and the show did not only use one of his songs

Baek Stans only want the best for Baekhyun, and hope he will achieve his goals. I don’t know why people take it in a negative way. Most people always come at us just because we want him to have a solo, and want him to have more opportunity to show what he is capable of, but people always tell us that “He’s already popular”, “He already did a lot let another member ……”, “let other members shine” or “He already have Dream, Rain and The Day let the other member…….” There are members with more solo activities who gets to act more and sing in OSTs than Baekhyun but they talk like Baekhyun have the most in EXO. Some of you even say that he shouldn’t get one cuz he already sings a lot in EXO songs. Chen and D.O sings a lot too, but they are allowed to get one but not Baekhyun? How can you be so unfair when it comes to Baekhyun? Some of you trying so hard to preach at people telling us why Baekhyun shouldn’t get one or other member should get it first. All we want is Baekhyun to do what he want, to gain more recognition and hoping for a solo he deserves, we never said another member can’t get one and we didn’t say who should get it first? Even if we did say we want Baekhyun to get a solo album first, why does this bother you so much? 

You always use his popularity to tell us why he can’t do this or that, It’s like you are telling us that because Baekhyun is popular so we can’t ask for anything for Baekhyun, we can’t wish for a solo album, and we can’t wish him to shine more, it’s like you want to push him back to prevent him from getting the recognition. I don’t know why yall always talking about being supportive and support all members but you don’t support Baekhyun, you don’t want him to do anything, you don’t want him to shine and you keep trying to push him back whenever he comes to the front. Some of you want him to flop, some of you went mad just because a lot of people are hyping up on him. You won’t even let his own STANS cheer for him and to congratulate him or even be happy for his achievement, some of you even got offended just because people are praising him, how can you call yourself “ot9stan” and tell others to support everyone but you don’t support Baekhyun? You do know Baekhyun is part of EXO right? When you said “Support Every Member” Baekhyun IS included right? But some of you seems to have forgotten that he is also a member of EXO and keep trying to take him out and push him away from EXO and trying so hard to prevent him from shining. 

I was incredibly blessed to have the honor of experiencing the genius that is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Having been a fan of the production/movie I’m so very happy I got to finally see it in the flesh.
And also getting to finally meet Darren Criss.
He was super nice and incredible; but we already knew that.
I got him to sign both of my playbills (Hedwig/Hurt Locker), my ticket stub, and a sugar daddy I happened to buy at The Grove earlier that day, he loved it.
I asked him if he had any lines or songs that he loves about Hedwig and/or the show. He said he loves all the stupid jokes and told us his favorite (which is one where he can only use with Rebecca)

This being the first time meeting him, after so long of wanting to and wishing and missed opportunity, it finally happened and he did not disappoint. He is a true talent and I genuinely love and admire his work. He’s good people 😉

A Member of 1D is Your EX (Narry/4 Preference)

Request: can you do a preference where a member of 1D is your ex 4/4?

Word Count: 1,897

I only did Narry/4 because they were kind of long. Message me if you want Lilo/4! 

Imagine Masterlist

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It was hard. Seeing his face everywhere. You couldn’t turn on the TV or listen to the radio without one of their songs or a commercial filling your ears. Before the break up, it was great. You would smile like an idiot every time you heard his voice in an unexpected place, but now, it is just a reminder of the boy you used to know. Christ, he even showed up when you were in the grocery store. You were walking down the aisle and you glanced into the freezer section to see his face on a box of chicken nuggets. “What the hell” you mutter to yourself lowly. You raced away from the reminder and head to the checkout lane, only to hear the first chords of night changes come on over the speakers. You laughed at yourself knowing that you could never escape the constant reminders of your last relationship. Three years is a long time to spend with someone. You don’t know why you thought you could just forget about him. The curly haired boy you met when you were sixteen still completely owns your heart. Just when you put everything in your car to head home, your phone rang.

“Hello?” You questioned because you didn’t recognize the number.

“Hey, Y/N? It’s Niall.” You were shocked to hear a thick Irish Accent on the end of your line.

“Hey Ni, what’s up?”

“Are you in L.A. right now?”

“Yes?” you said raising an eyebrow.

“How fast can you get to The Nice Guy?”

“That club you guys like? I mean, I’m about twenty minutes away, but-”

“Great, I need you. Harry is out of contr- NO! HARRY YOU”VE HAD ENOUGH!” You hear him scream and the line cuts off. Shit.

You made a U-turn and headed towards downtown.

You pulled up to see about twenty paparazzi outside the club, cameras flashing. You sighed and parked down the block to avoid them recognizing your car. Being the girlfriend of the famous Harry Styles for over three years meant that you were on the pap’s radar. You got out of the car and headed to the back entrance of the club.

“Hey, Mac.” You smiled politely at the guard.

“Hey Miss Y/N. Haven’t seen you for a while.” He smiled and stepped aside, allowing you to enter. You walked around for a minute, trying to spot one of the guys. Soon you found Niall, and not far behind him was a clearly intoxicated Harry. You took a deep breath and moved forward.

“Y/N! Thank God!” Niall sighed when he saw you.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with Harry?” Your voice sounded more worried than you wanted to portray.

“He’s been miserable since, well, you know, and I finally got him to go out and have some fun, but now he won’t stop drinking. I lost track at 7 beers and 6 tequila shots and he won’t stop when I tell him to. Maybe he will listen to you so he won’t die of alcohol poisoning.” He looked desperate and you couldn’t stand the thought of anything bad happening to Harry. Even if you two weren’t together, you will always love him.

“Okay.” You sighed walking past him and up to Harry’s back and tapped him shoulder. He wobbled around to face you and his jaw dropped.

“Y/N?” He asked, obviously shocked to see you.

“Harry, what are you doing?” You gestured to the mixed drink in his hand, but he didn’t answer.

“Y/N?” He repeated himself, still clearly in shock.

“C’mon Harry, let’s get you home, okay?” You smiled trying to get him to go with you. He looked at your outstretched hand for a moment before taking it. You smiled at Niall as you led Harry towards the back door.

“Slow down, I think I’m going to be sick.” He mumbled as you walked out towards your car.

“Oh, no. Just breathe, okay? We will be back at my apartment soon.” You slung his arm over your shoulder and wrapped your other arm around his waist to hold him up.

“Your apartment?” he hiccupped and you nodded.

“I am not leaving you alone when you are this drunk. You could hurt yourself or someone else.” You sighed as you finally reached your car. You opened the passenger door and helped him in, buckling his seatbelt as he stared at you.

“What?” you chuckle lightly, causing a shit-eating grin to appear on his lips.

“You’re just really beautiful.” He slurred before you shut the door in his face to walk to the driver’s side. You got in and started the engine before pulling off the curb and heading back to your apartment. “Did you hear me?” He whispered poking your cheek.

“Yes, Harry. I did, but you shouldn’t say things like that to me anymore.” You smiled sympathetically at him, but he frowned.

“I still love you.” He said, a little louder.

“Harry…” you sigh as you pull into the parking lot of your building.

“What?” He whines, placing a hand on your cheek. “I do.”

“C’mon, let’s go upstairs, okay?” You say as you go to help him out of the car.

You unlocked the door to your apartment and took Harry into the bedroom.

“Do you still feel sick Harry?” You ask him, but he just shook his head and laid on the bed. You sigh when you realize he had passed out. You untie his shoes and take off his ridiculously tight skinny jeans before tucking him into your bed. You decide to sleep on the couch in the room next door, but for some reason, you can’t fall asleep. You keep thinking about what he said. Its something that you dreamt about a lot since he left. Does he still love you?


Living in Mullingar was great. You had grown up there and all of your family lived there and that is where you met Niall. Both your families were really close so you basically grew up together, but once you both hit fifteen, you started to notice the little things about him. How his bright blue eyes would scrunch up when he laughed, how his arms would flex when he played his guitar, and how he would smile every time you walked into the room. He noticed things about you too. How you were developing curves ever so slightly and how your big eyes would lock with his when you guys talked. You guys inevitably started dating and it was great, for a while. He was an amazing boyfriend. He wasn’t like those guys that acted all different when he was alone with you versus when he was with his friends. He was always Niall. Once Niall left for the X-factor, everything changed. He promised you that he would call you every day, which he did for the first few weeks, but the calls became scattered and before you knew it, you hadn’t seen him in months. That was a lot to handle for a sixteen year old and eventually, you couldn’t handle it anymore.

Now you were twenty-one years old and you were accustomed to seeing Niall everywhere even though you hadn’t seen him really in almost five years.

Your family was having their annual St. Patrick’s Day barbeque this Saturday and you knew Niall would be attending for the first time since you guys were fifteen. You thought nothing of seeing him again. You knew you had both grown up and dated other people.

You arrived at your parents place, seeing everyone from your extended family and Niall’s as well. You first saw Maura, Niall’s mom, and your mom talking on the deck.

“Y/N! I haven’t seen you in so long dear!” You heard Maura’s voice and then felt her arms around you.

“Hi, Ms. Maura! I know Its been so long!” You smile, pulling away.

“Niall is over there if you want to see him.” She winked, pointing towards the open bar. You chuckled at her subtlety. Your parents always wanted you two to end up together. It was no secret that they were more devastated than you were when you and Niall ended things all those years ago, but to humor them, you walked over to the bar where you saw a head of blonde hair laughing it up with the bartender.

“I don’t understand why everyone laughs at the way I say tirty seven. It’s a number!” You giggle softly as you overhear the end of his conversation and his head whips around quickly.

“Y/N. I knew I recognized that laugh.” He smiled. That same smile that makes his eyes crinkle. He walked towards you slowly and wraps his arms around your waist. You can hear a chorus of ‘Awes’ coming from a group of ladies behind you. “I missed you.” You heard him whisper into the skin of your neck. It sent shivers down your spine.

“I missed you too Ni.” You pulled away from him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look in his eyes. You never thought that Niall could make your stomach flip and your cheeks blush like you were a child again, but he did, and it scared the hell out of you.

“Why don’t we go inside where there isn’t an audience?” He chuckled gesturing to the pack of middle aged family members that had gathered to watch your reunion. You giggle softly and nodded.

He led you into the kitchen and up the stairs to your old bedroom. You hadn’t been in here in two years or more, but your parents kept it the same in case you ever wanted to spend the night at their place.

“Your room looks exactly the same.” He chuckled, walking around and looking at the purple walls.

“Yeah, I never really came back in here after I moved to the apartment.” You sighed, sitting on your old twin bed.

“You look good.” He said quietly causing you to look up from your hands.

“Thanks Ni, you do too.” You said politely, trying not to let him know how he was effecting you.

There was a long pause that was kind of awkward before he spoke again.

“I’m really sorry about how I treated you back then. You deserved so much bett-” You cut him off before he could bring back all of those old feelings.

“Its okay Niall. Its ancient history. We were young and stupid.” You stood up and put your hand on his shoulder.

“I still think about you, you know. Every girl I date…I compare her to you…and none of them compare.” He turned slowly, placing a hand on your cheek. You really didn’t know what to say. Sure, you thought about him too, but its been five years.

“Niall-” you started, but he didn’t give you a chance to say anything before he kissed you. It felt like you had been waiting for this kiss since the day he left for the X-factor. His lips felt the same as they did when you were a teenager, but different at the same time. He was a bit rougher, more confident, and he bit your lip, which you don’t remember him doing. Once you pulled away, you both just stared into each other’s eyes.


Rules: using only songs from one artist, answer these 10 questions and tag 10 people

Artist: Jon Bellion because i’ve been really into him lately and I think his song titles could be very fitting! 

  • What’s your gender? - Human
  • Describe yourself? - Simple And Sweet 
  • How do you feel? - Dead Man Walking 
  • If you could go anywhere? -  New York Soul 
  • Favorite mode of transportation? - Paper Planes 
  • Your best friend? - Dope Little Boy (love u Ilse) 
  • Favorite time of the day? - Morning in America 
  • If your life was a tv show? - 80′s Films 
  • Relationship status? - Overwhelming 
  • You fear? - A Haunted House 

So I was tagged by @ilseofflightlessbirds about 10 years ago and here I am. This was a lot of fun so I’m gonna tag the only other two friends I have. 

yo @mutehismicplease and @rainbowpancakefactory sorry if y’all already did this but good luck with it!


We put together this “EP” of songs that we recorded when we were working on “Are You Alone?”, but which didn’t fit on that album for one reason or another. They aren’t more recent than the songs on AYA — they date from different periods of time, one of them is among the earliest songs written for AYA and others are more recent. Despite the fact that it’s a collection of songs that didn’t make the record, I think there is a feeling that links them all together (which is maybe why they didn’t fit on AYA). We hope you enjoy these songs!

We are going on tour in North America and then in Australia in January and February. These are the only dates we have planned right now, so if you want to see us, definitely try to come out to one of these shows. I know some of them are sold out. We tried to move the show into bigger venues where we could (and we did in Vancouver) but in some cases we couldn’t make it happen. So sorry if the show is sold out and you wanted to come.

She-Devils are going to be supporting us on all our shows in North America, which is really exciting. They are really good, so if you’re coming to the shows make sure to come early enough to see them.

It will be our first time in Australia, and it’s difficult to imagine the next time I will be back there (through music or not) so if you’re in Australia and are into our band, this is the time to see us!

Okay! One more time, here are the dates (there are links to get tickets on our website):

Jan. 15th - Toronto - The Garrison (sold out)*
Jan. 16th - Detroit - UFO Factory*
Jan. 18th - Chicago - Schubas Tavern*
Jan. 19th - New York - Music Hall of Williamsburg*
Jan. 22nd - Vancouver - Imperial*
Jan. 23rd - Seattle - Barboza*
Jan. 24th - Portland - Mississippi Studios*
Jan. 26th - San Francisco - The Chapel*
Jan. 29th - Los Angeles - Hollywood Forever (sold out)*
Feb. 5th - Adelaide - Laneway Festival
Feb. 6th - Brisbane - Laneway Festival
Feb. 7th - Sydney - Laneway Festival
Feb. 8th - Sydney - Newtown Social Club
Feb. 11th - Melbourne - Forum Theatre (w/ Purity Ring)
Feb. 12th - Melbourne - The Toff
Feb. 13th - Melbourne - Laneway Festival
Feb. 14th - Perth - Laneway Festival

* = w/ She-Devils

SPN 11x20: Fare thee well

I know I should have written something about this beautiful episode before. Unfortunately, I was very busy the whole week, writing an essay for one of the classes I’m taking. When I finally had some time to write about Supernatural, I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was devastated after hearing the news of Robbie Thompson leaving the show.

This episode was Robbie’s last. He said goodbye in a way that only Robbie could. In canon, I’m sure that Chuck was the one saying goodbye. He probably intends to sacrifice himself in order to destroy/lock away his sister. However, the song used was definitely Robbie’s way to break our hearts. He gave us another love letter. He was breaking up with us (the fandom) in the most painful way possible, with “an aching pain” around his heart.

I have just finished rewatching the episode, and I cried again, just as I did the night it aired. All the dialogues between Metatron and Chuck are simply magnificent. The moment Metatron asked Chuck why he had abandoned us, I couldn’t help feeling that I’ve asked God the same question over and over again. The desperation and pain in Metatron’s voice, I felt it in my heart, because I’ve been in that position many times. That’s why I find myself nowadays in a faith crisis. I’ve never understood a lot of things, but this episode handled the whole Chuck is God in an astonishing way.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode. It was probably the best thing that Supernatural has given us in 11 years, and we have to thank Robbie for that.

To finish, I have to mention that, as a bisexual person, the fact that Chuck was made canonically bisexual means the world to me.

Fare thee well, dear Robbie Thompson. One of these days, it won’t be long, we’ll call your name, and you’ll be gone. Fare thee well, oh honey. Fare thee well.

Robbie, you will be immensely missed. Thank you… for everything!

I’m literally crying right now. We did it. We frickin did it. We survived the stressful past couple of months and faced the enigma that is Blurryface. Not to mention watched them grow up and evolve into the sound they are today. Four albums. Tyler probably never imagined this could ever happen to him back when he was recording songs in his basement. Now he has four albums. I’m so frickin’ proud of us; we carried them on our shoulders out of Ohio and showed them the world. And even though some of us are going through hard times along the way, they play us lyrics that speak to us to calm us down. Words that only we understand and only we can comprehend the depth to. Twenty One Pilots is truly a blessing.


How I met Taylor Swift…

The squad and I had finally gotten inside the arena in Montreal, we ran to the Taylornation booth to see Kevin, since he was the only one there. We did our round at the booth and then we went to our seats. All of us were in groups of two/three because we couldn’t get seats together.

Naomi and I went to our seats behind the B-Stage and we got ourselves ready in our lights and glow sticks.

From that point on we just started dancing. We had already seen the show twice so we wanted to really enjoy it. Vance started his set and honestly IT WAS SO GREAT. You really don’t realize how much you enjoy it when you are off your phone and just paying attention to the show.
Then Taylor comes on, we are going insane and just dancing like we haven’t really danced before. Throughout the show there were these six girls in front of us who were all decked out in lights and they got Loft around the third song. Since they were in front of us Nay and I just figured our chance was gone so we just continued to watch the show.

Not long after we see these young girls in the corner of our eye on the other side of the arena get loft and we got so excited because they had been going insane all night. After they got loft we saw Stephanie go up the stairs and we didn’t see her for about 15 minutes. During Enchanted/Wildest Dreams I hear Nay talking to someone, and I’m like who the heck is she talking too?! Are we getting in trouble??? I look over and she’s talking to Stephanie!!! Stephanie asked us if we met Taylor. Naomi said she had and I said I hadn’t. Stephanie really wanted to give Nay Loft but knew she couldn’t. At this point I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! After all these years my dreams were coming true. This is why those pictures of me sobbing exist! LOL After Stephanie left I yelled at Nay saying OMGG OMG OMG I NEED TO DRY OFF (We were sweating so bad because we were dancing so much!! Those squad hats do NOTHING for your hair too HA).

So I run up the stairs and I run into the hallway and Im sobbing, so happy this is happening and then when it finally hits me I run to the washroom to dry off (Thank you hand driers). I decide to fix my lipstick and my hair because I gotta look decent for Taylor Swift.

Once I feel better Nay and I go back to our seats and finish watching the show. Honestly I cannot believe I have seen it 5 times and it just gets better and better!

As soon as Shake it Off is over I run up the stairs and go to the section. Nay gets a text from the Squad and they ask me to wait for them! This is when they come charging at me. It really is the best day, I have the best friends and they were all there to celebrate it with me. We were hanging with these two girls that had gotten loft too, (the ones we saw get it on the other side of the arena). They borrowed my makeup and mirror to touch up their face too! LOL.

We go down and sit in the seats for Loft and thats when I saw the other Canadian girls. Everyone was so happy for me, I realized that I am apart of this wonderful community. I am so blessed.

Kevin takes all of our information and the crew is taking down the set. I get to chat with Stephanie for a bit as we wait to be taken into Loft. As the crew is cleaning up and since I was alone, one of the members found a used guitar pick on the floor and gave it to me!

Its finally time to go into Loft. We walk in, take pictures and get to have pizza, cookies and pop. I couldn’t eat so I grabbed a diet coke (of course) and then a mint. They ask us to put our phones away as Taylor is coming. I sit down on the couch beside the two guys who were wearing the Shake It Off Tutus. Taylor comes in and says “HEY EVERYONE!” and does her cute little jig. At this point in my mind all I am thinking is, I cannot believe I am here.

Taylor talks to the guys first, compliments them on their costumes and hugs them. Then she sees someone in white out of the corner of her eye which is me and thinks I am with them. She bends over to hug me and I stand up and she yells… “OMG HEY BUDDY!!!!” In that moment I was dying inside. She recognized me. We hug (I think I cannot remember as I am so in shock that she remembered my face) (Tay if you remember fill me in here! LOL). She then says to me “Haven’t we met before!?!?” and I say “No actually we haven’t and there are 3 more of my squad members you haven’t met before!” Taylor then says “Damn I spend way to much time on tumblr!” LOL I thought that was the cutest thing so I said no we really appreciate it!
She then asked me if Taylornation came to find me and I said no Stephanie picked me out of the audience, because I was dancing so much!“. After that part she went back to the guys in the tutus and took pictures with them. She came back to me at this point and asked me what picture I wanted to do. This is when I said “Well the squad and I would like you to wear this hat for our picture and we normally do this pose called squad pose” (and I give her the hat which is strung onto my purse).

So Taylor puts the hat on and her arms around me and we do the Squad pose. As you can tell with my hand around her waist I was scared to touch her LOL hence the lobster claw.

So we take the picture and she says "I can’t wait to see this online later tonight!”
After our picture was taken, I get my phone back and Taylor says to me “You and the squad are so influential, you guys and the Boston squad (not sure who that is but okay HA), and I said well they are my best friends and we do everything together. I told her we did Ottawa last night, Montreal tonight and then Metlife at the end of the week. This is when she told me that Metlife was going to be huge! Let me tell you she wasn’t kidding! I also told her that I was going to be making a trip to LA with Kayla, Lauren, Britny and Katelyn. As I was telling her this, she just stared at me and all I could think was OMG your lipstick is perfect. When they say Taylor really focuses on just you in that moment, they are not wrong.

After Taylor asked me what I would like signed. At this point I knew Nay really wanted this tattoo written out for her and me getting to meet Taylor and having a picture was really enough. So I said to Taylor, Nay Nay asked me to get this signed for her, and Taylor responds “AWW I LOVE HER!” So as she is writing this quote out I mention that our road trip so far has been so much fun and that I guess she saw Mary in Detroit and she said yeah! and then I said and you saw Lauren too! This is when Taylor looks up at me and says…”Was that her on the…….” (making catwalk gestures) and I say “YEAH! the Catwalk! That was Lauren!” And she told me to tell Lauren that she saw her. (Note: She does look into the audience and recognize fans, it’s just so wonderful.) At this point I decided to shut up and let her write out the quote and she asked me if it was okay and I said "YES ITS GREAT!”
And thats when I said thank you so much. She then moved onto others in the room.

Right before she left, I asked “Hey Taylor, before you go, would you please do that thing with your arms where you control the crowds cheers?” and she goes “WASNT THAT AWESOME!?” and I said YAS! She seemed really excited about it and so was I. I hope she continues to do this throughout the whole tour. So far she has and it has worked really well!

After that she said bye and loft was over. Let me tell you that night was so magical and I am so lucky to have finally been able to meet Taylor. I have been such a fan for so long and my dreams were made. I want to thank Stephanie for being so wonderful to me in there and Kevin as well.

Sorry for the long novel…….

Taylor if you read this…THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU.


(Ps. I hope I didn’t make any grammar mistakes 😂)