and the sound that came out of it

okay so @one-piece-of-harry posted something regarding kid!Tony being brought to the future and then being scared of adult Tony bc he looks like Howard and it immediately pierced my heart directly and so I had to write and share the pain. Have fun!

It was movie night.

This was normal. Movie night came around every Thursday, and involved the whole team gathering on one single couch in order to watch the weekly movie of choice. 

They were currently on Bruce’s turn. This meant Star Trek was playing, loud and clear through the sound-system as Clint complained, Thor reveled and Natasha called for more food.

This was normal. So Tony sighed, and then rolled off Steve’s lap in order to go on the popcorn round. “Two minutes,” he mumbled, as he got to his feet lethargically and stumbled out into the kitchen.

Steve watched him leave, a fond smile on his face. It was well into the early hours of the morning by this point, and so everyone was pretty dead on their feet, and yet still insistent upon finishing the second film.

This was normal.

A flash of blinding light, a crack like lightning and a high-pitched yell of fear were certainly not normal, however.

In the time it had taken for light to recede, all five of them had jumped to their feet instantly, weapons procured from places not previously believed to have been possible before. Steve and Thor instantly stepped forward- the biggest and most indestructible on the team acting as a barrier for the lesser protected members. 

Guns, hammers and shields drawn, they all pointed it steadily at the source of the noise, pinpointing it instantly and with a deadly accuracy.

A little boy stared back at them; his eyes criss-crossing as he stared at the barrel of the gun pointed at his nose.

“Oh,” Steve muttered, a little dumbstruck. So dumbstruck, in fact, that it took him another few seconds to realise he was still holding up a pistol to a child.

Dropping his hand immediately, he stumbled back, eyes wide. The boy was watching them all; hadn’t even moved a muscle or shown an ounce of emotion since his initial yell. He was just…standing there. His eyes observing all of them separately, cautiously.

“Who are you?” Clint asked eventually, trying to make his voice sound as non-threatening as possible.

The little boy just kept… watching. His hands were clenched into fists, and his knees were bent a little.

 “I just moved through space and time,” he declared eventually.

It was so bizarre; so completely impossible for a child of his age to say, that Steve knew immediately afterwards. “You’re called Tony Stark, aren’t you?” He said softly, unable to help the smile that crept up his face, because now he had connected it, the similarities were impossible to ignore. 

Tiny Tony stared at him, and for a second, outright contempt flashed across his features- an emotion that should really have been far too old for a boy of that age just then. “And you’re Captain America.”

“That I am,” Steve smiled, getting on to one knee so that he was level with Tiny Tony. “Listen, I know this is probably weird for you-”

“If this is a trick, or you’re going to use me as a ransom demand, then you’re out of luck. Howard Stark doesn’t pay ransom fees,” Tiny Tony spoke over Steve, his voice robotic and dull, like he’d been made to practice the words in a mirror a hundred times over.

“Not even for his own child?” Thor blurted in his usual booming manner- and for the first time since he’d landed there, Tiny Tony flinched.

Everyone noticed, despite Tiny Tony’s worryingly smooth transition back into neutrality. Thor look horrified, and took a step forward, hand outstretched, but Tiny Tony just reeled back from it. “Not even for his own child,” the boy snapped.

Steve stared, open-mouthed. That… that had been an awfully strong response.

“How old are you, Tony?” Bruce moved on effortlessly, stepping past Natasha and Clint in order to get to the little boy stood in front of them.

“Tell me who you are, first,” Tiny Tony argued, stepping back once again, “Prove to me that you are who you say you are, and that I have fallen what looks to be half a century into the future, rather than just kidnapped by a group of phonies.”

“See the mouth on him wasn’t a recent development, then,” Clint said, amused. 

“I save it especially for stupid people,” Tiny Tony retorted, and Steve bit back a laugh as clint gasped in offence and Natasha just nodded like that wasn’t any different from the Tony they knew now.

Bruce stepped forward again, undoubtedly ready to start explaining to Tiny Tony what had happened (Loki, probably- the room smelt faintly like his particular brand of magic), when there was a clatter of bowls and faint swearing from the other side of the room.

“Next time, I swear I’ll just invent a server bot to grab all this shit for me, I don’t have enough hands to carry the amount of food your fat asses require-”

Adult Tony stopped dead, looking at the circle of people stood around the tinier version of himself. The bowl of popcorn slipped out of the crook of his elbow entirely.

Steve opened his mouth to speak, hand going up and gesturing at Tiny Tony in greeting, before realising that the boy had… gone. He frowned, raising his eyes and looking around until spotting Tiny Tony again, this time a good few feet away from where he had been at the beginning.

What put Steve on edge, however, was the look on his face.

All that unnerving neutrality had vanished, and the tiny little boy had taken a full turn- eyes wide, face pale and hands visibly shaking as they fixed on Tony’s face. He continued to back away until his back hit the glass wall and he ran out of any more room.

“I didn’t know,” Tiny Tony blurted suddenly, looking in horror at Tony and shaking his head vigorously, “I din’t know you were doing an experiment, I thought someone had tried to take me again, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I didn’t know,” he turned to Clint, lip wobbling, “I’m sorry I was rude, Mr, I thought you were a bad guy-”

“Hey hey hey, Tony, calm down, it’s okay,” Steve frowned, taking a step forward in an attempt to reach out to Tiny Tony, only to watch in shock as the boy jerked to the other side, eyes searching for an exit.

“I didn’t… I’m sorry, please don’t be mad,I swear I wasn’t trying to interrupt or anything,” he whispered to Adult Tony again, and his eyes were actually fucking tearing up, Steve had no idea what was going on, none of them did, things had just spiraled out of control so quickly-

“I’m not Howard,” Steve’s Tony called out across the room. He was quiet- uncharacteristically so, and looking at the young boy with something Steve couldn’t read. “I’m not Howard,” he said again, stronger this time.

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I have had my earphones for a few months. Today they broke. Today they broke when I kid you not, my music was on shuffle and for the first time in a very long time Nightlife came on. On the left side the sound cut out then made random screeching sounds every 3 seconds and occasionally the sound would appear for a second or two. I’m gonna say it was an improvement to the song.

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My bf and I are going through a rough patch. We've been together for almost 6 months. 4 months ago I was in a play and was required to kiss another person for the role. I didn't think to ask how this would make my bf feel, he knew about it and came to the play. Just recently he has told me how much it hurt him. I shouldn't have kissed the other guy even if it was for a play, and I should have confronted my bf. Im going to lose him if I don't figure out how to make it up to him. Please help me ❤️

No offense but thats kinda dumb like lol it was a play 4 months ago and u were acting what is he 12??

Sorry to be blunt but it sounds like hes being ridiculous, threating to break up over a staged kiss 4 months ago like jesus christ


Characters: Darkiplier x Reader

Summary/Prompt: Inspired by the song High by SIVIK.

Warning: smutty

Notes: I am nervous posting this, but hopefully it came out decent lol I originally was writing this gender neutral, but I sorta got carried away and yeah…I’m sorry! ^^

Requests are open and very welcomed! :)

Originally posted by alienboyinblue

“Once you got it going, so addicted oh, got me trippin oh, high off of you..”

Your body trembled, hands clutching the sheet beneath you. The euphoric feeling building up deep in the pit of your stomach as you lay on your back, chest raising fast to the rythm of your labord breaths. 

A cry sounding much like a whimper and a whine left your lips, your back arching just a bit. The large hands on your upper thighs tightens their grip while pulling you down closer to their owner’s face. 

The pressure in your stomach kept getting stronger and stronger. The sounds that leaves your lips became much more frequent, and one of your hands found it’s way into his dark, thick hair that was already messy.

A load moan echoes around the room followed by a cry of his name.” Dark!” And then your drowning in such pleasure that made your toes curl in and white stars to show when you squeezed your eyes shut. 

He didn’t stop, letting you ride through your orgasm and continuing even after as whimpers left your kiss swollen lips at the overstimulation. His hands hold you there when you wiggle your hips in a weak attempt to move your lower half from his much too desiring face.

But it was pointless, Dark continued with his ministrations with his mouth that build you up so many times before. Once again that feeling returned, much faster than the last time and it blindsided you as to came for the third time that night. 

You laid there, breathing heavily. Dark, like a predator hunting his prey, slowly crawled upwards until he was hovering above you - his member dangerously close to your aching core. 

He leans down, breath ghosting over your lips until his own are finally on them. Kissing you with such a hunger that made you moan wantonly into his mouth. The need for him rushing back like a tidal wave. Like it actually ever left though; because it didn’t.

You tried to wrap your arms around him, but in a blink of an eye, they were being pressed to the bed and held there by the dark, void energy Dark usually uses in a fight.

And then you feel him. At your entrance, pushing in and making your walk stretch around him. He didn’t wait for you to accommodate to his size, it wasn’t needed and he was too impatient to even consider that at the moment. His hips moved towards your own at an almost painful pace, and you try your best to keep up with him.

Your hands curl into a fist, your mouth refusing to close due to the noses that left it. Sweat coats both your bodies, and the sight of Dark covered in it and his muscles moving underneath his skin due to what he was doing to you turned you on more than you already were.

You wanted to touch him, so you half heartedly start to struggle against the restraints you won’t ever break unless he allows you to. Dark took notice of what you wanted, and the restraints disappeared, though the second that the did, the feel of him inside you disappeared and your were put onto you your hands and knees. 

Your desire dripping down your legs, as his hands rub up your outer thighs. One goins straight to gripping your hip in a grip you were sure will be leaving bruises once this is all over. His other hand, ghosted over the curve of your ass and -

A scream leaves your lips when his hand comes in contact with your cheek, his palm leaving the stinging sensation behind. Dark does that twice more before he once again becomes impatent and his back inside you. 

Trusting to his heart’s desires, one hand getting a hold of your hair and pulling back enough that it was both pleasurable and painful. And then he’s talking, and oh… the words that are being whispered into your ear are sinful and you love it.

His voice, his scent, his touch, him inside of you - his whole being drives you crazy to where you feel intoxicated. And you love it. 

But you had this same effect on him. Dark won’t ever say it, he isn’t that type, but he won’t hesitate to show you. Your soft skin under his rough hands, those beautiful, lust filled sounds that he causes to come out of you and the way you scream his name as he thrusts into you, hitting that certain spot every time. 

You drive him crazy with that little smile you always give him. The smell of you fresh out of a shower, and the scent of your arousal - the taste of you, he can never get enough. 

One of his hands sneaks down between your legs, rubbing fast as his hips start to stutter a bit. And then he’s whispering in your ear, “Say my name.” So you do, over and over, as loud as he asks for.

A low, hot growl leaves his throat.

And your falling, falling. 

Both of your highs slowly come down, and you couldn’t help the whimper that left you when he slipped out. Dark helps clean you, then drops down on the bed beside you. He wasn’t a cuddling man, but he usually always did for you after these moments. 

He can’t deny the fact that he likes it too. 

You’re the first one to fall asleep, exhausted from the night’s activities. And Dark stays up just a bit, holding you to him and thinking. He leaves a soft kiss on your hair, before a rare natural smile lifts his lips. 

Cheating Fic - Jumin Part 1

​ Part 1 

The sound of your heart racing filled the room. What would happen if it came out positive? Your eyes began to fixate on the plastic object sat on the counter next to the bathroom sink. There was a very strong possibility you were pregnant, and you had absolutely no idea what to do about it. Your boyfriend was a man of traditions, and a baby born out of wedlock was the sort of thing he would likely oppose. Hell, when you first met him he thought it was wrong to just live together out of wedlock. Having a baby was far more serious than just living together. 

All the recent instances of intimacy ran through your mind, your brain desperately trying to figure out which time you and Jumin may have slipped up and forgotten protection in the heat of the moment. But your brain was mush, frazzled with panic and unable to piece things together. 

The buzzing of your phone jolted you out of the trance you had been lost in. That must be the timer. But it wasn’t. Unlocking your phone to turn the timer off, you were met with a text instead. Another one of those texts. Lately they had been arriving more often, messages from blocked numbers telling you that Jumin was stepping out on you. He brushed it off when you showed him, blaming it on people with a malicious agenda to ruin your relationship. Luciel had attempted to track them, but he just couldn’t do it, and he didn’t have the time to dig deeper. 

You tried not to pay much attention to the messages when you received them, but when you were alone when they plagued your screen it was hard to ignore them. Especially lately. Jumin was working late tonight, just as he had been almost every night for the past month. It was probably just a coincidence you received the messages more when he was working more. Wasn’t it? 

Your eyes couldn’t help but flicker over the message, again and again, repeating the words in your head like it was on a loop. 

Working late again? I wonder what Jumin’s really up to, or who 😘

It sent a shiver down your spine. The more you looked at your phone the more you had a desperate urge to just casually drop by the office. But it was late, 2am in fact, it wouldn’t be so casual to turn up at this time of night.

The screen suddenly changed, the phone buzzing erratically in your hand indicating 3 minutes had passed. Oh god. You had almost forgotten about the pregnancy test sitting just a few feet away. Almost. Slowly rising, you made your way across the bathroom, dreading the result either way. You didn’t even get those few extra seconds of confusion trying to remember what the lines meant, you’d bought the fancy kind that just straight up said pregnant or not pregnant. Looking at the test, you wished the world would swallow you up. 


✧・゚{#066} “stay over”

member . dino / lee chan

genre . fluff + hint of angst

summary . “stay over.”

word count . 1491

✎ [100wtsily #066 - dino] college sweetheart au!♡ wOW okay i finally finished my first request for 100wtsily! aaaa for the longest time i couldn’t figure out how to write orz,,,, SO I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! i actually like how it came out after rolling around in bed for like,,, three days now,,, (near the end i started thinking about my girlfriend which is why i got incredibly fluffy im sorry)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

           You let out a contented exhale as you jumped into the pile of blankets and pillows. You grinned at the sound of your boyfriend chuckling at your childish nature, watching as you rolled around on the cleared flooring, taking the edge of a blanket and wrapping yourself in a blanket burrito. Chan walked into the living room, smiling warmly at you as he set the bowl of popcorn on top of the coffee table.

            “Comfortable there, y/n?” he grinned as he walked around you, headed towards the TV to insert the movie the two of you were about to watch.

            You nodded, snuggling your face into the large blanket, “Very comfortable,” you mused. Shuffling around so you could watch Chan bend down to place the CD into the DVD player, you looked at the case inquisitively, “What are we watching?”

            “Step Up,” Chan answered and you let out a laugh. Of course, your boyfriend would choose Step Up. It was a movie about dancing, and your boyfriend lived to dance and perform. Not that you were complaining. In fact, it was one of the reasons why you fell in love with him in the first place. The way he moved his body with such fluidness and how he conveyed emotions through his passion of dancing enchanted you when you first saw him perform in the middle of your college campus.

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What I can't figure out is why the "other side" can't see that this really isn't about PM. It's about GA herself. I want the GA before PM back. The funny goofy person that we all fell for. I remember in an interview she said "I want people to know I laugh". Seems like since PM, she has gotten so serious and I think when those pictures came out all the pieces started fitting together.. all the changes she made just hit us like BAM! Which is the real GA? I'm hoping it is the pre-PM.

You said everything, anon. I want the pre-PM Gillian back too. That’s the one I love and admire, no matter who she dates. Sadly, she recently said in an interview she used to change when she’s in a relationship and follow her partner’s habits, adopt his tastes, his friends, his interests etc… She sounded like this was behind her and she has learnt from her mistakes. I’m not sure about that anymore.

Not that I feel like bringing Gillovny everywhere, but The Webbies were the first event, probably since Streetcar, where I felt like Gillian was herself again. So I really hope that filming XF, being around David and not in London will bring her old self back.

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Supercorp 27 Bonus points if it's Lena that's pregnant

 A few other people sent me this number so I made it longer :)

27. “I’m pregnant.” 

Lena woke up with Kara wrapped around her, blinking back the Sunday morning light she suddenly knew something was wrong. Scrambling to get out of Kara’s arms waking the girl up in the process, Lena made a mad dash to the bathroom. Kara was confused at the sudden movement and almost found herself going back to sleep if it wasn’t for the sudden sound of her girlfriend being sick. Kara was up in a flash knocking on the bathroom door, waiting for a response which came in the form of a grumble before entering.

Kara wordlessly approached Lena and with the spare hair tie on her wrist tied Lena’s hair up in a bun and waited for her stomach to settle. A few minutes later Lena leaned back into Kara as they both sat on the floor.

“Are you alright?” Kara asked quietly.

“Yeah.” Lena nodded her head. “I feel better now.” She added, slowly getting up to flush the toilet.

“What brought that on?” Kara asked passing Lena a glass of water. 

Lena took the glass and rinsed her mouth. “Must have been the Chinese from last night.”

“That’s weird I feel fine.” Kara frowned slightly.

“Darling, you have a stomach of steel. Not all of us are that fortunate.” Lena chuckled slightly, trying to ignore a sudden impossible thought that popped into her head.

“True.” Kara smiled almost sheepishly, pressing a kiss to Lena’s cheek as she picked up her toothbrush. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

Lena hummed with a small smile whilst brushing her teeth. 

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“She’s hiding behind the sofa.” OR “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” for poly Junkers/fem!reader if you don't mind? Thank you!

[Poly Roadrat is my fucking jam, I hope you enjoy this babycakes!]

It was so late at night and you could feel it, the tired ache in your bones as you knelt down on the cold rooftop trying to repress a yawn that was making it’s way out of you, the small sound caused Roadhog to turn and look at you, his mask cocking to one side, a silent question. “Sorry, just so tired” you mumbled and blinked your eyes.

“Hmm” was all that came out Roadhog as he simply moved one massive hand to give you a sympathic back rub.

Normally the two junkers would do thier heists on their own but you had wanted to come help them plan this one out, if you had known it was going to take this long to get all the needed information you would have skipped. You were shocked Jamie even planned ahead for these things, you always thought he just barrel rolled in like the mad man he was.

Seemed there was at least some method to his madness.. As if he knew you were thinking about him Junkrat whirled around and gave you a big crooked grin before making a scribble on the paper. “Can’t say we don’t take ya out ‘nywhere now darl’” a giggle escaped him as he eyed you up.

“When I said we should do more together.. I meant like dinner, movies, a ride in the countryside” you sighed, waving your hand at him in a dismissive fashion as you rambled to yourself.

“Wot would ya wanna do tha’ rubbish for? this is way more fun” He replied shifting a little moving towards you now.

You sighed leaning against Roadhog, your larger then life boyfriend moved you so you were sat on his lap instead of the cold tiles as you both watched Jamie hop from peg to good foot as he peered over the edge of the rooftop and licked his lips, watching who was coming and going.

“We won’t be much longer, promise” Roadhog said with a small hmm, he stroked your sides trying to warm you up a little.

Hours seemed to pass before Junkrat cackled and knelt down to join you and Roadhog as you cuddled up, bored and half asleep. “Alllll done” he offered you his hand and you gladly took it letting the smaller junker lift you to your feet, giving you a large sloppy kiss on the face.

His aim was awful, but you took the chance to give your smaller boyfriend a smooch on the cheek. Roadhog standing himself and brushing down his knees. It was now 4am and you were more then exhausted, you were tempted to ask Roadhog to carry you but felt bad, you stumbled along behind your partners.

Your tired eyes glanced around and soon saw a coffee shop and you sighed, the look of longing on your face as you stopped dead in your tracks to look. Junkrat and Roadhog soon noticed their girlfriend wasn’t behind them, they turned and saw you, both looking to where your attention was drawn.

The smaller junker limped over to you and put an arm around your shoulder. “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” you said, not realizing the massive grin which spread over the lanky males face. Roadhog sighed, hidden by his mask, but then again… coffee did sound like a good idea.

“Well that does sound like fun… don’t it Roadie?” a cackle escaped as he brought out one of his bombs and lit it.

Before you could do or say anything the bomb went off, blowing the door to the small coffee shop across the street. The alarm went off but your partners didn’t seem to care as they just strut into the place like they owned it. Soon tinkering around with the machines, getting them going after Roadhog managed to rip the alarm out the wall.

You sighed and sat at one of the tables, Junkrat hobbled over and leaned down kissing you on the lips, you made a happy sound before he pulled away.

“I wanted ta make ya a coffee but I didn’ get ‘ow that crap worked” he shurrged, he would have set it on fire…

“Here” Roadhog came up behind Junkrat and handed you a coffee, just how you liked it.. There was sirens in the distance and the three of you left, coffee cups in hand before there was an even louder explosion.

You and Roadie shot Junkrat a look as you sipped your drinks, he shrugged a little but grinned, the very face of innocents.. Least no one got hurt… and you got your coffee..


changed my art blog icon and finally got down a serious picture of MC Grim aka my mc aka me (but MC Grim makes it sound more official dontcha think)

v and grim posin together with a congratulatory “good job surviving abuse and having a happy ending together” stamp

MC Grim: theyre agender , an artist, and have a dark deep backstory but they cover it up with humor and tacky clothes (quite like seven)

they also refuse to leave any emotional problems left unsolved. this is the mc thats gonna go hard or go home and they cant go home because they dont have the plane ticket back home SO THEY GONNA GO HARD

endgame: v/seven/saeran ?!?!? let me love them all


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Drabble meme #111: Delete it. Now.

Follows chapters 21, 31, and 39 of Ficlet Cemetery.


“Molly!  Molly!  Look, it’s got a smiley face on the side!” his voice came from Molly’s phone, tinny and distant as she held it outside his reach.  He was in a pond, holding a fish aloft.

He didn’t remember it.  Or much of anything after pulling Molly away from the desserts table.

He made a swipe for the phone anyway and regretted it immediately, his stomach roiling.  "Delete it. Now,“ he gritted out.  It sounded entirely too much like a whine.

“Nope, and I already made back-up copies and hid them where you can’t find them.”

He narrowed his eyes at her.  She did know who he was, didn’t she?

Oh, right, she did.  Too well; she knew all his blind spots.

“You’re not as nice as people think you are,” he said, letting his pounding head fall back on the sofa cushions.

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I’m in desperate needs to obtain more DA points rn. An artist I commissioned time ago has brought me their piece and I wanted to pay them but when I checked, I had no points left. Only about 10-15, my sister told me that yesterday when my cousin came over she was on my laptop while I was fat assed asleep. And since she has her own DA account, we think she transfered the points to her own account. My sister donated the 20 She had but I need 100 for the commission, I know this sounds greedy but can someone please help me out?…I’ll pay you back once I take more commissions, again, I’m sorry for any inconvenient…

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(poseidon and caeneus anon here) lord my last ask came out sounding passive aggressive and dickish, i'm sorry. just there was that viral post that was a screenshot of the wikipedia article taking the story out of context and everyone was like "yay poseidon and his trans bf wow the greeks were so progressive" and it kept fuckin w me bc ppl were unknowingly romanticizing rape. i understand ur stories are ur own and i shouldn't have made it my business, and i apologize

i’ve never seen that post, but i understand your frustration. however perhaps commenting on the post or contacting the op about the misrepresentation might have been a better way to correct the misinformation it was spreading.

i forgive you. i hope you have a good rest of your week, and happy 4th of july weekend if you’re in america (or even if you’re not in america i guess, miley cyrus’s party in the usa is an international anthem)

It’s late - I’m tired - played 3 songs - shortened simpler versions w no real solos - minor probs w sound no biggie smalls tho - came out well - the musicians listened which kinda surprised me - musts been the 2dcloud t and a little help from my friends

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All this kindness didnt just come out of no where, it came because you are legit an amazing person in both personality and talent. 😊 (No matter how many microwaved taquitos you drop on the floor and stare at ❤)

HFGDFJ?????? HELLO??? WH????????
Y’all making me sound like a cinnamon roll flfkjgsdlfds……. I wish this was all true…. This is too kind aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you though ;__;; 

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The title of this comic sounds like that episode of Twilight Zone, where they come to "serve mankind" and it... doesn't turn out they way they thought it sounded.

Oh yes!  A classic episode. :D  The comic also gets mistaken for ‘Being Human’, a series about paranormal creatures being roomies that came out a few years after TH.

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so the tracklist that predicted a song is fake but the lyrics on a site that could have been edited by anyone and that even sound fake and came out after the cover surfaced are real? ok lol

Calm down sassy one. I never said the lyrics are 100% the real thing and I never said the tracklist is 100% fake. If you wanna get nit-picky I  said:

“I could see it being fake but like.. I could see it being real also..”
“The (supposed) lyrics & song title sound cringey”

[Image: Comic panels of Clint and Kate smiling at each other and signing “Thanks, Hawkeye”]


ofc these losers use the same name sign (codename sign?)