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hi I never request (only read for like 5 hours..😂) how about an mc who is incredibly beautiful like prettier than the moon (zen) , but is just like "ya i'm average?" about it.

Thank you for requesting! Enjoy ♡ 


✮ cries when he sees you
✮ he’s just so !!!!
✮ surprised and excited and completely blown away 
✮ Seven had mentioned in the chat that you were really cute
even if you modestly denied it 
✮ he knew you were going to be cute but this !!!
✮ when he sees you on stage while making his speech 
✮ he kind of “oh that must be [Y/N]… woah” 
✮ before V is like ‘yoosung!’ 
✮ tries to keep his cool but his face is a furnace
✮ whenever you disagree with him about how ‘you must be an actual angel handcrafted by God specially’ 
✮ he’s so shocked ??
✮ like,,, ‘what do you mean you aren’t perfectly flawless???’ 
✮ says that you’re even more beautiful than Rika 
✮ honestly compliments you all the time 


✎ she first sees you when you arrive and she’s checking off the guests 
✎ she’s super confused 
✎ and asks if you’re with the modelling company 
✎ you kinda blush and laugh 
✎ and she’s like !!!!!!! 
✎ ‘i’ve been blessed’ ‘i have been forgiven for all my sins’ 
✎ when you tell her who you are she gets so hot?
✎ is this embarrassment? is she just incredibly flustered?
✎ she doesn’t know but she does know that she’s never felt this way around someone before
✎ whenever you say you don’t think you’re that pretty 
she judo drops you 
✎ she just drowns you in compliments and won’t even listen to you 
✎ tells you that angels shouldn’t be modest 


✿ is S H O O K
✿ like,,, there’s someone in the RFA that’s more attractive than him?
✿ and you never talked about it?!?!?!
✿ constantly begins to send selfies to the chat like ‘eyeyeyey’
✿ and you compliment him but don’t send one back
✿ and he’s so confused??
✿ so he says that ‘you should flaunt your beauty around’
✿ when he hears that you’re not as confident as him in your looks and that you don’t think you’re that great
✿ he considers sending you to a doctor
obviously is that cheesy guy like ‘[Y/N] is your eyesight okay?’  
✿ when you move in with him it’s CUDDLES, COMPLIMENTS, SELFIEEEES


₩ as soon as he sees you he offers you a modelling contract 
₩ you laugh bc you think he’s joking (because he’s such a prankster lolol)
₩ and he kinda pauses because your laugh !!
₩ he swear he saw sparkles around you 
₩ he buys you so many dresses and jewellery 
₩ and if you at all put yourself below the line of perfect 
₩ he pulls out the big guns 
₩ ‘I think you’re even more beautiful than Elizabeth the 3rd’ 
₩ if you argue he will just kind off 
₩ ‘nope. no.’ 
₩ keeps interrupting you so he can’t hear the lies 
₩ sends blurry photos of you to the RFA 
₩ goes to photography classes so he can ‘capture your beauty’ 


⌨  when he was doing the background check AND saw you through the CCTV 
⌨  gets thrown back off his chair from the power of his nosebleed 
⌨  is genuinely amazed 
⌨  enjoys creeping on you through the camera in the hallway 
⌨  mentions it one day in the chat 
⌨  ‘hey zen, did you know that [Y/N] is more beautiful than you?’ 
⌨  zen is shocked and spams you with ‘IS THIS TRUE’ 
⌨  and you say no and saeyoung is like ????
⌨  ‘uh, yeah it is. i’ve seen you with my own four eyes’ 
⌨  once all the bullshit is over and you live with him 
⌨  he’s programmed the robot puppy to bark loudly at you if you say that you aren’t perfect and flawless 
⌨  probably wraps his entire body around you while complimenting you endlessly


astro in a group chat

mj: installed 5 different emoji keyboards and ignores his text keyboard completely. uses stickers that nobody understands or has seen before. greets the chat with a cheery good morning message and a disgustingly cute selfie, cheeks puffed out and finger heart ready

jinjin: links youtube videos that most have stopped clicking on. very slow typer, responses to messages may take up to two minutes. he’s taking his time to think, ok…can get serious when need be. best advice giver and the person who has an active chat running with each of the individual members. a rock (sorry rocky) for all the tough times <3

eunwoo: started the group chat for business purposes and types with proper punctuation and grammar. doesn’t really like how other people can change his nickname in the chat room and always reverts it back to Eunwoo with a capital E b/c otherwise he gets the names and persons attached mixed up. once sent a chocolate chip cookie recipe with no context

moonbin: actually uses the chat to make plans!! wants to get lunch or dinner with everybody but once they agree he can’t think of a single place to eat. scrolls thru his 50 yelp bookmarks of places he’s never been that are hours away. a supportive chatter who laughs @ sanha’s bad jokes and clicks on jinjin’s links. kind and Good, every chat needs a moonbin

rocky: checks phone most often, but doesn’t reply all that much. will hit a lot of messages with the seen by. sends selfies; looks really cool in em. Never responds to mj’s morning aegyo or any cutesy photos. typo city but he claims that it adds to his voice or something like that. 

sanha: sends the most messages, more pictures than words tbh. floods chat with memes and dogs (rocky is ok with this) and food that he wants to try (moonbin is ok with this). sometimes asks if his instagram caption is funny. got kicked from the group for spamming too much but after much puppy eyed begging, weaseled his way back in. continues to spam.

Dating Miss Martian if You Were a Fellow Hero Would Include...

Originally posted by bulletben

Requested by Anon -  being a fellow hero and dating miss Martian

  • You would probably join the team after they saved the Justice League from Vandal Savage’s mind control.
  • M’gann was the first one you met. 
  • She flew towards you the minute you walked through the zeta tube with your mentor.
  • You loved her at first sight. 
  • She stopped a few steps from you as if she could sense your attraction towards her. Her face burned completely red at the thought. 
  • You didn’t react, not knowing she read your mind. Smiling like a idiot, you greeted her with a sparkle in your eye.
  • “I’m (Y/N). Who are you?”
  • “…I’m M’gann.”
  • “Pretty name for a pretty face.”
  • M’gann just blushed before flying out of the room, sending you an embarrassed smile as she went.
  • The other team members liked you, and you found yourself fitting in.
  • However, you noticed M’gann avoided you after the first day.
  • It hurt your feelings, but you decided to not let it distract you.  
  • You didn’t interact with M’gann again until one day when you were trying to place a fallen bird nest back into a tree.
  • Halfway up the tree, the branch you stood on broke and you found yourself falling towards the ground with the fraglie nest following you.
  • But suddenly, you were floating. 
  • You glanced around only to see M’gann standing nearby, holding you and the nest with her telekinesis.
  • “You should be more careful, (Y/N).”
  • “Sorry, I was trying to get the nest back into the tree.”
  • She glanced up at the tree before floating the nest to rest it back onto the proper branch. You found yourself floating to the ground as she blushed at you.
  • You both stared at each other, not knowing what to say until an idea popped into your head.
  • “Hey, so I was going to get some ice cream since Wally ate it all, do you want to come?”
  • “Sure, that would be lovely.”
  • That was how you started dating.
  • One of the things you learned about M’gann was that she wanted to follow a very traditional form of dating.
  • You theorized it was because of all the old TV shows she watched.
  • For one thing, M’gann always wanted you to pick her up at her room before you went out. 
  • Usually, you bring flowers too, because you love to see how flattered she was when she saw them. 
  • There would be times where she would pick you up at your door with flowers in hand instead just to surprise you.
  • Following the line of traditional dating, you both would always walk each other back to your rooms depending who had picked up who. 
  • During the first few months of your relationship, the dates would end there.
  • But once you both had reached that point, the dates would continue in the bedroom.
  • One of your favorite things is to introduce M’gann to aspects of Earth culture.
  • You started out with easy things like taking her to Disneyland or to the Spam museum.
  • Once you were more comfortable, you started introducing more racy things.
  • For example, you took M’gann to a rave.
  • While this may not be a thing you would want to do, you felt like you and M’gann should experience it at least once.
  • M’gann was stunned by all the colored lights and the music.
  • “What is this place? Is it some kind of party?”
  • “It’s a rave.” You receive a blank look. “It’s like a big dance party.”
  • “Oooo…”
  • You and M’gann had the time of your lives, dancing the night away. 
  • Afterwards, you both sneaked back into cave with ringing ears and smiles on your faces.
  • “Can we do that again?”
  • “Everyday if you want to.”
  • You shared a kiss before you both entered your bedroom.
  • Missions were fun.
  • You would send her teasing thoughts through your private mental link that M’gann established when the rest of the team complained that you two were flirting too much.
  • Her face would blush so red, the rest of the team thought she was sick. Oh, how wrong they were.
  • That being said, you were protective of each other when you were on missions. 
  • Not to the extent of not letting the other do their job, but you just looked out for each other more.
  • For example, one time you and M’gann were fighting Mr. Freeze while the rest of the team took on the rest of the ice villains.
  • M’gann was throwing large rocks at him with her telekinesis, distracting him so you could attack him from behind. 
  • You crept up behind him, and ready to attack when suddenly Mr. Freeze turned and raised his freeze gun at you. Just when he was about to fire, a piece of metal floated in front of you, taking the blast.
  • M’gann’s voice sounded in your head through your private mental link.. 
  • “Are you alright, (Y/N)?”
  • “Never better. Thanks Babe.”
  • You could feel her blush through the mental link as you cracked Mr. Freeze’s helmet, disabling him. 
  • Mr. Freeze fell to the ground, allowing you and M’gann to look at each other. Your eyes met with relief at seeing the other safe. 
  • However, unnoticed by M’gann, Captain Cold creeped up behind her with his gun ready to fire.  
  • Going by instinct alone, you grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it passed M’gann and into the barrel of Captain Cold’s gun.
  • It exploded, freezing Captain Cold’s hands.
  • M’gann was stunned, but a smile broke out on her face.
  • “Thanks Babe.”
  • “It was my pleasure.”
  • You didn’t see M’gann’s true form until you had dated for over a year. It wasn’t because you weren’t willing and accepting, but because M’gann wasn't’ ready for it.
  • She feared your rejection more than anything else.
  • However, when she finally found the courage to show you, you loved her even more.
  • You thought she was beautiful. 
  • M’gann kissed you right then and there, and you realized that you would be together for a very long time.
Umm... Okay?

~Prompt: becommissar caught being cute after Worlds & the teams are confused (this prompt was not submitted to me)

Chloe had to be drunk. Or maybe they were drunk. Yep. Beca and Kommissar had to be drunk. Chloe had noticed Kommissar leave the after party. Beca had left too, not in the mood for people which was typical Beca. Chloe also knew that both of them had been completely sober when they left. Chloe herself had quite a bit to drink so she was convinced that she had more than she thought and now she was hallucinating. That had to be it. There was no other way to explain it.

Everyone had left about midnight just because of morning flights. DSM was for the most part sober, Pieter hadn’t touched a drink surprisingly. Stacie was extremely drunk but even she snapped out of her gaze that awaited them when the elevator doors opened. It had been an already awkward ride up the elevator, both groups respecting but not really in the mood for chatting. It was when they stepped out all together that things got awkward.

Kommissar was laughing wildly, freely, childishly. She was holding something above her head, waving it around like a flag. She sprinted past the elevators, being in the middle of a three way point. The hallways broke off right, left, and down the center. Kommissar came from the hallway Beca had been staying at, running down the left hallway toward her room. Beca followed after her moments later. Whining.

“Kommissar! Give it back!”

The blonde just laughed and stopped a little ways down the hallway. Holding it to her full height. “You vant it? Come get it.”

The brunette glared at her. Jumping up but missing the object by a mile. Chloe then realized it was a phone. Kommissar had somehow managed to steal Beca’s phone. No wonder she hadn’t been texting her back. Kommissar looked amusedly down at Beca, smiling in a teasing way.

“Tiny maus struggling?”

Beca rolled her eyes before a mischievous look took her and she jumped onto Kommissar. Her legs wrapped around the blondes waist and one arm wrapped around her torso as she reached for the phone. Kommissar laughed still not moving as Beca still struggled to reach it. Everyone was openly staring at the two. No one except Pieter from DSM had ever seen their leader so… free. She looked careless and happy which were two emotions no one but Pieter had ever witnessed. The Bellas had never seen Beca as a child. Although she somewhat looked like one as she literally climbed Kommissar.

Pieter, being the only one not completely startled, moved toward the two. “Vhat are you doing?”

Kommissar rolled her eyes. “She took pictures of me while I was sleeping!”

The response was just stupid enough for all of the Bellas to laugh. DSM being too terrified of what the blonde might do to them if they so much as chuckled. Cold blue eyes narrowed on the group and she shook off Beca, who fell rather ungracefully to her ass, as Kommissar began moving toward the group, anger and confidence replacing her light mood.

All the Bellas cowered in fear until Beca tackled the blonde, both of them falling to the floor. This made Kommissar’s composure break, the German immediately falling back into giggles as Beca scrambled to take back her phone, making sure she hadn’t deleted the pictures. Beca smiled when she found the pictures again. Kommissar not actually caring about it.

Beca took another picture of the blonde laughing on the floor. Her blonde hair fanned around her like a halo and her blue eyes as light as the sky. Kommissar had on a oversized grey sweater, grey not black for once, and shorts that were covered by the sweater. Kommissar shoved Beca’s phone playfully as the brunette continued to take pictures of her.

“Stop!” Kommissar whined. Hiding her face behind her arms.

“You are so cute!” Beca cooed, both of them still ignoring the large group of people. Pieter, having seen that this would take a while, had resigned to playing on his phone.

“I am not cute I am fierce and mean.” The way Kommissar said it was more of a six year old thing but then the taller woman was up and moving and she was spamming Beca’s phone with selfies as she ran down the hallway toward Beca’s room.

“Kommissar!!” Beca shrieked, chasing after her.

“Should we… I don’t… Where is Beca?” Cynthia asks. “That is not Beca.”

Chloe nods slowly. “I think… Beca totally has a crush.”

“Well… Lesbihonest.” Fat Amy sighs. “I didn’t expect the DSM lady though. She is probably drunk.”

Kommissar runs by them again, still taking selfies and Beca comes to a stop in front of the giant group. She leans over, trying to catch her breath.

“Dam long legs.” She mutters.

“Is Kommissar drunk?” Fat Amy asks, tapping Beca’s shoulder.

“No. You see when I came back she was sitting in the little lounge area in the lobby and she had candy. I walked over and asked why she wasn’t at the party. She said that she got bored and saw me leave and decided to follow me back to the hotel but I apparently took the long route and she ended up here before me. After that we basically talked for a bit and I found out that she has a sweet tooth and then she passed out in my room and I was taking pictures of her cause shes so adorable when she sleeps and her mouth is slightly agape and she is sorta frowning but not really and she-”

“Okay okay.” Chloe cuts off Beca’s rambling. “And after that she…”

“Oh!” Beca smiles sheepishly at getting caught up in Kommissar’s looks. “She woke up, caught me, stole my phone and well… This is it.”

“Do you really need your phone?” Fat Amy asks. “We are ready to go to bed if you two are done being four year olds.”

Beca grins. “Thats okay. Shes going to want to come find me when she realizes I stole one of her shirts when she took off running.”

All the Bellas simultaneously look at the hyped up blonde, giggling and speaking in rapid German to a slightly amused Pieter, the group following their leaders as they make a retreat to their rooms. Kommissar is typing on Beca’s phone as she closes the door behind her and Pieter.

Chloe’s phone vibrates in her pocket. “I know tiny maus has my shirt. I think it looks cute on her so she can keep it. Just know that she doesn’t get her phone back either.” Chloe reads out loud.

Beca rolls her eyes but her voice is affectionate as she says, “What a tease.”

OOC Guard Dispatcher Channel Rules

Considering we’ve had a few instances to where Dispatcher (/join GuardDispatcher) has dissolved into mindless bantering, let this be a refresher on the rules for the Dispatcher Channel.

1] It is for official calls to the Stormwind City Guard, and the Stormwind City Guard only.  It’s not to be used to yell at each other, it’s not to be used as a social channel, it’s not to be used as your personal dating service.  It clogs chat windows and drowns out roleplay if it’s continuously spammed.  Understand that not everyone has the luxury of running multiple tabs on their computer, be it for whatever reason.  We reserve the right to remove someone causing repeated and extensive issues.  ICly it’s explained as a signal scramble.  OOCly it’s a kick.  If you come into the Dispatcher again, and begin causing issue once more, you will be banned.

2] If you are found to be using the Guard Dispatch channel for sinister purposes, such as harassing the Guard, trolling the Guard, causing problems during incidents, trolling an incident in progress, you will be banned from the channel upon screenshots being provided that your behavior has been less than acceptable, and you are using it to disrupt roleplay and disrespect your fellow roleplayers.  We reserve the right to remove someone causing repeated and extensive issues.  

3] The Guard Dispatcher is required to follow ALL rules of TOS.  If you post something sexually explicit, if you post something extensively gory, if you subject someone to something of vivid detail that can be considered explicit, mature content, or sexual in nature, you will be politely asked to refrain from using such speech in the dispatcher.  If you do not comply to officers or the GM of the guard’s request, you will be removed.   We reserve the right to remove someone causing repeated and extensive issues.  

This is not a Blizzard controlled channel.  This is player created.  We reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason if the guild officers feel that they will be causing a disruption.  Whether it is because they are on the Guild’s Blacklist, or they are using it for less-than-reputable means.   All we ask is that you respect the Guild, respect the RPers utilizing the chat channel, and use it for its intended purpose.

Thank you.

~SWCG Officer Corps

heads up, I’m going to be at my first ever conference from august 7th to ~ august 15th. Possibly limited access to a computer. 

I’m tagging everyone I currently have a thread with on this account so I can ask you all at once are you okay with receiving mobile, unformatted/unsized/etc replies from me? if you are LIKE this and I’ll continue to reply like normal. And hope you can cut our threads for us *bats eyelashes*


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with the time actually winding down im considering just hoarding the flags. 

if things continue as they’ve been then we’re pretty much a lock to win, whereas if we spam the flags, it could trigger a multiplier with enough bonus for them to actually pass us for once. of course that assumes that the multipliers they’ve been using this entire time haven’t been the full 7.5x bonus.

I think what’s frustrating about Callout Culture discussions is that if you haven’t seen how it really goes down, it seems legit.

Who would want to see a young child run off because they don’t fully understand a concept but are making an attempt?

But that doesn’t happen. People are maliciously cruel and given a free pass all the time for it. Callout culture isn’t someone accidentally saying shit like ‘racist against gays’ and everyone grabbing their pitchforks. Shit like that doesn’t actually happen.

They’re not harassed or attacked for it. Most people will go ‘oh that’s their opinion’ and let it go.

You know who does get ran off, though? Black teens who get racial slurs and death threats spammed in their inboxes. Trans teens who get threatened with doxxing. Young girls who 'set the bar too low’.

And you know who goes on and on about Callout culture? Grown adults who are mad that after they’ve done something abusive, someone responded publicly instead of messaging them privately about it, even when it’s been the millionth time it’s been done.

Because they aren’t concerned about attack packs, or whatever. They just want to be able to continue their abuse without it being publicly acknowledged, because once it’s been publicly acknowledged, they’re expected to stop. They can’t hide behind 'I didn’t know’ any more.

And I get that people don’t realize this, because when you see these seemingly academic posts about Callout culture, you don’t see the self-righteous tags or the implied 'I’m the victim here’ from people who feel that nobody should ever criticize them for the horrible things they say.

You don’t see that the posts are being made by people who are using criticisms of 'Callout culture’ to silence black people who are tired of their racism. You don’t see that 'Callout culture’ is being used to silence trans people who are tired of transphobia. You don’t see that it’s being used to silence disabled people about ableism.

There’s a context here that is being very deliberately left out, and that’s so abusers can hide behind social justice rhetoric.

Don’t let them.

Amnesia; Part Two

–> Part One <–

Part two was HIGHLY requested, probably more than anything I’ve ever written.. To avoid spam I won’t be posting all the asks sent to me but thank you to everyone who sent one in with kind messages about part one!!  With all that being said I never had intentions of continuing this so I hope what I’ve written is alright :) 

Word Count: 6,227 (’omg I wouldn’t even know what to write’ - Me sounding like an idiot 6,227 words later)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Once Lucas disappears down the fire escape Riley is left with a heavy feeling on her heart. Before she has anytime to think Maya crawls through the window. 

“Hey Riles, is everything alright?” She gets to her feet, “You ran off the subway so quickly…Do you want to talk?” 

“Does my ‘it gets overwhelming’ excuse suffice?” Riley lets out a deflated laugh. 

“I passed Lucas on the way up here and seemed a little down,” Maya sits with Riley on her bed, “Everything okay between you two?” 

“We broke up,” Riley admits. 

“Honey,” Maya’s face drops, “Are you alright?” 

“It’s the weirdest thing, Maya,” Riley coaxes her head as she speaks, “I can’t even remember being his girlfriend but I feel like I’ve lost something important.” 

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Your update is clunky and makes it a lot harder to read, photos look terrible with only OP commentary: see below

I’m now confusing who the original source for photos are unless the source: URL’s match (which source does not always show)

This linear look and trying to make Tumblr seem more like a “mobile” site is ruining basic functions and making it difficult for your users to adjust to continuous changes

Posts now take up more room on the dashboard, and what would once be 5 seconds of scrolling are now 10 seconds for a simple text post

not being able to cut reblogs unless it’s all or none of it is going to remove the purpose of having reblogs in the first place

a cluster of spam on one text post talking about an event is going to be even more confusing to read, and people are going to have to go to other people blogs to reblog versions of the post with less commentary on it to take up less room

Being on this website now takes x2 as much work to make sure people aren’t cluttering their followers dashboards

You just wrecked the entire point of having “blockquotes”

<PRE> doesn’t work anymore with reblogs

Your update is ugly, hard to use, and a clutter and you need to actually listen to your userbase and give them actual replies rather than saying you’re going to listen and then not doing it

Either remove the update or give people the option on whether they want to use it or not

You’re making this website slowly unfunctionable without the use of 3rd party programs, and that’s not very professional

  • make the tostones

  • break up the tostones once they’re done

  • mash the chopped garlic (cook the garlic for a minute to soften it) with olive oil (2 tablespoons) in the pilon

  • start throwing the broken up tostone pieces into the pilon, mash it, put the cheese in, mash, add a bit more olive oil, continue to mash until its thoroughly mixed together. remove it from pilon and on to a plate where you can cup it with a cup or spoon depending on your preferred look. I did mine with the spoon.

/enjoys ma lemonade with cheesy mofongo and spam~

I feel really bad for continually spamming my tumblr with long text posts but in record time, I feel the need to vent once more. I apologize and feel embarrassed for typing something so long again, but I would rather address the issue than allow my frustrations to stew. Um feel free to ignore or unfollow or whatever.

Anyway, if it wasn’t already obvious from a past passive post on the issue (I thought that would relieve my stress but it did not.), the concern I have is with a particular post that makes the overarching claim that writing fanfiction is racist, dehumanizing, and a form of fetishizing idols. I won’t link the original post and tumblr because again, I don’t want to bring even more attention to this person – who has frankly used every rebuke as an opportunity to bully others either herself or with her followers. Besides being a gross overgeneralization, the problem I had with the post (and the thing that made me tick beyond no return) is the appeal to authority, an incredible fallacy that as a queer East Asian, there was somehow the right to be a voice for East Asians in general. Not only has this appeal to authority been used to automatically dismiss every reasoned and dissenting opinion, it also disregards a whole population of East Asians themselves – those who participate in the very fandom activities that this tumblr user is denigrating. In a misguided attempt to “protect” the dignity of a population, she has simultaneously outcast a large population of them.

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