and the spooky notes at the end

The cult ending isn’t canon. It was something that had to be datamined, which means it was either content that was decided against being put in the game (thus, not canon, because they changed their minds), or it’s something for future DLC (Halloween, anyone?), which could also very well mean it isn’t canon if it is just a spooky story type DLC.

The good ending for Joseph is glitched because of one of Mary’s final interactions. You’re supposed to walk her home and talk with her. Their marriage is failing, and she’s already been cheating on him. Even if she didn’t sleep with the men she flirted with, it’s still cheating. It’s not okay. Things are all going wrong. Their marriage can’t work because neither of them are happy. They need a good ending.

On that note…Please, can we have some wholesome Joseph stuff? I wanted to play a lighthearted gay dating sim (as a gay man, it’s really fucking upsetting that I can’t even have that) and all I’m getting is hate towards this character, hate against the people who romance this character, and creepy cult shit. I just want to look at my cute boy in the way the game intended. Something light hearted, sweet, sometimes sexy. I want wholesome Joseph stuff. Can we please pull away from this toxicity?

It’s not canon, the game is glitched, we need more information before we can officially shit on this character and the people trying to date him. Can you just give a gay boi his gay boi?

Things I enjoyed about Kevin Price in the BoM workshop/presentation
  • 85% more nervous
  • Constantly taking out handkerchief and wiping his face, smoothing down his hair, straightening his tie, and fidgeting fingers
  • White shoes only serve to remind us that Andrew is 80% leg
  • His small little “C’mon!” in ‘You and Me (But Mostly Me)’ when he pulls Arnold up off the bench
  • The beautiful voice crack when they arrive at Uganda “Yeah it was one long trip…”
  • His dorky clapping and head bobbing during ‘Turn It Off’s’ last dance segment
  • His amazing cringing faces when they go to bed and Arnold keeps touching his face
  • Skipping and jazz hands in the morning make a happy Elder
  • Looking at the ground and unable to move because he’s so scared of the General, having to be dragged away by Arnold in the scene.
  • His “ORLANDOOOO” power note at the end of Man Up 
  • His enthusiastic “DAD!” in the beginning of Spooky Mormon Hell Dream
  • Kevin apparently had never had a Spooky Mormon Hell Dream before, the donut dialogue was taken out and the lyrics were changed. Save him
  • The desperation in his “Jesus, IM SORRYY!!”
  • His little excited amp up motions after he sings Something Incredible to himself
  • I Believe. Everything about it. Perfection. The key change was legit incredible.
  • His caressing of the General’s arm before he takes it, and resting his head on the guy’s arm.
  • His last “I Beeeee-Lieeeevvee!!!” was fricken AMAZING.  He holds out the Be-part a little longer than normal
  • His monologue is in the doctor’s hut instead. “Well the whole religion is just…crap.”
  • Orlando reprise was actually really tender and sad and it sort of broke my heart??
  • Something Incredible reprise was beautiful???
  • You and Me (but mostly me) reprise was amazing???? And his soft little “but mostly..meeee~” (What’s with all the workshop reprise songs going the more tender and emotional route than the comedy, it’s actually incredible and amazing and just wow)
  • Tomorrow is a Latter Day starts out soft and slower and Kevin’s voice is lovely?? It’s beautiful?? They need to tone it down with the feels.
  • His “I believes” in Tomorrow is a Latter Day are incredible, and he riffs on the third and last one.
  • Kevin and General getting cuddly at the curtain call
  • 10/10 would and WILL watch again, the workshop was amazing.

anonymous asked:

What do you think would be the ending for season 11?

My HOPE is that when the credits roll on S11, Scully and Mulder have been reunited with their son, have saved the world, and have solved some spooky cases together, in the process being reminded that they make a great team and that neither is whole without the other.  And just before the screen fades to black for the very last time to those few iconic whistled notes of the theme song we know so well…Scully walks into the kitchen and Mulder turns to hand her a cup of coffee and they smile at one another, it being perfectly clear that they just spent the night together in the same bed.  Mulder hands her a section of the newspaper, and Scully’s eyebrow shoots up when she sees the headline about a swamp monster carcass washing up on shore in Santa Cruz or a cryptid sighting in a mall in Des Moines, saying “Whaddya say, Scully?  Think we should go check it out?”  And he’s half-hoping that she rolls her eyes and says no, that she’d rather hit up the farmer’s market instead, or that she’d prefer to go back upstairs and wile away the hours watching shadows lengthen across their big sleigh bed and making up for all the time they’ve lost.  But she surprises him when she blinks at him over her mug, smiles indulgently and says, “Always.”

In the spirit of October, I’ve decided to make a playlist of my favorite spooky Mario songs! Note I was a bit generous on the definition of a Mario title, including Wario Land, Luigi’s Mansion and a few other songs from Spin off games.

FOB Creations Challenge - Round 17

It’s almost October, which means it’s time to get spooky! In this year’s halloween edition of the FOBCC, we’re thinking Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas… That’s right! This month’s theme is Classic Halloween Movies.


  • Anyone! New and returning participants are welcome to join!
  • Entires include, but are not limited to: edits, fan art, gif sets, fanfic, lyric edits, audio edits, song covers, videos, any kind of original creation!


  • Reblog this post until September 30th
  • **Send an ask saying “participating for October” (please note if you are participating from a side blog)**


  • You will receive your prompt after the entry period ends.
  • Your creation must reflect this round’s theme.
  • Be creative! Use whatever interpretation you’d like
  • Post your work before the October 31st deadline and put #fobcc in the first 5 tags
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless you message the blog first
  • For more information, check the rules and faq here

CLOCKWORK by Antistar

          Got sick of waiting for you. I’ve gone ahead to scout the tunnels. I’ll put up some torches to light the way; pick up your feet and follow them to find me.
          I mean it: hurry up. I want to see your fingers stained from finding this note with the ink still wet. Something in this place makes my hair stand on end; it’s as if the shadows are moving.
               - Camilla



- tyler’s soft vocals ??
- tyler’s little angelic “oohhhh"s
- it’s almost like a stripped version of heathens ????
- the whole track is so gentle and beautiful


- almost like a cover to the blurryface version ? majority of it is the same except for a few of mutemath’s twists and add ons and ty’s vocals
- “sayin’ stuff like: you only live once”
- “can you save (save save) can you save (save save) can you save my heavy dirty soul?”
- a lot more blurryface sounds than the original ?


- woAh this one is a RECREATION
- this reminds me of the summer time at like the beach or a pool ??
- the second verse makes me smile every time ??? (ft. sick little drum beat and tyler with that same killer indie voice thing)
- “i’m falling so i’m taking my timeeeeeeeee” *KSKDLEMDLSKSOSNKDLDMSKDKDJ MAGIC*

Tear In My Heart

- another noticeable RECREATION
- i freaking love how it has that 70s tekno love song vibe to it
- all i can imagine is jenna just sitting there and tyler is looking at her and singing so passionately to his dime piece wife and she’s just smiling and so in love just like he is ahhh
- "the songs on the radio are okay *echo*. but my taste in music is your face!”
- tyler’s vocals slay me in this tooo (in all of them tbh)
- what’s not to love about this track ????

Lane Boy

- yo yo yo gotta love his timing with the words (no comma needed)
- i freaking love the electric and rock add ons in this one
- the whole ending is just so incredibly magical ??? like yes ??? thank you for slaying me ???!???
- “tomorrowww!” *moanish?*
- THE ENDING IS SO SPOOKYYY AND ODDLY MYSTERIOUS (undertale soundtrack is that you)


- instead of a christmas album, we got this which is totally okay because i don’t mind AT ALL- headphones change the whole experience yo- HEATHENS’S SPOOKY PIANO OUTRO- whoops i based this on the audio- BUT TYLER’S LITTLE DANCE MOVES IN THE VIDEO ARE DEFINITELY WORTH NOTING ALONG WITH THE LITTLE SNEAK PEAK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO WITH J CLEANING HIS SYMBOLS AND LOOKING LIKE A CUTE LITTLE DORK- haha sorry for popping up on your dashboard like this. it’s been an incredibly long day without being able to speak to someone about this- i’ve been meaning to say something about it before but i’ve been busy with school- ^^my reason for not being on as much- winter break starts on friday so i’ll be on WAY MORE- whoops this is getting off track- hope you guys had a good day/night :)
Search Lights

[Chapter One]

summary: The locals are strange and there’s something about the lake that just does not sit right with her. Odd shapes caught in photos and eyes under the water - Sakura isn’t so sure she wants to get to the bottom of this mystery.

pairings: KisaSaku, ChojuSaku, SuiSaku, possible? ZabuSaku, and some platonic HakuSaku. maybe some others by the end.

notes: a small spooky fic im doing for halloween, featuring some kiri boys and sakuraaaa. hope you enjoy!

“And you’re sure none of the neighbors are secretly axe murderers, one wrong word away from chopping me up and using the bits for fish bait?”

A pause.

“It’s a left onto Greengrove, right?” Sakura frowned at her windshield, squinting at an upcoming sign and waited for a reply. She nudged her scarf down slightly and pursed her lips, resisting the urge to tap her phone screen and make sure the call hadn’t ended.

“Well, Zabuza has definitely killed a man, but I can’t vouch for the others. And, yes, a left onto Greengrove.”

“Hakuuu!” She could hear his laugh through the speakers of her car and she shot a glare down at her cell, groaning under her breath while she could practically hear the amused smile in his voice. “I’m being serious, Haku. If I get murdered, my death is on your hands.”

She’d been driving for a little over three and a half hours, the city and her cozy apartment far behind as she traveled deeper into the countryside and into the woods. The sun was high in the sky by now, the rays breaking through the canopy overhead and dotting her path with pretty beams, but each glimpse of the sky she spotted was marbled with the bleak colors of a November chill. The road she was following was fairly well-maintained and the small town she’d passed through only about ten minutes ago, before entering the forest proper, had seemed relatively pleasant enough, but it had been nearly a year since her last visit to Haku’s lakehouse and she still insisted that the location was spooky.

Lake Kiri, oh so appropriately named, was perpetually shrouded in mist and fog, rarely clearing even in the middle of summer, and she was not looking forward to housesitting the lakeside home for three weeks. But, she owed her friend a favor and the location could provide some nice shots for her portfolio.

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anonymous asked:

What villain do you think had the strongest plan in any of the games?

jane. oh my god, JANE. i cannot sing my praises to her enough. her thoroughness was unparalleled by any other villain we’ve seen. i honestly don’t even know where to begin with her. she’s very clearly remarkably clever for having come up with such a plan, and also somehow found the time to balance it with her tireless schoolwork AND finding the penvellyn treasure (including all the rituals that go with it).

listen, this plan was DETAILED. she even went so far as to rope nancy into the story and plant the seeds of the blackmoor beast into her from THE VERY MOMENT she makes it to blackmoor by hiding the red eyes in the front yard, to say nothing of the WOLF’S CLAW/TOOTH she somehow manages to get her hands on for that threatening note she slips nancy later on in the game. oh, and then there’s also the claw marks on the door, the spooky messages she even goes as far as to send to herself, and the various stories she tells nancy about seeing “the lady in black” around the manor. and all that is just for NANCY’S benefit. what she does to fool linda is a whole different, equally complex story. this was thought out to the letter and honestly, there is no one strong piece of evidence by the end of the game pointing the blame in jane’s direction—she’s very clean and neat with how she lays out this scheme and hardly leaves behind any clues giving her away as the mastermind behind this masterpiece of a plot.

to surmise, this twelve year old girl very nearly convinced a grown woman she was turning into a werewolf and almost got away with it. jane is going places. 


September seems to be ending on a fairly better note than it came in with! Much love to everyone as we go into Spooky Season!! // September 2017


I found these halloween sensory-bottles on etsy + I thought’d i’d share! here’s the link!! 

I think i’m probably going to order one although i don’t know which! (i’m swaying towards the snake one) 

I never have much luck when trying to make my own and i always just end up making a bit of a mess! but i think it’s something i’m still gonna practice because it would be cool to make and sell my own

Spooky, Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine
Happy Halloween everyone! Today is the last day of my year long daily lettering project, it’s been a pretty great year and I couldn’t resist ending on a suitably spooky note. I totally love lettering, but after a year of doing it every day I’m a little burnt out on it, so I will definitely continue to post on this blog, just less frequently. Watch this space!

31st October

oooh look spooky


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The Haunting Hour 

A mix for instrumental creepy sounds to fulfill the darkest parts of your soul, and ignite the Halloween spirit

I. Opening Titles || The Nightmare Before Christmas II. This Is Halloween (Instrumental) || The Nightmare Before Christmas III. AHS Theme || AHS IV. Main Titles || Corpse Bride V. Dies Irae (The Shining Theme || The Shining VI. Dracula (1931) Main Titles || Dracula VII. Kiddie Land || Prelude To A Nightmare VIII. Mechanical Lullaby || Coraline OST IX. Halloween Theme || Halloween X. End Credits || Coraline OST XI. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor || Johann Sebastian Bach XII. The Walking Dead Theme || The Walking Dead XIII. Transplantation || Tokyo Ghoul OST XIV. Lacrimosa || Mozart XV. Tili Tili Bom || Russian Lullaby XVI. Opening Credits || Sweeney Todd OST XVII. Night On Bald Mountain || Mussorgsky XVIII. Kyrie II || Death Note OST XIX. Im Dunklein || Tokyo Ghoul OST XX. Main Theme || Saw OST

listen []

Southern Hospitality

Request: no

Summary: You need a place to stay and Sam is just full of Southern hospitality

Warnings: fluff, sort of sad backstory but fluffy Sam makes it better, emotional abuse (not by Sammy though) 

Note: not exactly spooky, but happy Halloween lovelies! 

Originally posted by 394-shades-of-a-fangirl

Originally, the Winchesters were from Texas but sometime around 1983 the family up and moved to Lawerence, Kansas and that was the most excitement the town had until you showed up. No one moved to town unless it was for school. People drifted through occasionally stopping for gas and a cheap motel, but no one stayed. Even the people who lived there wanted out but somehow they always trickled back. 

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rb if you agree with some or all of the following about THL’s Halloween special, “Tricked!”

-the colors and backgrounds looking A-1™

-the animation sequence during luna’s song

-lincoln and clyde not complaining about having a tiny candy bar after all they went through to get it, but rather appreciating the fact that they made Halloween for everyone in their neighborhood end on a high note

-luna’s song in general

-lucy’s chance in the spotlight for the spooky decorations and the corn maze and everybody supporting her

-lily being a ghost for the end of the title sequence

mm so like @thelastpilot‘s WoTJ wrapped up this week & i read it as soon as it updated which waas unfortunately like three am my time so i started literally crying

i doodled this a couple chapters ago in the margins of my notes so i went in & tried to make it look Not Terrible, to moderate success? 

uh but. thank you ma’am for putting in all the time and effort that you have–it’s one of the best ML fics and the ending was perfect, & i think we’re all p dang excited to Get Spooky