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When Loki opened his eyes everything hurt. His body felt sore as if he had hit a mountain. 

“Finally. I thought you dead.” Loki frowned at you when you suddenly leaned forward and placed your hand on his forehead, humming approvingly. “No fever. That’s good.”

Loki pushed your hand away and hissed: “Tell me who you are and where I am.”

“Uh, a little bit demanding, aren’t you?” You laughed and tsked, pointing with your index finger at him. “I’m [Y/N], dummy,  and you’re not going to fool me. Not again. This is not funny anymore.”

“Fool you? Don’t you know who I am?”

Rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms. “Yes, you’re Loki. My husband and King of Jotunheim, brother and right hand of Thor, King of Asgard. Blah Blah Blah.” 

Immediately Loki sat up, ignoring the pain, and stared at you. “King? Husband? This is not real. I do not belong here.” He looked around. The room was warm and cozy but looked more like a room carved into a cave. 

“What? What are you talking about?” You tried to push him carefully down but he didn’t even move a centimeter. “Love, you hurt yourself. I don’t know who attacked you but who ever did that was very powerful. You’re still weak, you need rest before you can find them.” 

For a second Loki contemplated what might have happened to him. There had been a fight against the sorcerer Doctor Strange before the man had thrown him through a portal. He cursed silently. He had thought the sorcerer had thrown him through it to send him somewhere far away, but that was not the case.

“Listen to me carefully. I am Loki, but I am not your husband and certainly not King of Jotunheim. I’m from a different universe.” 

“Oh…okay…Who send you then?” You asked confused and stepped back, not sure if the man was like your husband, or a different man. 

“Doctor Strange.”

“Strange, your friend from Midgard? This is unfortunate, Loki, because Stephen is dead. For over a decade now.” 

“What?” He didn’t look sad or shocked but verry pissed. 

“He’s dead.” You said and sighed, thinking about a solution.. “But I think I can get you your- my husbands books. He has a huge collection and the kids would love to help us to find the right spell.”

Loki blinked. “Kids? You have children.”

“Yes, we have a bunch of them. Six boys and god bless, I hope the next one is a girl. ” You gave him a smile, but it vanished as soon as you noticed his pained expression. “Don’t you have children?”

“No, I have not.”

“Well, maybe one day you’ll have some.” You said, the soft smile still on your lips. “Come, we should find a way to bring you home.”

This got long... As all my FAHC things tend to do

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse, Violence, Crime, Torture, Body Horror (Kind of?), Main Character feels pain 

You know what’d be cool?

If FAHC!Gavin could cry golden tears.

First, because it’d be visually appealing, but also because it’d be so interesting? All Gavin had to do was burst into tears and he’d be rich right? Except it stings, because hello gold is not supposed to be coming out of there!

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The Idea of You
  • The Idea of You
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Not The Actual Events

maybe that was somebody else
maybe i was somebody else
I am sorry (for what it’s worth) if that means anything anymore.  I think there’s something just wrong with me
i have been wondering
when did you know?  you know, really know?
no no no no no i don’t think that’s going to happen here
you missed all that on the way out
and remember
i don’t want to remember anymore
maybe i was somebody else?
just go back to the idea of me
go back to the idea of me

none of this is happening


oh and
If I start to tell you anything please don’t pay attention.  That’s not really me in there.  I would never do that.
just go back to the idea of me
go back to that idea
can you even hear me over here?
can’t you feel it happening?
everything absorbing liquid twitching forming something terrible
the sores are gone
and you can hardly tell now but

(Credence Barebone x Reader) A Safe Place [Pt.2]

Title : A Safe Place [Pt.2]

Request : No

Smut : Nope just fluff

Word Count : 1,995

A/N : I’m on a roll but I think I’ll post the third in three or more since I’m having a writer’s block after this part. Enjoy this one! Feedbacks are highly appreciated! Also, tagging @moonlight53, it’s finally updated haha! 

First :

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The next Friday evening, you walk out of the MACUSA building, after a long day at work. Several newcomer wizards from Ireland had arrived to New York this morning, and by several, you mean a ton of them. It seems that they want to have a vacation here in New York.

Your day was filled with filling forms of wand permit, and right now, your hand feels like a rock. You’ve tried to stretch it, pull it, massage it, everything, but it’s still sore.

You look up to the sky, and see it’s already dark, with snow starting to fall. The black sky and the fluttering snow remind you of the incident that happened last week. Your sisters were more than delighted to see you came home in one piece. They had thought Mary Lou and her crazy cult burned you alive or something.

You told Tina and Queenie about what happened between you and Credence, and with a gleeful face, Queenie exclaimed: “Our little [Name] is in love!” You denied it, obviously, but with her ability, you couldn’t hide anything from them. Tina then gave you a long lecture about how you should be careful with No-Majs, how they will kill you, and that what might happen.

You dismissed her with a scoff, claiming her paranoid. Yet, deep in your heart, some of her words had stuck inside you. Being the youngest of the three, they have always protected you, after your parents had died of dragon pox. But you always manage to try to protect yourself, relieving their burden.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a familiar face.


He is giving out pamphlets to the people walking past him, or more like trying to. People just ignore him and keep walking by. You decide to approach him, seeing there’s none of his family member in sight. As you approach him, you can’t help but notice that he has no coat on, only a jacket. And the color on his face shows that the he has been outside, there perhaps, for a few hours.

“Can I have one?” you ask from behind him, poking his shoulder.

He looks genuinely surprised when he hears your voice, asking for the pamphlets. Credence turns around, eyes still cast downward, and hands you one of them. You probably will throw it to the fireplace or something, but obviously you won’t tell him that. For now, your attention fixes on him only.

“Thank you…” he says quietly. You swear you see a tiny smile on the corner of his mouth.

“You look cold, Credence. Care for some coffee?” you offer him. And it is true. Up close, you can see him slightly shivering.

“I… I can’t,” he replies, avoiding your gaze once more by looking at the pamphlets in his hand.

“Why can’t you? Please, I insist. You look very ill, Credence,” you push on. He hesitates as his grip on the pamphlets tightens.

“…Mother… She would be furious… If she knew I am abandoning my job…” he says. The way he says it makes him sounds like a soldier. Or a puppet. Always ready to listen, to act upon the string controlled by the puppeteer.

“Oh, come on now. No mother would want any harm to her child! Come on, let’s get you something warm.”

You gently take the pamphlets from his hand, and neatly place it in his trousers’ pocket. He freezes when you do so. After you put them in his pocket, you see the scars on his palm have healed. You will have to thank Queenie for teaching you to make magical band aids later.

“Let’s go,” you say.

He walks beside you, eyes cast downward, and body posture inward. He seems scared of something. You consider taking his hand in yours, to calm him down. Or perhaps not. It will be extremely awkward, and if someone from MACUSA, or your sister sees you holding hands with him? You will be burned on a stake.

You decide the latter. Looking at him, he seems to be lost in thought as his eyes glances to the stores with Christmas decorations on it. It’s the end of November, but the stores in this particular are have put up the Christmas decorations. ‘It’s too early for this,’ you think to yourself.

The lights decorating the Christmas tree inside the store shine brightly, bringing a warm atmosphere to your surroundings. The smell of cocoa and baked goods also fills your nose, bringing forth the Christmas joy before it comes.

“Tell me Credence, does your family celebrate Christmas too?”

He looks at you for a second, before looking down again.

“Mother says that it is not necessary… Because of the money we would waste…” he says. “And… The precious time we have… Should be to spread our cause…”

Hearing him breaks your heart. No wonder he always looks so sad and lonely. Not to mention the scars on his hand… You wonder if his mother did it to him too…?

“Ah! Here we are!” you exclaim, suddenly stopping in front of a small café. You enter first, with Credence following behind you. He blinks in the sudden temperature change, the heat of the building warming his cold body.

You pick a seat in the corner, far from the glass window, in case someone spots you.

“What do you want Credence?” you ask, handing him the menu. You already know what to order, since you always go here every Friday evening. Getting a reward for yourself after a hard working week.

Credence looks at the menu with such concentration, and the way his brows furrow with each other makes you smile. He looks like a little kid on his first time in a café. The thought makes you think again. Or is it his first time?


You look up to him, making an eye contact for a moment. Credence calls your name with a slight fear and hesitation, and the way he says it melts your heart.

“Yes, Credence?”

“I… Don’t know what I want…”

“Oh? Is this your first time going to a café?”

He nods. You were right after all.

You call the waiter and order two large mugs of cocoa, with the special Christmas cookies on the side. The waiter, Josh, knows you, and he teases, “Getting a little steamy in here, eh?” You lightly smack him on his arm and tell him to mind his own business. He just chuckles and gives your order to the barista.

Back to Credence. He’s currently examining the interior of the café, silently admiring how wondrous the sight was. Everything he had known in life has always been about his little family, and his abusive mother. He feels a flutter in his chest. Little did he know, the sensation he’s feeling is called happiness.

“Credence?” you call him.

“Yes…?” he replies, breaking out of his trance.

“Are you… Okay?” you ask, testing the waters.

“I am fine… I suppose…”

“Are you sure…?”

He nods.

“Do you… Maybe… Want to talk about it…?”

He nods again.

You tilt your head questioningly. He takes out his right hand, showing it to you. You remain silent. Then, with his left, he pulls up sleeve and shows several scars, new scars, with marks similar like a belt. Your blood boils with anger and sadness, seeing how his face shifts to embarrassment and pure sorrow.

“Who did this Credence?” you ask, trying to hide the anger in your voice. Tears start to run down his face.

“M-Mother would punish me… For not listening to her… Or coming home late…” he sobs.

You reach out your hand to touch the red scars, before stopping and ask him for permission. He nods, trying to contain his sobs. You run your hand softly along the rough scars, some has healed, and some still new. Even some of them don’t only leave scars, but also ugly, purple bruises. His skin is rough to the touch, proof that he has been abused repeatedly.

Credence suddenly pulls his hand and covers it back, and immediately wipes his tears. You can see he cringes when he does so. The rough fabric must’ve come in contact with the scars.

“Two large mugs of cocoa, and fresh baked Christmas cookie. Enjoy!” Josh says as he places down your orders. So that’s why he makes the sudden movement.

You lift one of the mugs and place it in front of him. Credence looks at you, and you smile.

“It’s for you. My treat, it’s almost Christmas too,”

“W-Why are you so kind to me…?” he asks, slowly touching the handle on the mug as if it’s the most delicate thing.

“I… I don’t know myself, to be honest,” you start. He looks at you in fear, also with worry. “I just think… That you’ve always looked so sad… And so lonely… And all I want to do is to help you,” you continue. He hesitantly looks up at you. “But being me, I have no idea how to help you. So I just do my own thing. Does that sound weird?”

He shakes his head.

“You… You have helped me in some way…” he says. Then, he smiles.

Even though it’s a tiny smile, you know it’s that kind of smile, the rare one, which pulls the strings in your heart in a cruel way. Which empty your stomach and fills it with butterflies. The one that blocks your airway, hitching your breath in your throat.

He is beautiful.

The smile on your face widens, and you can hear your heartbeat going faster. You make a mental note to see him more often.

“U-Um! Anyway! Let’s drink the cocoa b-before it gets cold! Haha!” you stutter. His smile caught you off guard, and it breaks the image you’re holding in front of him.

“Yes… Let us,” he says.

Credence sips the cocoa, and you see his eyes widen at the taste. It’s something he has never tasted before. A sweet sensation that fills his whole mouth. A joy he has never felt before.

“Is it good?” you ask excitedly.

He nods at you and sips a little more, getting addicted to the taste. But then, in the back of his mind, he knows that this, this, little joy you give to him is only temporary. And that he shouldn’t get used to the feeling.

Because at the end of the day, you will be gone. And he will go back to the hellhole he calls home.


After the both of you finish up the cocoa and the cookies, you paid the bill and walk out of the café with Credence. You can tell he feels bad for not paying what he bought, because he keeps saying ‘Thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ the whole time you’re in the café after your little chitchat.

“It’s okay Credence, besides, you walked me home last week. So it really is okay,” you said.

He insists on walking you home, but you decline his offer, thinking it would be trouble if his mother finds out about this. After you say that, he looks sad, yet understands your reasoning.

“If you want, let’s meet up every Friday here, Credence,” you say. He looks up and his eyes give a glint of anticipation.

“B-But… I don’t want you to waste your money on me…”

“Oh it’s okay! We don’t have to always buy things! I’ll make some and bring it here, how about it?”

He hesitates about your offer, but he reluctantly nods.

“Great! Now, off you go Credence, be careful,” you say as you walk up to him.

Gathering your courage, you give him a peck on the cheek. Yours and his face turns bright red, and you giggle at his reaction. You skip away from him, before turning around and say one last thing:

“Please be happy.” 

Klaus Mikaelson x reader
+ Reader is Rebekah’s long time human friend. When things get rough in the Quarter Rebekah moves reader to the compound to be safe. Klaus finds reader interesting and feelings pursue.

You laid on your couch and set your arm across the back of it, brushing the smooth blanket atop it with your thumb. Everything was sore.

“Y/N,” Rebekah said crossing her arms, you peeked one eye open. “I cannot believe you are being so stubborn!” She exclaimed, exasperated. Rebekah had known you a long time and has taken you in as her ‘human’. You had been living in the Quarter for a long time and the witches tried to use you as leverage over Rebekah.

“True. But that’s because this is my home. I can’t just back down because a couple witches tried to use me against you.” You sat up, finally, wincing in pain. The witches had thrown you around quite a bit.

“And besides, how safe could I really be with your vindictive brother Klaus or devious Kol?” You inquired. If they really wanted, they could kill you. Kol could run off and Klaus could just dagger Rebekah if she gets out of line.

“Y/N you know I would never let that happen. Please. For me. Just come stay at the compound? It’ll make it much easier to ensure your safety.” Rebekah gave you her best puppy face and you couldn’t say no to that.

“Fine.” You said with feign annoyance. You stood up and walked to the threshold of your living room. “I’ll go pack now and we can move me in tonight.”

Rebekah smiled wildly. No one can harm you, her best friend. Rebekah loved you so much because she saw herself in you, only human. You were strong, selfless, and looked out for family above all else, and Rebekah is your family.

“Okay, Y/N, right this way.” Klaus heard Rebekah from downstairs entering the compound. He also heard another person accompanying her. He swiftly made his way to stand in front of you and Rebekah with his enhanced speed.

“And who might you be, love?” Klaus said, smiling at you.

“Her name is Y/N, and she will be staying with us for now.” Rebekah stated.

“And why might that be, sister?” He said looking less enthusiastically at his sibling. You knew Klaus didn’t like outsiders and you felt like you were intruding, but you’d rather that than Rebekah nagging you forever more to join her.

“Because, dear brother, I have invited her. Some witches tried to use her against me and I find she would be much safer here.” Rebekah crossed her arms in defiance, daring her brother to try and kick you out.

“Well, by all means then,” he said turning to you with animosity. “Welcome to my home.” He held his hand out for yours and you took his. Instead of a handshake like you expected, he lifted it to his lips. He pressed a soft kiss to the back of your palm. After he let go, smirked as you blushed and mumbled a shy “thanks.” And walked away down one of the many halls of the compound.

It had been a couple weeks since you initially moved into the compound. Nothing outstandingly bad happened since. Kol and Klaus had been unendingly flirtatious with you, to Rebekah’s dismay. You could see her roll her eyes every time she bore witness to their mischief. Elijah had been very helpful and had been teaching you to defend yourself on order of Rebekah. Hayley was in and out of the compound, always on the move, doing anything to help the wolves.

You, on the other hand, had been basically stuck under non official house arrest unless you were at work. You’re a barista at a cozy café in the quarter. You always smelt of cinnamon, vanilla, and roasted coffee. It had become his favorite scent, he was always happy to spend time with you. You were shy and he liked to tease you with Kol sometimes but you also enjoyed art among and had come to see him as more than a monster to be feared.

You were walking home after work one evening when you felt an arm slip around your neck and a hand cover your mouth. You screamed and tried to open your mouth to bite your attacker but they were too strong, someone supernatural. You knew it wasn’t a Mikaelson because even Kol would not try to trick you like this.

Your muffled screams seemed to do you no good when the attacker sloped your hair from your neck and tilted your neck for a better angle to plunge their teeth into you.

But Klaus heard you, even your muffled screams. He was near by, he was going to ask to take you out to dinner for some time out of the compound and waited along your route home.

But he was not quick enough to come to your aid, the vampire had already started to feed off you. You didn’t see Klaus, you thought it was over when black splotches dotted your vision. Your legs were limp and your eyelids felt like they weighed a ton. Pain throbbed from your neck. Then there wasn’t a body, Klaus ripped the vampire off of you. Klaus proceeded to rip their heart out. Before you fell to the ground Klaus caught you, kneeling to the ground holding you in his lap, cradling your head.

“Oh, Y/N,” he muttered looking down at you. He bite his wrist and fed you his blood to heal you. You were half drained when he saved you.

You looked at Klaus through your lashes, your eyes barely open.

“You are prone to danger.” He whispered. You smiled faintly.

“I live with the Mikaelsons. It’s normal.” You said in a raspy voice. Klaus picked you up bridal style and carried you back to the compound. If only you knew how much Klaus had come to love you and he vowed to not allow any one dare hurt you again. Now you were not only Rebekah’s human, you were the Mikaelsons’ human.

cute things about the signs

aries: shouts at the tv

taurus: scared of the dark

gemini:  hums to self a lot

cancer: laughs at things that aren’t funny

leo: is too stubborn to wear sun protection and then gets burned

virgo: needs to google everything just in case

libra: a sore loser at board games

scorpio: learns the whole of a rap song 

sagittarius: knocks everything over 

capricorn: needs to wear 39038 layers to stay warm

aquarius: falls asleep in the car

pisces: saves pictures of the life they want

Daaaamn Lana, back at it again with Fake AH Crew Headcannons!

- Gavin was absolutely the type of kid who went “Oooh what’s this??” with all of the guns Geoff and Jack brought home

- One time he picked up a shotgun and “accidentally” set it off in the house

- Jack’s heart never fully recovered from that

- Jeremy gets sparkly eyes over monster trucks

- So for his birthday Matt, Kdin, and Lindsay pulled their resources to buy him one with a bunch of semi-legal additions

- It’s painted bright purple with splashes of a garish orange, it’s an absolute eye-sore and Jeremy loves everything about it

- Ray likes to make weed jokes, but he’s never touched a joint a day in his life

- But that’s something he’ll take to the grave

- Ryan likes going to the spa

- He and Mica spend hours with avocado and cucumbers on their faces

- Michael never talks about the early days, before Ray, before Lindsay, before “Mogar” became a thing

- So everyone assumes it was a rough time he doesn’t want to remember

- They’ve all been there-they all know what it’s like

- But no

- This little shit was the most embarrassing muscle ever known, he wore a Fluttershy shirt to a shakedown and went by Little Pony for years

- Michael exists in a constant state of embarrassment because of that time in his life

X Reader part 3

part 1  part 2  part 3

“Black, what the hell did you do?” I whisper to myself.

Frustrated and confused, I rake my bruised fingers through my shoulder length black wavy hair. Leaning back to the headboard of my bed, I close my sored eyes in hopes to find clarity about everything, but everything just comes back to me: all the memories, all moments, all the stolen kisses, all the little talks, all the secret meet ups. Everything just hits me like a tidal wave and washes me off to shore, leaving me for dead. My pounding head only makes it worse.

Out of all the girls I have fooled around with, why did it have to be Y/N? Where did I get the idea that it would be a good thing to fool around with her? I mean it is not that it was bad. It was great. Better than the previous ones, not that I am comparing. I mean why?

A month and a half ago, we were walking around the castle with James, Remus and Peter. We just can not fall asleep so we decided to lurk in the shadows. We split up for some reason and I was with Y/N that night. We where near the Hufflepuff dorm area when we heard footsteps coming from our left. In panic, we looked around for a place to hide and found a secret room. In the said room, it had windows by the wall that allowed moonlight to shine through it causing a bluish hue glow to illuminate the room. The room had a few chairs, a couch, some lamps, and a table. It was all set up to some what looked like a small living room. The room did not look like it was used for a long time. The door we went through it was not even an ordinary door. It disappears. We did not even know this room existed before. Whenever we walk around that hallway, it would only have a broom closet and nothing else. It just seemed that at that time, the door appeared in front of us when we needed to get away. Y/N thought that our fear of getting caught triggered the door to appear.

“Merlin’s beard! That was close.” Y/N said with a grin

“It was.” I laughed. My body was filled with adrenaline. I was in euphoric high that I can feel the energy and excitement in my bones. I sat down on the couch and Y/N sat beside me.

“This would be a good hiding spot. We should tell James.” Y/N suggested as she looked around the place.

“I agree to that. It is an excellent place to hang out.” I agreed.

“Yeah.” Y/N said and her eyes landed on me.

I do not know how long it was but it felt forever when we looked each other in the eyes.

With euphoria running through veins, the buzz feeling that is unexplainable, and that glow that illuminated Y/N’s face in such a different good way, somehow made me lean forward and kiss her lips. Her lips where soft and warm that caused my whole body to relax from running away. But in an instant, it dawned to me that I kissed her, Y/N, my close friend. I pulled away and looked at her. Her expression was full of shock.

“I-I… sorry. I think we should umm-a leave.” I said and stood up and went outside.

She followed behind me and we head back straight to the separate dorms.


Why did I kiss her that night?

If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have any problems at all.

Why? That kiss led to just one but two-no three- no but a thousand more which led to more than just one intimate moment but to hundreds more. We could not help it. We are just human and the animal instinct inside of us just takes over our whole being. Being with her like this was alright, she was not a terrible person but somewhere in the back of my mind kept telling me to finish whatever is going on between us. I think that nagging feeling was right. Right? I mean it would end either way. Me and Y/N just don’t swing that way. We are just friends needing to feel something else. So, I ended what we had. I ended it. I felt it would be best to end it like the way I would end it straight to the point. When I was about to tell her, I was not able to say it right away.

Something inside me was holding me back but I did not know what it was. I was so tensed up, nervous. It felt as if the whole room was -40°C and the cold pierced right into my bones. But I had to do it, and I did. As soon as I let go of those three words, I bolted out of the room. I could not stand the tension in air. I did not know where it came from but it was there. My chest was so closed after it all. I could not breathe. I knew how but I was not sure. I brushed it off, thinking it was the tension.

Ughhh… My head still hurts. The music from the common room blares through my dorm room walls. I could hear that deep bass and beat playing in the background and wizards continuous cheering. My hand is still sore from that punch I threw earlier. I try to subside the pain by flicking my wrist, shaking the pain off but the pain is still there.


I look up to see blinding light coming through an open door and see a silhouette of a girl enter the room. She comes in the room holding something I can not quite see.

“I found some bandages. We can finally fix that hand of yours.” The girl softly says and sits beside my bed.

My eyes finally adjust to the darkness of the room and sees Lily tending to my hand.

“Lumos.” She casts a spell and light illuminates her freckled face. She is just quiet, meticulously doing the dressing on my injured hand but she stops.

“Why did you punch James?” she asks. She looks at me straight in the eyes without flinching. I turn my gaze somewhere else only to see James’ quidditch uniform laying on the ground.

“It’s not the right time to ask.” I exhausted. I look back at her hoping she would drop it but she would not budge.

“What do you want to know?” I demanded. “I’m too tired to talk about this.” My headache pounding harder than before. My uninjured fingers instinctively pinch the bridge of my nose.

“What do I want to know?” She raises her voice a little. “What I want to know is why you ran right up to your best friend and knocked the wind right out of him. You sucker punched him as he was sitting down from the other side of room. He didn’t even spoke a word to you and you just punched him out of nowhere. What has gotten into you?”

Lily cups my injured hand and looks at me with those droopy sad worried stern eyes.

“I don’t know, Lily.” Is all I could manage to say.

“Merlin’s beard, James. Oh James wake up!” Y/N shouts to an unconscious James.

“Y/N that’s not going to help.” Peter peers

“Ohh shush Peter, what do you know?” Marlene says as she sits on an arm chair.

“How could this happen? I mean aren’t we suppose to be celebrating the quidditch cup?” Remus questions as he frantically passes back and forth by the windows. “Why did it end this way?” He frustratedly rakes his hair. The music is still playing loudly in the Gryffindor common room and some people are still partying at their own little corner.

“For Godrick’ sake, can everyone go back to their dorms?! And shut the pipe down will you?!” Lily shouts as she leaves the room with bandages.

The music stopped playing and everyone left besides Peter, Remus and Y/N.

Remus sits down, still agitated, on an arm chair. He leans towards the edge with his arms supporting his chin as he shakes his left leg.

“Y/N” Remus calls a distressed Y/N who is sitting on the floor by the couch where James lay. Y/N turns to Remus. “What happened?” Remus asks.

“I-I was just sitting with James talking about his ‘glorious triumph’ in earlier match. We were laughing about how he exaggerated his story telling. And then I saw Sirius stood up from his seat from the corner of the opposite wall and he just charged right at James. I didn’t know what got into him. He was just there. At first I thought he was just going to rough house play with James but not punch him.” she said

Remus who is intently listening to Y/N’s story tells her “I think you should go. We should all take a rest. We’ll worry about this in the morning.”  

……. lol I think this part would obviously confuse people. To clarify, this set in months ahead October; The beginning was told from Sirius’ point of view and was switched to third person; Lastly, in Sirius part, he has flashbacks and returns back to present time. The story does not end here….
Donald Trump’s name is synonymous with sleaze, and literally an eye sore because he puts his name TRUMP real big on everything he touches. Just like his name has stained the communal skylines of several cities across the country, he’s staining our nation’s reputation as well as its existential credibility, and the kicker with his high-rise hotels is that Trump has nothing to do with any of the buildings or products he stamps his name onto. Remember when I said he’s been bailed out? The only money he makes is from other people paying him simply to license his name and nothing more because he has such a self-absorbed personality that he attracts other vain people to spend their money trying to be like him. Everything he has run himself has crashed and burned because he takes on epically dumb bets that he can only pay off with bigger dumber bets until people end his credit. No bank in America will lend him money, and that’s what I meant when I mentioned his conflicts of interest and blackmailably big debts to foreign entities. And he’s going to do the same thing to America.
—  Levi Olson

My very favorite princess ever, always and forever. Nothing I can say even seems adequate to say about someone who was so funny and quirky and smart and brave, and who brought such an important, strong female character to life in a way that no one else could have done quite the way she did – to say nothing of everything else she did during her all too-short time here.

Rest in peace, Carrie. Thank you for everything. You will be so sorely missed. 

My bones… I feel it in my bones
The age of my soul
Gripping me, finally
With long, thin fingers
Cracks, cracks in my bones
Creaking like the doors
That have been made in my heart
In my life
That so many people have left
Unopened, un-tended to
Rusted and swollen shut
My bones… I feel it in my bones
They’re breaking
Snapping like twigs beneath the feet
Of those who have run
In and out of my life
I’m tired, worn out
The age of my soul
Has caught up with me
My bones… I feel it in my bones
The weight of everything
I’ve ever carried
Weighing down my shoulders
Sore muscles, tired legs and arms
And a back, bent
Ready to give
Yet I carry on, I carry on
My bones… I feel it in my bones
That I may be tired
Sore, and battered
But it is worth it
Every creak, every crack
And twist and bend and snap
My old soul is full to bursting
With love
And a life that’s been worth living

© -Michael Greywood Poetry- 2016

Just going to throw this out there that if you are looking for a fantastic post-canonverse ereri fic to read, I would highly suggest  Sparrow by @sugarplum-senpai. I’ve been into it since the first chapter, and it’s really a great read. Characterization is on point (especially Levi bless), and so far I just love everything about it. Tbh it’s sorely underrated and a great representation of how dynamic ereri can be in a canonverse setting. Go check it out and give it some kudos :’D

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Bill is sick and demands attention from Dipper in the form of cuddles (prompt)

Thanks for the prompt! I really enjoyed writing this ^^

This time he’d barely noticed Pine Tree wasn’t there, having been asleep the whole time the human was away at school. On a usual day, Dipper walked out of every lesson with at least eight or nine missed calls or text messages on his phone, each one of them from Bill, but today he walked out of the school building frantically checking his phone and finding no sign that the demon had tried to contact him since the day before. It was only when he arrived home to a locked door and a seemingly empty house that he found out what was wrong.

Bill woke up – in a cold sweat – to the sound of the front door being unlocked. He sat bolt upright, panic surging through his veins for more than one reason. Where was Pine Tree? What time was it? Why was his throat so sore? Why was everything aching? He felt cold and his whole body was shivering, but one hand pressed against forehead quickly told him he was burning up. He stifled a yawn and laid back down again, exhaustion and frustration with his lack of understanding of his own human body taking over his panic and overwhelming him. He just wanted Pine Tree. He would explain what was going on with him. Where was Pine Tree?

As it happened, Dipper stepped through to the living room the moment he called out for him in his mind. For a moment, Bill felt nothing but relief – for a moment. Then it was back to the pain and exhaustion he’d been feeling all day. He mumbled something under his breath – something barely audible, barely coherent but undoubtedly a command that the mortal went to him – and tilted his head back, letting his eyes fall to a gentle close. If it hadn’t been for Dipper rushing to his side and firmly placing a hand against his forehead, brushing aside his bangs in the process, the demon would have gone right back to sleep without even trying to fight off his tiredness.

“Bill? Are you feeling alright?” The concern in his voice was what really made Bill fight to stay awake. Without opening his eyes, he shook his head and groaned, using one hand to claw at Dipper’s shirt and pull him closer. “You didn’t call today. I was worried.” Bill said nothing in reply but nodded in understanding, his cold clammy hand tightening its grip on the human’s shirt.

“Pine Tree, what’s wrong with me?” His voice shook and he detested the sound of it – weak, pathetic, and so unbelievably human.

“You’re just sick, Bill. It’s nothing to worry too much about.” The dismissal in his words bothered the demon, but he gave a small smile at the acknowledgement that it was not reflected in his voice. “Have you eaten anything today?” Bill shook his head again. He’d been asleep all day. He hadn’t eaten a single thing, nor had he drunk anything at all. He clutched at Dipper again as the human got up from his crouching position beside him to go and fetch a glass of water from the kitchen, but eventually had to let him go; his sick, disease-ridden human body was too weak now to hold Pine Tree where he wanted him.

As soon as Dipper returned, he took the glass with one hand and reached out for the mortal with the other. This time, Dipper laced their fingers together and sat down on the floor next to the sofa, facing the blond. “Have you been sick?” the brunet asked tentatively, pleased when the demon shook his head that he didn’t have a mess to clean up. “Do you want to…”

Bill cut him off with a yawn. He had been going to ask if he wanted to watch something on the TV, which of course the demon did not but he knew Pine Tree wanted to have some sort of entertainment if he was going to be stuck taking care of him all evening. “No. And I don’t want to talk either. I just want…” He knew what he wanted. He just didn’t know how to ask for it.

So he silenced himself and grabbed at Dipper’s hand, pulling him towards him with so little strength it barely made a difference but just enough to let the mortal know that he wanted him to stand up. He did as the demon was asking and got to his feet, automatically wondering if there was anything he needed. “Sit with me,” Bill whimpered quietly. He moved his legs out of the way so that Dipper could sit down beside him and once he did, he crawled over and lay down with his head resting on Pine Tree’s lap. Dipper put his arm around him without thinking, stroking the blond’s tangled mess of hair without stopping for even a second to consider what he was doing. Bill didn’t seem to mind, once he did realise what he was doing he didn’t bother stopping.

Letting out a small, pitiful mewl, the demon shifted his position so that his face was pressing against Pine Tree’s stomach. For a split second, as he moved, Dipper let go of the blond’s hair but only succeeded in aggravating him. “Carry on,” Bill demanded, his words muffled by the brunet’s shirt. The mortal promptly resumed stroking his hair, only half because he was being told to. Bill’s lips curled into a content, relaxed smile and opened his mouth halfway, sharp teeth poking out from behind his lips to jab at the fabric of Dipper’s shirt. It was strangely soothing, lying there chewing the human’s shirt. He made a mental note to do it more often.

Exhaustion was clawing at him again, nipping at the back of his mind. “Pine Tree,” he whispered, his voice obscured by an uncontrollable yawn. “Don’t let go of me, okay?” He hated this sickness and what it was doing to him – how it was making him so vulnerable and how he had no choice but to show his weakness to Dipper if he wanted him to go along with his demands. “Just, stay like this. I like this.” The last thing he felt was Dipper’s lips gently pressing against the top of his head and then he was drifting out of consciousness again, clinging onto Pine Tree like he was his only lifeline.

Everything hurts!!!

I am SO sore from the gym. Holy crap. I don’t know what hurts more. That plus period cramps means I don’t want to move right now, at all. I know that helps but GOD this is ridiculous.

Something I was thinking about today it triggers for eating bad food. Some happen a lot and some are so rare, but they all matter. Like for me, when I go refill my birth control, I buy chocolate. It’s just instinct. But today I consciously thought about it and didn’t! I really am aiming to eat really really healthy with limited treats. My birthday is in two weeks (!!) so you better believe I’ll be having something yummy then (friend Oreos anyone?) but not until then!