and the shoes!


Isaac Newton vs. Las Vegas: How Physicists Used Science To Beat The Odds At Roulette

“By 1961, Thorp and Shannon had built and tested the world’s first wearable computer: it was merely the size of a cigarette pack and able to fit into the bottom of a specially-designed shoe. Toe switches would activate the computer once the wheel and ball were set into motion, collecting timing data for both. Once the computer calculated the most likely result, it would transmit that value as musical tones to a tiny speaker lodged in an earpiece. The wires were camouflaged as much as possible.”

Did you know the world’s first wearable computer was built all the way back in the 1960s, was worn on your feet… and was used to help gamblers cheat at roulette? Physicists and mathematicians work with probability and predicting the behavior of a given system a lot, and when you combine that with the science of simple motion (as on a roulette wheel), the possibility of ‘beating the odds’ suddenly becomes real. Security measures that seem commonplace today in casinos, such as roulette wheels with no observable defects, a ban on computers and ‘table talk,’ and the inability to place late bets, all came about because of how scientist/gamblers have successfully beaten the house in the past.

From the 1940s up to the modern day, come hear the story of how simple physics helped defeat the casinos, and how the saga, for a few people, is still ongoing today!


Inspiration (4 of 10 in no particular order)

Next in my list is @cazjl who I have been following for awhile now on instagram. He has a way of combining casual and tailored clothing with great success. His outfits always look well put together but also stand out in a great way. For example, in the photo, he’s wearing a linen safari jacket but it’s obviously not in summer. It works because of the rest of his outfit - the burgundy cardigan, dark denim and chunky longwing shoes, all complement each other. This is just one example but looking through his instagram feed shows that this is not a one-off. There are many examples and you’ll have a great time going through them. He’s got a great eye for picking very interesting pieces and combining them in a way that’s coherent, balanced and interesting at the same time. On top of all that, he’s a really nice guy that’s always helpful.

I give him credit for turning me onto a lot of brands and pieces that I would not have considered before. Needless to say, he’s got a great eye. He wears some pretty high-end stuff but also throws Uniqlo and J Crew into the mix from time to time. You don’t have to wear exactly the same items that he does, to achieve a similar look. For example, in the photo above, you could swap out the safari jacket for a tan field coat or wear boots instead of the shoes. Assuming everything fits, if you keep the colours in the same ballpark and and wear somewhat similar pieces, I reckon it would be a pretty great outfit but it would be be YOUR take on it.

The watch is the 1st PAT-RN collaboration with Timex. They’ve taken a watch from the Timex Archive and made it their own. The strap is woven in Italy with indigo-dyed thread, among others. 

 Jacket - Man 1924

Cardigan - Uniqlo

Shirt - Kamakura

Jeans - Orslow 107 Ivy One Wash

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Shoes - Crockett and Jones Pembroke