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What was the point of Asha taking Deepwood Motte what did it give the Ironborn?

What was the point of any of Balon Greyjoy’s plans?

Yes, Deepwood Motte gets you a stronghold with access to the sea, but you’re so far away from the rest of the action that you can’t really support any of the other Ironborn forces, so you make yourself somewhat of an irrelevance. And honestly, Bear Island, being an island, makes for a much better choice for a stronghold in that region.

IMHO, the reason Asha takes Deepwood Motte is to give Bran and Co. a reason why they can’t take shelter with the loyal Glovers and have to keep going straight north to the Wall. 


Oryen started to tell Brennan about the early days of the Island when the kingdom still thrived and the people were happy. He told him about how he was the advisor to the King for many years before becoming his daughter’s champion and protector. And he told him of how everything fell apart.

“How did the kingdom fall?” Brennan asked. “It seems to me things were going well, and then from out of nowhere the Island went silent and dead.”

“Yes, that is what the stories say, for that is all that is known to those beyond the Island. But the real story is far more complex.”

“Tell me the rest. I still don’t see how this story has anything to do with us.”

Taking a deep breath, Oryen continued his story about how the King’s daughter fell in love with a man beneath her station. He told him of how she would sneak out of the castle at night to see him, thinking no one knew. But he did. He knew where she went and who she saw, and he did nothing to stop her.

“She was in love with him and so you let them see each other in secret?”

“Yes. I thought in time their passion would wane and she would realize her life was not her own. And that she had a duty to the kingdom and it’s people. But she did not and they married in secret and soon the King found out.”

“Did you tell him?”

“No. The Kingdom’s magical advisor saw her one evening and followed her. And once she knew what was going on, she concocted a plan. To trick the King into giving over his kingdom and it’s people to her in exchange for her getting rid of the boy.”

“I assume that isn’t what actually happened?” Brennan ventured. “Did she curse them instead and take the throne for herself?”

“Basically, yes. She cursed the girl and her lover and then enslaved the Kingdom and it’s people.”

“What was the curse he laid upon them?”

“Immortality. Or something like it. They live and die, just like everyone else, but are doomed to always return after death. Cursed to live and search for each other in each lifetime, but always falling short.”

“Ah, I think I understand now. Sevella knows how to find them, right?” Brennan guessed. “Is that why she is so important to you? Why you want to protect her and why you wanted her to look in the book? So you can find your old ward and restore the Island.”

“She is my old ward,” Oryen answered, quietly. “And you are her lover.”

Brennan was shocked by Oryen’s revelations and stood silently as he tried to grasp what he had been told. Everything Oryen had said didn’t make sense to him, none of it. And yet, somehow it did. Somewhere deep down, he knew that Oyen was telling him the truth. And if he was telling the truth then Sevella deserved to know, “You will tell her everything. Today.”

This is your Captain speaking

“Good morning.
This is your Captain speaking. We will be making a brief stop at PMS Island. This should not delay our flight much at all.
However, Evee (SwitchDesires) needs to deplane and take her bitchiness with her.
A flight attendant will be preparing something deep fried and covered in chocolate to lure Evee away from the plane.
Thank you and please enjoy the rest of your flight”

R.I.P. Club Penguin

I can’t believe this day came already. When I first started playing Club Penguin in 2011, I never thought that it would go away. Now, exactly 2217 days after I made my account, it’s going away.

I know, there will be Club Penguin Island… but it’s different. And besides. I’m fourteen. I can’t keep clinging onto Club Penguin for the rest of my life.

So… yeah… I’ll miss it.

If you want to know, my Club Penguin username was Toeloop2468.

Farewell, Club Penguin. Waddle on…

(I took a screenshot of the 10th yearbook)

The amount of fire in my bones
right now is enough to make a
volcano blush. I hope you know
that I never meant to burn you,
only create islands for you to
rest on when I finally cooled
off, when you tired of swimming.
—  resting place // Haley Hendrick

The Whitetip Reef shark is a fairly small shark, not usually getting bigger than five feet long. These little guys are one of the most common sharks found on Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Its scientific name “Triaenodon obesus” means “Fat Trident-toothed” shark. During the day, the Whitetip Reef shark often rests on the seafloor and continuously gulps water to breathe, meaning it does not have to swim to breathe! This shark is more active at night, and on an island called “Cocos” in the Pacific, the Whitetip Reef sharks have learned to hunt by following divers lights.


Excited for Skull Island! So some Fan Art! First, a Kong 2020 Concept Image. Essentially, this is Kong when he has matured and grown up to fight Goji in 2020. Also, had to give him his ‘special ability’.

And then, the fun piece, I put together a monsterverse cinematic timeline. This features the four movies we have and are coming out, and the rest are movies I would love to see happen! (Legendary can totally get their hands on the big turtle, come on now) I decided not to separate it into phases, but it could either be Phase 1 ends after GvK, or after. You decide.

Just to reiterate, this is all fan art, NOT REAL!

If this is helpful to any Supergirl writers, I mapped out Kara’s loft for my own purposes. Feel free to use to your heart’s content to assist with writing and/or squeeing.

A= These two sets of windows open like french doors.

B= These three sets of windows have sections that angle out for air circulation.

C= Front door is extra wide, estimated 4’. Opens inward.

D= Laundry area with a stacked washer/dryer to the right, and a portable screen to the left. There is a big air-conditioning duct that leads to a weird alcove/cutaway at ceiling level perhaps indicating a mechanicals space on the other side of the wall.

E= Kitchen and island.

F= The access hall outside has been seen from the interior, revealing a narrow table and another of the ubiquitous concrete support columns. A behind the scenes photo revealed another doorway, flanked by columns with an inward-opening door.

G= the small line here represents a fancy mesh screen that separates the dining area from the rest of the living space.

H= Café table. Just above this is Kara’s painting space.

I= Couch and two comfy chairs. Just above this is where the TV is located. There is also a low, square table on wheels.

J= Queen sized bed. Just above is the largest banks of windows, where the double rack of clothes are located, as well as a dresser between. (doesn’t Kara worry about her clothes fading from the sunlight?) There are  a pair of bed stands as well as a chair near to the window. At the foot of the bed is a deep seat that looks a lot like a miniature daybed.

K= There is a desk of art supplies here, as well as a vintage typewriter and rotary phone, as well as an old dresser.

L= This is a weird one. In a behind the scenes shot, there is clearly an alcove/hallway with a curtain and a closet rod with more clothes hanging from it.

M= Claw foot tub and a single sink.

N= the dashed lines are two wooden storage units. There’s a lamp in the corner too. I have NO idea where the toilet is in this room.

O= Bathroom door is the same large-paned window glass as the exterior windows, flanked by a single vertical row of panes.

P= The little rectangle below and above are bookshelves that also act as separation from living to bedroom space. There is also a curtain for privacy. I can only guess that it has a double on the other side, but who knows.

Q= A blue storage unit. There’s also a big potted plant in the corner nearby.

Grid scale is 1 square foot for each blue square. Yes, this loft really is that huge!

The ceilings are approximately 15’, though in the apartment itself, there are heavy support beams that make it seem slightly lower in places.

Walls inked are canon to photographs gleaned from the net, both from productions stills and a very helpful behind the scenes tour. Pencil lines of walls are best guesses from yours truly.

If winter ends
I’ll collect the hydrangeas
to echo the sound of lost lovers
through the water.
The cry carries, 
dipping the flowers 
into the lake. In both lakes.
Green and blue.
These are the echoes of Antília.
A woman willing to erupt
for soft love. 
I think I was her—am her. She ran
and ran, chasing flutes, until
love was in her mouth,
and then gone after it grew.
Antília cried green because of it.  
She piled her tears onto ash.
Her lover cried blue. They melted
into twin lakes and poured into
the moon hole of a volcano,
separate but always touching.
They reflect the sunlight
in different colours.
They wait to explode.

Alessia Di Cesare, A Legend for the Lakes: Lagoa das Sete Cidades

(a poem inspired by the twin lakes called “Lagoa das Sete Cidades” (Lagoon of the Seven Cities) in my grandmother’s hometown on the island of São Miguel. One side of the lake is blue, while the other side is green. It rests in the crater of a volcano. 

The legend says a princess named Antília fell in love with a shepherd boy, but their love was forbidden by her father. During their last meeting, the two lovers said goodbye and cried enough tears to form the lakes, which resembled the colour of their eyes. Antília’s eyes were green, her lover’s were blue.) 

The Calling of the Sea - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon!)

Hiccup’s father was chief of their little island, but he was a fisherman by trade. And so it was only natural that Hiccup be brought out and trained, on their little buoy at first, not far from the shore, and later, in their fishing vessel. On one cloudy day, early in Hiccup’s life, he discovered something–or someone–rather incredible. A little mermaid, about his age.

Though he claimed to have seen her on a few trips, his father never believed him–nor the rest of his village. As he grew up, like most grown-ups are unfortunately wont to do, he chopped up the experience to an overactive childhood imagination.  

That is, until one day, an old friend decided to pay him a visit…

AKA I got a hankering for merstrid and!!! baby hiccstrid??

Anyway, might flesh out this au some more… cause it fun :]

random atla headcanons
  • zuko is good at math. i have no canon evidence for this i just like the idea of sokka trying to figure out a hard engineering math thing and zuko just rattling off the numbers and everyone stares at him 
  • toph loves to be carried by sokka and zuko
  • katara finds out that zuko is ticklish and immediately uses this to blackmail him
  • momo and the rest of the gaang realize that zuko is a literal human heater and they all have a secret competition of who can get the closest to him at night. momo often wins this (he takes the direct approach and just lays on him), however both aang and toph have successfully managed to full on spoon zuko without him noticing
  • suki and sokka are the cutest gross couple
  • appa loves to lick zuko
  • after seeing the ember island play they developed a bunch of funny inside jokes about it
  • mom!katara and dad!zuko
  • the older kids looking after toph and aang because they really are only 12 years old
  • sokka and zuko find out they both trained under piandao and they start training/sparring together 
  • suki and katara having passionate feminist rants
  • suki is awful at cooking (sokka pretends to like it)
  • one time katara made seaprunes for everyone with mixed results
  • zuko is actually okay at cooking, as long as it involves roasting things with his bending
  • everyone comfortable with each other and knowing they can talk to each other about everything
  • essentially the gaang is a loving and supporting family by the end of the war

feel free to add your own! i probably will add more eventually

:D more character doodles! This lovely young lady needs a name! She is a nonbender bodyguard / Dai Li agent. Post your ideas!

It was important for me to include Black / African-American / African characters in my version of the Avatar universe. My headcanon: when the water tribe split, some groups went south along the western coast of the Earth Kingdom, but another group went east and landed on the eastern-most peninsula/islands. They were welcomed by the indigenous population (a people with a black/African phenotype and a culture based very loosely on the Xhosa, the Maasai, and the seafaring Moken & Bajau peoples). Eventually, the waterbenders intermarried with the peninsula’s population. This has resulted in a unique mix of tribal customs, as well as a population that has earthbenders and waterbenders naturally born in the same communities. They are a minority in the Earth Kingdom though, and their relative isolation from the rest of Earth Kingdom society has allowed them to retain and preserve their unique culture.

The Dregs' plans for their $40mil
  • <p> <b>Nina:</b> I'm going to get all the Grisha safely back to Ravka and stop jurda parem<p/><b>Matthias:</b> I'm going to restore my honour and help Nina bring peace.<p/><b>Wylan:</b> I'm going to destroy my father's empire and take back what's mine.<p/><b>Inej:</b> I'm going to buy my own ship and hunt down every slaver I find.<p/><b>Kaz:</b> I'm going to become the new leader of the Barrel and destroy Pekka Rollins.<p/><b>Jesper:</b> I've got dreams like you, no really. Just much less touchy feel. And mostly happen somewhere warm and sunny... On an island that I own, fed and rested and alone.... (*winks at Wylan*) surrounded by enormous piles of money!!!<p/></p>

Last night I dreamt that I lived on an island, and a black hole opened up above it. Other people on the island acted as if they where dead and started floating off to it. I tied them with a rope to the ground, and they floated there like balloons. I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out how to stop the black hole.