and the script is actually done too



Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

DAY 3260(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Mar 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 1:07 am

Birthday - EF - Navneet Anand , Yash Sachdev ….  Fri, March 3 … and our wishes for the two EF .. my love along with all the others too .. have a happy one .. 

45 years is a long time in any life .. to have to be reminded of a film done then is quite remarkable .. but this film had true value in those times and in its making as well .. 

Mehmood Bhai, who also Produced the film, actually wanted all of us to travel in the bus under the script .. we know that it is a story of a bus travelling from Bombay to Goa and the story of its inmates, as it trundles along ..

It was the remake of a Tamil Film called ‘Madras to Pondicherry’ and starred the superstar comedian Nagesh .. Nagesh was a rage .. a most gifted artist and incredibly popular .. he despite being a comedian was the main star in all films, the hero .. a position that Mehmood began to enjoy soon ..

So .. the idea of shooting and travelling along in the bus was initiated .. but abandoned within 100 meters of its travel !! .. the studio lighting inside the bus was so strong the interiors caught fire, and the idea was scrapped .. but we did travel along by road and stopping to shoot .. we made base in Belgaum, Goa, Madras studio shoot and Bombay hotels and exterior locations .. that was it .. S Ramanathan was the director of the film and from then on started a very close relationship with him, in not just working in several films but in general became a family friend .. we lost him a few years back .. a humble, God fearing human, and looked after me like family when ever I visited the South ..

In Goa there was just one Hotel the Mandovi in the main city center at Panjim .. but look at Goa now .. simply incredible progress .. we stayed there for the climax sequences, and all the action work .. on familiar ground .. having already been there for my first film Saat Hindustani …

PL Raj master ji the choreographer of the film did workshops and dance trainings in the evenings after the shoot .. a stick in hand, and whacking us when we went wrong  .. we did so many films together .. a great master ..

Most of the songs were done outdoors .. the most popular one even now ..”dekha na hai re soocha na hai re ..” inside the bus was done on back projection inside a studio, the Nagi Reddy Studio in Madras .. with Mehmood bhai and the entire cast standing by each shot and screaming and encouraging me to do my best, motivating me .. such great fun and emotive moments ..

RD Burman’s music and his association with Mehmood bhai was magical .. if i am not wrong, Mehmood bhai  gave RD Burman his first music director break .. they were close friends too and spent a lot of time together creating music ..  Mehmood bhai other than being one of the greatest comedian’s of the Industry, had a most credible ear for music .. sang himself and just picked and created the tunes of many films himself ..

NOW .. just memories of those times, with many of them that were with us then lost to the heavens ..

Amitabh Bachchan


I got tagged by  @naniiebim to do a meme!

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I’m actually working on a few other pieces too but they’re for Patron’s so I can’t post them here.

1: Potential FFXV print for #stokecontrent next month. Prompto Selfy snapshot with the bro’s

2: Another potential FFXV print - this time of my OTP Promptis ;) 

3: Scripting and doing rough layouts for chapters 3 & 4 of Idé’s Mirror. Wanna have the next book printed in time for Scotland MCM. 

4: Pastel Victor to go with my previous Yurio one. I’ve also done a Yuuri one too with a re-occurring theme of pastel palette and they’re wearing a hoodie. Will be selling as prints at Stoke Con too.

Tagging: @moon-lore, @dorton & Whoever wants to do this I guess :)

anonymous asked:

You're crazy if you think EVC or Sharon have a chance in hell of being in the MCU again. And I say that as someone who loves them both. We'd know by now. Filmings started. The script is written. Only characters not announced yet are the new ones. And there is just too much hate for the ship. That stupid hate blog is actually right about that. Public and press hated Staron. Sharon's done. It sucks, but the haters are right.

Neither Sam Wilson or Rhodey are in it yet. That’s why I still can hold my breath on this issue. They’re two characters who should very much be in this before most of the cast.

And it’s a 9 month filming project. Plenty of people will be coming on and off set for scenes. We will see sometime this year what will or won’t happen. There’s time for an answer.

-Mod R

Also neither one our blogs are “actually right” until we hear from Marvel or Emily that she’s not in it, or if there’s enough credible evidence suggesting so- then her presence is still in the air, I don’t care how antis may think and I’m sure as hell not going to give any credit to that blog when they don’t deserve it.

I don’t even have to much hope she’ll return, but if there’s the chance she does then I’ll take it.

-Mod T


Support B - Divergence of Time - Priam and Yen'fay. (Support C.)

I am so glad to have this one done. I’ve been slow on writing the supports out, but I don’t want to turn them out too fast and have them either be done in a way that’s sloppy or if I overlook something (like how in the draft script I needed to change “Castle Valm” to “Fort Steiger”) that might be important.

This was originally apart of Support C, but it seemed like too much of an information drop at the beginning of that specific support, and it left me with nothing to write about in Support B. By itself, Support C was already really long and enough of the base set up for their conversation to continue.

Yen’fay is honest to Priam about the events of his world and his failures.

Reigniting a Spark //Closed



Sitting in her car on route to the chemistry audition with her on-screen love interest, Maria looked over the script again and wondered who she would be paired with today. She had done a few more of these all over the world but this seemed to be their most confident match.

Now she went to the audition with her hair moved away from her face in an intricate plait to sort-of replicate the nobility of her role in the TV series. Her make up was more modest than usual too, only a slight hint of everything because it was not the style to have too much.

Entering the building she knew she wouldn’t see the match until she was actually in the audition room. But it was a comfort that these matches were being matched to her, that she definitely had this role. It was one of her first major roles and she was rather excited about it.


Standing in the room, the script memorised in her head, Maria heard the door open as the man entered. Turning her head she saw a familiar face and blinked in surprise.

No it couldn’t be!

I was quite surprised when I was asked to come back, but I was happy to because I just thought it would be great fun. It’s such a great character, she’s become so beloved by lots of fans and I’ve had them saying it would be so great for her to come back and to see her interacting with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I was actually thrilled when Steven decided he wanted to explore that too.

It’s a wonderful slapstick caper. There’s a lot of great laughs, there’s a lot of fabulous River one-liners. The fans are going to love the things she says and there’s a lot of play. They’re also fighting a very interesting alien played by Greg Davies. It’s a really great episode and Steven has done my character proud.
—  Alex Kingston, in response to what it’s like to be back as River Song and her thoughts on the Christmas special script [x]
Arrow Fic: Love is Red 7/?

Love is Red 7/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years.  They’ve never been more than acquaintances.  Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.  
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Science is hard.  Thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline, the details about space travel in the movie script actually make sense and have some bearing on reality!  :-)  Also thanks to @andcreation for reading this chapter, too, and being a great cheerleader.

I already have the next chapter done, so the next update will probably be in two weeks.  I’m finally getting close to the moment that inspired the whole fic, so I’m picking up the pace.  Thanks for hanging in there with me during the sometimes lengthy wait for chapters!


Slumping down in the makeup chair, Felicity looked at herself in the mirrors and sighed softly.

She had always thought that going to an event alone was more trouble than it was worth.  What did you do during the boring parts?  In spite of the importance of technology in daily life, the perception remained that checking your phone was rude while talking to the person you came with wasn’t.

But after last night, Felicity was fully prepared to look rude if it saved her from another evening with Ray Palmer.

It wasn’t that Ray was a bad guy or anything.  He hadn’t made inappropriate overtures, didn’t make racist jokes or talk about looking for a woman to cook his meals or darn his socks.

That didn’t change the fact that she didn’t like him.  Because he was like almost every other actor she had ever met.  All he wanted to talk about was himself–or The Gravity of Love.  Asking her questions about how Digg was directing, what choices Oliver was making, if Malcolm Merlyn visited the set often–it had been a constant interrogation.  Felicity knew she talked a lot, but at least she allowed people to get a word in edgewise!

From now on, she wasn’t going to take Tommy’s advice about dates.  She even pulled out her phone and fired off a quick text to him, saying that whatever he did, Tommy should stonewall Ray.  Because while she thought she had let Ray down easily, telling him she wasn’t interested in getting dinner with him this weekend, the texts that Ray had been sending her told her she had been a little too subtle.  Hopefully, Ray would get the message she wasn’t interested, if he heard it from Tommy as well as her.  

Placing her phone back in her bag, Felicity sighed.  If only she could have taken Oliver.  It would have been a lot more fun.  And she would have liked to have known what he thought of her dress.  Because ever since Shado had mentioned it, the thought was in her head.  Wanting to see how Oliver would react to the sight of her all dressed up–not that he hadn’t already seen that, with going with her to the Golden Globes, but the clothes she was wearing now were a lot fancier.  A far cry from the khakis and red polo she wore as her costume.

At least now they had spacesuits to wear.  Not that the suits were at all flattering, but–


Read the rest on AO3.