and the scene where she shows up in a maid costume

A Century of Glamour Ghouls: 1930s

The Countess Marya Zaleska in Dracula’s Daughter (1936)

The Movie

Dracula’s Daughter (1936) gives you that weird feeling, apparently. Use of the term horror to describe these weird films had finally caught on by 1936, just in time for Universal to have producer turnover and stop making them. So Dracula’s Daughter would be Universal’s last (for a few years anyway) and a fitting intermezzo for the genre in America.

Directly connected to the Universal horror films of its own decade, Dracula’s Daughter also operates as a spiritual predecessor of Val Lewton’s horror films in the 1940s. Dracula’s Daughter is atmospheric and wistful, driven more by character psychology and internal conflict than Universal’s previous monster movies.

Dracula’s Daughter picks up directly after Dracula (1931). Police officers have arrived to cart Von Helsing away for murder (the sudden name change has never been explained). Quick to the scene is the Countess Marya Zaleska (Gloria Holden), who uses her vampiric wiles to retrieve her father’s body. Zaleska intends to destroy her father once and for all in an effort free herself from vampirism. This doesn’t quite do the trick and Zaleska is left hopeless and depressed until she meets a psychologist, Dr. Garth, who believes he can cure any obsessive behavioral trait. When this also doesn’t work as quickly or easily as she expects, Zaleska plans her revenge.

From the very start Zaleska is a character at odds with herself. She’s not alive and not dead. She’s an ancient monster who carouses in polite high society. She’s an (awfully British) Eastern European immigrant trying to operate within English culture. Her thinly veiled queerness adds another layer to these conflicts of identity and informs the film’s narrative closely. The primary tension of the film comes from her interlacing identity crises and the self-loathing that follows. The film is driven by the suspense of when or if she will snap under the weight of it all.

If the last film I covered was written about too much, Dracula’s Daughter hasn’t been written about enough. The primary focus of most writing is on the film’s lesbian subtext, but honestly more bi people need to write about it. I’ll give it a whack at a later date.

The Look

The Countess Marya Zaleska isn’t just a vampire, she’s a Dracula and her costuming shows it. She’s primarily costumed in gowns (what would a daytime wardrobe even mean for a vampire?); regal with an artistic bent and painfully fashionable throughout the film.

The Clothes

I decided for the daytime look to put together a more casual version of one of her gowns, but sticking to a 1930s silhouette.

For the hair, I wound a few dark colored ribbons together to wear as a headband because my hair is on the shorter side. If you have longer hair, this simple milk-maid braid tutorial by Rachel Maksy would be perfect.

For the full costume I honestly donned a dark bedsheet as a cape. If you have a long black cape at your disposal, you’re more goth than I. Congratulations. I also took a large glass bead from the dollar store, glued some tin foil to the backside of it and then glued the whole thing to a plain ring to create something like the ring Zaleska uses in her hypnotism.

The Makeup

First I had to tackle brows. While I already have the ends of my eyebrows shaved off, the heads are thicker than Holden’s. Very thin brows were en vogue in the 1930s. So, to demonstrate two methods for you, I used a glue stick for one eyebrow and just a cream concealer for the other. In the photo below, the glue has dried and I laid down my base, using a foundation with a semi-matte finish.

Contour time. Gloria Holden has very strong features that I wanted to emphasize, but this is still a daytime look, so I used a light hand and a warm gray powder. (1.) This is where I put the lines of my contour to make the shape of my nose more sloping at the upper bridge and a little sharper at the tip. I also brought my cheekbone contour quite far forward and rounded it out. (2.) To illustrate the shapes I’m going for a bit better, I mapped out the highlight and contour with a little dodge & burn. (3.) And here it is blended. It’s subtle, but with contour it’s better to go subtle and add than to try and neutralize too much shadow. (Sorry for the lighting change, I was doing this in the middle of a storm.)

Using a taupe gray shadow, (1.) I focused in on the crease and blended both upward and outward. With what was left on the brush for each eye, I ran the shadow all along my lower lashline. Because the eyebrow and eyeshadow shape compliment each other in this look, (2.) I drew out the long, rounded eyebrow shape next with a little flip up at the ends. For daytime eyeliner, (3.) I started with a kitten flick (a small upward angled triangle) then drew it out across my upper lashline using a dark brown shadow. (If your skin is considerably deeper than mine, black is better.) (4.) I then applied a few coats of black mascara, touched up the brows and eyeshadow to make sure they were still deep enough and added some highlight to the browbone.

Last, but not least, are lips. Holden’s upper lip is fuller and extends further at the corners than her bottom lip, so (1.) I used concealer to make my lower lip smaller. I blended the concealer down to make my chin look more prominent as well. (2.) I then drew out the shape of the lips with liner. I rounded out the shape of my upper lip and sharpened the cupid’s bow. (3.) I chose a medium-dark pink to fill in the lips, but you could use any color for this look since the eyes are so neutral. Be sure not to smoosh your lips together to spread the color with this look, you’ll ruin the line you created.

For the full costume look, I went back over my brows with black eyeshadow. For the eyes, I deepened the eyeshadow a bit with a deep purple (not historically accurate but hey). I extended and thickened the liner across my entire lashline in black and added a trimmed set of lashes. (This was the most useful false lash tutorial for me.) I deepened the contour a bit as well and changed the lip color to red.

And that’s the look! I think The Countess is a great costume choice and I hope this help guides your look this Halloween. The 1940s are just around the corner!

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Backup Dancer

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Cursing kinda a lot

Summary: You’re one of the backup dancers for Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle. While backstage, you run into the enemy.

A/N: STILL NOT OVER IT  (btw idek how the building goes but don’t worry about it)

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Reader’s POV

Shit, shit, and double shit.

You were running late. You don’t even know how late. All you know is that you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke up naturally thirty minutes later than you were supposed to. And the cherry on top, you almost forgot your costume bag in your apartment, adding another seven minutes to being late.

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Several of Christine Daaé’s costumes are transformational ones. 

Meaning, the same top can be used with different other pieces, so the costume can be transformed with minimal offstage costume changes. 

One example: Christine starts out in the Hannibal bodice, in the role of a dancing slavegirl. By adding the grand gala skirt she instantly becomes Queen Elissa. By removing the skirt and adding the dressing gown she’s Christine in the process of changing, whisked away to the Phantom’s underground lair. Same basic bodice, three different costumes. 

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IF Yuri on Ice is like any other High School Sports Anime

BUT with no one knowing his Future is our Canon Current & Original Yuri on Ice Anime

  • Showing Katsuki Yuri who ran toward school afraid he was late on his first day as First Year High School Student.
  • Greeting Yuuko who get flower petals falling beautifully and wind blowing her hair as a background waiting on the school gate. 
  • Yuri’s face slightly red. 
  • The obvious explanation was he was red (and slightly panting) because he was just running. 
  • Fandom thought it was because he has crush on Yuuko.
  • There’s Takeshi beside her. Being Friendly+Jerk toward Yuri. No explanation that he’s Yuuko’s boyfriend yet.
  • Yuri explain to the viewer that they all are childhood friends. (Flashback based on Ep1 when Yuri was 5 when 7yo Yuuko being nice to him while 6yo Takeshi was being jerk).
  • Yuri happy they’re in the same school again. 
  • Half the fandom interpret he was happy because he’s in the same school as Yuuko again. No one really think he count Takeshi too.

I don’t know what the story would be like but there’s the important points why no one would think he have a BIG CRUSH with a certain Male Russian Figure Skating.

  • We NEVER get full shot of Yuri’s bedroom EVER. So we never get to see Yuri’s collection of his Posters of Victor and we never get the specific angle of his desk that would show us Victor’s framed picture.
  • There’s scene where Yuuko give Yuri the newest sports magazine still covered in transparent wrapper as early birthday present.
  • Yuri was pleasantly surprised and blushing sweetly when he say thank you.
  • One Yuuko’s friends who were beside her watching the whole scene tease her that her childhood friend seems to have crush on her when Yuri already left. 
  • No one but Yuuko (as she guess rightly) knows that the reason Yuri blushing heavily was because he saw Victor’s newest poster, the limited edition version on the back of the magazine. Viewer who paused at the certain scene would be able to see the half pictures of Victor’s newest poster.  
  • Yuuko denied that Yuri have a crush on her. Since she know Yuri’s crush obsession toward a certain Russian Skater. 
  • Yuri probably does have crush on her. But compared to his BIG CRUSH on Victor, his crush on Yuuko is really really small
  • Fandom thought she was either oblivious or in denial because he was younger than her and she probably thought of him like a younger brother. They pity Yuri. 
  • The Anime was half-sports half-slice of life. So we get to see an OVA or one episode of the Famous School Festival. 
  • Yuri’s class chose to make Maid/Butler Cafe.
  • Apparently someone make a mistake. For the butler costume they missing one clothes, and rent/order more one maid costume than they should.
  • Cliche situation; none of male students volunteer to wear the maid costume. No one but Yuri. Saying it was fine, it was just a costume, not a big deal. 
  • Yuri’s hair was slightly longer (like the last scene of ep12), so people agreed he doesn’t need to wear wig.
  • Yuri in maid costume, without glasses and a light makeup with glossy pink lips look gorgeous and breathtaking. His classmates’ breathes hitched and they all stunned and flushed. 
  • Fandom thought the reaction was a one time thing. No one know that half students in his school admires and have a crush on him. And sometimes they thought Yuri can’t be more charming like when he was skating and dancing orsimplywalking. They proved wrong once again and they loved it! 
  • Fast forward the end of the Anime is when Yuri ready to go to Detroit to become the Best in Japan.

I’m sorry I’m out of Headcanon what might happen in Yuri’s high school life.

The Anime trying so hard to not show us how BIG Yuri’s admiration toward his Idol Victor. Four years gap between was too big to make half the Fandom think Yuri admiring Victor beyond his skating. After all Yuri look up on Yuuko too who is the Ice Castle Madonna and only has Two years gap between them.

The last Episode when Yuri ready to go aboard, no one know that Yuuko already pregnant or already give birth. 

What do you think? 

One change that I really dislike from book to show is that they had Jaime be the one to agree to Tywin’s demand that he marry someone.

In the books, when Cersei comes to Jaime in the WST and tries to talk him into telling Tywin he’ll marry Margaery, that’s a really foundational moment for his coming set of realizations about their relationship. It’s before he’s found out about the infidelity, and you can tell he finds it very confusing and horrifying. He doesn’t know quite what to do with this information. I mean, fifteen years ago she came to ask him to *not* marry someone and to join the Kingsguard instead, so he could be with her, which of course…didn’t happen quite that way.

Now she’s asking him the opposite: quit the Kingsguard, marry Margaery, go to Casterly Rock…then she pleads that Tywin is sending her there too, so they can be together. Which makes no sense, of course, since she’s making it clear she’s trying to stay with Tommen in King’s Landing, through this exercise. Of necessity, this plot, if successful, would again result in one twin at CR, the other at the Red Keep. They’d switch places again. She knows it now. Did she know it the first time, too?

At the end of this scene there’s an attempt at fellatio, of course, and some insults. And the line where she claims she and Tyrion have both lied to him a thousand times. 

He doesn’t begin to put this together until AFFC, of course. He’s learned about the infidelity, and one thing that I always find interesting is when folks don’t realize that his anger isn’t really about the cheating, per se. The scene from ASOS doesn’t begin to make real sense to him until AFFC. She comes to him in the Sept, and this time she’s hauled out the big guns. Costumes - the one that worked on him so well that one time. References to their night at the inn - and he registers two important things. One, of course, is that she doesn’t even remember where the inn was. But the other is that he has that clear thought: “She wants something of me.”

This isn’t a thought he’s put together about himself, before. And without learning about the affairs - which were clearly transactional sex - he couldn’t have put this truth together. Her relationship with him is also transactional, and always has been, since their very first sexual encounter (and it was their first. Age typical play between small children simply does not count). 

So, the problem isn’t that Cersei has had transactional sex with other men. The problem is that Jaime has realized she’s had transactional sex with him, all along.

This is what Jaime means when he tells Hildy that he likes innocence in women.  It isn’t about virginity. Neither Pia nor Hildy are virgins, and he likes them. But he doesn’t like Ami, and he doesn’t like Cersei right now, either. Surely neither of them have been with as many men as Pia and Hildy? But Pia and Hildy are honest. When Pia climbed in his bed, it was out of actual desire. Hildy is also up front about what she’s about. 

But now with all this information he’s gathered? “Cersei wanted me to marry Margaery and leave the KG to help Cersei achieve a goal that she claimed was about being with me but simply logically speaking was not at all. She has come to me several times attempting to manipulate me into sex to help her achieve a goal. Was the night at the inn off Eel - not Weasel - Alley also about Cersei achieving a goal that had nothing to do with being with me at all? Cersei has slept with several others to achieve goals. She slept with my wannabe teenage doppelgänger, in fact, a boy who is pretty much a ruin now, to achieve a goal.”

Is it rather precious of Jaime to be so terribly put out that his incestuous treasonous nightmare of a relationship turned out to be a scam Cersei ran on him from the start? Well yeah. Each of us wants to think of ourselves as special snowflakes and we tend to find offenses that violate our sense of specialness particularly enraging. 

But to simply dismiss his sense of loss and outrage - he gave up his life, his relationship with his father, his ability to have good memories of his mother, his chance to have a family of his own, his birthright *which we know from his memories and from his scene with Lancel he actually did and does want* - as being about simple sexual jealousy and a thwarting of his idealizing of Cersei as somehow sexually innocent is way way off base. When Cersei came to Jaime that night at the inn off Eel Alley - remember, this is an inn that has only been mentioned one other time in the series, as a place where Varys’s operatives have people taken (in AGOT, this is where one of his people take Cat and Rodrik), she was almost surely doing so because of a Varys plot to separate Jaime from Tywin, and thus finally piss Tywin off enough to get him to quit, while simultaneously giving Aerys enough of a sense of delight in having scored the ultimate blow that he’d finally ACCEPT the resignation. 

Guys, the inn is the smoking gun. When a writer mentions a thing twice and each time jumps up and down pointing arrows at it, having characters make mistakes about it and being corrected by other characters about it, that is the author screaming at you to notice. Cat mistakenly believes Petyr has had her led there. Petyr says nope, not me! And in sweeps Varys. The inn off Eel Alley is his place. It is established as such in the very first book. It is a critical fact.

Now, all Cersei knew was that someone - probably someone very like Taena, which is why Varys sent Taena to her, he knows what works, and never let it be said that Varys doesn’t love to run the same scam over and over - had convinced her that if Jaime joined the Kingsguard, Tywin would no doubt pass over Tyrion and make Cersei his heir. We can see how that would appeal to Cersei. She’d been promised over and over she’d marry Rhaegar. Well, Rhaegar’s wife just gave birth. Perhaps Tywin had mentioned to her the idea of marrying Viserys. Wow, great. Is she to sit in KL for another ten+ years waiting for a child eleven years her junior to come of age to marry? Won’t they want to marry him off to someone young? So, sometime during her stay at Aerys’s court, she clearly acquired the idea of being Lady of Casterly Rock, and it seems logical that she acquired it at this point. Everything about the plot - the idea of dressing in costume, the location of the Inn, the line about the sleeping lion (how convenient of Ser Harlan to die in his sleep) being placed by the young lion, and the very fact that Cersei simply was incapable of interacting directly with Aerys to pull this off, playing to Cersei’s iatrogenic sense of superiority…it reeks of Varys. Cersei *today* wouldn’t pull together such a theatrical production. Varys, Varys, Varys.

And since we no doubt have Varys to thank for the whispers of the Tourney at Harrenhal being a plot to overthrow Aerys - without which Aerys would never have exposed his own madness and paranoia to the high lords - we can see that Varys pulled off the two necessary components that TWOIAF posits over and over were required to get the high lords to begin to contemplate overthrowing Aerys. Many think Rhaegar was behind it, but I believe Rhaegar was simply supposed to show up at the Tourney, be handsome and strong and as clueless about plots to overthrow his father (no, I do not believe at all that Southron Ambitions had any such agenda) as the lords themselves were, and find himself pressed into service. I mean, Rhaegar has spent 21 years at that point, not acting against his father. He’s watched his mother be imprisoned, raped, abused. He has yet to act. The simpler answer to, “Why did Rhaegar finally plan to act against his father at the Tourney?” is simple: he didn’t. Would’ve been a fine plan, if not for the one thing Varys never accounts for, of course: penis. 

And here we move out of the theory portion of this post and into the pure fanfic portion. 

Did Varys act alone, or was he someone else’s agent? I don’t know. He must’ve learned of Jaime and Cersei’s childhood play, and their mother’s reaction to it, from someone. But, he didn’t have to be told. The little birds seem to be in the walls of the queen’s chambers as of AFFC, and the one person we know knew of the twins issues - the Unnamed Princess of Dorne - had been at court while both Varys and Cersei were newly arrived, so surely she had conversations with Rhaella about Joanna’s daughter, which would’ve been overheard. I’ve long loved the idea of Rhaella having actual agency. Any plots that extend into Essos  might have a Martell behind them, since they’re the Westerosi House with the closest continuing ties there, and both Doran and Oberyn were operating in Essos during the relevant time frame, including whatever machinations got Varys to the Red Keep in the first place. Nothing would make me happier than a Rhaella who did what she could to protect herself, her children, her grandchild, over the decade of her imprisonment, and men overlook women’s friendships, after all. The natural Rhaella agent would be the UP. We’ve already seen that the UP will answer a friend’s call for help with problems with their children and their husband, since she swiftly set out for Casterly Rock to help Joanna. And in fact,  the UP is so much older than Joanna that the window for their attendance upon Rhaella doesn’t allow much room for overlap, since Doran is only around three years younger than Joanna. Fact is, Joanna and the UP were absolutely positively not “at court together as girls,” as Tyrion believes and Oberyn replies, “Just so.” A mistake from George? Maybe. Or intended to draw our eye. The connection between the UP and Joanna may be only through Rhaella. Perhaps the dismissed maid was sent not to Dorne, but to King’s Landing. Perhaps the UP imposed herself upon Tywin not simply out of loyalty to Joanna, but because her mission was on behalf of Rhaella herself.

And while I’ve seen many people dismiss Rhaella, it’s usually based upon Jaime’s line that her eyes had been closed for years, by the time Aerys was roasting people. And I’m like, really? What did fifteen year old Jaime Lannister know about the strength and resolve it took that woman to survive her husband and maintain for Viserys any sense of normalcy? Who cares what Jaime thought? If anything, Jaime’s opinion of Rhaella reads to me as evidence she was much more than he could possibly imagine. She had the loyalty of her ladies. At least one of her ladies rules in her own right, and while Aerys never allowed Rhaella to be alone with her own son, there is no reason to believe he was smart enough to not allow her to be alone with her friend the UP. And the UP is fifteen years or so older than Rhaella and Joanna. Plenty of years of wisdom and rule to help Rhaella out. If you’re looking for the agents behind the Defiance at Duskendale…I’m just saying, you might look at those two. From this angle, it isn’t difficult to imagine Rhaella noticing how easily manipulated Joanna’s daughter was, thinking about the Martells’ long ago journey to help Joanna with the twins, thinking about Cersei’s abuse of Tyrion which Oberyn and Elia surely reported to their mother, and deciding, do I further damage Joanna’s children, ruin her son’s life, to save my own young son, my own granddaughter? My sorry ass son Rhaegar continues to be the only one with the power to stop my insane husband, yet he continues to be a sorry ass. No hope he’ll man up in time to save any of us. 

I will never stop laughing if the very fact that the Unnamed Princess is unnamed is simply another mask George architected. How important can a unnamed dead woman be? Lol. Bless him if so. But how truly tragic, if Rhaella and the UP were trying to save their children and grandchildren, and the result was the terrible murder of Rhaenys and Aegon. And if Varys was at all acting on their behalf, it explains why he seems particularly troubled by what happened to Rhaenys. And it lends new meaning to his claim to Kevan that what he has done, was “for the realm. For the children.” Poor babies.

Smblr of the Week #1: doctorstagemanager

Name: HRK
Age: 30’s
Current position: Equity Production Stage Manager
Location: New England
Education: Ithaca College

What has been your favorite gig, and why?

Two shows come to mind. The Woman in Black and Hound of the Baskervilles. The Woman in Black is a frightening ghost story that is known to scare audiences night after night. It’s a fast paced show with tons of cues – so it was an extremely enjoyable show to call. But there was always one moment, every performance during a scene when the main character reaches into the marsh to rescue a dog and then he turns back to find the Woman in Black looming over him. Every time the LQ that I called executed to reveal her, I literally would jump out of my seat but still managed to continue to call the remaining cues without missing a beat. This is proof that there are shows that can still take the Stage Manager by surprise even after performing them for several weeks.

The second production: Hound of the Baskervilles is a show done à la Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) – 3 actors playing different characters throughout the course of the show. Because the show involves several costume quick changes and scene changes, our rehearsal process involved my ASM, the Wardrobe person, and I being on our feet pretty much the entire rehearsal process. I had a 2nd ASM but she was busy teching another show (we work at a repertory company) and by the time she opened her show, we would be into tech with Hound. So what to do with orienting her quickly and easily into Complete Works with a short tech period? My solution was this – and I would never have done it had I not been confident in my colleague’s abilities and it helped that my cast and director knew and trusted both of us: As it turned out, Act 1 was easy to learn for the backstage track but the calling of that act was not. Act 2 was the difficult backstage track whereas the calling of it was easier. So, I called the first act while my colleague ran that track backstage and at intermission we shifted. This allowed us both to experience being backstage – something we’ve rarely been able to do since we turned Equity (when you work in Regional Theatre, there are very few Equity ASM opportunities). It was fun being in the thick of things and bonding with the cast and crew even more than we normally would have. And we got to be in costume!

What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do for a show?

Strangest thing … hmm … Well, I didn’t have to this, but my ASM did – she had to sneak under a rolling table and sway it in time to the actors onstage who were on a rocky boat. She was hidden by a tablecloth so I had to direct her by wireless headset. Oh and that Hound of the Bakservilles production had me running around onstage dressed as a Victorian maid and spraying a can of fog.

What are your non-theatre interests and hobbies?

Well, first and foremost, I am a Doctor Who fan. I’m also an Anglophile and Sherlockian. I love to travel (which is a good thing given that this profession sends me all over the place). I do horseback riding when I can. Love to read mysteries and I drink tons of tea.

Do you have any personal show traditions or tech week stress relievers?

Tech is actually starting this week and I know that if I don’t immediately crash at the end of the day, I’ll be watching various BBC comedies to wind down from the long day. As for show traditions – when we move from the rehearsal space into the theatre, I like to take a quiet moment to myself and sit in the empty rehearsal room after everything has been loaded out and everyone is gone and I think through what has happened in that room from the first day of rehearsal up to that moment. Then I walk over to the theatre space and sit there mentally filling that room with positive vibes and reinforcement. When I close a show, I do a similar thing where I sit in the theatre space alone and remember everything that went on for that production – it’s what I call “taking an accounting” and it helps me to never forget a production and the circumstances that surrounded it.

Do you have any advice for young technicians and stage managers?

Oh where to start? Firstly, if you haven’t already, read Ken Blanchard’s “One Minute Manager”.

When in undergrad, remember that the gen ed courses are useful tools to the theatre profession. Those writing and speech courses are crucial for your communication skills. That psych course will help you understand people and become more aware of yourself. Take a course in human anatomy. Take history courses. Take a business course. Accounting – for those budgets that you will probably have to deal with. Take a course in every aspect of theatre from acting to production to front of house. As a Stage Manager, you need to know how everyone operates in order to communicate effectively with them and you need to understand human nature in order to manage humans. You have to be a people person. Yes, they will drive you nuts but at the end of the day, remember that they have hearts and that they are good. Approach everyone with a smile and kindness and as if you are entering their “second act” (you have no idea what happened before you see them so take a moment to acclimate).

You do not have to be loud and abrasive. Stage Managers will be more effective when calm, collected, and considerate. You will probably have to be the “heavy” at times but you’ll be listened to and respected more readily when you actually have to tell someone “no” or have to talk to them about being late to calls. Never approach in an accusatory manner. Come from the “How can I help you” angle. Do not go in expecting that you can control everything.

While you’re still young, try experiencing stage management in theatre, opera, dance, musicals, fringe, festivals, touring, special events, outdoor venues, music events, corporate events, conferences (Comic Con anyone? USITT definitely) and even the equivalent version for TV and film. Also take advantage of observing shows being called. Stage Managers all over are generally open to offering this opportunity. The Stage Managers’ Association has a program called “Operation Observation” where you can find these opportunities more easily. Even when you are old and well experienced, it’s still worth observing another Stage Manager. You will learn something new and make a friend and contact as a result. Which leads to expanding your network – you’ll find yourself landing jobs more through the people who know you (not just the people that you know – there’s a difference) and soon you’ll realize that you haven’t used your resume very much.

Lastly, grad school – only really worth your time if you’re just discovering stage management late in undergrad or afterwards. I find that grad school programs for stage management still insulate you from the real world of theatre. Internships after undergrad are the equivalent to grad school and you don’t have to worry about a thesis or taking the GREs or dealing with academic bureaucracy.

Don’t be hasty in getting your Equity card. It limits you especially if you want to focus on regional theatres and be an ASM.

But more important, know yourself, identify your strengths, build up and improve your weaknesses. Ask for feedback about your work. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Support your production and the people involved but always take care of yourself because if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your production. Get that sleep, eat a good meal … and when in the rehearsal room or theatre, be in a “Zen of Readiness”.

anonymous asked:

Eiji, Ibu, Fuji and Marui go to their s/o's school festival where they are holding a maid cafe and they get jelly at all the people noticing how cute s/o is in it

Sine it says Maid I’m going with a femal s.o, hope that’s okay? <3


Kikumaru excitedly hugged you when he saw you in your maid uniform, you just looked so cute! “Waah, you should wear this more often, you look so cute, nyaa!~” He ordered some sweets while watching you serve the other costumers, he was so lucky to get the opportunity to see you like that. Kikumarus grin soon changed into an angry pout when he heard the guys on the table next to him talk about you “Woah, have you seen (Name)-san, we are so lucky that she’s in our class….she looks even cuter than normal as an maid…you think I should ask for her number?” Kikumaru jumped up from his chair and accusingly pointed at the guys “You can’t ask for her number! (Name)-chan always looks cute and she is only mine!” He made such a ruckus you quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him away so he couldn’t start a fight with the guys.

Once you dragged him out of the classroom Kikumaru turned back into puppy-mode “Yaay! Now I have cute (Name)-chan all to mystel, nyaa!~”When you tried to scold him for causing a scene in your classroom he loocked at you with big pleading eyes “But (Name)-chan is my girlfriend…I want to be the only one to see (Name)-chan in such a cute outfit.” You just sigh and grabbed his hand, how could you stay mad at your adorable boyfriend?


You were so happy when Ibu came to your class’s maid cafe but soon you felt a bit disappointed since he seemingly didn’t show any reaction to your appearance, you didn’t expect him to make a big deal out of it but a simple compliment would have been nice. Soon you were able to take a break so you explored the scool festival with Ibu for a bit. In the hallway it was pretty loud since a lot people attended this years festival and so you didn’t hear Ibus angry mumbling when he shot every guy that looked at you an angry glare “This is so annoying…What do they think they are doing?…I know (Name) looks cute…can’t they see that I’m her boyfriend?…looking at an other guys girlfriend…that’s so rude…” Ibu got more and more annoyed about all the guys eyeing you up and the fact that you were completely oblivious to it. He gently grabbed your arm to stop you from walking any further, with a sigh Ibu stripped his jacket and draped it around your shoulders. Surprised you looked at Ibu “Thank you but I’m not cold, Shinji-kun. You can have it back.” With another sigh Ibu stopped you from taking off his jacket. “Wear it, (Name)-chan.” he firmly stated before he went back to his usual mumbling “What a pain…I can’t believe it, she really doesn’t get it…sometimes she’s such an airhead…running around while looking like that…at least they can see now that she is my girlfriend…even if it’s a pain it’s better to cover her up before letting all this guys see her looking so cute…” With a smile you wrapped his jacket tighter around your body, so he thought you look cute after all…


Fuji thought you look really cute in the maid uniform but still teased you a bit when you brought him his order “Aww, you look really cute (Name)-chan, maybe you could be my personal maid sometimes so you should definitely keep that outfit.” You blushed, making him chuckle at your adorable reaction. His eyes followed you while you served the other costumers. Fuji knows you look cute and he can understand other guys thinking the same but when he spots a group of males ogling you butt in the short maid uniform he sends them one of his scary smiles. The guys immediately diverted their eyes and Fuji went back to enjoy his tea. 

Fuji wasn’t a jealous person but it got on his nerves to see all the guys obviously checking you out. Fuji watched as you welcomed a new guest. The guy you welcomed immediately started to flirt with you. Fuji was still watching from his table, he decided to let you handle the guy but he was ready to interfere if you would show any signs of needing help. The moment the guy wrapped an arm around your waist Fujis eyes opened slowly, he didn’t even like the looking but touching you definitely was a wrong move. He quickly rose from his chair and made his way to the cafe entrance where you and the guy were standing. Fuji could see how you nervously tried to wriggle out of the other males arm around your waist without being rude to him since he was a costumer. The guy tried to convince you to walk around the festival with him when he saw Fuji standing behind you with his arms crossed and an angry glint in his eyes “Saaa…I would suggest to let go of my girlfriend. We wouldn’t want to make me angry, right?” Fuji still had a smile on his face but the expression in his open eyes made the guy immediately back away from you. Ignoring the now intimidated guy Fuji faced you with a happy grin “Let’s tell your classmates that you are taking a break. I’ll treat my little (Name)-chan to some ice cream, okay?”


Marui throughout enjoyed the maid cafe, getting served sweets from you in a cute looking maid uniform, what could be better? He was happily eating his cake when he realised all the males looking at you. Maruis happy expression turned into an angry one, he doesn’t like the way the guys were looking at you at all. When he overheard a guy on the table next to him whispering to his friend “Don’t you think that maid looks really cute? I wonder if she has a boyfriend?” Marui knew he would have to make a point if he doesn’t want guys hitting on you for the rest of the day. When you walked by his table Marui quickly stood up and grabbed your hand. With a cheeky grin Marui pulled you to the table of the two males. Both of the guys looked at Marui in surprise while he stood in front of their table with his arm now wrapped around your shoulder. “I know my girlfriend looks especially cute in this outfit, right? It’s such a shame for you that she’s already dating a tensai like me…” His tone is cheerful but he makes sure to speak loud enough for all the other guest to hear while pulling you even closer to his body…

Ao Haru Ride Movie Special Interview (Trans.)


Shooting for 40 days in Toyama and Nagasaki, we got both of them to tell us what happened behind the scenes. Fully loaded with moments where we can fee the goodness of their teamwork.


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Once Upon A Time 3x21 "Snow Drifts" and 3x22 "There's No Place Like Home" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

People of all ages, this two-part season finale should serve as an example of how perfection should be brought to life on screen. 

Continuing from where we left off last week, Rumple enacts Zelena’s curse and sends Killian and Emma back to the Enchanted forest moments before Snow and Charming are about to meet for the first time. They alter the instant Snow ‘s supposed to steal the ring, and in an attempt to make sure the two still fall in love, Killian and Emma visit Rumplestilskin in order to ask for his help. He only agrees to help them when they tell him he finds Neal. He then sends them to a ball held by King Midas in order for them to make sure Snow steals the ring this time. They eventually succeed and it’s Emma’s acceptance of who she is, and where she belongs that brings her magic back and sends them back home, along with Maid Marian who they couldn’t leave behind.  Upon arriving back at the diner, Emma tells everyone that she’s staying and the Charmings announce that they’ve chosen to name the young prince Neal. Rumple and Belle tie the knot at an intimate wedding in the woods, Maid Marian reveals herself to Robin, and the noted Snow Queen of Arendelle makes a stunning appearance as the episode comes to an end. 

Due to the insane amount of things that have occurred, both emotionally moving and hysterically enriching, we’re going to try to do our best in bringing you an in depth analyses of the beautiful episode we can easily call a favorite. 

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When the Walls Come Crumbling Down, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

This is my first contribution to Gruvia week, however, this is NOT based on any of the prompts, because I’m a rebel!…Not. ^^’ 

I actually HAVE written one fic that includes most of the prompts, which I’ll most mid-Gruvia week. But, I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and I thought it would be most appropriate to post it today, so I hope you guys enjoy it, and please look out for my true Gruvia week fic in a few days! ^__^

The fanfiction link to the fic is above, but I’ll post it here too:

A/N: This is dedicated to my good friends rieriebee, darkdreamerx, and kanarenee who’s positive reactions to my telling of this idea kept me motivated to finally write this down, so thanks for listening and letting me share this little plot bunny with you wonderful ladies!

When The Walls Come Crumbling Down

“The day is finally upon her. Juvia has been dreading it all month, but no matter how badly she willed it not to come, the morning in which her two babies would leave her behind has arrived at last.“

"Why are you monologuing?” Gray asked wearily, as Juvia stared wistfully at her twins in the doorway of their three-bedroom wooden home, which sat just outside the outskirts of Magnolia. Both kids had both just finished giving their mother a parting hug before she had started giving voice to her sorrow.

“Mom… first of all, we’re not babies anymore,” said Gray and Juvia’s teenage daughter Gwen. She had raven-colored hair like her father, which she always wore gathered together in two low, separate bunches on either side of her head. Her ice-blue eyes stared from her parents, to her brother, and back again. “Luke and I are fourteen-years old already,” Gwen’s tone was slightly exasperated as she looked up into her mother’s concerned face.

“Secondly, we’re just going away for a week to a training camp. Most of the other kids from Fairy Tail will be there, too, and so will kids from other guilds. Even some of the instructors are people you know, like Jura-sensei,” she concluded, trying to calm her mother’s worries.

It seemed like a lost cause, however, as Juvia’s lip trembled in a failed attempt at trying to keep her composure. Juvia had been in a state of steadily increasing apprehension ever since Gray and herself had signed the forms a month ago which gave her children permission to attend this young mage battle camp experience.

“But, you two have never been away from home on your own for more than a day before,” Juvia insisted anxiously. “What if you catch a cold? Or what if Luke needs something mended? What if you don’t like the food there, and have nothing to eat, and since Mama isn’t around, you die of starvation!” Juvia concluded in dismay, her voice rising higher as she ran through each supposedly impending situation.

Luke had inherited his mother’s light blue hair, but his eyes were strangely as pitch black as his sister’s wavy locks. “Mom,” he began, his voice steady and kind, “neither Gwen nor I are going to starve to death, and we’re both ice mages, so catching a cold is unlikely. Especially considering it’s summer and boiling outside. We’re going to be just fine, so stop worrying,” Luke said soothingly, a small smile playing on his face as Juvia gave a large sniff, and clasped her hands together as if in prayer.

“But what if things get out of hand during training, and someone gets hurt, or if you two hurt someone by accident, and the magic council is called in, and you’re both taken in for questioning, and put on trial, and then thrown in jail?! What will mama and papa do then?!” Juvia was obviously picturing this dreadful scene in her head in elaborate detail, and her whole family knew it.

Gray, a light stubble decorating his chin, sighed but looked more amused than annoyed with his wife’s vivid imagination, clearly having grown used to it long ago. “Guys, just go, it’s not going to get any better than this I’m afraid, and trying to talk sense to your mom right now won’t get you anywhere,” he said reasonably, as he put his hand around Juvia’s shoulder, and gave her a consoling squeeze. “Have a good time, and show the rest of those kids that you should never underestimate a Fullbuster.” He winked at them.

The kids grinned at their father, who also happened to be their teacher, “We will!” they assured him.

“There’s that big tournament at the end of the training camp, which is this Saturday. You can both come watch us ice out the competition,” Gwen said with confidence as she looked towards her mother, hoping the thought of being able to visit them would appease her.

Juvia’s eyes sparkled at this invitation. “Mama and Papa will surely be there to cheer you both on,” she said passionately, a heartfelt smile gracing her face through all the tears she was now shedding.

Gwen and Luke smiled back and gave one final look at their mother, who was blubbering into their father’s shoulder, before waving farewell and disappearing down the dirt path which ran outside their cottage home. The large smiles on their faces clearly mirrored the thrilling sense of adventure in their hearts.

Gray and Juvia watched them go, the knapsacks on their backs getting smaller, until they were entirely gone from view. Gray took his arm from around Juvia in order to close the front door.

“Gray-sama….” Juvia said in a snuffly-sort of voice.

“What’s wrong now?” he asked tentatively, his eyebrow raised.

“Juvia misses her babies!” she bawled.

Gray laughed out loud at this. “They just left!”

“Juvia can’t help it! It’ll be seven whole days before she gets to see them again! That’s forever! What will Juvia do?!”

“Well…” Gray hesitated, for an idea had clearly been playing on his mind, too since this trip had been decided last month, and unlike Juvia, he was looking on the bright side of things. “We haven’t had the house to ourselves for longer than a night before, and now we have the whole week all to ourselves. So, I can think of all kinds of things we can do to pass the time,” he said with a low growl and a very suggestive look on his face.

Juvia, her tears drying on her cheeks, looked up at Gray, her eyes wide as she pondered his words before his implications hit her. “Oh!” she said, a sparkle of excitement blossoming on her face.


“Do you really think mom’s going to be ok?” Gwen asked a little apprehensively.

“Yeah,” Luke said, “dad’ll take care of her.”

“I hope they don’t embarrass us on Saturday, ” Gwen said with dread in her voice.

Luke laughed. “Well, I can’t promise you that,” he said, while digging around in his pack.

“What are you looking for?”

“Mom said she packed us snacks,” he said as he searched under several layers of freshly laundered clothes.

“You’re going to eat already?! Gwen asked in disbelief.

"I’m hungry,” Luke said honestly. “Hey, do you have the forms that mom and dad signed?”

Gwen gave him a very stern look. “No, you said you were going to take them.”

“Oops,” Luke said, before biting down on one of Juvia’s homemade, and chocolate-filled granola bars.

They both stopped walking in mid stride.

“Ugh!” Gwen groaned.

“Sowwy!” Luke mumbled through a mouth full of granola.


Luckily Gwen and Luke had not gone far, as they rushed back to their cottage, and burst hurriedly through the door.

“We’re not back, we just forgot - ”

The scene that met the teens’ eyes was one that could only be described as surreally horrific.

Their father was in nothing but his boxer briefs, which in itself wasn’t that unusual, but slung over his shoulder was their mother dressed in a full maid costume. There were clothes, both their mother’s and father’s, strewn about the sitting room, and their parent’s faces were frozen in mid-giggles. However, Juvia’s face was slowly changing into an expression of guilty shock. Juvia dropped a pair of handcuffs she’d been holding, and they made a dull thunk on the carpet.

“Our forms,” Luke finished his sister’s sentence, as he nearly choked on the snack he had almost swallowed whole at the sight of his parents.

Nothing was said for several excruciatingly long seconds as Gray, Juvia, Luke and Gwen were all frozen in awkward silence. Their eyes locked, as the teens stared at their parents, and the two parents stared at their children in turn, Gray peeking out from behind the frills of Juvia’s underskirt which barely covered her backside, and Juvia trying to cover the upper half of her risqué maid outfit with her arms which were previously grasping onto Gray’s bare back.

“Um… where did you put the forms again, mom?” Luke said at last, as though trying to regain a hold of the situation, for he could see out of the corner of his eye his sister’s expression gave the impression that she might end up permanently scarred by this situation.

Juvia’s voice was embarrassedly high-pitched and her face red, but she, too tried to maintain her composure, as she pointed to the armoire and said, “i-in the top drawer,” with as much dignity as she could muster.

“Thanks,” Luke said, and he quickly opened it and grabbed the two forms. They headed silently back out the door.

Juvia, with clearly an attempt to salvage the situation, said hopefully, “so, we’ll see you on Satur-”

“Don’t come!” Gwen shouted, her face still glowing with embarrassment as she hurriedly shut the door loudly on her parents pursuits.

The silence left behind them hung heavy in the air.

“We’ve lost them forever, Gray-sama!” Juvia cried in anguish with her hand outstretched towards the closed door, her children’s appalled faces fixed in her mind.

Gray sighed lightly. It seemed he was not as perturbed as his wife was by the situation. “Oh well, it can’t be helped,” he claimed with a nonchalance bordering on indifference. Clearly he had other priorities at the moment as he continued to carry his wife off towards their bedroom, his brain still fixed on the task at hand.


Luke and Gwen were once again on their way to meet up with the rest of the Fairy Tail guild’s younger members before heading off to the camp together. Neither seemed to want to discuss what they had just walked in on. Gwen especially looked like she never wanted to think about it ever again, and yet the scene of her parents’ shenanigans was surely burned into her retinas.

Finally, Luke voiced his own contemplations. “God, I hope that’s not how we were conceived,” he said dryly to his sister who he saw shiver hugely at the thought.

The End

A/N: And that, my friends, is exactly how I imagine Gruvia’s future family life haha. Happy April Fools Day, and happy first day of Gruvia week! As I said, this has nothing at all to do with the prompts, but I felt today would be the most appropriate day to post this. BTW, I have a whole, detailed head canon about Gwen and Luke, their personalities, magic, what their relationships are like with their parents, each other, and the other FT kids, but those are things that will need to be touched on at a later time (if ever). For now, I hope you guys enjoyed the silliness. If so, please review on, as I’d love to know what you thought! And thanks for reading! ^-^

EW Radio Gilmore Girls Special Recap

Edit: @alyssinmymind uploaded the audio here!

So this was a special with Jessica Shaw (the writer of the EW cover story) and her interviews with the cast. Here’s a recap!


  • We pick up with Rory at a time where journalism has changed, she’s been working very hard


  • Scott says it feels amazing to be back in Stars Hollow, the pressure is lessened because it’s 3 months vs. 9 months when they filmed the series
  • Scott says the cast didn’t really know at ATX, he was actually thinking the clock was running out on a reunion
  • Amy eventually called Scott and told him “it was real” and to keep his mouth shut!
  • Scott says everything felt “better”, the sets were nicer–but it was like no time had gone by
  • Jessica watched a scene and said “it felt so right”
  • Scott says he’s working with Lauren a lot
  • Scott: “the rhythm is so there”


  • Kelly says it feels really good to be back on set
  • Richard is “honored so much” in the whole series
  • Kelly says she was pressing for a movie
  • Amy was writing and basting her Thanksgiving turkey at the same time
  • Kelly filmed a little bit, then had a few week break, then was coming back for the bulk of her filming
  • The writing is still fast and furious
  • Kelly thinks the whole Gilmore house is slightly bigger
  • Kelly says “we certainly address her widow-hood”, re: Emily
  • “Amy has done something I was actually hoping for…[Emily] does taking a journey, she takes a journey of recovery”
  • Emily has a nice evolutions that’s “logical and bizarre” 
  • Emily’s maid situation is “wacky”, “I was firing all these people and not I have a whole other situation”
  • Kelly: “It’s got a really strong finish”
  • Kelly thinks she’d be interested in doing more, but it depends on different factors
  • “We are acknowledging the nine years since we’ve seen these people”


  • Lauren says getting back into Lorelai was “like it was yesterday
  • It’s “not totally final”
  • Lauren: “The storylines are emotional and the experience is emotional”
  • Lauren’s reaction to the final 4 words was “Oh! Really?!”
  • Lauren says it didn’t feel like a done deal until they were on the set filming–things were up in the air literally days before
  • Lauren had a lot of conversations about it with Amy at ATX
  • When TVLine broke the story, the actors had even really been contacted–Lauren had heard from Amy but she’d hadn’t heard from anyone else

Amy Sherman-Palladino 

  • The Gilmore house was the last set to be finished
  • “It happened the right way, at the right time”
  • It’s been a lovely, weird family reunion
  • Said it just felt like it was “kinda the time”
  • They were not interested in doing a straight up reboot
  • The series began at a time of big life change for Emily, Lorelai and Rory and the revival starts the same way
  • Dealing with the death of Richard impacts all of them
  • Nothing really felt right until the show was on Netflix
  • ASP says you can enjoy and watch the revival without seeing the show “it’s a mother and her daughter and her daughter”
  • “There are things in it for the fans” but the stories can speak to anyone
  • ASP says they felt an obligation to “honor what we thought was the truth of the characters”
  • She says not being in the online world (social media) meant they didn’t have to have many debates about if the stories were for the characters or the fans
  • Says she need to discuss “a costume thing” with Lauren in the final script 
  • Scheduling table reads between “two days when the network can be there, and the actors are available and Czuchry’s in New York” was a nightmare
  • Lauren got teary at the final script 
  • The final four words were left off the script, no one knows but “the girls”
  • Re: the 3 boyfriends “those are the things you do do for the fans”, it was tricky because Rory is in a different part of her life and “she’s moved on” 
  • “I like them all” re: the boyfriends
  • “Dean was kind and sweet but Dean was a small town boy”
  • “Then you have someone like Jess who yeah has some bad streaks in him but he’s bright”
  • “There are guys like Logan who are charming and they are kinda dicks sometimes, but underneath it this is a guy who has never been released from his family and the delightful charm of the Life and Death Brigade” 
  • “Luke may be the best of all of ‘em”
  • Lorelai and Rory’s relationship is strong when we meet them again
  • Lorelai and Rory have separate journeys and one together
  • “A lot of what Rory is going through in her life is going to impact her relationship with her mother”
  • Re: future episodes “I’m not thinking about it. I ended it the way I intended to end the series”
  • Amy felt she wanted to do this around the time they started planning for ATX
Submit Anon: Sailor Moon Group Cosplay Gone Wrong

Over the holidays, a local college campus was hosting a convention, and my friends and I thought it would be fun to cosplay the Outer Senshi from Sailor Moon. I was Sailor Neptune, my best friend was Sailor Uranus, a friend I met in middle school was Sailor Pluto, and my stepsister was Sailor Saturn. None of us can sew to save our lives, and only Uranus and Saturn had hair dye that didn’t look tacky or fake, so we were paying a little more money for our costumes than was probably necessary. Thankfully, we had been planning the whole thing months in advance, and all of our costumes, wigs, and shoes had either been ordered or were already sitting in our closets. About two months before the con, one of Pluto’s friends asked if she could join us and be our Sailor Chibi Moon. Uranus, Saturn, and I didn’t really know her, but we didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I told Pluto that it would be fine. If only I could go back in time and warn my past self to run away.

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Someone (sorry I can’t rememer your name *blush*) asked for a translation of the Danish article, and here it is. It’s mostly accurate to what it said, but some words didn’t quite had the same meaning in English as they were meant to have, so I used words that would make the most sense.

BILLED-BLADET on location in Bampton, England.

A Day With Downton.

While the 5th season of the successfully acclaimed show “Downton Abbey” is currently running on DR1, filming for the 6th season is in full swing in England. In the village Bampton BILLED-BLADET came close to the worlds most famous Lords, Ladies, and servants.

“Good morning to you!” Mr. Carson greets cheerfully with his well-known deep voice, and when the bear sized butler walks by with a smile and a courteous nod - yes, then it’s making BILLED-BLADET’s journalist feel like a true lady.

Others clearly feel the same. “Oh my goodness, we’re so lucky”, nearly gasp several of the female fans, who on a completely regular Monday morning have landed in the middle of “Downton Abbey” land.

We’re in the little English village Bampton. A village, which has been put on the world map thanks to the most successful, historical TV show “Downton Abbey”, which takes place in the 1920s and is now airing on DR1.

Bampton happens to portray the fictional village Downton, so here in the village - 30 kilometers from Oxford - the scenes are filmed which aren’t taking place in the yellow castle.

And what a village! Beautiful old houses lie brick by brick in small alleys, and behind the oblique roofs the spectacular church appears. The church, where Lady Mary as we know married her beloved Matthew, and from where she later had to bury him.

Today the whole team is back at the church to film new scenes.

The actors arrive on set from 9am. Some in minibusses, others in cars but all with a chauffeur. Spirits are high, and wearing costumes Lords, Ladies, and servants take the time to greet their fans.

“Are you really from Denmark? Lovely!” says Mrs. Patmore and Daisy to BILLED-BLADET before they appreciatively mention the Danish TV show “Forbrydelsen” which abroad has been a hit by the name “The Killing”.

Mrs. Hughes notices that a handful of American women from Iowa are wearing floral hats, and Lady Cora’s smiling widely underneath hers. When the actresses are receiving compliments for their vintage dresses, under-butler Thomas Barrow is making everyone break out in laughter when feeling wronged he gesticulates and jokes: “What about me? Don’t I look fine, too?”

And yes, the gentlemen look sharp on a day where it’s obvious, how big “Downton Abbey” really has become.

The actors are greeted in the streets with the names, they have on the show - and they respond to them with the greatest naturalness: Mrs. Crawley, Mr. Bates, Lady Mary etc.

Only the 80 year old legendary Maggie Smith compels a respect, which means that she’s greeted by her real name by the fans. One fan even used Maggie’s distinguished title, Dame.

Most of the scenes in “Downton Abbey” are filmed at Highclere Castle or at Ealing Studios in London, but about 3 times every season the team moves to Bampton for a couple of days to film the scenes from the village.

It’s only here that it’s possible to get real close to the actors, and it’s clear that the cast enjoys being out in the open in the countryside. They can move about relatively undisturbed here, and after work’s over explore the area’s pubs.

The sports ground in the village is turned into a trailer park, worthy of a Hollywood movie. Bampton’s inhabitants of about 2,500 people grow considerably in the days the “Downton” visit lasts, as 120 people are involved in the shooting when it takes place out of town.

After the morning briefing the heavy equipment is moved to the square in front of the church. Big floodlight projectors supply the light and thick cabels lie around in the grass out of view from the cameras.

The day before some of the scheduled scenes had to be interrupted due to heavy winds and pouring rain - which is quite typical for England. But today the sun is shining and the birds’ merrily chirping is bringing out the idyllic feeling of the village.

We’re halfway through season 5 of the show on Danish TV, and the next season doesn’t premiere until the fall in Great Britain.

Out of respect for the plot BILLED-BLADET naturally won’t reveal the content of today’s filming - but producer Chris Croucher promises that “the new season will be filled with juicy and intense storylines and lots of drama”.

While a couple of fat pigeons have to be chased off the grass before the first scene of the day, he explains that the entire crew has a very special bond to the village.

“Bampton is simply perfect for "Downton Abbey”. Right here where we stand, we can film 360 degrees around without filming anything modern. And the buildings are exceptionally well-preserved. We simply said “wauw” when a friend of the production, who lives here, suggested that we come by and look at Bampton. We looked at a lot of villages,“ says Chris Coucher, telling how the village’s inhabitants welcomed them with open arms.

Wonderful friendships.

"The locals have been absolutely amazing. They get involved, and they’ll gladly move their cars from where they normally park them, when we invade the village.

Just a couple of weeks ago it was announced that the 6th season of "Downton Abbey” will be the last. According to the producer both cast and crew are affected by a special feeling during this particular visit to Bampton.

“This is my first interview where I actually know that we’re now filming the last season. It feels a bit sad. I think the amazing thing about "Downton” is, it’s a show about a family - made by a family. Most of us have worked our butts off together in all 6 seasons, and we’ve made some wonderful friendships. None of us have been able to imagine the success the show has gotten, and when we finish in August it’ll be sad. But at the same time it’s exciting to be able to finish telling the story", says Croucher.

Today a part of Bampton’s inhabitants take part in that very work. Most of the extras on the show are locals, who put on costumes and fill the set with life, so that the actors’ performances are believable.

They blend in nicely with the cast and inbetween takes the conversation go in all directions. During lunch the cast is even accommodated privately in the house next to the church, where they’re served a warm chicken dish and warm apple pie in the livingroom.

“We’ve gotten to know each other through the years,” says Mark Ellis, who’s location manager on “Downton Abbey”.

“Bampton is so British in spirit. Everyone is so friendly. We’re the ones, who come barging in, and the locals here have a life and a job to take care of, so we’re very grateful for the cooperation,” he says and adds:

“When we come back in the summer, we’ll throw a big thank-you party for the village’s inhabitants, who have now put up with us for years. A delicious barbeque. Then we can say a proper goodbye to each other. It’ll be a lovely "Downton” event!“


Page 1:

Text attached to the pic of Joanne and Sophie:

On a long day of filming a thermos mug - and a good laugh - are necessary. Sophie McShera (left) plays kitchen maid Daisy, and she’s in good company with Joanne Froggatt, who a few months ago won a Golden Globe for her role as Anna Bates in "Downton Abbey”.


Page 2:

Text attacted to the pic of the church:

Do you recognize the church where Lady Mary got married to her Matthew? It was built in 1153 and is in the heart of Bampton, where new scenes are being filmed today. Two veteran cars, a Bentley and a Sunbeam, help the scenery along.


Text attached to the pic of Jim:

Mr. Carson is called Jim Carter in real life, and he’s just as good-natured as you could imagine. The 66 year old Brit, who entertains his colleagues with a magic number or two during breaks, has previously brought his actress wife Imelda Staunton to the set in Bampton.


Text attached to the pic of Lesley:

Mrs. Patmore looks just as considerate as on TV and asks, where people are from when she gets her coffee.


Page 3:

Text attached to the pic of Brendan:

Enjoying life in the country.

Mr. Bates is the limping man with the cane in “Downton Abbey”, but in Bampton Brendan Coyle walks at a brisk pace and phone in hand. The big screens behind him have been put up, so that it’s not possible to take any revealing pictures of the scenes.


Page 4:

Text attached to the pic of Maggie:

Legendary Dame Maggie Smith has turned 80 years old, but is still going strong. As the only one of the actors, she looks away when the cameras are on her off set.


Text attached to the pic of Laura and Michelle:

Time for lunch. With the paper under her arm Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, and Lady Edith aka Laura Carmichael, walk into the former rectory where the front is the home of Mrs. Crawley and where the actors gather for lunch. The two ladies have become friends during filming.


Text attached to the pic of Jeremy:

It has to be said that the Dowager’s butler Spratt is pretty introverted on “Downton”, but away from the rolling cameras Jeremy Swift doesn’t restrain himself from joking around.


Text attached to the pic of the church:

The heavy TV equipment has invaded Bampton. Several times a drone is put into the air to film from above.


Text attached to the pic of Rob:

“It’s great to be back in Bampton,” says under-butler Thomas Barrow aka Rob James-Collier. When he’s in the village he has to visit the local butcher, where he’s acquired a taste for the prize winning sausage, Bampton Royals.


Page 5:

Text attached to the pics of Phyllis:

A scarf protects the hair on Mrs. Hughes, who’s also put on one of the coats from the wardrobe department in the unpredictable spring weather. The man behind her is a new member of the cast.

We’ll have a thank-you party.


Page 5 and 6:

Text attached to the pic of the village:

Were it not for the cars, you’d feel like you were back 100 years in Bampton. The night before filming takes place, the streets are cleared of any modern vehicles. Some modern street signs have to be removed. The same goes for some of the doors…


Page 6:

Text attached to the pic of Lesley:

The fans get their pictures and a couple of words from Mrs. Patmore played by Lesley Nicol, and Mrs. Hughes aka Phyllis Logan. Note that the latter has her own bag with her name on it.


Text attached to the pic of Rob and Michael:

“Do you pay to be shown around? I can easily tell you things,” says Rob James-Collier to the fans in front of the church. Unlike his calculated character on “Downton” he is clearly a jokester spreading joy. He was also the one to make Catherine, the Duchess, splutter with laughter when she visited the set last month.


Text attached to the pic of the inside of the church:

A look inside the church where among other Lady Mary was married - and Lady Edith was jilted at her own wedding! Filming inside is scheduled by how the weather forecast will look.


Text attached to the pic of Sue:

Wearing red winter boots and tinted glasses spirits are high with the newest member of the TV-family, Sue Johnston. She plays Maggie Smith’s lady’s maid, Denker.


Text attached to the pics of the church sign:

From Bampton to Downton.

It doesn’t take much work with a screwdriver to turn Bampton into Downton - and vice versa. The town’s original old stone houses and the church are the perfect set, and only a few imperfections disturb the image but can easily be fixed. St. Mary’s Church is with a new sign turned into the show’s church St. Michael’s and All Angels. The sign in the square in front of the church is camouflaged using a bench, the library is turned into the hospital by putting up a sign, and a trash can for throwing out litter from a dog gets covered to look like a mail box! All is then set to film in the old village centre. And when the last scene is filmed, Bampton is quickly turned back into its old self.

Summary of Season 6B so far...

Next week is the finale of 6B, so I figured I would make a list of things that have happened over the last 9 episodes. The answers, the clues to who “he” is, the tons of flashbacks, the “wait for it” moments Marlene tweeted about… all of the things we were promised would be in 6B… Here we go…

▪ Umm… crap.

Ok, scratch that. Here’s a list of random stuff that may or may not matter at all.

• Uber A did an update on their phone and now has emojis for the first time… ever, apparently.
• All the ships are dead.
• Spaleb is alive and kicking.
• Emily hasn’t had any romance in 6B at all… but her eggs got stolen, so she’s got other things on her mind. Although she still got the money for donating them, so really the family that was going to get the eggs were the only ones who were punished. Dick move, Uber.
• Sara Harvey has had WAY too much screen time… and she was electrocuted trying to blow up Radley, killing everyone inside… but blames the girls for the burns on her hands for some reason…?
• Ezra briefly had a higher than normal blood alcohol level, as well as a longer than normal beard, and now he has a thicker than normal book because of Aria.
• There have been about 4 flashbacks… none of which had anything of substance, besides the one with Melissa and Hanna, where they talk about Wren and Charlotte talking.
• Ali is not at all who she used to be, or she’s exactly the same, but she’s so good at pretending to be something she’s not, that none of us realize it yet… I’m hoping for the latter.
• Uber A seems to be all bark and no bite… and like I mentioned, all emoji, and no riddles… which has been weird, and I really miss the clever, witty A we once knew.
• Also, old man mask and hotel maid costume…

How many Uber A clues do we have? There were glasses in two scenes, and Uber A is a man… That’s all I’ve got.

Going into this half of season 6, I was very hopeful that Charlotte’s story in 6x10 was nothing but lies, especially considering everything she said to Bethany in the flashback about a really good lie… I thought for sure that they were telling us something, that there’s more to the story than we know…

However, here we are again at a new finale, and everything I listed could have been taken out, and we would have exactly the same information about Uber A, Bethany Young, the twin… all of the things we hoped to learn more about this season, we’ve literally learned NOTHING.

There’s been about 7 hours of Pretty Little Liars in 6B, and I cannot recall 5 minutes of important information. I had a few theories about how Charlotte was covering for someone, I’ve thought that since the 6x10 reveal, and with the end of each Tuesday, I’m worried that the plot holes are real, and that this marks the end of a show I once loved.

It’s sad to see the decline of a show we all loved so much… I used to have so much fun reading, writing, and sharing theories… I loved trying to figure out the mystery! Now all of our theories are drawn off of the information we have from older seasons, and we hardly have any new information to draw new theories off of… Instead, we’re complaining about the direction of the show… Let’s all cross our fingers and hope 6x20 is filled with awesome twists, a twin that blows our minds, and, even just one answer would be nice, right? Maybe who killed Mrs. D? Here’s hoping… Although you know what Spencer thinks about hope…