up to Snape and punch him in the face.  When the boy fell over, I could see bright red blood gushing out of his nose.

     There was so much blood.

     I closed my eyes and tried to block out the sounds of punches and whimpering and Amycus shouting for a professor.

     Why was Remus acting like this?  He was usually so gentle and nice - even leading up to a full moon.

     All I knew was that I had had enough of this fighting, and so I slunk out of the library by myself, but not before I saw James and Sirius join the fight, and Peter running to get Madam Pomfrey.


     The next day, when Remus took his regular seat next to me at the breakfast table, I didn’t speak to him, until he took my hand and quietly said, “I’m sorry.”

     Then, I couldn’t hold in my emotions.

     “Remus, why did you do that?  You seem like the last person to get into a fight; if I wanted a confrontational boyfriend, I’d have asked James or Sirius!”

     From their seats across the table, James grinned at me and Sirius winked.

     “I know,” he said sheepishly, “I shouldn’t have done it, and I won’t do it again.”

     James interrupted.  “He won’t need to do it again.  I heard Madam Pomfrey saying they won’t be out of the hospital wing for at least three days!  Why didn’t you tell us you could punch so hard?”

     Remus glared at him, and turned his attention back to me.  “But I couldn’t take them bullying you any more.  They’re awful people, really, and I couldn’t stand to hear them say those awful things.”

     I shook my head.  “Violence isn’t okay.  It’s not right for you to hit people, no matter what they’re saying.”

     He nodded, and I sighed, “I appreciate that you were trying to help me, but I can handle them next time.  Remember the bat bogey curse you taught me?”

     Remus had to smile at that, and he squeezed my hand.  ”Fine.  Just let me know if you need anyone else beaten up.”

     I rolled my eyes and kissed him on the cheek.  “You’re an idiot.”

Tour - A JB imagine for my fav

Sorry I was thinking all day!!!! Hm how about an imagine where I don’t want Justin to go on tour because I’m not used to him leaving me and idk you can make up the rest IM BAD AT MAKING STUFF UP THAYS WHY I DONT MAKE THESE THINGS AHHHH


Ilysm btw :))


requests are ALWAYS open !!!


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“You’re going on tour?” I ask , totally not expecting those words to leave his mouth.

“Yeah babe, I just found out today” He replies , pulling me closer to him

“For how long?” I asks , mind blown at the conversation .

“Maybe three months? I don’t know , its all for promoting the album” He states and my mouth drops .

“Three months? When do you leave?” I say , trying to remain calm .

“Next week?” He says , and I turn to face him .

“Youre joking right? This is some sick joke youre pulling” I accuse , and he shakes his head sadly .

“Im sorry baby. The album comes out soon , we need sales” He tries to explain , but I don’t hear anything expect for next week . One week .

“So , youre leaving next week for three months?” I clarify , hoping my ears were deceiving me .

“Will I even get to see you?” I ask after he nods his head .

“Ill fly you out to visit. Id even let you come with me but youre in the middle of term exams and I don’t want you having to drop any classes for me” He says , and I sit up , holding the sheets to my chest.

“That’s my decision Justin. I want to go with you” I say , pleading .

“I know youre saying that now , but I also know how important school is to you. Youll regret it” He says , and I groan , knowing hes right .

“Weve never been apart for that long” I say softly , my voice shaking .

“I know, I don’t want you getting upset though okay?” He says and I shake my head at him .

“How do you expect me not to get upset? Im going to be alone. You know how scared I am of being by myself . And im going to miss being near you , sleeping with you , snuggling against you. “ I mumble , resting my head on his chest , his heartbeat drumming in my ear.

“I know baby , but we’ll figure something out . You can stay at Kendalls house maybe? And well call and video chat every night . Itll be like I never left” He tries to reassure me , and I sigh .

“Yeah except I wont be able to physically touch you” I say , my fingers trailing up and down his chest and stomach , before intertwining our fingers .

“This sucks” I add , and he chuckles .

“Trust me , im going to miss being with you too.” He admits , and I smile slightly .

“I don’t want you to feel sad about this Justin . This is good news . I was just caught off guard I guess” I say , realizing how selfish im being .

“I am excited , I just wish you could experience it with me” He says , and I nod in agreement .

“And Im not too happy about not being able to have you whenever I want” He adds and I gasp , slapping his arm .

“What a perv!” I tease , and he laughs .

“Just teasiiiin. Or am i?” He says and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a guy”

I Tolerate You

Hmm…a scenario where Chanyeol is best friends with a girl who can’t express herself well, and he starts to really like her but he’s scared of confessing because she always says stuff like “I barely tolerate you” because of his outgoing behavior that offsets her non-attention-seeking calmness, but then he finds a writing of hers about how much she likes him but is too shy to confess properly. Something with a cute and fluffy ending? Sorry if it’s a bit vague. :/ But thank you! :3

Title: I Tolerate You

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~3900

“Chanyeol I’m going to scream if you don’t get out of my bathroom!” you complained loudly.

“My hair is literally flaming red, you can wait until I wash it out.” he called through the door over the sound of running water.

Chanyeol had come to you, asking you to help him dye his hair since he was saving up for a new recording system and every dime counted. You offered to do so out of the kindness of your heart, but during the rinse Chanyeol realized that instead of grabbing Sunset Auburn he grabbed Passionate Flames.

You just wanted to pee and yet he was monopolizing your bathroom.

“Get out you jerk I need to pee!”

“Hold on!” he yelled. There was the sound of something falling and a yelp. You danced on your tiptoes, and banged on the door.

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