and the sound that came out of it


Request: hey so the domestic thing, how about shawn is handling the his newborn baby and nothing seems to work until he plays the guitar or sings for them?

Shawn woke up to the sound of whimpers, and he shot up and out of bed. He saw the crib in the corner of the room was empty, and he felt his heart speed up. He followed the cries until he came upon the nursery, seeing you sitting in the rocking chair, rocking your crying baby as you let out a few tears. “Please go to sleep, little angel. Mommy’s tired, so tired.” You whispered, sniffling.

The floor creaked and your head rose, lip quivering when you saw your husband. “She won’t stop crying.”

Shawn rushed over, taking the baby from your hands. “Have you tried feeding her?” He asked, and you nodded.

“She’s not hungry, I changed her diaper, and tried that dryer thing my mom mentioned. Nothing’s working.” You mumbled. “I’m a horrible mom.”

“No, you’re not.” Shawn replied, heart aching. “Can you go grab my guitar, please?” He asked, thumb rubbing across his baby’s arm.

You stood up and left the room, wiping your eyes as you left. Shawn looked out the window and sighed when he saw a few cars go zooming by, and looked down at his baby. She had unfortunately inherited her father’s lungs, and that meant she could cry hor hours on end without tire. “Here you go, hun.” You set the guitar along the wall, and Shawn thanked you, passing the baby back.

“Sit down, relax.” Shawn nodded towards the rocking chair, and you settled yourself down, and looked at the singer.

“What’re you gonna do?”

“Sing to her.” Shawn twisted one of the knobs on the neck of the guitar, and sniffled. He began strumming softly, to the tune of one of his old songs.

“Kid in love?” You asked, quirking your eyebrow up.

Shawn nodded as he began singing softly, smiling when the baby’s cries softened to only the occasional whipmer. His voice lulled not only the baby to sleep, but you, as well. He stopped singing when he was sure the baby was asleep, and carefully lifted her out of your arms, and settled her in the crib. He gently rubbed your shoulder, waking you up. “C’mon, babe, let’s go to bed.”

Taking his hand, you followed your husband into bed, and curled into his side, falling into a deep sleep for the rest of the night. At last, the two of you had found a solution to your baby’s incessant cries at night.

a/n: ha this is so short i am so sorry but like, yeah dad shawn is the best send me dad shawn requests omg

Storms (Juphelia drabble)

Ophelia wasn’t to admit that she was afraid of something. She didn’t want anyone to see her weakness. She liked to pretend that she was badass, and untouchable- that nothing could hurt her. Truthfully, that was all bullshit. She was afraid of quite a few things. Storms were one of those fears.

Normally, she’d turn up her music loud enough to drown out the sound and play a video game to distract herself, or if the power went put, she’d hide under a blanket and shake until either the storm went away or the power came back on. Normally, she was alone. But, she wasn’t alone anymore. Jules lived with her, now. And as much as she loved Jules, she wished she wasn’t here right now.

Because right now it was storming and the power was out and she could barely breath. Because right now she was back in fourth grade when mean girl Lizzy found out she was afraid of storms and made fun of her until they got to ninth grade and the girl finally moved. Because now Jules could see how weak she was.

Jules was talking to her, but Ophelia couldn’t bring herself to listen. She rocked herself back and fourth, hyperventilating. She was having a panic attack. She had had them before, but usually she was alone. People weren’t supposed to see this side of her, or at least that’s what her parents had told her when she was a child. A part of her knew Jules wasn’t the type to judge- she had her shit too. But, a larger part of her told her that she would see her differently, and it made her panic more.

Suddenly, Jules’s lips were on her own. Her breath caught in her throat, and her thoughts stopped screaming at her. Jules’s lips left her’s and she let out a breath. She could breath again, and suddenly she forgot about the storm.

“Y-you kissed me.” She breathed out.

“You needed to think about something else.” Jules supplied, and olaced a hand over Ophelia’s.

“So, does that mean you wouldn’t do it again?” Ophelia asked, playfully. It was the wrong time to ask taht, and Ophelia was begining to feel the panic rise back in her throat - but it was the only distraction she had. Plus, she did want to know if Jules would kiss her again.

Jules let out a laugh. “No.” She said. “I would.”

Ophelia let out a shakey breath. “Good.” She said. “Because I still need to think about something else.”

Then Jules kissed her again.

Things that made this episode worth it

• Lestrade smiling at Sherlock when he got his name right.
• Sherlock saying to Mycroft that John had to stay because the matter was family business (plus John’s smile).
• Mary saying that she knew what John and Sherlock were.
• Seeing parentlock at the end.
• Sherlock asking John if he was ok.
• Mycroft knowing that Sherlock would never kill John.
• Mrs. Hudson vacooming at the sound of cool music.
• Sherlock calling himself a pirate.
• Moriarty scene when he came out of the helicopter.
• Mycroft and his mum kind of giving hands.
• Sherlock hugging Eurus.
• Sherlock being emotional.
• John making sure Sherlock was ok the whole time.

Rules: List 5 OTP’s from 5 fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on to

I was tagged by @muddlethrough - who is just the sugar in your tea let me tell you.

1. Berena [Holby City]
Let me tell you. This pairing came out of nowhere for me. Someone posted a gif where Bernie was kissing Alex way back in the day and it peaked my interest because hot middle aged blond. Anyways, I downloaded the episode to my computer and it sat in my downloads folder forever. Finally I put it on and watched it and was very interested. Then life happened and I forgot about it. Then when the first Berena kiss happened I made a post about it and a bunch of people wrote to me with links and whatnot and I was hooked. This pairing has been a pairing I’ve cared about more than any other fictional couple in the history of entertainment for me. I’m totally in love. Even more than Mirandy and I was big in to that. It’s just refreshing to fall for a pairing that first of all, makes an epic couple to ship (two sexy older British ladies) but also something that actually happens in the show instead of in between the lines on fanfiction sites.

2. Dr Michaela Quinn and Dorothy Jennings [Dr Quinn Medicine Woman]
God these two. Okay so like I’m always there for a strong female lead and her bestie but to me these two characters had a ton of chemistry that reached beyond friendship. They knew each other so well and managed to reach each other in very important ways. Dorothy helped Michaela grow into a more adult, experienced woman and Michaela helped Dorothy get over the scars of her abusive husband and broken life. Together they could do anything.

3. Janeway and B'Elanna [Star Trek: Voyager]
Ugh these two perfect people. Love love love from the moment the first strains of tension erupted between them. Janeway held Torres to incredibly high standards and she matched and exceeded them. They were well suited to one another with pure intelligence and drive and skill set but also balanced by strikingly dissimilar personalities. That balance created this perfect storm for me that made this completely OTP material.

4. Mulder and Scully [The X Files]

Ah yes the original OTP of my life, MSR. I’ve been shipping this since The Gossamer Archive was a new thing on the internet. I was trolling Geocities (what a nightmare that was) for photos and snippets and fanfiction. Pure and absolute love for these two still to this day.

5. Sister Jude and Lana Banana [American Horror Story]
This is going to be bizarre for most people because it isn’t a ship that’s even a thing really but I liked it. I don’t know why, I just did. I had hoped that when Lana Winters was investigating the asylum that she would discover some of the horrors going on above Sister Jude’s head and despite Sister Jude trapping her in the asylum (in my head it’s for her own well being - I’m messed up, shut up) I like to think they began to understand each other. Also Sister Jude’s homophobia is deeply routed in her not so latent homosexuality.


Shoutout to Matt and Kitty [Gunsmoke] which was a pairing of mine until I realized how wrong for Kitty Matt was. Like I’m sorry, you can only only put a woman last so many times before I start to loathe you for it. It’s not about protecting her by pretending you two aren’t a thing (when she’s horribly attacked multiple times because of it anyways). And for the writers wanting to turn up angst for their viewers - I’m sorry but 19 years is too much of a slow burn. And then when you reunite the two years later, by having them STILL not get together, you’re basically shitting on the slow burn you worked so hard to create. No thanks. I now ship Kitty and a variety of fictional characters I’ve written for her - mostly women.

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hey, I'm girl with the cat, sorry if Im bothering u, but my friends haven't watched the ep yet and I just need to vent. I'm just 17, I started watching SH when I was 12, in the end of '13 my father died and I spent all of 14 reading the stories and just having Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to make me feel better. Last month, my bff came out to as demi and I came out to her as bi and even though I never believed in TJLC, it would really mean a lot to me if it was true. (Also the ep was shitty)

That’s okay!!! It sounds like you have a lot wrapped up in this and I’m sorry it let you down so hard <3 Obviously, representation matters in a way that this show couldn’t fully grasp. I know it won’t be the same, but all over the internet fandoms are offering up their stories with actual characters to look up to in them!!! Maybe in a little bit you could consider one of those! Hannibal has a pan character, a lesbian character, and a bi character, and spoiler, the f/f couple gets to ride off into the sunset! 

But the stories that you love and the experiences you’ve had with the show aren’t discounted because this season didn’t end as planned. And who you are and the importance of that doesn’t get to be decided by a couple of writers and their projects. You’re important and that’s the truth, don’t let anything make you feel otherwise!!!

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sorry if this is a silly question but where'd the grain war come from haha

it came from twitter lmao, since katie retweeted a picture of the “brother may i have some oats” meme and i thought it was really funny so i translated it into chinese and we all started freaking out and translating it into different languages.

but the thing is i originally translated oat into 麦子 which is wheat so its not a direct translation, so we started arguing whether to say 燕麦 (technically correct) or 麦子. and mp kept calling even the english version wheat so i held a pole and oat won but it didnt settle things and we kept arguing and now its more about being annoying than translations

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What are your thoughts on the Charmed "spin-off" confirmed to air on CW ?

Hmm, well, first of all, I don’t have access to much TV (because I spend my life on my laptop). I have Netflix AU, and the basics channel on Foxtel. The chances of me actually seeing this spin-off any time soon is minimal. I’m sure I’ll see people posting about it, and that’s the extent of it.

Second of all, it sounds like they just used the Charmed name to boost this show that has nothing to do with Charmed. Did you see Holly’s tweet about it?

Brutal, but to the point. This isn’t Charmed, and it never will be.

That being said, if I came across it on TV, I’d give it a chance - maybe a scene or so to figure out whether it’s worth watching. Then I’d get on with my life.

How about you?

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I started to come out to my parents last night. My dad flew into a rage about unnatural and shame. I go to college next year so might be better to wait though I was bringing it up because I was asking a boy I like to grad . Already have . We really like each other ,have done a few things but not all the way. Now I'm stuck with him mad . I started the conversation with Neil Patrick Harris (count Olaf) and love and family. Went downhill fast from there Suggestions ,wait? Try again? Go secret?

Since you’re still at home I’d honestly wait. It sounds like it wouldn’t be a good situation for you if you came out to him right now from his angry response. You obviously know who you are and the important thing is to be in a safe place before you head off to college. Can you keep this secret about going to grad with your “friend” because that sounds like an awesome night. It’s really hard for me to answer this as I only have the info from your message. For me, I had my mom on my side after I told her and she talked to my dad, which smoothed the waters for me. I wish I could tell you to go for it but your safety and comfort at home is also important. Stay in touch and let us know what you decide. I also hope you message me and let us know how your grad date goes. Have fun!

So I came home from work today and there was a kindle addressed to me that I did not remember ordering. I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how I accidentally purchased a kindle from Amazon, and when I came back from hanging out with Catherine, I told my parents, guys, you will not believe what I accidentally ordered for myself. 

“Huh,” said Dad very casually. “Did you get charged for it?” 

I spent the next five minutes checking my bank account and came back into the living room to announce, “No, I didn’t. Do you think it’s a mistake? But it has my name on it! what does this mean”

It was around the time that I started to sound panicked that Dad confessed to buying it for me (“I didn’t realize the mystery of it would be so terrifying”). Which was very, very sweet and slightly unfortunate because yesterday I purchased a replacement kindle for myself. 

So anyway, we now have a family kindle 

i had a very intense nightmare when i was a young child where my nintendo gamecube had some sort of built in weather alert feature and when i tried to play melee during a tornado this screen came up along with a really loud buzzing sound and i woke up with tears coming out of my eyes

Small, slightly obscure, but really cool thing that happens in episode 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice that I don’t think a lot of people caught:

The snow.

They probably weren’t watching the weather forecast there in the first two shots, they were watching the news. This cold front came literally out of nowhere, as, like the announcer says, it was supposed to be a perfect day for hanami, ergo going for a picnic to watch the cherry blossoms. But instead, lots of snow.

Now, for those of you who live in colder areas, like myself, you probably just went “well, unseasonal snow happens sometimes, I remember once we had snow in mid-May.”

For those of you who live in warmer areas, you probably went “idk how snow works, so I guess that sounds legit???”


Snow in April on fucking Kyushu is beyond ridiculous, okay. They barely even get snow in the actual winter months. This is happening on April 11th - or even later - and they should be having temperatures in the 15-20°C/60-68°F range - or maybe even higher. And they probably were, before this. That’s why Yuuri’s so surprised and confused.

So why would they even bother including this?

Victor. It’s all about Victor.

In part, I suspect it’s a literary/poetry reference, even if I can’t quite place it, because “he came from the north, bringing ice and snow” is something of a universal literary image.

But mostly, it’s because, in Japanese, when someone does something highly unexpected and uncharacteristic, like, say, me cleaning my room, you express your surprise by saying “wow, does this mean it’s gonna snow tomorrow?”

And it didn’t just snow. It snowed a lot. It’s a reference to how ridiculously unexpected it is for Victor to wanna coach instead of skating himself, for him to show up in Japan out of the blue.

I fucking hate languages.

The Greeks had this word, right, we have no idea where it came from, it just kinda popped up out of nowhere, and it could mean either apples, cheeks, or boobs. Problem is it looked and sounded *exactly* like another, unrelated word which could mean sheep, goat, or any animal in general really, which must have got confusing if you were a farmer talking about your livestock, but anyway…

Then the Romans, having stolen practically everything else from the Greeks, thought they’d nick this word too, because Latin isn’t confusing enough without throwing in a bunch of loan words. And they adopted it to mean a pumpkin.

Then the English came along and were all like “when in Rome”, and stole it, where it became our word ‘melon’. Which has now come back to mean boobs.

How do you like them apples.



I came across this Facebook page advertising Steven universe merchandise from a site called TeeChip.

I thought that their name sounded familiar and then I scrolled down my Facebook timeline to see why
(Screenshot of last photo)

Not only are they notorious for stealing designs from artists and using them without their permission, they’re also known for scheming their customers out of their money when they don’t deliver the items that they purchase. 

Do NOT buy from them. Do not waste your money on this company.
Support independent artists and fight against art theft by boycotting them. I tried to warn commenters on this pages link to a t-shirt and was blocked from commenting almost immediately.

Please spread this around so SU fans and other people are not taken advantage of and unknowingly contributing to this horrendous crime.

when pacific rim came out, i thought the concept of giant monsters emerging from the sea in the late 2010s sounded like a horrific catastrophe, but now that we are well into them, it seems completely par for the course and i will be expecting the kaiju any day now


i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).

Getting Off On The Wrong Claw

Context: Since the party was pretty excited when Volos Guide to Monsters came out, a few of us are playing races from it for our new campaign, including myself (a Tabaxi, which is basically a catfolk/khajit) and my roommate (a Kenku, which is basically a bird person, and has the ability to perfectly mimic any sound). Running joke is that we’re doing a furry campaign. What I didn’t know before I’d made my character is that our Human Fighter absolutely adores cats (due to backstory reasons of never being allowed to have a pet as the child of a noble, and not even seeing a cat in person until he was an adult), and collects rocks that look like cats. And so, we met.

Human Fighter: I try to scratch him behind the ears!

Tabaxi Rogue: “Stop that!”

Kenku Cleric: Alright, so as he’s trying to pet him, I mimic the sound of a cat purring.

DM: Fighter, roll perception to see if you know that the Kenku’s fucking with you.

Fighter: [rolls a 4]

Tabaxi Rogue: “I’ll have you know that I do not enjoy being patronized, and if you don’t move your hand I’ll have to use force!”

Human Fighter: “Aw, but you’re obviously enjoying it!”

Tabaxi Rogue: Alright, I scratch him.

Human Fighter: ….roll to hit.

Tabaxi Rogue: How’s a 19 against your AC?

Human Fighter: Well,

Tabaxi Rogue: You take 3 damage.

Human Fighter: Well.

All I know is the sound of your feet hitting the
floorboard. Walking away, again. A slamming
door. A hole in the wall on the way out. I want
to blame the alcohol, but I know it’s just the
change in weather. Your heart always hardens
in the heat. We are opposites in this way. Still,
I look in the mirror and see your face. See what
could have been – what should have been. Last
winter was a blanket of dark and you were the
brightest light. Then summer came and the sun
tried to wrestle you out of the way. I had to look
away. I shouldn’t have. I should have used my
voice instead of curling up and trusting the pen
to do all the work. Sometimes people don’t need
words, they need hands. My hands don’t ever
settle unless your voice is on the other end of the
line. This doesn’t solve anything, I still can’t reach
you from here. Sometimes words fail. Sometimes
there’s a heart, and sometimes there’s just another
hole in the wall where the light tries to squeeze in.
—  A HEART, A HOLE, A LIGHT, angelea l.