and the sentiment god!

I just remembered this, the truly like most absolute god-tier bananas statement. The completely asinine and bonkers sentiment that you cannot get married in a church if you aren’t gonna fuck.


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The signs as Sylvia Plath quotes
  • Aries: “Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously near to wanting nothing.”
  • Taurus: “Would it be too childish of me to say: I want? But I do want: theater, light, color, paintings, wine and wonder.”
  • Gemini: “What is my life for and what am I going to do with it? I don’t know and I’m afraid. I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want.”
  • Cancer: “How we need another soul to cling to, another body to keep us warm. To rest and trust; to give your soul in confidence: I need this, I need someone to pour myself into.”
  • Leo: “Frustrated? Yes. Why? Because it is impossible for me to be God—”
  • Virgo: “What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle-age.”
  • Libra: “I love people. Everybody. I love them, I think, as a stamp collector loves his collection. Every story, every incident, every bit of conversation is raw material for me.”
  • Scorpio: “I’m dramatic and sloppily semi-cynical and semi-sentimental.”
  • Sagittarius: “Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night…”
  • Capricorn: “Nothing is real except the present, and already, I feel the weight of centuries smothering me.”
  • Aquarius: “Before I give my body, I must give my thoughts, my mind, my dreams. And you weren’t having any of those.”
  • Pisces: “It seems to me more than ever that I am a victim of introspection.”
splinter (m)

» pairing: jungkook x reader

» genre: angst, non-explicit smut / college au

» word count: 6,518

» description: Perhaps in their last moments together, the pieces won’t seem so broken. That maybe even with their jaded hearts they can salvage some replica of what it all once was. 

» note: there are mentions of cheating in this story

People love to talk about the ‘what ifs.’

What if they had just kept going, what if they had chosen a different path, what if things had just gone the way they had so desperately wanted them to? Humans torture themselves with these thoughts, all while urgently grappling at the threads of their memories that led to the fork in the road where things went awry. They ponder them tirelessly, wondering if they could’ve done something different, only to realize in the end that it didn’t matter because what was done was done. It was that simple, yet again, people still loved to talk, ponder, and torture themselves with the possibility of what if — However, in your personal experience, there was something much worse.

There was a sub-group of sorts to the what-ifs, called the ‘almosts.’ Almosts are burning flames of misery because they tease you by getting so heartbreakingly close to what you wanted. They were in your reach, resting on the tip of your tongue, only to dissipate before you could swallow it down and make it yours.

So yeah, you weren’t a fan of the-almosts. But what you were even less keen on was being in the same room as your almost, the thread of memories making the air thick as it wrapped its way around your throat.

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Sterek Week Day Three: Meet-Cute

Title: Kittens and Fluff


Stiles finds a box of kittens on his way to work. A storm seems to be brewing, so he does the only logical thing he can think of to help the small creatures: bring them to the office. It should be fine, he has a cubical all to himself. But then three of the cats go missing, and oh God, Derek Hale from marketing is going to have his head.


“What do you mean you lost the kittens?”

Stiles reaches out and punches his best friend in the arm before sticking his head over the cubicle wall to see if any of their coworkers heard Scott’s announcement. “Dude, use your indoor voice.” Convinced no one is paying them any mind, he slouches back into his seat and glances at the empty cardboard box under his desk dejectedly. “I didn’t mean to-. Look, I hadn’t had time to eat breakfast this morning, so I ran down to the break room for a snack, and when I got back they were gone.”

Scott scrubs a hand through his hair, and Stiles decides that it isn’t fair that he’s so worked up about it. After all, Scott’s not the one who misplaced two small kittens in their very large workplace. The Beacon, one of the biggest up and coming publishing corporations, doesn’t necessarily have a policy about animals on campus. But that doesn’t mean that the CEO’s will be pleased that Stiles brought a box of stray kittens into the building without asking permission first. And then lost said kittens.

“Why would you think it was okay to leave five cats alone unsupervised while you went to find food! You should have called me in to watch them!

Stiles sighs and holds up his fingers. “Okay, first, I didn’t lose all five of them. Danny took Boots, and Allison came and picked up Francis. Second, I was only gone for five minutes max, and that’s only because Greenberg stopped to talk to me. You know how hard it is to escape that guy! And third, they were asleep. I didn’t think they were going to make a daring escape while I was gone!”

Shaking his head, Scott bends down to look under Stiles’ desk for the fourth time in five minutes. “Yeah, I know. It’s just, what are we going to-.” Before he can finish his question, Stiles’ computer pings with an email alert. Freezing at the noise, they stare at each other until the computer pings again.

Stiles gulps, fingers twitches towards his keyboard. “Shit,” he mutters when he catches the sender’s name. “I’m so dead.”

Scott stands up to peer at the screen, clutching at Stiles’ shoulder as if that was enough to protect him from being fired.

If there is one thing that they both have learned during their nine months at the company, it is that no one messes with the Marketing manager, Derek Hale. They’ve both heard horror stories about how he’s made interns cry, and even though neither of them have met the CEO’s son, they know that they never want to do anything to make him mad. Stiles always thought that they were lucky they didn’t work in his department, thought they could continue to blissfully work under ‘Call me Coach’ Finstock without worrying about making Derek mad. And yet.

“What does it say,” Scott asks, breathing heavy. Stiles shudders a little before clicking the email icon. The message is short and clear: Mr. Stilinski, please come down to my office. The second email is just as short, and carries a heavy weight: As soon as possible please.

The both stare at in in horror, and then Scott shakes his head and agrees, “You’re so dead.”

Stiles blinks at the email, then forces a smile up at his friend. “What are the chances Derek just wants to congratulate me on my hard work?”

Scott snorts. “Yeah, the head of a different department is calling you to his office on the day you lose three kittens in the building to congratulate you on your work.”

Pushing at his shoulder, Stiles stands up and glares at his friend. “You don’t know, man.” Faking bravado, Stiles straightens his shoulders and nods. “Okay, here goes nothing.”

Scott pats his back then disappears to his own cubicle, leaving Stiles on his own. He walks slowly, opting to take the stairs up the two flights instead of the elevator, hoping the time will steady him. It doesn’t really help, and when he finally gets to Derek’s floor, all he can do is hope that no one will be able to tell how badly his legs are shaking.

Erica Reyes, the only member of Derek’s personal marketing team that Stiles actually knows, smirks when she sees him. There’s something in her eyes that makes him queasy, and he edges past her desk quickly, avoiding eye contact. She just laughs at his unease.

He’s almost relieved when he knocks on Derek’s door, until he hears Derek’s gruff, “Come in,” and the fear rears back with a vengeance.

Stiles expects almost anything but what he opens the door to see.

The infamous Derek is lounging on the small sofa in his office, two small kittens curled up and sleeping in his arms. The third, an orange one that Stiles named Nemo, is sitting on the back of the couch, playing with Derek’s hair.

Stiles can’t decide if he wants to coo because of how cute the sight is, or cry because Derek Hale is probably the sexiest man he has ever seen. He has his tie off and the top two buttons of his shirt undone, enough to expose curls of dark hair, he’s looking at the kittens as if they are the most precious thing in the world, and it’s killing Stiles. If Stiles’ mouth drops open, he can’t really be blamed for it.

Derek, unaware of Stiles’ inner turmoil, smiles over at him. “Mr. Stilinski, it’s nice to finally meet you. I would stand up to shake your hand, but-. Well, they just fell asleep and I don’t want to disturb them.”

“I-. You found the kittens.” It’s a stupid thing to blurt out, but his brain is a little fried at the moment and those are the only words he can get out.

Expression growing serious, Derek nods. “Yes, I was on my way to meet Finstock when I noticed them in your cubicle.”

“I’m sorry,” he blurts. Derek’s eyes widen at the outburst, and Stiles rushes on to explain. “I was on my way to work when I found them, and I couldn’t just leave them out there. But I was running late already, and this was the only place I could bring them!” As he goes on, Derek’s (magnificent) eyebrows climb higher and higher in astonishment. “I’m so sorry. I’m sure that this goes against some obscure company policy, but I promise that I can get rid of them! I can even go now, if you want me too.”

Derek blinks a few times, gathering his wits again, before speaking. “Mr. Stilinski, I’m not upset that you brought them into the office. They aren’t hurting anyone. I only brought them here because they were trying to escape from their box and I didn’t want them getting lost.”

Stiles stares at him. He can’t piece together how the man lounging before him is the same person from everyone’s horror stories. “You’re not going to fire me?”

He didn’t think it was possible for Derek to look more surprised. “What? Fire you? No! I don’t-. You’re not even in my department.”

Nemo, seemingly board with Derek’s hair, starts to make his way daringly across the back of the couch. Feeling more comfortable now that he knows that his job isn’t on the line, Stiles moves further into the office and catches the small cat before he can try to make the jump to the floor. Nemo climbs up his chest instead, purring in contentment.

“I thought they got loose,” Stiles explains, trying to ignore the way Derek watches him. “I was so worried that they would get lost.” He clears his throat, and meets Derek’s gaze. “So thank you, for bringing them here.”

The sentiment makes Derek duck his head, hiding a smile, and oh Gods, he’s a marshmallow. “It was no problem. I-.” He trails off, clears his throat. “Are you planning on keeping all of them?”

He gestures to Stiles to take a seat, which he appreciates. Nemo has been trying to squirm out of his arms, and he doesn’t want to drop him. As soon as he’s seated on the chair by the desk, Stiles sets the small kitten on the floor to explore and turns his attention back to Derek.

“As much as I would love to take them all home with me, Nemo is the only one I’m going to keep for myself. I’m planning on finding some friends or something to adopt those two though.” He gestures to the kittens sleeping against Derek. “Then if I can’t find anyone, I guess I’ll take them to a shelter.”

A blush appears on Derek’s cheeks. “Um. I would like to keep them, if you don’t already have some friends who want them.”

Stiles feels his mouth drop open again. “Wait, really?”

His blush deepens. “I-. Yes. I promise that I’ll be able to take care of them. I’ve wanted to get a cat for awhile, and well-. These two are so sweet, and they seem to like me quite a bit, and-.”

A smile pulls at Stiles’ lips as Derek continues to rattle on about why he would be a good pet owner. Everything that he’s ever heard about Derek Hale is most definitely false. This guy is nothing more than a very attractive marshmallow.


“I can’t believe I ate that whole burrito,” Scott drones as they step out of the elevator. Since they finished lunch, he hasn’t stopped complaining about how full he is. Stiles stopped paying attention to it well before they even got back to their building.

It’s been just over a week since everything with the kittens went down, and Stiles can’t get Derek out of his head. He hasn’t seen him since then, but every time he lets his mind wander, kaleidoscope eyes appear to him. Like now, all he can think about is how relaxed Derek was lounging in his office. Stiles can imagine curling up with him there, tucking around his body like the kittens did. It’s honestly very distracting.

“Dude.” Scott punches his shoulder to get his attention. “You seriously zoned out on me. Again.” His nose wrinkles, and then he sighs with his whole body. “Please don’t tell me you were thinking about Derek again. I swear you’re worse than I was with Allison and-.”

They turn into Stiles’ cubical and stop short. Because sitting on his desk, playing with his pens and grinning at them is Laura Hale. Laura Hale, who will be CEO of The Beacon when her mother steps down. Laura Hale, who has a lot of power in the company already. Laura Hale, who just overheard Scott telling Stiles to stop daydreaming about her younger brother.

Oh Gods, he’s dead.

Scott looks back and forth between them, then takes a step back. “I’ll talk to later, Stiles,” he says, voice quivering only a little before he retreats.

Stiles blinks at Laura for a moment before babbling. “Oh, hey Laura. Laura Hale. Laura future CEO. How’s it, uh-. How’s it going?”

Her laugher is gleeful. “Oh, this is perfect. I assume you’re Stiles Stilinski, correct?” He nods, frantically bobbing his head up and down. Her grin is predatory. “Then you’re the one who responsible for giving my brother those cats?”

“I-. Yes, he took two of these kittens I found a week ago. But-.”

She raises one hand to cut him off. “Which means that you’re the one responsible for making him so happy.” His jaw drops. He can’t help it.

Laura rises to her feet, long limbs unfolding gracefully until she stands before him. “Derek is a hard one to crack,” she begins, crossing her arms and looking fond. “Since he’s started working here, he’s hardened himself into his role. He’s always taken things too seriously, and I was starting to worry that nothing would get him excited again. And then I went to his office for lunch one day, and found him grinning over at these two cats, laughing as they chase each other around.”

Some of the edge in her expression relaxes back into fond exasperation. “And he wouldn’t stop talking about you, about how good your work is, about how he thinks you’re a great employee.”

Stiles colors at the praise. “I-. I don’t even work in his department.” As soon as he says it, he feels like smacking himself in the face. Obviously she knows that he doesn’t work for Derek. It’s her job to know.

“Still, you made an impression. And I’m sure it’s not just because Derek thinks you’re hot.”

Error: there has been a malfunction. The file named brain has been disconnected from the server.

“W-what-.” Stiles can’t exactly understand.

Cackling at his expression, she reaches out to pat at his shoulder. “You know, it’s not against the company policy for employees to date.” He blinks at her, still trying to understand. “I’m just saying. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting to get to. Derek shouldn’t be too busy now though, and I know he hasn’t eaten yet.” She points at a bag on his desk. “That’s his lunch, if you would be so kind as to take it to him.”

He’s nodding before he can comprehend what’s happening. It makes Laura laugh again, before she pats his cheek. “It was nice to meet you, Stiles. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of each other very soon.”

Stiles watches her walk away, still feeling off balance. And then he’s scrambling, grabbing the bag and moving to the elevator. He barely hears Scott yell out for him, but he’s too busy thinking about how he might actually have a chance with the man of his dreams Derek.

The elevator ride seems to take forever. When the door finally opens on the right floor, Erica is waiting on the other side.

She actually looks surprised for a moment, but then her eyes catch on the bag he’s carrying, and a sly grin pulls her lips up. “Stilinski,” she murmurs. “Welcome back. I was wondering how long it would take you to wander up here again.”

Not giving him a chance to respond, she climbs in the elevator herself and shoves him out. “Good luck, Stiles” is yelled his way as the elevator closes.

Heart pounding, Stiles makes the walk to Derek’s office, entering when he hears the familiar call, “Come in!“

Derek is standing with his back to the door, rustling through a filing cabinet and giving Stiles a great view of his ass. It’s distracting enough that Stiles doesn’t even realize he’s talking.

“I thought you got lost,” Derek grumbles without turning around. “When you offered to bring me lunch, Laura, I expected it a little sooner. Some of us have actual work to-oh.” He turns, eyes widening when he sees Stiles instead of his sister. “Stil-. Mr. Stilinski. How can I help you today?”

“I have your lunch,” Stiles squeaks, holding out the bag. “Your sister asked me to drop it off.”

A frown pulls at Derek’s lips even as a blush colors his cheeks. “She didn’t talk to you, did she?” Stiles blinks at the pleading edge in his voice. “She asked you to bring that up, and that was it? Right?”

He opens his mouth to respond, but then movement from the couch catches his attention. One of the kittens is jumping around the couch, playing with a blanket draped there. Beside the couch is a large cat tree, and the other kitten is resting there, looking content.

“You keep them in your office,” Stiles asks, distracted.

Derek’s blush deepens. “Figs doesn’t like being left alone,” he grumbles. “And I wasn’t going to leave his sister behind. Besides, I work late sometimes, and it wouldn’t be fair for them to be alone all the time.”

His heart might actually burst out of his chest. Derek is too much, so cute. It might kill him.

“I-. Laura might have mentioned that you’ve told her about me,” he says finally, drawing his attention back to the conversation at hand. It makes Derek pale. “And she might have mentioned that it wasn’t just because you think I’m hot.”

“Oh, Gods, I am so sorry. Laura is-. She likes to meddle with stuff she shouldn’t, even here at work and-.”

“It was a mortifying conversation,” Stiles continues, stepping farther into the office, “Because my best friend had been yelling at me for daydreaming about you.”

Little bunny teeth poke appear when Derek’s mouth falls open. It takes him a second before he asks, “Really?”

Stiles shrugs, setting the bag on his desk. “Yeah, really. I’m sure Laura will tell you all about it.”

At that, Derek laughs, head tipping back far enough that Stiles is assaulted with thoughts of marking his skin.

“So if I asked if you wanted to get dinner later,” Derek trails off.

It makes Stiles grin. “I would ask what time you get off.”

When Derek laughs again and reaches out to grab his hand, Stiles is thankful for kittens, and rainstorms, and meddling sisters. He really loves his job.

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Hey could you like calm down. Maybe? Some people just don't like homestuck it's not a tragedy.

You’ve obviously not read my post in the slightest if this is what you got out of it. I don’t mind people disliking Homestuck. I think it’s a dick move to go out of your way to shit on something you dislike. But neither of those are points I was making.

That post was aimed to fans that turn on a Fandom they enjoy for absolutely no reason and make it toxic and hard to deal with because… I don’t know, because they want to be in a special secret club? Because they can be assed enough to insult people but not assed enough to help get rid of Toxicity?

And it doesn’t stop at Homestuck, in fact I act so ‘dramatic’ or like ‘it’s a tragedy’ maybe, because the Homestuck Fandom has been really great to me, but we have some self-destructive tendencies, and the god damn state of Fandom as a whole right now is laughable. People start to love a thing, and the MOMENT it gets popular, people start to shit on it for no reason, until the fans start to turn on it as well, and it becomes a ‘meme’ to hate on things.

Homestuck is long, intricate and people like to joke about it being ‘hell’ and an ‘inescapable ride’, and how everyone in the Fandom hates it, which in its high points it’s not bad? But when Hiveswap has just come out and there’s new people, inexperienced to the Fandom, possibly coming in, you don’t want that kind of attitude.

And then there’s people who non-jokingly do state that the Viz Media and Homestuck partnership is somehow Hussie being a sell-out and ‘bluh bluh Capitalism’ like can you not. Can you not?

Kinktober2017 Day 14: Role Reversal with Klance

*Releases Day 14* *It’s supposed to be Day 15* *Hides in corner*

Altean Prince Lance x Galra Guard Keith AU

I know this isn’t exactly what role reversal normally means, but hey, I went with it.

Lance let out the dirtiest sound he had ever made in his entire life as his back arched against the bed, looking up at his bodyguard with a red face and squinting eyes.

“K-Keith…” The Altean Prince muttered weakly, writhing about as the Galra pinned his arms above his head with one hand while the other spread his legs apart, running his fingers up and down Lance’s thighs.

“You know, I’ve always thought your skin looked so smooth…now that I finally get to touch you in all these wonderful places, I can confirm just how right I was.” Keith’s teasing voice just made Lance’s face even redder as he willingly spread his legs apart wider. He knew he took very good care of his skin, not just because he was a prince, but because he liked being able to be confident in it, so hearing Keith compliment something he worked hard for made his heart warmer than it already was.

“Spreading yourself willingly for me, now, my Prince? I must say, I’ve been observing you all this time, but I never could have guessed you were so naughty.”

Lance’s face was growing red all the way up to his pointy ears as Keith continued teasing him, and he hated that getting him flustered was a specialty that the Galra bodyguard possessed. He wanted nothing more than to hide his face in his hands, but obviously that wasn’t possible right now, so he instead tried to deny it by closing his legs again.

“Ah, ah, ah, not so fast, Prince Lance.” Keith spread his own legs from in between Lance’s to spread his apart again, grinning down at him in that sexy way that showed off his fangs. “You can’t hide it anymore, Prince; and you don’t need to.” He leaned down until their chests were parallel, pressing soft kisses to Lance’s forehead, and if those made him melt, the words he spoke next made him implode. “I’ll take good care of you, always.”

Honestly, Lance was ready to start tearing up from how sweet Keith always was to him, always more than a bodyguard, always there for him physically and emotionally, and he wanted to express all his gratitude, but his emotional outburst was cut of as Keith’s finger prodded his hole.

“Oh!” Lance gasped, body suddenly tensing up at the sudden feeling. Keith immediately began kissing every inch of his face, showering him in claims of “you’re so pretty” and “you know I’ll never hurt you”. Lance did know. He knew Keith would never hurt him, and in the end, that was what relaxed him completely as he let the Galra slip his finger inside, squirming a bit at the unusual but welcome sensation.

“Keith…” he whispered, already panting from how hot his body felt.

“Shh…” Keith shushed him soothingly, hand moving from his wrists to stroke his white hair. He didn’t have to hold Lance down anymore and he knew it, doing whatever he could to show the Prince his love as a second finger slipped inside of him, and the two appendages began working together to stretch Lance’s walls in two separate directions, covering themselves in his Altean self-lubricant and slicking up his walls.

“Oh god Keith…” Lance was finding out that he was very verbal during intimate sessions, and that he apparently loved crying out his lover’s name as he squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the feeling of the fingers moving around inside of him, getting him even wetter than he already was. Being Altean, he was pretty sure his hole would just adjust to whatever size was needed for Keith’s dick before readjusting to give him pleasure, but Keith wanted to go the extra mile and prepare him like this anyways, which only strengthened the sentimentality of the gesture. God, Lance loved him more than he ever thought it was possible to love anything. He wanted him more than he ever thought it was possible to want anything.

“Keith…” His hands weren’t being held down anymore, so he moved them to grab the wrist of the hand that was stroking his hair, opening his eyes to look up at Keith pleadingly. He forgot to speak for a second when he met those yellow Galra eyes full of so much care. Only the beating of his heart reminded him that he was alive, and remembering that he was alive made him remember how much he wanted a certain something. “Keith, I’m okay…but you’re gonna kill me if you don’t get inside of me soon…”

Keith blinked in surprise for a tick before grinning, digging his fingers in deeper. “Oh, I will, will I? I suppose they’ll arrest me for treason for killing the Prince of Altea.” He snickered, and Lance hit his arm playfully, face reddening more.

“Keith…please, I…I need it.” Relief flooded through Lance as he felt the fingers pull out of him, replaced by something much larger and hotter pressing against his entrance. Just feeling it made Lance shiver and whine, hole gaping wide and ready for Keith’s large Galra dick. He waited…and waited. And then, he curled his back to look up at Keith.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you doing it?” To his surprise, Keith’s face didn’t like teasing at all; he wasn’t even smiling as he stared back at Lance. Frustration took hold of him as he desperately pushed against the head of Keith’s cock, needing it inside of him. “Keith, just do it! That is an order from your Prince!”

“You’re not my prince.”

Lance’s eyes widened, and his entire body was seized by fear as he stared at Keith’s unforgiving eyes. “I’m…not your…?”

“You’re revoking your title as Prince and giving it to me.” Keith said, voice completely serious. “You’re going to call me ‘your highness’, and you’re nothing more than a peasant now. Understood? If not, I’ll just go ahead and let you tend to your own needs.” He began slowly pulling back, immediately making Lance’s arm shoot forward in panic.

“No!” Lance gasped out, gulping. “N-no…please…your highness.” Just hearing those words leave his mouth directed towards Keith made both of them shiver in satisfaction. It wasn’t that they weren’t happy with their current roles, but the power swap that came with reversing their roles was just so exhilarating for them both.

“In that case…” Keith pushed forward, sliding his cock into Lance’s dripping hole and groaning as the walls contracted in response to his thickness immediately.

Lance’s breathing was already picking up pace as he gripped the bedsheets and clenched his teeth together, a long, drawn out whimpering sound escaping him as he felt his hole being filled up. It wasn’t long before Keith’s cock was completely buried inside of him, and they stared at each other for a bit, unmoving. Then, Lance got impatient and tried rocking back.

“Please…move Keith…” The glare he got quickly reminded himself of the role reversal as he squirmed. “Please move, your highness…”

Finally, the smile returned to Keith’s face as he cupped Lance’s face. “You’re going to have to beg your Prince a lot better than that, darling. You have to beg me to fuck you.”

Lance’s heart pounded against his chest in humiliation, but his pride was one of the last things on his mind as he felt Keith’s cock pulsing from inside of him, offering to move if he could just convince him to. He gulped and took a few deep breaths, preparing himself for the filthy language he was about to unleash.

“Fuck me…your highness.”


“Fuck me, your highness!”

“Is this how you treat royalty?”

“Please fuck me, your highness!”


“PLEASE FUCK ME YOUR HIGHNESS!” Lance was shouting at the top of his lungs, his body a mixture of frustration from how much he needed something he wasn’t being given and lust from how hot Keith was making this. To his relief, his final screams had been enough, and Keith started to really fuck him, wasting no time in going slow simply because he didn’t need to.

Huge sparks of passion and pleasure were flaring through Lance’s body repeatedly, and the process was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He tried to focus on breathing so that he wouldn’t just pass out, but it was proving impossible for him to remember how to focus on anything anymore as his body spasmed and shook with each massive thrust of Keith’s cock.

“Lance, fuck!” Keith grunted with each thrust, slamming deep inside of Lance and into his prostate, which only added onto the pleasure he was already receiving just from being filled up.

“Fuck me your highness, please fuck me harder, make me lose my mind, your highness, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!” Lance was crying out and screaming so many things he couldn’t even comprehend it all, couldn’t even be sure if he was speaking coherently as he begged and begged his royalness to fuck him more. After all, Lance wasn’t royalty in this situation; he could say as many dirty things as he wanted to. As a result, constant streams of “Fuck me!” were coming out of his mouth at the top of his lungs, only encouraging Keith to do exactly as he begged.

Keith was literally making him lose his mind by fucking him, and he was even forgetting that not being a prince was just a role reversal thing, completely submitting himself into his new role beneath Keith.

“Fuck me your highness, bless me with your seed, please, I need you inside of me!” He begged, eyes wide with lust as he did his best to thrust back to meet Keith’s hips, although he could barely feel his legs from how hard his body was being pounded. He was clawing at the sheets and trying to express the insane amounts of pleasure shooting through his body in any way he could, including screams, but he just couldn’t seem to get ahold of himself as he lost himself in the lust and passion and ecstasy of Keith’s cock.

The Galra on top didn’t seem to be doing much better with his self control, letting out constant growls and roars as he went back to pinning Lance down, hips ramming forward with everything he had, balls slapping against Lance and making obnoxiously loud slapping noises. He was definitely close - too close for either of them to stop now.

“Lance…! Fuck, Lance, I’m gonna…cum! Gonna fill you with my…royal seed! That what you want?! Come on baby!” He smacked Lance’s ass, causing a shaky yelp to escape him.

“Ah! Yes, please! Please your highness! Fill me up, I need you! I…PLEASE!” All Lance could do in the end was plead and beg and scream as he felt Keith cum, his hot, sticky Galra seed flooding Lance’s royal Altean body and staining his insides. The sensation of being stuffed sent Lance over the edge, and he came alongside Keith as they both screamed and pressed their bodies as close together as possible. Keith’s cum filled Lance completely while the Altean’s cum shot all over their chests, the bed shaking and squeaking from all their passionate bucking.

They slowly began coming down from their sex high as their orgasms died off, leaving both boys panting and staring at each other with passionate looks that also said ‘what just happened’.

Keith slowly pulled out of the prince, wincing at the squelching sounds that followed his dick before he shuffled off to the side and fell down next to his lover. Silence ensued between them, just listening to the sound of each other’s heaving chests and relishing in the pleasure they’d just experienced.

“…I love you.” Lance honestly didn’t know what else to say, so he just blurted out his feelings out, snuggling backwards into Keith’s chest. The Galra immediately wrapped his arms around Lance, kissing the back of his neck.

“I love you, too.” He assured. Lance keened at that, smiling wider than he ever had as he sighed.

“Oh, also, that was amazing. Thank you, Keith.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘your highness’?”

Lance scowled and shoved back against Keith playfully, and they both laughed tiredly as they lay on the bed to go to sleep.

Domestic Klance Moments, Family Edition

[Part Two]

  • Keith and Lance are arguing after their dinner date about who has to drive home from the restaurant. Lance looks away for a minute. “Babe, look.” Keith says. Lance turns around to see Keith down a bottle of wine that was on the table.
  • While the kids are out, they take the opportunity to play their ultimate playlist on one of their phones and dance like embarrassing grandpas in their living room until one of them starts laughing.
  • They give each other back rubs after a long day.
  • They would make awesome dads (with little to none questionable irresponsibilities lol).
    • Lance: You gave our hyper 5 year old Sprite?!
    • Keith: There’s no caffeine in it!
  • Disneyland with Keith, Lance, and their kids.
    • Can you imagine….how cute they be….the whole family….riding in the spinning teacups.
    • Cheesy disney family photos where the whole family is wearing mickey ears and they’re posing with a mascot.
    • Their kids are wearing costumes of their favorite disney character.
  • The first time they had a baby, they couldn’t stop feeling anxious about leaving them for a minute. They were clingy.
    • Lance: Maybe I should check up on them one more time…
    • Allura: Lance, we just walked out the door.
    • Keith: Oh my god, I forgot to give Lance’s mom (baby)’s favorite toy.
    • Hunk: Keith, we’re only gonna be gone for half an hour.
  • Their babies would calm down easily with their singing. Sometimes they’ll sing in English, sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in Korean.
  • They just…become so soft when they’re around their babies.
    • Lance tickling his baby’s tummy with his nose. 
    • Keith playing peek-a-boo. 
    • That one airplane game where they lie on their backs, hold their baby’s hands, and lift them up with their legs. 
    • Keith passed out with their baby also passed out on his chest, Lance taking photos.
  • When they have little arguments and Keith is being difficult or stubborn, like refusing to go take a shower or something, Lance just picks him up. Just lifts him up, grabs him by the waist, drapes him vertically over his shoulder, like a sack, like a parent taking their child to their time out spot. The first time Lance did this, Keith was so pleasantly impressed with his strength that he forgot he was upset. After many times however, Keith just has a resigned annoyed face.
    • Keith: Stop manhandling me.
    • Lance: Hah! You love it, don’t lie.
    • He does. He loves it a lot.
    • Consider, Keith pinching his butt when he carries him like that again.
  • You know those parents who give their new born baby a new born pet? Yeah, that’s them.
    • Lance, holding a camcorder, crying: Keith, I can’t take this, our baby is snuggling the puppy, I’m really gonna die.
    • Keith: Don’t you dare fucking die, you’re going to capture every second of this cute moment, so help me god.
  • I think these two would be sentimental enough to capture one another doing mundane things, one second of everyday, every year into a little video project, which shows what loving saps they are for the other.
    • Moments like: Keith looking at the sunset out the balcony. Keith sleeping in bed, the light hitting his face. Keith with a cup of coffee in his hands, laughing. Keith reading and petting a cat. Keith walking and carrying shopping bags. Keith putting seat belts on his kids. Keith chasing his kids in the backyard.
    • Moments like: Lance sitting on a surfboard, laughing. Lance building sandcastles with his kids. Lance baking. Lance singing in the shower. Lance walking the dog. Lance wiping his kid’s nose. Lance washing the dishes.
  • Their kids have nightmares sometimes so Lance and Keith let them sleep on their bed, no matter how old they are.
  • On Christmas mornings, their kids would jump on their bed to wake them up. They’re probably bruised.
    • They do the whole leaving milk and cookies for Santa (which Lance and Keith share together).
      • Their kid: Why are there two empty glasses here?
      • Lance: Uhh….Santa was probably really thirsty.
    • Their kids are tearing apart the gift wrapping like animals, but Keith and Lance are drinking coffee together and watching them fondly.
  • Game night is intense in this family, you got the most competitive couple and the kids who were raised by these two.
    • Wii sports resort competitions. They probably hurt the other on accident with a Wii remote once or twice.
  • Lance and Keith always record their kids’ performing recitals.
    • Lance: You’re doing amazing sweetie!
  • They’re actually pretty chill in PTA meetings (or at least, Lance is), but if you criticize their kids, they’re definitely going to be savage lol.
    • Keith: The only shit I smell is the platter that looks like an animal died in it, that you call casserole, Sandra.
little things i love about calum
  • you can see his lisp when he talks
  • his inability to grow facial hair
  • his jawline could cut a bitch
  • he is so sentimental that he has his sister’s name and parents initials tattooed on him
  • he made us a playlist named ‘for you, from me’
  • his lil baby curls 
  • the two moles on his cheek
  • the golden tone of his skin
  • how he’s so quiet in interviews but when he talks everyone listens
  • he is always accidentally covering the microphone in snapchats
  • he dm’s fans on twitter, telling them to keep living
  • he was really involved with twloha
  • he is so incredibly passionate and talented
  • when he doesn’t know what to say he sticks his tongue out
  • he’s always telling us how attractive we are
  • he has a really good relationship with his sister
  • he’s fucking obsessed with dogs
  • he writes the most beautiful songs
  • how when he laughs the corner of his eyes get all crinkly
  • his teeth are literally perfect???? how???
  • he gave up a whole soccer career to pursue music
  • he loves music so much 
  • he always remembers to say thank you, to his parents, to us, to his crew, etc
  • he’s always feeling up his tiddies 
  • cheekbones, need i say more
  • he’s got a resting bitch face, but a heart of gold
  • he puts up with michael’s shit
  • he’s learned from his mistakes
  • his chubby cheeks
  • all around squish
  • he’s always posting pictures of his butt
  • he’s always forgetting his lines
  • when he stretches his tummy shows
  • he gets so bashful when someone compliments him

~Poseidon, who was equal to his brother Zeus in place but not in power, and who had a surly, defiant character, he set straight to build his underwater palace where the sea of Aiges (aiga, αίγα stands for goat in greece, and the goat is one of Poseidon’s totemic representations) lies, in Euboea. In his spacious stables Poseidon’s white horses for his chariot reside, with bronze hooves and golden manes, and a golden chariot that when approaches the storms cease, and sea monsters emerge thrilling around it.~
Robert Graves

Poseidon, the primary force of the element of water, feared in his unpredictable nature and yet abundant. Poseidon’s waters are no different than those lurking inside our unconscious mind, the storms ready to emerge as we’re examining our emotional wounds, as we’re confronting the mystery of our origins and consciousness levels. Poseidon’s power is underwater, where many treasures as much as wrecks and ruins hide. We should approach Poseidon with great care and sensitivity in order not to awaken the “sea monsters” but to gain a meaningful access to inner realities.

Poseidon statue, Versailles, France

Let’s get something straight right here right now. 

1) dancing queen Hyoyeon did not call out or shade any of your precious groups

2) she thanked EXO for stopping by and giving them their album. Thanked them for being respectful 

3) it’s common courtesy to visit and respect groups who are older than you (especially on their 10th year… like???) Side note: in so many Asian countries, respect is a huge thing, so just because in your country outside of Asia, you can get away with being disrespectful, doesn’t mean that’s how the world works

4) YES! What all the groups who were performing at the same time as SNSD did was/is considered disrespectful extremely!

5) YES! Fans are extremely angry! Are they right for calling out certain groups and their fans and pointing figures? No! But we do have a right to be angry 

6) I will repeat. Specialist HY only mentioned one group and one group only. Which is E-X-O™ (all rights reserved to Oh Sehun) Nowhere did she mention your groups for being disrespectful but HEY!! If the shoe fits! :) 

7) Do NOT attack @watashihyo via insta because she did nothing but be thankful for the almost quadruple million seller idols who are 5 years younger than her for stopping by

8) if you want to attack people (which I do not suggest b/c why argue when you could listen to Red Flavor) talk to the fans pointing fingers

9) yeah, maybe your group was busy or scared. But I’m too lazy to pull all receipts of both exo and soshi being respectful and visiting not even just their seniors but juniors as well! Another side note: IF BYUN BAEKHYUN CAN VISIT HIS EX GIRLFRIEND, LEADER OF THE NATION’S GIRL GROUP TO DELIVER AN ALBUM WITH HIS GROUP THEN YOUR GROUP CAN AT LEAST SHOW SOME RESPECT 

10) Go stream/buy ‘Holiday Night’ and 'The War’


Hear that, babe?

We’re Legends.

Finally, my (almost) full Lup cosplay! Unfortunately lacking my fave twin but we will get pictures once the costumes are finalized!

Design by the amazing @stardustinjune from their Hey brother video! Thank you for letting me cosplay it and giving me great ref sheets!

Thanks to my sister (who doesn’t have a tumblr) for allowing me to drag you out in the piss cold to take these while stressed!

And thanks to my wonderful twin @kr1g and @yesthisishonk for properly getting me into TaZ! It has brought me great joy <3</p>

“Don’t snivel, Mrs Hudson. It’ll do nothing to impede the flight of a bullet. What a tender world that would be.”

Here, have a reference back in ASiB to something impeding the flight of a bullet! You can probably read something into the context of it too. What Sherlock basically says to Mrs H is: Don’t cry, it won’t save you. In other words… caring is not an advantage? But if it WAS… then could you stop a bullet?? (A.k.a. “Can Samarra be avoided”?? Caring, ie. Love, is the solution.)

“Don’t make this sentimental.”

Previous parts: “Someone like me doesn’t get happy endings.” | “I can take care of myself.”

Word count: 1712

Warnings: none

A/N: The final part to this Bucky x reader series! Hope you guys like it.

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It’s three in the morning and you’re still awake, staring at the man who shared your bed. His head rests in his hands as he sleeps peacefully for the first time in seventy years and you smile as you think about how much you truly loved him. The pain he’d suffered melted away when he was with you and he looked entirely at peace and content as he slept, a welcome change to the guilt ridden hours he spent awake.

You shift against him, leaning into him as he sleeps and you curl your fingers in his soft hair; it was shorter since he cut it a few weeks ago. It suits him, you think as you study the face you fell in love with. You trace the contour of his cheek before traveling down to caress the hard edge of his jaw. You move down to his left shoulder and stroked the scars that joined his flesh to metal. Your fingers continue down to the curve of back, stroking down his spine. Then, as if a spell is broken, his eyes open to find yours gazing into them.

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