and the song included

Eurovision 2017 song titles in the lead vocalist's main language
  • <p> <b>Albania:</b> Botë<p/><b>Armenia:</b> թռչել ինձ հետ (t’rrch’yel indz het)<p/><b>Austria:</b> Auf Luft rennen<p/><b>Australia:</b> Don’t come easy<p/><b>Azerbaijan:</b> Skeleti<p/><b>Belgium:</b> Lumières de la ville<p/><b>Bulgaria:</b> Красива бъркотия (Krasiva bŭrkotiya)<p/><b>Belarus:</b> Гісторыя майго жыцця (Historyja majho žyccia)<p/><b>Switzerland:</b> Apollo<p/><b>Cyprus:</b> Βαρύτητα (Varýtita)<p/><b>Czech Republic:</b> Můj tah<p/><b>Germany:</b> Perfektes Leben<p/><b>Denmark:</b> Where I Am<p/><b>Estonia:</b> Verona<p/><b>Spain:</b> Hazlo por tu amante<p/><b>Finland:</b> Mustarastas<p/><b>France:</b> Requiem<p/><b>United Kingdom:</b> I Will Never Give Up On You<p/><b>Georgia:</b> შეინარჩუნე რწმენა (sheinarch’une rtsmena)<p/><b>Greece:</b> Αυτό είναι αγάπη (Aftó eínai agápi)<p/><b>Croatia:</b> Moj prijatelj<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Origo<p/><b>Ireland:</b> Dying to try<p/><b>Israel:</b> אני מרגיש חי<p/><b>Iceland:</b> Pappír<p/><b>Italy:</b> Occidentali’s Karma<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> Lietus revoliucijos<p/><b>Latvia:</b> Līnija<p/><b>Moldova:</b> Hey Mamma<p/><b>Montenegro:</b> простор (Prostor)<p/><b>Macedona:</b> танцуваат сами (Tancuvaat sami)<p/><b>Malta:</b> Breathlessly<p/><b>The Netherlands:</b> Licht en schaduwen<p/><b>Norway:</b> Grip øyeblikket<p/><b>Poland:</b> Latarka<p/><b>Portugal:</b> Amor pelos dois<p/><b>Romania:</b> Yodel-l<p/><b>Serbia:</b> Предубоко (Preduboko)<p/><b>Russia:</b> Пламя горит (Plamya gorit)<p/><b>Sweden:</b> Jag kan inte fortsätta<p/><b>Slovenia:</b> Na poti<p/><b>San Marino:</b> Spirito della notte<p/><b>Ukraine:</b> час (Chas)<p/></p>


Met my friend today. I showed her the pamphlet and promised her I’ll upload these for her, so…:3

Pardon me again for the awful, AWFUL photos, all because I suck too badly…>_<”

Q: Best way to relieve stress?
A: Hanging out with friends, eating something delicious also with some booze.

Q: In 2016, we have the new “Mountain Day”. If you can make one special day for this year, what will it be?
A: The anime day, when we get anime aired all day including on terrestrial TV.

Q: Which songs from each of the other Kiramune members do you like most?
A: [HiroC] Doice misto
[NamiDai] UTAO
[Kakki] Call my Name
[Nobu] Too many to pick
[Yocchin] Dream Flag

Q: Which of your songs do you recommend for this spring?
A: Let;s fire up our love with “Koi no Merry-Go-Around”!

Q: Moment that makes you feel peaceful inside?
A: While waiting for our turns in the studio.

Q: What comes to your mind when thinking of spring?
A: That’s what KiraFes 2017 is, right!?

Q: What’ll you say is the charm point of KiraFes to someone who have never watched KiraFes before?
A: It’s where actors who hardly sing on the stage come together to sing! The songs and performance are awesome too!

Q: Any message to the fans who’ve come to KiraFes 2017?
A: We’ll be able to make another new and special memory again this year. Let’s enjoy!!

BΔSTILLE Song Catalogue

[Last updated: 25/03/17]
This is a list of every Bastille song we know about!

If you can’t find a copy of anything in the list, feel free to message me and I can probably hook you up. At the bottom of the list I’ve also included songs by Dan Smith before Bastille formed and songs he created with Ralph PelleyMounter.

If I’ve missed anything please reply/message me so I can update the list! I’ll be updating it periodically anyway with new stuff they release.

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me as a ghost

the house is quiet. all of the members of the family are sleeping soundly. the dog is troubled. it paces in the living room, whining. it knows something is amiss. it begins to bark but its barks are drowned out by ‘the time of my life’ by billy medley. despite the family’s attempts, including their call to an exorcist, this song continues to play at full volume on loop for the next 18 consecutive months. when the house is finally silent once more, the family thinks i have gone. they smile at one another, victorious, and turn in for the evening. the next morning the mother opens the bathroom to find a message on the mirror. the song resumes as soon as she reads the words ‘god i love this song’ written in blood 

anonymous asked:

I kinda agree. I don't the album is bad but the music chosen for the album was chosen to beat a song or a record, not for the purpose of just making good music and making your album better than the last one. I love Multiply and Plus but Divide feels more vague or impersonal, although it's meant to be a personal album. I just don't connect to it as much.

the music chosen for the album was chosen to beat a song or a record

There’s literally no way you could know this unless you were secretly involved with the selection process. In fact, Ed has shared several different ways that certain songs ended up on the album, including fighting with the label over the inclusion of Galway Girl because they didn’t think it would be a hit. He chose How Would You Feel (Paean) simply because his girlfriend liked it, and he ended up sharing Supermarket Flowers - a song he wasn’t originally going to include - because his grandfather thought it was a beautiful tribute and really wanted everyone to hear it. Ed was even going to leave the juggernaut that is Shape of You off of the album because it put him out of his comfort zone. He had to be convinced by his friends that it’s actually a bop. 

I do know why you said this, though. It’s because Ed himself has said that in the case of the song Perfect, he had set a challenge for himself to write a better song than Thinking Out Loud. So he said he wrote lots and lots of songs, trying to write one that was better, and he finally came up with Perfect. But see, what Ed said was he wanted to write a better song. You said these songs were chosen “not for the purpose of just making good music and making your album better than the last one,” but that’s actually exactly why Ed wrote Perfect and included it on Divide – to make good music and try to make this album better than the last one. He even said that he had a general subject idea for the different tracks on the album and then wrote several songs for each subject and only chose the best ones to include. What is that process, if it’s not literally just to make the album as good as possible?

I think the fact that Ed has said that he wants to be successful and now he is successful has made a lot of people - fans and otherwise - start thinking that he’s only making music for the purpose of being successful. But that has never been what he’s said or what he’s done. Ed loves music. He’s good at making music, and he would do it as a hobby even if it wasn’t his job and it hadn’t made him famous. But that being said, what on earth is the point of making any type of art and not doing it to the best of your ability and with the hope that it will affect other people? If you have the means to write a good song that 100 people will like or an even better song that 1,000 people will like, why wouldn’t you write the better one which will be more successful? The success isn’t what’s driving the song; it’s a better song, and that’s why it’s successful. And Ed has always focused on making the best songs he can possibly make. He has even said that he can’t tell what will be a hit, that he can only tell if something is a good song or not. He just works hard, makes the best thing he can, and enjoys the success that naturally comes with it. And that happens to include breaking records, which any sane person would of course be happy to do. 

Ed also, apparently, talks too much about wanting to achieve his personal goals, which for some baffling reason has started to offend people. I still haven’t worked out why no one wants to hear about this. 

I think Divide has some of Ed’s best work on it. I find it touching and personal and nostalgic and sexy and funny and joyful and sad in all the right amounts. But if you don’t connect to the music, that’s okay. You don’t have to. Just don’t let it be because of some misconception you have about why it exists. 


On this day in music history: March 25, 1976 - “Wings At The Speed Of Sound”, the fifth album by Wings is released. Produced by Paul McCartney, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London from January - February 1976. Unlike the previous four Wings albums that feature material written entirely by Paul McCartney, the other members of the band are asked to write and sing songs on the next album. This is done in part as a response to critics that feel that Wings is merely a vehicle for McCartney alone, with the other members acting as just sidemen and is not a “democratic” band. Issued just ten months after their previous album “Venus And Mars”, Wings will mount an extensive world tour in support of its release. In spite of tepid reviews from critics, it is another huge commercial success. It spins off two singles including “Silly Love Songs” (#1 Pop) and “Let ‘Em In” (#3 Pop).Original vinyl LP pressings as well as the singles feature custom label artwork, that is discontinued on later reissues. The album is remastered and reissued in November of 2014 through Hear/Concord Music in four configurations. The first is a two CD set including seven additional bonus tracks, a two CD + one DVD set, a remastered vinyl pressing, and as a high resolution digital download. “Wings At The Speed Of Sound” spends seven weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

dazzledreams  asked:

Did anyone listen to the demo songs on the soundtrack Akan sang? There is lot more in Days in the Sun that sounds like the beast and Evermore has some changes too. I wonder if we can get a transcript of those?

I listened to them! If I have time, I hope to type up all the lyrics including the demo songs.

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the guy that did that The Life edit has been editing camila out of their songs since before she left lmao truly doing God's work, the guy is rhaul on YouTube there's a ton more including 7/27 songs - allysincity

Fuck the tumblr discourse, Beauty and the Beast was a good movie and 23 years of nostalgia hit me and I sang along with those songs. So happy they included the older songs with some new ones. I am perfectly happy with the movie.

i need a modern au where john has a popular youtube channel with a bulk of the content being playing pranks on people with his roommate ringo (or ON his roommate ringo, a la this video), doing challenges/dares, going on political rants, and occasionally dropping really really nice covers of songs. sometimes george appears and they do things along the lines of epic meal time videos. john has an eyebrow piercing, wears nail polish, and does frequent polls about where his next tattoo should be (is there one on his arse?? most likely)

paul’s the one with the artsy instagram profile and all the song covers on his channel, including remixes similar to what postmodern jukebox does. people keep telling him he should do a collab with this weird john dude so he makes a guest appearance but on one of the prank videos instead. shenanigans ensue.

when they do cover a song it’s got all the atmosphere of this “ex’s and oh’s” cover. none of the lyrics are “no-homo”’ed, pronouns stay the same, sexual tension is obvious.



Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it.