and the stadium is amazing


@NiallOfficial: First of all thank you manchester. What an incredible city,to pull together like that , show no fear and just have a great night. Tha atmosphere in that stadium was just amazing all night ,start to finish. Secondly. Thank you @ArianaGrande for putting that show together in just a few days. All week you have been incredible and as a friend,I’m so proud of you my love. Amazing person ! I won’t be forgetting that night ever. So happy that I was given the opportunity to be involved in what was a fantastic night.


“It was the idea that we would name each disc after a planet  because we didn’t want it to be seen as one big long thing, we wanted to encourage people to know that they could think of one as being one half and they can think of the other as being the other half and each one can be its own thing. The jupiter being the planet of creative intelligence combined with Mars which is the planet of war, it’s basically fighting war for creative intelligence. So that would be like the idea of combining those two things, you know.”  John Frusciante

Okay but how many times do you think andrew replayed the words “Thank you. You were amazing.” before neil was found? 
When he lapped the stadium not once but twice? thank you. you were amazing.
When he found his bag with his cellphone? thank you. you were amazing. When he saw an unknown number had called him?  thank you. you were amazing.
When contacting every hospital in the area and none had him?  thank you. you were amazing.
When he sat there cursing him for being a stupid martyr and not running? thank you. you were amazing.

Game Day - Simon Minter

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Pairing: Simon Minter/Miniminter & Y/N
Words: 3k+
Warning(s): a few innuendos and like 1 swear word
Summary/Request: an imagine we’re you’re at the sidemen match and it’s the first time you’ve made your relationship fully public with Simon and you were overwhelmed at people wanting pictures and shouting your ship name constantly and si plays really good and fans were saying it was all down to you how good he played and Simons all cute and stuff

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I know I say this a lot but I just have to say again just how proud I am of Niall. He went out there despite everyone thinking he would get nowhere, he performed in front of stadiums by himself, he released amazing music, , he got more comfortable on stage, he got a no. 1 album on the fucking Billboard, he was allowed to grow up and learn more about himself and I am just so happy for him. This hiatus might be a bit hell but I’m so happy for Niall, so happy he got the chance to show the world just what he is made of and can do by himself and I love him so much

“You brought a blanket to a Mets game in mid-July.”

I’m honestly not entirely sure where this fic came from, but I couldn’t get this random throwaway line out of my head and just knew I had to write something based on it. Behold: a canon compliant pre-relationship fic feat. Jakey’s gooey feelings and the overthinking that often comes with crushing on somebody. 

The largest of shout outs to @the-pontiac-bandit, @elsaclack@wrenjamin, @sergeant-santiago, and @jakelovesamy who let me yell about this and cheered me on until I actually finished it. (Unlike the 300 other projects I have in my drafts…) 

The Mets is playing their best game of the season, Mr. Met signed his cap earlier today, and Captain Holt just bought all of them a round of overpriced drinks – but not even baseball, brushes with fame, or beer can take Jake’s mind off the fact that Amy is shivering-in-her-seat cold.

It’s a nice evening in mid-July, with the slightest hint of a summer breeze cooling the stadium. Apart from Hitchcock, who took his shirt off right after the first inning, they’re all in some form of long-sleeved attire in anticipation of the lower temperatures toward the tail end of the game. Still, despite her wool blend sweater, Amy’s curling in on herself and rubbing her arms for warmth every few minutes. (She’s seated right next to him, so Jake’s hyperaware of every time she does this.)

(Truthfully, he’d probably notice her actions from across the stands. He’s been so much more drawn to her since their little moment at Charles and Gina’s parents’ wedding.)

The crowd erupts in cheers, but he only vaguely registers David Wright’s last play, only halfheartedly claps along, because for the last fifteen minutes he’s been trying to decide whether he should shrug off his blue hoodie and drape it over Amy’s shoulders.

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