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Phan - Nebulas of Ferris Lights

A little Ficlet by totoroteser

I gently tugged at a pale green leaflet attached to our fridge, calling out, ‘Hey Phil? What’s this?’ into the other room.

Then, he popped his fluffed messy bed-headed head around the kitchen doorway, replying ‘oh yeah that’s,’ he tentatively scratched the back of his neck, ‘well I thought that we could-’

‘Dude, what is it then?’

‘You know, it’s the Fair, I thought that we could go…’ he took a short breath until his eyes suddenly lit up with excitement, ‘there’s a Ferris wheel too!’

‘But we have stuff to do, I mean, sorry-’ Phil was giving me a subtle anxious look – ‘no, fine then. We can go I suppose, when is it?’

‘Dan it says in your hand, you’re holding the leaflet’ Phil walked over to me to show me, this wasn’t needed as I can read, but I still liked how unknowingly selfless he is. ‘look, here’ his hand brushed against mine as he took the paper, pointing at the date. ‘I think it says this Saturday, you’re free right?’

‘ha, of course I am, whenever do I do anything socially?’

‘how you keep reminding me Dan, you recluse!’ He started to leave the room so I arch my head towards him again,

‘hey! I’m not that bad-’ I let my sentence hang, then a little quieter I say ‘I wouldn’t have met you if I was such a hobo’

A moment passed as he looked around once more, then his socked-feet lightly pad toward me, until I feel his arms slide under my own from behind, his hands link together on my tummy, perfectly locked there, I enclose my own hands on them as he whispers tenderly in my ear, resting his head on my left shoulder –

‘Now, what a shame that would be’

It hurts not to giggle every time Phil acts sweet on me, especially as it’s so out of character from what everyone else sees him as. I’m probably the only person he acts like this too right now, and that makes me treasure this side of him even more.

He pecks me on the cheek as I look toward him, his fluffy fringe tickling my forehead - the morning light of the floor to ceiling window adding a soft glow around his hair- I feel like he is the special glimmer in my life.

‘for both of us’ I reply, brushing his lips with mine as I talk, I let go of his hands and turn my body to him. Pressing his into mine, he embraces me, and I, him, as we share a solid but fond hug. I tilt my chin to him, and i kiss him, his full lips pressing onto mine - the birds of Manchester chirping over the city.

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