and the spooky notes at the end

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What do you think would be the ending for season 11?

My HOPE is that when the credits roll on S11, Scully and Mulder have been reunited with their son, have saved the world, and have solved some spooky cases together, in the process being reminded that they make a great team and that neither is whole without the other.  And just before the screen fades to black for the very last time to those few iconic whistled notes of the theme song we know so well…Scully walks into the kitchen and Mulder turns to hand her a cup of coffee and they smile at one another, it being perfectly clear that they just spent the night together in the same bed.  Mulder hands her a section of the newspaper, and Scully’s eyebrow shoots up when she sees the headline about a swamp monster carcass washing up on shore in Santa Cruz or a cryptid sighting in a mall in Des Moines, saying “Whaddya say, Scully?  Think we should go check it out?”  And he’s half-hoping that she rolls her eyes and says no, that she’d rather hit up the farmer’s market instead, or that she’d prefer to go back upstairs and wile away the hours watching shadows lengthen across their big sleigh bed and making up for all the time they’ve lost.  But she surprises him when she blinks at him over her mug, smiles indulgently and says, “Always.”



- tyler’s soft vocals ??
- tyler’s little angelic “oohhhh"s
- it’s almost like a stripped version of heathens ????
- the whole track is so gentle and beautiful


- almost like a cover to the blurryface version ? majority of it is the same except for a few of mutemath’s twists and add ons and ty’s vocals
- “sayin’ stuff like: you only live once”
- "can you save (save save) can you save (save save) can you save my heavy dirty soul?”
- a lot more blurryface sounds than the original ?


- woAh this one is a RECREATION
- this reminds me of the summer time at like the beach or a pool ??
- the second verse makes me smile every time ??? (ft. sick little drum beat and tyler with that same killer indie voice thing)
- “i’m falling so i’m taking my timeeeeeeeee” *KSKDLEMDLSKSOSNKDLDMSKDKDJ MAGIC*

Tear In My Heart

- another noticeable RECREATION
- i freaking love how it has that 70s tekno love song vibe to it
- all i can imagine is jenna just sitting there and tyler is looking at her and singing so passionately to his dime piece wife and she’s just smiling and so in love just like he is ahhh
- "the songs on the radio are okay *echo*. but my taste in music is your face!”
- tyler’s vocals slay me in this tooo (in all of them tbh)
- what’s not to love about this track ????

Lane Boy

- yo yo yo gotta love his timing with the words (no comma needed)
- i freaking love the electric and rock add ons in this one
- the whole ending is just so incredibly magical ??? like yes ??? thank you for slaying me ???!???
- “tomorrowww!” *moanish?*
- THE ENDING IS SO SPOOKYYY AND ODDLY MYSTERIOUS (undertale soundtrack is that you)


- instead of a christmas album, we got this which is totally okay because i don’t mind AT ALL- headphones change the whole experience yo- HEATHENS’S SPOOKY PIANO OUTRO- whoops i based this on the audio- BUT TYLER’S LITTLE DANCE MOVES IN THE VIDEO ARE DEFINITELY WORTH NOTING ALONG WITH THE LITTLE SNEAK PEAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO WITH J CLEANING HIS SYMBOLS AND LOOKING LIKE A CUTE LITTLE DORK- haha sorry for popping up on your dashboard like this. it’s been an incredibly long day without being able to speak to someone about this- i’ve been meaning to say something about it before but i’ve been busy with school- ^^my reason for not being on as much- winter break starts on friday so i’ll be on WAY MORE- whoops this is getting off track- hope you guys had a good day/night :)

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What villain do you think had the strongest plan in any of the games?

jane. oh my god, JANE. i cannot sing my praises to her enough. her thoroughness was unparalleled by any other villain we’ve seen. i honestly don’t even know where to begin with her. she’s very clearly remarkably clever for having come up with such a plan, and also somehow found the time to balance it with her tireless schoolwork AND finding the penvellyn treasure (including all the rituals that go with it).

listen, this plan was DETAILED. she even went so far as to rope nancy into the story and plant the seeds of the blackmoor beast into her from THE VERY MOMENT she makes it to blackmoor by hiding the red eyes in the front yard, to say nothing of the WOLF’S CLAW/TOOTH she somehow manages to get her hands on for that threatening note she slips nancy later on in the game. oh, and then there’s also the claw marks on the door, the spooky messages she even goes as far as to send to herself, and the various stories she tells nancy about seeing “the lady in black” around the manor. and all that is just for NANCY’S benefit. what she does to fool linda is a whole different, equally complex story. this was thought out to the letter and honestly, there is no one strong piece of evidence by the end of the game pointing the blame in jane’s direction—she’s very clean and neat with how she lays out this scheme and hardly leaves behind any clues giving her away as the mastermind behind this masterpiece of a plot.

to surmise, this twelve year old girl very nearly convinced a grown woman she was turning into a werewolf and almost got away with it. jane is going places. 


I found these halloween sensory-bottles on etsy + I thought’d i’d share! here’s the link!! 

I think i’m probably going to order one although i don’t know which! (i’m swaying towards the snake one) 

I never have much luck when trying to make my own and i always just end up making a bit of a mess! but i think it’s something i’m still gonna practice because it would be cool to make and sell my own

mm so like @thelastpilot‘s WoTJ wrapped up this week & i read it as soon as it updated which waas unfortunately like three am my time so i started literally crying

i doodled this a couple chapters ago in the margins of my notes so i went in & tried to make it look Not Terrible, to moderate success? 

uh but. thank you ma’am for putting in all the time and effort that you have–it’s one of the best ML fics and the ending was perfect, & i think we’re all p dang excited to Get Spooky


 Sketchbook Flipthrough Part 1 

(From top to bottom, left to right)

  • Page 3 (requested by @mohegan567 and @schlampermaeppchen) - For practice, I started some random weird environments and as you see did not finish it, haha. Still figuring that stuff out. 
  • Page 9 (requested by @faridahmalik ) - Some little notes and concepts for a horror game/story I was noodling with before Halloween. Basically the aftermath of a man selling his soul to the devil, where he seeks out other people who “got away with” doing the same without giving up their souls, in hopes of keeping his own. Still fond of the idea. Maybe someday.
  • Page 21 (requested by @kstearb) - I was making a ‘flyer’ for flash commissions when I was really low on money. Never ended up opening them however. But I wanted to make it look like a grocery flyer. 
  • Page 29 (requested by @i-say-spooky-you-say-scary) - After being obsessed with Legend I wanted to write a story with similar big horned demons, so I started creating a race and the outline of a story called “Mary Sue.” Another “maybe someday” project. lol. 
  • Page 64 (requested by @ironbloodaika) - A self-portrait doodle surrounded by concept art for a point and click game me and my friends are currently working on that include Nosferatu Butlers. 
  • Page 69 (requested by @nukepone ) - I was gonna make more skull stickers–here’s one that didn’t make the cut because I didn’t think people would understand it. I’m probably going to make it just to stick on my journals anyway >_>
  • Page 87 (requested by @thorsthunderthigh) - Quick-ass thumbs for both UI and an environment for aforementioned game I am currently working on (the one with the nosferatu butlers). 
  • Page 99 (requested by @bionicplaneswalker ) - More quick ass notes for aforementioned game, figuring out some of the puzzles and stuff. Just jotted down during a development meeting. 
  • Page 170 (requested by @fruitsushi) - I watched the entirety of gravity falls recently and i’m in love with Stan so I tried to draw him and these shitty drawings are the result. Also a really crappy attempt at Mob from Mob psycho maybe? Idk.

Got a bunch more to post in different parts. If you’re interested in looking at whatever stupid stuff is in my sketchbook, feel free to drop a number (between 1 and 181) in the comments or in my askbox. 

Southern Hospitality

Request: no

Summary: You need a place to stay and Sam is just full of Southern hospitality

Warnings: fluff, sort of sad backstory but fluffy Sam makes it better, emotional abuse (not by Sammy though) 

Note: not exactly spooky, but happy Halloween lovelies! 

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Originally, the Winchesters were from Texas but sometime around 1983 the family up and moved to Lawerence, Kansas and that was the most excitement the town had until you showed up. No one moved to town unless it was for school. People drifted through occasionally stopping for gas and a cheap motel, but no one stayed. Even the people who lived there wanted out but somehow they always trickled back. 

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Fic: Devil Went Down to Georgia


Fifteen years ago, Jesse McCree made a deal at a crossroads for someone’s life. 

Now, the creature has come to collect. 

Ship: Mchanzo

Warnings: It gets spooky. A lot of horror tropes in the sense of nightmares. You can click the AO3 link if you wanna get specific. 

Characters: McCree, Hanzo,Genji, Ana, some others in passing.


Length: 15k 

Notes: IT’S MCFUCKING DONE. Thanks to @revolverwaffle for being the best beta, and at @sroloc–elbisivni and @secretlystephaniebrown for cheering me on. Also, the monster is my favorite. 

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The Haunting Hour 

A mix for instrumental creepy sounds to fulfill the darkest parts of your soul, and ignite the Halloween spirit

I. Opening Titles || The Nightmare Before Christmas II. This Is Halloween (Instrumental) || The Nightmare Before Christmas III. AHS Theme || AHS IV. Main Titles || Corpse Bride V. Dies Irae (The Shining Theme || The Shining VI. Dracula (1931) Main Titles || Dracula VII. Kiddie Land || Prelude To A Nightmare VIII. Mechanical Lullaby || Coraline OST IX. Halloween Theme || Halloween X. End Credits || Coraline OST XI. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor || Johann Sebastian Bach XII. The Walking Dead Theme || The Walking Dead XIII. Transplantation || Tokyo Ghoul OST XIV. Lacrimosa || Mozart XV. Tili Tili Bom || Russian Lullaby XVI. Opening Credits || Sweeney Todd OST XVII. Night On Bald Mountain || Mussorgsky XVIII. Kyrie II || Death Note OST XIX. Im Dunklein || Tokyo Ghoul OST XX. Main Theme || Saw OST

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Spooky, Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine
Happy Halloween everyone! Today is the last day of my year long daily lettering project, it’s been a pretty great year and I couldn’t resist ending on a suitably spooky note. I totally love lettering, but after a year of doing it every day I’m a little burnt out on it, so I will definitely continue to post on this blog, just less frequently. Watch this space!

31st October

RFA Halloweenie

Mod’s Note: (ember: “my type a self: fix the ‘n’”)
Time to get spooky! So Ember and Cryptic tag team on Halloween.


  • Has a couple’s costume with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “Why the hell are you matching with that cat?”
  • “She looks better in her costume than you, Zen.”
  • Turns off the lights to pretend he’s not home he wants the candy for himself (before the party)
  • Ends up drinking the entire punch bowl
  • Slow dances with Elizabeth 3rd


  • Dresses up as his Zorro character
  • “What do you mean it’s not appropriate?”
  • Jaehee takes so many photos (”It’s only for the RFA memories…”)
  • Seven tries to throw Elly at him and fails
  • Zen shrieked in horror and ran home
  • Gets cat hair on his outfit and sneezes the entire time
  • Accidentally brings cat hair home and cries
  • Swears to murder Jumin


  • Dresses up as a LOLOL character bought by Seven
  • (He thought he was going to do a partner cosplay with Seven)
  • (He cried)
  • Goes trick or treating instead of attending the RFA party
  • “But MC pleeaase!! This neighbour (Cryptic is Canadian fite me spell check) has really good candy!”
  • Every house thinks he’s 12
  • “Your child’s costume is so cute.”
  • MC cries with Yoosung
  • Rip his dignity


  • She dressed up as a secretary that isn’t stressed
  • (She just covered the bags under her eyes and chugged 2 litres of coffee)
  • “Jaehee are you okay?”
  • “I’m ecstatic. Just peachy. Great. Perfect. Fine.”
  • Jumin didn’t recognize her
  • Rip everyone who didn’t realize it was her
  • Glad she’s free from Jumin


  • Sexy angel costume, complete with wig and fake boobs
  • “MC feel them! They feel so real!”
  • Tries to seduce Zen (again)
  • “Look now I’m an actual child of god!” [cue eyerolls]
  • Spikes the punch bowl
  • Tries to dance with Elly
  • Almost succeeded until Jumin body slammed him


  • Didn’t dress up
  • He just takes pictures of the decorations and costumes
  • “Who are you dressed as?” “The photographer.”
  • Helps Jumin after drinking the punch bowl Seven spiked
  • Holds his hair for him
  • Takes him home and tucks him into bed
  • “You’re an idiot, go to sleep. Don’t trust Seven.”
  • Kisses his forehead before leaving (ha gAY)


  • He was forced into a devil costume by Seven
  • “I can be your angle or your devil”
  • (Rip Seven, he is now dead)
  • Thought about stopping Seven from spiking the punch
  • Decided to watch the results
  • Spikes Seven’s glass
  • Laughs hysterically when Seven hits on Zen and Zen flirts back
  • Regrets it when Seven starts thinking he’s a cute girl
  • (Seven is now officially dead)

We’re happy to present a preview of our upcoming update, v0.3.0, aka The Indigo Quarry Update. We hope to have this update available in early April. While we would have liked to deliver it sooner, things like growing Monomi Park as a company, hiring new people, looking for a real office, etc. have slowed us down. But we truly appreciate your patience!

The Indigo Quarry is all that remains of a now defunct mining operation on the Far, Far Range. It earns its name from the deep purples that striate its winding cliffs and caverns.

Rad slimes are in abundance in in the quarry, appreciating the veggies like oca oca that grow in its mineral-rich soils. They’re easy to spot at night.

Experienced ranchers know to always watch their back while exploring the quarry, as unlike the Moss Blanket, its littered with steep cliffs that could send you straight into the slime sea if caught off guard by a boom slime.

And like anywhere on the Far, Far Range, the tarr are an ever-looming menace for the unprepared. Always carry a full tank of water!

Speaking of water, if you find yourself needing to relax, a little dip in the hot springs could be just the thing! You’ll also note that the shy little puddle slimes have received a makeover. Their puddly-ness has increased by at least 152%.

These pink rock largos have asked me to point out that ‘splish-splashin in the water is not just for puddle slimes.’

The hub of the quarry is a kinda-spooky cave. At least this pink slime thinks so.

But the little guy should know there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Speaking of tunnels, the quarry has an awful lot of them.

That covers some of the new frontier in v0.3.0, so how about some of the new art tech?

What the heck is that? Can it be that all digital displays now have a super-cool led shader that can actually show the pixels as you zoom way in? We must have hired a wizard recently.

The effect is… mesmerizing. What was I talking about again?

Oh right, I was talking about a new game mode!

Thank you all who participated in some of our recent community challenges. Your feedback has lead to one of them has being formalized into a new game mode, the Five Day Rush! You could call this an experiment. This new mode could be expanded upon with additional features if we see that the community enjoys it.

That about covers our preview for v0.3.0, aka The Indigo Quarry Update. As mentioned previously we’re trying to get this into your hands in early April. We’re working really hard on it and hope you all enjoy it very much.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s something else coming with this update, but you’ll have to guess what it is…

Thanks again to everyone who’s playing and supporting Slime Rancher. You’re the best.


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Hi there ^^ so since its October already can I request a spooky chanyeol scenario?? Like you're best friends (but you like eachother) with him and the rest of exo and you go to a costume party together and you're dressed as 2ne1 dara so everyone jokingly says if u dress like that more often yeol will fall in love with u. And then he finds u later on moping around bc u think he doesnt like u the way u are and he ends up confessing. Please and thank you so much and sorry if its too specific.. :D

oo spooky and cute chanyeol sounds so fun!~ 
here’s some halloween fun with this cute fluffy giant ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

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One more note on the ominous implications of the Cipher Hunt. I personally think that right now Alex is having fun being spooky and ominous, going “ooooh, Bill is still hanging around…he might be RIGHT BEHIND YOU! MWAHAHAHAHA!”

It’s like the pre-ending jumpscare in a horror movie where the monster you thought was dead opens its eyes. It’s not about changing the ending for the characters so much as giving the audience the lingering feeling of “oooh, this creature is still out there somewhere.”

We may never get a canonical explanation for why Stan was singing “we’ll meet again,” or how the Cipher Hunt even fits into canon (if it does at all.) Alex knows his fans are going to run wild with speculation, theories and fan content, and that’s all just part of the fun! But none of it undoes the happy ending we did get in canon. It’s all just a bonus for people who enjoy the speculation.

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What kinds of dog would the Karasuno guys have and what would they name it?


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Inktober day 1, a Mahō Shōjo

This Inktober I was thinking of doing some requests throughout the month! I really feel like drawing spooky stuff, mythological creatures/characters, animals, witches, and magical girls. So some requests within those guidelines would be really much appreciated! Hit me your ideas as notes, I just might end up drawing your ideas. 

Rule: once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 89 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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i tag!!:
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1. last beverage = Apple juice
2. Last phone call = Some Telemarketer
3. Last text message = Test
4. Last song you listened to = Nobunaga’s Ambition OST, forget the song name
5. Last time you cried = Last night


6. Dated someone twice = No
7. Been cheated on = No
8. Kissed someone and regretted it = No
9. Lost someone special = No
10. Been depressed = YEP
11. Been drunk and threw up = No.


12. Purple
13. Blue
14. Red


15. Made a new friend = Yes!!
16. Fallen out of love = Yeah
17. Laughed until you cried = Yes.
18. Met someone who changed you = Yes.
19. Find out who your true friends are = Yes
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Yes
21. Kissed anyone on your FB list = Nope


22. How many people do you know on your FB Friends list = All of them, lol, I do’t really use faebook so yeah
23. Do you have any pets = Yes, Cat.
24. Do you want to change your name = No.
25. What did you do for your last birthday = Went to a buffet
26. What time did you wake up today = 9 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night = RPing, I think?
28. Name something you CANNOT wait for = Everything I can think of is too far away so, eh
29. Last time you saw your Mother = A few hours ago
30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life =  I want a job that I can do from home. I need moneeeeyyy, but I’m too scared to go out and go do another interview 
31. What are you listening to right now = Skype call
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = Yes
33. What’s getting on your nerves right now = Nothing really
34. Most visited webpage = Tumblr I guess???
35. Blood type = lol idk
36. Nicknames = Mewshuji, Mew, Shuji, Buzzkill
37. Relationship Status = Single
38. Zodiac Sign = Virgo
39. Pronouns = He/Him or They/Them
40. Elementary= Yes
41. High School = Yeah
42. College = 2 years, wanna go back
43. Hair color = Brown
44. Long or short = Short
45. Height = 6’ 2"
46. Do you have a crush on someone = Oh yeah.
47. What do you like about yourself = I dunno
48. tattoos = Nope.
49. Lefty or Righty: Right.
50. First Surgery = Circumcision. … TMI?
51. First piercing = None.
52. First best friend = The fucker moved without telling me. :I
53. First sport you joined = Soccer
54. First Vacation = The Outer Banks
55. First pair of trainers = I can’t remember


56. Eating = Nothin’
57. Drinking = Water
58. I’m about to = Idk
59. Listening to = Skype call
60. Waiting for = idk
61. Want kids = Yes
62. Get married = Yes
63. Career = NEET as fuck ;_; My monies


64. Lips or eyes = Eyes
65. Hugs or kisses = Hugs
66. Shorter or taller = Depends, doesn’t matter in general
67. Older or younger = Depends, doesn’t matter in general
68. Romantic or spontaneous = Romantic
69. Nice stomach or nice arms = Nice arms
70. Sensitive or loud = Sensitive 
71. Hook-up or relationship = Relationship
72. Trouble maker or hesitant = Well me personally I’m hesitant


73. kissed a stranger = No
74. Drank hard liquor = No
75. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes
76. Sex on the first date = No
77. Broke someone’s heart = No
78. Had your own heart broken = Yes
79. Been arrested = No
80. Turned someone down = Yes
81. Cried when someone died = Yeah
82. Fallen for a friend = Yes


83. Yourself = A little, not a lot
84. Miracles = That they happen? Yeah. That it’s by some divine decree or something? Nah.
85. Love at first sight = Yes
86. Heaven = Yes
87. Santa Claus = In the spirit of Santa
88. Kiss on the first date = Sure
89. Angels = Ehhhhhhhhhhhh, hard to explain; if forced to choose- no.