and the script is actually done too



Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

DAY 3260(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Mar 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 1:07 am

Birthday - EF - Navneet Anand , Yash Sachdev ….  Fri, March 3 … and our wishes for the two EF .. my love along with all the others too .. have a happy one .. 

45 years is a long time in any life .. to have to be reminded of a film done then is quite remarkable .. but this film had true value in those times and in its making as well .. 

Mehmood Bhai, who also Produced the film, actually wanted all of us to travel in the bus under the script .. we know that it is a story of a bus travelling from Bombay to Goa and the story of its inmates, as it trundles along ..

It was the remake of a Tamil Film called ‘Madras to Pondicherry’ and starred the superstar comedian Nagesh .. Nagesh was a rage .. a most gifted artist and incredibly popular .. he despite being a comedian was the main star in all films, the hero .. a position that Mehmood began to enjoy soon ..

So .. the idea of shooting and travelling along in the bus was initiated .. but abandoned within 100 meters of its travel !! .. the studio lighting inside the bus was so strong the interiors caught fire, and the idea was scrapped .. but we did travel along by road and stopping to shoot .. we made base in Belgaum, Goa, Madras studio shoot and Bombay hotels and exterior locations .. that was it .. S Ramanathan was the director of the film and from then on started a very close relationship with him, in not just working in several films but in general became a family friend .. we lost him a few years back .. a humble, God fearing human, and looked after me like family when ever I visited the South ..

In Goa there was just one Hotel the Mandovi in the main city center at Panjim .. but look at Goa now .. simply incredible progress .. we stayed there for the climax sequences, and all the action work .. on familiar ground .. having already been there for my first film Saat Hindustani …

PL Raj master ji the choreographer of the film did workshops and dance trainings in the evenings after the shoot .. a stick in hand, and whacking us when we went wrong  .. we did so many films together .. a great master ..

Most of the songs were done outdoors .. the most popular one even now ..”dekha na hai re soocha na hai re ..” inside the bus was done on back projection inside a studio, the Nagi Reddy Studio in Madras .. with Mehmood bhai and the entire cast standing by each shot and screaming and encouraging me to do my best, motivating me .. such great fun and emotive moments ..

RD Burman’s music and his association with Mehmood bhai was magical .. if i am not wrong, Mehmood bhai  gave RD Burman his first music director break .. they were close friends too and spent a lot of time together creating music ..  Mehmood bhai other than being one of the greatest comedian’s of the Industry, had a most credible ear for music .. sang himself and just picked and created the tunes of many films himself ..

NOW .. just memories of those times, with many of them that were with us then lost to the heavens ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Do you guys remember (months ago!) when I said I wanted to make a Clexa stop motion film?

Well one of my classes this semester was coincidentally ‘digital animation’ and I had to make a small set, stop motion dolls, rigs, etc for a stop motion movie. My professor praised my work (though it’s nowhere near finished…deadline is actually this tuesday and I’m like 20% done. oops.) so I’m guessing it’s not too terrible.

My point being…I’m going to pen a script for that Clexa movie I wanted to make. Right now I have it in my head that the starting point will be Clarke saving Lexa from the bullet wound and going from there, but I’m not opossed to suggestions. (It would have to be very character driven too since I can’t afford to make more tan 3 dolls -no epic battles lol)

I very recently started working at making fanvids so I’m not the best at sound editing, (I’d prefer having Eliza/Alycia’s voices for the characters) but in the event that won’t be posible I guess I’d have to ask someone to come in and lend their voices to Clarke and Lexa? (I’d try my hand at it but english is not my first language and I have a horrible accent.)

These are just thoughts I wanted to share with you all, but I’m excited because it seems like a real possibility. And hey, in the event it doesn’t come out to great, at least I’ll be able to anímate as many Clexa kisses as I want!

Meanwhile this is a small gif of my current Project/homework:


So while I’ve been struggling with some internal conflicts, I’ve been procrastinating on real work (prints and artbook) and instead have scripted a few comics, some of which I’ve started on already, so I thought I’d share the list with you cause why not… Up there are previews of pages 1, 2 and 6 of the next one I’m uploading. List is after the break~

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Daniel Sharman Imagine

Hey love!! <3 Could you please write a Daniel Sharman imagine where the reader is Dylan O'Brien’s sister (and she plays isaac’s gf in teen wolf) and she and Daniel have to tell Dylan that they’re dating?

“I’ll see you after practice,” Daniel’s character said to yours and exited the frame.

“Cut,” the director yelled and you dropped your character. “That’s a wrap for you two today guys.”

“You did great, Sis,” your brother Dylan walked up to you and smiled. “I have one last scene to do. Meet you for dinner tonight?”

“See you then,” you agreed and walked towards your trailer.

“Mind if I walk with you,” your head snapped to Daniel who was running towards you.

“Not at all,” you grinned. “Good job today.”

“You too,” you saw something change in his glance. “What’s on your mind?”
“I saw a copy of the next script…and we have a kissing scene.”

You chuckled, “Our characters are dating, we’ve done kissing scenes before.”

“Yeah, but those were either before we were actually dating or without your brother in the same scene with us. He still doesn’t know and us kissing tomorrow in front of him is kind of freaking me out.”

“You’re ready to tell him,” you stopped in surprise. “You’re not scared of him anymore?”

“Wow, I wasn’t scared of him before, I was just scared of upsetting him. I work with him too and didn’t want him to hate that I was dating his little sister.”

“And now you want to tell him?” He nodded. “Ok, we’re going to dinner tonight. Come with me and we’ll tell him tonight.”


“Daniel,” Dylan greeted you and Dan, “I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Glad you came.”

“Yeah, I asked him to tag along,” you told Dylan. You ordered and talked about work and TV shows casually until an unsettling silence took over the table. You locked eyes with Daniel and looked back to your brother. “Dyl, Daniel and I are dating….” you awkwardly spat.

“Yeah I know. You have been since the middle of last season,” he said like it was common knowledge.

“Yeah, on the show. But, we’re also dating in real life.” Your brother’s eyes went wide as he looked between you two.

“How long have you two been dating?”

“Since the end of last season.”

A grin took over your brother’s face and you could feel Daniel relax beside you. “Why didn’t you guys tell me sooner? I’m happy for you guys. Everyone on set thought you two would be great together.”

“See,” you playfully smacked Daniel’s shoulder, “I told you you didn’t have to be scared of him.”

“You were scared of me,” Dylan cracked up.

“I was not scared of you,” he quickly tried to defend himself.

You patted his back and laughed, “Just a little intimidated. I guess.”

A ‘Passengers’ Rant

Would you like a completely accurate summation of the movie Passengers in one image? Here you go.

What the ever-loving fuck did I just witness? I mean, I’ve seen some offensive or problematic movies before, but Passengers is genuinely baffling me because of the artistic choices that were made. First off, I want you to understand above all that the problem is not the actors’ fault. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence actually do have chemistry and it should have clicked and fit well. Hell, the reason I was gonna give this movie a try on my own before the epic backlash hit was because those are two actors that I love who are charismatic and likable and I’d have certainly enjoyed a film with them exclusively together.

However, this is going go down in history as one of the most offensive bait-and-switch situations between a misleading trailer and the actual product. Now, I can give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe after the finished product was done and the initial reactions from the test audience came back, the movie studio panicked and decided to market it in a way to hide the utterly disgusting choice that Jim makes that actually creates the conflict in the film. Well, too bad, so sad. You let this psychopath write this script and make this movie with this horrifying theme and if you thought it wouldn’t do well, then you should have pulled the plug. I don’t know what kind of problems they might have had during production, but this is unacceptable.

Let me paint you the picture of what you would have had to endure, should you have seen this film.

There’s a ship flying to a new planet. The trip takes 120 years, so everyone is in hyper-sleep. About thirty years into the trip, a huge asteroid hits the ship and causes small malfunctions, one of which is a single pod opening. The passenger, Jim, races around trying to find a way to either fix it or go back to sleep, but he can’t. He spends a year or so alone and hits a low point before stumbling across the pod of Aurora (*cue massive fucking cliché eye-roll*). He looks up her info and finds her interesting and does that gross thing in movies where he falls in love with the sleeping woman and suddenly his needs mean more than hers, so he decides to wake her up. He omits the part where he woke her up so that she can die with him and courts her, but eventually she finds out and is of course furious. Meanwhile, the ship’s larger functions start failing one by one and one of the crew members accidentally wakes up as well. The crew member tells them which systems to try and fix before he dies and they fix the ship. They also figure out that there is a medical pod that can basically induce a type of hyper-sleep for one of them, but in the end they both choose to live the rest of their lives out on the ship together.

If you’re feeling vomit climb up the back of your throat, that’s great. That means you still have a conscience and a soul. Hold onto that, please.

Is that not the most disgusting fucking thing that’s ever been positively portrayed in a film since the faux-relationship between Leto!Joker and Robbie!Harley in Suicide Squad? It’s fucking heinous. It’s inexcusable. It’s completely not okay, and yet the movie seems to think that it’s romantic and they were overcoming the odds to be in “love” with each other by the end of the movie.


Absolutely not.

This is not okay.

First of all, the reasoning is not strong enough for Jim’s horrifically selfish decision. Yeah, being alone for 90 years on a ship with only a robot for a friend would be a hell no one should endure, but guess what? There is no reason for you to drag someone down with you. I’m not saying that this kind of ethical dilemma hasn’t been done before, but I have never seen a movie that puffs out its chest and acts like the ends justify the means. In the movie Interstellar (spoiler alert) Matt Damon’s character couldn’t stand dying alone on a barren world and so he called the other astronauts down to save him, but the movie makes it 100% clear that he was WRONG and he paid for that selfish act with his life. Hell, that was one of the most satisfying uses of the F-word in a PG-13 film that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (“You fucking coward.”) Furthermore, even Matt Damon’s character admits he was a coward. Owen apologizes, but it never hits home because there is no sorry. There is no apology for literally murdering Aurora for his own selfish reasons. She is rightfully furious when she finds out, but the fucking movie actually has her forgive him and choose to spend her life at his side as his wife.

Fuck. You. Sideways.

How dare you take her choice away. How dare you try to redeem this character. It doesn’t matter. The second Jim makes that choice, the audience mentally checks out because there is no redemption at that point. No one cares that he ends up saving the ship. It would have been better for them all to die on that ship together than for him to choose one person to die against their will because there was no way to put them back in the pods. It’s not possible to redeem that character.

And the baffling part is that this didn’t have to happen. The premise is actually fine the way it was presented in the trailer. If it had just been two random people waking up and having to accept their own deaths, but then they come together to fix the ship and save 5,000 people, then it would have been a fantastic movie. It could have been a deep character study and a subversion of the “fated to be together” trope. Imagine it. Imagine a sci-fi movie where two people are isolated together, and they start to like each other, but then encounter the natural conflict of a relationship. Imagine that they break up, but they’re all each other has. Imagine that they break up for simple reasons that people do. That could have been extremely interesting, to see the relationship start from scratch and then develop over time, fall apart, but then when the ship is in danger, they forgive each other and start anew. That could have been a fantastic movie.

Alternatively, if you’re a cynical person, then I have an acceptable way to keep the premise the way they wrote it without that foul ending. So Jim does wake up Aurora and she finds out the truth, and then the whole rest of the movie is her trying to murder him out of revenge. How fucking great would that have been? It would have given her agency, it would have given her excellent characterization as she unwound with rage and revenge, and it could give her the chance to redeem herself as she chose whether or not to kill him or let him live and just accept her fate without becoming the piece of slime that he was for waking her up.

What a fucking waste. That’s what Passengers is. A waste of time, talent, and an utterly reprehensible message that it’s okay to doom someone else for your own selfish reasons, and that you will in fact be rewarded for such actions.

I’ve tried to theorize if this movie would be less of an eye-sore if the genders had been flipped, but no, it’s just insulting either way. Granted, it might have been slightly more interesting if it had been Aurora who woke up Jim because it seems like the film leans on the “men are lonely and horny” trope pretty hard and I wonder if she would have held out longer with the decision to wake him up, but the fact remains the same. This is a blight on cinema. You cannot make a movie like this where a despicable act is portrayed as something positive. That is not love. There was no consent. There was no choice. And it’s worse because it involves two actors that I adore and I want to see them in projects that are worthy of their time. This movie is unworthy of anyone’s time or interest. It’s frankly one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in years and while I am sad that Pratt and Lawrence will have a box office flop, I am glad this movie is in the shitter because that’s what it is. A foul-smelling turd that should be quickly and quietly flushed down the toilet.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Magical Negro trope they played completely straight with Laurence Fishburne.

Avoid this movie at all cost, chilluns. Don’t look back. You deserve better.

Kyo out.

No, you know, I couldn’t include a kiss in the script for Hannibal and Will. I didn’t include an embrace and didn’t give it too much of a romantic overtone and we all know how Mads and Hugh interpreted it! The script said ‘lunges’ not 'loving embrace’! Imagine what those two would have done if an actual kiss had been scripted?!
—  Bryan Fuller at some point, probably
Apology Scripts

Not all mistakes warrant an apology. Some, such as mistakes that cause mental, emotional, or physical harm, do warrant an apology. For a lot of autistics, apologies are hard. What should you say? Will it make it worse? Should you apologize again? It can lead to a meltdown if we don’t know what to say when we know we should say something.

These scripts will help you apologize appropriately for mistakes that cause harm to people, and seem to work particularly well when you accidentally harm someone. 

Remember, scripts take practice! It is okay to mess them up. Try and do your best; that is what is important. As with all my social scripts, examples from my life are included. Your mileage may vary, but this is probably my most reliable script.

Basic Apology Script: For When You Make A Mistake

  • Acknowledge that a wrong was committed.
  • Acknowledge how that wrong harmed someone.
  • Acknowledge the mistake was yours.
  • Take responsibility for the mistake.
  • State your intention to correct the issue.
  • State how you will prevent from happening again.

Several days ago I posted an article about autism. That article had some very harmful ideas and made friends feel unsafe. I didn’t read the article as thoroughly as should have and I echoed some of the cure rhetoric without considering the harm that may inflict. The result was that I hurt people despite my intentions. I take full responsibility for my actions, and I want to do better. Moving forward I will make a point of reading thoroughly before sharing articles about marginalized groups. If someone has time to help educate me, I would appreciate it, however I will also be reading some blogs by autistics writers to educate myself.

Alternate Apology Script: For When You Don’t Understand the Mistake

  • Acknowledge that wrong was committed.
  • State you do not understand how it harmed them, but that their feels are valid.
  • State that you want to take responsibility for the harm, but need to understand.
  • State your intention to learn about the issue so you can prevent it again.

Several days ago I posted an article about autism. That article had some very harmful ideas and made friends feel unsafe. Because it is not something I experience, I do not fully understand how I hurt them, however I also understand that accidental harm is still harmful. I want to understand this issue better so that I can prevent it from happening again. If anyone can take the time to explain where I went wrong, I would appreciate it. Regardless, I will be doing some research on my own to educate myself so I can act responsibly in the future.

Apology Not Accepted! What do I do?

Say, “I understand. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you, please ask.”

They may be mad at you still, and that is valid. Let them be mad. Their feels are valid, and even if you do not understand why they are angry or hurt, you can understand that they are angry or hurt. You can understand that an apology may not fix things right away. That is okay. If there is something you can do, they will eventually tell you.

Apology Accepted! What Next?

Say, “You’re welcome.”

Nothing else. Just, “You’re welcome.” Move on. Don’t dwell. When people accept an apology it is a sign that they want to move on. Dwelling won’t make them feel any better, and in some cases may make them feel worse.

That said, some people will want to talk about. They may have advice for you, specific instructions that are particular to them (like avoiding specific triggers).

Final note: Apologizing is not the same taking the blame for something. You can apologize for any wrongs you commit and still expect an apology for wrongs committed against you. That is okay! Your feels are valid, too!

All Done!

Title: What You Are In The Dark
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi
Words: 2157
Summary: Late nights aren’t anything new.
Read on AO3

This is the fic I wrote for @yankasmiles for the @tsukyamgiftexchange! Enjoy!~

Lil note: Okay it’s time for a super embarrassing confession and I hope this isn’t too weird but here we go. So when I first got the message in my inbox like “you will be making a gift for: yankasmiles” I kind of panicked. I saved this as “oh no oh no oh no” in my google docs. I’m a huge fan (I typed fuge han at first lmao) of yours and I admire you so much, both as an artist/general content creator and as a person, and I was really nervous writing this because I’m like “omg what if it’s actually good and Yanka likes it and we start talking and we’re kinda friends??!?!!” because yeah I’m a very shy bean. I just want to talk tsukyam with you because you’re the actual Tsukyam Queen and I’m rambling now but I hope this isn’t too awkward and I really hope you like this!! Happy holidays and happy 2017!!!

Also, thanks to @violet-boy for betaing! You deserve the world <3

The poster is neat and organized, just the way Kei likes it. All the outlining is done, the title’s written at the top in purple pen in a simple but interesting script filled with loops and swirls - thanks to Tadashi, of course; Kei’s never been artsy enough for anything like that - and the pictures are laid out in columns, waiting to be glued down. It isn’t anywhere near finished, sure, but it looks good for what it is. And it’ll get done before tomorrow morning. Somehow.

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So! Quick notice that I might move back to semi-regular posting, since I feel my current “I’ll do it whenever” method turns into “I’ll do it never.” I made a few touch-ups to the battle system, because really, I’m still trying to figure out how to approach that aspect of the game. 

So there’s that! You might also noticed that the protagonist’s portrait is a bit different - I changed the design a little, but it’s basically just a color swap:

 I felt like the original color scheme was too light and needed more contrast, so here’s that change. I might also get a multiple parallax script or something going because I am not too happy with that background :\

Anyways, I’ll keep you guys posted! 

A Little More Sugar and Fewer Insults Please

At long last, we reach the conclusion of “Coffee Comes with Free Insults” and “I Think My Barista Hates Me.” This one didn’t have specific prompt associated with it. It’s just the conclusion I had to write.

Sakura sighed as she finished her shift for the day. She paused in the break room briefly to stretch and roll out the kinks in her muscles. Then she took off the visor and apron the store required her to wear as Ino came in as well.

“Man, it feels good to be done for today,” Sakura commented as she tucked her uniform into her locker.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Ino agreed. “I’m so bushed.”

“Yeah, register can do that to you.” The pre-med student reached up for the rubber band in her hair and pulled it out, her short hair falling to her shoulders. She gave her head a quick little shake to get it to lay a little better.

“Speaking of register, what was with that guy?”

“Which guy?” the pinkette asked as she grabbed her bag out of her locker.

“That regular, Sasuke.”

“Oh. Him.” Sakura’s tone went flat as she took a sudden deep interest in the contents of her bag. “What about him?”

“What was with your little freak out earlier?”

Sakura frowned as she finished getting all her things in order. “I just don’t like him.”

“So you said.” The blonde laughed as she grabbed her purse. “But I don’t get what you don’t like about him.”

The two girls left the room and headed down the hall toward the back door.

“He’s hot. That black hair and those dark eyes. Not to mention that smirk…” Ino sighed.

Sakura made a face of pure disgust. “He’s rude and self-absorbed. Always on his phone like that—“

“He’s probably just busy,” the blonde protested.

The pink haired girl laughed scornfully. “Busy holding up the line.”

“It’s not his fault if he’s stuck on the phone for business.”

“Oh, please. He’s just antisocial.”

“You know what I think?” Ino interjected. “I think you’re just in denial, Sakura.”

The pre-med student stared at her for a second in shock before bursting in laughter. The thought of her pining after Sakura and not being able to admit it. Sure, she admitted that she had thought he was handsome when she first met him. But then he had interacted with her and opened his mouth. The pinkette laughed for nearly a minute straight at the thought of her having any feelings for that arrogant jerk.

“Why do you think that?” Sakura managed to ask after catching her breath. She opened the back door and they stepped outside together.

“Because of the frisson you two had today.”

The pinkette snorted in a rather unladylike fashion. “That was not a frisson. You probably don’t even know what that means, Ino.”

“Yes, I do, and I know what one looks like too!” The blonde smiled as she crossed her arms. She jerked her chin at her pink-haired coworker. “And you and Sasuke totally had one today.”

“Did not.”

“Yes, you did,” Ino said. “Admit it, you think he’s sexy.”

“No, I don’t, and like I said, you don’t know what that means. Frisson is when you have an involuntary shiver and goose bumps, usually from pleasure. Let me be the first to assure you that pleasure is the last thing Sasuke sparks in me.”

Ino turned to face her coworker, but she suddenly stopped, opening her mouth to say something. Sakura didn’t notice and continued her rant.

“There is no way in hell I am at all attracted to that self-centered, rude, narcissistic jerk! I don’t care what you say, Ino. There is no way I’d let his pretty boy looks go to my head! In fact, I wouldn’t date him if he were the last man on the planet!!!”

“Oh really?” A familiar male voice said from behind her.

Sakura froze with a wince and slowly turned to see the one and only Sasuke Uchiha propping up the wall near the employee entrance. She tried to smile but somehow just knew it wasn’t really working.

“Hey… Sasuke Uchiha…”


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Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [AUGUST] [[Recruiting Translators!!]]

It’s been almost 3 months since an update and I think everyone deserves to know what’s been going on as of late. First of all, these past couple months have been very hectic for me. On top of literally moving to another country, I’ve had a big change in my life and obviously its going to affect other things. Recently though I’ve gotten back on track with things and can finally start translating more. 

And I’d like to start with saying that I’m recruiting translators again. I can’t get in contact w/ a few of my own, and considering I’m already translating, editing, and inserting… progress won’t move on its own without other translators to help out. I have no hard feelings towards those who aren’t able to commit and have to leave a project (especially since this is being done if free time), but if that is that case, please email me because when you suddenly disappear, it makes it hard to know what you’re current status is.

Please click here for my email and such because same rules apply like in my last recruitment post. But please, if you literally can’t make any time for this. Don’t email me to become apart of it. I understand life can take over but even a little progress at a time can make a difference. And if you can’t make any time for it, I honestly have no idea why you’d volunteer to be a translator for a fanmade project in the first place. I’m using dropbox (it’s sooo much easier to send translated scripts this way) so I need your email to send you a link of the script folders as well as sending the scripts themselves. ALSO SEND ME YOUR SKYPE IF YOU DONT USE TWITTER. Communication is essential and whatever you use most, just send it. I don’t want to set deadlines for scripts since I think its a bit unethical for a fanmade translation, so please contact me if you have questions, concerns, or want to leave the project. Thanks. And now a progress update which is probably long awaited. And under the cut cause this is getting too long……

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So, because I couldn’t easily find it anywhere else, I typed up a transcript of the Oshii Mamoru Director’s Commentary featured on the now out-of-print CPM DVD release of Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. It’s very interesting and gives a lot of insight into the film, so I really recommend reading it if you’re a fan!

Warning: it’s long and full of spoilers, obviously. I also added some notes here and there in bold. Enjoy!

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On Aos, AoU, Joss Whedon and Jeff Bells.

I don’t normally write posts like this because let’s be honest I’m too lazy to do it. I barely even get into argument with the rest of the fandom unless stupidity is very evident and I just need to snark it out. But this has been bugging the hell out of me since the season finale aired and won’t leave me alone so bear with me while I put my thoughts in order.

What got me into Marvel was Joss Whedon and his work on the Avengers. Let me make clear here that I wasn’t thrilled with how he handled Natasha on the second movie but I’ll say more about that later. So yeah Joss got me into the whole thing and he was the only reason I ever wandered into Aos in the first place. I think I watched the movie three times in a row when I first got a hold of it, it was something new and amazing to me (superhero virgin here!). That was ultimately when I fell in love with Natasha but that’s not relevant now.

So naturally I was pumped up for the whole new moving coming up. The thing is though that Joss screwed up big time with how he wrote Natasha. OOC, reducing her to a love interest and all that. I was mad at him, I was so mad because the writer I trusted to bring me a more Black Widow doing her own failed me. Ultimately that was what I loved about Natasha, she’s her own woman, with a very dark past that’s been trying to make amends for it. To me, that’s a strong female character.

Things escalated quickly after the movie premiered and of course people came rushing back to Tumblr and there were posts after posts going off on Joss about the script and the movie and people were not happy. To the point actually where they attacked him on Twitter. Now, I’m not saying that he didn’t screw up, we all could have done without Brutasha but I am saying that after I listened into an interview he gave on the radio the fact that he had to edit out a lot of things because Marvel wanted the movie shorter (who are kidding Marvel? We’d sit through 3 hours of Avengers and we’d say thank you too!) might have been his downfall. But my point is that bad as the segment with Natasha was Joss did not deserve to get death threats and 99% of a fandom after him for a mistake he made.

Which brings me to my second point and Aos. In my five years (I know it’s not much compared to others) of systematically watching shows/movies and getting into fandoms I have never, ever, ever seen such a train reck in my life and once upon a time I was watching Glee and The Vampire Diaries! Everything they built character wise in season 1 were tore down in 2a but instead of building up better characters the writers managed to make them worse and turn what it should have been a grey era of ethics versus getting the job done into an everything is forgivable if it’s done for the greater good. (No, it’s not!)

Looking back at it now, that was the start of the writing part of the show falling apart. Marvel unlike DC is very fluid where their anti heroes or bad guys are concerned. On moment they’re bad but next one they’re helping the heroes and it’s a big WTH kind of thing which makes it harder for some fans to see that the era it’s actually grey so you shouldn’t judge A or B because eventually C will screw up in a way too. DC on the other hand is straight up on her characters so you know who’s the bad guy and who’s the good one. But I’m getting out of subject here.

I could look past that, I really could if it wasn’t for the catastrophe that was 2b. I don’t know what went down, was it because Jed and Mo were absent from the writing team, was it because they trusted Bells and they really shouldn’t have? I don’t know what exactly they were trying to do but from a writer’s point of view it was a huge mess. At this point My Immortal makes more sense than what Bells tried to do.

Let’s start with a headcount, shall we? Bells killed off in the course of 90 minutes three women. THREE! He started off with Raina, which if you ask me was the biggest blow off writing wise because they could have done so much with her, and basically wrote off a character they’ve been setting up for two years. Did they seriously spend all that time on her only to kill her off like that?

He then went on to turn Kara into a mere plant which again is a stupid things to do as a writer. I mean the Love Fern on Arrow got more of a backstory and was treated better than Kara did and it was just a fern! There was a good set up for her but much like Raina she was written off too quickly.

Jiaying comes to round up the body count with the fact that he took a perfectly imperfect character with potential and turned her into a Medea (*Medea was a tragic Greek character that killed her children to take revenge from her husband because he left her for another woman, among other things). Which he didn’t even went full on Greek Tragedy with it to be honest. Then again in order to write something that could measure up to Euripides’ work you have to have talent and Bells lacks that.

Bonus female character screw up in this episode?

Bobbi Morse. To me Bobbi was a complex character from the start of the season, her undercover work, her connection to Fury and her double agent kind of thing were…. Impressive? I don’t know. Add to all that her roller coaster of relationship with Lance she was fun to have around. She didn’t have much part on 2a but I was glad to see her evolution on 2b, questioning Coulson (cause no one does that!) and later Gonzales and his band of misfits. For a moment I thought she was actually getting her own voice but nope!

Not gonna happen in a show Jeff Bells writes because God forbid if a woman has actually a mind of her own. But you know what would be super duper cool?! Let’s almost kill Bobbi so Lance can ‘realise’ he loves her. Okay let me elaborate on that one because that’s what’s been eating me up the most.

22 episodes! 22!!! Huntingbird is the subplot romantically wise. As much as it pains we didn’t get any Skyeward (and at this point in their relationship there wasn’t anything romantically to begin with), and Fitzsimmons were in ruins. So normally Huntingbird assumed this role on the show. So you have this male character, for once it’s a male character, that’s been pining over the female one and while he’s snarky and sarcastic about it while she’s not around you can see how much she affects him when she does turn up.

So yeah you have episode after episode where he’s playing it off like he doesn’t care but he’s still in love her. To the point where when he learns she’s on the other team he begs her to run away with him. Dear JB, you really want me to believe that no matter how pissed of this man is about Bobbi choosing her job over what they have he has to see her dying to realise he loves her? Makes me question the fact if the writers have ever been in love or really loved someone to be honest.

The notion of it all is a complex one even without the Shakespearean touch the writers tried to give. Which evidently was a disaster because the woman dies to save man trope is one that’s not really loved. Or the other way around to be honest, basically if there’s not a good excuse for a death then it probably shouldn’t be there in the draft you’re writing. Take Rowling and the HP verse for example, at some point she thought of killing Ron off without a good excuse but eventually she didn’t, can you imagine what would happen if Ron wasn’t in the books? That’s exactly what Bells did with Bobbi’s torture, turned it into a cheap plot for a 'wow’ reaction from the viewers. Maybe have some Romeo and Juliet type of thing which is really just stupid.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Joss screwed up on female character is a way that didn’t really harmed her physically, because even though there was the whole Brutasha plot Natasha kicked some ass in that movie, he got the short stick of the end with people calling him names, tweeting death threats and generally being assholes. Sounds pretty, huh?

Yet you have Jeff Bells, that screwed up FOUR female characters and killed off three of them (which I might add were WOC) and suddenly he’s the most perfect writer out there and the season finale was the best thing people ever watched? Did we watched the same thing?

Did we fandom?

Cause other than a certain portion of the Aos fandom that seems to be quite hated by the rest I didn’t see anyone else bringing up this. Quite the opposite actually, they were quick to crucify Joss but embrace what Bells did?

things that are fabulous!!:

1) regina totally snapping in a moment of frustration- she is a character who constantly wars with herself, struggles to control herself, and moments where we see just how close something angrier is to the surface are the moments that highlight how much effort she puts into herself the rest of the time

2) regina being called out for it!! people do not shrug off and ignore it or take it for granted, people tell her “FIND UR CHILL YOU’RE BEING AN ASSHOLE” and that is their right!! and we have an in-text accountability there which is so rare for characters on this show, a real recognition of her good and bad and not just when it’s convenient to the script to focus on it. it’s actual good writing for a character and it’s wonderful

3) regina internalizing that!! regina apologizing for it!! like tbh i’d have preferred if she apologized to pinocchio but!! regina tearfully accepting that she’d done something wrong and going out of her way to mend it!! regina is someone who holds herself accountable now, too, who takes redemption one step at a time and doesn’t give herself shortcuts because she had a bad day or because marco was cranky back at her. regina puts herself in marco’s shoes and recognizes that he is right and accepts that with humility


Reigniting a Spark //Closed



Sitting in her car on route to the chemistry audition with her on-screen love interest, Maria looked over the script again and wondered who she would be paired with today. She had done a few more of these all over the world but this seemed to be their most confident match.

Now she went to the audition with her hair moved away from her face in an intricate plait to sort-of replicate the nobility of her role in the TV series. Her make up was more modest than usual too, only a slight hint of everything because it was not the style to have too much.

Entering the building she knew she wouldn’t see the match until she was actually in the audition room. But it was a comfort that these matches were being matched to her, that she definitely had this role. It was one of her first major roles and she was rather excited about it.


Standing in the room, the script memorised in her head, Maria heard the door open as the man entered. Turning her head she saw a familiar face and blinked in surprise.

No it couldn’t be!

My Hugs Cure - Calum Hood PART 2

A/n : well I mean this was requested a couple of times so, this is part two. Hope you enjoy. 


Calum’s P.O.V

This is a joke right? Did Mikey put you up to this?“ I said to the music teacher, alittle upset I got the lead role.

"Nope. You have a wonderful voice Mr. Hood and I intend for you to use it.” She didn’t even look up from her papers as she was talking. I sighed in frustration and took my script. Oh great.

Now I get to practice lines with y/n.

Two weeks later.

The musical is in a month and a half and I’m so done.

Y/n and I have practice together a few times, just in the library though. So well can you even call that practice?

She was coming over tonight. It was Friday. She was coming over to my house. My parents Mali aren’t even going to be there.

Wow this is going to be bad. I sighed, walking up to my front door after school, I was already unbuttoning the buttons on my uniform shirt. I quickly changed into my normal clothes, black skinny jeans and a sleeves shirt. I ran my hands through my hair, it being combed for school, messing it up.

Should I brush my teeth? I thought about it for a moment.

Then I decided I may as well. In beginning of brushing my teeth I it toothpaste all over the shirt. “Fuck!” I groaned and but my toothbrush down.

She could be here any minute to practice and i can’t even manage to brush my teeth. I quickly lifted my shirt over my head, tossing it to a corner in the bathroom, leaving me shirtless.

I started working out a few months back so I will admit, I look pretty good.

I groaned again.

Fuck the doorbell this time. Right in the middle of brushing my teeth too.

I quickly ran down the stairs. Keep in mind my pants’ button was not done up so you could see some of my boxer briefs.

And to top that off, I’m not wearing a shirt and I have a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth.

I opened the door, completely forgetting I was actually expecting company and saw her. Oh shit.

Your P.O.V

I was walking down the street to Calum’s house after I got home. I told my mom I will probably just crash there tonight so don’t worry.

I had my script and a bag of clothes with me. Well he won’t know it’s a bag of clothes anyway.

I sighed, looking at his house from the sidewalk.

It does not help that I have a major crush on him and the fact that we have the main roles in the play. I walked up to his house and rang the doorbell…

Here we go…

When he opened the door I almost seriously asked if Calum was home.

He was unrecognizable.

My chin was probably hitting the ground and my eyes are probably going to pop out of my head.

He on the other hand, was embarrassed. “Oh shit… Um y/n… Uh come in? I’m sorry I don’t have a shirt on I just was brushing-” he was kind of rambling.

“Calum! It’s fine I get it. But damn you look different. A good different of course… Wow okay I don’t know why I’m talking.” I nervously laughed and turned away, as I was in his house.

  He went to his kitchen quickly to wash his mouth out and his tooth brush. He came back to me siting on the couch.

He sat beside me. “Sooo…” He started.

“Uhm… Should we go to your room? To practice the script?” I asked him.

“Oh! Uhm yeah it’s upstairs..” He trailed off, standing up.

When we got to his room, he let me in first. I was looking around, smiling.

His bed was still in the same place, still the same bed, he had some band posters up, te same bands I like. He had a big rack of CDs, and his backpack on the bed.

“So shall we practice?” I asked, taking my script out. “Oh yeah, for sure.”

He said, quickly fumbling with his bag. Okay I’m going to say it, damn he looked hot. No over hot. Fucking perfect. Out of his uniform it was like a whole other side to him and I just loved it.

I honestly wanted to tell him he was like Hannah Montana. The best of both worlds. Fucking adorable ass school uniform boy then bare chest muscle sex god- fuck I just can’t.

I guess he caught me staring because he quickly put a shit on.

I mentally hit myself and he sat on his bed, after grabbing his script.

He moved back against the wall and told me I could sit.

I awkwardly sat on the bed and we got started.


Few hours later


Calum’s P.O.V

“So like.. Pepperoni…?” I asked her before calling the pizza place.

She asked if she could stay over, us not living far a part and all. I was watching her closely as she asked, wanting to know what was going through head as she was kind of stuttering her words out.

I unexpectedly smirked, being a little amused.

“Must you even ask?” I asked her, clearly amused and surprised at what just came out of my mouth. Her eyes were a little wide at my question but she smiled.

“Oh so we are being straightforward now? Like old times I assume?” She challenged, knowing I was a tiny bit shy when it came to her.

Okay Calum..

Don’t be bad don’t be bad..

 Play it cool. So I mean I don’t know what came out of me when I said or did what I did but it happened.

  I winked.

I fucking winked.

I winked and grinned.

“I mean I can be straight forward if that’s how you want to play. I have changed since we were fourteen I hope you know.” Okay then I grabbed my phone to call the pizza place.

Once I ordered, we were in the living room on the couch. We tried practicing our together scene, where there was no one else.

We didn’t even read the whole thing through yet.

Okay then we just started to talk about random shit.

After a while the pizza came.

 I paid and we took it up to my room with some paper towels. After we were practically done eating she noticed my bass.

“Shit Calum I totally forgot you are in a band! Play for me?” She asked excitedly, running over to the instrument.

“I ummm… Well Mean I’m not that good…” I mumbled.

“You fucking liar!” She laughed and put the bass on my bed and moved the pizza. “I have seen you play! I have been to your gigs-” she cut herself off and froze, looking down at me.

I was just as shocked as what came out of her mouth as she was.

“Shit you… You’ve been to the gigs?” I was not happy.

Like fuck I think I dedicated like a billion songs to her. And she was there?

Fuck fuck fuck.

I honestly think my face went red. Like come felt red. As was hers too. “Well okay that’s cool you’ve been but uh sure I guess I’ll play quickly.” I rambled and sat up, grabbing the bass.

She quietly watched, as I played a little bit of a song she obviously knew because she was quietly singing along.

She was just watching how my fingers moved. She was amazed. Once I finished, I looked at her but she was already looking up at me.

I cleared my throat and put it on the floor, standing up of course. I grabbed my script and leaned against my pillows as she sat by my feet.

We started to read over our lines, until I read this one certain part.

[Josh kisses Jennifer]

I was Josh. And guess who was Jennifer.

Well isn’t this my lucky day.

Your P.O.V

Oh wow okay so I’m completely I love with Calum that’s a fact. Of course I have known it for a while I’m completely knowing knowing.

And when it said.. Well when it said he has to kiss me I had to reread it so many times and when I finally looked up and saw Calum looking straight at me.  “Guess we gotta practice right?” He grinned.

I smiled, getting off of his bed. “I mean if you can catch me we can defiantly practice.” And with that I ran out of his room. I heard him coming right after me, knowing I don’t have any chance out running him I try the stairs.

But well he caught me at the end.

His arms were around my waist, lifting my up, carrying me a bit. I was honestly laughing.

 He slightly put me on the ground, only to turn me around in his arms, so he was kind of hugging me. My arms, I’m not going to lie were around his neck. “Your hugs seriously cure everything I’m feeling.” I whispered, looking up at him.

“So you’re feeling nothing?” He whispered back, leaning a bit closer to me.

“Well I’m really feeling something, I will admit that for sure.” I smile a bit and his lips were then right against mine.

Okay wow so did this suck orrrrrr… Lolol I have a feeling this sucked ass

Hey guys :D I hope everyone is having a nice Friday. I feel like the blog has been a bit quiet lately on my part so I just wanted to update ya’ll on what’s in the works for the blog in the next few weeks, since what I’m working on currently are big-ish updates and are taking a while to complete.

I hope to have the first part of File Not Found completed by next weekend. I’ll be out of town and unable to digital art for a few days due to Thanksgiving, so if I can update that for ya’ll I’d be happy. After that, I’ll update with the Chapter 2 cover (which is almost done~) and then by the weekend after I should hopefully be able to start with the new pages :) WHICH I’M SO EXCITED FOR. It’s taking every ounce of my willpower to not just AWOL it and actually finish the script first. But once the script is done, it’ll be smooth sailing. Probably.

I had wanted to use my break-before-chapter-2 time to get to draw more fun stuff, but I haven’t had too much time to work on art and I feel a little guilty not spending the moments I can working on important comic content.

So thanks for being patient with me :) And thank you for your kindness - no one has tried to rush me or fuss at me for not updating with the new chapter yet. And I really appreciate that. I’ve got a lot of work-related stress stuff going on and I just really, really appreciate that you guys are being patient. Thank you :) I promise to make this chapter worth the wait :D

Take care, and have a good day!

Arrow Fic: Love is Red 7/?

Love is Red 7/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years.  They’ve never been more than acquaintances.  Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.  
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Science is hard.  Thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline, the details about space travel in the movie script actually make sense and have some bearing on reality!  :-)  Also thanks to @andcreation for reading this chapter, too, and being a great cheerleader.

I already have the next chapter done, so the next update will probably be in two weeks.  I’m finally getting close to the moment that inspired the whole fic, so I’m picking up the pace.  Thanks for hanging in there with me during the sometimes lengthy wait for chapters!


Slumping down in the makeup chair, Felicity looked at herself in the mirrors and sighed softly.

She had always thought that going to an event alone was more trouble than it was worth.  What did you do during the boring parts?  In spite of the importance of technology in daily life, the perception remained that checking your phone was rude while talking to the person you came with wasn’t.

But after last night, Felicity was fully prepared to look rude if it saved her from another evening with Ray Palmer.

It wasn’t that Ray was a bad guy or anything.  He hadn’t made inappropriate overtures, didn’t make racist jokes or talk about looking for a woman to cook his meals or darn his socks.

That didn’t change the fact that she didn’t like him.  Because he was like almost every other actor she had ever met.  All he wanted to talk about was himself–or The Gravity of Love.  Asking her questions about how Digg was directing, what choices Oliver was making, if Malcolm Merlyn visited the set often–it had been a constant interrogation.  Felicity knew she talked a lot, but at least she allowed people to get a word in edgewise!

From now on, she wasn’t going to take Tommy’s advice about dates.  She even pulled out her phone and fired off a quick text to him, saying that whatever he did, Tommy should stonewall Ray.  Because while she thought she had let Ray down easily, telling him she wasn’t interested in getting dinner with him this weekend, the texts that Ray had been sending her told her she had been a little too subtle.  Hopefully, Ray would get the message she wasn’t interested, if he heard it from Tommy as well as her.  

Placing her phone back in her bag, Felicity sighed.  If only she could have taken Oliver.  It would have been a lot more fun.  And she would have liked to have known what he thought of her dress.  Because ever since Shado had mentioned it, the thought was in her head.  Wanting to see how Oliver would react to the sight of her all dressed up–not that he hadn’t already seen that, with going with her to the Golden Globes, but the clothes she was wearing now were a lot fancier.  A far cry from the khakis and red polo she wore as her costume.

At least now they had spacesuits to wear.  Not that the suits were at all flattering, but–


Read the rest on AO3.

exclusivetuna  asked:

Um hi. I was wondering if you could say some steps of the animation process because 1 have a project on the animation process and need at least one source to be from an actual animator. I really enjoy your work and hope this isn't too much trouble.

I think wikipedia actually covers the whole thing fairly well, but I’ll give you the process in my own words, haha.  Also keep in mind, this is specifically in regards to the kind of animation that I do.  The process can vary based on the method of animation, or on the animator themselves!  Here’s the basics:


  1. Character design/development.  Working on your characters.  I’m not really including this because I’ll assume it’s already been done!
  2. Writing a script.  Pretty straightforward.
  3. Storyboarding.  Drawing out very rough sketches of what’s going to happen in your animation.  During this step, you’ll plan out the composition (where everything is in the shot), movement of the characters, movement of the camera, etc etc.  (Sometimes people skip the scriptwriting step and write as they board).
  4. Animatic.  Animatics are basically your storyboards in video form, so you can work on the timing.  If you’re working with sound or dialogue that needs to be timed properly, you’ll add this to the animatic as well.  Your animatic will serve as a guideline for the production of your animation!


1. Animating.  Putting the pencil to the paper, or the stylus to the tablet, or moving your stop-mo puppet frame by frame, or whatever your method may be. 

  • If your animation has dialogue, you’ll need to make a dialogue chart, called an “x-sheet” for reference.  You’ll have your sound file, and your video, and you’ll have to go through and mark each mouth shape to correspond with a frame.  
  • Most character animation is “pose-to-pose”, meaning you’ll draw a few “key frames” of animation and then fill in everything in-between.  Most anything timed to music or sound is pose-to-pose.
  • Some animators don’t plan their animations with key frames, however.  They just draw one new frame at a time, going forward.  This is called “straight-ahead” animation.  
  • Some animators do a little bit of both!

2. Pencil test.  Shooting your animation on a camera, or playing it back in the computer, to see if it is moving correctly and timed the way you want it.  If it’s not adequate, you’ll have to either fix it, or scrap it and start over.  A lot of stuff gets scrapped in animation!  Animators have to be willing to part with their drawings if it’s simply not working. 

3. Ink and paint.  This is all pretty much digital now, unless you’re an independent artist who likes to make everything harder on themselves.  Inking your drawings, or cleaning up the lines, and then coloring them.  (My animations are rarely ever inked/cleaned-up, if you hadn’t already figured!)

4. Backgrounds, or any other illustrations that need to be done, separate from the animation.


  1. Compositing.  You take all of the components of a shot and put them together in a computer program for video editing.  Backgrounds on bottom, animation on top.  You might have multiple layers for each component too!  If there’s more than one character, if there’s an object, if there’s some effects animation… maybe it’s a chase scene and you need to have the background pan across the screen, or a tree going by in the foreground.  All of this is called “comp-ing”.   Some shots might not require any comping, others might require tons!  (In live action film or stop motion, this is also the step where you would key-out your greenscreen and place-holder effects!)

  2.  Final cut!  You need to take all of your shots, once they’ve been comped, and put them together to make the film.  (I usually have the animatic as a base layer in my video editing program, and then just drop the finished scenes in on a new layer above it.  I mentioned earlier that the animatic was a guideline for the rest of the film, and I meant it! )

  3. Sound editing, minor timing adjustments, etc.  Basically any little touch-ups that still need to get done!  Polish it!

I HOPE THAT KINDA HELPS!  Good luck!  : )