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I found these halloween sensory-bottles on etsy + I thought’d i’d share! here’s the link!! 

I think i’m probably going to order one although i don’t know which! (i’m swaying towards the snake one) 

I never have much luck when trying to make my own and i always just end up making a bit of a mess! but i think it’s something i’m still gonna practice because it would be cool to make and sell my own

RFA Halloweenie

Mod’s Note: (ember: “my type a self: fix the ‘n’”)
Time to get spooky! So Ember and Cryptic tag team on Halloween.


  • Has a couple’s costume with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “Why the hell are you matching with that cat?”
  • “She looks better in her costume than you, Zen.”
  • Turns off the lights to pretend he’s not home he wants the candy for himself (before the party)
  • Ends up drinking the entire punch bowl
  • Slow dances with Elizabeth 3rd


  • Dresses up as his Zorro character
  • “What do you mean it’s not appropriate?”
  • Jaehee takes so many photos (”It’s only for the RFA memories…”)
  • Seven tries to throw Elly at him and fails
  • Zen shrieked in horror and ran home
  • Gets cat hair on his outfit and sneezes the entire time
  • Accidentally brings cat hair home and cries
  • Swears to murder Jumin


  • Dresses up as a LOLOL character bought by Seven
  • (He thought he was going to do a partner cosplay with Seven)
  • (He cried)
  • Goes trick or treating instead of attending the RFA party
  • “But MC pleeaase!! This neighbour (Cryptic is Canadian fite me spell check) has really good candy!”
  • Every house thinks he’s 12
  • “Your child’s costume is so cute.”
  • MC cries with Yoosung
  • Rip his dignity


  • She dressed up as a secretary that isn’t stressed
  • (She just covered the bags under her eyes and chugged 2 litres of coffee)
  • “Jaehee are you okay?”
  • “I’m ecstatic. Just peachy. Great. Perfect. Fine.”
  • Jumin didn’t recognize her
  • Rip everyone who didn’t realize it was her
  • Glad she’s free from Jumin


  • Sexy angel costume, complete with wig and fake boobs
  • “MC feel them! They feel so real!”
  • Tries to seduce Zen (again)
  • “Look now I’m an actual child of god!” [cue eyerolls]
  • Spikes the punch bowl
  • Tries to dance with Elly
  • Almost succeeded until Jumin body slammed him


  • Didn’t dress up
  • He just takes pictures of the decorations and costumes
  • “Who are you dressed as?” “The photographer.”
  • Helps Jumin after drinking the punch bowl Seven spiked
  • Holds his hair for him
  • Takes him home and tucks him into bed
  • “You’re an idiot, go to sleep. Don’t trust Seven.”
  • Kisses his forehead before leaving (ha gAY)


  • He was forced into a devil costume by Seven
  • “I can be your angle or your devil”
  • (Rip Seven, he is now dead)
  • Thought about stopping Seven from spiking the punch
  • Decided to watch the results
  • Spikes Seven’s glass
  • Laughs hysterically when Seven hits on Zen and Zen flirts back
  • Regrets it when Seven starts thinking he’s a cute girl
  • (Seven is now officially dead)

mm so like @thelastpilot‘s WoTJ wrapped up this week & i read it as soon as it updated which waas unfortunately like three am my time so i started literally crying

i doodled this a couple chapters ago in the margins of my notes so i went in & tried to make it look Not Terrible, to moderate success? 

uh but. thank you ma’am for putting in all the time and effort that you have–it’s one of the best ML fics and the ending was perfect, & i think we’re all p dang excited to Get Spooky

Vladimir, the Psychic Decorator, came over to where Voohon  stood brooding and made note of the hole in Tzedon’s front yard.

“Relax, We won’t end up in that hole. I’ll deal with that ghost at the Candyfornia  build site. Lets go get you some breakfast at the diner before we take off” 

Privately, Vladimir knew he was in waaaaay over his head, but he could not let Voohon know that he was actually unqualified to deal with REAL ghosts. 

Voohon would probably turn him in to Tzedon straight away just to deflect attention from his own shortcomings. 

What a mess. 

First there had been the involvement of the spooky ghost-descended Salas family in that matter of the gift car for one of Tzedon’s wives.

The huge plant had been purchased as “protection” (cough) from that potential psychic threat.

 Now this other ghost was violently haunting the proposed site for Tzedon’s new vacation home in Candyfornia.

Fearsome, violent, Tzedon never experienced any major setbacks in his life. Who would dare get in his way? That damn moth of his was in fine health and lived a pampered, well protected special magic needed. But Tzedon was a superstitious man and at least partially credited his various Psychic Decorators..including Vladimir, for his success, and CryptoMoth’s health. He paid his consultants very well.

Vladimir only had an Associates Degree in Protective Decorating from a non- accredited, shady, but inexpensive sort of “school”, but he WAS a good salesman..pretty much a con-man… and had landed Tzedon as a client.

He was not at all a real expert in dealing with actual supernatural forces, but he could not let Voohon know this. (He also was no Kl-a-Dar had determined when she sold him that huge specimen plant intended for Tzedon’s Amnora Glipsunu home.)

Vladimir was good at thinking on his feet. He was sure, given enough time, he would figure out some way to deal with all this ghost stuff. But he would not HAVE time  to do that if Voohon figured out he was a fraud.

Fic: Devil Went Down to Georgia


Fifteen years ago, Jesse McCree made a deal at a crossroads for someone’s life. 

Now, the creature has come to collect. 

Ship: Mchanzo

Warnings: It gets spooky. A lot of horror tropes in the sense of nightmares. You can click the AO3 link if you wanna get specific. 

Characters: McCree, Hanzo,Genji, Ana, some others in passing.


Length: 15k 

Notes: IT’S MCFUCKING DONE. Thanks to @revolverwaffle for being the best beta, and at @sroloc–elbisivni and @secretlystephaniebrown for cheering me on. Also, the monster is my favorite. 

Keep reading

Spooky, Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine
Happy Halloween everyone! Today is the last day of my year long daily lettering project, it’s been a pretty great year and I couldn’t resist ending on a suitably spooky note. I totally love lettering, but after a year of doing it every day I’m a little burnt out on it, so I will definitely continue to post on this blog, just less frequently. Watch this space!

31st October

Ay I just hit 4k so in honor of that and the spooky season, im doing a promo :)


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i’ll choose like 3-10 winners for each category, depending on how many notes this gets

categories might change depending on what i find

anyway that’s it thanks for 4k!

Inktober day 1, a Mahō Shōjo

This Inktober I was thinking of doing some requests throughout the month! I really feel like drawing spooky stuff, mythological creatures/characters, animals, witches, and magical girls. So some requests within those guidelines would be really much appreciated! Hit me your ideas as notes, I just might end up drawing your ideas. 

One more note on the ominous implications of the Cipher Hunt. I personally think that right now Alex is having fun being spooky and ominous, going “ooooh, Bill is still hanging around…he might be RIGHT BEHIND YOU! MWAHAHAHAHA!”

It’s like the pre-ending jumpscare in a horror movie where the monster you thought was dead opens its eyes. It’s not about changing the ending for the characters so much as giving the audience the lingering feeling of “oooh, this creature is still out there somewhere.”

We may never get a canonical explanation for why Stan was singing “we’ll meet again,” or how the Cipher Hunt even fits into canon (if it does at all.) Alex knows his fans are going to run wild with speculation, theories and fan content, and that’s all just part of the fun! But none of it undoes the happy ending we did get in canon. It’s all just a bonus for people who enjoy the speculation.

this is the i-just-wanted-to-do-a-thing-with-maria-my-queen-and-spend-2-hours-on-a-cheesy-banner promo tbh hahHAHahhAH. but yeah omg valentine’s day is around the corner (okay not really but you get the drift) so let’s spread some legs and love everyone!! (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)

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🕸🕸 because halloween is coming fast, and i wanted to do something fun for the month! i’ve decided to do a tumblr awards! thank you so much @mccoyleo for the banner! 🕸🕸 


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