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Who's the youngest among the Shinsengumi members? Initially I thought it was Okita but then I found out that Saito is the same age as Heisuke? I'm so confused ><

There’s a little booklet that came as a bonus with the limited edition of Hakuouki Shinkai: Kaze no Shou and it’s thanks to that that we have a clear idea of the ages of each of the characters when they first appear in the story. 

Here’s some links to my posts with the scans: Part one, part two, part three, part four.

Their ages according to this series, or at least their birth years, are specifically listed in parts three and four. Long story short, Souji is older than Heisuke by about two years. Heisuke, Saitou, and the new character Risaburou are all the youngest born in 1844 making them 19 at the start of the game in 1863. Fun note, Iba is also the same age. I realize last night I had my ages mixed up, which happens a lot XD I was under the mistaken impression Souji was the youngest and I’m not sure where that came from. 

Overall in the series though Chizuru is the youngest at 16 when the story begins. While Sannan is the oldest of the romanceable boys at 30.

Also, historically speaking the birth years match for most of the characters (that I’ve managed to check). It’s interesting to me that they went with the older date for Souji though since his birth year is unclear but is usually listed as either 1842 or 1844. All the others though are accurate to their historical counterparts, just so you know! :D

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For Sen-hime...Of the captains of the Shinsengumi you've met, which do you feel is most capable of protecting Chizuru? Least capable?

“I’m sure that none of the captains of the notorious Wolves of Mibu could be so incompetent as to be unable to protect a single girl,” giggles Sen. “Although I am of the opinion that Chizuru-chan doesn’t need protection, per se. Regardless…” She pauses. “Saito-san did an admirable job protecting us both from that ronin the first time our paths crossed, and I’ve heard tales of Okita-san’s ruthlessness and Hijikata-san’s cunning, so I’d imagine those three would be able to keep Chizuru-chan safe under any circumstances.” She pauses, her expression clouding over. “However, Okiku has also told me about a few of the less focused captains, who drink more sake than they can handle and flirt with women they cannot afford. I don’t doubt their fighting ability,” she continues, “and I’ve heard enough about two of them that I am willing to believe that the way they spend their free time is not indicative of their true natures. In fact, one of them seems rather chivalrous, and the other quite pure of heart. However, given Okiku’s description, I have a few more doubts about whether the third could or would prioritize Chizuru-chan.” She gives a small and sudden smile. “His manner is rough, and he has a proclivity for showing off, but I shall have to see how he treats her before I can pass any decisive judgment.”

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Truth or truth for Saito and Yamazaki: You two may not be aware of this, but you are actually very similar. While Saito, you see yourself as the sword to Shinsengumi's sheath, Yamazaki sees himself as a hand to the Shinsengumi's body. Also, you are both a bit aloof in your dealings with others. Would you consider these qualities/likenesses something that could start a friendship (though Saito would need to approach Yamazaki, since the latter feels insuperior)?

“I… suppose,” responds Saito slowly, his eyes flicking momentarily to Yamazaki. “But similarities aren’t necessarily conducive to friendship. Especially if one of them is our aloofness, as you put it.”

Rather than taking any kind of offense, Yamazaki nods in agreement. “Exactly,” he adds. “The two of us are certainly on good terms—better than most captains and subordinates, I think—and I respect Saito-san in all ways, but…” He hesitates. “Given his other duties, I’m not sure he should consider it worth his while to develop a friendship with me.”

Saito gives a faint smile of something like reassurance. “Be careful not to undervalue yourself, Yamazaki,” he chides gently. “You and I both place our duties first, and that does make a true friendship unlikely, but my focus on my work is not due to any failing of yours.”

Yamazaki’s eyes widen in apparent surprise, but he masters himself quickly and dips his head in a short bow. “Thank you, Saito-san,” he says. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.”