and the shells of all their fallen comrades

“…Bullet shells sprinkled the floor, on top of the carpet of blood. I must go on, to fight whatever waited ahead, I am the only one left on humanity’s side of the battle. The bright room ahead suggested that I wouldn’t have anywhere to hide once I showed myself. I almost laid down beside my fallen comrades and just went to sleep, as some of them appeared to be. But that would mean that the bad guys would win, and I just could not allow that to happen. So I gathered up all the bullets and superior firepower I could scavenge off of the dead soldiers, or what was left of them, and prepared myself for the last battle.

…I must be crazy to fight this war; I must be out of my battered mind. How could one soldier stop all of these monsters? There must be someway out of here that doesn’t involve firepower. It is just too much, all the death and destruction. It’s pointless, there’s no way, no way at all. I can’t fight anymore, let them take Earth, I’ll stay here on my little moon, along with my squad of dead soldiers.”

- Excerpts from a creative writing assignment by Eric.

Guild Wars Lore: The Orders of Tyria

“I do not know what lies ahead of us, my friend, but for the first time—I have hope. Hope that this alliance can save Tyria from the dragons. Hope for the future. Hope… for Orr.” -Trahearne, Marshal of The Pact

Hey guys! This week lore post will be looking at the three great Orders of Tyria, The Order of Whispers, The Durmand Priory, and The Vigil, and also the Pact they form. Hope you guys enjoy!

The Orders

The Orders of Tyria all came about for different reasons, at different times, who all now fight for a single purpose, the destruction of The Elder Dragons. Each Order has, for many years, worked only among themselves, seeing the methods of the rival Orders as ineffective. Only one Order, The Vigil, was created with the sole purpose to combat the Elder Dragons, while the Priory and Order of Whispers came about for different reasons. Each Order has a unique history and philosophy with respect on how they approach a problem.It would be years before they all saw the benefit of working together, rather than seeing each other as rivals.

The Order of Whispers

“Fight, what cannot be fought”

The Order of Whispers is the oldest of the three, founded around 862 AE (After Exodus) after the fall of Palawa Joko in Elona. Palawa Joko was a powerful undead lord that used his army to invade Vabbi, and was well on his way to conquering all of Elona, before being defeated by Turai Ossa. Being undead, Joko could not be killed, so Ossa had him sealed away, and to keep him that way, he started the Order of Whispers as his elite bodyguards, operating in secret. They eventually helped unseal Joko in 1075 AE during the events of Nighfall. The Order determined that it was the lesser of two evils, as they needed Joko’s help to cross the Sulfurus Wastes in order to confront Varesh Ossa, Turai’s descendant. She was hoping to spread Nightfall, in an attempt to bring ball her fallen god, Abbadon. The Master of Whispers, leader of the Order, even joined the player in the fight against Abbadon, when the fallen god was finally defeated. The Order has spread outside Elona since then, operating in secret all over Tyria, controlling the flow of information to prevent the general population from panicking. Members can be found working incognito everywhere, the governments of the various races, even the overly enthusiastic apple seller may be more than you think… The Order prides itself on secrecy, and covert ops, relying on stealth missions to gather information on their enemies. They have been responsible for the fall, and rise, of various world leaders and governments, choosing to keep those that they see fit in places of power, and if takes a little push, they will be the ones. Perhaps the best example of their covert capabilities is the fact that they are the only ones able to communicate with Elona, after it was cut off from the world when Joko used his new freedom to conqueror all of Elona (whoops). The Order of Whispers was also unique in the fact that other than the dwarves, they were the only ones to have information on the Elder Dragons, prior to their awakening. The tried, in vain, to warn the world of the coming threat, and now that the dragons are here, they are trying their best to find a solution. The Order initially believed that the Elder Dragons could not be defeated, that they are a part of Tyria, and the only victory could come from finding a way to put the Dragons back to sleep. 

The Order of Whispers is led by the Master of Whispers, a title given to the leader to protect their identity. To this end, only the Preceptors know the true identity of the Master. To help run things from the shadows, the Master of Whispers will give their instructions, and orders, to the Preceptors, who then relay them to the rest of the Order. New recruits start out at the Initiate rank, not yet privy to all the secrets, they are usually found in the camps, having to prove themselves reliable. An Initiate can eventually rise to the rank of Agent, the most prominent rank of the Order, and the ones tasked with carrying out covert missions in other organizations. The next rank above agent is Lightbringer, they lead camps, and are the spy masters of the Order. Other ranks, that don’t necessarily outrank the others are Creators, tasked with making gadgets, and drawing up plans for the Order, Keepers, they are the ones to take on particularly dangerous missions, and finally, Slayers, tasked with ‘neutralizing’ dangerous threats in Tyria. Players that join the Order of Whispers are mentored by a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw, a charr who’s love of adventure and working in the field is only eclipsed by his friendly and enthusiastic nature. Eventually though, even the Order of Whispers had to admit, the threat of the Elder Dragons was not a fight they could hide from, cause no shadow was safe from their sight.

FUN FACT: If you are a Member of the Order of Whispers, try talking to random NPC’s, you may find many Agents working in the field! If you aren’t an Order member you will get generic NPC dialogue, they don’t give their secrets to just ANYBODY. As a member, they may give you interesting little tidbits of information they gathered while undercover!

The Durmand Priory

“Your power is only equal to the sum of your knowledge.”

The Priory was founded in 1105 AE, and was named after the monastery that acts as the The Priory’s base of operations. The monastery itself was named after its founder, Durmand. Durmand was a Krytan Scholar that worked tirelessly, with his scribes, to record the history of Tyria. He sought to preserve the truth, discovering the truth in controversial history, such as the rise of the White Mantle. The Priory also developed the alphabet ‘New Krytan’ creating it as a centralized language for all of Tyria, to help the different races interacting with each other. The Priory believes in preserving all knowledge and lore, believing that it is the key to survival, and that the secrets to defeating the Elder Dragons can be found through meticulous research. Members pride themselves on their knowledge, but they aren’t all bookworms, the understand the importance of field work. The Priory is currently very interested in dwarven culture and history, as they were among the only to have knowledge of the Elder Dragons. The Priory even counts the last dwarf on the surface, Ogden Stonehealer, as a member. Ogden was present during the defeat of Primordus’ champion, The Great Destroyer 250 years ago, and has since undergone the Rite of The Great Dwarf. This ritual turned his body to stone, and made him functionally immortal, allowing him to impart his knowledge to others, in hopes of defeating the Elder Dragons. The Priory believes the key to defeating the Elder Dragons lies in the past, where perhaps they were once defeated.

The leader of The Priory has the title of Steward, the current leader is Steward Gixx, in charge of giving out assignments, and overseeing projects. Novice is the rank given to new members of The Priory, they are seen as untested, and not yet ready to go off on their own. The next rank up is Explorer, the standard rank for members. They are the typical dungeon diving adventurers, preferring to get their faces covered in the dust of an ancient tomb searching for ancient artifacts, rather than spend it in front of a book. Among the Explorers are Magisters, group leaders, taking charge during expeditions. Those who prefer more research, less tripping on bones, are the Scholars. Arcanists are the magical protectors of The Priory, using their knowledge and experience to safeguard others from danger. Finally, members that deal with particularly dangerous knowledge and artifacts are the Archons, they must have extensive experience if they are to survive working with some of the more dangerous items found in the Priory. When joining The Priory, the player is mentored by a  turnip-brained, leaf-loving Magister Sieran, a sylvari who is definitely the type of scholar to jump down the hole before reading the runes etched on the outside. The Priory has always kept its knowledge far from the public eye, not trusting anyone with the secrets they have uncovered. They have learned though, that knowledge is not just found in just tomes and tombs, but also in those that have a different view of the world than you.

The Vigil

“Some must fight, so that all may be free.”

The Vigil is the newest of the three Orders, founded in 1320 AE in direct response to the rising of the Crystal Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. The founder, and currently leader of the Vigil, General Almorra Soulkeeper started The Vigil shortly after surviving the creation of The Dragonbrand. Almorra was a legionnaire of the Blood Legion and her warband was patrolling Lowland Burns when Kralkatorrik flew overhead. Everywhere its golden breath touched was corrupted, and after it passed, Almorra found she was the only member of her warband not tranformed into one of the Branded, minions of Kralkatorrik. She was forced to kill her former comrades, now only mindless shells for the dragon. Charr society declared her, the only survivor of her warband, Gladium, the lowest rank in charr society. To pull herself out of her own darkness of having to slaughter what was essentially her only family, she gave herself a purpose, a promise to her fallen Warband, to destroy every Elder Dragon, and all of its minions. That promise, was the Vigil, an organization dedicated to taking the fight to the Elder Dragons, no dusty books, no sneaking, they believe that only Vigil steel is strong enough to destroy the dragons. The Vigil prides itself on their prowess in battle, using their expertise on the battlefield to create cunning strategies to cut down their foes. The Vigil will fight any threat head on, proving their strength time and time again. Although war is what they excel in, they also understand the need for cooperation. In 1324 AE The Vigil acted as the go-between for the Charr and Humans in negotiating a peace treaty. Almorra and The Vigil were able to convince the two races that their centuries of fighting needed to end, as it paled in comparison to the threat the Elder Dragons. With the peace treaty signed, The Vigil helped to focus the two armies away from each, and straight at the Elder Dragons.

General Almorra Soulkeeper acts as the leader of The Vigil, deciding where to deploy troops, and how best to confront threats. She does, however, seem to share leadership with other members of The Vigil. These other leaders are Laranthir of the Wild, Grand-Warmaster, and is directed to take Almorra’s place as leader if she were to fall, Jhavi Jorasdottir, a descendant of the great Norn hero Jora, Warmaster Efut, the liaison between the Vigil and the Pact, and Lord Rodrigo of Cormoch, a human noble. New members of The Vigil start out as Recruits, new and untrained, they need some experience and training to be able to meet the standards set by the Vigil. A rank up from Recruit is Crusader, the standard rank for members, making up the bulk of the soldiers found in the Vigil. Tactician is a rank given to the scholars and engineers of the Vigil, they are also able to take charge of small groups of Crusaders for specific missions. Warmasters are members able to take charge of large groups and areas for the Vigil, directing sieges from the battlefield, determining the best strategy to use. When joining the Vigil players are mentored by an old man Warmaster Forgal Kernsson, a norn unique to his people for embracing the military aspect of the Vigil, rather than the usual ‘going it on your own’ mentality of his race. He chose to join the Vigil after his wife and children were killed by Icebrood, determined to make his legacy some how live on… The Vigil is strong, no one can deny them that, but some battles require more than ‘hit it a lot’ to win the day. Almorra founded the Vigil with the idea that no one person could stand against the Dragons, and being reminded of that call is what is going to bring the Vigil more strength than it ever had.

The Pact

Eventually the three Orders are convinced by Trahearne and the Player that working against each other only helped the Dragons, and that cooperation would would lead them all to victory. The Order of Whispers would have to learn to leave the shadows sharing what they have uncovered, the Priory would have to understand that knowledge does nothing, unless it is shared and used, and the Vigil would know what it would mean to give pause, sheath blade and listen. In 1325 AE the fortress at Claw Island was attacked by the Risen, minions of the Undead Elder Dragon Zhaitan. The fortress fell, and the Risen seemed poised to attack Lion’s Arch. The Player meets with all the Orders and is able to convince them to work together to retake Claw Island. With Trahearne, who has no membership to any Order, but is well known and liked by all three, as Marshal. The Orders play to each others strengths, and cover for each other’s weaknesses. The Orders are able to take back Claw Island, and The Pact is formed. Trahearne follows this up by establishing Fort Trinity right on the edge of Orr, and after it is attacked by Risen, The Pact again shows its strength by yielding no ground to Zhaitan, a first in the history of the war against the Elder Dragons. The Pact combines the knowledge and skills of all the Orders and races to create new weapons in the war. The crowning achievement of The Pact are the airships, developed as a combination of Asura, Charr, and human technologies. Helicopters and submarines, originally just prototypes constructed by the Charr, are able to become fully realized with cooperation among all the races. The Pact cuts a swath through Orr, decimating Zhaitan’s forces, crippling its supplies and flow of fresh corpses to corrupt. Finally, with the development of special ammunition designed to turn dragon magic against its user, The Pact was ready. The fleet of airships, led by the flagship, The Glory of Tyria, the Pact set their sights on Arah, and Zhaitan. High above the City of The Gods, they finally succeed, the Elder Undead Dragon is blasted out of the sky, crashing into the city below, they had done it, cementing their claim as the greatest alliance Tyria had ever seen. The celebration of Zhaitan’s defeat would be all to short, as another threat, even greater than Zhaitan, stirred to the west.

An Uncertain Future

Scarlet Briar attacked Lion’s Arch in 1326 AE, and she was able to disrupt a Leyline in the bay, sending a surge of energy into the Maguuma jungle, causing the Elder Jungle Dragon Mordremoth to awaken. The Pact responded by mounting an expedition into the Silverwastes, right on the edge of the jungle. The Pact attempted to make a preemptive strike against the dragon, before it could fully awaken, sending airships into the jungle. As they entered, the Pact unleashed a volley of attacks from the entire fleet, right into the jungle. This attack received a quick, and deadly response, as the jungle itself attacked. Vines latched onto the fleet, pulling them from the sky, but not only did the Pact have to worry about the jungle, but also, their own ranks. Sylvari aboard the fleet had experienced The Calling, causing some of them to turn on their former allies, now servants of Mordremoth, their original purpose. The fleet was destroyed, the invasion, a complete failure. Where once was the greatest alliance of Orders and Races in Tyria, now only rubble strewn across the jungle floor remains. The survivors of this attack must now not only try and survive the threats of the jungle and a newly awakened Elder Dragon, but also, the idea that their former allies could be plotting their demise.

The Orders have always tried to stay within their own ranks, but when they finally realized the strength they had together, it seemed nothing was impossible. Now that unity is broken, and whether or not a Pact still exists is a question left deep within the Maguuma Jungle.

Alright guys, hope you liked this post, I’ll see you next week for another piece of Guild Was lore!

-Karn Vileclaw

Crimson Doubles


Form a Fireteam with a friend and confront all challengers in an all new 2v2 Elimination Mode. Win five rounds against the opposing team to secure victory.

The all new Crimson Doubles game mode will be available for a limited time, beginning February 9th, 2016 and ending on February 16th, 2016. Launch Crimson Doubles via the featured activities section available in the Director. You must be in a Fireteam of two players to play Crimson Doubles.


Lord Shaxx has an all new Quest and brand new Bounties for Guardians willing to forge themselves in Crimson Doubles combat. Visit him in the Tower to obtain them prior to starting your matches.


If your teammate falls to the opposition in Crimson Doubles, you will be infused with the power of Broken Heart. In your vengeful state, you will be faster on the draw and much quicker to recover from any damage you take. Use this boost to avenge your partner and keep your dreams of victory alive. The Broken Heart buff will last until you revive your fallen comrade, until the round ends, or until you fall in combat yourself.


Complete Lord Shaxx’s “Crimson Bonds” quest for a new Crimson Days Emblem. Play Crimson Doubles for a chance at new Shaders and new Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light. Crunch down a Crimson Candy to buff yourself and your Fireteam.


When a Guardian consumes a Crimson Candy, they share a Crimson Connection with all of the other members in their current Fireteam that boosts experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes.



Tess Everis has added new emotes to the Eververse Store. Get down with the new Awkward and Strange dances, give a Secret Greeting or Fist Bump to your Crimson Doubles partner, or Charm potential new friends in the Tower when you’re looking for Fireteam.

Holiday emotes may only be available for sale for a limited time, but once purchased will always be available for your Guardians.