and the snail thingie

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Hmm... For the fusion thingy, Goodra and Slugma .w. ! (Snail buddy fusion~)

These pokemon are very calm due to them not having natural predators. Though, if attackt it uses its horns like clubs. Very hot clubs. Remarkable about this pokemon is the fact that it doesnt have arms, therefore it has great balance and when fighting it looks like its dancing. Very much like veporeon, it can turn itself into a puddle of magma, this is how it hunts.

ID #78701

Name: Anna
Age: 18
Country: Hungary

Hey! I’ve never had a pen pal so I might be a little awkward at the beginning. I just want to meet new people from around the world, and get to know the country and the culture.

So my name is Anna and I’m 18 and I live in this small country called Hungary but I love travelling. My life is all about music (rock mostly but I’m open to anything) and concerts and tv series (game of thrones, pll, once upon a time etc.). I also like to think I’m an artist, but I’m not, so don’t believe me when I say that. Basically I just want someone I can talk to about anything (from stupid fandom things to more serious topics).

Preferences: Someone between the ages of 15-20. Gender or other stuff doesn’t matter, just be open-minden please. I’d prefer messaging via tumblr or email at first, but later we can try that snail mail thingy.

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I'm a Leo and one time I poured salt on a snail and it did the turn inside out thingy and my dad told me I was gonna go to hell and satan was gonna make me turn inside out

your dad wasn’t lying