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“How To Study.”

A tale told by a physics student. I am really bad at studying. Which explains my somewhat average grades. But i know how to study effectively and realistically have success with studying. Nobody ever teaches you HOW  to study, they just tell you to study. So here is how i do it (most of the time)

There are two ways of going at it.

  • Stress studying. (studying for exams just the day before and putting as much information in your head as possible just to forget everything right before the exam)
  • Actual studying. (taking the time you have and study at least 4 hours a day 3 work days a week, and actually get the success that you deserve)

Stress studying

It’s bad for you, your health, and a big cause of bee colony collapse disorder (Don’t ask why). Realistically you’re gonna pass your exams  1 out of 3 or 4 times, and it is just not worth it. It doesn’t just reflect on your grades but also on your work ethic. (which is real bad for your future)

Actual studying

What you need is:

  • Time.
  • Studying utensils (quality notebooks and good pens).
  • A clean and tidy Studying environment.
  • Discipline.

Time - It’s really simple, plan 4 hours a day of studying 3 work days a week. Don’t be like “But dude! When will i have time for my personal stuff?” seriously. A typical day has 24 hours, If you go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 7 or 8 (that’s 7-8 hours of sleep) you have 17-18 hours left to your day.

4 hours of that is just 23%, taking in account you’d do it at least 3 work days a week it would be just 7% (and a little more) of your precious workday time. So it’s worth it. Totally worth it. Don’t ruin your work ethic just because you want to spent 7% more time on tumblr.

Studying Utensils - I cannot stress enough how important good notebooks and good pens and stuff are. I suffered a lot from this, i wouldn’t take notes, and write down stuff because of how awful it looked on cheap paper with bic pens (no offense bic, your lighters are awesome tho).  

It’s not cheap tho, but at least buy good notebooks with that metal round thingy holding it (i.d.k the name of it in English). And go Black instead of Blue, Black pens all the way. Use sharpies instead of the usual stuff, or at least gel ink pens, the smoother it goes the better, and blue pens are an abomination, every knowledgeable person in the past ages has written in black. Oh, and fineliners.

A clean and tidy Studying environment - You have a desk? Yes? Good. Throw everything you have on it to the ground (except you laptop, you wouldn’t drop a baby, would you?). Get a desk lamp, no matter how bright your room is, you need a concentrated stream of light allowing the photons reflecting from the ink on your books to transfer the information successfully to your brain, and desk lamps boost concentration. Make that a working environment, only use that desk when you’re studying (no exceptions) and once you do that, every time you sit by your desk you will automatically start to work.

Discipline - You want to be full on motivated :D ??? Well f*** you cause that’s not happening >:D

Discipline is what you’re looking for. Full on military stuff, just like back in good old communism. Discipline guarantees you success, motivation leads to incoherent success which includes utterly common instances of failure.

I mean look at the definitions:


mōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/ - noun

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.
  2. the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Will you rely on luck and willingness or reason? No, luck and willingness pass, they are not consistent and for every reason there are at least 10 excuses. Don’t be a silly excuse for your failed academic success.


ˈdisəplən/ - noun

  1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience[1].
  2. A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.

[1] - The only punishment you’ll receive is academic failure, and not reaching your true, deserving recognition for your true intelligence and social worth just because of laziness caused by day to day stress is punishment enough, i think.

Discipline yourself, push yourself. Don’t wait for something so relative, so passing as motivation. If you’re gonna do something, STAND THE f*** UP AND DO IT.

Just remember RWSR.

  • Read
  • Write
  • Study
  • Repeat



Ben Bishop #2

There is nothing that could get me out of my absence other than the news of big old Ben Bisho joining the Dallas Stars. Helllloooo, is this heaven and why am I being rewarded?

Some of you know that instead of moving to my dream city, I took my dream job which ultimately landed me… dun dun dun… in the Philippines.

Hence the continued absence. This is literally the first time I’ve logged in to Tumblr in a month! I am not back – yet – and probably won’t be until after July but I will sporadically be here. Like right now.

Anyway, enough of my babble.

Here is a little Bisho treat for everyone. I miss you all and I love you guys so much.

Word count: 744

Originally posted by clarkethesharkmacarthur

Even with your eyes closed, you knew that it was still early out. Early enough for the sun to still be in hiding. Rolling around on the bed, you gingerly opened your eyes to a very much awake Ben Bishop – complete with his now-familiar toothless grin.

“What in the world are you doing staring at me while I’m snoring my ass of?” you asked, pulling yourself up and voice still husky and throat still dry.

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so every year the AP government class in my high school plays what’s known as “the pogs game”

it’s basically a facsimile of the drug trade; there are dealers, users, kingpins, cops, undercover cops, lawyers, media, and a judge. the “drugs” are pogs (little round cardboard thingies) marked with Xs, and the “money” are pogs marked with dollar signs. at the end, we have mock trials for all those charged with possession or distribution of pogs. study hall kids are the jurors. 

pogs deals are going on in the bathrooms, the band room, the hallways if you’re reckless. people are stashing pogs in the marching band’s tubas. one pogs user made a fake warrant and is using it to confiscate people’s pogs for himself. half a dozen pogs twitter accounts have sprung up reporting arrests or trying to facilitate deals. i’m engaged in a twitter war with a “pogs dealer” accusing him of being an undercover cop. my codename is “the pogs gobbler”. cops can’t search your locker without a warrant signed by the judge, who happens to be a friend of mine, so i’m practically invincible. she even let me stash my illicit pogs in her locker.

i’m having an excellent time 

Here is a continuation of this little snippet from awhile back. I’ve had it in my drafts like almost right after, but I just can’t get it to go the way I wanted. So I figured I’d just finish it off and post it anyways. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 2143

Fandom: gt jacksepticeye fanclub, gtjsefanclub

Content: Fluffy fluff stuffs. 

Notes: Hitting alt + 0233 will produce the é if you wanna spell Séan’s name with the accent mark. 

You sit up with a start and shove roughly at the heavy, hot blanket as you wake up, remembering everything that had happened before you fell asleep. Before you could really gather your bearings, a coughing fit wracks your body and your throat burns.

“Whoa there!” came a voice from slightly above, behind and oddly below you. You feel light pressure on your back move up and down as you cough and suddenly a large hand was presenting a thimble half filled with water. You take it and down as much as you can, sighing as the water soothes the cough and soreness and the pressure relaxes your back muscles.

“There we go. Much better!” the human said and you finally glance up and behind you.

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shut up and dance

At thirty, Erwin is married; at thirty-four, he’s not. The signing of the divorce papers is conducted without drama: she fell out of love, and for his part, Erwin isn’t sure if he had ever been in love with her, or if he had just been playing a part.

He hadn’t been a good husband. He hadn’t been a bad one either and that had partially been the problem–Erwin just was.

Levi takes him to a bar after the hour spent with lawyers dividing property that felt only tangentially his. They drink little glasses of whiskey poured over round ice cubes and explicitly don’t talk about why Levi’s swept back into town like a storm at this time when he’s avoided for the rest of the eleven months of the year. At the end of the night, Levi asks, “Do you want to talk about it?”

Erwin doesn’t. He says as much and Levi nods, standing up from his barstool. He murmurs his goodbyes, leaves his bill in neatly folded cash on the counter, and disappears out the front door, his frame hidden in a crowd of university students rushing in.

It’s only ten. Erwin hasn’t stayed at a bar past then since his early twenties.

He thinks about his empty apartment and raps his knuckles on the bar to order another drink.

One of the college students pushes against his side at the same time. Emboldened by the music playing in the background and by the atmosphere of the bar, the student jostles against Erwin’s elbow with restless energy. It spills Erwin’s drink.

Erwin opens his mouth to accept the student’s apology, but that isn’t what happens–the twenty-something looks at the pooling amber liquid on the counter and runs two of his fingers through it before sticking them in his mouth and sucking.

Erwin stares.

The student’s face scrunches, a messy eyebrow raising. “Whiskey?” he guesses, grimacing slightly.

Erwin clears his throat. “Yes,” he says slowly, and then hazards his own observation, “Not a fan?”

“Unless it’s like Fireball or something,” the twenty-something laughs, “but I’m a fan of vodka shots if you want to know.”

It’s been a long time since Erwin’s been hit on; for several long seconds, he isn’t sure that’s what’s happening, but then the college student adds in a hopeful tone, “I’m Eren, by the way.”

“Erwin,” he murmurs, and holds up two fingers at the bartender as he calls out an order for a round of drinks.  


Microreview round 5: Selfie

I was tagged by @flamingmirror, thank you so much, dear!

To play: answer the prompts &tag your friends! Be sure to also tag @microreviews , where you can find more “rules” and all about the micro review project.

1. Pick a book with a character you see yourself in: It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini - unfortunately I see a lot of myself in Craig

2. What about them makes you think of yourself? Every time Craig talks about his depression, pessimistic outlook on life or suicidal feelings, I can relate. And it’s interesting, because before I read this book I wouldn’t have thought that my thoughts were that bad, but the book kind of opened my eyes about the fact that they were!

3. Is it hard to find this kind of character in books and other media? On the one hand, I feel like depression and suicidal feelings are a very popular ‘trope’ in books, but on the other hand it’s really not often done in a way that feels so… real to me. I can completely relate to Craig (even though he’s several years younger than me), and I’m rarely supported in my pessimistic outlook on life. So this book kind of felt like someone saying ‘I get you. I get what you’re feeling’ and that’s rare, even though depression in book characters isn’t.

4. Post a selfie or a book photo–or both! Or neither! Whatever you feel comfortable with.  Well, if you’re asking so nicely ;)

I tag: (sorry if you’ve already done this) @stargirl-carraway​, @lost-in-a-story​, and  @painfullyawkwardintrovert​ :)

You don’t need to be tagged to participate!

imagine like a Falconers Face-off thingy where it’s one of those quickfire round of questions like:

interviewer: who is grumpiest in the morning?
Falconers: Guy
Interviewer: who eats the most?
Falconers: Tater
Interviewer: who spends the most time on their phone?
Falconers: JACK

which Jack finds odd because he’s never really been like attached to his phone much before but now he’s constantly texting or calling Bitty and the reality sinks in like ‘oh, i haven’t been subtle at all’

Falconers: We know what he’s really up to
Falconers: Little Jackie’s in lo~ve
Falconers: Shows on face
Interviewer: is that true, Jack?
Jack: *groans*

anonymous asked:

Merle? 😁😍 for the hc thingy

Alright here’s the last round of Merle headcanons! :D

  • He loves to dance. Whether he can dance well is up for debate, but he still finds dancing fun.
  • He enjoys people watching.
  • He’s a guy that can read people really well, you could never lie around him because he can just tell.
  • He’s a jack of all trades, and can learn any skill he needs to if he takes the time to try.
  • He’s very handsy with his S/O, and even when his S/O tells him to quit it he’ll probably forget about an hour later and do it again.
The adventures of a gif aficionado

I was looking for “twissy” on google. I found this first gif and thought “… when you want to eat a hat”, so I named it precisely that. ‘Cause, seriously, those red round thingy are looking super yummy. Albeit potentially poisonous.

A SECOND LATER (like, literaly one second), I STUMBLED UPON THIS ONE:

I choked.


Innuendos - Short Image - Requst Sunday #21

~The Fanfic for today´s Request Sunday is based on the following Request~

„Dan, can you pass me the flour? “You ask fully concentrated in your baking. “More flour?” Dan asks doubtful.

“Yes?” you respond unsure “I mean, look at this. Is this supposed to be so wet and sticky when I put my fingers in it?” Your words are followed by a bright laughter from Dan. You need a moment to process why Dan is laughing before you notice you innuendo and burst out laughing. Dan softly wraps his arms around you, still giggling about your words. You rest your head on his shoulder, shaken by laughter. “I´m sorry, that sounded so wrong.” You laugh.

You just started your yearly Halloween baking, Dan is wearing his black Halloween Jumper and decorated the kitchen even though you were not filming and for some reason you´ve been saying the weirdest innuendos the whole day. Dan softly breaks away and passes you the flour. You pour a bit into the bowl and keep on kneading the dough. “Better” you state after a few moments. “Now we have to put this baby in the fridge for about an hour – I´m sorry, even I noticed that that sounded weird.” You say giggling. “Honey that is definitely not the weirdest thing you said today.” Dan says before wrapping his arms around you and joining your laughter. Together you put the dough in the fridge and wait for it to cool.

About an hour later you´re back in the kitchen and you take the dough out of the fridge. You softly press your finger against it to check it´s consistency. “Oh my god, touch it, it got really hard!” you say excitedly. Dan blankly stares at you for a moment but then decides to just ignore what you just said. You spread some flour in the kitchen counter and put the dough on top. “Dan can you hand me the –“ you search your head for the word rolling pin, but the word just won´t come. “the – you know the big hard round thingy.” You try to describe what you mean. Dan shakes his head in disbelief and starts to leave the room, but can´t repress a grin.

“Oh god I´m sorry. A rolling pin. A rolling pin. I meant a freaking rolling pin.” You say going after him. You find him in his room, lying on his bed fully bursting out in laughter. He is holding his tummy and no sounds leave his mouth because he is laughing so hard. He reaches out for you and as soon as you grab it he pulls you onto the bed with you. You both lie bed laughing at what you said. Just when you think you calm down you share a glance and burst out laughing again. “My abs hurt so much.” Dan presses out in between laughter. “And I´m hungry.” He adds in a whiny tone. “You want to take a break from baking and order some pizza?” you ask, while some quiet giggles still fall from your mouth. Dan nods and quickly pulls you closer for a soft kiss on your forehead, nose and eventually your lips. “You are the new queen of innuendos.” He giggles before standing up.

what a non-musician calls the instruments
  • taken directly from my various interrogations of my friend
  • violin: violin
  • viola: violin
  • cello: big violin
  • double bass: big big stand up violin
  • piccolo: tiny flute
  • flute: flute
  • clarinet: clarinet
  • bass clarinet: silver black saxophone
  • oboe: what's wrong with that clarinet
  • bassoon: brown tube
  • saxophone: saxophone
  • trumpet: trumpet
  • trombone: slidey trumpet
  • tuba: huge gold trumpet thingy
  • french horn: round trumpet also why do you stick your hand in the opening
  • euphonium: smaller than the huge gold trumpet thingy
  • timpani: large drums
  • glockenspiel/vibes/marimba etc.: whacky piano
  • harpsichord: weird piano with black and white switched

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You must not read the Manga it seems. cause if you did, you would look way in shame for what you wrote about Hinata's Breasts and Naruto's preferences in cup size which was revealed in a Omake made by the Sp whom you are now currently insulting and not backed by an actually canon materiel and should be seen as fake as it was made up by a SP scriptwriter not Kishi. and on Hinata Breasts matter, how exactly do you know her chest size was increased when she cover's them with a thick jacket? Baka

Well you’re clearly not a Hinata-obsessed fuckboy, are you? Because if you weren’t you’d clearly know that Hinata’s boobalicious figure has been shown many times in both the anime and manga and was simply accentuated and emphasized in the anime.

What are those strange things on her chest? Possibly the elusive breasts I was referring to? Hmm pretty perky for a fucking 12-year old. But naaaah, like you said, she always swears a thick jacket and we can’t tell what size her boobs are. So they must be something else.

Waaaah what are those round thingies that are each the size of her head? It’s so hard to tell since they’re being covered by that oh-so-thick jacket….

What are those round exposed things in that last panel? They look a lot bigger than they did in that previous panel, and woah why are they so round when she’s laying down? Can’t be boobs right, boobs lay at women’s sides and flatten when we lay down unless they’re huge, right? They can’t possibly be those same meager mosquito bites from that first panel, right? Naaaahhhh. Probably isn’t even Hinata. After all she never takes her thick jacket off, right?

You seem to be mistaking my reply concerning the omake as calling it canon. I was not calling it canon, but it does coincide with the attitude Naruto exhibited in the manga, the attitude where he was head-over-heels interested in Sakura for 699 chapters despite her having a flat chest and he not once looked interested in Hinata despite her having these…what are these….these round things….idk, apparently they’re not boobs. As I recall he certainly didn’t go gaga over Tsunade, Samui, or any of the other big-chested women. Maybe there was a panel somewhere where he fondled his own sexy jutsu’s boobalicious figure and that totally declared his love for voluptuous figures. I must’ve missed it, stupid me.

Let’s compare Hinata’s totally average figure to Ino and Sakura, just for shits and giggles.

Hmmmmm not nearly as big as Hinata’s mysterious chest thingies. What about Temari?

No…still not as big…

Oh well, guess it’s a mystery what those things on Hinata’s chest that clearly grew in size are. Maybe they’re tumors.