and the sound that came out of it

BTS Reaction - trapped in an elevator (smutty)


The elevator stopped and he knew it was time for sex.


As you were going up to your hotel room, making out heavily while your body was pressed against the cold metal of the elevator, a sudden flicker of the light signalled Namjoon that something was wrong. And as the elevator stopped midway, a voice telling you that they had problems with the electric he knew that he wouldn’t wait for you to get to your shared room to fuck.

“On your knees, princess. I won’t stop here because of that small incident”, he’d command, pushing you down on the floor. “We get that mouth busy as long as we’re trapped, don’t we?”

Just as he said that you began to suck, the time flying until he panted, gripping your hair while the elevator’s doors remained closed, his release getting closer..


Jin and you were on your first date, deciding it was time to get back up to your room to spice things up. The date went average, but you two had agreed on at least hooking up nonetheless how it went up until now. But as he stared at you with his oh so pink lips pursed in a faint smile, the booth shook, lights flickering. The elevator stopped.

“Fuck, why now?”, he heard you saying, your lips being gnawed on.

Looking desperately down his crotch, his member already hard, Jin turned around to suggest something exciting that would heat up the atmosphere. But as he did, he was met by your tasty lips attaching to his, your hands eagerly grabbing his shirt.

“Now, I like the date”, he’d mumble against your lips, taking you in his arms.


You two were in a heated argument about a thing that happened during his practice as the elevator made strange noises, your faces close, raging at each other for a while now. Hoseok and you looked up, hearing a voice that declared that they needed time to fix the elevator.

“Now that?”, Hoseok sighed loudly, leaning against the closed door. “So wanna shout at me more? You have the chance, y/n. Better say how the girl had fl-”

He couldn’t even end the words as you threw yourself at him, your hands flying over his crotch where his dick started to inflate at the sudden lust that flooded the booth. “Angry sex?”, he asked and as you nodded, he was above you, pressing you down the cold floor. “That’s how arguments should end, huh? That’s what I want, baby..”


Yoongi was back in town after tour, asking you out on a fancy date with an expensive dinner in a hotel where he had reserved a suit for you to spend some private time in. His hands were already roaming the back of your dress, his fingers grazing your round ass over the tightly clinging fabric you wore as the damned elevator stopped midway, his erection already lining his suit pants.

Cursing he used the tissue of his suit’s jacket to cover the camera, turning your way. “Turn around, babydoll. I can’t wait any longer.”

And as you did, he slapped your ass, positioning your hands on the metal while nibbling on your bare neck. Without warning he had pulled up your dress and down your thong, inhaling sharply.

“Excited already?”

Yoongi never thought that a quickie in an elevator could be that good as he entered you harshly, his hand in your hair..


The metal doors closed, his bulge straining the pants he wore, but he had a strange feeling as it creaked loudly. But he didn’t care, his hands on your waist already.

“Why are you teasing me so much today, princess”, Jimin whispered into the empty elevator. “First, stroking me in front of them, then whisperi-”

The elevator stopped. Now? Really?

Rolling his eyes Jimin let his head fall into his neck. “Why now of all times?”

“Don’t worry, baby boy”, you’d say, grinning at him before pushing his lean body against the metal walls in his back. “I’ll take care of what I started.”

Biting his bottom lip he enjoyed the lips of his teasing, but cute girl wandering down his neck..


“I can’t wait to eat you out, jagi”, Taehyung whispered in your ear as the two men left the elevator that went up to the room he had rented for the night. “What a shame the ride doesn’t last longer.”

As the last word left his reddened lips the lift came to a halt with a rumbling sound. A female voice saying that they needed time to find the problem. But you two couldn’t care less, Tae already on his knees pulling you closer against his smugly smirking face.

“My prayers were heard.”

His large hands got rid of your panties, throwing them aside whereas his teeth grazed your soft flesh beneath your legs, making you shudder. Growling in arousal his tongue got you going, moaning like hell while being trapped in an elevator and Tae’s pretty hands..


Jungkook and you threw each other suggestive looks while stroking each other in the corner of the full elevator, the thrill of being caught fuelling the boy’s arousal even more. Five more floors until he could finally throw you on his bed..and then it happened. The masses storming out, the doors closing, a floor stopped.

“Shit”, was all he was able to say, trying to open the doors. “We’re trapped, baby. Damn..”

Instead of answering you tapped on his muscular back, wiggling your eyebrows with a grin and then he knew what to do. His strong arms lifted you up, pressing you against the closed doors with your legs wrapped around his body. And in no time you were a panting mess, his member buried inside you while you felt the coldness of the elevator’s walls in your back..

TITLE — good morning.
WARNINGS — explicit sexual content and some swearing.
WORD COUNT — 2,359 words.
AUTHOR’S NOTE — this is mostly smut and a little fluff so please read at your own discretion. i usually don’t write smut but this came to me one day and for some reason, i just had to write it. this is my first shawn mendes fic ever and i had a lot of fun writing this so i hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading !

Rousing from sleep, my arm is quick to stretch out across the expense of bed to feel Shawn’s soft and warm skin. However, cold emptiness greets me, his side of the bed vacant. The sound of running water sinks in and the melodious voice that goes with it brings a sense of calm over me. At ease, I rest a little longer, sleep pulling me back into a light slumber.

I awake about fifteen minutes later—though it feels more like three hours—and sit up in bed. Reaching over for my silk robe (a gift from Shawn), I put it on and tie the sash loosely around me. I am bare underneath safe for my underwear. Just as my feet hit the floor, the adjoining bathroom door swings open, revealing a wet-haired Shawn Mendes with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Morning princess,” his eyes light up at the sight of me. “Slept well?”

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YOU'RE AMAZING pls do "e" i would love to read angsty bughead

e - “ever wondered what it would be like if you stayed?”
It was all the same, every last hallway and classroom. From the rusted water fountains to the graffitied hallways, Southside High hadn’t changed one bit, the only difference?

Jughead Jones was now 26 years old and he hadn’t been back to Riverdale since he had run from it eight years ago. the mere feel of linoleum under his feet was enough to send him into a fit of shudders, and the sound of his boots echoed through the empty hallways. He was back, he was back and it was just as terrifying as it had been when he left.

He made it to his locker, fingers tracing the permanently etched three pointed crown he had engraved so many years ago. This had been his school, his second home, for two years of his life. Lunch in the divided cafeteria, the row of lockers he had been jumped at, the hallways he and Toni had walked when she told him she was in love with Cheryl Blossom, Dances in the run down gym. It had been such a significant piece of his youth and he was back.

“Jughead Jones, isn’t this something else?”

He stiffened, his back rigid and his eyes forward as he kept his back turned. He knew that voice, could point that voice out of the largest crowds, that voice he still heard every night before he went to sleep, he turned slowly, hands shaking.

“Betty Cooper.” He whispered.

She was leaning against a row of lockers a dangerous smirk on her lips. She had grown up exactly the way Jughead had been imagining for so many years, her perfectly curvy body was wrapped in a pair of skin tight jeans and a tight blue t shirt, her honey blonde hair was long now, no longer confined to the air tight ponytail she had worn everyday of her teenage years it was left loose and wavy spilling over her shoulders. there was a peacefulness to her eyes, a resolution that only came with age.

“I didn’t know you were in town.” She spoke, shaking him out of his blatant ogling.

He looked up into those sparkling green eyes he remembered, she was just as perfect as the day he left.

“I just got in, I didn’t…” he cleared his throat “I didn’t know you were still in Riverdale.”

Betty laughed, one of his favorite sounds

“Sure am, I’m the English teacher here at Southside High. Going on four years now, rumor around the mill is that I’m a shoe in for teacher of the year.” She rolled her eyes playfully before something caught her attention behind Jugheads shoulder “Excuse me just one minute.” She pushed past him and walked towards the end of the hallway quickly successfully cornering a young boy in a ripped t shirt.


“Hey Ms. Cooper, what are you still doing here?” He smiled a nervous grin, he was handsome Jughead could tell from his place a few feet away, charmingly handsome.

“I’m grading your test which you passed with flying colors. Go home Noah, go home to your mother, to your sister.” She was at eye level with the young man and his shoulders instantly deflated.

“Ms. coop..” he whispered

“I know, Noah,just go home. It’s the only way, I want you in my office during lunch tomorrow and right after school. I’ll give you a ride home, if they ask you say “Mrs.Coopers gonna fail me if I don’t show up.” With a ruffle of his light brown hair the boy nodded quickly and headed off towards the exit doors. Betty made her way back to Jughead a tired kind of tilt to her smile.

“That’s Noah Grey, his father left them and the Serpents have been trying to Recruit him. He doesn’t want too but… I can see them pulling harder and harder…” Betty’s eyes fell to the exit door where the young boy had just walked out of

“You really work here? You work on the Southside?” Jughead questioned although he already knew the answer, of course she did. Betty Cooper went where she was needed and the Southside definitely needed Betty Cooper.

“Why don’t you come into my office, I’m closing up anyway I got stuck late grading some papers.” She began walking towards his old chemistry lab, it was silent for a moment before she spoke “I read your book. It was great, I especially loved the girl next door who the author was “desperately in love with” she snorted, a bitter scoff accompanying her words.

It felt like a punch to the chest, she didn’t believe the words he wrote, the things he had never been able to tell her he had written on the pages. She thought he never loved her.

“Thankyou, I… it’s true. All of it.”

Betty simply hummed, opening the door to her classroom, it was neat and organized but there were photos everywhere, her and students, students on field trips, Jugheads eyes landed on a framed photo on her desk, she was holding a baby and smiling, she looked exhausted.

“That’s yours?” Jughead questioned, his fingers curling around the frame as he tried to pick out Betty’s features on the little baby boy.

Betty glanced up from organizing her paperwork

“The baby? No, no that’s Parker. That’s Veronica and Archie’s baby. He turns three months next week. That birth was a tough one, we stayed up for 23 hours straight. We were all exhausted. He’s my god son. They…they named him after you, Parker Forsythe Andrews. He’s a doll.”

Another shot to the chest as he stared down at the photograph, tears pricking the corners of his eyes. He felt her presence, the unique scent of honey and peaches that he had tasted on her skin his entire childhood.

He cleared his throat as he glanced at her, she was propped up on a school desk staring at him.”so uh no kids for Betty Cooper, no husband.”

Betty snorted
“No, no not me. I’m way too busy.

Busy, he knew all too well, was just another word for damaged.

He nodded slowly
“Me too.” He whispered, a lump in his throat

It was quiet for what felt like hours before Betty broke the silence.
“Ever wonder what it would be like if you stayed?”

Jughead walked towards her, his eyes connected to hers

“Every day of my life.”

She squeezed her eyes shut,
“But You didn’t, you left. Left me. You didn’t call, you didn’t write. You didn’t tell me. I hated you Jughead Jones, I hated you so much.” When she opened her eyes they were flooded with tears, enough to drown Jugheads already sinking heart.

“I know, you have every right too, but I want you to know. I never stopped loving you. I wanted to stay, I wanted you to come with me. They wanted me to take over the Serpents they said they would kill me if I tried to leave the gang, I couldn’t become my father. Every day, every year that went by, I missed you. I’ve never been with anyone else because it will always be you. I don’t expect you to want me but I want you to know that I love you. I am still so in love with you.” He whispereD, his voice breaking as he stared at her flowing tears, breaking into her deep blue t shirt.

She got off of the desk, her feet hitting the floor as she began walking towards him, her eyes set on his

And then, almost in a dream, her lips were on his. It wasn’t crazy or passionate or fast and sexy. It was slow and uncertain, but familiar and warm. The kind of kiss you give a lover before you take them to bed, the kind you hold on to, It was safe, it was comfortable

It was home.

whatevs im going to bed so heres the beginning of a fic im calling “taako just wants a glass of water but everyone is getting too real”

this is entirely unedited and im dead ass tired but couldnt get my brain to stop writing this fic in my head lol


Taako woke up in a cold sweat. Another nightmare. His sleep had gotten drastically less traumatic since his sister came back, and being next to Kravitz meant it was even easier to sleep soundly. Unfortunately, neither of these things were foolproof. He remained still for a few moments, trying to figure out if he’d done anything in his sleep to wake Kravitz up, but the soft snoring sounds emanating from him were enough of a sign for Taako. Seeing his spectacularly dead boyfriend so readily falling into the habits of the living always humored him, but this time, to see Kravitz sleep so soundly, to see him so vulnerable and so close… it hurt.

It was one of his usual dreams, one that forced him to relive parts of his life that he would choose to forget, if he could. A name, one that filled his mind with anger and his heart with sorrow, escaped his mouth. Sazed.

He carefully wriggled out of his boyfriend’s arms and sat up on the side of their bed, taking note of his pounding headache and dry as fuck mouth for a moment, then got up and exited their bedroom. Taako could see perfectly fine in the dark, but still stumbled a bit as he walked, a bit disoriented and still very tired. Easily noticeable from the hallway was a light that was still on in the living room. Eager to find out which nerd was also up at this ridiculous hour, he followed it around the corner and found Barry sitting on the couch, completely engulfed in some creepy looking book.

It was too good to pass up.

“MAGNUS!” Taako yelled, forgetting that it was four in the morning and three of his other family members were fast asleep in their bedrooms. It was worth it - Angus and Lup will understand, and Kravitz doesn’t fucking need to sleep anyways.

Barry jumped and accidentally tossed his nerd book onto the floor, losing the page he was on. He quickly turned around to find the source of his terror, who was currently doubled over in laughter. After taking a moment to catch his breath, he picked up the book that had fallen onto the floor, straightened out his shirt, and sighed. “Hi Taako.”

“Sup Barold. I’m not sorry, but I had to, my man. Surely you understand.” The elf rubbed tears of both laughter and tiredness from his eyes and took a seat on the couch, patting it. “Why are you up so fucking late anyways?”

“I’m a reaper and a lich and I think you’ve spent enough time with me to know that I hardly sleep,” Barry said, monotonously, flipping through his book to try and find the page he had left off on. “And I should be asking you the same thing!”

Taako hummed, starting to feel an ounce of regret for scaring the shit out of his brother in law. “Y’know. The usual.”

Barry closed the book and looked up at Taako, frowning. “Nightmare?”


A few moments of silence passed between them before Barry spoke again. “Anything I can do?”

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Harry being the first person to eat you out and him hearing you moan for the first time👅👅

Your eyes were closed, a small smile creeping onto your face as Harry kissed over your torso.

“You’re so quiet, love. Can’t get a sound outta yeh.” Harry laughed, his face now hovering yours.

“Guess your kisses don’t phase me.” You teased, your fingers running through the hair at the nape of his neck. He raised his eyebrows, a look of determination now on his face.

“Is that so? We’ve only been together two weeks, Y/N. Don’t know all I can do yet,” He smirked at you, a devilish look in his eyes. “Bet I could make you scream if I kissed yeh somewhere else.” His fingers looped into your leggings, pulling them down slowly as his body traveled down onto his knees.

You tensed slightly- not that you weren’t comfortable with Harry. You weren’t a virgin, but nobody had ever eaten you out.

“Let me make yeh feel good, pet. Relax.”

Before you could respond, Harry’s lips were wrapped around your clit, his tongue tracing random patterns onto the bud. Your back arched upwards, a breathy, inaudible moan escaping your lips.

“Feels good? Gettin’ there?” He continued his tongue on you, running it up and down your slit, slightly dipping it in as he pressed kisses up the lips. His mouth moved to your inner thighs, a hand reaching up to tease you. He slipped a finger in, immediately returning his mouth to your sensitive clit.

You were holding back. You didn’t want to give in so easily. But as you felt the fire in your stomach grow unbearable, your legs shaking, hands grasping at anything you could get a hold of, you finally let go.

“Fuck, Harry,” you moaned out loudly and slowly, your mouth falling open and your eyebrows furrowed. Harry smirked against your heat, a mumble escaping his mouth.

“There it is. Sound so good, love.”

You kept moaning loudly, sure the neighbors could hear. When you came down from your high, Harry was stroking the tops of your thighs, his grin big and goofy.

“Yeh look so pretty when I’m in between your legs, pet.”

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Hi Shay! Thanks for the prompt, hope you enjoy :)

#33: Call on line 1.

“Steven, call on line 1.”

Steve tried not to groan too hard when he heard Flo. It had been only a month since he started an apprenticeship at the police station, but he was already starting to feel at home. The work was interesting, he quickly developed a good rapport with the other cops and Flo treated him better than his own grandma ever had.

The problem was the little twerps and their newfound love of prank calls. He’d already gotten several calls just that afternoon about running refrigerators and various Amandas, all sounding like Dustin or Max trying to disguise their voices. They needed to leave him alone - he had work to do!

He snarled into the phone, “Are you calling about Prince Albert? Well, I already let him out, you dickhead.”

“Is that really the way you’re answering the phone, Harrington?” came Hopper’s gruff voice.

Steve sputtered as he tried to think of an excuse. Oh, he was gonna murder Henderson later.

BTS Mini Concert AKA One Of The Best Nights Ever

So I had time to process what the hell just happened last night, and now I can talk about it without crying and freaking out. So last night, I went with some friends to the BTS Jimmy Kimmel mini concert, and holy fuck was it amazing! Before I talk about last night, I want to talk about the stuff that led up to it.

      So I woke up early and checked the group chat that I started after the Wings concert in April, and one of my friends said that they are going to release tickets for the concert super soon. I registered as quickly as I could and got on the wait list. About 30 minutes later, my friends said that they got the email saying that they got tickets and I quickly checked my email, crossing my fingers in hopes that I got a ticket too. I looked in my inbox and saw the email that said that I got in. I printed out my ticket and the countdown began.

        I got up at about 7am yesterday but my alarm was set to go off at 8:30, but I was too excited to sleep in so I started getting ready at 7:30. My ride came at noon, and we made it to LA at around 1:30 and we met my other friends. After standing in line for a few hours, talking to other people and singing along with the guys when we heard/saw them go through sound check, they finally let us inside. During Wings I was in P3 so I wasn’t so close that I could almost see their pores, but this time I was and I was hyped. When it was time for the guys to come out, everyone started to push and I was yelling at the top of my lungs to stop pushing and I almost fell and I was two seconds away from punching people in the face.

      The boys…oh my god they were GLOWING!! My boy Hoseok I mean Jay looked so fucking good and he was so sinful and he was on point and he looked so hot and I swear he made me pregnant when he did that smirk. You know, the one where he knows he’s hot as fuck and he knows that he makes panties drop. Anyway, they started off their set with Mic Drop and it was the remix, and I loved what I heard so far. The beat drop was sick, and the chorus  was amazing and I was shook that they sang it in English. The other songs that they performed were Go Go, BST, I Need U, Save Me and Fire. It took me back to seeing them in April and afterwards, my friend and I almost started crying because it took us back to that moment.

    After the concert, my two new friends and I headed to Koreatown to go to Ahgassi Gopchang which is the same kbbq place that BTS goes to when they are in town. It was my first time having kbbq and holy fuck was this place good. I would have to say that my favorite dishes (besides the meat of course) was the kimchi stew and the cheese mountain fried rice which also had tripe in it and I actually like tripe now. I didn’t think I would like it because I know what tripe is, but I think it might be one of my new favorite foods. After our meal we walked to the car and was about to leave when a black suv pulled up. We got nervous and we didn’t want to get our hopes up, but we hoped it was the guys. Sadly it wasn’t, so we went home while jamming out to BTS and talking about them and just being the BTS trash that we were.

    As some of you know, November is a very hard month for me because I lost both my mom and one of my best friends during this month and seeing the boys who has helped me through some hard times in my life was the best way to end the year. I can’t wait for them to come back here during their next world tour, and I’m still holding on to the dream of me meeting them and telling them how much they and their music means to me, and how much I love them. Thanks BTS for another unforgettable night.

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Who is your style icon?

I was once on the roof of Hotel Lungarno in Florence. They have a nice bar up there that looks out over the Ponte Vecchio. (At the risk of sounding like one of your mom’s snobbish friends, you must go next time you’re in Florence.) Anyway I was up there drinking with my wife and a group of Chinese tourists came and sat down. There were two men and two women. One of the men, clearly the “leader,” was draped in every conspicuous luxury brand you can imagine. He looked like he’d just stepped off a Swizz Beatz video shoot – Louis Vuitton this, Gucci that, Goyard err’thang. The two women, clearly his companions, were equally as excessive in their tastes, though did a much better job of pulling it off, as women are known to do.

The fourth member of their party was a middle-aged man in an impeccably tailored, slightly-darker-than-slate grey flannel with chalk stripes, double-breasted suit. Judging by the shoulders and silhouette it was clearly Neapolitan and most certainly bespoke. It was paired with a crisp-but-not-dry-cleaned white shirt that had a very slight sheen texture – just enough to make it pop against the dense flannel. He wore an Ancient Madder tie in sedate, almost washed out, hues of reds, greens and blues. Topping it all off was a pair of mirror-shined alligator wholecut Oxfords in a deep burgundy.

The get-up was obviously brimming with confidence. That level of sophistication makes for an outfit that can be extremely hard to wear. Any rich guy can assemble those items together, but it was the ease with which he wore the suit that really caught my attention. He looked like he could go to bed in the outfit and awake just as polished. And having such a tasteful, nonchalant execution back-lit by the modern excesses of fleeting luxury status made it all the more commendable.

It turned out that the man was the escort and translator for the other three. He seamlessly drifted from Chinese to Italian to English with a Formula One degree of precision. He drank Negronis and lit cigarettes that I’m not entirely sure he actually smoked. I was completely enthralled by the coolness of his presence, much to the chagrin of my wife, who by this point was justifiably questioning who I was meant to be there with.

While I’m confident he was a man of means, his ability to couple a sincere investment in wardrobe and personality while “on the clock” will always stick with me. It’s easy to marvel at the celebrities and wealthy playboys whose only real focus is honing a brand. But to be a working man, albeit one whose profession demands a deeper understanding and appreciation of detail, and still carry the room is really something. Something to aspire to.

I stepped in the shop, and slammed the door shut, just plain exhausted from it all - dealing with people who lack basic human decency, dealing with yesterday’s regrets, and tomorrow’s worries.

“Isla, is that you?” Asra called from upstairs. From the sounds of it, he was tinkering with something or other.

“Yes!” I answered with a frog in my throat. I closed my eyes. Deep breath in and out. Stay strong. Asra came downstairs, excited to see me; his eyes were soft and bright - like the stars that I used to see glittering into the sky while a dirt covered me watched from from below.

He saw my expression and his visage changed.

“Are you okay?”

Those words were going to be the demise of me. How could he read me so easily? It was like my sadness and pain was written on my forehead. Was I that bad at hiding my emotions? I swallowed and shoved my emotions back down my throat, turning away from Asra.

“No, nothing.” I said too quickly. I couldn’t look at him.

“Isla…don’t do that.” He embraced me from behind gently. “Don’t pretend you’re okay when you’re clearly not.”

I lost my control. I whirled around and pulled him close, sobbing. My face was in his sweet smelling shirt. His arms wrapped around me, finally breaking the ice cold wall I had miserably failed to put up.

And then, he just held me.

Because I was his, and he was mine. If the entire world was crashing down, it still wouldn’t break him and me.

Trouble On My Tongue (aka, I am going to get someone else in this fandom into Brilex if it kills me)

Summary:  Just some pre-MH era fluff about Brian and Alex in their freshman year of college, hitting it off at a house party. And making out a little bit. 

Notes: @read-me-loud-and-queer here you go

“So, uh, what’s your major?” Alex asked, happy to finally be outside where he could hear himself talk. Inside the bass pulsed as loud as ever, but at least out here they couldn’t feel it rattling the frame of the house.

“Still figuring it out,” Brian said, taking a seat on the front steps, “Honestly I came here more to get away from my mom. School was just the easiest way to get my grandparents to pay for it.”

Alex laughed a little and sat down next to him.

“You sound like someone from my high school.”

“God I hope not.”

Brian took another swig of his beer. Alex raised an eyebrow, but before he could ask what Brian meant by that, Brian continued.

“You?” he asked.

“Uh, did I come here to get away from my parents?”

“No, your major.”

“Oh. Uh, film.”

“Film? This place?”

Read the rest here.

It’s easier to say you’re sorry from the passenger side (A bughead fic)

Read on AO3 

  “It was my idea to call Keller.”

Betty closed her eyes, groaning inwardly at Archie’s words. This was not going to end well.

“What the hell , Archie!”

Betty and Veronica exchanged a look as Jughead pushed his best friend back a step. The girls had never seen him this upset, so they knew getting between them was a bad idea. Instead, they stood back and watched.

Cars flew past them and the sound of sirens came even closer. They really needed to get out of there.

“Guys,-” she started, but it seemed the fight was already over.

Jughead just poked Archie in the chest hard before rushing around the car.Veronica and Archie looked at her expectedly. Betty had come there with V, but she wasn’t leaving with her.

She opened the passenger door of Reggie’s car, pausing only for a moment to give Archie a pleading look when he looked like he was about to protest.

“ Betty ,” Jughead hissed from the driver’s seat. “Out or in, we gotta go. Now .”

She slid into the seat and slammed the door just as he shifted into first and took off, leaving Archie in a cloud of dust. He turned down the road that led to Greendale, wanting to put as many miles between them and the fading sirens as he could.

real talk tho–im tired of ppl hating on laurel when this whole time she has been used a fuckin plot device to further ~the baby bond~ of ppl who either lost a baby or symbolic ppl they saw as children who died. 

laurel and wes’s relationship came out of nowhere, just like his shock value murder. the pregnancy plotline was never even about laurel–its about annalise’s past, its about wes and what she sees as her failings in regards to wes, its even about isaac’s own past. they throw the thing in about laurel’s dad but even that doesn’t make sense. the writers are just trying to tie together, but badly.

the final shot is annalise and the sound of the crying baby. that’s the ‘conclusion’ of this plot and it has nothing to do with laurel. and i get the symbolism of this shot but it comes at the price of laurel being used only the mother of wes’s baby (bc its wes’s baby. thats the only way to tie this back to annalise) rather than laurel the character, who has long since disappeared bc no one knew what to do with her. 

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Can't imagine what that anon was talking about even tho half your posts from the actual thread are still there. Between that thread and you calling out Tiera when she was trying to take gofundme money after her supposed hospital visit I'm starting to think you like starting witch hunts too. Also #Drama tag when? Discourse sounds like you're too afraid to say you're posting drama.

I don’t even know what thread you’re talking about. Considering your first ask came before I even answered that anon and that I honestly don’t even know what “drama” has happened recently on my blog (hell, both asks were sent while I was asleep lol), I’m gonna guess our “anon” was either you or a friend of yours who had me come up in conversation between you two or in some sort of group chat and decided it was time for you both to blow up my inbox.

I’ve stated my thoughts on a “#Drama” tag multiple times on my blog now–including in your previous ask that I answered literally as you sent this one, I’m going to assume because you saw I was online and answering asks and couldn’t stand the thought of me not giving you a response. You’re sending multiple asks to my inbox regarding one piece of long-dead drama I’ve already said my piece about and another mysterious piece of drama that I couldn’t even hazard a guess about, and you’re bitching about how I tag things on my own blog even though I’ve had the courtesy to tag the “drama” as I was requested, but I’m the one who’s into drama and witch hunts, right?


pt 1/?

It was dark, pitch black in the cabin. Hopper stirred slowly and turned to face the clock. 2:24 am. He was about to roll back over and fall back asleep, but he heard something. Faint, but something. He froze and concentrated, losing his grogginess. It came again, a faint whimper from Eleven’s room. Hopper relaxed a little, knowing it was her. He sat up slowly and pulled his body out of bed, still listening, growing more concerned. It happened again, this time louder. And more intelligible. “P-Papa. Don’t. please. I don’t w-want to.” He frowned as he approached her door. It didn’t sound as though anyone were in the room with her, but she was obviously distressed. As much as his gut said to bolt in and protect his little girl, he knew had to be cautious. Just in case. He arrived at the door and silently twisted the knob, taking a breath before cracking it open. There was no one but Eleven. His stomach churned at the sight of her, tears staining her face. She was asleep, but not peaceful. He eyebrows were nitted in a pained expression and she kept muttering and whimpering. He shut the door behind him and sat at the edge of her bed. The duvet had been thrown to the floor and she was shaking. His heart tore a little seeing her with her curls sticking to her forehead like that. He jumped as she grew louder. “Papa. Please Papa- don’t- dont- don’t hurt them- they’re good. Please Papa! Take me. No, Take me!” Hopper, alarmed, squeezed her shoulder to try and wake her. She was a light sleeper and this normally would pull her easily from slumber, but it didn’t. She only grew louder and her voice kept breaking. Panicking, as he normally didn’t, Hopper shook her gently. And then firmly. At this her eyes snapped open, filling immeadialty with fresh tears. She sat up and looked around quickly, scooting back against her headboard and still shouting about Papa. “No! NO! I need to go back, he’s going to hurt them!” Her voice shook. “Kid. El. Eleven!” Hopper said, reaching for her arm. She laid eyes on him and snapped back to reality. Sort of. She leapt forward so fast Hopper nearly fell off of her bed. “Are- are you- did he-” She tried to speak between her sobs, her hands clutching the front of his shirt and her eyes frantic. “El, it was a nightmare. Not real. You’re ok.” He wrapped his arms around her as she finally understood. Her body collapsed into his and she buried her face into his shoulder, whimpering out little apologies through her sobs. “It’s ok. You don’t need to apologize. You’re ok, kid.” He mumbled, rubbing her back as she curled into him. He bit back his own tears feeling her that way, with her hands still clutching his shirt like she was going to break if she let go. She’d never been like this before. After a little while, she began to calm down. Her shoulders steadied and her tears quieted, she loosened her death grip on Hopper and eventually looked up at him. El’s eyes were wide and red, scared and lonely. Hopper pushed a curl out of her face gently. “Papa.” She croaked out. “He was hurting Mike, and Will, L-lucas, Dustin, Joyce-” She stopped to sniffle “And he was- he was hurting you.” She whispered, looking down. “I couldn’t save you.” She whimpered, letting more tears streak down her already red and puffy cheeks. Hopper squeezed her close, trying to think of a response. Finally he said, “You did save us, though. You’ve saved us before. It was just a dream.” Eleven nodded, and he wiped away one of her tears. “It felt real. It was-” she couldn’t finish, she just buried her face back into his shirt. 

They sat like that for a long time, Hopper rubbing her back gently and El crying silently. When she was too tired to cry anymore, Hopper went to place her gently back on to her own bed, but she clung to his shirt, her eyes widening again. “Please.” she whimpered. “Not alone.” Hopper sighed and relented, carrying her small form in his arms and placing her next to him in his own small bed. She was out the moment her head hit his pillow. 

His heart ached in a way it hadn’t in a long time, seeing her there, tearstained face and small, sleeping body. She was normally powerful and passionate. Seeing her so broken broke him. He sat for a moment more before turning off his lamp. He leaned in and gently kissed her forehead, cursing in his mind Dr. Brenner for making her this way. She reached for his hand in her sleepy state, and took it.

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2D and Noodle with a girlfriend who's like, really tiny and sweet but when she sneezes it sounds like a bomb went off

2D: You both would probably be relaxing on his bed or someone just as comfy when you’d sneeze. 2D would almost jump out of his skin and he snap his head over to see where that noise came from. When you shyly explained it was a sneeze, he’d truly start wondering how it was possible for such a sneeze to come out of someone as small as you. It’d ease his racing heart a bit to know where the sound came from, but it’d take quite a bit of time to get used to such a powerful sound.

Noodle: When you two were watching movie late at night and she heard you sneeze, Noodle honestly first thought Murdoc had been walking down the hall and had tripped. When she quickly realized it was you, she thought it was adorable that you sneezed so loudly. If you felt bad about it, she would quickly reassure you that “You’re still extremely cute, hunny.” She’d wrap you in a hug and continue watching the movie, making a mental note to give you extra cuddles when you went to bed to make you feel better and calm down her nerves that had risen when she first heard the sound. But it was a blessing to her when she found out about your sneezing sounds, because she thought it was extremely adorable and endearing to hear such an assertive sound come from such a small person.

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ofc these losers use the same name sign (codename sign?)