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oh yea i went to the jojo festival in sendai in august feat. @trashcanchockie who did a MAAAd daiya cosplay bless her

I never felt
A room so still
See the future coming
Hope it isn’t real
I learned to fake a smile
As the time runs out

Royai Playlist

Royai Playlist Tag

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You have made a mistake i have so many songs for them.

1) Star Sky - Two Steps From Hell

I’m going to put all the lyrics, because it’s so them. This is seriously my ultimate royai song, and just a really kick ass song in general

Burn the page for me
I cannot erase the time of sleep
I cannot be loved so set me free
I cannot deliver your love
Or caress your soul so
turn that page for me
I cannot embrace the touch that you give
I cannot find solace in your words
I cannot deliver you your love
and caress your soul

Age to age
I feel the call
Memory of future dreams
You and I, riding the sky
Keeping the fire bright
From another time and place

I know your name
I know your face
Your touch and grace
All of time cannot erase
What our hearts remember stays
Forever on a song we play

“Burn the page for me” and “I cannot be loved so set me free” just screams the scene where Riza asked Roy to burn her back so that she could be free of her father and ensure that there won’t be another flame alchemist. “I cannot embrace the touch that you give/I cannot find solace in your words/I cannot deliver you your love and caress your soul” is just dead on how I imagine they feel. Because they can’t be together openly because of their positions as superior and subordinate, they can’t be comforting or be affectionate, they can’t show the other how much they love them. The “Memory of future dreams” chorus makes me think of their youthful ideals, before they became soldiers and went to war. And how through each stags e of their life “age to age” they’re still connected. And there’s also the fire reference. And the last chorus, again, makes me think of how they’ll be together through everything, no matter what.

2) Silver Lining- Hurts

I won’t let you drown, when the water’s pulling you in
I’ll keep fighting, I’ll keep fighting
The rain’s going to follow you wherever you go
The clouds go black and the thunder rolls
And I see lightning
I see lightning

When the World surrounds you, I’ll make it go away
Paint the sky with silver lining
I will try to save you, cover up the grey
With silver lining

Now there’s no way back from the things you’ve done
I know it’s too late to stop the setting sun
You see the shadows in the distant light,
And it’s never gonna be alright
And you know, and you know, and you know I’m right

And I won’t get left behind, when the walls come tumbling in
I’ll keep climbing, I’ll keep climbing
The rain’s going to follow you wherever you go
The clouds go black and the thunder rolls
And I see lightning
I see lightning

The singer wants to save the person, but also says that there is “no way back from the things you’ve done” and I think that line in particular really fits their narrative regarding what they did during the war. Acknowledgement of their actions, but they still move forward and even while acknowledging each other’s actions, and their own, they still care for one another. And with “rain” in fma meaning sadness and grief, I think the imagery of a storm and “the rain’s going to follow you wherever you go…When the world surrounds you, i’ll make it go away/Paint the sky with silver lining” So acknowledgement of grief but also the offer of comfort.

3) Meet Me on the Battlefield- Svrcina

We carry on through the storm
Tired soldiers in this war
Remember what we’re fighting for

Meet me on the battlefield
Even on the darkest night
I will be your sword and shield,
Your camouflage and you will be mine

Echoes of the shots ring out
We may be the first to fall
Everything could stay the same
Or we could change it all

Meet me on the battlefield

We’re standing face-to-face
With our own human race
We commit the sins again
And our sons and daughters pay

Our tainted history
Is playing on repeat
But we could change it
If we stand up strong and take the lead

When I was younger, I was named
A generation unafraid
For the heirs to come, be brave

This song makes me think of Riza’s POV. Especially since she’s the one who says that they should shoulder the burdens for a better future, for the next generation. And I think “I will be your sword and shield, your camouflage and you will be mine” is a really good line for royai. And the “we may be the first to fall/everything could stay the same or we could change it all” really sums up their goal too, they don’t know how it will end, it could all be for nothing. Especially pre-promised day and before they knew about the homunculi.

4) Antebellum- Vienna Teng

I know the border lines we drew between us
Keep the weapons down,
Keep the wounded safe,
I know our antebellum innocence
Was never meant to see the light of our armistice day.

In the spring,
We climbed the rolling hills
And talked about our budding plans.
And we smiled,
Our faces like a mirror
Showing us our secret sides.
But then the fights
The sharp words splintering the night,
How I couldn’t be what you’d need
But oh how I could make you bleed

This song kills me. I think it’s royai-ness can be summed up by the line “I know our antebellum innocence was never meant to see the light of our armistice day” And the line “But oh how I could make you bleed” because they have such a capacity to hurt each other. Roy, on her request, burned her back, scarred her. And Riza has promised to pull the trigger if he ever crosses the line in his use of flame alchemy. How horrifying to have those things in a relationship with someone you care about so much.

5) War of Hearts-Ruelle

Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth

I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
‘Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but want oceans to part
'Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts

They know they shouldn’t love each other, or should put those feelings aside completely in the face of their goal, but they can’t help it. Especially when they’re separated by Bradley. The “shadows creep” brings to mind Pride, and the phone call between Roy and Riza.

when i run out of air to breathe (it’s your ghost i see) LISTEN

A fanmix from John’s POV regarding the end of his relationship with James Flint as we see it in the show. 

100 Days Of Black Sails:

  • FanMix #6 (97/100)

K Pop Tag

Soooo I was tagged by the lovely @monbaby-trash to do this Kpop tag thingy thank you sweetie 💕. (I may have done this once before but I can’t remember lol)


First group you listened to? SHINee

First solo artist you listened to? Jay Park? But I’m not even sure….

First group where you actually know their names? SHINee

First song to make you emotional? Broken Heart~ Monsta X (I still cry when I hear that song. Cried even more hearing/seeing it live by them)

Top 3

Top 3 fav male groups? Monsta X, B.A.P, Vixx

Top 3 fav female groups? I actually don’t have any fav female groups…..

Top 3 fav songs of all time? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PICK JUST 3????? 😭 but if I must…. B.A.P~ Fire Flame, Monsta X (can I just say all their songs is that possible????) Queen, Vixx~ Eternity.

Top 3 biases? Hoseok (Wonho), Yongguk, Wonshik (Ravi)

Top 3 fandoms (I’m guessing that I’m in?)? Monbebe, Baby, Starlight

Top 3 choreographies? Someone just put me out of my misery right now. Monsta X~ Fighter (honestly it’s all their choreographies I can never just pick one with Monsta X), B.A.P~ Wake Me Up, SHINee~ Sherlock


Ultimate bias group? Monsta X

Ultimate male bias? Hoseok (Wonho)

Ultimate female bias? I don’t have one….

Now the fun part of who to tag….. hmmmmmm…. @illbetheresomehow @floofsta-x @i-u-shi @ims-monbebe @limkkukkung @rap-monstax @chenderellastrash @happycakeycake @minjistrashwife @mizz-apple2016

As per usual you can choose to do or not but if you do I look forward to seeing your answers have funnnn ☺️😁


jon snow and daenerys targaryen - parallels

he drops his glamour. he wants to know if you still love him, which is, frankly, ridiculous to you. although he is very beautiful, that’s never been the reason why you love him.

so you answer honestly, and after a beat, he smirks. he makes a comment about how it was just a test, and then jokes about how you don’t even have skin half the time.

you laugh. in the back of your mind, though, you hear the same phrase that echoed constantly through your head as you fought your way through the astral plane, determined not to abandon him:

“i’m afraid no one else will have me.”


The album’s stylistic choices — what some deem as musical nods to classic rock acts like David Bowie and Pink Floyd — were also illuminated, with Styles explaining that his father listened to “a lot of Queen and Pink Floyd,” while his mother favored Norah Jones and Shania Twain. “I’m a huge Shania Twain fan,” said Styles.

  • You need someone to love you right: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Someone who will give you peace of mind: Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Who is going to be there day and night: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces