and the song really grew on me

Track 1- Let’s Hurt Tonight

  • A song created when Ryan Tedder decided that he didn’t want to pay for couples counseling
  • lol but all jokes aside this song is a straight banger

Track 2- Future Looks Good

  • That build up tho
  • This song’s melody is so good like dayum boiiii
  • Everybody says this song sounds like “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia but I don’t hear it???

Track 3- Oh My My (Featuring Cassius)

  • Is this even OneRepublic?
  • This song makes me wish I knew how to play the bass guitar

Track 4- Kids

  • I swear I’ve heard this song before
  • This song sounds more like an EDM song than a OneRepublic song but I kinda dig it 

Track 5- Dream

  • The bass riff at the beginning of this song is outstanding
  • I remember hearing Ryan Tedder talk about this song and saying that their goal was to make this more of a rock song than a “pop” song. They succeeded.

Track 6- Choke 

  • I didn’t like this song at first but it really grew on me and now it’s one of my favorites on the album
  • I’m totally digging that choir in the chorus

Track 7- A.I. (Featuring Peter Gabriel)

  • This song is so weird…………… but I friggin love it
  • That drop 0.0

Track 8- Better

  • This song sounds like if Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots did a collaboration
  • The lyrics of this song are a little too relatable tbh
  • The kids choir at the end gives me chills every time 

Track 9- Born

  • This song’s beat is too dope
  • I got major nostalgia when they made that “Where the Wild Things Are” reference

Track 10- Fingertips

  • This song sounds like a lullaby
  • That part where the beat comes in is really cool in a way I can’t even explain

Track 11- Human

  • This song is so deep holy moly
  • I love this song because it makes God sound really sassy and it’s great

Track 12- Lift Me Up

  • This is one of the few songs where I can’t tell if the verses or the chorus is better
  • Also the bridge is really good
  • I guess this whole song is just really good 

Track 13- NbHD (Featuring Santigold

  • Why isn’t this song just called “Neighborhood”?
  • This song gets so much more meaning when you realize it’s technically written from the point of view of a refugee

Track 14- Wherever I Go

  • This song is a complete banger. That’s all.

Track 15- All These Things

  • This is one of those songs that you skip a lot but it’s actually pretty good but you just never realized it
  • Not sure why but I really like that “ts” sound that is repeated throughout the song

Track 16- Heaven

  • This song’s melody is so beautiful I can’t even stand it
  • Not to mention the lyrics oml
  • 10/10 would recommend this song


OneRepublic was definitely experimenting with this album and did many things that I never expected from them, but unlike many other bands, just about everything they did worked for me. I’ve seen so many bands branch out and try something new but they totally failed and lost their identity. Some may argue that this is the case for OneRepublic with not only this album, but their last album “Native”, but I don’t think so. Although they have incorporated many new themes into their music and have a lot more of a poppy vibe, to me this still sounds like the OneRepublic I’ve always loved.

Its no surprise to me now that Koogi chose “Killing me softly” for this comic to use not only because it kind of goes with Sangwoo as the killer. But Koogi said she grew up listening to old songs a lot and she really likes “Dancing Queen” by Abba. Killing me softly was from the 70s… so thats quite nice to know :) 

Caius gets jealous when someone flirts with his mate. (request)

You and Alec were going back and forth talking while Caius grew more and more jealous. "Oh I heard that band just came out with a new album! I could have someone go get it for you" Amazed that a vampire, especially one as old as Alec even knew about the modern aged music.

“Really? you would get it for me?” Alec nodded while wearing a small smile. “Of course! I may not really listen to them or any music but that one song was good" you laughed at his responses and that’s when Caius had enough.

"Alec” Caius said while standing up from his throne. “Yes master? What do you need?” Looking at Caius you could already tell he wasn’t happy. Nothing truly new. “I need for you to stop talking to Y/n. If I see you any where near them again, Well you already know. Leave me and Y/n be”

Alec rushed with his head down out of the room and quickly shut the large wooden doors behind him. Caius made his way back up to his throne. “Y/n you can no longer talk with Alec.” Confused and a little angry you argued with him, “Why can’t I speak with him? He has done nothing wrong” Now sitting back in his throne he glared down at you. “Come, sit on my lap”.

As you sat on his lap he pulled you close and just sat there holding you until he finally spoke. “He was being to nice to you" Then it all came together, he was jealous!  "Caius are you jealous?” His grip tightened. “You shouldn’t be, you are the only one for me.” kissing your cheek then sighing, “I am not, Jealous.” continued to tease him, “I think you were, Tell me if you were and I won’t speak with Alec” almost blurting out his answer, “I was ok? I never knew you liked that band! He did” Laughing you kissed him lightly and pulled back, “I am still going to talk with him. Just know he doesn’t pose a threat to you” Caius shook his head “You tricked me Y/n, well played. I feel better knowing he doesn’t”.

Before going to sleep Caius walked in your room, “Y/n? I got you something.” Pulling yourself up from the bed you curiously looked at Caius’s hands and saw him holding the new band’s album. “Aw Caius, You shouldn’t have.” “I figured I should learn more about you, so I got it. Which one is the good song you like?”.

Love Is Alive is the first track on the album. […] I think that this song is so important to me because I really feel like it encapsulates the entire vibe of what this record is. It’s a vocal album, and that song, it mirrors the songs that I grew up listening to, like those four-minute-Celine Dion-epic vocal journey songs. […] There’s no beginning, middle and end; it’s just like a whole, long, beautiful vocal journey.
Obviously, when you listen to the words, when you hear “love is alive,” it’s such a beautiful, powerful theme, but at the end of the day, even if there were no words to this song and you just heard it, you’d be equally as moved.
I really do see the beauty and joy and love in life again and I’m the most grateful for that […], to feel the way that I do, to believe in love again and to have love in my life. So that’s what this song means to me.

Hey, I’m a singer-songwriter and just released my first ‘single’ on iTunes and Spotify and that!

This post is specifically about Spotify, because it’s a streaming service that most people use and is currently my best friend with my song.

I released “He Wishes He Never Grew Up,” (Kelvin Parker (me)) and would really like to get to 1000 streams on Spotify.

Obviously it’s free and nothing extra if you already use Spotify, just one listen helps me get there! You’ll be helping me get towards my goal of being a successful musician and if you like it you found new music! That’s cool!

I just really want to do well, I guess. Sorry for the #BegPost but I’m not sure how else to do this (I’m not very good at promo or advertising or anything…)

It’s also my birthday on Dec 21st so think of it as a present to me for being born and that.

He Wishes He Never Grew Up - Kelvin Parker

1 stream = 1 prayer

Beyoncé was/is essential to my recovery.

Of course, I grew up singing her parts in Destiny’s Child songs and all the way up through 4, I adored her but something really shifted in 2013.

Self-titled came out just days after I got out of the hospital for suicidal ideation. Pretty Hurts really got me to challenge my eating disorder. ***Flawless/***Flawless Remix got me the hype I needed to make it through when I felt everything but flawless. Grown Woman gave me a confidence in myself that 19 year old me needed to start changing my life without the control of my parents.

When Lemonade came out this year, I was reeling from the worst heartbreak I had ever experienced. The person I loved more than anyone before him had hurt me so deep that I was angry or sad most of the time. It felt like a wound I kept wishing would heal but it just stayed open and I stayed lost. Watching her journey through hurt to a place of love and forgiveness really helped me accept that I needed to acknowledge my feelings. I needed to allow myself to be hurt and angry. And I healed. I learned. Changed for the better. And wouldn’t you know, true love came back and I was ready for it.

I’ve never been to a concert or anything but I hope one of these days I can tell her in person what her music has done for me.



**ok so note: the first three lines of the lullaby are from an actual song called “1,2,3,4” by feist. I literally love the song and I think these lyrics are really cute, you should listen to it, it’s really soft and cool. However, the vibe and meaning doesn’t fit the story of this imagine. I’m wanted to say they’re not my words and I do not own any rights lol the rest of the song I made up** enjoy!!

The bed rattled beneath you, causing you to turn over, confirming your suspicion. Newt was having another nightmare. He let out slight whimpers as his body randomly jerked and shook all over.

“Noooo,” he said softly but his voice gradually grew louder until he was practically screaming, “no. No! NOOO!!! You can’t take her from me!”

“Newt, love, shhh. It’s just a dream. Please wake up,” you gently shook him.

“Y/N? You’re alright,” His voice shook as he lifted a hand up to cup your face. “I had this awful-”

“Yes, I’m fine. It’s best not to think about it, ok?” You took his hand and squeezed tight, reassuring him of your presence and lightly kissed his temple. He softly smiled.

“Sing to me?” He whispered.

“Of course.” You were never found of your voice, but Newt couldn’t get enough of it, and he always found an excuse to hear it. But it truly did calm him down in the most trying of times.

“One, two, three, four
Tell me that you love me more
Sleepless long nights…” you began softly, tracing patterns on his cold skin.
“Everything will be alright,
Five, six, seven, eight
Hold me close, this is fate
Nine, ten, and eleven,
Darling, you are my heaven.
Forget about twelve,
I’ll throw all your worries on the shelf.”

You repeated the lullaby until his eyes grew heavy finished and sank back down into him.

“I love you, angel,” he buried his head in the crook of your neck, muffling his hoarse voice.

“I love you too, now just close your eyes. We’re all alright, life will go on, and morning will be here before we know it.” You felt his arm tighten around you, reassuring you as well.

“My mother accidentally bought me Aladdin and the King of Thieves instead of the first film when I was a kid, to which I grew up with that one instead. As a result it’s become my favorite Disney sequel next to Lion King 2 as I find it has a really decent story with a complex character that is Aladdin’s dad, as well as some REALLY catchy songs. I often caught myself singing “Welcome to the Forty Thieves”.

Hayes Grier - You belong with me (based on the song)

Request:  Hi can you do a Hayes imagine based on the Taylor Swifts song “you belong with me”? Understand of you don’t have time for it. BTW love your blog soooooo much <3


I honestly didn’t have a problem with having a crush on my best friend until that one point where he got a girlfriend who was definitely not me. The problems started then. Hayes and I had basically known each other since the day of our birth. Our moms were in the same hospital, but Hayes was born two days earlier than me, but our mothers somehow stayed in contact and we grew up together. We were always really close, he was protective over me, like a brother and I was always there for him. My dad sometimes said that we were twins, but my mom gave Hayes to his mother, but I didn’t like to think about it, because I wasn’t thinking of him as my brother, he was more like my love interest.

It wasn’t a problem, because we hung out all the time and I was totally okay with it, I had all of his attention, but when we were thirteen years old a new girl came to our school and Hayes seemed to like her a lot. Her name was Jordan and she quickly became our third wheel, or at least I thought that she would be a third wheel, but then I was the one who became that.

Not long before our fourteenth birthday Hayes asked me to go over. I though he just wants to play football which we did a lot when Nash was away, or he needed help with Skylynn. But that was the day he told me that he and Jordan was together, like a couple. I quickly became the third wheel because I wasn’t part of their relationship.

That was the day when I lied right into his face telling him how happy I was for him. I wanted to tell him how bad I felt because he chose the new girl over me, but I didn’t. I knew I was going to still be there for him and just wait for my moment that was quite unlikely to come.

I remember how things changed since then.

You’re on the phone with your girlfriend
She’s upset, she’s going off about something that you said
‘Cause she doesn’t get your humor like I do.

They argued a lot sometimes, because, if you ask me, Jordan was not the girl who could put up with him. They were different in some ways that caused some problems between them, but I never told him that. They used to fight on the phone sometimes when I was with him, I was always just waiting for them to finish it. Jordan got mad at something he said a lot of times, but I didn’t find these things offensive, it was just her, because she didn’t get his jokes like I do.

I’m listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like.
And she’ll never know your story like I do.
But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain
And I’m on the bleachers

I caught myself comparing to her more and more often, because I couldn’t help but notice how different we were. She was popular almost since the first day she appeared in school. She was quite charismatic and everyone wanted to be friends with her. Obviously she was the captain of the cheerleaders while I just watched the games from the bleachers, which was totally fine until Jordan. He used to wave at me from the field, but then he only paid attention to her. I didn’t blame him, she was prettier than me, she knew how to dress stylishly and she always did her makeup perfectly, why I didn’t even use any. We were definitely on different teams.

They had been dating for a few months when I noticed him changing. He wasn’t that happy like he used to be, because they were fighting over stupid things. He gave up our time often just to be with her, because she was fussing over something. I wanted to tell him that I was worried, but I was no one to tell him what to do in his relationship.

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.
If you could see

That I’m the one
Who understands you,
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me.

All I could do was hoping he would realize that I would give him everything he needed. I wanted him to make this decision on his own, but it seemed like he just kept fighting for something that was clearly bad for him in a lot of ways. One day I even heard Jordan talk shit about him because “he didn’t go over at 11 pm to help her decide what to wear the next day”. This girl was really living in a dream world and I couldn’t believe Hayes didn’t see it.

Oh, I remember you driving to my house
In the middle of the night.
I’m the one who makes you laugh
When you know you’re 'bout to cry.
I know your favorite songs,
And you tell me about your dreams.
Think I know where you belong,
Think I know it’s with me.

I missed the good, old times when it was just the two of us. We had so many memories together, it was like those cliché movies, we did everything from those. There were nights when we sneaked out together and I remember when he was having harder times. I was the one who tried to brighten his mood up and I usually succeeded in it. We basically knew everything about each other while Jordan knew almost nothing. She gave him such a lame gift to his birthday, because she didn’t know him.

I thought I would keep my thoughts to myself, but then one night, it all went down. We were out for pizza, because our moms went to yoga class together or something and didn’t have the time to cook, so we could eat pizza. I hadn’t spent time with him in like weeks, so I was happy to finally see him for more than five minutes. I couldn’t not notice how worn out he was and I was sure it was because of Jordan, and as speaking of the devil, she appeared.

“Oh God, I hope she won’t see me,” Hayes whined turning his face away, but it was too late, she laid her eyes on us and made her way to our table.

“So you are out here eating pizza with Y/N, but you can’t text me back?” she exclaimed putting her hands to her hips.

“I’m not texting you back because what you were talking about was nonsense,” he growled back. I hated seeing him like that, he was nothing like that happy, carefree boy I used to know.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Call me, when you are ready to apologize,” she said and turning around she walked back to her friends. I looked at Hayes, he looked awful. I was so sorry and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“You okay, Hayes?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah, sure, I just really don’t understand why I’m doing it,” he muttered staring at the table. My hands were shaking, because my body already knew that I was about to say something big, but I didn’t know I would say exactly that:

“I think you really should end it with Jordan, all she does is get mad at you and you are visibly not happy with her. I hate seeing you like that, because… Uh… H-Have you ever thought just maybe… Maybe, you belong with me?”

I was shocked that I said it out loud, and as I could see, Hayes was just as surprised as I was. I wasn’t planning on saying that last part.

“I-I’m sorry, I d-didn’t mean to…” I was ready to run away right at that moment, I grabbed my bag and my phone from the table, but he stopped me with grabbing my wrist and holding me back.

“Wait, don’t go!” he pleaded. I looked at him scared, but sat back. I felt myself blushing madly and I was waiting for him to say something. But instead of that, he stood up.

I watched him go to where Jordan was standing with her friends. He tapped her shoulder and I stood up, but didn’t do anything.

“Jordan, I’m done with you,” he simply said and I thought she would faint right at that moment.

“What?!” she shrieked, but Hayes just shrugged and turning around he walked back to me.

“Hayes…” I started but he shook his head and held his hand out for me.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” he said with a bright smile. Man, how I missed that smile! I grabbed his hand and we rushed out of the place and didn’t stop until the end of the street. We both were laughing madly, I couldn’t believe he just broke up with his girlfriend after I told him that he should be with me.

“This feels so fucking good!” he almost shouted as we finally stopped. I laughed at his relief and blew my hair out of my face. He looked at me and grabbing my hand he pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t say anything just hugged him back. When we pulled away he looked into my eyes. “I can’t believe this was how I had to realize I was with the wrong girl,” he said now more calmly. I gave him a shy smile. I knew he wasn’t going to kiss me or anything, he obviously needed some time, but it was a promise that he would make it up for everything that lately happened. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s go home.” He held his hand out and I accepted it gladly. We walked home hand in hand and I couldn’t be happier despite the fact that he just went through his first ever breakup.

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is it really that racist to associate gasolina with lance? i headcanon that he likes the song but that's me projecting because i grew up on the song but i don't want to like. offend anyone with it. sorry if this is dumb

No no it’s not dumb, I’m glad you asked. It’s not /racist/ exactly I mean it’s just a song.

Where the aversion to Lance & Gasolina is because very early on in this fandom there was a fic (a p racist fic) that used it with out bothering to look for like a specifically culturally appropriate song. Or literally anything else.

The running issue in this fandom is that a lot of artists/writers just kind go “ehhh ok this is the first ”“”“”“Hispanic”“”“”“” thing I thought of so I’m just gonna use it because all Hispanics are the same.“ And it causes a lot of issues.

But I’m guessing your hc was made outside from that drama since you didn’t know lol don’t worry.

Sometimes when I see people say things like “oh, there’s an audio recording of Lance’s VA singing” it really trips me up because I GREW UP hearing him sing. Jeremy Shada voiced Finn from Adventure Time, and that was the only show that I watched consistently throughout my preteen and teenage years. He sang a lot, though they were mostly silly songs.
Anyway, here’s some stuff about Jeremy Shada that I know off the top of my head

- He’s a bby, he’s only 20
- His birthday is the day after mine (and the day after Voltron S2 was released) January 21st
- He did a cover of a song called Lucky (no, not Get Lucky) back around 2013 or 2014, which I have been listening to since then. Look it up, it’s good. (I like to listen to it and imagine that the girl is Keith)
- He was also in a show called The Incredible Crew. It was great, go watch it and imagine Lance as him


Thank you @sopeonthestreets for tagging me!

a. - age: 22

b. - biggest fear: I used to be really scared of elevators, but I think I’ve finally mostly gotten over that…so now I can only think of super depressing answers like failure and death

c. - current time: 9:01 pm

d. - drink you last had: water

e. - everyday starts with: checking this fucking website

f. - favorite song: I AM NOT GOOD AT ANY QUESTION THAT REQUIRES ME TO PICK A FAVORITE ANYTHING (unless it’s a fav kpop idol)

g. - ghosts, are they real: mmm, realistically I would say no, but….I’m from a neighborhood that is supposedly very haunted, so I grew up believing they were and sometimes I still wonder. I’ve heard so many stories…

h. - hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

i. - in love with:  it’s not a secret y'all, but I’ll give you a hint: His name rhymes with Yin Moongi

j. - jealous of:  people who have their lives together

k. - killed someone: Do my dreams and ambitions count?

l. - last time you cried: Last week, maybe?

m. - middle name: Grace

n. - number of siblings: one younger sister

o. - one wish: to get my life together 

p. - person i last called/texted: my parents

q. - question you’re always asked: How’s the job search going? *screams internally* 


t. - time you woke up: 8:30

u. - underwear color: blue

v. - vacation destination: Anywhere in Europe…Japan…South Korea…anywhere tbh

w. - worst habit: PROCRASTINATION 

x. - x-rays you’ve had:  I used to get x-rays twice a year on my spine because I have scoliosis

y. - your favorite food: pizza, pasta, crappy Americanized Chinese food…

z. - zodiac: libra

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Why do u loves the sexy and gorgeous, Gaston \•3•/

CAUSE god everything?? I feel like I really romanticize the idea of someone with terrible qualities learning to be a better person. I grew up having really bad boyfriends and I guess thinking about someone like Gaston being able to change and be a good person is like therapeutic to me. 

I love that he’s tall and handsome and strong. I love his voice, and how confident he is. I also headcanon that he’s actually really smart because in the mob song he says “screw your courage to the sticking place” and that’s from Macbeth so I like to think he’s well versed in Shakespeare and actually loves to read and I want him to read me stories in bed. 

When Hamilton fans tell me they don’t like hip-hop, I have gotten these arguments…

“Hip-hop doesn’t really tell a story like Hamilton does…”




*eye twitch*

“They use the N-Word all the time and just talk about bitches, money, and shallow stuff…”

“It’s just all degrading to women…”

A valid argument for many songs, but…

“OKAY, it’s just not the style of music I like! I grew up with showtunes and that’s what I’m into!”


Smacked Down Hamilfan: Okay. *pause* ONE MORE THING—

Note: If you’ve never really listened to classic hip-hop/rap, please listen to these songs. They’re some of my faves. And if the n-word bothers you, Biggie’s song is the only song in this rec list that uses it. Also, that song, though amazing, could be triggering so you can skip on that one if you want. 


So there’s like this huge sports rivalry between the University of Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles.  People get into this shit, and it weirded me out; but, you see, I’m a carpetbagger who came to the Sunshine State to steal jobs.

The other day me and my people were downtown right across the street from UF and this dude drives by in a car covered in Seminoles swag and blaring the Seminoles fight song, and we had a good laugh about this bold motherfucker trolling an entire city.  We got to talking about how weird sports rivalries are, and my spouse (who grew up around here) says, “Well, in this case, the rivalry is especially intense because it’s not really about football, it’s a rivalry between two cities.”

So I sez, “Oh, okay.  Where is FSU, again?”


“Oh?  Tallahassee?  Well, FUCK them.”

I don’t give a god-diddly-damn about football, but Tallahassee delenda est

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I'm surprised you like Justin Bieber cause his response to rape is "Well things happen."

that’s actually terrible, he said that 7 years ago and i hope he’s changed since then. honestly i don’t pay attention to bieber and his personal antics, or really any celebrity because i think they’re all problematic. i just really like his music because i grew up with it. like i can probably associate every big moment in my life with one of his songs that was popular at the time and i listen to his tracks when i’m anxious and they make me feel better. when people say he’s a shit person, i don’t defend him because it’s true 👀. he’s also had history of cultural appropriation and doesn’t recognize the privilege he has when dealing with his mental illness, which is all bad.

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A - AGE:  29 (in a few weeks)

B - BIGGEST FEAR:  being alone, rejection, losing people i love



E - EVERY MORNING STARTS WITH:  a check of my phone

F - FAVORITE SONG:  hahahahahhahah nope.

G - GHOSTS ARE THE REAL:  don’t really believe in ghosts.

H - HOMETOWN:  Roseau, MN (where I grew up) but now I live in Bemidji, MN and have been here for the last ten years.

I - IN LOVE WITH:  reading, writing, theater, musicals, disney, music, Beauty and the Beast, harry potter, the ocean, traveling, my husband. :) 

J - JEALOUS OF:  tons of different people

K - KILLED SOMEONE:  oh, regularly. ;)

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED:  like teared up or fully cried? cause the last time I cried was a while ago. 



O - ONE WISH:  a happy and stable future for myself and my family (this is so good I’m stealing it.)

P - PERSON YOU LAST TEXTED/CALLED:  Last called my mom, she didn’t answer. Last texted my sister, she didn’t answer.


R - REASONS TO SMILE:  Captain Swan, family, Micah. 

S - SONG LAST SANG:  I find myself humming things from Beauty and the Beast all of the time. 

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP:  about noon



W - WORST HABIT:  being on my phone a lot, biting my nails, worrying, etc.

X - X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: ah…. I think I had one done on my spine to find out if I had scoliosis (I have it very mildly) 

Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: pizza, pasta, chocolate, nachos, potatoes, salad (yumm), I have a bunch!!!


go ahead and do this if ya want! :)