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When Silvia takes care of Estelle, a friend with whom Silvia often talks on the phone, describes it as sounding like this: ’But, Estelle. No, stay here with grandma!’ Followed by, ’I must go, Estelle ran away’.


Grattis på födelsedagen! 5 år! Photos of Estelle from (almost) every month of her five years

“This morning at 04:26, a 51cm long and 3280 grams heavy and very sweet Princess was born.”

- Prince Daniel

“Everyone has their ups and downs, sometimes you need a little extra energy from someone else. And my source of energy is very clear: Estelle.”

- Crown Princess Victoria

“She is a real little ray of sunshine that spreads joy in our family.”

- Prince Carl Philip

“Estelle is a wonderful happy little baby… I think she feels very loved. Estelle is a little ray of sunshine.”

- Victoria’s best friend Caroline Nilsson 


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 23: Favorite Fringe Tiara

Queen Noor’s Diamond Sunburst Tiara

I had a hard time narrowing this category of tiara’s down since fringe tiara’s tend to all look the same after a while. Which is probably why I chose Queen Noor’s tiara as my favorite, it is truly and completely unique. Unlike most other fringe tiaras, the Diamond Sunburst Tiara has multiple peaks which creates the wave or sunburst effect. The rays are composed of varying sizes of diamonds aswell, giving the piece it’s rich texture. It’s a completely new take on the fringe and I love it. 

Royal Tiara Challenge Day 23: Favorite Fringe Tiara

Royal Tiara Challenge 2017 23/30: Favorite Fringe Tiara

Swedish Baden Fringe Tiara

So I think 90% of the reason I picked this fringe is because of my undying love of Crown Princess Victoria.  Also helping is that this is the Swedish tiara designated for crown princesses, which mean I get to imagine the days when Estelle takes this baby for a spin.

On another note, Crown Princess Victoria at the 2014 Nobels may be one of my favorite princess fashion moments ever.  Her Par Engsheden gown was so glamorous.  But, her jewels…OMG.  The Baden Fringe and that stunning cross necklace created such a great image.  I still fangirl a bit whenever I see pictures of Victoria from that night.