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Omfg definitely estimated dick sizes. I feel like Jungkook is the biggest. Jimin sadly looks like he is the smallest. NOT SAYING HE COULDN'T FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT THOUGH. Its more about how you use it then size ;)

TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT LAST PART ABOUT USING IT but here's how I’ve estimated. Keep in mind, South Korea has a more modest average size of 3.7 inches. That being said, these boys give off that above average feel ;D

Jimin - 5 inches, but definitely a very girthy guy. No problem filling a gal up and using his hips to his advantage ;)

Seokjin - 6 inches, decent girth, no doubt. 

Jungkook - Solid 7 with average girth, No questions asked.

Namjoon - 7 inches, and another girthy guy. good luck walking next day he's definitely a rough one.

Yoongi - 8 inches and a surprising girth = dangerous man

Taehyung - 8 inches and average girth. Super skilled as well.

Hoseok - 5 inches, decent girth + dangerous dancer hips = (imagine)

Interactive clairvoyance

Clairvoyance can be interactive, I asked in my mind how I perceive psychic insights and I saw in my minds eye three plates, each plate with a bun of a different size.

I opened up the biggest one and I saw an eye, which translates to clairvoyance. The second largest one had skin in it, which translates to clairsentience, that makes sense since I am an empath. When I opened up the smallest one, it was a brain, meaning claircognizance.

That was fun, everywhere I read about clairvoyance, it was all about a picture or video playing in the minds eye, apart from lucid dreaming, I have not heard of clairvoyant images being interactive.

It’s good that I found out about clairvoyance, since I was younger many involuntary psychic events happened to me through clairvoyance, but I thought I was clairsentient. Because of that I believe that being an empath does not mean that you are going to be primarily clairsentient, it is not definite.

Yesterday I was lost for almost an hour in a huge city where I don’t speak the language and almost immediately I started panicking and losing my grip on reality

Eventually I found my mom and now things are mostly fine but man it was scary, the worst part was how easily my brain can just peace outta there at the smallest provocation

Does anyone else mostly only get delusions/psychosis when they’re under a lot of stress?

“The human face is a powerful messenger. Our brains are attuned to its every nuance. The smallest shift in a musculature can translate itself into complex non-verbal information so subtle, and communicated so quickly, that we often don’t even register it consciously. One could say that for human beings, face is a structure with a high information resolution.”

Antiviral (2012) | Dir. Brandon Cronenberg

people bitching about ptx’s performance have the smallest brains ok
1) there are no lyrics so obviously they wouldn’t sing with any?? did you expect them to make some up??
2) “how is it a cappella if they sing with instruments” it’s not. they’re an a cappella group but they were asked to perform so they did
3) they arranged that themselves and was probably difficult as hell. they had to imitate an entire fucking orchestra with five of them
4) yes, people can sing without lyrics. that is a thing.
5) if the orchestra performed alone, it wouldn’t have really tied into the AMAs whatsoever. having ptx perform with them made it new and relevant to hype people for the new movie.
6) technically speaking, they fucking nailed that performance.
7) what the hell were you expecting from an a cappella group. they’re literally meant to arrange instrumentals into vocals. it’s their jobs

“So how did this happen exactly?” Tony struggled with the tableau before him. Doctor Foster was usually the smallest person in the room, even if her big beautiful brain was the largest. Different brilliance than him — Tony was focused on practical things, explosions on a personal level. Foster set her sights higher, bigger, and more abstract. But right now, Jane isn’t the smallest. That honor belonged to a young girl. Eight? Five? Seven, maybe. Tony isn’t good with ages.  Not for the youth.

“Localized time disturbance field?” Foster offers hesitantly, holding the girls hand as she shys behind her. She peeks out from behind the good astrophysicist, tilting her head so that her hair tumbles in wild, barely managed curls. “Honestly, I have no idea. One minute Darcy and I were talking across the room and the next…”

“Hi,” The girl says quick and hesitant, taking in everything around her from the safety of Jane Foster’s backside.

Oh shit. “That’s Darcy?” Tony says and involuntarily takes a step forward towards them, towards something he’d only seen in pictures, his daughter — as a child, living and breathing and in the same room as him.

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As I lie awake in this restless state it’s you thats pacing through my mind. You carve heart shapes inside my brain that keep me company at night. I wish I could convey in words or phrase these ways you make me feel. A playful craze meets lustful haze and the smallest pain you heal. I dream of you and clutch onto the smallest rays of hope that you’ll always stay inside my brain and never let me go.

male character: *has even the smallest hints of being female in any way at all*

my brain: do it. refer to them with she/her pronouns. do it

me: you’re a bad influence you know that