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BTS / Adopting a dog together

REQUEST by @jiminssweater: can you do adopting a puppy with bts members (this was inspred from ep. 22 from bts run) love your blog ❤️❤️❤️           

this was such an adorable request! i hope you enjoy! ❤️


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“Y/n! Y/n! Look at this one, you’ll love him!” he was seconds away from jumping up and down as he pointed at one of the cages with a beautiful, almost smiling pitbull inside. “I knew coming to this shelter was going to be a good idea.”

“Right, except there are so many dogs here, I just want to take them all home,” you said, pushing your hand through the cage bars to stroke the pitbull’s paw.

“Well, I guess we can do that,” Jin shrugged his shoulders. “We do live in a house and we do have an empty guest room.”

“Jin, if you’re suggesting we move over twenty dogs into our guest bedroom,” you started. “You know I’ll say yes. So, think carefully before you offer that type of stuff.”

Jin laughed at this. “I don’t see why that would be a bad idea.”

“Well, walking them would be difficult, considering that we’re both kind of busy,” you said. “And then there’s the fact that they all need attention, so they wouldn’t get sad…”

Jin’s face fell a little because what you said made sense.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he nodded. “Maybe let’s get one dog for starters and we’ll go from there.”

“That sounds good,” you nodded, turning back to look at the pitbull who watched you with hopeful eyes. “Look at him.”

Jin turned his head to look at the dog whose paw you’ve been petting for the past few minutes. “You’ve already bonded with this one, haven’t you?”


“Promise he won’t replace me, though?”

You laughed at this. “Jin, no one could replace you. He might come close, though.”


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Yoongi was skeptical about going to the dog shelter to adopt a dog, but only because he wasn’t sure if the two of you would be capable to take care of a dog, when sometimes both of you got so lost in each other, you forgot to eat or sleep.

All of his doubts disappeared when he stepped a foot into the shelter and you immediately pointed at one of the cages. Inside, there was the most beautiful chocolate-colored labrador, who wagged his tale at impossible speed when he saw you look at him.

“Oh my God, Yoongi!” you gasped, releasing your boyfriend’s hand to place both of your hands on the cage. The dog immediately approached you, licking your palms and letting you know that he was already your friend even if you weren’t going to take him home.

“Okay, that’s a really cute dog,” Yoongi agreed. “Is it a boy?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Look how happy he looks!”

Carefully, you got your hand behind the bars so you could pet his head, and the dog almost exploded from happiness, whining and nudging your hand with his paw.

“That is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen,” Yoongi said, feeling a smile spread across his face. “Is he the one for us, then?”

“I don’t even know,” you replied, smiling at the sight of the happy animal in front of you. “I haven’t looked at any other animal.”

“Well, when you know, you know,” Yoongi said, wrapping his arm around your waist and also extending his hand to touch the dog. “And I think he likes us.”

You smiled at your boyfriend, watching the hearts in his eyes as he felt the dog lick his hand, too. “Do you like him?”

“Y/n, I like anything that you like,” he replied, not looking away from the dog. “But I’m afraid I’m starting to like this dog more than you like him.”

“That is impossible,” you disagreed. “I like him a lot.”

“I like him a lot… more,” Yoongi said, laughing. “Okay, I think the conclusion is clear here. We’re taking him home.”


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Last Christmas, you and Hoseok considered adopting a dog but ended up not doing that because he had a last minute performance. Although you never said anything to him – because you never complained about his schedule since you knew how much his job meant to him and you didn’t want to make him choose between you and his work – Hoseok knew that you were upset.

Which is why he had covered your eyes with a blindfold and was now taking you somewhere.

“You know I don’t like it when I don’t have one of my senses,” you told him, blindly trying to get out of the car once he parked somewhere.

Hoseok laughed, coming up to help you leave the vehicle. He guided you further, all while you had your hands in front of you, in case he accidentally walked you into a wall.

“Where are you even taking me?” you asked when you heard him open a door of some building.

Almost tripping over the threshold, you entered a place that smelled vaguely like a farm. Frowning in confusion, you waited until Hoseok finally took the blindfold off. Suddenly blinded by the light, you squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, and when you opened them again, you realized that he had taken you to an animal shelter.

“Ta-da!” your boyfriend exclaimed. “A year later than promised, but we’re getting a dog.”

“We’re getting a dog?!” you said, watching the cages with excited animals all around you.

“Yeah,” Hoseok said. “Can I show you my personal favorite?”

“Of course!” you nodded eagerly and Hoseok took you to a cage at the end of the building, revealing a corgi pup inside. It was seemingly asleep.

“Her name is Nicki,” he told you, softly touching the bars of her cage. “And you’re about to see why.”

The sound woke the dog up and at the sight of two faces watching her, she jumped up to her feet immediately. She had a tiny little tail, so when she wagged it, her entire butt shook, making you laugh and understand immediately why she was named Nicki.

“She’s so precious!” you said, watching as she excitedly jumped around her cage. She probably would have done a backflip if the space weren’t so tight. “How old is she?”

“She’s actually six years old,” Hoseok told you. “But you’d never tell, right? And I guess people don’t really want her because they come here to adopt young puppies.”

“Oh my God, that’s so sad. I mean, look at her!” you said, watching the hopeful eyes of the happy dog in the cage. “We have to take her, Hobi. She can’t stay here, she doesn’t belong here. She belongs with us.”


One of his friends had recently opened an animal shelter and invited Namjoon to check it out. Knowing how much you loved dogs, he took you with him, not really thinking about adopting a dog and just wanting to look at them.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s life who makes plans for you. Or, in this case, it’s you who made plans.

“Joon!” you gasped, stopping in front of a pen full of tiny little shih-tzu puppies that clumsily walked around the little pen. “Come, take a look!”

“What is it, babe?” he asked, making his way towards you. “Oh, you found some friends, huh?”

You nodded enthusiastically as you squatted down. “Can I touch them?”

“Yeah, you can play with them, too!” the owner’s voice called out through the shelter. “They’re not quite ready to be taken home yet, but they will be in a couple of weeks!”

“Y/n, we’re not really—”

“Oh my God!” you squealed when you placed your hand in the pen to pet one of the puppies, and all five of them gathered around you, basically asking you to pick them up. “Joon, look this one looks just like you.”

He raised his eyebrows. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Same adorable face,” you said, caressing their soft little heads. “Same need for cuddles.”

“Oh,” Namjoon chuckled. “Okay. They are adorable.”

You nodded, not saying anything else, and instead focusing on the little puppies who treated you, a complete stranger they saw for the first time as if they knew you for a lifetime. They wouldn’t let you move away from the pen, instantly barking in their soft little puppy voices if you tried to leave.

“Oh, they’re not letting go of you,” Namjoon noticed this with a sigh. “Looks like we’ll have a new family member in two weeks.”

A new family member?” you turned your head to look at him. “I can’t choose one, Joon.”

“You want to take all five of them home?” Namjoon’s eyes widened. “We don’t—”

Groaning, you grabbed his hand, pulling him down so he was squatting too, and then directed his hands to the puppies in the pen.

Excitedly, they hurried over to smell the new person and immediately attacked him with their tongues, wanting to nudge and lick him, so he’d cuddle with them, too.

“Okay, okay, I get it now,” Namjoon said, laughing now. “We’ll be taking all five of them.”


As soon as you and Jimin entered an animal shelter, it was as if every dog in the building perked up and stopped whatever they were doing to watch you two.

“Y/n,” Jimin whispered to you, afraid to break the silence that settled in the shelter. “I think we’re the dog whisperers.”

You laughed. “They’re probably just waiting to see which one we’ll choose.”

“Oh, this makes me feel bad about the rest of them,” Jimin said, carefully looking at each cage and not knowing which dog to pet first. And then he saw it. A small, shy little puppy, cowering at the end of his cage, seemingly afraid to come forth. “Look at that ball of fluffiness.”

You looked in the direction that he was pointing at to see two black little eyes, looking at you in fear.

“Why is he so scared?” you asked as you and Jimin both approached the cage, freaking out the little guy even more.

“He’s been thrown away by his previous owners,” the owner of the shelter informed you after he had noticed which dog you were curious about. “So, he’s a little shy around new people. He’s probably afraid to get attached but I’m sure he’ll break out of his shell in a new home. A shelter is really not a good place for him.”

“He looks so sad,” Jimin commented. “Would it be possible for us to try and get him to let us touch him?”

The owner just shrugged, getting his keys out and unlocking the cage. He left you and Jimin alone with the little orange pomeranian pup, not wanting to scare him even more.

“Hey, little fella,” Jimin said, smiling at the dog, who cowered even further into the corner of the cage. “Oh, don’t be afraid of us. We come with peace. In fact, we want to take you home.”

He placed his hand into the cage, waiting for a few minutes until the dog found enough courage in him to sniff his hand. Somehow, the pomeranian decided that Jimin posed no threat to him and carefully, he approached his hand, letting Jimin touch his soft fur.

You saw your boyfriend nearly collapse after this. “He’s so soft! Touch it, Y/n.”

He moved away slightly, to allow you to place your hand in the cage. The pomeranian instantly moved away but after a few moments, allowed you to touch him, too.

“Oh my God, he’s the softest puppy I’ve ever seen,” you covered your mouth with your other hand while you softly scratched his ears. “We need to take him with us, Jimin.”

Jimin nodded, agreeing. “Of course. He already accepted us. We can’t leave him here now.”


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You and Taehyung already had two dogs at home but just so it happened that you were on your way home from your date at a restaurant, and you saw a new animal shelter that opened recently. Shrugging your shoulders, both of you decided to check it out, not giving it much thought.

“You know what I’ve been thinking?” Taehyung asked you while he sat in the playpen full of Dalmatian puppies who crawled over him, trying to get him to pet them. “We need to do a remake of 101 Dalmatians.”

“You can be Cruella,” you told him jokingly. “All that’s left is to find one hundred and one Dalmatian puppies.”

“Well, we can start with one,” he said, lifting a few puppies who wagged their little tails joyfully. “Or two. Or three.”

You laughed at this. “What about the dogs we have at home?”

“Good point! We can dress them up as Dalmatians, too!” Taehyung said, making you laugh again. “No, but real talk, we’re taking one of these little guys home, right?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t see why not. They’re really adorable.”

“Then how about we take two?” your boyfriend offered.

“Oh, the Dalmatian puppies are extremely hyperactive,” the owner of the shelter carefully warned you, after having heard that you planned to adopt more than one.

“That is fantastic,” you told him. “My boyfriend is too.”


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Jungkook knew that golden retrievers were your favorite dogs. You didn’t even have to tell him, he saw the way your eyes glittered and how you pulled him to pet every retriever you passed on the street.

Which is why, he took you to your friend’s house a day before your birthday because his friend owned a golden retriever who had just had puppies.

He watched as you lied on the floor to play with the fluffy little puppies, who wagged their tiny tails and kept trying to playfully bite you without even having proper teeth yet. As he felt himself smile every time you laughed, his friend patted him on the shoulder.

“How many dogs are you getting?” his friend asked. “Because I’m pretty sure your girlfriend just made all of the puppies fall in love with them.”

Jungkook laughed. “I’d get them all for her if she wanted me to.”

“You’re whipped, man,” his friend said with a smile.

Jungkook just shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch you play with the puppies. Eventually, you felt his gaze, and waved at him to get him to come over and join you. He shook his head at first, but eventually sat down on the floor next to you and was immediately attacked by the cuddly, golden bunch.

“They are so adorable!” you said, still cuddling one particular puppy who refused to get off you. “But this one is my baby.”

“Doesn’t he seem a little too slow in comparison to the other puppies?” Jungkook asked.

You gasped dramatically. “Don’t insult my son!”

“He’s your son already, huh?” Jungkook laughed at this and then extended his hands to hold the puppy, too. “Well, come on, then. If he’s your son, he’s my son. Let’s meet the dog who’s about to be your number two.”

“My number two?” you asked, raising your eyebrows, as you carefully lifted the puppy and handed it to him. “What’s my number one, then?”

Grinning, Jungkook took the puppy from you. “Me.”

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I'm convinced Diggle couldn't be in the crossover until the very end not because of his injury but because he would have stopped all that Olicity marriage angst right from the start by sitting them down and explaining how it was just Felicity's fear preventing her from saying yes. Poor Olicity struggling without their relationship guru. It's a good thing Diggle is an expert after 6yrs. and 5 seconds after he showed up they finally figured it out. I guess his presence was enough. :D

That is 

The Power of Diggle

He absolutely would have smacked both of them upside the head! They did need to do it on their own, and I’m glad they did, but at the same time Diggle would have saved them so much time. 

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I JUST finished Voyager, and while I'm happy they all got home, I wish they showed at least a small snippet of how everyone is doing after they settled in back in the Alpha Quadrant. Like Tom and B'Elanna in their own house/apartment taking care of their baby, or Harry reuniting with his family and being the cinnamon roll that he is (and finally getting promoted!). I JUST NEED A LITTLE BIT MORE.

Can I interest you in some… relaunch novels?? Homecoming by Christie Golden starts RIGHT when the last episode ends and it might just give you everything you’re asking for, my friend!

About Silas and panto’s death

I’ve been seeing a lot of bury the gays stuff and kind of an accusing finger pointed every which way so I’m going to share my two cents if that’s alright so here we go.

Silas and Panto’s death was necessary to the story for the exact position they were in. Now I only say this because I want you to fully understand my point of view I guess. Here’s why: Suzie commands the army to go kill all the rest of the families, which the trosts and hampers had mostly taken care of UNTIL bart, Panto, and Silas showed up. When they showed up there’s only 5 people left living at the battleground (one of which can’t be killed) but before hand the parents were clearly supportive of their sons and ready to finally end the battle, but when the mage’s army showed up they did EXACTLY as they were commanded, they killed all the rest of the dengamoors and trosts. To be clear, I am very heartbroken they died but I do see why. Two additional reasons I guess: 1. It followed the Romeo and Juliet theme they had underlying in their relationship and 2. It set bart of into her killing rampage which would NOT have occurred otherwise, she told ken she was done killing and didn’t attempt to help Panto when he was killing blackwing people, she had decided her own path.

Okay, I don’t think this follows the whole bury the gays, kill them just because their gay because Max Landis has done a VERY good job of developing the characters past their sexuality and the main guys (Todd, dirk, Amanda, and farah) we know little about other than the fact that farah and Todd hooked up. The entire first season Todd’s crush was the sole mention of any sort of relationship because max knew it wasn’t vital to the plot or who they were as characters. Panto and Silas were gay and loved each other deeply but they weren’t the “token gays” so many shows use for their diversity points. They had their own specialties and struggles and they were developed so much further than so many lgbt+ characters, shouldn’t that be something to celebrate? They were realistic people with lives and the fact that they were gay matter to nobody and it was beautiful. Tina also follows this, she is bi but she says is offhandedly in one scene (that wasn’t even strictly about her it was about the main 3) she was developed before this though and we all loved her, and after she came out every continued to treat her EXACTLY the same. Max Landis represents his lgbt+ characters the same as everybody else and they should be treated the same.

So while I completely wish that Panto and Silas didn’t die I think it needed to happen and it wasn’t just another way to knock the lgbt+ community down a leg, Max did the same thing he did to so many other characters this season and honestly I think the fact that he gave us their happy reunion and supportive parents was a blessing when Silas could have died on the bridge with many others.

If you disagree that’s fine, feel free to explain your side to me this is just the way I see it I guess. ✌️


Maybe I shouldn’t see it as the end of the world now that you aren’t around anymore.

Maybe it isn’t that big of a deal that I was replaced by someone else.

Maybe life is too beautiful and people are too common to be upset over one person who broke your heart.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so depressed about you leaving.

Maybe I shouldn’t be cutting or starving myself over something that was ultimately inevitable to happen.

Maybe it’s time I looked ahead and enjoy the people who do show that they want to be a part of my life.

At the end of the day, you’re all you got.

Don’t let anyone, not even your other half, make you feel like you’re less than a person that deserves nothing at all

I loved you, and I care about you, but it’s time I finally move on. You’ll always have a place in my heart, so don’t ever, ever, for a second, think that I don’t care about you. Because from the moment we met, to the second I finish this post, I would’ve done anything to prove it to you. You deserve the world, and nothing less.

Don’t forget to smile, sweetie.

You’re beautiful, and everyone thinks so too.


(미공개) [2017MAMA x M2] 엑소(EXO) Ending Finale Self Camera

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Wondering if RAS will dare tweet about tomorrow's episode knowing full well people are going to give their honest opinion about it? It's been almost a week since he's tweeted. My guess is he's feeling the burn (as he should) He should've known this would happen, instead he decided to fuck with the couple and the fans who gave him a second season. Hoping tomorrow's episode ends on a good note. Only good thing about it is the Barchie nonsense will be shut down early and the couples will reunite.

I find the silence almost eerie and deafening, honestly….and yes, it’s completely unlike him or the show, particularly for their mid-season finale. Which tells me he received even MORE negative feedback than we’ve seen on twitter, etc….because this is very, very unusual behavior. Factor in the rest of the cast (and writers) has been soooooopppppperrrr quiet and it’s just weird. Because normally interviews about this shit are done waaaayyy in advance and then released, but they realized what happened and quashed those

TBF, again, I was waaaayyyyyy more upset by episode 5, but this is still very, very weird. My take is he thought he was being “super edgy” and is now left with something super messy, that it sounds like they’ll be fixing in January.

I actually suspect the episode might well end on a very negative note, with both Jughead and Betty (and Douchie) in perilous limbo until January….but I can deal with that, too

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Things INTJs say; 2/2 11. Let me do that. 12. You're not doing it right. 13. *finally finished making the bed* I want to sleep on it but it's so perfect. 14. That's not where that goes. 15. Someone: *watching a show that has no logic* Can we watch something that can actually improve our minds not destroy it? 16. Someone: *reaching for my stuff* Me: If you touch that, I will end your insufferable irrelevant life. 17. Me: Why am I so cold? Someone: Because you're heart is frozen. Me: True.

Very true! Whenever I say the words “I feel” in a sentence, my friends go like, “IT HAS FEELINGS????!!!!!!" 


Hey guys!

I just want to start by saying I have NOT YET watched the 8th mid season finale of TWD, but yes, I have already been spoiled about Carl Grimes, because of the obvious and inevitable uproar all around!

I will not argue about the decisions of the producers nor will I comment about my actual point of view on Carl’s death, and, once again I have NOT yet watched the mid season finale so I have no idea what actually happened or how it ended, but I really wanted to give a shout out with this scene we all saw on Episode 1: Old Rick Grimes.

We all know this season keeps coming forward and backwards in its timeline. There are a few different timelines in the 1st episode and in this one, the “future” (let’s put it that way) we all can get a glimpse of Carl Grimes. Correct me if I’m having visions, but he DOES show up in this scene.

So I have no idea what this scene is about and I truly hope it’s a real one, because if it is, then, SOMEHOW, Carl may be alive!

Looking back at the mid-season Finale



Fun little thing I noticed: On talking dead, a lot of people scored really low on the live quiz so either no one was paying attention or that final reveal fucked everyone up, me included.


My mom and I called it, but we didn’t actually think they would do it. I’m very impressed that they pulled it off without me or my mom (both of who are fairly good at predicting TV shows) catching on until the very end. Seriously though, I didn’t think they’d have the guts to do it and I’m both impressed and very upset. I’m not too upset that I can’t think(Glenn fucked me up bad) so the cogs started turning as soon as the episode ended.


Carl is dying. Emphasis on IS. He’s not technically dead yet so I’m barely holding together because of that little fact.

We’ll start with the obvious facts. He was bitten. That is pretty much all that has been confirmed in the show. The rest has been confirmed (indirectly) through Scott Gimple.

I haven’t rewatched any episodes, so I’m going off pure memory and a bit of intuition. I have my own theory and given the evidence I’m about 90% sure it’s correct.


Okay, so hear me out. At the beginning of the season, Rick is standing over a grave, so we know someone important is going to die.

When you watch this episode pay attention to how Carl acts. He’s writing a letter, he looks at a paper that says ‘Just Survive Somehow’ (which is Enid’s saying), he comes up with the plan to evacuate Alexandria and practically He yells at Michonne to go along with his plan because she told him it was his show (“It’s my plan and you’re gonna do it”). For us that seems normal because Negan and Lucille are banging in their front door and telling them that they’re going to blow the place up in 3 minutes I they don’t open the gates. Even with the added pressure, Carl has never been so demanding towards Michonne.

Then when Carl is talking to Negan he begs Negan to kill him instead of someone else. And the adds (more to himself) that it’s going to happen anyway. (He said something along the lines of its already happening or it’s already going to happen, which either way of saying it holds 2 very different meanings, which is why I’m rewatching it to find out what he says). Still we think nothing because everyone is already infected, and that it’s totally plausible to think you’ll die in the apocalypse eventually.

Then we have when Carl gets down from the ladder. He jumps and then he’s limping. There’s no blood (very important detail) so he hasn’t been shot, so he must have hurt his ankle or something, right? Alexandria is being blown up, which is what Carl predicted. He’s thrown around a bit, knocked down a few times too. It makes his limp worse but we still deduct that he’s not hurt too bad because there is no blood.

As far as we’re concerned here, he escapes into the sewers and is perfectly safe. The next time we see him he’s badly injured and lifts up his perfectly clean shirt to show a bandaged bite on his stomach. Which will inevitably end him. The audience knows this.

I was a little confused to when this happened when I thought of the time line of Season 8a. It all takes place in one day, perfectly plausible for him to get bitten several episodes ago, and not to feel the effects until now (canonically, it takes a few hours I believe for it to take affect).

My theory is that he was bit when he was recruiting the new guy and was pushed into the walker guts and tackled by the other walker. It’s one of two times Carl was outside of Alexandria’s gates this season, and the only time he was shown struggling to fight a walker. I haven’t rewatched that episode yet but I’m pretty sure he pats his side and holds his hand there. He doesn’t lift his shirt up or show it but I’m pretty sure he reacted to something.

Gimple may have indirectly confirmed this on Talking dead tonight so I’m pretty sure this theory is correct.

There are other factors like the film schedule, Chandlers working on other projects, He was accepted into College, etc. and I’m sure there are other hints in the show but those are the ones off the top of my head. I’m gonna go back and rewatch it and probably compile a definite list and a bullet proof theory on this.


On to other things, I think this show is incredibly well acted. Chandler did an amazing job when he was yelling at the Negan from the top of the gate. I can’t wait to February when we see his death scene (I will be crying and not happy at all, but I appreciate when character deaths are handled well) and, all things considered it was a great plan. Nothing went wrong. The only thing that gets me is it’s a little disappointing that Carl’s demise is a couple of walkers when he’s literally faced hundreds before. But he’s not dead yet so I’ll hold my tongue until Feb.

I’m also really excited to see everyone’s reaction to this. Carl canonically is probably in the 14-17 range (and that range is big since it’s hard to pinpoint how much time has passed since season 1) so it’s gonna have a huge affect on everyone, especially the original characters (there are only 4 now, I believe).

It’s just bittersweet. Someone on twitter hit the nail on the head. Chandler and I are the same age, and both started our own Walking Dead journeys when we were 10. Now we’re both 18 and growing up and facing changes and going to college and experimenting with new hobbies. I think part of me, is sad to see Carl die, but his death will be impactful and meaningful. The other part of me is excited, Chandler already had a movie come out this year, has a new role in another movie, and is putting out music. So he’s not on the walking dead, but he’s not disappearing from the entertainment industry.


Carl is dying. He wasn’t bit during this episode. I am very distraught.

Winter Song - Ch. 11: Key

Klaine, M, A03
Written for Klaine Advent 2017

A story that picks up where “A Lost Boy Comes Out” left off: after Blaine comes out (as a vampire), things aren’t as easy as he and Kurt had hoped they would be.  Written for Klaine Advent 2017.

Chapter 11

The matinee is sold out, and Blaine beams with pride as Kurt takes his bow.  Kurt’s ability to mesmerize an audience has only grown over the years, and it never ceases to amaze him.  At the same time, he’s relieved that this is the end of this show’s run.  The old theater has so many dark corners, Blaine worries that even SHIELD finds it a challenge to protect Kurt here.

He makes his way backstage, through the narrow hallways, and finally into Kurt’s dressing room.


Kurt’s flushed with excitement, and Blaine pulls him into a tight hug.

“You were fantastic, sweetheart.”  Blaine kisses him soundly, the taste of sweat and makeup only serving to seal this moment in his memory.

When Kurt pulls back, he keeps his arms looped lightly around Blaine’s waist, and they sink down on to the rickety couch, still pressed together.

“See what Rachel sent me?” Kurt asks, motioning to a giant-sized red and green bouquet in the corner.  “Kind of looks like Christmas exploded.”

Blaine laughs softly against Kurt’s neck.  “Maybe a little.”

“It’s as if she has no taste at all,” Kurt says.  “And she’s still on me to do that performance with her at McKinley.  The girl doesn’t take no for an answer.”  Kurt stands and goes back to his vanity, wiping his face with a towel to get off the remainder of his stage makeup.  “Never has, I suppose.”

Blaine breathes out slowly. “Kurt?”

Kurt turns, fixing Blaine with a serious look.  The mood in the cramped room changes instantly.  “There’s that tone… did SHIELD find something else?  Am I the key that’s going to destroy the world?”

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But could you imagine how iconic the series ending would be if this was the last scene:

The girls are all together to say goodbye to Aria who is about to go on a three week honeymoon with Ezra.
Aria: “guys I’m leaving for three weeks, why is everybody crying?”
All the girls laugh and let out another sob at those words.
Alison looks at her best friends one by one and says, “I guess it feels like it’s the end of something.”
Everyone grabs onto eachother even tighter and nods while fighting back more tears.
Spencer takes a deep breath and speaks up through everyones sobbing, “Even if it really is the end of something, our story will live on in our hearts.” She looks up and smiles at Aria who almost wishes she didn’t have to go on a honeymoon.
“Yeah, well our story will probably also live on in this godforsaking town too for a long time,” Hanna says with her infamous hint of sarcasm in her voice. The girls all laugh at this and look at eachother again once more.
Emily lets her head rest on Alisons’ shoulder as Alison looks at Hanna and then to Spencer. She can’t help but put on her bold smile she was most known for when she was younger, and as she takes a deep breath she says,
“That’s immortality, my darlings.”


The fact that BTS is performing last is honestly such a huge deal. Usually, only the biggest stars are saved until the end so that viewers continue to watch the show + to provide an epic closing. Just think about it: Back in 2014, they would jam out to artists that they looked up to from the audience, and now, so many of the younger stars are going to be cheering for them in awe while they’re on stage (for quite a long time compared to before too). They’ve literally gone from rookies to a grand finale…It’s amazing what these 7 guys have accomplished in the four years since their debut, and us ARMYs couldn’t be any prouder. 


Depiction of a daughter coming out to her mother, choreographed in Bharatanatyam

The story starts by showing a close, affectionate bond between the Mother and her Daughter when the Mother says that she wants her Daughter to get married soon to a worthy boy. At this point the Daughter finally comes out and tells her Mother the truth about herself. The rest is a constant fight between the two until they reach peace and understanding. At the end, the Mother finally accepts her Daughter as well as her significant other.

Choreographed and performed by:
Aarthy Sundaresan
Swathi Jaisankar

Special Appearance:

Music by:
Akash Gururaja (violin)
Mrinmoyee Kalasikam (cello)
Vivek Ramanan (mridangam)