and the secret is nothing

a totally regular normal boots club meeting
  • Hana: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Shane: Hana--
  • Josh: Lie about what?
  • Hana: It's Mai. I've been dating Mai.
  • Jirard: Hana's not the only one!
  • PBG: You're dating Mai, too?
  • Jirard: What? No-- I... Satch has always been my best friend, but now I love him.
  • Nick: Wait a minute... Hana and Mai... Jirard and Satch? You mean... I've been keeping my relationship with Josh a secret this whole time for nothing???
  • Josh: Babe--
  • PBG: (uncontrollable sobbing) I thought I was the only one!
  • Paul: Wait, you have a boyfriend?
  • PBG: Yeah... Jeff, from Hidden Block...
  • Shane: Now wait a second! Is there anyone else who's going to come out?
  • Paul: ...I don't like anyone.

Confession: No one’s trying to pass off Harry as a secret anti-hero and a totally nice person who did nothing wrong. People who like Harry know exactly what he did wrong and he’s generally portrayed as a sleazy guy who does things wrong and is an asshole who needs and tries to do better (eventually). The same can’t be said for Rafe.

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Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

she manages

My mother loved me, but she was never supportive, never there when I needed her, and never understanding. She was always right, and I was never good enough. She tore me down, made me feel worthless and stupid every day of my life, and responded to my insecurities and needs with sarcasm and insults. I know that she loved me. But she was never there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a problem I needed help with. “What the fuck do you want me to do?” Was her favorite response to me.
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The Outsiders + Rock and Riot
  • Dallas: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Darry: Dally--
  • Soda: Lie about what?
  • Dallas: *sighs* It's Johnny. I've been dating Johnny.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Everyone: JOHNNY??!!!!
  • Cherry: *leaps up* Dally's not the only one!
  • Ponyboy: *gasps* /You're/ dating Johnny, too?
  • Cherry: What? No-- I...
  • Cherry: *sighs* Marcia's always been my best friend, but now I love her.
  • Marcia: *leaps up and hugs Cherry*
  • Steve: Wait a minute...
  • Steve: *counting on his fingers* Dally and Johnny...Cherry and Marcia? You mean...
  • Soda: <3 <3 <3 Babe--
  • Ponyboy: *uncontrollably sobbing* I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!
  • Two-Bit: Wait, /you/ have a boyfriend?
  • Ponyboy: Yeah...he's Tim Shepard's little brother, Curly.
  • Darry: *throws hands up in the air* Now wait a gosh-darned second!!!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Darry: Is there /anybody/ else who'se going to come out?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Two-Bit: *raises hand* I don't like anyone!

I want screaming, vengeance hux who is in so much pain after kylo betrays the order. Like, he changes everything in the First Order and every time he hears anything that resembles Kylo and his redeemed state, Hux gets that much more bitter. He’s not in that melancholy memories sad. The only thing he mourned was his weakness. He’s fueled by anger so much he could probably one man build another Starkiller, and he will but bigger and better.
Also, when he sees Kylo for the first time. he spits and directs any insult towards Kylo. No matter how much Kylo begs, Hux stays solid in his position. Hux dreams to watch Kylo downfallen in the middle of a fire that Hux created. In the middle of a battle that Kylo lost and Hux stands supreme.
I live for bitter, petty, spiteful Hux. One who would rather stab himself than let the Resistance win. He bathes himself in the sadness of the Resistance and feels content when seeing Kylo’s face broken because he knows it’s his fault for Hux’s destruction.

I do love you. I still love you.
I will never tell you that, though. There’s no use. Our time is over. Telling myself this is most difficult when I see you. When you speak to me. When I see you at that bar neither of us
gave up since our break up or the corner gas station. I hate how small this town is. I love you though.

You’re still so sweet to me. You say hello, with that smile that could melt thin air. Your eyes still look at me the same. Or is it that I only still choose to look at them the same? My heart beats out of my chest, if you looked hard enough you’d see it. You say hello, then we have a short conversation. But my heart knows no boundaries. My words are homesick and miss you being their home. I love you and my heart can’t keep secrets. So when we say goodbye, there’s nothing more my heart wants than to grab your hand and tell you I love you. I miss my lips on your forehead before you’d leave. Remember that?

I can’t say I love you. But I can’t say goodbye.
So instead I cope with this by using any other three word phrase. See you later, take care now, until next time. It’s saying it, without saying it. Those three words, each word replacing the ones I wish I could still use. I’m getting better at it. I’m getting better at loving you from afar.

You looked beautiful tonight,
You were never one to wear white. You’d always wear black. At least with me. You’ve curled your hair in a way I’ve never seen before. A bit more messy, good messy. You looked so alive. I’m glad we’re both still in this small town I hate, running into each other every now and then. Because you make me feel alive too.

“Until next time.”
—  Those Three Words // a.m.g.