and the show itself really did save her life

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Soma, sorting through old clothes and things to sell/give away? I DUNNO URG>.<

Another ancient prompt I wanna clear out.  Thanks for sending it!

“Oh wow, look at how tiny these pants are!”

“I think those were from my tight pants phase; they may not be that old.”

Maka laughs and folds them neatly.  Setting them aside, she runs a delicate hand down the seams, faded and worn.  They smell a bit musty, having spent the better part of the past decade in storage, but they are otherwise in good condition.

“I remember that phase,” she says with a smile in her voice.  “You were ridiculous.”

Soul chuckles.  “Not gonna argue with that.”  He holds up one of her plaid skirts.  “Should we revisit the schoolgirl thing?”

Raising an eyebrow, Maka retorts, “Not while we’re sitting in a storage locker, we’re not.”  A beat.  “Put them in the pile and we’ll break them out at home.”

Soul laughs again and does as he’s told.  They continue folding clothes, punctuated by more giggles and wistful sighs, until Soul pulls out one of his old jackets.  It’s torn down the middle, and Maka instantly recognizes it as the coat he wore the day he was attacked.

“Why did you save that?” she asks.  It’s faded and bleached pale; it must have taken several washes to remove all the blood stains.  The garment itself is a tattered, ruined mess; she can’t imagine what value it might have.  All it did for her was to cause her stomach to turn over unpleasantly.

Soul looks thoughtful for a minute.  “If you had asked me that back then, I wouldn’t have been able to answer.  I didn’t really know why it was important to have.  But I think what I’d say now was that it showed me I could be brave, when I was protecting you.  That I could do great things, like save your life, when I wanted to.  It proved to me that I could do something worthwhile, when the thing I was protecting was so worthwhile.”

Maka folds the jacket carefully, carefully, carefully, and lays it on the Keep pile.