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AAA REQUEST ARE OPEN!! i was wondering how the rfa members + v would react to hear their partner singing twenty one pilots (and absolutely slaying it, especially the rap parts) its alright if you can't. btw, this blog is a blessing <3


  • he’s up for almost any kind of music so he knows MC likes that band
  • and when it comes on the TV when both him and MC are watching, he can see MC getting ready to sing
  • it’s a fast song- he’s never heard this one, but MC clearly has
  • he loves how MC sings!
  • and then the rap begins
  • holy crap he’s shook
  • honestly he didn’t know MC could rap so well??
  • he’s genuinely surprised and when the song ends he opens youtube to play it again so he can process what MC sings again


  • She likes listening to MC’s music as long as the order of one of MC’s song, then one of hers, then one of MC’s and so on is respected
  • by now she knows MC loves Twenty One Pilots
  • and she also knows MC knows the lyrics by heart
  • still, every time MC starts singing her heart jumps around in her chest
  • swears MC could be a musical artist and denies she might be biased due to loving MC
  • also, the rap kills her
  • she gets almost dizzy seeing MC simply. sing so fast and not mess up the words
  • and she praises MC for it every single time


  • he tries to keep his music taste super broad so his inspiration can always be flowing
  • he is forever thankful MC brought in a new band into his life so he can listen to it
  • and another great part is that whenever their songs come on in shuffle, MC’s eyes light up and they clear their throat
  • the first time he was surprised
  • MC was singing so fast, without misspronouncing any lyrics, and keeping the beat??
  • so proud of MC?? like yes go slay that song. he knows some singers who could probably not even do half of that rap but his lover is Slaying That Rap
  • He tries to learn the lyrics too but since they’re in english and so fast he ends up saying gibberish while MC raps


  • he has always liked to accompany his wine with some music
  • so he might as well let MC add their music to that time
  • after all, they are part of the household and he wants things to be fair
  • in the beginning, he’s very happy to hear MC sing
  • it just makes him feel more at home? even though he’s in his own home, it feels. homier when MC is singing with a big grin
  • and then the song speeds up
  • and MC speeds up
  • he’d heard rapping helped to express emotions, but honestly, he was so surprised he wasn’t even registering if MC was expressing any
  • he clapped for MC in the end because he was really surprised and declared that a great performance deserved an applause


  • nothing is hidden from lord 707, not even your favourite artists
  • by that he means he looked into MC’s youtube history and found many Twenty One Pilots songs
  • and after a while after the whole drama with mint eye, MC started listening to their music with him sometimes
  • he cheered when MC started singing, humming along the tune
  • ahaha the rap is coming he gets to see MC flustered and trying to catch up haha-
  • wrong
  • when the rap starts he expects MC to mix up the lyrics but nope
  • MC is rapping to the song perfectly
  • he’s left speechless
  • honestly How Great Can MC Be. is this even fair? how can they have so many cool tricks? 

anyone remember how people used to make fandom videos using the song “high school never ends?” well today is your lucky day

“Did you ever see a dream dancing? Well, I did

Did you a ever see a dream romancing? Well, I did

Did you ever see heaven right in your arms, saying, “I love you, I do”

Well, the dream that was walking and the dream that was talking

And the heaven in my arms was you“

- Did you ever see a dream walking? (Eddy Duchin cover)

If you listen to Henry Hall’s version you can almost imagine it’s Edward singing :)

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Ok but that jimin fancam of for you makes me cry,jimins reaction & their smiles & that song as well,jikook is so real it's making my gay ass cry.Im sorry Im ill and its 3:30 in the morning,(btw love ur blog one of my faves)I think ima go to sleep tho

omg is it that fancam where jungkook stops in front of him and kinda smiles and then jimin cant stop smiling for the rest of the song??? im already crying enough without the husbands adding to it i cant but also-

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im just-

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they are so in love with each other and it makes me emotional okay

also thank you so much for liking my blog <333

“There are a lot of songs about positive aspects of relationships as well as a couple songs that are about the not-so-positive aspects of relationships [on my album]. There’s one song about a breakup, that I really feel like I was able to express myself [Laughs.], in a very honest way. It’s a fine line because you don’t want to give that person — or situation — more attention than they deserve, but for me, it’s really how I express myself. It’s my form of therapy.”


[STATION] Yesung X Seulgi _Darling U_Music Video


Rock / metal songs with Kagamine Rin on vocal.

dedicated to @panicprince (”i want to see kagamine rin open up a mosh pit at a vocaloid concert and scream ‘i want to see you kill somebody!!’”)

*warning for adult themes in…pretty much all these songs, as well as flashing lights in some PVs. please watch/listen with caution.

*producers Utsu-P and shiromeshi do pretty heavy screaming/growling in their songs so if that isn’t your thing, probably skip their songs.

  1. natural born B - Utsu-P
  2. The Lost One’s Weeping - Neru
  3. Black Showtime - Utsu-P
  4. Abstract Nonsense - Neru
  5. No Swimming - Utsu-P
  6. Suicide Party - shiromeshi
  7. Garden of Berserker - MinusP
  8. Monkey Doesn’t Know - Utsu-P
  9. Hunt Down - shiromeshi
  10. Quarrel with the Doppleganger - MinusP
  11. Fools Are Attracted to Anomaly - Utsu-P
  12. Heartache - shiromeshi
  13. Tengaku - YuuyuP
  14. HIKIZURI - Utsu-P
  15. Disappear Dancer - shiromeshi
  16. Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru
  17. Methods of Brainwashing the Monkey Dance - Utsu-P
  18. Multiple Personality - shiromeshi
  19. Sekisetsu Rock - Capmira-P
  20. The Dying Message - Utsu-P
  21. Hydra - shiromeshi
  22. Wraith - Utsu-P
  23. Birds Meeting - NexDart
  24. EAT - Utsu-P
  25. Deafness - NexDart
  26. Hell Pop - Utsu-P
  27. Slaine - NexDart
  29. Contamination - Botchi
  30. Adult’s Toy - Utsu-P
A Lovely Night

HI so okay this is my first piece of writing that im publishing on here and im currently consumed with mass amounts of anxiety but whatever. I saw La La Land yesterday and I loved it (and sobbed) but there was a musical number between Mia and Seb called “A Lovely Night” which I loved so hey why not be unoriginal and write a Draco thingy based on that song! Also I think my portrayal of Draco was shit Oh Well.

The boy next to you plopped down into the chair next to you, his eyebrows furrowed and a scowl on his face as always. Professor Snape had paired the two together for a potions essay, which you two thought was horribly stupid as a matter of fact, but now you had to put up with Malfoy. He was obnoxious, a bully, and frankly a lot of the things you hated piled into a body you wish you could say was ugly. You had only had a couple of encounters, which all were rude. “Meet me in the dungeons, tonight at 6, don’t be late,” was all he said to you, not even bothering to glance into your direction. As the class ended, you huffed as you hurriedly grabbed the book bag that was hanging on the back of your chair and scurried off.

You made your way down to the Slytherin dungeons, seeing a head of platinum head of hair within the darkness. “Early? Wow somebody’s eager to see me,” you joked, walking up to him, your hands finding their way into the pockets of the worn out jeans. “Nope, just on time,” he responded as boredom laced his voice, walking past you, back up the stairs you had just walked down. Rolling your eyes, you followed him. He lead you outside, near the black lake which happened to be one of your favorite places on all of the Hogwarts grounds. “I see you here sometimes, like always, I wanted to see what the hype is all about,” you heard him speak, your head snapping toward him, an eyebrow raised. “Stalking me now, are you Malfoy?” you countered. He sucked in a harsh breath, quickly sitting down onto the grass, snapping open his book, ignoring your question.

It seemed like only minutes had passed, but the sun had started to set. The pair had surprisingly started to get along, they had quite a bit in common. It had been silent for a while, as they were working on their separate parts of the assignment. “What a waste of a lovely night,” he muttered, more to himself than to the girl sitting next to him. “Hm?” you hummed back at him, looking up to see his tall, slender figure standing above her. “The sunset is beautiful, made for two, just not you and I,” he stated as if it was a fact. He had a point, the sun looking like half of it was in the water, the sky had been painted with a pretty array of yellows and oranges. You raised your eyebrows at his statement, opening your mouth to reply, only to hear him continue, “I mean I had a good time tonight, but its not like I like you, or that we would work out at all.” With that, you rose up to your feet, looking up at him to see him sneer. Before you spoke, you couldn’t help to feel a little sting, you thought tonight had gone pretty well. “Well, I think I should be the one to make that call, and you looked dashing in your polyester jumper-“ “its wool,” “whatever, what I mean is I didn’t feel anything, possibly less than nothing.”

You started to gather your stuff, wanting the last word in the battle of bickering he had started, but as you had begun to walk away you felt a strong hand grab your arm. Spinning around, he started to speak again, not before you could interrupt him. “Listen to me, I had a good time tonight but you couldn’t let me leave without being reminded about how ignorant you are, just because I laughed at some of the things you said does not at all mean I wanted to snog you or something-.” Before any more words could have left your mouth you felt his hand grab on to your waist, pulling you in close to him, your eyes wide. It felt like something out of a cheesy rom com, where the girl and the boy would bicker, they would both have feelings for each other, and then kiss at the end before the credits roll. As soon as your lips had disconnected, with the smirk back on his lips, he turned on his heel and walked away.

Why are people downplaying Blackpink’s efforts? Did they outperform every female artist out there? No, but they did amazing for a group that hasn’t even been out for a year. All their songs did well and they won on music shows with their debut. They swept up most of the rookie awards (plus some others) too. Yes, being in YG gave their debut more public attention, but it’s not like they could’ve become this popular without talent and good music.

well killing me softly as a song has officially been RUINED for me, thank you asshat mcfuckface

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What happens when Nishiki, Shuu, Ayato, and Touka (separately) are caught bellowing "Let It Go" from guess which Disney movie?

Hmmmm I wonder which one???? (jk my three nieces keep me caught up on all things Disney)

Shuu would not care in the slightest. It’s probably one of his favorite songs and although everyone is sick of hearing it, he sings well so they can’t complain too much. 

Nishiki would sing it in karaoke, claiming to not know the lyrics and saying how dumb it is. However, the song has been on his phone since the movie came out. 

Snapchat videos of Ayato and Touka have surfaced. No one is sure who caught who first, but their friends hope they keep it coming. 

Hope this was alright, thanks for the request! xo - mun C

alphabet prompts tag 🔤💭🌟

tagged by @kageyama thanks!!

i tag: @saisai-chan @sevi007 @crazytwirlcurls @leviossah @todokoris @kawaiijohn


copy/paste and replace my answers with yours !!! and tag people :-)

a - age: 22
b - biggest fear: heights or puking. both would be a nightmare
c - current time: 9:52am
d - drink you last had: Dr. Pepper
e - every day starts with: me waking up @ 3am then falling back asleep
f - favorite song: I enjoy Pogo’s music as well as anime OSTs (I’ve been listening to One Piece music a lot lately)
g - ghosts, are they real: maybe
h - hometown: can’t say bc I still live here lmao
i - in love with: not really anyone in a romantic sense, but I love my friends platonically
j - jealous of: people who have Deku’s shoes
k - killed someone: nope
l - last time you cried: the last time I had a panic attack
m - middle name: n/a
n - number of siblings: I have a younger brother and a younger sister
o - one wish: to have Deku’s shoes and maybe Denki’s jacket
p - person you last called/texted: my mom
q - questions you’re always asked: “Do you play piano?” “Are you not hot with that hat on?” “Why do you always wear a hat?” It’s usually about my hat.
r - reasons to smile: my friends, family, good food, good weather, good music, and free wifi
s - song last sang: Share the World
t - time you woke up: Around 4 bc a storm woke me up
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: the beach
w - worst habit: procrastinating
x - x-rays you’ve had: one time I passed out and went to the hospital they took an x-ray of my chest. I’ve had dental x-rays done too lmao
y - your favorite food: pizza rolls, french fries, breadsticks, spaghetti
z - zodiac sign: taurus

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What would Thors playlist be like!

Okay well first off there are lots of metal songs written about Thor and Norse mythology in general, because… it lends itself to screeching and sick guitar riffs, I guess? I mean, there’s an entire sub-genre of metal called “Viking Metal”. 

“Thor” and “Sign of the Hammer” - Manowar
“Twilight of the Thunder God” - Amon Amarth 

(I’m not gonna link to them, because I had an ex that was really into metal music, and I tried to learn about his interests… Instead I learned that I really hate metal music. That relationship didn’t last long and I don’t really wanna deal with the memories and all that shit.)

 That all being said, everybody that knows Thor knows that he’s actually a friggin’ softie who is 10000% GONE on Janey and is basically a golden retriever, temperament-wise.

tl;dr here’s @thorodinsonmeme‘s Playlist:

“Mister Blue Sky” - ELO

“Broad Shouldered Beasts” - Mumford & Sons (lyrics)

“Flying Without Wings” - Westlife (Fun Fact - this was on the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack. 17 years later and I still don’t know why.)

“She Blinded Me With Science” - Thomas Dolby (she blinded him with science and then hit him with her car. Twice.)