and the selection is rare


A choice manual, or, Rare and select secrets in physick and chirurgery. Collected, and practised by the right honourable, the Countesse of Kent, late deceased : Whereto are added several experiments of the virtues of Gascon pouder, and lapis contra yarvam, by a professor of physick. As also most exquisite wayes of preserving, conserving, candying, &c.

Countesse of Kent [Elizabeth Grey]

London 1659 - 11th Edition

 [357 years old]


long ago, back when i thought i had self restraint and impulse control, i stumbled upon an old ask from gav-bot innocently asking id i’d consider a gem-stuck au… 

jk, this was just a very fun way to exercise drawing different body-shapes and silhouettes. ask about fusions if you’d like, i’ve already got a bunch sketched out! (& info for everyone down below since i had so much time to world build while working on everyone and i’d like to get it out somewhere :3c)

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This extremely rare Pokémon is known to only a select few in Alola. At one time, it was known only by the kings of Alola and their heirs, and it was called “the child of the stars.” The Aether Foundation is researching this unusual Pokémon, and one of the professors at the foundation recently dubbed it Cosmog.

Cosmog is very curious and shows no fear of people or Pokémon. If you treat it with any consideration at all, it will take an immediate liking to you. This personality trait often leads it into danger.

Its gaseous body is so lightweight that it’s sent flying when the wind blows. When light falls on this Pokémon, Cosmog absorbs it and grows.


We’re spotlighting Tribeca selections about LGBT subjects everyday of LGBT Pride Month. Seek these films out. Watch them. And discover a future favorite.

Today’s selection is Mariana Rondón’s Bad Hair from 2013. Rarely has proto-queer adolescence been rendered with as much grit and sensitivity as this Venezuelan keeper, one of the decade’s very best and most underrated films.

I cannot be the only one who is actually extremely happy that the new Tangled series includes this wonderful girl?

Originally posted by lanternstars

Friendship between two female characters is very rare in all media outside few selected genres like Magical Girl animes and cute shows for little girls. And for Disney, they have been almost nonexistent. Their heroines are always surrounded by men. Even animal sidekicks are exclusively male. If other women appear, they are mostly villains or maternal figures. Out of Disney princesses and heroines, only Pocahontas and Tiana have actual female friends while Anna and Elsa have a sister they bond with. Tangled is no exception, since Rapunzel’s all allies are men (even every single pub thug is male).

And then they introduced Cassandra. She is a foil to Rapunzel; where Rapunzel is feminine, cute and enthusiastic, Cassanra is rough, tough and sarcastic. In any other show a girl like Cassanra would look down on a girl like Rapunzel. Here, they balance each other out perfectly. Cassandra is protective of Rapunzel but also wants to encourage her independence. Rapunzel in turn is the one person Cassandra appears genuinely soft and caring to. Their trust in each other is perfect.

I know some fans have not been satisfied with the way Cassandra comes between Rapunzel and Eugene. But I personally think it’s an interesting conflict. How many shows have we seen where the conflict between three characters like this would be a simple love triangle where the girls catfight over the guy? Instead, the conflict here is fresh and interesting. Cassanra and Eugene have conflicting personalities and Rapunzel has to balance between them. Her affection and safety is the thing they both want.

Eugene is the love of her life, but remember that Cassandra is the very first human friend Rapunzel has ever had. Romance may be amazing and important but friendship is also a treasure. It’s great to see how much Rapunzel and Cassandra value each other. Rapunzel does not simply push Cassandra aside for her boyfriend but instead tries to reach a compromise. I’m sure we will have so much fun watching how these personalities and chemistries in the trio develope over the course of the series! No story is good without conflict. So sit back and appreciate this amazing friendship between female characters.

Touch | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/N: I feel like all my spent up ideas over the past 3 months are pouring out because writing two in one day is unheard of in my world. BUT I LOVE THIS. IDK I HOPE YOU DO TOO. 

Word Count: 1,917

I was frustrated.

Shawn was gone to visit his parents and I had to stay home from the visit, unfortunately. He had only been gone for maybe five hours but I missed him already, however, my body missed him more.

I sat down on the end of the bed and checked my phone. I had asked when Shawn would be home hoping I could hold off. But when he said he wasn’t sure when he’d be back I told him to hurry home, hoping he’d understand what I wanted. But Shawn still hadn’t checked his messages yet.

I knew he needed time with his family, but I also needed time with him.

Sitting on the end of the bed I was unsure of what do. Or well I wasn’t unsure, I was very acquainted with what I could do, but I wasn’t sure if I should.

Does it matter? I finally asked myself. No.

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Ridgenose Rattlesnake

The ridge nosed rattlesnake (Crotalus willardi), also known as Willard’s rattlesnake or Willard’s rattler, is a venomous pit viper species found in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Originally described in 1905, Crotalus willardi is the most recent rattlesnake species to be discovered in the United States. Five subspeciesare currently recognized.

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shaysugar  asked:

Hi, wonderful❤❤ Have you ever thought about making a post and showing your process and tools you use/do when you make a picture :) I'd looove to see that! Like someday when you have time or if you feel like it!

Hey, Shay! ❤️ I have actually never really thought about it since my editing is pretty inconsistent and I tend to change styles all the time, but since I am finally somewhat happy with the way my pictures look, I guess I can make that post! My editing process is a bit wonky, keep in mind I am a total noob in Photoshop! How I edit my pictures under the cut! (edit: it was originally under the cut but I am afraid you can’t read it in my theme so it is no longer under the cut until I fix this, sorry!)

1. I use Reshade! Which, actually, makes a tremendous difference. I use this preset right over here. 

2. Then, I open up Photoshop, select the picture I want to edit and run early-grape’s action opal from the angelic ace action pack, which can be found here! The action is amazing but I actually do prefer it without the lilac-ish tones, so what I do is remove the layers that give the picture such tones. Here’s a picture: 

After you run the action your picture should look like this, what I do is delete the selected layers which I also attempted to circled around in red. So, to put it simply, after I have run the action I just press del.

3. After this is done I use Topaz Clean, which you can download herewith these settings:

4. After that is done I use smart sharpen (found under filter > sharpen > smart sharpen) with the following settings: 

5. Once this is done, your picture should look sort of like this:

So now, we crop! I usually crop all my pictures to 1366 x 610 (so I just select the crop tool and insert that ratio).

6. After this is done I usually adjust brightness, however in this picture, it wasn’t necessary, so we go straight to the next step which is adding a light leak, drag it over the picture and screen it! I just googled light leaks and found this one and so I just screen it, here’s a couple pictures below: 

7. Because I stopped using DOF sometimes, very rarely, when I feel like it, I select my sims with the selection tool, then I select inverse and blur the background using Gaussian blur (found under filters > blur > gaussian blur). And, that’s it!

Side note: I am a complete noob with Photoshop, but I am glad I know enough to be able to use what this community gives me to make my pictures look good! So a big thank you to those who provide actions and presets and all the tutorials, you are all so useful and kind for sharing these, so thank you, for helping out a noob like me! 


Join us every Thursday after classes in third floor, fifth door on right !

• magical knitting, muggle-style knitting without use of magic, handspinning, tea and cookies

• we own a wide selection of rare muggle knitting patterns from prof. Dumbledore´s private collection given to our club by prof. McGonagall, patterns are not for rent !

• beginners and pets are welcome

• for more info contact Han or Ophelia on school corridor or in Slytherin/Hufflepuff common room

We´re looking forward to meet you ♥

Moon Sign Sentiment

Aries moon: emotions are explosive and overpowering. like a bomb, this moon persons feelings hit instantaneously and all at once, leaving those surrounded coated in ash and debris from the detonation. all is forgotten shorty after.

Gemini moon: emotions are spasmodic and confused, inconsistent like the speed of wind. this moon person acts erratically as if they are feeling for the first time, not understanding that feelings aren’t meant to make sense. 

Taurus Moon: emotions are deep but practical, this moon person dwelling neither too much nor too little, letting their feelings come and go as they please. they are wise regarding sentiment, knowing that no feeling, good or bad, is permanent. 

Cancer moon: emotions are intense and relentless, like they are drowning inside themselves, leaving this moon person overwhelmed, exhausted, and constantly feeling tormented, like they must fight to stay afloat.

Leo moon: emotions are all consuming, untamed and insist on being felt. this moon person lives on a constant emotional roller coaster, highs are above the clouds and lows result in break downs. they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Virgo moon: emotions are not dwelled upon but are instead suppressed, like boiling hot water increasingly sizzling under a closed lid. this continues until the event of an overflow, resulting in emotional collapse. 

Libra moon: emotions are vague and watered down by logic and reason, being acknowledged but never truly felt. this moon person feels with the brain, never fully being able to make sense of their feelings.

Scorpio moon: emotions are powerful but concealed. this moon person feels everything but says nothing. everything is channeled inward leaving this moon person at constant war with themselves.

Sagittarius moon: emotions run wild with no regards for anything or anyone. emotions here are impulsive but fleeting, leaving the moon person in speedy search of an outlet for expression.

Capricorn moon: emotions are selectively ignored and rarely acted upon. this moon person will do everything in their power to subdue, repress and even kill their emotions, to no avail. this leaves the moon person feeling disturbed and out of control, which continues until they learn that they can’t run from themselves.

Aquarius moon: this moon person lives inside their mind and way outside their heart, causing them to fabricate emotional responses as they see fit to compensate for their lack of feelings. this moon person is irrational when forced by life to inhabit their body. 

Pisces moon: emotions of this placement run at a high velocity, constantly flowing with no other purpose but to be felt. this moon person is unconscious of their own depth, sometimes riding the waves that is their feelings, other times being drowned by them. they go out with no kicking or screaming.